tsunamilogoOn her bi-monthly conference call Linda and her group had a very lively and informative discussion on the Mother’s tsunami of love…topics included the impact it will have on humanity; our role in anchoring it, the physical effects of it, and so much more…

This has been a week of, well it really started with the New You obviously, with the New You group and then got cracked open even further with the advanced LaHoChi class last weekend and has been cracking open even further every single day with the inform
ation that’s been coming through primarily through the New You messages for the New You group on the forum. But it isn’t simply going to be restricted to that group. What we’ve done on the New You forum is it’s generally restricted to, because it’s a conversation and it’s support and it’s mutuality and it’s posing your questions and it’s exposing your innermost thoughts and dreams and issues for growth and creating community… It’s always been a very private forum but what we’ve done with the information that we’ve received about the expansion that’s occurring right now with Archangel Gabriel and the Universal Mother is we’ve expanded the forum back to include group one and group two so now we’re up to 100 people and were going to…I received the push this morning to push it even further to include everyone who went to Joshua Tree.

This is going…because what they’re doing is they’re using us as the anchors for this tsunami of love, for this opening that is of such a magnitude that we can’t even imagine, it’s such a game changer. And I have said for years that when we are working with the Council of Love, that the Council of Love…it’s the nature of how they work with us, is that we are always ahead of the wave, that’s not an ego thing, that’s not a privileged position, trust me on that one, but it’s just the way that they have worked with us. And used to be that, you know, they could tell us things that were coming forward not in a prophetic way like ‘look out for the red sports car on Tuesday’, I hate that, but in a way of knowing what we’re working on and heading towards and anchoring for the collective.

And it used to be 10 years. I’m still doing things that they told me about 20 years ago but then narrowed to about five years than two years and I’ve been really happy with this situation because we’re almost in sync, but as they’re telling us that we, as the collective of humanity, are moving to a higher octave…now they have hinted at this for 25 years but they’ve never really come out and said it; we’ve been working with dimensions, we’ve been working with the 13th Octave, but this is the first time Archangel Gabriel who, of course, is in charge of the administration of the universe, has said okay, now you’re ready, were moving you to a higher octave and that is part of Ascension and that really is what Ascension is about, it’s not just about the interdimensional shift or becoming trans-dimensional, it’s actually us moving and living in a higher octave, a higher state of being.

Do I know everything that that entails at this point? No, but I was saying to Isaac this morning I feel like I need a whole team that can be working at it, because the information that’s coming through is so big and so fast I don’t feel like I can crank it out fast enough, but as fast as I can crank it out, it’s yours.

So where to start? This tsunami of love, which really has inside it, as the wave hits the shore of the ocean or the sand meets the water, that really is about Ascension, it’s putting you in such a place of love that you’re there. And one of the reasons why, not only is this tsunami so big, but it’s big enough to cover the collective of humanity which is exactly what a year and some ago we decided we were going to do; that we were going to it as a collective rather than one by one by one, some stay, some go, some go to an alternate universe, some people die, it was very confusing. And I never bought in that it was tied to a specific date and that has been a point of differentiation between me and many different people who talk about Ascension.

But here we are we are with this tsunami of love that has begun. Now we know how a tsunami occurs is that there is movement within the plates usually or a volcanic eruption deep within the ocean floor. So very often before a tsunami is ever visible there is shifting sometimes very minute, sometimes very subtle, in the ocean floor and then, of course, it creates these phenomenal rogue waves. So that movement has already begun.

Now Mother Mary, the Divine Mother, however you think of her, has been really clear to us that this tsunami is not a destructive tsunami and as we keep ourselves as that sheer energy, as that clear screen, that that energy just moves through us, feeds us, anchors us and then continues on. So it’s important that we’re thinking of ourselves as that clear screen. And the picture that I’m getting for our group, for this Saturday conference call group, for the New You-bees, for everyone that’s doing work, in this expanded circle is the only way I can put it, is that we are like, you know, those that they send down deep into the Mariana trench, we are going down into that place where this tsunami is starting and we were absorbing that energy so that we can not only ride the waves, direct the waves, and help others ride the waves through the interdimensional reality and moving onto the higher octave wherever that takes us.

Now, this does not change or eliminate the 13th Octave; quite the contrary. How we do this is by anchoring ourselves firmly in the 13th Octave so that we are already in that place of divine union with all these changes taking place so that we are in that safe place. So at the same time as we’re riding this tsunami we’re also absolutely safe in the arms of the Mother/Father/One.

