Tsunami of Love Experiences Begin

The Tsunami of Love is a unique transformative experience available for all upon the planet at this time in the history of Gaia. It is the essence of the Mother’s Love being sent to and through us as an incredible blue wave, eliminating all debris and lifting us to the higher octave of heart-consciousness, our Ascension. 

The following meditations have been written by Linda Dillon’s group of New You students and re-patterners who are in her most recent webinar series. Each meditation is a sacred view, individual and imaginative, journeys of Love and healing, of letting go and anchoring, of heart expansion into a new way of being.

We welcome you ~ read, enjoy and join us ~ jump into the Waves, the Tsunami of Love, release, anchor and become the Love along with Gaia as she moves through the dimensions into the higher realms.

March 3 LMc

Taking a deep dive into that Wave ……..

I’ve been doing the daily meditation to music and the other day, I saw the planet in a beautiful pink halo, sparkling. There were many, many portals – like funnels receiving streams of energy.

I’m all in — one of the boulders in the breakwater.

March 4 JM

Thank you to the Holy Mother for asking for this Sacred partnership; muchas gracias to Linda for showing us a path to become One with the TSUNAMI of LOVE. It is a humbling honor to offer this service to our earth and people.

A friend inherited UNEXPECTED MONEY, so she and I  were privileged to travel to many large lakes — MICH is the Great Lakes state – and rivers, including Lake Louise (Canada), Loch Ness (Scotland), the Thames (England), the Seine (France), the Rhine (Germany), the river Jordan (Israel), the North sea, the Amazon (Peru), the Nile (Egypt), the Sea of Galilee (Israel), the Dead Sea (Palestine), the Caribbean, Adriatic Sea, and both the Atlantic & Pacific Oceans.

I include this because the waters are part of my etheric field, readily available to be called up by my cellular memory or intention (which all of us can do, as well), by looking at a map.

Feb. 16, 9 p.m. I had offered a full moon meditation, gazing at the moon out the window, and was Summoned to the Jordan River in Palestine, where it was daytime. I felt full sunlight on my Energy Field and expanded body. A sense of deep serenity continued after I came back into the physical room.

Feb. 17, 9 a.m. I lit my usual altar candles, went into tsunami position, and was Sent to MAUI, Kaanapali Beach, and waded out into the Pacific, clearly seeing 3 shades of blue & purple waters, with my energy field expanded to Japan.

As I grounded deeply into the sands, I realized Maui was Lemuria; instantly, my energy field extended to the COVE of Japan with hundreds of visible Dolphins, then to Juan de Fuca off Victoria, B.C. with many Whales beneath the surface. Extremely strong energies began to flow from both hands to all the Pacific Rim. I sensed being very tall (for about 6 min).

Mon. March 3, 12:05 a.m. After watching the Oscars, I went into tsunami mode. The special altar candles had very TALL, flickering flames for the Children & Youth of the world, Nova Me, and Mary’s candle for “everything, everywhere, everyone”. I was Positioned around the Aleutian Islands, near the Bering Strait between Alaska & Russia — I had been there many times during February Tsunami sessions.

My front was facing Northern Russia and my back, Canada. Strong energies began in both hands — and they were morphed into the FLIPPERS of a very tall, gray SEAL, standing vertically. A bit surprised, I sensed Judy for a moment, then morphed into the Seal again, who was very serious about the Mission. I was there several minutes and then returned to my body. I was told, “Russia is now asleep,” and I saw that Canada was all snow.

Later on Mon. March 3, 9:30 a.m. I lit my altar candles, went into tsunami meditation, and was sent to BIMINI in the Atlantic. Several Circle members were present. Strong energies flowing in both hands, but the Right hand  became TWO hands, one above the other.

Then, there were FOUR hands, reaching for miles, stretching all along the Caribbean Region. I sensed each Island nation. The FOUR hands fluttered side-to-side in a FIGURE 8 motion (Infinity Sign). A Pelican came to my left side. The energies and waves were stretching up along the American Atlantic seaboard and down the South American coastal regions.

My husband came in the room with a mundane question, I answered and continued bi-locating. My hand energies were extremely strong, almost pulsating, and I pulled them into my body to rest. I felt them being PUSHED back out horizontally, UPWARDS and DOWNWARDS. I KNEW they were Wings. An ANGEL in a White Gown with unfurled wings was behind, around me, pulling my arms up and down like a mother bird would do to her baby.  The arms and hands kept expanding, like fluttering airplane wings. I pulled into the body, rested, and came back into the room.

