The energy that the Mother sends in this Tsunami of Love has its own intelligence, so it will moderate and modulate individually. The idea is love, bliss, ecstasy, knowing of joy, being of love, of being in the higher realm. We want you to know that it will penetrate all of you. It is only a destructive force insofar as it destroys pain, sorrow, grief, heaviness, greed, control, mayhem — the lower vibrations of what you have thought of as the old third…

Geoffrey West: Greetings and blessings to all and welcome to An Hour with an Angel, with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of the book The New You: Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness .Joining her is Steve Beckow, founder of the Golden age of Gaia and author of Building Nova Earth: Toward a World that Works for Everyone.

I’m Geoffrey West sitting in for GD this evening. I invite you to bring in Archangel Michael’s blue flame of truth and peace as we welcome Michael back again. This evening Michael will offer insights on what it means to be global and sovereign citizens of Planet Earth. He’ll also offer some updates on various current events and the upcoming Tsunami of Love. With that, I turn things over to you, Steve, Linda and Michael.

Steve Beckow: Thank you very much, Geoff. And, Archangel Michael, just before you begin and give your opening remarks, could we just discuss what there is to talk about today and come up with a plan for that, please?

Archangel Michael: Yes. What would you like to do, dear heart?

SB: Well, I was originally planning to discuss global citizens first, but I think it might be better to discuss that last and instead discuss the Spring Equinox first, the approach of the Tsunami of Love, the reval, and Flight 370, and the new Republic, and then save about 15, 20 minutes at the end for the discussion of global citizens. Would that work for you?

Archangel Michael: I am very flexible. And when we are talking about each of these subjects, as we are covering any number of topics, understand that what we are speaking of in each of these arenas is what it means to be a global citizen.

SB: That’s very true.

AAM: …what it means to be a citizen of Terra Gaia. So let us begin wherever you choose.

SB: All right. Thank you, Lord. The Spring Equinox has started today. It’ll go ’til tomorrow. What can we expect from it?

AAM: Let us begin at the beginning. Greetings. I am Michael, archangel of peace, warrior of love, and might I say, in deep reverence and appreciation to Gaia, bringer of spring. What does spring truly mean, except the beginning of the new, of the time of rebirth, of a cycle of rebirth, of re-awakening, of great awakening? And this is exactly what is taking place, not only upon Gaia and within the kingdoms, the various kingdoms, all the kingdoms — above and below, by the way; it is taking place in the hearts of human beings, of the hybrids, of starseeds as well.

Think of how, in many areas of the north particularly, what you think of as the northern-most climes, how severe this winter has been and how erratic, even in the south, much of the behavior of the weather patterns has been. The awakening of the land, the beginning of a new cycle, of balance, of becoming, is often difficult.

Humans in particular don’t always notice it. They don’t notice the buds, necessarily, on the tree, struggling from the frozen branches to form new life, or the buds of the flowers struggling up through frozen ground to declare themselves in beauty and a riot of color, or the fields re-awakening, and particularly the earth, the dirt, the ground as it is furrowed.

So it is with this energy of this particular, and many, but this particular equinox. It is a sensation for many of you that you are pushing through and that the ground is hard, then in many ways the frozen feeling of a deep winter is still upon you, in your bodies, in your minds, in your emotions, and yes, somewhat even in your souls. But pushing through and declaring new life and new beginnings is exactly what you are doing. And you will feel the light of the central sun, the light of love from the Mother/Father One shined upon you, thaw you, restore you, rejuvenate you, reinvigorate you. Your determination, yes, even your patience and your valor, to be reborn into this new cycle as a collective and as individuals is quite amazing.

There are cycles to all things, and you, dear hearts, are at the beginning in so many ways of a new cycle, a new time and it is a radical adjustment. And it is a sensation for many of you of being tugged and pulled by what you leave and demand to leave behind and a sense of sorrow, of grief, even of slight bitterness at what you are being forced to abandon and leave behind in order that you can be reborn. And at the same time it is a sense of excitement and of purging and plowing into the unknown, into a new season of existence.

And while we have shared much information and many visions, rendered and shared many tools, it is still unknown. You have been given a great deal of insight about what lies ahead, but like the snowdrop or the daffodil or even a bird winging its way northward, you do not really know what, fully, it is going to feel like as you push through the Earth into the light of a new day. It is more magnificent, more heart and soul fulfilling than you can imagine.

But there is a touch, a thread of nervousness, of anxiety, as you do this. So, know, we understand this and we understand this time of shift for you, and we shelter you. We put our hands, our arms, our energy fields around you to protect you, to nurture you, to keep the winds of change from bowing you. We honor you and we honor your changes. We honor your willingness, your determination, your stamina, your fortitude, your forbearance. Get ready for the new season, the new cycle. It is upon you.

SB: Thank you, Lord. Maybe we could move to the approach of the Tsunami of Love. I think the first question I have is I personally am run off my feet, as are other people. I’m just busy every day, busy every minute. And sometimes I don’t have time to do as much of the exercises around the Tsunami of Love as I’d like. Will this impair my experience of the Tsunami of Love?

AAM: Are you holding the willingness to be the screen, to be the purity, to have everything that is not of wholeness, of light, of love, of joy, washed away and out of your life?

SB: Oh, absolutely, Lord.

AAM: Well, then, you are in preparation. You are holding this energy.

Now, do I say, therefore you are completely exempt from doing as the Mother has asked and suggested, guided? Of course not. She does not exempt us! But she does give us all a great deal of latitude, my beloved friend. You know this. That is the meaning of love, is it not? It is that latitude. It is that ability to do, and to serve, and to be in your heart to the best of your ability at any and every given moment.

If you find that you are not free or available to do the meditations, to anchor and to be the anchor — because that is also part of what is transpiring at this moment; many of you are being asked, invited, guided to hold this energy, yes, as Gabrielle has said, to be the breakwater, and to set the environment, as it were, for the tsunami because it is rapidly approaching, and I’m sure most of you (and this is in tandem with what we have just spoken about in terms of the equinox), you are feeling the shifting of the Earth, of the sands, of the energy beneath your feet and around your body — declaring yourself ready, willing, able is tantamount. Preparing as much as you can is critically important, of course.

Know that there are many brothers and sisters that are doing the preparation as well for the collective, and many more will join them. But do not think that any being is going to be omitted from receiving this blessing, this gift, directly from the Mother.

SB: Let me ask you a slightly different question. There are, during certain times like war, there are emergency people who are manning the barricades or whatever. There are other people who are doing necessary services, essential services. And they cannot take cover, for instance, as other people can.

The people that are doing emergency services now — and that includes people like parents and teachers — you’re saying, I hope, that they will be able to participate in the Tsunami of Love every bit as much as all the people who have the time to do the meditations every day and all the practices. Is that correct?

AAM: Yes. Now, you have raised a very good analogy insofar as what you are speaking of is those who are on the barricades, those who are manning the turrets, the parents, the teachers, the everyday workers. The reason for the meditations is just to help them anchor and prepare, and that is why there are many assisting with this preparation. They are not merely doing it for themselves; they are like your spiritual Red Cross or emergency workers. So they are playing their role while others are doing what you would call essential services.

The purpose of the anchoring is so that the intensity of the wave does not make you feel so overcome or swept away. That is the intention and purpose. But all will receive; have no doubt about that. The Mother is not picking and choosing in this undertaking. All, all animals, all trees, all minerals, all rocks, all mountains, all rivers, every blade of grass, every human being, every senior, every elder, every child, every infant will be penetrated. Now, the Mother will never make the intensity of her love of such an extent that it would hurt or harm. The energy that she sends in this Tsunami of Love has its own intelligence, so it will moderate and modulate individually.

That is the wonder of how she creates. It will be appropriate to each person. But that is also why we have said to thee that it comes in waves; that it comes and recedes, and comes again and recedes, and comes again because for many it may take several penetrations. Now, we are not talking — let us be very clear; she is coaching even me as we go, dear heart — we are not talking about indefinite penetration. We are speaking this day of radical shift and transformation, but it will not be to the extent that someone is so bowled over that they are feeling ill or overcome.

The idea is love, bliss, ecstasy, knowing of joy, being of love, of being in the higher realm. But the gateway to that is not through harm. That is not the Mother’s way. So it is nothing to fear. Some have said, why use this word ‘tsunami’? Because we want you to know that it will penetrate all of you. It is only a destructive force insofar as it destroys pain, sorrow, grief, heaviness, greed, control, mayhem — the lower vibrations of what you have thought of as the old third. It will wash you, but it will not wash you out to sea and leave you adrift. It will bathe you. Will it bathe you more strongly than the pink light that your brothers and sisters of the stars are bathing you and Gaia with at this very moment? Yes.

There are many things unknown, yes, even to us, throughout the universe, throughout the multiverse, throughout the omniverse. But the one thing that we do know with absolute certainty is the Mother’s love is as gentle and as strong as it has need to be.

Your question next? Well, it is two-fold, is it not, dear Steve? It is, “Well, when?” And, “Are you sure?”

