If you do not love, honor, accept, surrender, cherish, nurture your sacred self, then you are not in a position, you are not prepared or capable of entering into relationship in the way that your heart deeply, not only desires but demands, with others.

Suzanne Maresca: Good morning, and welcome to another offering of Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You: Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness, and myself, Suzanne Maresca.

Our topic this week is Relationships, and there are many different kinds within the human experience. Some of them bring us joy, and some may trigger our wounded places, but I think all of them serve to bring us closer to who we are and our highest potential. In the old paradigm that meant showing us where our work is, but now relationships might just be a way for us to truly understand unity in a new way.

Romantic relationships can seem like our most important ones, but every kind of relationship we engage with, love is vital to success. Our most important relationship is that which we have with the self and from there we can offer ourselves in a much fuller way to God and to others.
I’m looking forward to see how Yeshi will approach the subject and a good morning to you Linda!

Linda Dillon: Good morning to you Suzi, and good morning everybody who’s listening in and joining us on this bright and sunny day, at least in Florida. I see the pictures of the northeast and it’s like a winter wonderland, but it’s pretty.

SM: It’s very pretty. And the sun is shining, and we have ten inches of snow, and actually plow-drivers knocked on my door last night, and they cleared my driveway for $20! I’m so excited, because otherwise I’d be outside doing it all day!

LD: Now that’s a relationship you wanna keep.

SM: Heck yeah! It was wonderful.

LD: So yes, relationships, my goodness, what a huge and massive area for us to talk about.
The nature of our relationships, I notice personally, that the nature of our relationships, certainly in the last few years has really changed and in a wonderful, expansive, anchored, loving way.
I know the Council of Love has been talking a lot about the tsunami of love. And I think all of us have begun to feel it in different ways, particularly those of us who are the placeholders or the anchors in this process with the Mother. But even before that, I’ve really noticed the shift in terms of how community and how people are coming together in a much more kind, beyond civil, but in a unified heart consciousness, connected way.

SM: Yeah, actually caring and loving.

LD: Caring and loving, and it can be anything as casual as eye contact and a smile in the supermarket, to certainly the new sacred partnerships that have been blooming like spring all over!

But, you know I’m hearing about relationships with family shifting, and children shifting, and parents shifting.

SM: It’s very interesting.

LD: It is interesting, and I know that even in my work, I’m really lucky, because I’ve always felt that I’m crazy about the people that I work with, that I channel with, and that are in conference calls or webinars or workshops. I just love the people that I work with, and pretty much always have.

There’s been the odd occasion where I just step way back, but by and large, like 99.9%, I just have always really loved my clients. And I love them for who they are and I also love the situation and the insight, and the opportunities that the Council, through them, bring to me. But boy, in the last couple of years I’ve just noticed that it’s not just as a therapeutic or a spiritual relationship, but as people, as brothers, as sisters. It’s a whole new level.

And I think we see that on InLight Radio, how our team has come together, and how we really operate in a so-called “business situation” which is completely voluntary, but we really care and nurture and attend to one another and I think that’s a big change.

SM: Well yeah, it is a big change for humanity I suppose. I feel as you’re saying that about the InLight team that there’s a wonderful level of trust involved, so at the core of any relationship that’s successful, of course there has to be trust. But you know what? That’s not necessarily true. We can be in relationships that are difficult too, that don’t have trust. So I imagine we’ll be talking about those as well, but I agree with you, things are changing, And I really love what you said about meeting people’s eyes in the supermarket and smiling, I really do love that.

LD: Yeah, and it’s the recognition that…we may be 10 or 20 feet away from each other but that our fields are touching and dancing together, mingling and saying hello…

SM: Yeah, it makes me feel seen.

LD: It makes me feel seen, and it makes me feel seen in a much deeper way. I think part of love, in this bigger sense that we’re talking about, is this sense of acceptance, you know, of being seen, of being cared about and accepted just for who we are, not for what we’re wearing or the car we’re driving or anything else, just for who we are.

SM: Yeah, the twinkle in the eye and the openness of the heart. Very beautiful.

LD: Yeah. And I certainly see more and more of that. Now, one of the things that I’ve put in the hopper and I’m hoping that Yeshua will address, is also what you have mentioned Suzi, which is the difficult places. I’m not just talking about friction or disagreement amongst people, but we’re still seeing civil war, or terrorism, or people being executed.
So I’m so anxious to hear more about how that is going and how it’s going to be resolved. Because that’s the big picture stuff, but you know sometimes we become a little myopic. I mean, I can do this all day…I can look around my little neighborhood and inside my house and think everything is absolutely wonderful and that the world is a loving place because that’s my experience of it. But I’m very anxious to see how with, through Jesus, but also how Michael’s undertakings are going with addressing that bigger picture.

