Two weeks ago you confirmed that the rays are part of the Divine plan towards unifying humanity with higher dimensional beings. So say that you saw this ray right in front of you, as if it is a cylinder of blue light. It would touch your heart, your being, your essence, in a certain vibratory manner; it holds a certain frequency. And you would communicate and step into it and feel the energy that you would unite with. And in that uniting, you are uniting inter-dimensionally…

Suzanne Maresca: Good morning, and welcome to another offering of Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You: Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness, and myself, Suzanne Maresca. Archangel Gabrielle will be joining us again today to offer more detail on the Divine Rays. We’re looking to cover things such as how color and sound will shift into a greater role in our lives as well as expanding on the qualities of each specific ray. We’ll be receiving information about how each ray relates to our chakras and interdimensional reality.

Our soul design has many unexplored aspects that might be clarified for us through an understanding of the rays that we’ve worked with in lifetime after lifetime. I’m happy to be back on the air with you Linda, good morning!

Linda Dillon: Good morning Suzi and good morning everybody. And yes it’s great to be back on the air and to keep talking about the rays, and the colors, and our chakras. Really it’s part of our spiritual and physical anatomy and how that really affects us in a day-to-day, minute-to-minute, hour-to-hour kind of way. So good morning!

SM: That’s right, we sort of got off-topic a little bit last week and I’ll take responsibility for that. The discussion brings up so many other things.

LD: I don’t think there’s any such thing. This is one of the things that I love about this show and about working with you, Suzie Q, and about our listeners is that the way we’ve structured this show is that it is intended to be able to address what comes up and what emerges from the conversation. When we first talked about Heavenly Blessings it was about some of that “How-to”, the practical application of some of the messages that we received from the Council of Love, the Company of Heaven, or the higher realms, however you conceive of that.

So I don’t think we got off-topic at all! I just think that this is a huge topic that has many spokes in the wheel.

SM: Awesome, I do love that. I love the fluid nature of what we can do,. That it’s up to us, that we’re sovereign beings working in cooperation with the Council of Love. We’re a team and I love that.

LD: We are a team. Putting aside that spiritual term, the rays – when we just think about color for a minute and just in the practical application of how we use color, how it affects us mentally and emotionally and all the psychological research on color that has been done, et cetera, even outside of energy healing, it’s a huge topic.

I know, I’m sitting in my room, in my sacred space, in my house that I just love and I was thinking about this until 3 o’ clock this morning [laughs]. I’m looking at the room and I’m thinking, I have it painted what can only be called a Mary blue, everyone who comes into the house and into this room, they’d say, “Oh that’s the Mary blue!” It’s called Blueberry but it’s really a Mary blue.

When we bought the house this room was green. And it was a nice green, a very fashionable green, I’m sure they painted it actually in order to sell the house! But I could no more have moved into a room that was green and had been able to do my sacred work than fly, well I could probably fly much easier. And it was the first thing we did, even before we moved in we actually hired a painter – which is huge for me – to come in and paint this Mary blue so that I could get to work right away.

And for some people that palette of green would have been perfect; but not for this girl. So we know, I mean in hospitals they use that during an operation, the scrubs are green, if you’re schizophrenic they don’t put you in a room of pink, we know that blue calms you. If you’re having a really rough day, if you take a few deep breaths of blue how it just brings you – it’s actually proven to bring your blood pressure down.

SM: Oh wow.

LD: Uh-huh. So there are all kinds of work that we do both consciously and unconsciously with color. Even right down to the clothes we wear. I know I’ve had days, you put on a yellow T-shirt or something black and you go and look at yourself in the mirror and you think, “Oh my god I am so washed-out looking.” So you have to go and change because it makes you feel blah. So we work with the colors and the rays all the time, all the time.

SM: It’s interesting that you say that about clothes because that’s exactly what I was thinking. In my work, I work with rainbow colors and all the rays, and that’s been developing recently. But in my clothing I am so unimaginative and boring, I have blue, black and white, those are the colors that I primarily wear and that’s what is in my closet. I don’t really want to think about what I wear too much, so I think I need somebody to actually dress me [laughs] in more colors.

LD: I don’t know, I’m pink, a rainbow of blues, a few lavenders, and white. That’s about it in my closet. And it’s right down to the towels that we buy or the sheets that we put on our bed. I just feel better when I’m sleeping with my little blue blanky [laughs].

SM: [Laughs] Yeah, well those are the colors we like around us. I like the colors of water around me, it’s like you said the different palette of blues that are available, there’s so many really beautiful blues and I just love them all.

LD: Yeah, why would you have to go to any other color, right? Yet we look around and we see friends or we go into their homes and they have all those earth tones. The burnt oranges, the browns, the rust colors, and I love it, it’s so them and it fits. But it’s a completely different vibration.

SM: Yeah, it really is. There’s some colors that I put on which I don’t even have, but if there’s some weird situation where I might put something on maybe in a store or I borrow one of my daughter’s shirts or something like that, and just look in the mirror and just like you said, either washed-out or, oh no, I should never wear this color, never, never. [Laughs]

LD: Yeah. Years ago when I did the corporate thing I remember buying a beautiful silk blouse on sale. It was down to the 10 percent point or something and it was coral, a peachy color and it was gorgeous and I never – and that’s a color I like on somebody else – I never wore it. I finally ended up giving it to my sister, it looked fabulous on her, but I couldn’t put it on and get outside the house [laughs].