I know I’m talking really fast and trying to download a whole bunch of information in between the words and I hope you’re getting it. Questions?

J1: Yeah Linda, do I need to have a rubber ducky while I’m riding this wave or what?

LD: You need to put on your life preserver and yes I know you never go anywhere without your rubber ducky, so you can bring it along.

J1: I have a question but it may not be in relation to this, but I’ve been reading a book, you know, The New You, and it was talking about basically your ray and your essence; I’ve got the essence down, that pretty much is like the core of who you are, but what basically is the purpose for the ray? I know we come in all the different rays, so what is the purpose of that?

LD: Your ray helps define your mission and purpose, so it helps give you more information, the details, not just the title because that’s not enough anymore. So it helps you as you go into that ray, as you travel inside the color, as you really explore the dimensions and you go into the idea of who you are, that will give you more information about your mission and purpose.

J1: Okay, so in regard to the essence, if the Mother’s essence is blue, doesn’t it necessarily mean that since she birthed all of us throughout the universe, that all of us have that blue essence?

LD: Not necessarily, don’t forget the Mother can birth whatever she wants so she’s birthed people…look at her two primaries, you know, Archangel Gabriel and Sanat Kumara are both gold because they are the doers, they are the administrators, they are the overseers, so they carry a lot of the energy of the Father.

J1: Okay, so out of curiosity, what are some of the attributes or missions of the magenta ray? What would a magenta ray be like?

LD: Well, those are things that you discover in meditation, but magenta ray people are often compassionate healers, they’re seers, they’re visionaries, they’re bridges between realities, but the whole thing about the New You and why you do all the meditations is that what I’m giving you is an umbrella definition, so that the detail of how that translates to the individual is specific to each and every one of us.

So for example, I’m blue, I’m blue and I’m lavender and lilac, heart of green. And so, I’m a communicator, I’m one of the Mother’s, my first direct report would be to the Mother, but my go-to gal is Gabriel who is gold, well she’s blue and gold actually, but as a communicator, I could say, “Okay, I’m a communicator.” But what does that mean? Well, actually it meant that I was intended to be a channel and a writer and a teacher. Well what did that mean? Well, that means that I’m supposed to do specific things for the Council of Love; so my assignment, my mission and purpose is tied to the Council of Love.

For some people it’s tied to their star brothers or sisters or to Gaia. So it different and that’s the richness of it; it’s discovering and this is particularly pertinent as we’re entering this tsunami, is like what is the thing that I’m supposed to be doing? And it’s like not just receiving the information about what is it I’m supposed to be doing, and this is really what we really explore in depth in the New You webinar series, which is five months long, that’s why it’s five months long, every day. And so we really get into the specifics of what does that look like and by the way, how do I get rid of this crap I’ve been carrying on my back for 22 centuries?

M1: I have a question, that kind of leads into that, a tsunami question; so much of the work that they’re having me do right now in terms of clearing old things is actually parts of myself and those lineages from the past are coming forward and very specifically asking me to help them clear things…if all lifetimes are happening at the same time is the tsunami of love also impacting us in those other lifetimes that help remove that stuff that we’ve been carrying for so long?

LD: Yes. One of the visions that they have given me, that’s a great question and this really…they started with great clarity last weekend, at the advanced LaHoChi class, they showed the time lines all being parallel and all continuing on at the same time. So, if you think of a piece of music with, what is it five lines? See I’m not a musician but each of those lines and the notes on those lines are being cleared at the same time… as the tsunami runs through those lines.

So you know when you…that one of the visuals they have been giving me is that if you think of a piano and all the various octaves on a piano, which I believe there are eight, but I’m not a musician anymore so correct me if I’m wrong, but imagine if we’ve been playing in the very lower octaves, like those really base notes, and now what we’re doing is we’re jumping to the highest notes on the piano but meanwhile everything in-between is being cleared and as it is we’re free to play the entire keyboard and to play whatever sheet music we or whatever we choose to create. And that’s one of the reasons why, too, right now, that sound clearing and working with the tones is such a big focus.

So, listening to the various chants, listening to music is really important right now; listening to the silence. You know, the Council led me back to some things I wrote, some of you will remember, when I initially…they guided me to train people to be 13th Octave teachers and some of you were there with me in San Diego and then later here in Port St. Lucie. One of the things they talk about is the various octave and how when we, before we were born, we can hear, all of us, we can hear very clearly the sound of the universe and we all know is that is it’s that really high pitch, that kind of sound and then we come in and we get filled with all these other sounds and it almost gets overlaid and we forget that sound of the universe.