And we know that the angels, the archangels, the ascended masters, our star brothers or sisters, are all acting as amplifiers for these gifts that are coming from the Mother. And so, sort of, what is the impact out there? What are people…are people feeling the shift? Are things being – becoming – more peaceful, or not?

SM: I recently had an interaction with my ex and it was not a very pleasant one. I was taken by surprise frankly, and what I really feel is that it all took place so I could see what a terrible space he’s in, that he’s stressed enough to be nasty. That was a surprise to me. And so, like you said I live my life and in my circle everything is peaceful and wonderful. Then I step outside of that and encounter someone who’s really having a hard time. So it was a reminder to me to go ahead and send him some love and light and peace for his heart, and ask for help on his behalf.

I also feel that that’s maybe exactly why it happened in the first place, for me to get a heads-up as to where he’s at. It’s a surprise sometimes because I’m feeling all peaceful and centered in my life and then I see somebody else is in a really terrible space. It’s hard to understand being in the same world at the same time…

LD: And being in the same world, and probably not occupying the same dimension.

SM: Good point.

LD: Yeah, I mean as if there is so much flux going on and people are shifting back and forth, dimensionally and interdimensionally and transdimensionally and a lot of the people that I think that, maybe in the middle of their transition, and then they flip back into that old illusion, and it just grabs them, you know grabs them like the monster under the bed.

SM: Do you feel like there’s a time at which we’ll all be in the same dimension, or at least higher dimensions? Where the old ones will be completely released? I mean, I guess that’s what we’re moving towards, but it feels like it’s far away, honestly.

LD: You see, I don’t think it’s far away. I think it’s really, really close. Once the fullness of this tsunami of love hits, I don’t see how anyone can be penetrated by that magnitude of love and remain the same because the vision of the tsunami is the water sort of washing through you. The meditation and the vision that the Mother has given is that basically the water washes through you, as if you were like a very fine screen. And so, instead of having a solid body it’s like our etheric screen in the fullness of our sacred space, it’s like that energy comes right through us and then passes out the back of us.

I don’t know how anybody can experience that magnitude of love and ever be the same. That’s also part of Ascension and what Archangel Gabrielle is talking about, is moving us all to a higher octave. And when she talks about this, when they talk about this, I don’t get the sense that this is even years away; and you’re talking to the girl who assiduously avoids dates. That has been my new contract that I struck with the Council a couple of years ago; don’t talk to me about dates because there are so many variables and so many things that can happen. I just don’t want to be the person that’s setting people up, that’s not loving, from my perspective. When I look at this and the energy that is so strong, it doesn’t feel like it’s in the distant future.

You know how sometimes you just have one of those “Aha!” moments, and you’ve had this belief system or you’ve had this paradigm and you don’t even know it’s a paradigm or a belief system, but you have one of those “Aha!” moments and you wake up the next morning, and you just feel different. That’s what I think this is about.

I used to get this with people in the 13th Octave who…you know the 13th Octave is that place of Divine Union, of being anchored in the heart of God and they would do the meditation and we’re talking about 10 years ago now, and then what would happen, there would just be this noticing or this awareness that an issue would come up and they would say, “Oh, you know what, that used to bother me.” And it’s like this way distant memory like you would have had like from 30 years ago. And it was gone! And it wasn’t that it was so much processed, as it simply was gone.

SM: Well as you’re speaking, what’s coming to me is a vision of even the most highly armored individuals here on earth, because of our experiences we put up armoring to keep out the pain, but it also happens to keep out the joy and any other thing too. I’m just seeing all the armoring as becoming permeable in the wave and allowing the washing away to happen. We can entertain that idea, right?

LD: I like it, yeah. And the thing is that we’ve been told through An Hour with an Angel that this will come in waves. A tsunami generally comes rushing in, then it withdraws, then it comes again, so all those armored people, by the time it’s over, they’ll be cooked! They’ll be okay.

SM: It’ll all be melted.

LD: It’ll all be melted.

SM: Yeah, I imagine you have a very lovely meditation for us today…

LD: Yes, we do.

SM: Fabulous, shall we jump into that?

LD: Yes.

SM: Thank you.

LD: You’re welcome. Thank you; thank all of you for listening.

So go into your heart and anchor deep within your tri-flame, within that magnificent blue diamond, and pink diamond, and golden diamond, and feel each of your flames, of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, and your Divine Self, burning brightly and equally, and go as deep as you can, deeper. Relax into your chair, into the bed, the floor, your car seat, your office chair, wherever you’re sitting, and just let go.

Let go to the point where you’ve relaxed your jaw, your shoulders, your rib cage, your hips. Let go of the day, and give yourself the gift of this time, to receive, to receive all the love that you are due, that you so richly deserve, that you have always been worthy of. Go deeper into the seat of your soul, the bottom of your heart, and feel yourself resting there.