SM: Yeah, so do you think that correlates to the Rays that we are-

LD: It absolutely does and that’s why I introduced this topic. Sometimes we tend to make a topic that we’re talking about very mystical, very magical. But part of what we do on Heavenly Blessings is we also bring it into the practical, into the “how-to”. So just think about the colors – because those are the rays – that appeal to you and talk to you and some you don’t mind having around you or you really want to have around you, but you don’t wear them on your person. Or we go through phases; I know I went through a red phase in my 30’s.

SM: Oh, wow.

LD: Yeah. And I think it was part of that bringing back vitality and the joy of being alive. So it just depends and so it’s important that we allow ourselves to go with that. One of the things that Archangel Gabrielle was talking to me about just before we got on the phone to do the show is how the Council keeps bringing us back to basics. And I know on this show and probably every Lightworker know about chakras. And yet they keep bringing us back to the basics because when we work with these fundamental tools – what I was referring to a few minutes ago as our spiritual anatomy – it’s just not, “Oh yeah, well I know about chakras and I used to do that meditation but now I’m more spiritually mature and evolved.” Well it doesn’t work like that [laughs].

That’s like saying, “I used to walk or I used to run, but I became more evolved so now I don’t have to use my legs.” It won’t compute. So when we keep coming back to our chakras and the color and the ray of each chakra, and what we bring into each chakra and how each chakra is really a portal, it’s an interdimensional portal, it’s a portal to other universes, it’s a portal to different parts and aspects of our own being. So chakra work is really basic, everyday work and meditation. And when we skip it or when we get involved in other things, but we realise that some of our chakras aren’t open, and aren’t spinning, aren’t moving and giving us that balanced access to the universe and from the universe we get in trouble. That’s when we start to see things going awry in our physical bodies.

I’m not sure Suzi if it’s worth – chakras are a system of like, little spinning wheels, little energetic spinning wheels, we stretch them and we shrink them but really about the size of a 50-cent piece to a silver dollar. There are hundreds of chakra points all over our body, but most of us are familiar with a system of chakras that run from your root, from the base or tip of your spine all the way up to the crown, to the soft spot on the baby’s head. When we work with the Council – the traditional chakra system that you’ll see in a lot of people’s work, and certainly the Indian, as in India, tradition works with 7 chakras. But the Council of Love works with 13 chakras. We use these bridge chakras and activate them, because this is part of our new anatomy. Bridge chakras are often a blend of rays and a blend of colors, but it’s important work. You can’t just live in one part of your body. And so by working with that…

SM: At what point do we become aware of the 13 chakras, or have the 13 always been in place, or is this part of our evolution and as we become crystalline and activate our DNA the chakras become activated?

LD: I think it’s a matter of being aware of your 13 chakras, I think they’ve always been there. Have they been activated and are they being activated more and more? Yes. But they’ve always been there; just like the hundreds of chakras that we have all over our body have always been there. We basically have three meridians in our bodies. We tend to work with our central meridian, what you can think of as the center of your body or your spine. But going down both sides of your body you also have a similar system of chakras. One of the things that we do in the LaHoChi, the energy healing work, is we also work with the chakra system off-the-body. Because in your mental body, in your causal body, in your emotional body, you still have that chakra system going on.

So it runs across you, into your field, as well as up and down. So if we do that basic work of the central column it gets the others moving as well.

SM: Right. There was something posted yesterday about activating our DNA that made me think about how many DNA activating practitioners are there and then I started thinking whoever does that is simply allowing the energy of activation to come through them to do the work on behalf of another person, I could do that for myself.

LD: Of course you can.

SM: I could probably also get my own chakras spinning and all that sort of thing because it’s pretty much intention and allowing the energy to come through us. So instead of being focused on finding a practitioner that can help us and do it for us, we can step into doing it for ourselves and call it sacred play and just try it.

LD: Oh I completely agree! You don’t need – oh I can hear the cards and letters now! You don’t need a practitioner to open your chakras or to activate your DNA, especially the DNA activation. When you’re working with your chakras you’re taking care of your DNA activation. In fact, one of the pictures they showed me as I was getting ready was that the more that we are opening and spinning and using our chakras as portals, the more, Gabrielle’s word, translucent; what I was seeing was crystalline and transparent, her word was translucent, the more translucent we become.

It was an interesting vision that she was giving me, is that the upper part of the body was sheer crystalline. And it must be the time of year because they were giving me a statue, sort of like the Oscar statue. But the top was pure crystal and the bottom was still material, like carbon-based human.

But we can absolutely do this for ourselves. We’re probably going to do a quick meditation on our chakras this morning. Once you’ve got it, this is something that each of us just as part of our daily spiritual practice should do. Now sometimes you have the time – and it’s a nice meditation to do, so you can take the half hour, the 20 minutes and really go to each chakra and feel it opening and spinning. I have a chakra meditation download that people can buy for about $2.99 on my website. But once you’ve got it – you may go back and do that longer meditation, but you can basically in a minute or two go through your chakra system and make sure, I’m open in every area, I’m spinning in every area.

The other thing you want to be aware of when working with your chakras, especially as portals, interdimensional portals, portals to you, portals to other universes, is that the chakras run all the way through you. So not only are they on those outside meridians that I was talking about, but they run – you want to feel your chakra, I’m putting my hand out here, at least a foot outside of you at the front, right through you, outside your spine, out the back of you, again for about a foot.