But beyond the sound of the universe, beyond that octave is the sound of God and that’s where we’re going, we’re going to that place which is, if you anchor in the 13th Octave, which is the heart of God, we can, from there, manage everything else. So it’s like the 13th Octave has popped up again as one of the most important anchoring tools and places to be that we’ve ever been given. So if you’re doing nothing else, do the 13th Octave meditation everyday.

J2: I experience the Mother’s blessings in a very specific way and I would describe that experience as being, simply like waking up from a dream, like literally waking up from a bad dream and her blessings are a catalyst, if you will, to that waking up and it’s really interesting because it’s almost exactly like if you’re having a dream in the morning and maybe it’s not such a good dream, and then you wake up and then you realize that everything that was going on in that dream has basically collapsed, it dissolved, yeah, it’s not there, you stepped through it and you’ve awakened into this new place, new dimension. But it always carries, her blessing to me, it always carries that specific quality of wakefulness, like I’m waking up out of the old. And that’s how I always, for myself, that’s how I always know I’m on a correct beam. So, I just thought I’d mention that in case others have had that quality of experience.

LD: And that’s why she called the first book The Great Awakening. So it is a waking up and it’s also particularly if it’s been a really bad dream and you wake up and it’s like you’re so happy to be awake, you know that that nightmare has disappeared, and you sort of jump out of bed and your really happy that it’s over with and that you can really start the day. And that’s part of this energy, it’s this feeling of love and it’s loving everything; I’m sitting here in my room where I channel and it’s like I love my angels, I love my carpet, I love my candles, I love my paint, I love the trees I’m looking at outside, I mean, it’s that sense of just…and I love myself, warts and all. Nothing gets left out because we start to really love ourselves in the way that the Mother loves us, because that’s really what’s coming through us, anchoring in us in the screen, is that we love ourselves the way that we really are loved and that we are that essence of love, then we can start loving… you know, a few months ago when she was talking about Ascension, I think it was on An Hour with an Angel, she talked about all of us falling in love with each other. And I just remember that, I don’t always remember what I channel, but I remember that because it was such a wonderful feeling, that we can’t fall in love with each other to the extent to what she was talking about until we love ourselves.

J2: Someone who doesn’t like themselves can’t love anyone else…

LD: You can’t do it, you know, it’s always conditional because I can love this part of you or that part of you because I only love this or that part of myself and of course we know that the unconditional love is loving the good, the bad, the ugly, the excellent; it’s everything.

C: Another analogy I get is turning a dial on a radio station. Sometimes I think we all talk to people about this….to them it looks like, or to all of us it could look like such a mess on the earth but it’s just so possible to ride to a higher frequency or step out of a dream. So, the analogy has come to me about, well, think about when you’re listening to a radio station and you just turn the dial to a few little frequencies higher and you’re into a whole different…like different as night and day from where the other channel…

LD: You’re absolutely right and I think that our obsession, our collective obsession, with Sirius radio, Pandora, u-verse, you know, all these improved receptors is just a reflection of that desire to get that clearer and clearer reception. It’s a physical manifestation of really what’s going on on a spiritual level; we don’t want the static anymore. So, did you have a question?

C: Yes, it’s a little bit random but it’s been coming to me lately and I figured it’s a good time to ask…we always speak of Gabriel/Gabrielle being the Central Administrator for the universe, Sanat Kumara being the Planetary Logos, so it’s been occurring to me lately that this is our universe and we know that there are many universes, in fact they tell me to think of multiverses, so does each universe have it’s own set of archangels or whatever?

LD: No, the archangels are universal. Archangel Gabriel is managing the multi-verse, if you can visualize that, talk about multi-tasking…

C: So, she’s not just the Central Administrator for our universe…

LD: It’s the universe, the omniverse…big job…just like Archangel Michael, because I remember dealing with Michael after the intergalactic wars and I’m sure some of you do too and you know, him working with the various planetary systems and other universes to bring peace…think of it this way…right now for example we’re having Michael and us and the legions and most of the people on this call who go out at night to work with Michael on the anchoring of peace on the planet. And we look at it and we think oh my gosh, there is a hotspot in Syria, there is a hot spot in Uganda or China or Chicago and we think, before global peace can happen we have to take care of these hotspots. So we see it as a domino effect or sequential or that certain things have to happen prior to global peace, even while we mentally and spiritually know that actually peace occurs by us having peace in our hearts. But similarly, at the same time, Archangel Michael is working with us, not uniquely, but working with us here to create peace on earth, so that that ripple effect, that domino effect, can also go out through the multi-verse, just like as we’re working with ascension in body so that that can be taught elsewhere. So there’s so many pieces and variables it boggles the mind.