March 5 DL

I am doing the meditations and absolutely intend to assist in the anchoring….I don’t have much to journal about at this point but please know I am present.

Currently I see myself at Asilomar Beach, which is a beautiful, somewhat wild beach, in central California.

I walk toward the water and am joined by hundreds, thousands as we join hands and wade in, everyone going in as far as they are comfortable. I go in all the way.

We allow the waves of the tsunami to gently bath us in Love, cleansing and releasing anything and all that no longer serves us. Then we join the rest of humanity, circled around Gaia, holding ourselves in a circle of Light to bring peace, compassion, abundance, joy to the planet.

March 6 KW

I have been doing, pretty much daily, the Tsunami of Love meditation for the last couple of weeks, since Linda posted it as a YouTube httpss://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tGt8Lo2aacQ.

I live a half hour walk from the ocean and have been going there, most late afternoons, for a couple of years now. The walk, my feet on the earth, balances me, grounds me, helps me to stabilize and integrate the energies and my darkness and my light, on my journey of self into a greater sense of Being. I have to say my walks have been my saving grace.

The Mother’s Tsunami meditation is done as I stand on a rock at the water’s edge. I go to the 13th Octave and throw a stabilizing violet concrete block attached to my cord into Gaia.

Linda said to hold on to something but along with my block I also feel held, on either side, by beings so it hasn’t been an issue with me ~ I haven’t fallen over and I’ve only been asked once if I was feeling all right! Hah! and that was last summer . . .

In meditation, I go due west of Vancouver into the Pacific Ocean, exactly where I am standing/looking from my rock, as deep as I can go. Many different beings accompany me from The Mother and Father to my guides, children and physical family. . .

I have morphed from a large opalescent single “screen” to a 4-sided slowly spinning opalescent “screen” much like a giant weather vane. I can feel the love vibrations coming up from Gaia in the ocean and from the Mother, filtering through me, washing away the/my “illusions”, my doubts and misgivings, my disappointments, my emotional pain and lack, my dis-ease with myself, the false grids I have constructed over lifetimes.

By the end of the meditation I see many: fellow New You’s, soul family, Lightworkers, humans here on Gaia, ringing the planet holding hands, playing in the oceans, some at the water’s edge, some in the ocean, some in the deep. . . I really get the sense we, the New Us are the breakwater. We are the ones in the deep and at the water’s edge anchoring the LOVE for the planet.

We are the tsunami of love and light.

March 6 LD

It feels so sacred and awesome to read everyone’s experiences! Here are mine so far:

First Meditation

I receive instructions for the meditation. I don’t feel comfortable standing and wonder if it will work with me lying down. Yes!! I feel the waves coming over my right shoulder where there is tightness!

Second Meditation

I listen to the words on the video. Again I try standing but decide to lie down. I see myself with water up to my upper chest. I am not sure who is it that I see.  She is dressed in golden warrior clothing and has blond hair. She is above the water in the air. She is courageous and determined.

Meditation 2/13/14

Again I lie down and listen to the words on the video. I feel the waves coming through my whole body. It begins on my right side and then I feel the waves within my heart.

There is an opening. The female warrior with blond hair is there again above me in front of me. A male also with blond hair is above me to the left with some kind of wind sail, skiing in the wind in the sky. The sail is blue and his name is Michael but he looks human. Could this be my son, Michael?  I have asked for healing for him.

Meditation 2/16/14

I go to the same place each time, the place I know in the ocean, but this time I am deeper much deeper. I am completely immersed and stand on the ocean floor. I know I am in the center of the earth. A dolphin comes to stay with me.

Meditation 2/19/14

I am so tired and wonder if I will fall asleep when I begin the meditation. But the waves energize me! She is there again, above me, the female warrior. She has her hands out as if she is directing the wind.

I wonder if she has been helping me. I was a warrior this past weekend with my family. I stayed courageous and brave and stayed in my heart. A warrior of the heart!!

Meditation 2/21/14

I am at the ocean where I live, the physical ocean in Deerfield Beach. I decide to try the meditation in the water. It is a little cold for a Floridian so I only go in to my waist.