Now with me, take a wonderful deep breath of magenta. And magenta is that perfect balance of the blue and the red blended together, the color of a good red wine, of maroon, of the fall chrysanthemums, and feel the element of blue, not only the blue of the Mother and the blue of Michael, but the blue of your throat chakra, and the blue of change, the blue of hope, and the blue of peace.

And feel that element of blue within your magenta, and feel that willingness within the depths of your heart, to embrace positive change; to change with ease and grace, clarity and purity.
Now feel the red, feel that red of your root, that cherry red, that rich vibrant red that not only connects you to Gaia and keeps you planted on Gaia, but your very life force, what keeps you alive, your vitality, and feel that red, because inside the red is the joy of being alive; the sheer pleasure of being in your body.

So go back to a time when you felt that you were in the perfect physical perfection of your body. Not what someone else judged, but when you felt your best, that you felt strongest, and most vital; you loved the way you looked and felt and smelt, that feeling like you could conquer the world and maybe it was when you were 5, or 20, or 25. But go back and feel that sense of your brilliant vitality, and bring that forward, bring that up into your heart, call it forward into the now, so that that restoration begins right now. And if you’re already there, if you’re at your peak then thank yourself and thank your body, and promise to nourish it, to love it. And breathe the magenta, breathe the compassion, that understanding of other people’s journeys, and compassion, sweet angels, for your journey, for your undertakings, for everything you’ve accomplished, with the sacred relationship to your sweet self. Then give yourself a hug, and let the love flow, as I step aside…

Yeshua: Greetings, I am Jesus Sananda.

SM: Welcome.

Yeshua: Welcome to you, I am Yeshua, I am Yeshi, and yes, I am pleased to be here this day to speak briefly and deeply, not only about love, but about this issue of relationship. My beloved family, my friends, my allies, whom I have known and who have known me forever, I am with you. And as I step forward this day, I step forward in relationship with you, not to you, but with you. I embrace you, I welcome you, and I honor you and I thank you for inviting me into your sacred space.

It is an honor. Never is it a right, it is an honor, when you, each of you, opens your heart to any one of us, and permits us to share this union, because that is truly what this is about.

Now before we go any further, I also wish to ensure and that is what the meditation was about, that you have welcomed in the totality of your self, your wondrous being, your sacred self, the totality of all your aspects, all your beings, all parts, all fibers, all molecules, your magnificent, wondrous, sacred self. And sweet angels, if you have not done so then take this moment with me and feel that you are extending your arms in welcome, the same way you would welcome me, the Mother, Saint Germaine, and welcome your sacred self, welcome them, embrace them and bring them into your heart and into every fiber of your being.

You are coming to know not simply this or that face, aspect or mask that you have adopted during this lifetime. The biggest part of your Ascension is this embrace of your totality, your divinity and not the recognition but the knowing of your might, of your power, of your wholeness, of your interdimensionality, of who you are. And not only knowing it, but entering into sacred relationship with your self.

Everything, everything else emanates, stems from this core relationship. If you do not love, honor, accept, surrender, cherish, nurture your sacred self, then you are not in a position, you are not prepared or capable of entering into relationship in the way that your heart deeply, not only desires but demands, with others.

Long, long, long ago, Gabrielle has said, all you need to return home to Source, to One, is love, trust and forgiveness, unity, connectedness and balance. If you are not in the unity, connectedness and balance, the love with your self, then it is impossible to move forward. You will feel time and time and time again, that you are hitting that proverbial brick wall, but let me suggest to you my beloved ones, that brick wall is an illusion. And it is only an illusion erected by incomplete knowing or psyche, subconscious, unconscious ego because it is fearful; it thinks that it is protecting you, it’s protecting you from you. Reassure it, let go and welcome and love, nurture and nourish your magnificent self.

You are the wonder birthed from the heart of the Mother, birthed from the womb of One. In your essence, you are divine perfection, and you say to me, “Oh yes, but Yeshi, you wouldn’t believe the things I’ve done, the mistakes I’ve made, the missteps.” Do you really think that we do not know? Do you really think that we would ever judge you? Never. When there is a misstep, we run to assist you. Sometimes you say, “Stand back, this is a little detour I must take to learn X, Y or Z.” And even if we do not full-heartedly agree, we will step back when ordered to. But we remain in observation, vigilant and when you allow that opening, all of us, your guides, your guardian angels, all of us who love you, rush in.

That is what relationship is about. That is what love is about. It is loving you and honoring you enough to heed your desires and wishes, to help in every which way we can or are capable of, to love you no matter what, to be vigilant and wait, and assist how, where, when, and in every way we can.

It is to love you enough to be in sacred partnership with you, with each of you. Your hearts have exploded. They have not merely expanded; they have doubled and quadrupled, and grown at the speed of love. And you say to me, “Yeshi what does that mean?” And it means your capacity to be the love, to engage in love, to share in love, has grown in ways that previously were simply not there.

Now I have had and I have walked as human and I know what human relationships and star relationships and divine relationships are like, and I am eager to talk about these, and I am eager to help and do whatever it takes. But what I wish to begin with this day, with you, each of you, acknowledging and loving your beloved self.

Now Suzanne, I have been listening to you and hearing, where do you wish to begin this day?

SM: [Laughs] Thank you Yeshi, it’s a joy to speak with you here today, I do understand that the relationship with self is the primary one and that from there we can be in right relationship with everything around us. There’s so many different aspects of relationship within the human experience, and I was wondering about the ones with people that we find to be challenging.
It occurs to me to have a dialogue with the higher aspect of said difficult person, to establish right relationship, and I’m engaged in that practice, but there must be more to it. Will you speak to that please and maybe what we can do to help open people’s hearts?

Yeshua: Yes. Two fingers to the heart, to open, to unlock, but let me be practical in my advice. Now, let us talk to what you have called the difficult people, and when I have walked as Yeshua, I have had my share of difficult people, and you, whether you are living in a terrible war zone, or in a very pleasant situation, you all have difficult people, well so far anyway, and if time permits we will address that.

But these difficult people, these challenged people, and I do not wish to speak in euphemisms, so I will not say to you, “These are your opportunities” because is it not frustrating when people speak that way, and you are pulling out your hair and saying, “I don’t really need this opportunity at this moment.” But in fact, it is exactly what you have created and called forth, or that they have created and called forth, because difficulty is always, at minimally, a two-sided affair.

These are some of your greatest teachers. The difficult people remind you of what has not been addressed, what has not been resolved, and what remains to be done both on planet – in a very large sense, in a global sense – and in a very personal sense, that there is an area left that needs to be resolved – opened, healed, it does not matter the words you use – it is the energy with which you approach this.

It is the first gift we have ever given, in terms of the Council of Love, and the visual is for you to see, actually or etherically, that you are reaching out to the person with your index and middle finger and you are touching their heart chakra, and you are sending like a laser beam of light, from your heart to their heart, all the love that you have and all the love that you can channel, from us, from the Mother, from above, and from you. And it is a gift directly to that heart.

Now that is when you are not willing, or quite yet ready, to open and to receive back from the person. But basically, you send this laser beam into the heart, and you allow the opening to start. Having the soul conversations which you have said, speaking to the higher self, to the higher purpose, to what is truly going on, is very valuable, because it will sync from the higher self, from the universal self, to the physical personality self, to the ego self, and into the integrated self at a rather rapid pace, so that is the second piece.

When it is truly a difficult situation, what we would recommend is that you speak in Perro and we have spoken of the language Perro before, which was developed around the resolution of the intergalactic wars.

Perro is language with no charge or emotion attached. Perro is the language of simply information. Some of you may think of this as non-violent communication, but in a spectrum, non-violent communication is actually further along. Perro simply means, “The facts, ma’am, nothing but the facts!” And so that is how you tend to communicate.

Now as the relationship becomes a little bit warmer, better, when these tools that you are implementing are beginning to improve, then you can use what we call the infinity, and you begin the flow of the infinity, the sideways number 8, flowing from your heart to the other person’s heart, collecting the information, the love, the color, the ray, bringing it back to your heart and sending it back out. This is particularly powerful in friendships, and of course in sacred partnership and in this way you always remain in a continuity. You set this to run constantly, 24/7, so that you are connected in the loving way and the flow of love between the two of you never stops. But when there has been, for example, an injury, and what we would call a difficult situation or a difficult person, is because there has been a fracture or an injury, and so when you have that infinity flowing, it creates a mending of the fracture, so yes you can have multiple infinities flowing at once.

SM: Wow, all that is very powerful and helpful, I really appreciate that. I’m sure our listeners can benefit from this as well.

Yeshua: The other last piece of this, is do not forget your sense of humor. Look at what you are really ‘put off’ about, and see the humor in it, or see it with compassion, see it with my eyes, see it with the Mother’s eyes, and be gentle.

SM: Yes, with ourselves too.

Yeshua: Particularly with yourself.

SM: Okay, wonderful. Yesterday, Suzie Ward and Matthew posted a fascinating article on a new way for us to contemplate reincarnation. It spoke to our various personages or aspects and got me excited about establishing a dialogue and relationship with an aspect of myself who knew you while you were in form on Earth. You just spoke to this a little bit, and I wonder if we can have more detail about the process.