C: Yep, I loved that show last night, I listened to the one with Michael where he was explaining, it was An Hour with an Angel with Steve Beckow a week ago…

LD: About how things were reorganized?

C: …specifically, it was so fascinating how like yeah, we need to be in the same room but we call a conference call or communicate telepathically like we need this from you and what do you need from us…it was fascinating…

LD: I did a channeling yesterday, I guess, and the question was really specific and it builds on that question and I hope to have it up within a day or so, about what in terms of our roles, again building on what Michael was saying how things are organized, what strategies do we as humans need to adapt to up the ante and what strategies are they adapting to up the ante and move this along? It’s fascinating.

And so, we are being given guidance to really embrace this massive expansion and part of that, giving away the channel, is that we are being asked to embrace our intergalactic self, our human self, our angelic self, our essence self, not to keep doing this division between different the parts of our being, because as we know, it’s all about integration. We can’t ascend just merely as humans, we have to have all our aspects, all our understandings in and then we can go.

C: And I thought it was fascinating, I’ve never heard this before and they did acknowledge that some of it hadn’t been talked about before, but the fact of the delay that occurred last year when we decided we wanted to ascend altogether, that that actually took us up a few rungs of the ladder, like the whole thing will be a bigger deal, that we’re going to a better place you might say…

LD:…a higher octave…

C: …we facilitated a bigger jump or whatever but nobody had said that before and that made a lot of sense.

LD: …a quantum leap…

C: …we’ll wake up into an even better choice…

LD: …even better than we anticipated, even bigger than we anticipated…

J3: Could I just ask a question about that, the higher octave part? If we’re anchored in the 13th and the 13th is the heart of God and beyond the 13th Octave is the sound of God, and eventually that is where we’re going, so, my question is, as we’re anchored in the 13th, are we staying in a higher level of the 13th ? Am I thinking about that right?

LD: We are going, humanity as a whole, and I hesitated to say this and I don’t have 100% confirmation, but we’ve been living in the first or second octave. So as we go we’re going to leap to the seventh and eighth octave, whereas before we were maybe going to the third or fourth. So, we are going to make the leap to the seventh or eighth which will make going home and why we anchor in the 13th, because that’s beyond anything we know other than going and staying there. So, we’re not going beyond the 13th because that’s it, that’s home. And I think you’ve touched on something that is really critical because I’ll talk to people on the phone and they’ll say, “Well you know, I don’t want to just talk to the God of this universe”; were not talking about some king of this universe.

When we talk about the 13th Octave, we’re talking about Source, were talking about the top-of-the-ladder, we’re talking about All. So, we’re not talking about a Central Administrator, of how we refer to Gabriel, of Earth or Raj being the Administrator, which you know how much else he does, it’s amazing and we should have a show just on what his other responsibilities are.

So it’s huge, so what we’re doing…it’s like we had the aperture of the camera really focused on, you know when you put it on the focus to get the flower and now we’re like getting that big, wide lens and we’re starting to see ‘oh my gosh, look at what really out there and look at what we are participating in and creating’. This is the thing that I think where we get lost; we talk about creating Cities of Light, we talk about creating Nova Earth but we really don’t have the picture of what that looks like, or we have a picture because some artists have done some wonderful renderings, but we really don’t know because it hasn’t been in our consciousness or even in our meditation about the magnitude of where we’re going and what we’re really creating. And it’s beyond our imagination, so now they’re giving us a glimpse.

M2: I wanted to ask you, I’m coming back, you know I just have to go way out there before I come back, and I’m going way deep inside…anyhow, you mentioned on that beautiful letter about the New Human, could you say a little more about that now?

LD: Yes, and what is still flowing, as I said I’m trying to get it out to you as fast as I can, that’s why we are having this sort of expanded conference call of talking today, is that what is going on right with this tsunami…let’s chunk it all altogether… tsunami of love, Ascension, New You, New Me, New Us; the very definition, and this is from Archangel Gabriel and from the Divine Mother, the very definition of what we conceived and what has been, what it means to be human, is changing. That’s like mind-blowing, it’s huge.