The waves are quite strong, so just as in the meditation I have to really anchor my feet into the sand. I leave the water and right afterwards a seagull comes and stays with me for over an hour. He, too, feels the waves of Love.

Meditation 2/25/14

I go to the place again deep within the ocean. I am holding hands with others but I do not know who they are.

Meditation 2/26/14

I once again go into the middle of the ocean. I am surprised that a chimpanzee is on my left and a woman who I can only describe as a crone is on my right. She is very old and the color of her skin is very pale white. She wears a white gown with a mantilla lace veil. Where is she from I wonder?  She smiles at me and clasps my hander tighter.

Meditation 2/27/14

I return to the same place in the ocean. They are there again, the chimpanzee on my left and the white lady on my right.  The chimpanzee comes out of the water with me. He stays by my side during the day. He sleeps with me during the night and keeps his arms around me.

I am glad to have him there. His love is unconditional and envelopes me.  The next day he tells me his name is Tyree. He helps with a remote healing session for my sister’s dog. I google his name. It means God of Battle. Is that why he is with me? I feel as though I am in a battle to find the real me.

Meditation 3/2/14

I begin at the water’s edge this time and hold the hands of those who are on either side of me. The white lady and Tyree, my chimpanzee friend, are not there this time. I am surprised when I let go of the hands on either side of me and make sure they are holding hands.

Tyree appears before me and signals me to follow him. We go back to the place I know in the center of the ocean. I wait for him while he goes even deeper. He comes back with a metal box. I am not sure of the material, perhaps bronze but it is very strong. He opens the box and gives it to me. It is a deep red, beating heart. It is the heart of Gaia.

I come out of the meditation and I don’t know what to do. How could this be? What does this mean? I write these words and cry.

Meditation 3/4/14

I decide I will take a bath and also do the meditation while I soak. I begin at the edge of the water holding hands of those next to me but there are many many more.

We are taken somewhere in the desert to small mountains, perhaps hills. I become huge with long arms and am able to stay on the hill while still holding hands with my partners.

The waves go up and down over the hills.  I also move with the waves, my body becomes a wave, then I am the wave going up and down over the hills. This is all why I still hold hands with those on either side of me.

March 6 DL

Today in the meditation, I went to a local beach that I frequent in better weather. I felt like I was supposed to go there, rather than the beach in CA.

When I arrived at the beach, I was alone, but soon people were arriving in their cars and coming out of their houses. They didn’t know why they were there but they knew they were supposed to come.

I had a little more trouble getting people to enter the water, but again I led and they followed, though somewhat reluctantly. I asked for the Mother’s assistance, to be a strong and wise leader. I went in up to my chest, holding hands of others.

It was a little harder to hold this vision but maybe it will be easier next time.

March 6 JG

I was doing the Tsunami meditation a few moments ago while listening to Liquid Mind Radio on Pandora.com when I found myself going down into the Mariana Trench with the rest of us.

I quickly realized the music was taking me there.  A piece was playing called “Drift” by Steve Road that fit so perfectly with the descent. Following that piece, one called “Sea” by Sounds of Nature played.

Now I was able to continue the meditation at the seashore as I listened to the waves washing gently ashore.  I had to take a moment to share with all of you.

What a gift!”

March 9 LD

On the spur of the moment I decided to call in the Tsunami Waves during a service I was leading.

I had just begun singing the prayer for healing when I saw two huge angels holding a large screen in back of the congregation and felt the waves come through the screen through the backs of the people to me.

I then asked that the screen be put in back of me and go through the front of everyone. This all within the space of two minutes, the time it takes to sing this prayer.

It seemed so much longer as though time had expanded!

I was watching and feeling the waves, observing the reactions of the congregants and bringing in healing through the vibrations of the prayer song all at the same time.

It was absolutely awesome!!

I felt as though I was flying the rest of the day!!

March 9 EN

As I began my Tsunami of Love meditation today, I was in beautiful Huntington Beach, CA where I used to live.  At the water’s edge, I felt the need to experience and create the Tsunami all the way to Catalina, which is 26 miles.

I was shown the negativity surrounding one side of Catalina by the Casino.  As I expanded my aura and energy, the water became a bright golden light for miles, above and below.

Catalina is so beautiful on the surface, but so in need of the depth of love only the Tsunami can bring.

I am in constant awe of the power given to us by Creator.

Love is!