So it’s like you’re beaming! We talk a lot about beaming energy to people and this is the way we do it, through our chakras, not just our heart, that’s primary, but really through all of our chakras.

SM: Is it important which direction they spin in?

LD: I’m so glad you mentioned this. Thank you.

SM: You’re so welcome.

LD: It used to be – because the rules have changed so much…

SM: Every rule has.

LD: Yeah it’s hard to keep up! It used to be we go to the first chakra, you make sure it’s spinning clockwise, or if it was spinning counter-clockwise then you want to make sure all your chakras are spinning the same way. Those rules about which way to spin are completely gone by the wayside.

SM: Awesome!

LD: Yes. So, for example, if you’re spinning clockwise and then you reach your solar plexus and it’s going counter-clockwise, leave it alone then continue up, do your chakra balancing, go up to your crown, to some it may be your off-body chakras, then come back to your solar plexus. Ask it if it wants to change direction and be in harmony with the rest of them. If it doesn’t change, leave it alone. Because this is where the trust factor is, that it’s doing exactly what it needs to do.

The same thing goes for color. Let’s use the solar plexus again, so the color of the solar plexus, which is your hara, the seat of your power, it’s also the seat of your will, will-power, is this wonderful bright sunshine lemony daffodil-yellow. Now if you get to your solar plexus and all that’s coming in is orange or green, and you’re sitting thinking, “Oh no, Linda’s telling me it’s supposed to be yellow! Well, I’m doing it wrong!” But if there’s a different color that is coming in to a particular chakra, or all of your chakras for that matter, for that day, again leave it alone because what your etheric and your physical, your emotional, your mental body is telling you is, “I need that vibration today to bring me into balance.”

So we’re not regimented at all with the spinning or with the color. We know what the color is when we’re completely in balance but we also trust that if there’s a ray coming in or an energy coming in that we need, it’s our being saying that in order to come into balance, you need this right now.

SM: Yeah it feels like there is a new fluidity, the rules have changed and it becomes what feels right to us.

LD: Exactly. We talked about practitioners and sometimes if you’re really stuck, obviously an energy treatment or someone who does chakra balancing might help you. But don’t forget that as you go into meditation you’ve got all your guides, all your guardian angels, whatever ascended masters you choose to call in, the entire Council of Love, all the archangels, so it’s not like you don’t have help. And I don’t say that to dismiss energy work because not only do I teach it, I use it and I use it on myself every day. But it’s not the first or the last or the only line of defense. We have so much help and this is really what we’re talking about, it’s empowering each and every one of us, you and I and every listener who is either listening today or listening to the archives, it’s knowing that we have everything we need.

SM: And we’re not going to hurt ourselves. If you think of it in terms of it being sacred play, there’s no need to be embarrassed, there’s nobody that’s going to criticize us if we don’t get it right, it just is. Give it a shot.

LD: Give it a shot and you can’t go wrong. There is no right or wrong.

SM: Right.

LD: Yeah it really is looking at it as play, because when you look at these – the chakras sort of look like mandalas, or when you look through a kaleidoscope how you have those wonderful patterns and then they start spinning and there’s sparks flying everywhere, and there’s energy going out, clearing out, there’s energy coming in. It’s playful! This is what kids love and I know because I’ve taught kids about chakras and boy do they get it! Immediately.

SM: Yeah. Alright so I guess we’re a little behind schedule here, but would you like to offer us a meditation?

LD: I will and we’re not behind schedule, everything’s perfect!

SM: [Laughs] We do what we want here!

LD: This is an important conversation and every now and then we just revisit these basics and remind each other, “Oh yeah, I haven’t done that lately, and maybe I should go back and do that.”

Okay, here we go.

SM: Alright.

LD: So make yourself comfortable, first cross your hands, your arms around yourself, across your chest, and give yourself a great big hug. And really mean it, shake yourself back and forth, and thank yourself for giving yourself this time, this time for you to be as part of this community, of this InLight Radio and Heavenly Blessings community. And for being present, for realizing, taking care of your spiritual self, is as important as eating properly, as sleeping, it’s part of nourishing who you are.

So relax, and let go of the week that lies ahead, let go of your to-do list, and just sink into your chair, or the sofa, or the rug, or your bed, or your office seat, wherever you are, just take this time. And feel yourself anchored, as we begin, in your heart. Take a deep breath in of the most beautiful blue diamond. The blue diamond, the healing of the Universal Mother and breathe it in, and on the out breath, allow yourself to sink into your heart.

And so, like a penny or a stone dropping into the water, feel yourself going down. Going down to your Root chakra, and the color of your root chakra is ruby red, bright, cherry red. And it’s right there at literally the root of your body. And that’s where a red cord comes out, to help anchor you in Gaia. So breathe red, and feel this beautiful wheel, this sacred wheel at the base of your body, begin to spin. Allow it.

And if you’re having trouble getting started, just take your hand and put it there. Hard to reach the tip of your tailbone, so just put it in your sexual area and breathe red and feel that wheel, that chakra begin to spin. And there is red, ruby sparks flying out everywhere.

Then move up, ever so gently, to your Pubic chakra. Yes, your pubic bone. And this is the color of clay, of old brick, the red mud of the Mississippi, the beautiful mountains of Sedona. And this chakra is used as one of your creation chakras as well; for the cosmetic repair of Gaia. So feel it, open it, taste it, taste that red dirt and spin that chakra.

