A wonderful insight from GAOG and Steve Beckow. The tsunami of love has not hit us yet at its height, but I sense that it’s begun at a lower level.

My concern is that the way we live our normal round of life may prevent us from seeing its impact, at this preliminary stage.

In our society, we’re more or less used to physical sensations which are gross rather than subtle, to use the terminology of S.N. Goenka, in Vipassana Meditation.

We eat meat with rich sauces, drink beverages with a kick or a definite flavor, consume sweet desserts, munch on salty snacks, etc. All of these contribute a starburst of sensation.

And so, I think, when we look for the impact of these beginning stages of the tsunami of love, we come from the expectation that it will knock us over by its obviousness.

But the impact is happening not on our externally-oriented sense organs, but inside of us, in a very subtle and delicate place.

In some of the earlier energy upgrades, I used to say that my emotional floor just got raised. What I meant by that is that I no longer went as far down as I used to. I remained in a range of feeling that was more pleasant and suitable to me.

This isn’t exactly like that but similar in context. What it feels to me more like is a blossoming. There’s more of a bursting out of our normal energy envelope. The nearest word I can find to describe it is that it’s more like an awakening than a raising of our emotional floor.

But it’s also more than just an awakening. It’s an enabling, en empowering, and an ennobling. I’d call this process “getting bigger.” But I could also call it the first intimations of oneness, universal love, etc.

So if we’re looking for a starburst of sensation, we may be looking in the wrong place. We may never see the impact of these energies on us in this preliminary phase.

I find that impact to be subtle, barely detectable. By observing myself very closely and carefully, I become aware of it and discern it.