Yeshua: Well, when we have said to you that is it a time when you are calling in all aspects, all parts, all timelines of your sacred self, this is truly what you are doing. So that you become in your self, the warehouse shall we say, of you. So what you are doing, as you are practicing this unity, this integration, because the integration has need to be fully in place, so there aren’t fragments of you ascending, there is the totality of you ascending.

All timelines, now we know this is difficult in your reality to consider but all timelines are basically concurrent. And so what you can do, dear heart, is simply go back to a timeline and pull it into your sacred self, pull it into your conscious. Yes, your conscious mind. It is not sufficient for it to be in an unconscious or a subconscious…it can stay there if that is where you wish it to be, not all things can be in your consciousness all at once, at least not quite yet. That will change as well, but simply see that you are beckoning, taking it, pulling it, calling across the universe and asking for that experience, that lifetime, that situation to come into you.

So this is the sensation and it is the sensation with all aspects of who you are, yes, saint, sinner, glorious martyr, do not think of these as archetypes, you are much more than archetypes.
What you are calling in is the fullness of that experience, of that life, of the totality of you. So you are in meditation, you are anchored within your heart, and you are calling throughout the universe, for example this experience that you and I, Suzi, have shared in that lifetime, that timeframe, to come in.

So the feeling is, the sensation is, I do not wish to make it too visual because there are some of you who will simply hear or feel or intuit, it matters not; that being, that aspect, is standing directly in front of you, facing you, with all the information. Now prior to throwing out your arms and embracing them, yes even in the situation with me, ask them sweet angels, to wipe their feet. Put them through an etheric whitewash, so that none of the pain, of the suffering, of anything that might be residual, is coming through, just what is pure and clear and of love.

SM: Beautiful.

Yeshua: So then you invite it in. The sensation is they step in, always through the portal of the heart, anchoring in you through the heart, and away you go!

SM: That’s wonderful! I’m looking forward to getting on with that and practicing. Okay, so in the interest of unity, it’s important for humanity to embrace all the kingdoms on Gaia, including the plants, animals, and nature spirits. Many of us are already in some level of telepathic communication with them, but once again I feel that it could be deeper. It’s wonderful to have house plants that thrive and we clearly are in dialogue already in terms of where in a room they like to be, or how often they want to be watered, but there must be greater wisdom to share. I’d like perhaps to get some ideas about our next steps towards fulfilling the human potential, and indeed our agreement to be stewards for, and partners with life on Earth.
Yeshua: This is a profound question. And it is a question that the kingdoms and all the kingdoms, the elementals, the devas, have been waiting for, for a long time. And it is a question that also requires ‘speed up, and slow down’.

Now, one of the ways you may begin this closer relationship with the various kingdoms, is also to invite those aspects of your self to join within you, so that they are very, very clearly, consciously present. Now, some of you have already done this work and you have done it well, by the way, but if you have not, go through the same process that I have just described.
Ask for your fairy self, because she is more in touch with the elements, to come within you, or your leprechaun self, or your dwarf self, because while everyone tends to migrate to the angelics or the fairies, there are many forms of elementals.

So ask them to come within and to make themselves known; invite and become familiar, not only with your totems and familiars, with your stones – you do not tend to think of your self as part of the mineral kingdom and yet of course you are. So what is the stone, the mineral, that you vibrate with? Have you invited the water sprites forward?

Think of all the ways. Now when I have said ‘speed up, slow down’, I mean it in this way and this exercise is best done if you can… and I know of a thing called weather – outside…and it can be, if you cannot physically be outside, you can place yourself at a window gazing outside. And if you say, “Oh Yeshi, I can’t do that because I live in Manhattan and all I am gazing at is a brick wall, or a cement wall”, well do not forget that the brick and the cement molecules are alive! But you can also just get yourself a picture of nature and gaze at that. We have spoken in other situations of earthing and that is very important in terms of connecting with the plants, the animals, et cetera.

Now, you slow yourself down, so that you are almost or preferably in a modulated stillpoint; so as quiet and as still as you can be. And of course we will help you, and more importantly, your plants, your animals, your trees, will help you. Then, what you do is simply, again resting in your heart, but with your ears wide open, your chakras wide open, because these are all receptors, your third, your fourth, your fifth eye, all of this wide open. Your hands, wide open. You receive information in such a variety of ways.

Ask and start one by one, so for example choose your favorite tree. And ask the tree to communicate, and if you can lean against the tree, or touch the bark while you are doing this, it is even better. The rhythm of the tree is very much like the long waves of sound and what the tree has to say to you is not normally just a human conversation.

So begin the conversation by introducing yourself, ask the tree their name. Every being – every being – has a name and for them to share their name, that alone is a sacred gift. And simply ask them what they want, what they wish to share, what their observations of how things are going in this shift of Ascension, what are they feeling in the roots of Gaia, are the plates shifting? Is the earth moving? Are the ants nervous? Or are they busy building?

Then, when you are speaking to other spirits, kingdoms, the frequency is very high, so it tends to be rather very high-pitched and very rapid. So for example some bushes, some grasses, some flowers will speak at a million miles an hour. Ask them to slow down or ask yourself to speed up, and to remember how to speak this language, because it is already within you.

They have been waiting; they have been waiting eons for you to re-engage in this conversation and to really be in sacred partnership. The way a frog speaks to you is different than a way that a deer or a coyote speaks to you. The way a house-cat speaks to you, is different than a bob-cat. So pay attention, and allow the undulations and the frequencies to reach you, and then to be translated into ways that you are receiving. Sometimes it will not be auditory, it will just be the deep connection and knowing, because that is how they do it. It is far more telepathic and unspoken, but you can hear the language as well. Is that clear?

SM: Oh, it’s beautifully clear, I’m so grateful for that information and it’s exactly what I was looking for. Okay, so there’s been a great deal of focus this year on sacred partnership with other humans in a romantic connection, and I’m experiencing first-hand the unexpected boost to my energy work that it brings.

I was feeling fairly effective before, but since coming together in partnership, I’ve had this vision of a self-contained capsule of light, sort of, that maybe, just Kundalini energy, the feeling I have with it is that I no longer need to focus so much on bringing in cosmic and divine love, as much as radiating out what I am now. Is that part of the bonus that comes with sacred partnership or are all humans in such a process, whether engaged in it, or not?

Yeshua: It is a bonus of sacred partnership. It is a bonus that begins, of course, with your sacred partnership with your self, but it grows and is amplified. Why does this happen? It is one thing to finally and deeply commit and know and love your self and as I have said, this is the starting point. But when you join with your sacred partner, it is not just times two. In our world, in our reality, we tend to deal more with squaring, than multiplication.

But what is happening is a squaring, a squaring, a squaring of the energy, because the realization that comes in the acknowledgement, the union of sacred partnership, that you are indeed cosmic love, that you are indeed divine essence, and that you are loved, not only for your divine essence, but for who you are.

And not merely for your large, integrated self, which is beautiful, but for the person that you are, right now, at this point in your Ascension process, in your journey back to the One, that you have been deemed and discerned, not judged, but found magnificent. It is a bubbling up, that is bigger than Mount Vesuvius! And it can’t and it shouldn’t and we don’t guide you, to control it. Love is infectious, it is absolutely infectious. And so what changes, and I can speak from personal experience, you don’t feel like you are constantly going to the well, to fill up and then beam out, to fill up and then to do your sacred work.

You finally get it, your well is full and it’s inside. So that hesitancy, that pause that we have spoken of, is eleminated. So you are the constant flow, you are the conduit of personal love, of divine love, of true healing, and this is what the Mother is talking about when she is asking for everybody to fall in love with everybody. When that is happening, and it is happening, sweet angels, it changes the world. When you are in love with everybody, because it is contagious, then what happens is you cannot wreak havoc on one another, you cannot go to war against one another. Inside love, inside this wonderful, bubbling pot on the stove, is peace, is joy, is clarity.
So that is the shift that so many of you are feeling, that ‘going to the well, coming back, going to the well, coming back, fill me up so I can transmit’ is shifting. You are realizing you are the well.

SM: Yes. Beautiful.

Yeshua: And not only that, is it not the most remarkable amount of fun that you have ever had?

SM: It is! It’s getting very fun now. Okay, so are we ready for some callers?

Yeshua: Let me finish this.

SM: Yes, please.

Yeshua: And then we will take the callers, because you know how I love to speak to my friends.
In these relationships, the sacred unions that are being formed that are of such a high vibration, that has never existed to this extent before. This is one of your markers for Ascension because you are capable and you are engaging in sacred partnerships that are of a much higher vibratory frequency and a higher octave than even before. Now, does that mean that there are not translation difficulties? And when I am saying translation, I am talking about practical human difficulties. May I use you for an example, geographic challenges.

SM: Oh, gosh yes.

Yeshua: So, the love is there, it is percolating, it is boiling on the stove. That love that is boiling on the stove…we don’t talk to you very often about how these variables work on our side, but it has been a topic that Michael has been addressing…the very love that is boiling on the stove does affect what you think of as the challenges in this situation, of money and of geographic distance.

And you say, “Well Lord, how can that be?” Let me give you a visual, a practical visual; the love is boiling on the stove, if you think of it as water, the vapors are rising. It is an ever-ending filled pot, so it is not going to go dry. The steam is rising, it is moving out into the universe and it is addressing, in ways that you do not know because you do not fully understand as yet how sheer energy works, but that love vapor is addressing the financial difficulties, the people who are putting blockages in the way, the geographic challenges, everything.

So don’t think that you aren’t addressing what you think of as the bigger picture. You are. So keep the pot boiling.

SM: Oh, okay, I am happy to do that. I know that we’ll be together, so I’m just trusting.

Yeshua: Oh yes, you will…and sooner than you think.

SM: Okay, yay! [Laughs]

Yeshua: And now, let us go to our beloved friends.

SM: Oh, fabulous, thank you so much, okay, so area code 413, are you with us?

AC413: Yes I am, thank you so much.

SM: Good morning.

AC413: Good morning, Yeshi, please help. I – you must be so sick of hearing from me by now – I love him so much, so wanted to be with him for the tsunami of love, it felt like it would be so special and so amazing, and I feel like he’s saying yes, but I don’t hear from him, and you know, I would fly out tomorrow if he gave the word, and I don’t understand, what is the delay now, what needs to happen for us to be together physically? I don’t see any obstacles.

Yeshua: You both have need to receive the first wave of the tsunami of love. And you cannot ever judge what another person’s reticence or what their perceived obstacles are. So allow the love to come to you, the Mother’s love I am talking of, the tsunami of love, to penetrate your screen, to remove resistance, to let it flow freely right through you, so that it is an independent process that clears you to enter more clearly and fully into that sacred partnership that you are desiring.

Now, having said that, I also give you a visual and I give it to all of you: When you are going through this tsunami of love, the trickle has started. The river is gaining force, see that you are holding hands, now the meditation is standing up, so it is difficult, you have to be holding on to something, or you will fall down, you will get caught in that rip-tide, but also at the same time see yourself holding hands, holding hands with those you love, but the circle is 7 billion wide, and it encircles the Earth, and it is one circle, you are all holding each other up, and we are holding you up as well. We are not behind you, we are in-between you so that you can lean, so that the currents of the Mother’s tsunami moves right through you, swiftly, fully, pervasively, and completely.

SM: Thank you for your question.

AC413: Oh can I, I have one very quick one, I just wanted to know if the entity that, has in fact been fully removed, and if it has, how I can prevent it from coming back or keep it up.

Yeshua: You stay within your shields, dear heart, you erect your shields, your bubble, your Seal of Solomon, that is how you maintain, and that is every person’s sacred responsibility, is to maintain their Seal of Solomon intact, so that nothing that is not of love, is permitted entry. Nothing.

AC413: Can you give a visual where that’s located, how would one meditate on that?

Yeshua: See it as your bubble, on the outside of all your bodies.

AC413: Okay, thank you.

Yeshua: It is your sacred bubble that you travel within, so make sure there are no tears, no rents, call on us, call on your guides, call on Archangel Raphael, all of us are more than willing to heal any tears, any rents, any pulls, any fraying in your sacred seal.

SM: Okay, thank you for that call, and your question, we are on to area code 810, are you with us?

AC810: Yes, hello.

SM: Hi, good morning.

AC810: You guys already pretty much answered all of my questions, so I have a quick one, I’m a young man, I have a twin brother and we’re both kind of in the same boat, we’re having problems getting over past relationships with, you know, the girls we were with, so is there a certain chakra or a certain healing that can help speed up the process?

Yeshua: Your heart chakra, but make sure my beloved brother – both brothers – that all your chakras are continually open, spinning, and equal. So for example, you are tending to carry this injury in your stomach.

AC810: Yeah.

Yeshua: And so it is that you feel like your guts are being churned out. And they are. So you would give particular attention to your sacral chakra, to your umbilical chakra, so the orange and the maple-syrup color, the amber color there, but make sure all your chakras are open, but it is also forgiveness; forgiveness of them and forgiveness of your sweet self. Not forgiveness that you have misstepped, because you haven’t, but forgiveness that there has been hurt, pain, hostility, bitterness and in the forgiveness is the letting go. I forgive you, I release you to your path, as I release me to mine and make sure dear heart, that you also do the meditation for karmic dispensation, so there are no cords at all.

AC810: Which meditation is that?

Yeshua: This is the meditation that we have given you on karmic dispensation.

SM: You could probably find that on Linda’s website, https://counciloflove.com/

AC810: Okay, alright, thanks a lot.

SM: Thank you.

Yeshua: Farewell.

SM: Okay, wonderful, thank you and we are onto David, are you with us?

David: Yes, I am with you, hello Suzi.

SM: Good morning!

David: Hello, good morning to you too, hello Suzi, hello Linda, hello Yeshi. So my question is, my great – one of my great tasks in my life – is my mother. And I had a lot of fear in my life in the relationship with her and I want to dissolve this fear and I treat myself as a little child every time I am in fear and I say it’s okay, you were a little child and you experienced these fearful things and so it’s okay. But if there’s something, Yeshi, because I always love you and all of your friends’ advice, and it’s always helping me a lot, that can really dissolve this childhood fear of my mother.