Then up again, gently, sparks still flying on the first two, to your tummy, to the middle of your tummy. This is called your Sacral and it is the color of bright orange, a sun-kissed orange, of Florida oranges, of marigolds, the red breast of a robin. And breathe in that orange and taste the orange, the orange-juice, the pulp. Smell it. And open, and spin. This is your center for creativity, for creating and co-creating with your guides, with the Company of Heaven, with the Council of Love, what you desire to experience on Earth.

And this can be from painting a watercolor, to writing the first-class novel, to healing the Universe, to bringing forth abundance; this is an important chakra. So breathe the orange and spin. And see that orange pulp, flying everywhere.

Now up again, again to a new chakra, called Umbilical, your belly button. This is another important chakra, and it’s the color of amber, of resin, of maple syrup, of golden molasses. This is your center, for the elimination of addictions. All addictions are addictions to pain, to suffering. All addictions are false grids connecting you to the old 3rd. So the sensation you get, when you work with your Umbilical chakra, and taste the maple syrup, breathe it in, the golden honey, is spiralling out. Spiralling out that foot in front of you, that foot behind you, spiral out all addiction to pain and illusion. Let’s go.

And breathe some more. Breathe some more, of that golden molasses, that golden honey, that amber. And feel it.

And then up, to your wonderful Solar Plexus, to the seat of your will, your hara, your power. And this is that bright yellow, but it might come to you as deep gold, as pale yellow, as daffodils, as the center of daisies, as butter, lemonade. Breathe it in, breathe in that bright, lemony scent and taste and color and feel as this chakra opens and begins to spin, you are aligning, with your universal highest self will, of what you will to do, in this journey of spirit, in form, on Earth, during Ascension, right now.

And then from that, you are going to the will of the I AM. So spin it and let it align. And see those bright sparks of sunflower yellow, of lemon, just going everywhere. And feel the giggle. Feel that sense of freedom, as you open up this center for will “I will to will thy will.” That is the entire purpose of our journey together.

Now up to a new chakra at the base of your rib-cage. And that is called Halion. And Halion was once a planet, but it’s also the energy of construction, and it is our energy for DNA activation. And it is the color of Electra, electric, blue, and teal, and mint green. Taste the mint, breathe in the blue, and the mint green, and feel that spinning. This is your bridge, your bridge to your star brothers and sisters. Let it spin and let those sparks of teal and French ashen-blue and mint fly.

Up to your Heart, to that beautiful emerald green. Your heart is where we live. It’s the heart consciousness that is our root for Ascension; our root, R-O-O-T, and our R-O-U-T-E, both. Breathe in that rich emerald that has a tinge of blue. Feel your tri-flame, open your heart, and spin that chakra. Spin it. Open it wider. That beautiful spring green, right down to the deepest green of the most primeval forest. Be green.

Up to your High Heart, to your Thymus. And this is the color of siroun, and this is your center, for peace and harmony, for balance. And it’s the siroun, it’s the color of peach, and gold, and pink, like a sunset or a sunrise, like the skin of a peach. It is a blend of colors; it is a blend of rays. Open up this center for harmony and let it spin. Bring it in, all the way through, feel it going out the back of your shoulder-blades.

Up to your Clavicle, to that hollow spot, the base of your neck. And this is the color of lurion, and lurion is also that ashen-French blue and mauve, pale blue, pinks. You get this sometimes at sunrise, it’s that soft colors. This is one of your centers, for communication and it is also your ability for instantaneous transmission, through to your I AM presence and through your I AM presence, to THE I AM presence. This is where you activate to speak to your guides. To the archangels.

Now up to your Throat, that beautiful indigo blue, that beautiful Mary blue. And again, whatever blue comes to you, from the softest topaz to the deepest midnight, open your center for change, for communication. To be part of community is to communicate. Open and spin. And again, feel it go out the back of your neck.

Now up to your brow, this is another new chakra, we call this your Fourth Eye and this is the color of gasoline on water, primarily silvers, but some purples, and mauves, lavenders and blues. Open it up. This is also your ability to see.

And then up to your magenta, to your Third Eye. And feel this, like the aperture of a camera, open this lens, open this chakra, this wonderful red wine magenta color, the balance of blue and red. And this chakra, you’re going to feel slightly tilting, it doesn’t go directly out of the back of your head, it tilts and it’s going through your pituitary and your pineal, and coming out the back of your occipitals. Breathe magenta, and open that Third Eye; you want to see.

Now, up to your Crown, up to that soft spot on the baby’s head, and this is the most magnificent St. Germaine Violet, that brilliant, blue-purple. And I want you to open this chakra, sitting on the top of your head, and spin it, and open it wide – open it, past your head, as if you’re wearing a dinner plate. Push it open. And let it spin. And see those sparks, and see that energy, that Violet Ray, also coming into your brain, igniting the hemispheres of your brain, intersecting with the magenta, with your pituitary, your pineal, your hypothalamus, your head feels twelve times larger.

Going, about three inches above your head, into the lilac. Into your, what you think of often as your Higher Self, into your astral field. And open that lilac, soft, beautiful color, wisteria. Open and spin.

Now about three feet above your head…so you begin to touch, the edges of your field. Your mental and emotional body are being affected. And this starts to fade, tinge of lavender into the gold. Open. And spin.

Now up, up to the roof of your house, to your office building, way up outside of your car, and feel that, it’s the clear white light. And feel yourself shooting up, through all your chakras, to the Heart of One, through the Great Central Sun to that place of Divine Union, to the place of the 13th Octave, that place of love. Now pull that energy down. Down. Right down to your root. Right down into Gaia. Now pull that energy back up, from Gaia, through your red, through your orange, through your yellow, through your heart, your thymus, your throat. Up. Back up to the Heart of One, as if you are a twelve-lane, Highway of Light, every ray, every color, full chakra spinning. Now pull it back down. Pull all that wonderful, Love-Source energy down. Down through your violet Crown, through your magenta Third Eye, through your grayelsha Fourth Eye, through your lurion and your siroun, into your emerald green Heart. Now anchor it. And feel your heart expanding, expanding, wide open. Every chakra is wide open. We are not going to close them. We are going to leave them be, spinning and open, and sending energy out to the planet, out to the Universe, out to everyone we meet. And rest.

Archangel Gabrielle: Greetings, I am Gabrielle, Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth, Messenger of One, and yes I know I have taken your time, but I am glad because dear heart, you are our emissaries, you are our troops, you are our feet on the ground. You are our angels in form. You are the love in form. And when you are open and balanced and you are moving forward at the speed of love, this is how you transform your planet. This is how you re-grid. This is how you mend the fields that have been torn and tattered and shredded. But first, always you begin with the balancing, the healing, the mending of your beloved sacred self.

And this is an exercise and an undertaking that you will always be supported in doing, and that you will always be safe in doing. It allows you to move at the fullness of your potential in each area of your magnificent being. And to touch, to reach the collective in ways that otherwise you do not have the opportunity to engage with. And as we have said, this is a time of – well I say, child, somewhat urgent, for the time is at hand. Yes, you have integrated magnificently and you continue to integrate the clarity, the beauty, purity of the Mother. You have begun to feel the waves of the Tsunami of Love.

And dear hearts I am pleased to say that there is not one of you that is not playing at the edge of that water. And for this I thank you. Now what questions do you have for me, dear Suzi?

SM: Oh my. Well I do have a few questions, here we go. Are there differences in how humans relate to the rays or will relate to them, and how our star family does, beyond having a greater awareness of them?

AAG: Well. There is not a difference and might I say the more that you are working with your Third and Fourth Eye and yes, even the Mother’s Gift of a cabochon Tanzanite, that is your Fifth Eye that allows you to see as she sees, what you will begin to do and what many of you have already perceived is that you are seeing a wider array of colors. Now the construct of the human eye has been – to date, shall we say – allowing a spectrum of rays and colors that you have been working with. Now you have already begun to understand and work with the blends and the mixture of rays that come in like siroun or lurion, et cetera.

Your star brothers and sisters see a broader spectrum of color. And of course they are at a point, that when they look at you and they see your field – not just your central core, but your field, and the rays that you are working with in any given moment, it gives them more automatic insight into what is transpiring with you; what you are thinking, what you feeling, what you are all about, whether you are ready to proceed, whether you are not, whether you wish to engage or want to be left alone, et cetera. So there are more colors but these colors will become evident in your lives as well. So do not think that they are a step ahead. You are almost there.

SM: Oh, almost there. You know we’re all getting to a very, I don’t want to say precarious, I have these mixed feelings, I know fully in my heart that things are well underway and moving along, but there are many people that have no clue what’s going on and they’re in despair. And it’s just a little bit hard to go out in public and be with people who really have no idea and are acting as though nothing is happening. I know that really is not part of this discussion, but…

AAG: But it is part of this discussion. Because the only way that you can go out there and truly feel that you are not being drained and depleted is to have your chakras open and beaming. And in that way on a very subtle level you are reaching them. And the reason we are not just saying beaming from the heart is because, especially with many of these people, they may be living fully in their head, they may be living fully in their root chakra, that survival is the core of their existence, or they may be living in their addictions. So that is why we say ‘beam to them’ but also when you go out, and we know – we are not blind, child, we know how difficult this undertaking is and has been. And of course we would always say when you are going out amongst the multitude to make sure that you have put yourself inside your bubble, shields up. This is not a foolish thing to do.

Your chakras, your rays, your love, your heart consciousness flows freely through your Solomon’s seal, freely through your shields. But what would deplete you bounces off your shields. So this is how you are working without working so that you do not have that sense, not only of overwhelm, sometimes defeat, sometimes despair. So you light yourself up like a Roman candle and go about your day.

SM: Yeah that’s great advice, and it reminds me, I took a private one-on-one ski lesson once, and the advice that was most helpful for me was to lean downhill, which intuitively, counter-intuitively, I was leaning back and thinking that that would be the way to go but leaning downhill gives you more control, so that’s what this feels like, is to light up the chakras and get them spinning and be our full, complete, open, beautiful selves. And then go out into the world and know that that is our protection. It’s interesting.

AAG: That is correct and what is also important in this discussion of the rays, and you are giving them all the rays, all the colors that the human – particularly the human collective that you are referring to – are working with. But what you are also doing is meeting them where they live.

SM: Right.

AAG: Without having to assume any of the burden or illusions that they may or may not be carrying.

SM: Right, which is one of the most difficult things for those of a sensitive and empathic nature. I feel like my empathic abilities are just expanding all the time which makes it more difficult [laughs] to go out in public, but this is a very good tool to use.

AAG: And do not forget sweet angel, to be the observer. Be in that place of being the observer so that you are watching, loving, yes, but not engaging in the drama of anything you are seeing. And that is particularly true of those of you and might I say, those of you who are listening, whether it is live right in this very moment or later on, all of you are increasingly empathic. And you say, “Oh I don’t know that, I don’t know that I am telepathic, I don’t know that I am empathic.” Dear heart, when your heart is open, you are empathic. It is that simple.

SM: Right. Well something that I’ve noticed is that there are many of us who are in our process of awakening, and we are kind of subject to family members really acting out and being kind of dreadful. And it becomes more of a challenge with someone that is close to your heart, certainly close to your physicality on a daily basis, to be able to navigate other people’s wounding and all that sort of thing, so I guess we can use the rays for that as well and lightening up our chakras.

AAG: You can use the rays for that and dear heart, yes, your throat, your throat chakra, and the ray of blue and my gold, well it is also the gold of Yahweh, it is also the gold of Sanat Kumara, it is the gold of many of us. But the blue and gold are mighty – well, the silver too – are mighty protections. So let us say, when you are engaging, particularly with those that you really love and cherish, even if it is temporarily under the surface because they are driving you crazy make sure that your blue is like the high-beams on your car, that the blue, from your chin to your clavicle is radiating out like a high-beam into those people because this is the energy of change and it is the ability to embrace change.

But in that, use my golden horn, use my golden ray, my Trumpet of Truth so that what is coming up from your throat and out of your mouth is loving truth. And not loving truth that you feel you have to declare, but loving truth that is exactly what that person or that group of 12 million need to hear.

SM: Right. Okay. Beautiful, that’s very helpful. In terms of the group consciousness of the higher realms, would it be accurate to say that separating the rays and assigning a particular Chohan to each is primarily to make it easier for humans to comprehend?

AAG: Yes. Now that is not to say that we do not travel on specific rays, but if you think that I, who am of the gold, never incorporate the blue or the green or the violet, that would be an error, and there are many of you out there who perceive me often as the lilac or the violet ray. So, yes, we are multi-rays, so use us as you see us. Do not think that we have to align with a system of classification that was basically put in place so that you can reach us.

SM: Perfect. Perfect.

AAG: It is like we have given you one phone number but we have several of them.

SM: [Laughs] Okay, I got that.

AAG: Text me, child!

SM: [Laughs] It just feels like the fluid nature of what’s going on, that we used to have a set of structures and rules that we don’t need to play by any more and it’s primarily just what feels right to the heart.

AAG: And we are inviting you to come and play. There is not a Chohan, an ascended one, an enlightened being, a star brothers and sisters who would not say I will come out and play with you. Regardless of what number you use to call me.

SM: [Laughs] Beautiful. Well I’m looking forward to it. Could do it now in fact. Okay, so two weeks ago you confirmed that the rays are part of the Divine plan towards unifying humanity with higher dimensional beings, would you please elaborate on that for us?

AAG: We have mentioned to you that for example your star brothers and sisters see a broader spectrum, work with a broader spectrum of colors and rays. But that does not exclude the rays that you are working with and many of them are a combination. Think of the rays as a place of conjunction, of meeting. So if it was a solid… now I give you an example…. If you were walking outside and all of a sudden you saw a beam of light that seemed to have substance, come down from the sky, and it was bright, electric blue. And it was there, solid, right in front of you, you can see through it, but it is there as a beam of light, well first of all you would get very excited and you will say, well finally they’re disclosing themselves.

SM: [Laughs] No kidding!

AAG: And that would be true. And that is many of the ways in which they actually will appear. But that is an entirely different conversation and I think it is high time that you invited some of your star brothers and sisters to come and have that discussion with you.

But let us for this purpose of this conversation simply say that you saw this ray right in front of you, as if it is a cylinder of blue light. It would touch your heart, your being, your essence, in a certain vibratory manner; it holds a certain frequency. The blue is different than a cylinder of bright orange light. And you would communicate and step into it and feel the energy that you would unite with. And in that uniting, you are uniting interdimensionally. Now is there a strict – and although I am often known as a strict Archangel, in fact I am not, I am quite playful, but there is no strict rule about the vibrations and the frequencies.

But what you can think of as that cylinder is as if Michael is saying, “Meet me at the blue cylinder.” It’s a place of conjunction where the two of you can go into a private room and join and talk and work and play.

SM: Whoo! Okay, that’ll be fun to play with.

AAG: Well you can just call them and see them come right through the ceiling of your house and be in your room. Now what do you think the orbs are, so often, and the fact that they have different colors? It is just the cylinder of light made in a more malleable or more manageable size for you to see. So what is it? What are all those orbs? It is your guides, it is us, it is the entire Company of Heaven, it is some of your stray brothers and sisters from the stars dancing around and saying, “Hi!”

SM: Oh yes. And some photographs show many, many of them, it’s like snow. There’s so much.

AAG: And it is like snow in what you are getting, in the pictures of the orbs is greater definition, so that many of them may look like a mandala or a snowflake and it is showing you the definition of that being. Just as when we look at you we see colors and rays but we also see your snowflake design, which is unique and completely yours.

SM: Which makes me feel like I could also be an orb at some point.

AAG: You have been and you will be.

SM: That’s pretty cool!

AAG: And very often when you are traveling for example with Michael at night, and you are going to an area, particularly if it is an area where there is a great deal of violence and war-torn activity, what you will do, you do not always stay in your etheric or your angelic self-form, very often what you do is you penetrate an area by all assuming your orb-form and simply dancing in and amongst the people. They see the orbs, they know what they are, just like you know what they are, they do not fully understand but they know that they feel safe, enhanced, at peace and loved.

SM: Aww, that is wonderful information to have. I can become much more conscious of it, and that makes me think of my last question before we go to a couple of callers. I’m just feeling like information about who we are, who we’ve been, gathering our aspects into ourselves has to go bit-by-bit, one piece of information about a part that comes in needs to be integrated before another piece of information comes in. So that part is going to be kind of slow, well maybe not slow, but is that kind of accurate?

AAG: Let me put it this way. Yes, it is accurate. Does it have to be slow? No. But if you had a party, well I certainly hope you will invite me…

SM: Oh yeah! [Laughs]

AAG: [Laughs] But if you are to invite a hundred people and you anticipate having meaningful conversation and enjoyment and quiet sharing within the space of the evening, that is not likely, is it?

SM: No.

AAG: But if you invite six people, you will have a delightful time and at the end of the evening you will feel that you have truly connected and on a heart-level come to know your friends, that you have chosen to invite into your sacred space, on a deeper level. And so it is. And remember, every aspect must wipe their feet at the front door, just as a polite guest would. Even take off their shoes if necessary. So when you rush an aspect coming in, then what you are truly saying is, “I don’t think you are important enough to get to know.”

SM: Oh.

AAG: And that isn’t very nice. And it isn’t very fulfilling for you. Because the whole point of the aspects coming home and the reintegration and the anchoring, is for you to know the full delight of what you’ve been up to!

SM: Right.

AAG: So yes, take your time, but do not tarry.

SM: Right. We are just living in such exciting times. I’m so excited. And thank you for coming here to talk to us about this. So are we ready for some callers?

AAG: I am, are you?

SM: I am. Alright, wonderful. Okay, we are onto.. area code 650, are you with us?

AC650: Good morning.

SM: Good morning!

AC650: My name is Cassandra and I’m a massage therapist, good morning Linda, good morning Suzanna, and good morning Gabrielle. I understand about putting the bubble around me so I can protect myself. But is there some way that I can bring into the room, so I can have a mellow up, some of the energy that I’ll be hit with, that slaps me good on a daily basis – 5 hours a day sometimes. I’m bombarded. What should I do about that with the rays?

AAG: Well dear heart, we have channeled a couple of things that you can do that I will say briefly. And the first is to post of the mighty Archangels, Mikhail, Raphael, Uriel, Jophiel and myself at the front, or the base of the table. Michael always takes the door and then we go clockwise. But bring us in and let us seal the room, so that what you are experiencing is of the highest vibration. The other thing is to light a candle, to bring in only the light and to burn off the negativity, and if you are in a position to, open your door or window a crack, a tiny, tiny crack, not so that it is breaking privacy but just enough for the energy that needs to be dispelled to get out. Make sure, also, that you are cleansing yourself after every client as if you are putting yourself through a white-light carwash. That will regenerate, cleanse you and regenerate you.

AC650: Thank you.

SM: Beautiful. Thank you.

AAG: Oh dear heart, you do wonderful work. There is no need to absorb anything.

AC650: Thank you very much.

AAG: Farewell.

AC650: Bye-bye.

SM: Alright, so we are onto Katanya, hello?

David: [Laughs] Yes it’s me, it’s me Suzi, hi.

SM: [Laughs] Oh it’s David. Hi.

David: Hi, hi Suzi, hi Linda, hi Gabrielle. So I have two questions, the first one is, Archangel Michael, last Thursday talked about, a little bit like the story of the Prodigal Son, that it’s not that God has abandoned us, but we abandoned God in a way that we separated ourselves. And I thought about this, that I felt very abandoned in my life and now I kind of switched it. I turned the tables and I asked myself, if I turned my back from God, or how it came that I got so abandoned and how we are in this process of understanding that actually it’s us who decide again to merge with the Mother/Father God. This is my first question and maybe you have some comments to that. My second question is, Archangel Michael also talked about a de-struction and re-construction time right now, and I actually had something similar to a stroke, I think nine days ago that has to do with my condition of MS and so on. But maybe you can give me some insight of what is happening right now with this reconstruction topic, and if I can support this nutrition-wise or light color-wise. That would be very great, thank you Gabrielle.

AAG: Dear Heart, you are welcome. And for your first question, it is true what Michael has said, that you have never been abandoned. Why, if I was to speak frankly it is us who should feel abandoned [Laughs]. Now I tease you child, because you would never think of Source or archangels or guides as feeling abandoned, but do not think that we do not have feelings or what you would call thoughts or emotions. Are they different? Yes. But we do have experience and because of that, what binds us together is we understand. We know your heart. We know how you feel. And so when you turn the table and you say, “Oh no, Michael says that we abandoned God, She/He did not abandon us and now I feel even worse about myself.” That is not the purpose of such a statement. The statement is to reiterate and to reinforce, and repeat and repeat and repeat, we are not going anywhere. We have been with you, next to you, beside you, above you, behind you, forever.

We are closer now in our partnership than ever. And we are closer in that partnership not only because of the Mother’s plan, but because you have opened your heart and said, “Yes”, and allowed us in, and you have raised your frequency, your vibration. Have you been helped? Of course you have been but that is our desire, our love, our honor. But you have raised your frequency to say, “Yes. I do step into partnership with you.” So do not think that it is ever a matter of feeling despondent or that you in some way have erred. Because the progress that each of you is making and therefore the collective is making, is outstanding. Do not doubt yourself.

Now sweet David, yes, we have had some difficulties with your body, have we not?

David: Yeah [laughs].

AAG: And you are a teacher, a model, of being a wayshower, of being patient, and stubborn – which is one of the finest traits in the universe.

SM: [Laughs]

David: [Laughs]

AAG: And going forward no matter what. You need to work with the ray of red to anchor you more firmly in your body and to restore vitality, so it is not just breathing red, thinking red, wearing red, eating red. Red is the theme, green to feed your heart, so that you do not lose heart. Do you understand?

David: Yeah, I understand.

AAG: And I offer you my gold. I offer you my golden bubbles of joy, and you say to me, “Well Gabrielle, that’s very nice but how on earth is that going to help with a stroke or MS.” When you are in the joy, when you are in the bubble bath of joy, of golden bubbles, it washes away imbalance. It pushes away chemical, neurological, physical, emotional, mental imbalance, because in joy, beloved one, there is no dis-ease. So stay with my bubbles of joy, I place you right now in my golden bubble, that you may float above your universe and heal.

SM: Mm, lovely. Okay, thanks David.

David: Thank you. Thank you Gabrielle, thanks Suzi, thanks Linda, bye.

AAG: Farewell.

SM: Alright. Okay, we only have time for a little bit more, lets see, we’ll go onto area code 518, are you with us?

AC518: Yes, hi, greetings.

SM: Hi!

AC518: I’m so grateful, I’ve been doing the bubble with Archangel Michael and it’s been diffusing a lot of stuff that I’ve been experiencing, negativity and all that, so that’s been helpful, it’s been tremendous. But what I want to ask is, you were speaking about the orbs and our guides, I just became aware of all these little stars in the sky. Well they look like stars but they’re twinkling, and wherever I go, they’re following me. How do I know if those are my galactic brothers and sisters, my guides – I don’t know who they are! I’ve never seen this before until the end of last year. Wherever I go, I look up in the sky, if it’s clear I see bright lights, I see lights that are twinkling, I know that’s not regular stars.

AAG: These are your star brothers and sisters, dear heart and their presence and evidence of their presence for all of you who are conscious and paying attention has become far more evident over the past couple of years. So yes, they are following you because they are saying, “Listen to us, pay attention, we are here. Talk to us. Communicate with us.” You have a very strong star heritage, sweet angel. And so that is why you are seeing so many of your star brothers and sisters supposedly twinkling at you, but really they are saying, “Talk to us.”

AC518: Okay, so that’s telepathically, so I have to just sit and listen and be still?

AAG: Ask them, telepathically, yes, but you can say, “If you want to say yes, move up”, and they will, “move down for no, move sideways, go in circles.” Start having the telepathic conversation with them, so that they know that you are engaged with them.

AC518: Okay. Because I see them and I’m so tickled, I’m like a little kid, I say, “Oh! How did they know I was going to get off at this stop, or how did they know I’m going to this store?”, I’m so tickled.

AAG: They know!

AC518: It’s really fantastic.

SM: Alright, thank you for your call.

518: Thank you, I will do that.

AAG: Have fun with it, child.

SM: Okay, we have time for one more. So anonymous, are you with us?

Anonymous: Yes?

SM: Hi! You’re on the air. Hello? Can you hear me? Okay. Hello. Hello. Hello. Okay, never mind. Okay, so how about, your number is showing up as 111, are you there?

111: Yes I am.

SM: Hi, you’re on the air.

111: Hi. I guess I feel, to keep it short and sweet, would be that the more I try to heal the less I’m accomplishing and I try to do some of these things, these meditations, some of them they work every now and then it seems and I just feel like I’m falling behind instead of making progress.

AAG: I’m going to suggest to you that you need to let go. Dear heart, you are trying too hard. You say, “Well Gabrielle, I need to heal.” Dear heart, take yourself to the 13th Octave. Fill yourself – I am telling you the ritual I want you to follow: Take yourself to the 13th Octave. Fill yourself with the Mother’s Blue Diamond Light. This is the essence of her energy, it will heal you. Use the Violet Flame and Torch, and stay in your heart. Eat green, eat red. That is all you need to do. 6 things. And you will heal.

SM: Okay, thank you for your call.

111: Thank you very much.

AAG: You are welcome, bright angel. Do not lose heart.

SM: Alright Gabrielle, we have a minute left, is there anything you would like to say in closing, and I would like to say thank you so much for joining us again.

AAG: You are so welcome. What I ask you to do is to blow bubbles and play. What I ask you to do is to send the rays, the pillars, the cylinders, the orbs of light to everyone on your planet. Pretend you are a child, and you have a bucket of bubbles. Get busy.

SM: [Laughs] Yee-haw!

AAG: Go with my love and go sweet angels, in peace. I love you. Farewell.

SM: Oh, I love you too. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon