We are in a time of significant shift; it is the shift from division, from competition, from jealousy, from control, to unity, connectedness, community, balance and in that balance you are also becoming more and more unified upon the grid of Gaia, upon the central grid, upon the universal grid. The Mother herself, Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Metatron, I, Sananda — all of us are asking you to hold the vision, the vibration of peace that honors the freedom of choice that every person, hybrid or human, is entitled to…

GD: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel, with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You: Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness.

Joining her is Steve Beckow, founder of the Golden Age of Gaia and author of Building Nova Earth: Toward a World that Works for Everyone.

Our guest today is Archangel Gabrielle. So, with that, I’ll pass it over to you, Steve.

Steve Beckow: Thank you, Graham. And just… well, I should say welcome, Archangel Gabriel.

Archangel Gabriel/Gabrielle: And welcome to you, dear heart. I am Gabrielle, lily of love, trumpet of truth, messenger of One. Welcome to this time of union, of reunification, of discovery and recovery, of becoming and being.

You approach many topics this day, but remember also the qualities of the Divine Mother, which is constancy and continuity, and the Divine Feminine continues on in all of you, as do these qualities. And do the qualities of all the divinities, above and below, do they sit within thee? Are they available to you? Do you engender them?

My beloved ones, of course you do. And this is a significant shift. It is the shift from division, from competition, from jealousy, from control, to unity, connectedness, community, balance. So I am pleased that you have asked me here this day.

SB: Thank you. If I may ask you, just before we turn to the subject of gender inequality, I’ve been getting a lot of email from people who are very, very much afraid of what’s happening in the Ukraine. Some are afraid that it will cause global war, some worry that it will cause a scuffling of the global currency reset, and others are worried that it will cause wholesale economic collapse.

Could you talk to us for a few minutes, please, about what’s happening there and what its impact will and won’t be, please?

AAG: I would be happy to. First of all, we do not ever minimize any situation in which conflict, confrontation, violence is present. And understand, dear heart, it is not a matter of who is right or who is not, because where there is violence there is no right or wrong. And you say to me, “Gabrielle, how can that be? For we fight for freedom, we fight for liberty, we fight for fairness and equality.” And, dear hearts, I understand that. But where there is violence you eliminate the presence of what creates peace on Earth.

Now, Michael has spoken to you; my beloved brother has talked to you about all of this coming to the surface for clearing and the desire within the human heart for the ending of all conflict, all violence, all war. And it is true. People, human beings, the collective and the individuals are tired of mayhem. But it is fitting that we speak of this, especially when we are talking about gender equality, because it is also based on that lack of balance. And it is based on that lack of balance of one party believing they have the right, the inalienable right, to control or tell another, in any way, shape or form, what is acceptable, what is freedom, what is allowable.

The human race, the collective, is at a point of evolution, and that is why I have pointed out that it is unity and community, change and shift that are the themes of your time. But it cannot be done at the expense of another. That is not acceptable, above or below.

But let me also suggest to you, my beloved children, that it is also not acceptable to sit and worry and worry and worry, and to decline or descend into fear. Because what does that do? Well, what it does, dear hearts, is it lowers the vibration, not only of the energy that you are working with, and that is which is available to you, but it lowers the vibration of the entire planet. You are the lightholders, you are the love-holders, you are the showers of the way. So if you are descending into fear and chaos and concern, then what you are doing is you are not holding up your transmitter, your torch. You are not ringing the freedom bell.

And so what you are doing is you are putting yourself on an even playing field with those in the chaos. So I ask you, is this troublesome? Yes, absolutely. Whether there is a situation in a private home, whether it’s spousal abuse or child abuse or elderly neglect, that is cause for concern. And when there are nations warring, that is cause for concern.

This is not going to deteriorate into what you think of as a global war, conflict, situation. Let us call it what it is and of course what all war has been about, and that is a power struggle. It is a power struggle where the wills of people are being tested and the demand for freedom is being tested. You say, “Well, yes, Gabrielle, that is all very well and good. But when you have a small Volkswagen or Fiat against a monster truck or a tank, there really is no competition.” Do not forget not merely the story or the myth but the power of David and Goliath. It is not always so that those with the larger power are those that end up in control. This will not be permitted to deteriorate into a European war or into a global war.

Now, are there many players flexing their muscles? We would be hard put to find any that are not flexing their muscles. But in a way this is beneficial, because everybody who is not at the table, but in the room, is showing their particular level of interest and wanting to remain a global power.