SB: [Laughs] Okay! I don’t want to get the channel riled, but okay.

AAM: Yes, we are sure. This is not a variable. This is as certain as spring, as immediate as the equinox. So, without tampering with my agreement with the channel, I tell you the time is now. The shifting sands in the depths of the universe and the heart of the Mother have already begun.

SB: Okay. That’s good, Lord. So, it will come in waves, it’s already begun at some level, I’m not necessarily feeling blissed out myself, but perhaps we should leave that because we have a number of other discussions to go through unless there’s something …

AAM: I do not address your doubt. I address this issue for our listeners whom I deeply love and appreciate. So, let us proceed onward.

SB: Okay, thank you. So I’ve got to understand that I feel embarrassed as heck rushing an archangel. But there are a lot of questions on listeners minds and I know they want me to ask them. What is the significance — turning to the reval — what is the significance of the Indonesian initiative, and how does it fit with the reval and global currency re-set?

AAM: It is more of a national initiative. And there has been some subterfuge and some wonderfully ethical behavior, but it is an initiative, to again, to attempt and to succeed in bringing forth a re-valuation — and I say this in terms of principles — of what, not only what currency is, what cooperation is and what a global community can accomplish.

Now, is there self-interest involved? Yes. Is that acceptable? Yes. In each of these, on the surface, many of these various initiatives, sometimes we chuckle, because there is this degree, and you have certainly seen it, of self-interest, and this feeling, again, of certain players at certain levels on the surface. I do not say this in a derogatory way. I say it in a way that it makes us chuckle. Yes, archangels do chuckle.

We look at it and some involved think this will move things forward in a direction that will benefit us individually and make us rich. And you see this in every discussion of re-valuation, whether it is dinar or dong, Chinese currency, US currency — it does not matter. All these initiatives have this commonality. And some of that — again, on the surface, with certain players — is the foil, because we are looking at it and knowing and those who have true understanding, whether it is a global perspective of economics or politics or finance or spiritual matters, there is an understanding that what it is truly achieving and the underlying purpose, not only in the global sense or the regional sense but in the spiritual sense, is the re-organization of what you have thought of as hierarchies, of power structures, of control and greed.

So, will the Indonesian initiative have an effect? Yes. Does it have its basis in self-interest? To some extent. Will it move things along? Yes. Will it delay? No.

SB: Okay. Thank you, Lord. Other people have been asking me, will dinars, dongs and Zimbabwean dollars all be accepted by banks when the initial rval is announced?

AAM: Not necessarily. Not all financial institutions in their current set-up are equipped to deal with — we assume this is what you are truly asking — international currency. So, if you were to take Zimbabwean dollars to Zimbabwe, yes, the banks will be able to deal with you. But that is not truly the root of your question. It is also that a great deal of these, hmm, trade transactions are being done again with political agendas, financial agendas, some intrigue, which we find amusing at this point because the shenanigans have mostly stopped. So no, not all banks or institutions will be prepared to simply have their customers or clients walk in and expect an automatic exchange, particularly in the less populated areas.

SB: Well, one of the questions came from a man in Quebec. I presume that he wasn’t near a major city. And, so he didn’t know what to do with his Vietnamese currency, primarily. Should he go to a major bank in a major city?

AAM: Yes, that is correct. This channel has also received inquiries that she was not prepared to truly answer. But I am. Whether it is preferential to simply go directly to a bank or to be part of what you are thinking of as organizations or groups. If you are already affiliated with a group, we would recommend, energetically, spiritually and financially, that you stay with that group and not act simply as a single individual, independently.

Now you may proceed!

SB: Well, you actually did recommend that I go directly to a bank. Is that because the bank that I’m going to is well versed and cooperative and safe and stable?

AAM: Yes. And you are not part of a larger group.

SB: Oh, well, I… I don’t know what you mean by ‘larger group,’ but I am part of the General’s group, Dinar Recaps.

AAM: And you will deal with that and then deal with your own business at hand. We are not suggesting that individuals do not deal with their financial institutions or prepare the way. But you cannot necessarily put yourself in the same category or situation as most people because your role is significantly different.

SB: Yes, I know it is. Have the historic bonds been cashed?

AAM: They have begun.

SB: Okay. The prosperity programs — any update on what’s happening with them?

AAM: They are flowing. They are more like a stream that is breaking through the ice, dribbling through the ice rather than the flow of the Nile, but they have started. And there are many very happy recipients.

SB: Okay. And a person who is slated to be a recipient of the Prosperity Programs, would they receive a phone call from their bank or a letter from their bank, or somebody knocks?

AAM: It will be in a whole variety of ways. Some will receive a letter, some will receive a phone call, some will simply find money in their accounts.

SB: Okay. That’s helpful. A prominent lightworker has said that more than likely there will be a banking holiday for three to five days, possibly up to ten business days, but doubtful. Therefore it is wise to have some cash on hand because you won’t be able to use debit or credit cards. The bank financial centers will be closed while they make the switch from fiat currency to currency backed by precious metals. Also it is advised to have some food staples on hand along with extra water. Is that necessary, Lord?

AAM: No.

SB: No. I didn’t think it was.

AAM: That is the short answer. [Laughs] Now, understand, this information comes forth from a generous and concerned heart, and for this we applaud the individual.

The sole purpose of your financial institutions, particularly as they exist in this moment, is making money. They will not shut down. They may work 24/7. They may hire many, many people to help them. They will not shut down. May they be off-line for a couple of hours? Even as long perhaps as a day? Yes. But not all of them, and not all at the same time. So, no, that will not happen.

Is it prudent to always keep a little food and a great deal of water in stock, in storage, available? Yes. But make it concomitant to your needs and consumption patterns, and you’re available space. We are not talking about Armageddon. We are not talking about times of darkness. We are not talking about times of scarcity. We are talking about the birth of light and love. If anything, dear heart, there will be dancing in the streets.

SB: Can’t wait. You have answered this question some time ago, but I’m hoping for a refresher here. What would you like to see from lightworkers concerning the reval? Is it advisable that as many as possible purchase a currency, and — and I’m not sure you’ll want to answer this one, but — what currency would you recommend?

AAM: Well, you are correct. I am not going to suggest a specific currency.

SB: Okay.

AAM: What I am going to say is this: If you have a little extra, and a little extra means something different to each and every one of you, and beloved ones, I know how close finances are for many of you.

Now, the choices have been put on the table, so I do not need to review what those choices are. But look at it in a playful manner, not as a desperate move. And many of you have looked at this as a desperate move, and that is not the energy you want behind this or involved in this because this is about freedom and what Geoffrey has said, sovereignty. This is not about doing something because you feel so overwhelmed.

And then take this money, be it dong, dinar, [Zimbabwean] dollars, it matters not. Take it, hold it — yes, we want you to have the physical paper that looks in many instances like play money — and play with it. Hold it and dream. And as I have asked you so many times, dream big. And think of this as a representation, as a miniscule representation of your spiritual currency, your worth, your individual worth. The term you would use, your individual assets are greater than all the money and currency on Earth.

Let that sink in. But then take this money, cherish it, play with it, enjoy it, hold it dear to you and dream. But if you can, do it not from desperation but from a sense of value and deservingness.

SB: And what about, Lord, the good that can come from this money, from lightworkers sharing it?

AAM: It is part, not the totality, but part — because Earth will continue to have currency for a while — it is part of how you shift power and you heal society. Because it is the human hearts that we are talking about, the bodies — starvation, thirst, shelter, medical care in the broadest sense of the word. It changes everything, and it comes from that generous heart that does not act out of desperation but out of generosity.

Now, I say to you this night what I have said to you in a number of ways before: First, beloved ones, tend to yourself. Tend to your needs. This is not about selfishness. This is about acknowledging what I have just said to you, that your currency is infinite.

It is also about placing yourself beyond financial concern for the rest of your life. It is about taking care of financial obligation, of bills, of debt, of that sword of Damocles that hangs over so many of you. And then it is about taking care of your family, your children, your biological family and your soul family.

And once that is attended to, it is about taking care of the world. It is about building Cities of Light and portals of love. It is about bringing the end to the very things that cause devastation, war, displacement — no shelter, no food, no education, no hope. So the good that comes out of this – that is why I have said to thee that sometimes we chuckle, because there are those individuals who have done this as a financial investment, thinking that they, the rich, become richer – but what happened was the cat was let out of the bag and the lightworkers have assembled. And that changes the face and the fabric of what you think of as your societies because you are operating not only at a higher octave but from a place of the divine qualities.

So the elements of greed, of lust, of control are gone. And even, in the old scheme of things, the most covetous will become the most generous.

SB: May I add two other matters to what you just said? And these are based on what you told me a while ago. And that’s to counsel people to hold back enough money to pay off their 2015 taxes even though taxes may not be required in 2015, if they’re not, that’s good. But if they aren’t, you’re dealing with such a lot of money that if you don’t hold back an adequate amount for tax you could be in trouble.

And secondly you advised me to hold back a contingency fund. And if I may say myself, when people acquire wealth they do things which not only have a price tag but have a maintenance cost and a repair cost and all the rest of it. So the cost of doing something is not just to purchase it, but it may bring you higher maintenance costs, repair costs, all kinds of other different costs that you may not have thought of ahead of time. So do have an adequate contingency fund as well.

AAM: Yes. Plan for your lifetime, not merely your period of celebration. Be prudent. On the one hand, we are telling you, informing you, that your spiritual currency is infinite, and on the other we tell you, be prudent, think ahead, think of what you wish to do and to accomplish, and the safety, security feeling, because it is an emotional feeling that you wish to have 10, 20, 30 years hence.

SB: That’s very good, Lord. Thank you. I’m going to move quickly to Flight 370, and then hopefully a short talk on global citizenry.

Ashira said that Flight 370 had exploded, but he didn’t say what the cause of the explosion was. Others have said that a secret naval weapon was used to cause it to disintegrate. And recently a prominent channel said the plane was suffering from hydraulic failure, was in an uncontrolled state, at risk of imminent destruction, whisked out of the air in mid-flight, was taken aboard an enormous spaceship from Sirius claimed to be part of the Federation fleet under the Ashtar Command whose full report is available from a certain website.

Now, Ashira said they took a few people up who still wanted to remain in form, but the rest — they passed on. What is the truth, Lord?

AAM: This is not an action — let us put it this way — this is not an action that your star brothers and sisters have been deeply involved in. This is an action of what we would refer to, or Gabrielle would refer to, of violence, of sabotage, of subterfuge. And it has continued.

So there are lies upon lies upon lies. And what is occurring … this is a terrible situation and it is painful to so many. But what it is also doing for humanity, it is bringing up what we would call shared compassion and grief because if you were to look at the grief and the confusion and the compassion component of what is being felt and emanating from the hearts of the collective, individuals all over the planet, it is out of alignment with the situation even including those who have been on the plane and who have suffered and the families that are left suffering the loss of their loved ones.

So it has amplified and shown the global community, in a time when there has been much strife and conflict on the ground, it is the other side of the scale, where you are seeing the global community coming together in compassion and sending healing for many. It is also bringing together the global community in saying, “We require, we demand truth.” Because there have been such significant untruths, every step of the way. And now what is occurring, amongst what you think are responsible agencies of many countries, is that they are looking for scapegoats. They are looking for situations to hang this on.

The truth will come out, but the function of this act of violence has been hijacked in many ways not by your star brothers and sisters but by the Company of Heaven to teach several very important, critical, timely lessons. The ship has not been taken on board a mothership elsewhere. That is false hope.

SB: Where is the ship, Lord? Is it blown to smithereens, or is it at the bottom of the ocean?

AAM: For all intents and purposes, it is not intact. We cannot give you the totality because that would be breaking our agreement.

SB: And then of course you couldn’t tell us what nation did it, either?

AAM: It is not so much a nation as individuals acting independently.

SB: All right. I’m not sure whether I should go further in trying to get more details, or…. whether….

AAM: Please do not.

SB: Okay, let’s leave it at that. Let’s then turn to global citizens. It’s quite clear to me, and it was quite clear from Archangel Gabriel’s discussion the other day, that we’ve got to rise from being national citizens to being global citizens, sovereign citizens of Planet Earth. And I’m not sure if I or if other people listening understand what it means to be a global citizen and what a global citizen does. Can you help us with that, please?

AAM: Yes, I can help you with this, or I can simply turn over the platform to Geoffrey, who fully understands what it means to be a citizen…

SB: Sure!

AAM: … of Gaia.

SB: Whatever you’d like.

AAM: He has much to contribute in this light. Let us say to be a global citizen is actually quite simple. It is to think, to act, to behave, to believe and to love, and to acculturate on a global level.

We are not suggesting to thee that you need to abandon what we would call your national or social or cultural preferences, but it has need to be acknowledged and celebrated, that that is all they are. They are preferences. They are allegiances, the same way in a family you have allegiances.

You have allegiances with one brother because you prefer him over your older sister or your younger brother. It is the same kind of allegiances. You prefer this kind of national music, or you feel a loyalty to the land that has nurtured you, and coddled you, protected you. The culture appeals to you,. The values of that culture appeal to you. But they are not to override. These preferences do not override your responsibilities as a global citizen.

Each one of you are full members of Gaia and of the Intergalactic Council. This brings with it honor and responsibility. We will talk more of this on another occasion.

SB: Thank you.

AAM: Go with our love, and go in peace, dear heart.

SB: Thank you very much, Lord. Farewell.

AAM: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 03-20-14
© 2014 Council of Love