Linda’s New You’s experienced the Tsunami of Love on many levels. Here are  more adventures, anchoring the Love around the planet.

March 16 LD

Meditation 3/15/14

I begin the meditation and go down to the ocean shore. I begin to walk into the water when a white dove flies above me and then in front of me. More doves come and they form a heart in front of me.

I go a little further in the water and still more doves have come. Now there are three hearts formed by the doves but this time I see them from more of a distance. They are much higher above me to the left and the hearts are sideways as though they are a tunnel.

I check to see who is on either side of me. On the right is a long line of African tribal people, some of them beating their drums. I notice the women but know there are also men there. I am not really holding their hands but am connecting with them from a distance. I do not remember to look on the left.

I go in deeper but not as deep as usual and ask for the waves to come. They are very strong today and I make sure to stay anchored. I am taken to a grassy place. All of a sudden I am a huge mountain with eyes with pain and rage that has come alive!

Then I am no longer the mountain but there is a huge robotic kind of giant that has come from the mountain. He is filled with rage and wants to be a force of destruction. I am shaken by this but I remember to anchor and breathe.

A kitten comes onto his shoulder and begins licking his face. I see St. Francis off to the distance. The giant stops, sighs, lies down on the grass and disappears into the earth. There is a grassy area once again and one yellow flower has grown there.

I am at the end of the meditation of calling in the waves but I am still shaken by this, by the feeling of when I was the mountain. I go to where I work beneath the earth, to where there is a mound and check to make sure things are okay there.

A dove is on the mound and looks at me. I check the symbols I have placed there. Yes, everything is fine. I decide to cover the area with the Mother’s blue blanket.

I go back to the grassy area on the earth’s surface where the giant had disappeared. There is a boy there asleep, probably around nine years old. He is wearing the clothing of Ancient Greece but his garments are brown.

I begin to question if something went wrong during the meditation as I felt  the rage of the mountain. Linda’s face appears and I hear her voice very clearly, “Trust, L, just trust.”

The white dove has come back and lands on my finger. I ask her name and it is Tika, pronounced Teeka. I come out of the meditation and feel dizzy as I walk so I stop and ground. Tika stays with me. It feels so wonderful to have this new friend!

I wake up the next morning thinking about the boy that was sleeping on the grass. I go to visit him. He is still sleeping but I receive the information that he has had to fend for himself and at one point was abused as a servant. I sprinkle AA Uriel’s silver on him. He wakes up and I hug him and tell him he will never be alone. He smiles and tells me his name is Red.

I come back to this dimension and wonder about his name as it isn’t a Greek name. I look up to see what the name, Red, means. It is information I already know but I am reminded that Red is passion. It can be rage but also Love. I think about Red some more and wonder if he is the boy I saw looking at me during one of the angel merge meditations. I peek in to see what he is doing. I see him reunited with his family and I cry.

March 16 EN

As I began my meditation, I asked where was there need for my Tsunami of Love today. I was instantly at the water’s edge on Mustang Island around Corpus Christi, Texas, which is the Gulf of Mexico. The sun and warm white sand set the tone as I immersed myself deep in the Gulf.

My energy self-expanded above the water as an enormous transparent bubble and below as a transparent screen cleansing, loving and stretching into infinity. As I am standing on the ocean floor among the vegetation, it is calm and very bright. I felt the small schools of fish circling as well as an octopus that was drawn to the light. He/she was calm and pale pink. Love is all encompassing.

I was joyfully holding hands with my children, my grandson, my daughter in law and a beautiful host of millions of entities that circled Gaia in the water and on the surface. I could sense the pleasing reaction of Gaia, and I can still visualize my energy bubble above and below the Gulf region. I feel such elation just BEing.

It is good to be an angel.

In the following meditations the realization of the enormity and magnificence of being the Love becomes crystal clear bringing, anchoring a heightened degree of clarity.

March 17 CJ

I must confess that I haven’t done this meditation as often as I would like because of my “fear” of the water.  Yup! I know… (pray for me) but this girl can’t swim! hehehe

When I do the meditation, I usually stand as far back from the water as possible… Once I even envisioned myself holding onto a tree for dear life. I have since realized that calling in the Mighty Ones for this meditation is very useful.

Anyway, today for the first time, I not only sensed the magnitude of this Tsunami of Love gift… but it suddenly dawned on me that I was also the Tsunami of Love. I mean this awareness was huge!!!

After doing it mentally for a period of time… I suddenly “got it” in my heart and my cells and in my spirit. Don’t ask why this understanding has taken forever to drop from a mental understanding into a heart understanding. I guess clarity and being washed by the waves of love opens up blocked pores on every level.

(Thank you to the Mother for her gift of clarity for which I am eternally grateful.)

And perhaps the understanding also came because I spent the whole weekend in a towering violet flame bonfire. I had asked that various blockages in my life and anything else that came up for me over the weekend that was not of love be transmuted into light and major infusions of love, clarity, health, and other goodies be injected into those situations.

((p.s: I really enjoyed this weekend violet flame ritual and I highly recommend it))

Anyway, today as I was doing the meditation, I realized that I had never really stopped to appreciate the process of how the Tsunami of Love waves were cleansing me and I had never considered who was this “C” who was standing there at the beach after the Tsunami of Love waves had passed through her???

Hmmmm… Then it dawned on me and my big eyes flew wide open… “C, you are also a Tsunami of Love. You are a powerful being, a carrier of Love… You are Love.”

I felt my heart expanding and I absolutely loved it because I finally felt connected in a real way to this meditation and knew that I understood the purpose of this gift… in my heart.

We are love and the spreaders of major love energy…

What an honor!

March 21 LMc

This morning I sat down to pray and as usual I asked to be placed in any area of beautiful Gaia that was needed.

During my opening ritual, I had anchored to Gaia and when I began the Tsunami meditation, I bi-located to the Council Fire in her heart. For a moment my 3D brain kicked in and wondered if the Tsunami wave would douse the fire —– ha, ha, ha – silly me.

As I stood before the council fire and opened my palms, I was filled with waves of joy and gratitude that washed over and enveloped me. The tears were streaming down my face and I felt the presence of all of you andmany, many thousandsof otherswho are holding and expanding the infusion of this beautiful Tsunami of Love.

Oh My ………….. there are no words !

The Tsunami can be in far out space, or here on Earth, dancing through the air above the planet or playing with the animals. Allowing and surrendering to the Waves is truly an awesome experience.

March 21 LD

Meditation 3/20/14

I go into the water but am immediately taken into space and placed upon what seems to be an asteroid. It is round like a tiny planet and fits right beneath my feet. I feel and see myself huge. I check to see who is on either side of me. I can’t see who is on my left. My arms become very long and I see a line of figures.

They look like gingerbread people but they have no color. Each has a bright red heart on their bodies. I remember that I saw them lined up on the ocean shore in a previous meditation and know that they are people who are abusive.

The waves come as a strong wind. I have glimpses of star brothers and sisters connected to me in non-human forms also anchoring the waves. They have tails. I see earth far away from the perspective of outer space and see glimpses also of children circling the globe.

Meditation 3/21/14

Once again I go to the physical ocean in Deerfield Beach. As is my ritual I walk in the sand and in one place go through the water where the sand has eroded. It is always difficult to keep my balance here especially when the waves are rough as today. The water is up to the tops of my thighs.

As I walk through this area on my way back, I think this is just a transition to get me to the sand again where it is easy to walk. As I navigate I need to stay sure footed and balanced, otherwise the waves will knock me over.

I see the sand and want to hurry to get there but know I must take my time, one foot in front of the other, avoiding the rocks underneath me, feeling for where the ocean floor is even so I can continue to walk.

I come back to my chair and sit for a few minutes enjoying the warmth of the sun on my face, the sound of the waves, just being. I enter the water and decide to go up to my chest to where the waves are calmer. With the way the waves are it is too difficult if I stand where the water is up to my ankles or thighs.

I see Pan above me to the left and enjoy the joyful notes I hear coming from his flute.  I can’t see who is to the right of me but know she is Love. On the left of me is the sun. I feel the Tsunami waves coming but have a difficult time staying anchored in the sand in the physical ocean.

I just let go and dance with the physical waves as the waves of love come. I continue this dance in the water and then see another part of me become a ballerina and find myself in the sky. I am physically dancing in the water but also dancing in the sky.

I have a beautiful pink silken scarf that is part of my dance. I go to the continent of Africa and dance high in the sky there. I see children happy and playing and they point to me as I dance. I dance over China and Australia all the time waving my beautiful pink scarf, spreading its energy along with my dance. I come back to dance over my own continent, North America.

I begin to spin as a ballerina does. I spin faster and faster and become a white spiral of light. I spiral down into the water, down into the center of Gaia and then come back up again into the water where once again I become just me.

I leave the physical water and sit back in my chair. I so loved this dance and think I want to return another time and dance again! As I sit in my chair, I see glimpses of me dancing but this time the scarf is a beautiful bright golden yellow!

March 23 MW

Last night during my Tsunami meditation I found myself not in the ocean but my sacred place where I go to visit my animals companions who have passed. It looks like Scotland, maybe from the distant past, lush green but covered in a dense pine forest.

Many animals, giraffes, beautiful birds, dragons, elephants, tigers, goats, even dinosaurs live there and come out form the trees to visit. Everyone lives together in peace and harmony side by side.

I stay in a small stone cottage nestled in a pristine clearing overlooking the jagged coast line. Huge cliffs of dark stone meet ocean waves with only scatterings of beach. Usually my animal companions walk with me down a winding path to greet the water but not today. I truly was a bit confused as to why I was there but suddenly the ground creased under my feet like a piece of paper forming a direct slide to the ocean.

My dog Millie (who passed last year) jumped on with excitement begging me to follow and the games began. Like small children we threw up our arms to feel the wind and express the exhilaration inside. Millie as she approached the surf suddenly transformed into a polar bear breaking my fall into the water with ease.

“Look,” she said “this is great fun let me show you.” Diving underneath my body she threw me into the air and to my astonishment like an expert gymnast I triple flipped landing on the nose of a purple seal who then passed me through the air to another seal.

The play group continued to grow with more joyful polar bears, playful dolphins and other animals that were foreign to me. Nobody seemed to care because at this party everyone was welcome. My final trick was balancing nose to nose in a head stand with the original purple seal. It was great fun and full of bright laughter but still I wondered about the Tsunami.

“I will tell you about the waves,” a great voice proclaimed so I looked for the owner of the voice. “It is me the rock cliff and I know much about the waves who have brushed my base for millennia. I deliberately use the term brushed not crashed because it is the gentility of Great Mother Ocean who gives life to this planet. Sometimes the water caresses my face like the soft kiss of a loved one.” He looked down at the water and our party with complete compassion and love.

“The water,” he said, “each wave frees small particles of me to travel the earth and gain new experiences. You might think I’m eroding but I am being emancipated. My evolution is filled with joy and anticipation.” Then as suddenly as he came he was gone.

I thanked him for his great wisdom and I thanked the animals for their lessons of joy and play. As we all headed back to the cliff and home a great wave of blue fog rolled over us. Not crashing but gentle and light. Like a blanket of mist or snow we were caressed with warmth and love. The Mother’s Tsunami was present.

The Tsunami of Love has been long awaited. Gentle or strong, let the waves wash through you and anchor the Love with all it’s Wonder and Joy.

March 24 NA

I have the feeling that the floodgates are opening up slowly but surely…… Like Steve Beckow wrote in his latest article on Golden Age of Gaia called ‘preliminary impact of the Tsunami of Love’ it feels very subtle, barely detectable….

It is only when I stop what I am doing and start focusing on my breath and turning my attention inward that I feel this soft high vibrational stream so to speak in the depth of my Being….. In myself there is also an understanding and the knowing that this stream will and is growing into the awaited Tsunami….. I am ready Mother…….

March 28 CJ

Last night I decided to do the meditation a different way. I was listening to my favorite joyful music and I kept visualizing the waves of love washing over me as I welcomed them with joy! I danced my way through the whole process and saw myself blasting that love energy in the spirit of joy and dance and laughter to the world….

I had an amazing time!!

Really…It truly is a time for JOY! JOY! JOY!