This is not about riches buried under the Black Sea. Is this a factor? Yes. Is the access to other waterways a factor? Yes. Is this about oil and petrodollars? Yes. But it is primarily about several powers who wish to obtain and maintain global dominance, flexing their muscles. At what point does the global community simply turn and say ‘no’, and declare that those at the table or in the room hiding in the corners, that you may have an interest, but you do not have decision-making authority.

Is this creating a situation? Because it is in Europe that makes many nervous? Because of the memories of recent war, of recent mayhem? Of course it does, and in a perverse way that is one of the benefits of having this situation arise on the, what you think of as the European continent. Because people are aware of what it can lead to.

It is ironic in the saddest meaning of the word that you have had war, devastation, mutilation, killing, subjugation in its worst sense of the word, in the Middle East for decades upon decades. And it has been observed, there have been billions and billions of dollars spent upon these wars, and yet still there has been no resolution. And no one, no superpower or other power, has been sufficiently concerned to truly, in a higher-dimensional, love-dimensional, star-dimensional way truly negotiate peace.

This is abhorrent, and it continues to this day. It continues in Africa. It continues in Latin America. And yet because it is in an area of primary interest, monetarily and otherwise, this gains status. So, let us use this. You, my beloved lightworkers, and we, the Company of Heaven, your star brothers and sisters, let us use this situation and see the power mongering, the positioning, the greed and jealousy, the desire for control and manipulation — let us see it for what it is and call a halt to it, once and for all.

There is much discussion especially in the lightworker community that this is a situation where Obama and Putin are working behind the scenes to arrest the cabal. Let me assure you, my beloved ones, that is not so. They are all working in self interests. And if it should defeat the cabal, isn’t that even better? But it is not the purpose of this. It is national interest and an ego that demands that their status be recognized. It is working for self-interest that is against the will of some people and against the will of others.

Long ago this is one of the primary lessons that your star brothers and sisters have learned the hard way — yes, during the intergalactic wars, with massive devastation of planets, of entire populations, of sectors. And they have learned there are steps to peace. There is a process to achieve peace within and without. And it requires setting aside what one would think of as self-interest. And that self can be a nation or a group or an individual, because it is an acknowledgment that war and devastation, conflict, mayhem only leads to self-destruction. In the end and I’m talking very short end here, it accomplishes nothing.

How can anything be accomplished when there is blood running in the streets? And you’re — “Yes,” you say, “well, there is this faction and that faction, and there has been some controversy about who is doing what.” Raise the vibration. The Mother herself has given not merely you but all upon the planet her gift of clarity, of purity. You can see through this! This is a ploy for power and nothing more. And this is a ploy with many players of the old 3rd dimension trying to maintain their position and reality. And it is not permissible, it is not allowable, not in any dimension or scenario, and certainly not in the scenario of the Mother. As her Central Administrator, I tell you this simply will not be permitted, to degenerate to this level.

Now, does it take away attention from what many are focused on in this moment? Which is, shall I call it abundance program, or financial equality? Yes, it does. And why does it do that? Again because these… much of the impetus behind financial institutions, governmental and inter-governmental, international institutions wanting to have revaluation of various currencies has to do with the values of goods. Do not delude yourself where they are concerned that it is of a higher purpose. Their focus is the value of goods and particularly the value and the need for oil and gas.

So Russia believes that they are in a perfect position not only to claim territory, not only to stand strong for what they call their people, but also for the access to the Black Sea. And they can hold the rest of Europe hostage because they have the oil and gas.

Now, there is manipulation here, with China, with Iraq, with Iran, with much of the Middle East, and the United States. Now, you say to me, “Gabrielle, you paint such a dismal picture! I wish I had asked to speak to Michael!” I do not paint a dismal picture. I am simply pointing out the shenanigans that are going on behind the scenes and the manipulations that have been kept from the populace, from the collective, for far too long. War, any form of war, in any place upon the planet, whether it is fought with aircraft or submarines or tanks or machetes, it is no longer acceptable.

Now, you know, my beloved ones, we always say to thee, we do not interfere with free will. But the free will of your collective that is being heard on high and throughout the galaxies is that you desire peace, that you are tired of this type of conflict that ravages your hearts, that gives you sleepless nights. You are becoming — and we are proud of you! — you are becoming more and more balanced, but in that balance you are also becoming more and more unified upon the grid of Gaia, upon the central grid, upon the universal grid. And in that you feel the pain, you feel the discord upon that grid. And it hurts you. It upsets you. And I know that is why you have turned to me this day.

So I am asking you, as Michael would ask you, to hold the vision of peace, of negotiated settlement that honors the freedom of choice that every person, hybrid or human, is entitled to. If you are to look — and I invite you to do so right now with me — look at this area called the Ukraine. But it is actually … we have spread it far wider, into Europe, towards China and Russia, centered over the Crimea; we have placed the golden grid like a netting, like a netting of protection your star brothers and sisters, who have been bathing the entire planet with pink, have intensified. So through this golden netting is floating the pink mist of peace, of harmony, of calm.

It is not the blue of the Mother because what we are doing in this sacred partnership is igniting the Pink Diamond Flame of each person’s soul self, their universal self, their truth, their soul design, helping them to know their clarity. For some, because of the way that humanity has trained its young — that is the only way I know how to put it — when people have their backs against the wall, they feel that they must fight their way out of that corner, that they must react in violence.

Now you, my beloved lightworkers, you know this is not necessarily so. Look to Gandhi. Look to the Dalai Lama. Look to Mother Teresa. There are many human examples of how to deal with power and force.

I know I have gone on, but let me tell you, we — the Mother herself, Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Metatron, I, Sananda — all of us are asking you to hold the vision, the vibration of peace. We are in sacred partnership. And often you say to us, “Show us. Show us that we are in sacred partnership.” Well, let us do it in this instant together. Let us change the energy of discord, disruption and violence, into negotiated settlement and peace. It is time and do not worry, a delay is but a moment in time. What has already been started will not be halted.

SB: All right. Well, thank you very much, Archangel Gabriel. And I do note that our… that what you’ve been saying is not inapplicable to the issue of gender inequality. And if we still don’t have time in this next segment to fully cover that topic, then we will return to it in the next show, so that we will get the topic completely covered.

Gender inequality is one of the most stubborn and extensive problems on the planet today as far as I can see — the mistreatment and in some cases subjugation of women by men. I am turning to you today to get some understanding of the roots of this problem and how it can be overcome on the planet.

What is it that’s most basic about gender inequality and explains its rise and persistence, Archangel Gabriel?

AAG: You are absolutely correct, my dear friend Steve. And how could this be? The organization — and I know, dear heart, that there are times when you apologize to your beloved readers for giving a historical perspective; and so I will ask forgiveness as well…

SB: Oh, please do give us a historical perspective. Thank you.

AAG: The way in which this beautiful planet, Terra Gaia, was designed was, as you know, a place for angels and a few star visitors to come and have the experience of love in form, in physicality. Because of that basic notion, that kernel of creation, it was decided — the Mother desired — that there would be gender differentiation, so that there could be the experience of holding the divine masculine in form and the divine feminine in form.

Now, as you well know, the evolution is for both parties, genders, to hold both. But it is a play-acting, it is an experience: so this time I will be male; next time I will be female; I will be gay; I will be androgynous. You have covered the gamut of experience. And it was constructed that it would be a form of mirroring the Divine.

Now, of course, that did not mean, in any way, shape or form, that the men stood still and the women did all the work. The gift, the gift of this gender differentiation was that the female would have the experience of being able to birth creation. Now, that is not to say that the male does not birth creation, but in different ways. We are talking about physicality, and of course the birthing of that creation is the result of union.

And we have talked about this in various settings, but that union and the creation of new life have always been a joint project between the individuals involved — the male and female — and their twin flames, the soul that is desiring to come forth and their twin flame. So what is thought of as the sacred union of two is in fact the sacred union of six.

But what emerged from this way of birthing was jealousy, covetousness, sins of pride in the worst sense of the word, rather than tenderness and love and a sense of family and community. Now, I would never infer that there are [not] many situations, most situations, where the love and the union have taken place.

But the kernel of this subjugation has been the male jealousy of the feminine’s ability to produce life. And so rather than simply being the hunter, the protector, the gatherer of food during times of incubation — which is very short, by the way — what has happened is this darkness has grown.

Do you not see this in the Ukraine, in Afghanistan, in Venezuela? It is the desire to keep what is most beautiful, most precious, and control it out of a sense of jealousy. So I will erect a belief system that tells me — now, I am talking about the male, and I am talking about the archetype and the collective and the history, I am not talking about the individual. But let me be very clear: if there were not individuals, male and female, who did not hold this belief system it would not be in place. But the male has come to a place, “I am jealous and I feel less-than. Why has the Source, God,” whatever you call that central creator energy, “why have they given you this power and not me? But if I control you, if I control everything about you, if I hold you” — and I speak very strongly, I know, but — “if I hold you hostage, if I am in charge and control, then my power will be stronger than yours, my worthiness will be stronger than yours.”

Now, this is a fallacy, of course. But like many abused people, when a belief system or a fallacy is repeated and then it is enforced in physical action, and reinforced and reinforced for eons, then it becomes solidified.

And so, over time, women — well, they resisted, but they also cooperated and allowed the male to feel that they were superior. So it moved from control and arrogance and issues of self-worth to superiority. This is tragic. But within their hearts and within their families, within their circles of women, women have always known of their connection to the Goddess, to the Divine Feminine. They have always known of their ability to connect with that energy. But it became in many ways hidden.

Now, because of the subjugation, because of the physical control, not only of movements but of resources, of money, of food, of shelter, this became stratified and actually became an intact belief system. And so this sense of superiority, of arrogance, of illusion at its most basic, grew. But in the meanwhile, women, regardless — yes, some have been more active in different countries, but this knowing of their rights, of their equality, of their connection and their ability to birth have never lost that sense.

Now, have they been beaten down? Have their children been sacrificed, stolen? Have they been mutilated? Think of what we are talking about in terms of war. This is the longest war in human history. And when you speak of genocide and mayhem, then what you are talking about is what has been done to women because they have the ability to birth. What should be celebrated as a gift, as a reflection of the Divine Mother’s presence among you has been lost.

And let me say something that will raise a few eyebrows. Always you have the right to choose to bear or not bear. But the decision, made in many cases in the western European and now eastern worlds, not to bear children, not because of population control but because the sacrifice, the freedom that is lost in bearing children was considered too high a price to pay. That is not freedom. That is not gender equality. That is simply adapting. That is adaptive behavior to male manipulation, superiority, supremacy. And it is not good enough.

This is a time within the Mother’s plan of the flowering of the Divine Feminine, of the re-anchoring of the beauty, of the gentleness, of the fertility, of the ability to create in a variety of ways. And as women step forward to do this yet again, and to claim their right and their place in creation, then what they are also doing in their way is giving men the male — the masculine — the permission to also embrace their Divine Feminine.

Many women have found their masculine counterpart — within, I am talking about — and it is out of balance in terms of the masculine finding their feminine and embracing and going forward. There are many situations…

This is a virus and a war of the worst kind. Because you cannot go forward, you cannot ascend as one heart, one collective, one being, with this type of division still amongst you.

Now, when Michael speaks of this desire, this yearning for peace, this is not separate from letting go of keeping women in a lesser position. We are not talking about righting this balance by elevating women to positions of power all over the globe, although that certainly at different points in time has been one option that was most definitely considered. But often what has happened is the women who have ascended to positions of power are doing so in their masculinity, not their divine feminine.

It is allowing that point of balance in the middle. This fear, this lack of worth, primarily emanating from this covetousness, this jealousy of women’s ability to bring forth life must cease. You say, “Yes, Gabrielle, we understand. But how?”

It is by moving — yes, releasing fear, releasing the false grids, your key factors, your vasanas, your issues, your belief systems of false paradigms, that there is any such thing as inequality. There is no inequality in unity! It is not possible. And it is by embracing the qualities of the Divine Feminine, within each and every person and without, in other people, in other nations, in other groups. But it is also celebrating and loving and valuing the Divine Masculine as it was intended — powerful, creator, source, stimulus, catalyst, fuel for creation. This is primal, and it is mighty. And it has nothing to do with being in control.

And what is ironic, in the saddest meaning, again, of the term, is that in the subjugation of women what has occurred — not that they are truly kept at home and nurtured, and protected and cherished, for it is women who are doing the work, who are making the food, who are doing the menial labor. This has to stop. And you say, “How can this happen in the blink of an eye?”

And I say to thee, each one of you — and it seems to be a day where I am asking you as Central Administrator of this universe, I am asking you in our sacred partnership, each of you in your own way, to join with me to change this paradigm, to let it go and to embrace the truth. And the truth is not merely what I give you. It is to go within your heart, feel the left-and right-hand sides of you and let them marry in the central meridian of your heart. Find your balance and do not allow anyone to steal your freedom.

This is your birthright. It has never been an either/or. And particularly all of you, even those of you who have only been on-planet a few times, have experienced male and female. Do you have your preferences? Yes, you do. And you have a form, a gender, that you tend to incarnate in time and time again. But it isn’t because you take that incarnation because you think, “Well, I will be male so I can be in control.” No, because when you are on this side, and in the higher realms, you see, “I have a chance again to rectify, to balance what has gone awry. And I step forward in the fullness of my mission and purpose to the Mother to do so.”

Women, my beloved sisters, of Gaia and far beyond, I beckon to you this night to flower, to allow your fertility — and I do not simply mean your ability to birth; I mean your creative fertility, your brilliance, your gentleness, your nurturing, your sweetness, your divine intelligence — allow this to come forth. The solutions come from above, but, sweet angels of light, they also come from each and every one of you.