So what does that mean? Well, they’re still in the process, but to me, what I’m seeing is that it is us in the fullness of our creation potential that we are taking those filaments of love and not only sharing them with each other but morphing them into creations, whether it’s a, of course you’re talking to Linda here…a cup of coffee, or a temple, or a clean ocean, but the whole sense of what it means to be a human and what they’re talking to me right now even as I’m talking to you, the Mother is telling me when I created you, when I created this form called humanoid, human, it was for the angelics to have a physical experience and a place to have a physical experience of creation, of love, of laughter and joy. And we forgot all that. So, part of what I’m getting is, that it is the redefinition is also about us being able to live for 1000 years or to pop in and out of form.

So, if I want to create on Wednesday by being a stream in a pristine meadow, I can do so, if I want to be Linda living in Port St. Lucie, I can do so and if I want to be on Electra, which is my home planet, playing on that turquoise beach, I can do so and I could be home by supper because Isaac is cooking!

So the very idea of how we think and what it means because now what do we think of as being human? We’re born, we live with a family that supposedly we chose, we learn how to love, we learn how to survive in some cases, we grow up, we age, we enter into work, we enter into relationship, we have an experience, then our body collapses and we die. That’s pretty boring.

So that whole definition is going by the wayside; oh I am so ready to let go. And I think that’s it, I think we all are, I think we’re all at that point of saying, “You know what, that was a silly definition that we adopted because we wanted to control stuff” and we don’t need to control stuff because what we’re realizing is that that control actually boxed us in and limited us in so many ways that harmed us and harmed each other.

So, we’re getting rid of…we truly are following St. Germaine’s dictum of ‘first do no harm’, that’s where that quote comes from, it’s not just the ‘hypocritical’ oath. So, it’s like we’re moving from that definition and we can have all kinds of experiences and relationship and expansion and you know, maybe your sacred union is with a mountain or an ocean. Just as they start to define it for us it’s sort of sparks our imagination because this is a cocreative process of what we think might be possible.

I can’t wait to put my fairy wings back on and really sit on those flower petals and just enjoy it and maybe I’ll do it for a day, maybe I’ll do it for a month, but all those timelines are going on at the same time, but they’re clean because we’ve been washed by the tsunami.

C: I can’t wait to stop hearing about attempted burglaries and robberies and vandalism and hearing sirens and…

LD: You know, one of the biggest boons that I have taken away from talking with the Mother about the tsunami of love is that when you are really in the love this sense of exclusivity or hoarding or inequality disappears, so that you don’t want to do something that your brother, either in Africa or Asia or next-door, doesn’t have or doesn’t have access to.

So, that sense of burglaries, as you’re saying, of bank robberies, of the violence, the violence that attends those kinds of actions, it disappears because everybody is getting what they need. And what you need may be different than what I need, but it doesn’t matter, we get what we desire because the sharing is there, the sense, the real sense of community is there, of sharing, of sharing space, of sharing energy, of sharing resources, because Gaia, there is no shortage of her water, of her earth, of her air. We forgot what the real gifts of being on Gaia is about and there is no shortage.

So that greed factor, if you’re in love there is no greed, if you are the love there is no hoarding, because you know that the supply is infinite. It’s like spinning my head…

Q: …the shortage of water in the California area? (the rest of this question was garbled)

LD: First of all don’t underestimate Gaia, don’t underestimate her capacity to also shift her molecules and have springs coming up everywhere. That’s the first part; but the second part is why wouldn’t… you see this idea of states and of nation states begins to disappear, not that we don’t value culture and traditions because that’s rich, that’s rich heritage, but why wouldn’t Colorado share water with California? And why wouldn’t Kansas, you know, share wheat with New York?

When I first moved to Arizona and then I started becoming aware of the politics of water and who owned water rites and then I would go out to the desert, because that was my favorite thing to do, and I would see these huge pipes with water rushing out of them, just into the sand of the desert. So I’d say to Isaac, “What is that?” Oh, that’s the run-off from the Colorado. Well, that makes no sense.

So, the attitudes that that sense of ‘I’ve got mine and too bad for you’, it goes away because it was never the intent of what it meant to be human. When we morphed from our angelic form to a human form we brought our angelic qualities with us and we forgot that. When we morphed from our angelic form to being a starseed form we brought our angelic qualities with us and we forgot that. Now our star brothers and sisters hovering above us have gone through the process, they remember, they know, they live it. There was a question…

J4: You know and I think about this, when you see animals on the land and the water starts to change, they change and adapt also and we on the western slope in Colorado where we have pristine water and fly fishing and has really shifted about ourselves about the value and the preciousness of the water. And a judgment has formed because in Denver, if you really somebody then you can…if you have a big yard and your sprinklers are going and if a lot of the water on the eastern slope goes to golf courses because people with a few more means live there and whenever they start to get it, and I don’t mean all the rest of the water, they redistricted the state so they can encompass more of the western slope and have more access to water. So there will be some shifting there…

LD: There will be some significant shifting and if you think of political institutions, power institutions, whether it’s financial, political or social, again if you bring people into those roles whose ideas ‘I don’t want anything that I can’t share and have equalization, integrity, unity, so that I can look you in the eye and feel good about it.” It will shift…

J4: And they all want to run to the western slope to camp out and fish those pristine waters and want to keep them sacred. But the other side of their mouth, in their meetings in Denver are saying, “But I need more water over here because we’re putting in a new subdivision and then I will send my three kids the college but their fishing in Greenwood Springs…

LD: Well, that’s the duality, that’s duality that’s going away, that’s the duality of the definition of what it means to be human in the old. So think of that duality/polarity gone. It’s exciting just to even have a glimmer of that.

J4: Can you take a question about the tsunami?

LD: Yes, because tsunami is the perfect way for us to finish up today.

J4: When I listened Thursday night to Mother Mary, holy cow, who could maintain any 3rd dimension after hearing that? One of the things I’m curious about is, because I get doses of that and I had some of it this morning, the joy, I felt like I was jumping out of my skin, but I think about when Steve asks those questions, will we be nauseous, will we be lightheaded? I know we’ve been sleepy, I can hardly stay awake many times in the day. Just wondering what some of the other physical things are or does it matter?

LD: You can expect some physical shifts and they will vary, but I know, even last weekend when we were talking about the most recent Ascension symptoms and you’ve named the first part of the list and I’ll finish it; pain in your occipitals, the sinus issues, the hips, the joints, digestive issues, we are just shifting our bodies, the quotient.

Now, the key to this, Mary’s talking to me again, the key to this is ‘Child! She is being very emphatic, child, when the tsunami is passing through the sheer energetic screen, let it wash away every fiber, subatomic particle of what you conceive of as incompleteness and pain.’

So let it go, let that tsunami of love, let those waves go through your hips, through your wrists, through your brain, through your sinuses, get a nose full, breathe it in…

J1: Is there an exercise that we do for this tsunami of love?

LD: Yes, this is the exercise and thank you for reminding me, so see yourself as if you are standing, not lying down, because if you were in the ocean you would be standing right? So stand there and we’ve all, well I hope all of us but if you haven’t been in the ocean, you’ve certainly been in a lake and felt a slight current or waves from the motorboat, see yourself as if you become sheer energy and I’m not just talking about your body, so think of your entire field, so your big field, right? And feel that wave coming at you and you are a screen and the tsunami is just passing through you.

So, the sense that I am getting, it’s really funny, it’s warm and it’s cooling at the same time and you know if you’ve been in the ocean or you’ve been in a lake for a while there’s that sense like that your inner core starts to cool; remember as a kid you stayed in the water too long? and it just passes right through you. So just stand there, it doesn’t have to take long, we’re talking 5-10 minutes a day, every day and if you can it do multiple times a day then do so. And the sense that you get is bliss, it’s just love and I know it’s going to be hard for you to stand up. So when you’re standing up hold on to something and see your feet either at the foot of the ocean or that shifting sand is already taking place or see yourself you know holding onto a coral bed, or holding onto my hand or the person next to you’s hand or Archangel Michael’s hand and just let that energy flow through you it doesn’t stop at you, you’re like this energetic screen and it just flows right through you, you don’t get the backwash by the way, I’ve noticed that, so it’s not like it slaps you back and it’s coming from the front through you. So you are facing the wave, you are facing the tsunami.

J4: So, how will we know it’s happening? and I know because I sit on the couch to rerun a Heavenly Blessing interview with St. Germaine and the next thing I know 45 minutes have gone by, I can’t even remember the dosing off stage or shutting my eyes, I’m just instantly gone. Is that how it happens?

LD: Yes, but how you know and don’t forget because the reason we’re having this conversation this morning is we are the anchors, we are the pillars, the gatekeepers, the wayshowers, so we’re preparing ourselves for the onslaught, this is what we volunteered for. Joe asked earlier about our mission and purpose, well for all of us who are talking, this is a huge part of our mission and purpose.

So we are acting as the anchors for the big tsunami that’s coming. We’re already receiving the ripples, we can feel it in our body and how do you know? you feel blissed out. And it will come in waves, but feel it…it’s like ‘I feel like I feel like a million bucks, I feel so much love I want to go outside and kiss the grizzled neighbor who so grumpy. And you start to see differently, but we pay greater attention, it’s like our awareness of what’s really around us is expanding and it all feels good.

J4: So, just sitting on the couch one minute I’m a little tired and the next minute I’m totally asleep and I don’t even know I’m asleep, so that’s not really the…

LD: That’s the tsunami but it’s not the conscious tsunami that I’m asking you to be aware of so we can be the anchors, that’s you receiving the energy and it knocking you sideways, so that’s almost like one of the Ascension symptoms.

Now, it’s important, when you fall asleep rest because this energy is bigger than anything we’ve ever held or experience. So, I may ask you to stand for 10 minutes and receive that tsunami through you and you say, “Okay Linda, I’ll do it” and as soon as I’m finished I have to go to sleep for an hour and that’s okay. Okay? But do it consciously.

C: I’m just wondering if anybody else is experiencing things being really stuck right now? I have a couple of projects going on and it’s like ‘oh my god, it’s so frustrating I can’t seem to move forward’.

LD: Because you are leaving them behind.

C: A lot of it is my house in Florida, I wonder if there’s just more stuckness going on in Florida or….

LD: Oh no, no, no…what you’re seeing is the stuckness of humanity, so just push the ‘on hold’ button, let the tsunami hit them, and everything will be different.

C: Push the hold button or release it, you mean?

LD: No, just for your own sense of sanity, just put it on hold and say, “I’ll get back to you after the tsunami.”

C. Okay, don’t try to deal with it right now…

LD: Don’t push it because everything’s in flux. So for example, if you have a recalcitrant tenant and I don’t know your situation but if you had a recalcitrant tenant who wasn’t behaving ethically, I would just put them on hold, let the tsunami hit and they will be calling you saying, “Can I pay more rent?” “Can I pay instead of $1000 a month could I pay you $1500? because I so love this house, I don’t know what happened but it’s so filled with love and the flowers are dancing, and trees are blooming so, I think I want to pay you more so I can stay here.

C: Laughter…Oh she’d have to…and then there all these things that need to be repaired, so maybe just wait because the star brothers will teach me how to do it with my thoughts.

LD: Yes, but don’t forget part of building community in form is also bringing people in to repair your house.

C: Okay, I wondered about that because everybody is dropping like flies….

LD: But let the tsunami hit them…I’m not saying let the roof fall in but let the tsunami hit first, because it’s not like I’m not talking a year from now, I’m not even talking a month from now. That’s why I’m feeling such a sense of urgency that we do this. Bury your feet in the sand Hollywood Beach girl and get ready…

Any other questions before we finish up?

J1: I just have a quick comment…while you’re talking about the tsunami and stuff, I just had a thought or vision that I saw myself standing by the water and do you ever see these 50 foot waves come by? Is that a thought that I could be standing there and just see that 50 foot wave come right up and go right through me and just stand there and have it soak me through…

LD: That’s the perfect, perfect vision…

Q: Is this in preparation for the big one?

LD: Yeah, but we’re doing it so we can anchor it for everybody, that’s our job. So, it’s like we’re getting ready so that we can be holding the life jackets as people are receiving. We’re helping the Mother. We’ve always known, that’s what a wayshower does, that’s what the pathfinder does, we cut through the bush and we make the path so that everybody else can find the way.

J4: Linda, sometimes when I feel a little wimpy about something or kind of on the shy side, I just pull up my inner giant self and say, “What else did you come here for? This may be the only reason you came here for.” Like one student said to me, “I can’t do the test.” I say, “That might be the only reason you came here.”

LD: Good. Perfect, perfect. So, I love you guys. Thank you for listening to me ramble and ramble all over the map and we’re going to be talking about this more. I love you guys.

Conference Call 02-01-14 Linda Dillon

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