392532_307297812674471_179181975486056_752921_825335912_nAs part of the incredible shifts that are happening right now I share with you the channeling from Archangel Gabrielle to the New You Webinar group on the most significant change in our Ascension process – or our understanding of the Ascension process. Are you ready to join us?

Good Morning My Sweet Annas – angels of the Lord, servants to the Mother, sisters of my heart. I am Gabrielle, Lilly of Love, Trumpet of Truth, and Messenger of One.

I call to you dearhearts – I call to each and every one of your hearts. I beckon you to join with me in creating Nova Earth and your New You. When I have said you are the re-patterners, the re- griders, the wayshowers and bringers of Nova Earth what have you thought I meant? What have you understood as I have sent my clarion call to your heart? Dearhearts you are the visionaries, you are the ones that are re-plugging humanity into a higher octave. This is not simply about Ascension child – this is about taking humanity out of the framework of enslavement into a higher octave, beyond what humanity has ever known. You are the heralds of a new age – an age in which the Mother redefines what it means to be human.
Yes, I have wanted you to learn and understand the old – not merely to slip the bonds of the old third dimension but to fully grasp the entire span of what has been available to humanity – 12 planes and 12 dimensions. I want you to know and comprehend that so that you may fly free with me into the new; the new experience of what it means to be human.

Never do I chastise but child humanity has been short-sighted and not gazed beyond the possible. The Mother’s power is infinite and so is yours. You are mighty creators, creators of a new way of being, of a new understanding of what it means to be in form – and out of form. Gaia has birthed herself as inter-galactic over a decade ago. And now sweet angels of light it is time for you to do so as well. How you do so is by surrendering, becoming the angel warriors that you have always been, by joining with your star brothers and sisters and the legions of angels that surround you.

You do so by coming with me into the void and remembering, claiming and embodying your true divinity and essence. You are the New You – you are the New Human. You are the fulfillment of the Plan and the beginning of the unfoldment of the New Plan – the next chapter, the next unfoldment, the next adventure.

Yes, I have beckoned to the strongest of the strong, the gentlest of the gentle, the most gifted, the most courageous – I have beckoned to you. And you sweet heart have answered. Thank you.

You are the finely tuned instruments that have noted the changed in the floor of the ocean as the Mother’s Tsunami of Love has begun. You are the ones who see the wave on the distant horizon. You are the warning bell and siren – not of death and destruction but of the gift of Love. As the Mother’s Messenger I say to you this day, the tsunami has begun. You do not need to fear for that is of the old. Welcome the waves – you are courageous, you are blessed and dearhearts, you are ready. I am with you – not as lifeguard but as tour guide to this new adventure of Love. I am with you in all ways, always. Go with my Love. Farewell.

Council of Love with Linda Dillon