This is doable. From the Sudan, to the United States, to China, to Iraq and Iran, to Somalia, this is your birthright. Gaia is a feminine energy. She has birthed the mountains and the trees, the lakes and the rivers, the oceans. You do not see them competing and saying, “I am more important than you,” because in the balance that humankind has desperately tried to tinker with Gaia and the elements know that this must be in balance to survive and to thrive.

Look to the animal kingdom. Yes, there are those who eat their young. But might I suggest, perhaps they have learned that from the humans. Find the peace. Find it first within your heart. Find it in your home. Find it in your families. Find it in your friendships. And when you see someone hiding their Divine Feminine, their feminine side because they are fearful of judgment, of punishment, reassure them, this is to be celebrated. And whether you are male or female in your masculine self, tell them, you will support them, you will protect them. They can lean on you because you love them, and you love what this represents.

The male way has been to conquer, and, let us say, — and you are seeing it right now — divide and conquer. And let me show you my superiority. This is not truth. And it most certainly is not love. Change it. We are here to help — not next week, not next month.

When you talk about financial equality, you cannot divorce this from gender equality. It is all one and the same.

Do you understand what I say this day?

SB: Perfectly, Archangel Gabriel. And the discussion is so important that Graham is going to give us an extra 10 minutes to talk today, and then I think I’d like to continue the discussion next week. And I may invite readers to send in questions as well to ask you about it.

Can I ask you this question now? There has been so much damage to women in places like Somalia and the Sudan, and many other places, does that mean that the women so affected are going to lose out on Ascension because they’re so injured and incapacitated? Or how do we look upon that whole situation? What is the answer there?

AAG: The answer is this. No, they do not lose out on Ascension. That would be a travesty beyond imagination. That would be leaving the injured on the battlefield. Now, there are many of them who would say to you, “I am injured and I am tired, and leave me on the battlefield. Allow me to go home into the arms of the Mother.” But what that does, it is not a solution, and it leaves that residue of inattention and lack and limitation and devastation; it leaves its mark, that residue, that pollution, upon the planet and in the collective consciousness.

So what we do and what you do, collectively, is we lift these entire groups, entire groups, millions upon millions, we lift them up. Think of it as triage, as spiritual triage, and you bring them to the front of the line, because they cannot continue to be sacrificed in this way. It is human sacrifice that is no different than sacrificing young virgins in ancient ceremonies. It is not permissible.

So, see, I lend you, I give you my golden net. Wrap it around them, gently, caringly, and then around my golden netting wrap the blue velvet of the Mother and lift them up. Bring them into your heart and carry them to the front of the line, to the Ascension portal. Love them, reassure them, care for them. Because, yes, you are right, you cannot, in this time-frame that you are working in, allow these beings to simply be left behind. This is not intended to be bloodbath and sacrifice. This is intended to be joyous Ascension.

Think of it this way, and then they are on the other side of the portal. Think of what a welcoming committee that will be.

SB: That’s wonderful. In the time remaining I would imagine that there are some listeners who may not know what the qualities of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine actually are. Could you discuss that in the next five minutes and enlighten us on that subject, Archangel Gabriel?

AAG: I would be pleased to. Now, my beloved ones, do not draw a line down the middle of the page and say these are the masculine qualities and these are the feminine. Allow for the flow and the movement of these qualities back and forth. But having said that, the qualities of the Divine Feminine are nurturing, the most profound — it is a capacity, not a quality — but the ability to nurture within the womb and throughout life. And I am not merely speaking of their children, but of their family, of their communities. There is a rich and vibrant history and knowing of this.

It is beauty, and it is not that we negate the male beauty at all. But it is the ability to assist others, and themselves, to see beauty, to be beauty, within and without, in all things. It is hope. It is tenderness. It is trust. It is what we have talked about — constancy and the ability to adapt to change. Think of the woman’s body — yes, the male body changes — but think of all the constant change a woman’s body goes through, even in a moon cycle. It is that ability to flow. It is wisdom. Wisdom is a male quality, too, but it is a difference. It is a knowingness. It is acceptance and surrender. It is all of these things. It is knowing of the continuity of the Mother’s plan and the joy of unity.

Women have the capacity to find not only the inner joy, the quiet joy, but to find joy in the smallest things. And there is a strength; a strength that is born of the ability to survive, to bear children and that strength has grown. You have talked about many women who have been beaten down, but the collective of women, the strength of the collective of woman has never been stronger. They are the ones that demand peace.

SB: Thank you, Archangel Gabriel. And I’m looking forward to continuing our discussion next week.

AAG: So am I. Go with my love, dear hearts.

SB: Thank you.

AAG: Farewell.

SB: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon