WaveI’ve just had a spiritual experience that I made notes of as it happened. Thank heavens, I did. I was just lying down reading something. Had I not written it down, I’m not sure that I’d have remembered it.

Do I know how long it will remain with me? No, I don’t. Every spiritual experience before sahaja samadhi is temporary so this one may leave. So I’d best leave a record.

I was lying down reading when I suddenly found myself in a blue setting, the Mother’s blue, and just as suddenly the blue wall burst. It was like a chocolate that had caramel inside. It flowed everywhere.

Only this was love. It was ambrosia. It was the living waters.

Was this a part of the tsunami of love? The Mother’s blue, her wall bursting? I think it a safe bet to say yes. Just one version of it though, I’m sure.

Let me pick up where I began making notes:

At this moment, I’m seeing love everywhere.

And I see that love is everything and love has become everything.

And I am a part of that everything and so I must be love.

At this moment I recognize it. I’m aware of it. I experience it.

My essence is love. For however long the moment lasts, I know that I am love.

Love is everything of value. Everything that exists. Every reward we could ever want or would ever ask for. It satisfies completely.

Love is the way, the truth, and the life.

I am love. Everything is love. Love has become everything.

Love is Everything


I’m still blown away, hours later.

I could marry love. Since love is everything, I’d still leave plenty for everyone else.

I surrendered to love. Genderless love, as all love is. Universal love, overflowing love.

I let go of everything old, all remnants of my personality.

Every boyfriend or girlfriend, partner or spouse we’ve ever had? We were only ever seeking love.

And sometimes chemistry happened and it was there.

Every taste of love is an invitation, not to open to the other person, although that is great, but to open to love.

I’ve seen that love is everything and I shall never forget it.

I am love and I am everything.

How could it be otherwise? And how could it be otherwise for you?

Love is all we could ever possibly want. Love is all we could ever possibly be.

How much truth can we stand?

I want the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

The truth is love and love is everything