Yeshua: What are you afraid of? You are afraid of not being loved, you are afraid of not being seen for the bright totality of who you are, sweet David. You are afraid of being overlooked, overrun, controlled and not being nourished the way every child, every child, desires to be.
What I am asking you is not to forget your mother but, as a first step, can we remove your mother from the equation?

Can you see, yes I know you have done your inner child work, but you have not invited them home. So invite that aspect of the fearful, lonely child, into your heart, through the portal of your heart, so that you can love and comfort and eventually have the empathy, the compassion for the mother who does not see, perhaps as clearly as you desire.

Then, touch her heart, do the laser beam to her heart. And eventually, the infinity sign, between the two of you. This will eradicate what has plagued you all these years.

David: Okay, thank you, thank you Yeshi, and I have another question, if that’s possible, re-lation-ship is actually something, it’s a Latin word for kind of like, bringing back, relatio is a ‘bringing back’-ship, and I find it, I find it a cute idea, and could you speak about what actually we are bringing back, in a re-lation-ship?

Yeshua: You are bringing back the sense of unity, of love, of connectedness, that you know on this side, in this realm. You are bringing back old friends, mostly, that you have traveled with forever and that you have agreed to go to the masked ball and to dance together and to be there at midnight when you can unveil who you truly are. What you are bringing back to earth is the renewal and the revelation that you are already in connectedness and love.

David: Wonderful, thank you Yeshi.

Yeshua: It is the remembering, it is remembering love. You are welcome, dear heart.

David: Blessings.

Yeshua: Farewell.

SM: Okay, alright we are on to, area code 949, are you with us?

AC949: Yes, hi.

SM: Hello, good morning.

AC949: Hi, good morning, dear Jesus, I’m so glad that I can talk to you, well one of the things that I need your help, my Jesus, is that, I’m going to, consciously in thinking in the, cleaning process into myself, because I see many areas in myself that I need to work on, and I listen to my meditation and I study the concepts and integrate them in myself, but yet I’m still falling on the dirt. I mean I still have this tendency for judging, I have a situation in my office day, the energy is very dense, I am very, how to say, I have a lot of work right now, please, can you please advise me how can I continue, discern in what is my ego and what is really the reality that I should be in, I mean in love, of course. Can you help me with that, please?

Yeshua: Anchor yourself in the love. Not in the old third dimension, because that is of judgment, fault, blame, shame, guilt. There is no place for that. The ego is not to be banished but to be embraced, it is a delightful part of who you are. We have no desire to eliminate the ego, or the personality. It is just to be in the balance of the truth. Now, what is at the root of your dilemma, sweet angel, is that you are fearful of someone putting something over on you. And that you are not being vigilant enough to make sure that everybody is doing what they are supposed to be doing, so there is a difference between being vigilant and being judgmental.

And it is fear that leads to judgment. It is fear that what you do, how you see, how you act, how you behave, how you interact, how you supervise, how you complete your work, is not good enough. It is fear of loss; loss of face, loss of employment, loss of money, but that is not the truth of who you are.

So every day, when you are going to the office, anchor yourself in the 13th Octave, in the heart of God, in the heart of Mother/Father One, anchor yourself there. And then proceed with your day.

And when you see a situation where you think, I am being reactive, I am being judgmental, put up the red flag and stop. Stop cold in your tracks. Just stop. Say to yourself, that is not of love, that is not of who I am, let me see the truth of this situation, not through the eyes of lack, not through the eyes of fear, but through the eyes of love. What does this situation really need, in order to zoom forward and be corrected? So you spend no time thinking about, I am afraid of this, they are doing this wrong, they are not, none of that is spent, you move directly into course correction, which makes everybody feel good.

SM: Wonderful. Thank you for your question.

Yeshua: I would have this difficulty sometimes you know, with my apostles or disciples, and they would get irate, because they would think, well someone came and they were listening, oh, the Sermon on the Mount – various of them – there were many, many, many sermons on the mount, let me tell you. We would gather [laughs] very often and then they would say, but that person listened and their heart was open and then they went home and they beat their wife, we should exclude them, they are not following your law, Lord.

And I would say, “Don’t be ridiculous. Let us go to that house, one of you, let us take that brother aside and speak to his heart and find out what the fear is, what is that demon that is lurking inside and making him feel that he must choose violence over love? Let us coach him, let us support him, let us speak to his wife, let us discuss strategies that will help.”

SM: Yes, thank you so much Yeshi for joining us today.

Yeshua: Go with my love. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon