575469_311126035624982_179181975486056_759054_1209372089_nWhen I speak of love, I am not merely speaking esoterically, spiritually; I am not merely speaking of feeling calm, serene, peaceful (which is my favorite); feeling that you are in alignment. I am talking about feeling loved, valued, cherished, honored, revered, adored, because you are. It’s time to up this ante significantly right now!

GD: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You: Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness. Joining her is Steve Beckow, founder of the Golden Age of Gaia and author of Building Nova Earth: Toward a World that Works for Everyone.

Our guest today is Archangel Michael. So, with that, I’ll pass it over to you, Steve.

Steve Beckow: Thank you very much, Graham, and, pardon me, just before we begin, we’ve all had interesting experiences from the tsunami of love, but Linda, maybe you could talk a little bit about what happened for you this morning.

Linda Dillon: I’d be thrilled to talk about it, because I know there has been such a mixture of experiences that we’ve been hearing about from our readers and our listeners, but, like many people, I’ve been having my ups and downs. But this morning I awoke very early, about 5: 20 this morning, feeling this wave after wave after wave filling me with this incredible sense of love, of being loved, but of being filled with love.

I didn’t feel the way one does like when you’re in love or you’re loving something; it was just a sense throughout my entire being, my entire field, of just being filled with love. And so I got up, I was happy. I lay there for a while actually and just enjoyed it. But when I got up and I went outside and everything seemed brighter. The birds, the bushes, the grass; I walked down the street, walked the dog and everything was just like this love was pouring in. And then I had to go out to drive to do an errand and I’m driving down the street and this love is just pouring into me, and the tears are just streaming down my face. Tears of joy, I mean, I couldn’t even begin to rationalize it. But I couldn’t have stopped it if I wanted to, and trust me, I did not want to!

And although it’s ebbed a little, I’m in this wonderful place of just feeling expanded, like the troubles of the world have gone away.

SB: Wow. That’s remarkable.

LD: Yeah. Bring it on! And bring it on for all of us!

SB: Yes, indeed. I wrote up my experience from last night on the Golden Age of Gaia. Graham, did you want to say anything about your experience last night?

GD: Well, it may be by virtue of just clearing some things. But one of the things I noted as we were talking, it seemed like we all were wrestling with some challenging dreams last night which could be considered nightmares. And I don’t tend to remember my dreams that much, but I sure did last night, and it wasn’t any fun.

And I can’t echo what Linda says in terms of the level of, the quality of what she’s experienced. I feel pretty peaceful and calm today. I do feel pretty tired. And that’s been a theme lately. But I just noted that it seemed like the three of us last night had some challenging dreams, which, Linda, you suggested might be a clearing of sorts.

LD: I never have nightmares, or very, very rarely. And this, I would say the past week, every single night I have had horrendous nightmares. And last night I spent the night in a German concentration camp.

The night before that I was with Anne Frank and reliving that whole episode all night long. And I do think that we are clearing some very deep collective issues that we’ve buried and we haven’t wanted to look at either individually or collectively that have been very painful.

I know when I did get up this morning, Steve, even though I was brimming I read your article, and it sounded like you had had a really hard time, but that somehow with those pruning shears you’d gotten through it.

SB: When I immediately awoke and this upwelling of energy was coming into me, I initially panicked and attributed it to something that might have happened the day before or something like that, but then I realized, well, we’re in the Tsunami of Love and this is what happens, right?

And so I disconnected from the mind’s search to find the cause of this. And immediately when I did the energy just upwelled and passed right through me, and I was fine. I felt ― and this may be similar to what you were saying, Linda ― I felt more expanded, more stable, more loving.

So, I didn’t talk about the dream I had last night and I don’t think I will. It was a minor dream. But again the character of that dream was this element of clearing. It’s remarkable.

LD: You know, I think you’re talking about something, or mentioning something, that’s really pertinent ― and of course you’ve already written about it, but ― to so many of our listeners who are having these ups and downs.

And that is if you can simply remember that we’re in this massive time, not of the tsunami of change, but of chaos, of upheaval, of a big bang, as it were, and detach from it as much as you possibly can. And I know that when you’re in that wave of big emotions, sometimes it’s difficult, but if you can, you’re going to fare better. That’s really good advice, Steve.

SB: I totally agree. Take out your garden shears and cut the cords. That’s what I did; it worked.

LD: Yeah.

SB: Okay, well, why don’t we give you a moment to make your transition, and then we’ll welcome Archangel Michael.

Archangel Michael: Greetings, I am Michael…

SB: Greetings, Lord.

AAM: Archangel of peace, warrior of love, bringer of news. And might I also suggest, my beloved friends, that you take out your sword and it is the sword that I have gifted you eons ago, and it is unique to you; it is your sword of freedom. And yes, cut away the cords, cut away what does not serve you and ignite the Blue Fame of truth, of peace. Because not only is that what you desire and yearn for, my beloved friends, it is your birthright, it is the core of who you are.

And even though you are not all of the Blue Ray, that does not mean in any way, shape or form that I do not share this Blue Flame equally and freely. So, light up, dear hearts, it takes on an entirely new meaning. And yes, I bring you love and peace directly from the heart of the Divine Mother, this day and every day.

So welcome.

SB: Thank you, Lord.

AAM: And welcome back, dear Steve.

SB: Thank you. I had a good rest.

AAM: Where do you wish to start this day?

SB: Well, what I wanted to talk about, Lord, as we come together to build Nova Earth with the Company of Heaven, different people are bringing different gifts and have different roles to play; some are psychic, some are intuitive, some will play a role in gifting, some are Earth-keepers. Oftentimes when people with different backgrounds come together, there’s a pull, a push, an attempt to make everybody the same.

Can you discuss this work of co-creation with us that we’ll be doing? How to work with our different gifts and roles, please?

AAM: I would be pleased to address this subject. And I would preface my remarks by saying, why on Earth ― or Arcturus, or Andromeda, or Sirius ― why would you ever want to be the same? It defeats the purpose.

For you bring the uniqueness of your being, not only how you have emanated and birthed directly from the heart of the Mother/Father One, but again how you have birthed and rebirthed, through many lifetimes, many experiences, into this incarnation, with variations, but with unique qualities, attributes, egos, personalities, physical qualities.

One of the most magnificent beauties of Gaia, and of humanity, is that you are so unique and diverse. And if you ever had any question or query or doubt about that, all you would need to do is to look to the environment that you are born into, to look to the geophysical creation of Gaia herself and the diversity of the planet.

But I do not wish to digress from this. But I also wish to say, as a starting point ― and yes, I know I have said this before, but I cannot remind you often enough ― for this incarnation you have already anchored in the last several years ― and some of you for decades, some of you since inception ― the fullness of your soul design.

You have anchored your divine patterning of who you are, the totality of who you are, and in that anchoring you are bringing forth and anchoring as well your talents, your abilities, your capacities, known and somewhat still unknown, because they are still unfolding as you are unfolding, as you are discovering your ascended, multidimensional, Earth-timeline self. And you are incredibly different from one another, in your talents, in your preferences, in your choices, in your points of view. And that is exactly part of the plan.

We did not wish, the Mother did not plan, to simply have a race of identical twins. Otherwise, that is what she would have brought forth. The diversity, the differences, clarity and appreciation of those differences are vital to the progress, evolution, Ascension, jump, shift, whatever you call it, of the collective humanity and to each individual.

And it is not merely appreciating your own sweet self, loving your own sweet self, it is also coming to that place, not merely of accepting and allowing, but deep appreciation, love, celebration, not only of the points of conjunction but of the differences.

Now, this is something that your star brothers and sisters, who hover very close at hand, have become highly attuned to long ago. There is no requirement to mirror, to agree, to all be in what you think of as march lock-step together.

The key to forming community and to forming Nova Earth in the true sense of unity, is not merely agreeing and all following the same pattern. Quite the contrary, it is also coming together with the differentiation of talents, of beliefs, of understandings, of experiences and then joining that you form the harmony.

No one person, being, above or below, by the way, is intended to do everything. And when that situation occurs and human situations in groups large or small, what you see is someone who is a control maniac, someone whose ego thinks that they can do it better or that they need to do it all or it won’t be done sufficiently effectively or beautifully. And of course that is not so. It is a mosaic. And as a Canadian, dear heart, you understand …

SB: Yes.

AAM: … the meaning of that mosaic.

SB: Yes, I do.

AAM: You come together to complement and to work cooperatively. And sometimes what that means is you are all taking a giant step back and observing and being discerning and perceptive, because there are personalities, there are feelings, there are histories, there are past lives and bleed-throughs, there are opinions. But it takes a giant step backwards to perceive and discern how that mix is coming together so that the mosaic pieces aren’t butting up against one another, and how they can be placed in position to complement and to create.

But it is the learning, in small groups and then in very large groups, how to work cooperatively, and how to deal with conflict, with confrontation, with differences of opinion, with groups three to one, a thousand to one, and not how to override the one, but how to complement each other.

You see this, you see this in families all the time. And you can see where it has worked, where families have worked out of love to reach that accommodation where each individual is free to express and to be the fullness of who they are rather than being in lock-step. And you see it in families where abuse occurs or where personalities are shriveled up and die, or where people are afraid to speak their mind or their heart.

So where is humanity? Where is my beloved legion and collective at this time? You are in the beginning of the Tsunami of Love. Does that mean that every other lesson is going out the window? No. You are learning these lessons ― of deep cooperation, of discernment, of honoring, of honoring yourself and each other, of loyalty, to yourself, to your path, to your service, and to each other. You are learning not to turn your head away.

That is why I have mentioned my sword to start with, but also do not forget your shield.

Too often, on this planet with the growth and the anchoring of what we have come to call the old third, when conflict ― and we are speaking serious conflict ― has arisen, often the human response has been to either engage in violence, which solves nothing, or to run away.

And neither is a solution to creating Nova Earth, to creating what the Mother has always envisioned for Gaia and what Gaia herself has envisioned as her path. Yes, there are times when Gaia has cleansed or shrugged or washed her face off, but by and large look at how Gaia has dealt with conflict and her patience and the healing that she has sent.

What you are learning, my beloved friends, my family, is how to extend yourself in love. The Mother has said, oh, months ago, even on this show, but she has said repeatedly, “If it does not feel like love, why do it?”

I want you to add a second question, and it is a question that all of you already know. And that is, “What would love do?” The channel has spoken of feeling the wave. And when you feel that place, it is already in your heart.

When you ask the question, if I come from love, which is the core essence of who I am, if I step back and set aside what appears to be conflict, confrontation, hurt feelings, hurt ego, differences of opinion, and simply ask what would love do, and proceed from there, it does not entail violence of any description, especially to one’s self. And feeling poorly about oneself is violence to oneself, make no mistake about it. And it does not entail running away.

Now, be very clear. I do not call detachment running away. The channel has spoken of spending the night, actually, many nights, in the Holocaust situation of World War II in Germany and Austria. What happened that so many human beings closed their eyes, turned their heads in denial and ran away? They felt that the choice was either to run away or to engage in violence.

That is a situation where you had someone very ill, diseased shall we say, leading the troops; the danger of fanaticism at its height. But you cannot, as an enlightened species who have had your own inter-galactic form of war, whether you are looking at the Holocaust or the pogroms or the Sudan or Syria, you cannot turn your head. It is not what love does.

So what is occurring is you are being given many microcosms, situations, of practice so that issues are coming to the forefront. You are questioning your own worth and your core issues, which is good, it has need to be done, because they are coming up so they are right there to be loosened and washed away.

So your question: How do we work together? One of the first rules when you are in this transition phase has been to learn to speak Perro. And we have talked of Perro before, and it is what you would also call non-violent communication. It is to speak frankly, but not emotionally. Communicate the facts, and including the facts of how you feel, and including the facts of who you are ― your talents, your abilities, your dreams, your desires, what you wish to create within the microcosm or the macrocosm. Start talking and never stop ― telepathically, body language, touching, eye contact. It is time, my beloved ones.

We have called you the Creator Race, but we should also be calling you the Communicator Race, because that is where you are and that is where you are headed. If you do not communicate heart to heart, there is no forward progress. Period.

SB: Thank you for that, Lord. Probably the first thing that suffers when we experience challenging situations is the bliss that we feel. You’ve talked about the love that we feel. How do we remain in the bliss above and beyond what you’ve said? You’ve talked about Perro and things like that. But individually, within ourselves, how do we stay in the bliss when we face matters that challenge us?

AAM: You connect with us. And I do not say this in a facile way. Each of you is surrounded not only by your guides buy by legions at this time. Now, let me share something with you that we haven’t really spoken of before.

We talk a great deal about the core issues of humanity being self-worth and breaking through that separation and isolation and feeling of abandonment and loneliness to knowing that you are divine, you are worthy, you are loved, and you are the essence of love.

The anchoring factor of your capacity ― and I do not mean individually and of course it fluctuates; but I’m speaking of the collective ― your capacity for acknowledging and holding and being in your worth and in the fullness of your love is about 30%.

Now, considering the advances you have made with that low percentage, you are doing phenomenally ― what you have broken through with just that ― but think about it! ― 30%…no wonder you are saying to me, “Michael, how do I hang on to the bliss?”
So you are always asking, “What is the Company of Heaven doing to help?” Well, here is a very practical thing that we can do. When you are in these trying situations, this is when the cords work. Attach to us. Let us attach to you. Let us fill you, reassure you, love you. Let us fill you and your field with the love so that you can keep the absolute focus on feeling loved, lovable, worthy, and remain in that behavior and communication of ‘what would love do?’.

Because the first response of ‘what would love do?’ is to yourself: I am in this situation, and it can be in the White House, it can be in the Ukraine, it can be in the Kremlin, or it can be in the gutters of New York City. What does love do? The first response is to love yourself, because without that first response you can’t go anywhere. You will run out of fuel before you get anywhere.

So the first thing you do to hold on to the bliss is look in the mirror and say, “Lord, let me see who I really am.” And let us flood you. And this will be easier and easier with the tsunami. Full impact has not even been close to being felt yet. But let us flood you, not just your toes or your ankles, your entire being. Just make an agreement with me right now, all of you, that you will let the love for you in. And from there you will proceed.

And when I speak of love, I am not merely speaking esoterically, spiritually; I am not merely speaking of feeling calm, serene, peaceful (which is my favorite); feeling that you are in alignment. I am talking about feeling loved, valued, cherished, honored, revered, adored, because you are. It’s time to up this ante significantly right now.

SB: Lord, maybe I can share an experience that I had not so long ago in this regard, because it sounds pertinent to what you’re saying.

I was experiencing existential loneliness and it was really a fierce kind of feeling. I didn’t enjoy it at all and didn’t know what to do about it. And suddenly I remembered the tsunami, and I remembered what you had been saying about “send the love outwards,” and I actually brought the love up from inside me and sent it outwards, and it got rid of the loneliness in a fraction of a second. It was quite dramatic!

AAM: Exactly. So many of you are also waiting for the tsunami to approach, but also knowing the magnet, the existence of who you are is love. And as soon as you begin to share it, it flows. And it does for us as well. As soon as you ask ― and we can share it ― it flows.

SB: What are we doing that’s working, Lord, and what are we doing that’s not working?

AAM: I would rather focus, to start, on what you are doing that is working.

SB: Okay.

AAM: And we have touched on this in this conversation, have we not, dear hearts? Because you have begun these communications, and you have begun this new form of not turning away, not running away, not ending in violence, but truly attempting and communicating.

Are you perfecting it? Yes, you are. Now this has need to spread out in a more global manner, but it doesn’t start at the top. All of what we have spoken of in your terminology would be grass roots. The Shift, Ascension, the change ― Nova Earth ― comes from the people. It does not come from your outdated bureaucracies of finance or social or government. It comes from you, from your hearts, from your fierce demand for independence and freedom.

You can think of the love as the Occupy Movement. We want to occupy your heart. And you are doing that, and more and more. It has not been a conscious snap. But what you are doing right ― and I speak to all of you, and your star brothers and sisters as well, who are always listening in ― you are shifting to the place of balance, where you are in your heart consciousness.

You are not denying the brilliance of your mind. You are not ignoring your delightful personalities or egos. But you have shifted incredibly to your heart. There is collective understanding.

Oh, there are some recalcitrants, but I am speaking of what you are doing right, one by one by one, group by group. There is a firm acknowledgment that what has been, in terms of the very structures I just referred to, that they do not work, that they do not reflect the divine qualities ― kindness, gentleness, generosity ― that they hurt people; that very often the systems that have been created supposedly to help people are the very systems that hurt people.

And there is this growing intellectual and heart consciousness understanding that change is a must. And that is being translated into a shift of what is occurring.

Is it happening rapidly enough for you or for us? Well, in fact not for you, but from our perspective, because we see behind the scenes, it is happening more rapidly than you can see or than you anticipate.

Your hearts are becoming more generous. Your clarity is becoming more highly honed, and yes it is because of the gift of the Mother, but it is also because you are implementing and using the gift of the Mother’s clarity. You are seeing through situations to the heart of the matter.

You aren’t being distracted or fooled so easily. And you aren’t just seeing to the heart of the problem, you are also seeing to the heart of many global solutions. And you aren’t hesitating to declare yourselves as global citizens willing to tackle global issues, collectively, and as committed individuals.

You aren’t denying your talents, and you aren’t single-streaming yourselves. You aren’t saying, “Well, I am an accountant, I am a numbers person, and therefore I only deal with numbers or figures or constructs.” You are recognizing that you are a numbers person who deals in universal language, and you are also an artist, and that your creativity is unlimited.

You are accepting the malleability of inter-dimensionality. You are accepting magic and that miracles are simply things you do not have full explanation or understanding of. You are becoming more flexible. And you are becoming, from our perspective, more expressive.

Now we are hearing, and we have always heard, the cries of despair and of your heart. But what we are hearing and witnessing is also the expression, the verbal, out-loud, expression of distress, of oppression, of despair, of loneliness.

And you say, “Well, Lord, why would you put that in the category of what we are doing right?” Because you are allowing it to escape your body and you are asking, in the very expression, you are saying, “I’m lonely. I am disheartened. I want help. And I look above and I look to my brothers and sisters of Gaia for help,” and that you trust that they actually can, and will, and do help you.

So you are doing all of these things right. But I know that you have these different shows. So now we will have the Michael Show, number one: you are walking in trust and faith. There is no denying it as you have so vigorously ― and I mean all of you ― pointed out to me, is “Where is the proof? Where is the evidence? Where are the temporal disclosures?”

You, what you are doing right, where you have been absolutely stellar, is in your trust, in your faith, in your holding of hope. Are there moments where you waffle? Yes. But the collective energy is moderating that waffling. The collective energy is supporting the individual who is feeling shaky, you are coming together.

On our side, we trust, because we know. So you say, “Well, Michael, it’s very easy to trust when you know.” We know, but we do not always know the fine detail, because of, in your case, this wonderful element of free will. But we do know the outcome.

Now, you do not. You know that you are creating, and that you are purging, and you know that you are moving forward. But this walk of faith, of trust, is a shining example throughout the galaxies. Often we have spoken to you about how you are the first to go through this process. And I think we would all agree that in this variable process of Ascension, in form, into various higher realms and dimensions, one of the biggest elements in that has been the trust.

Now where are you going wrong? What could you do better? Stop hesitating. Stop doubting. You have actually been very good about the elimination of many core false grids, false paradigms, illusions, beliefs. And that is why we say the human collective is coming to a place where they are collectively saying, “What we have had doesn’t work. We are creating the new. We may not know all the details, but we do know what doesn’t work.”

Stop hesitating. Step forward. Do not question, and question and dither about your actions. Trust yourself. And do not think ― and I say think because it is more a mental process than an emotional or spiritual process ― do not over-think your situation. There are many things that we have been talking about for many years now, and with you for over two, where there would be naysayers who would say, “Don’t be ridiculous. Logically, this cannot occur, that cannot happen.” They are over-thinking it. And they do not know what is or is not possible, and they do not know what can or cannot be created, particularly in partnership.

Now, this issue of partnership is something that we have addressed time and again. The time has passed where there is such a wide gulf, shall we say, between the Company of Heaven and Gaia and the human collective.

When we say we are in partnership and co-creating, you are learning, we are adjusting, you are adjusting. If there was anything that we would ask you to do more of, is to engage, as if we are right there in physical form with you in this partnership. Take me to work. Take me out to eat. I might even pay the bill.

Is that clear, dear heart?

SB: Very much so. And I had a number of other questions that I wanted to ask you, but I think I’ll jump to the last question just simply to be able to get it in. And this is a question in the public arena now, Lord. President Obama continues to receive a lot of criticism. And there’s even a suggestion that an interim President of the United States has been chosen.

Can you talk to us about how President Obama’s performing and what’s ahead for him as we move further into the golden age and through what seems like continuing chaos?

AAM: He is managing chaos. And he is not always surrounded, although I must tell you, we are constantly in the White House; that is one of my primary roles. And many of you, my beloved friends, are there with me. Now, there is no interim President. That simply will not happen.

SB: And yet it’s been talked about as if it has happened.

AAM: No. That is false flag. That is another move to discredit what he wants to achieve.

SB: Hmm.

AAM: So, the more that he can be said to be losing power, the more what he wishes to bring forth can be dismissed. But you will see some very strong action out of this President before the term is over.

He does not wish to engage in war. He is there despite everything that has occurred. One of his purposes was to bring peace. Now, you see how the situations… oh, well, just even of the last hundred years, have all come to the forefront in terms of the war chaos. It is there to be cleared, not to be engaged in.

SB: Well, in the few minutes that remain, Lord, maybe I could ask you this question, too, about the public arena. SaLuSa used to say some years ago that there were divine deadlines, and once a divine deadline had been passed, the free will of the cabal, for instance, could be overruled. But we seem to be observing their free will quite a bit. Is SaLuSa’s notion correct, or what are we missing here?

AAM: There are divine deadlines. But you have a tendency to think of deadlines as lines in the sand. The Mother does not always see deadlines in the same way. For example, we have had a couple of deadlines that have come and gone because of the desire to allow the human free will collective to get to where they wish to go.

Now, the cabal is not black or white. It is very gray. And might I suggest to you that the gray is fading daily. That is how deadlines are met. And by the time they are reached, there is no darkness. So they are already being penetrated.

SB: And containment, Lord. Has containment altered people’s behavior, or are they still being worked on?

AAM: Containment is still in force, and yes, there are many that are being worked on. We will be happy to continue this conversation.

SB: All right. Thank you, Lord.

AAM: Go in peace.

SB: Thank you very much.

AAM: Farewell.

SB: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 05-01-14
© 2014 Council of Love