The meditation to take you to and through the Tsunami of Love…

Greetings, I am Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You and The Great Awakening. I’m here today to walk through, with you, the meditation to help you anchor and to be the anchor for the Mother’s Tsunami of Love.

The Mother’s Tsunami of Love is the gift of the Mother’s Love, of the Divine Source/One/Love that is being sent to this planet to assist with our Ascension process, to bring us to a higher octave and to a new state of being.

It’s an incredible time to be alive and this gift is assisting us with the fulfillment of our mission and purpose, it’s what we’ve waited for, it’s what we’ve prayed for, it’s what we’ve asked for and it’s a phenomenal gift. Some of us have volunteered, eons ago, to be the anchors for when this energy began to flow upon the planet. But regardless of whether we are at an early anchor or sliding to home base, all of us, all of humanity will receive this gift of love, will be penetrated wholly and completely, fully, by this wave of love. So, let us begin:

How we start this meditation is by taking yourself to the 13th Octave. The 13th Octave is a place, a state of being, of divine union. It is being anchored in and with the heart of One; it is being home. Previously we had to die to actually have this situation, this state of being, but this is a gift that the Council of Love has given us and one of the primary things of why I am here on Earth.

So, how do we go to the 13th Octave? Well, there’s a download, a full meditation on the Council of Love website, and I would strongly urge you, the Council would strongly urge you, to download that meditation and do it every day.

But what I am going to share with you as we begin the Tsunami meditation is the mantra mudra. So how we begin is by putting our hands, fingertips to fingertips, curved, and by clicking our tongue three times, and a fourth time for Gaia.

So close your eyes…Click…the first click takes you into your sacred temple, your sacred space. Click…the second click you are going up the sacred golden spiral enfolded and carried by Archangel Gabrielle. Click…the third click you are anchored and put in to the heart of One, Mother/Father/One. Now the fourth click…Click…is to anchor you firmly also in the heart of Gaia. During this time of change, during this time of Ascension, of becoming and Shift, however you conceive of it, is that it’s important that we be firmly anchored, consistently, in the heart of Gaia; we don’t want to be floating out into free space. So, that is how we begin this meditation.

It’s unusual for a meditation to be a standing meditation, but this meditation for the Tsunami of Love is and that’s so the energy can move through you, out the back, it comes through the front, out the back. And so, for this you are going to begin to stand…and hold on, hold on to your desk or a chair or your bed, whatever’s there because what I’ve been finding is that the energy is so strong and so powerful that you feel a little wobbly or uneven. So, hang on!

So, close your eyes as we start…And feel yourself drifting and anchoring in your heart, in your beautiful tri-flame of the Mother’s Blue Diamond, of the Father’s Gold Diamond, and your unique, beautiful divine self, the Pink Diamond right in the middle.

Now, let’s begin by taking a nice deep breath of the Mother’s gift of Clarity, that beautiful aquamarine blue topaz, and breathe it in, in through your nose, and on the out-breath feel yourself going deeper into your heart, anchoring into your heart, becoming clearer and clearer. The Mother has been anchoring this gift of her clarity so that we can see and perceive and understand what’s transpiring over the last couple of months. So, breathe in that blue topaz and anchor into your heart.

Now, breathe in the Mother’s gift of Purity, that soft, white light that fades into the clear, sheer energy, into that purity and bring it into your heart and go deeper, deeper than you’ve ever gone. With this expansion of energy you are fully capable of going deeper and you are safe and protected and accompanied, not only by the Mother and the archangels, the ascended masters, the Council of Love, the Company of Heaven. Now feel yourself drifting as we prepare to engage and receive and allow the Tsunami of Love to enter us.

Go down to the beach, to your favorite ocean. It’s a bright, sunny day. Go down to the water’s edge and feel the warmth and the coolness of the sand on your feet, between your toes. Each of us will choose a different place to stand as we anchor and receive the Tsunami. So, while you’re standing at the water’s edge you decide whether you want to simply stand there, or go ankle deep, or knee deep, or chest deep, but it’s where you are comfortable. And as you repeat this meditation where you stand may be different. Many of us will go to the deepest parts of the ocean, the Mariana trench, where we can feel the subtle shifts in energy, where we can begin to perceive the tectonic plates of love beginning to shift as that Tsunami of Love begins to rise up and come down, and begin to move as swift currents into our very being. So, position yourself.

Now, the guidance of the Mother is for us to see ourselves as a clear screen. So see and feel your entire energy field, not merely your physical form but your etheric bodies, your causal bodies, mental, emotional, all the way out, and these days, all of us, with these expansions, are really big. So see yourselves shifting from your sweet self into this wonderful sheer screen of energy, the screen is a form of the grid…it’s your grid. So see that shift of this very fine, fine screen and make sure your feet are firmly anchored in the coral, in the sand and the seaweed and the depths of the ocean. And breathe, breathe blue, breathe the Mother’s Blue and thank yourself for being here at this incredible time.

Feel the currents, the gentle waves, begin to penetrate you, to flow through you, from the front of your body to the back, and understand that none of us are doing this exercise, this undertaking, alone. We are doing it as a form of unity and community. So, as you begin to feel this flow, put out your hands and feel your neighbor, your friend, your beloved, Archangel Michael, Gabrielle, the Mother. Take your hand as we encircle all of Gaia, as we anchor as wayshowers, as pillars, as gatekeepers, as lightworkers, as love-holders, as we together, hand in hand in hand, begin to receive and anchor this energy of the Mother’s Tsunami of Love.

So take a moment and feel whose hand you’re holding and again, this may change every time you do this meditation, which should become, could become part of your daily ritual. And breathe.

Now, feel that current of love, of bliss, of ecstasy, of sweetness, of gentleness, the strongest and the gentlest, flowing through you, penetrating you, enfolding you, engulfing you, washing away any debris, any flotsam, jetsam, any particles of sand or dirt, false grids, false beliefs, issues, vasanas, any debris that has ever gathered on you is being washed away, through the front, out of the back, all your meridians, all your chakras. Let it go.

And all you can feel, all you are is this magnificent love. So, love of One, it’s the essence of who you are. And as we do this we raise and we anchor to complete our Ascension process, to anchor love on Nova Earth, to go to a higher octave, to a new state of being.

Feel the energy pass through you, not so strong that the current knocks you over. Get used to it, accommodate it more and more and know that you will do this every day. Now anchor that energy, anchor that energy deep within you. Now come back, come back out of the water, and find yourself again at the edge of the shore carrying the love.

You are the Tsunami and you will carry this throughout your day, throughout the weeks ahead and you will come back and build this and build this as you ride, as you play with the dolphins and whales in this wonderful Tsunami of Love knowing how deeply you are loved, how deeply the Mother loves you, that this is her gift to us, right now. This is what we’ve waited for.

And so we being together, hand in hand in hand. And when you’re ready, anchor in your body and go about your busy day knowing and carrying this Tsunami of Love.

Go in peace. Bye bye.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2014 Council of Love