The Council of Love tells us that this is the law that speaks to everything having a beginning and an end, and at the end, there is always another beginning. Although you finished this series, my beloved ones, the work with the Universal Laws has just begun.

Nothing in the Infinite Creation of Eternity is constant, and everything is constant. There is always more. That is the basic understanding of continuity, whether you are in or out of form, whether you are on Andromeda, Gaia, or in the Pleiadian sector, there is always more. Whether you are an Archangel or an Ascended Master, there is always more.

Heavenly Blessings Radio Show

Suzanne Maresca: Good morning and welcome to another offering of Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, Channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You: Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness, and myself, Suzanne Maresca.

Today our topic is the last in our series on Universal Laws, specifically the Law of Constancy and Continuity. The Council of Love tells us that this is the law that speaks to everything having a beginning and an end, and at the end there is always another beginning.

At this point, we don’t know yet who will be stepping forward to guide us and, interestingly enough, we aren’t taking callers for this show. We’re recording ahead of time in order to accommodate travel schedules and we didn’t want to leave everyone hanging on for this last piece. My feeling is that the subject matter fits in perfectly with what’s happening in the collective evolution right now. So much of what we know is ending, but our new beginnings are beyond exciting. Good morning, Linda!

Linda Dillon: Good morning, Suzi, and thanks for accommodating my travel schedule. It is a pleasure to be here and to talk about this final law.

SM: Amazing.

LD: Yeah. I don’t know where the time went or how we did this, but here we are. And I wanted to take a chance to offer everybody a happy Thanksgiving because actually we’re recording today on the day after Thanksgiving. So we know that gratitude and gratefulness and being in a position of thanks, that state of being in thanks, is really not just a day or an event, regardless of what country you’re in, because it’s true to all cultures. But just to have people take a chance to really be in that place of gratitude in their hearts.

SM: Yes, it opens the door. It opens the door for things and I think that advice that I’ve been getting is if things start to get you down, certainly what I tell my daughter when she is feeling blue and down and like “what good is anything?”, just offer gratitude. Find something that you really can be grateful for and there’s always something, there’s always lots of things – we just have to think about it a little bit. And that just starts the whole upshift in frequency.

LD: It really does. Yep. And the whole idea, just being in that space of gratitude, because you can’t be in joy, you can’t really be in the place of love, if you aren’t in that feeling of gratitude, in that state of gratitude. Because they all go together; they’re linked.

SM: Yeah, and there’s always something to be grateful for. You know, what comes to mind … I’m getting ready for this show and for the last couple of days the song from the Lion Kind “The Circle of Life” is what’s come up for me about this show. And that’s just the beginning and the end, and I just feel it’s so perfect because we really are at end times, but it sort of feels like the end times are already done and we’re in the beginning times. We just don’t know how to feel it yet..

LD: Well, it’s funny you should say that because yesterday as we were driving up here – we’re in California just north of San Diego – and that song came on the radio. And it has been running through my head ever since. Can you feel the love tonight?

SM: Oh, yay! I love it. That’s a great song.

LD: It is. It is the circle of life and it’s the circle of existence, that circle of twelve planes, twelve dimensions of incarnation, of reincarnation, of traveling back through that circle, back home to the One.

SM: Yes.

LD: It’s completion on so many levels.

SM: It is. And I really want to thank you, Linda, for allowing me to be part of this wonderful thing, the universal laws. Who knew that it was going to be thirteen – well, it’s been more than thirteen weeks because we’ve taken our practice breaks – but it’s been an amazing time and I’m very grateful for this and for information that they’ve given us. It’s just been wonderful.

LD: So am I. And, you know, in our next section or our next series, we’re going to talk about some of the other areas like false grids and clearing and elimination and interdimensionality. But everything we do, even if we never study or listen about anything else in this spiritual journey, knowing and having this explanation, particularly these vows of gratitude to Sanat Kumara. But to have him come, as you say, week after week and to talk to us, to explain to us in really plain terminology, how things work, has been incredible.

SM: Yes. It’s all in your book; everything is outlined in there and it’s really in a nice, compact package of amazing information.

LD: Well, thank you. You know, the Council has this unique – at least I’m not aware of anyone else doing it in quite this way – but when they started doing the books, first the “LaHoChi 13th Octave” , “The LaHoChi manual” and then “The Great Awakening” and now “The New You”, they were very adamant that it couldn’t be just a book, that it needed to be the channeled information plus the meditations, because those downloads of the meditation with their attunements and their frequency, along with the information and the energy in between the letters of every word and the energies between the words gives you what you need in terms of really integrating that information.

The book starts with just the real basics, the foundation of “who are you?” We can’t progress until we’re really clear about who it is we are. And from there, we go on this wonderful journey to learn about our interdimensional selves and our stranger and this energy that exists outside of us and on into Creation and Universal Law.

And we kind of started at the end, but I feel good. They know what they’re doing!

SM: Yes, life is uncertain. Eat dessert first.

LD: Yeah, you’re absolutely right.

SM: Oh, why not?

LD: So, shall we begin with a meditation?

SM: That would be love, thank you so much.

LD: You are so welcome. It is such an honor to work with you; to play with you. So we have a double header today and I can really feel our Universal Mother Mary or our Divine Mother, as She has one essence and a couple of faces, many faces actually, and Sanat Kumara is standing here.


So, let’s begin as always making ourselves really comfortable by letting go of the day and the week. This time of year can be a mixed blessing because it is a time of family and celebration and busyness and it can also be a time of stress and financial woes. So it’s especially a time where we need to be cognizant and really working at maintaining our balance and making sure, in the busyness of taking care of other people, that we take care of ourselves.

So, let’s begin today by taking a nice deep blue in through your nose, hold it for a sec., blowing out through your mouth, anchoring in your heart because this is your anchor, this is the center of your being. And as we progress even further into the 5th and 6th and 7th dimensions we become aware of our heart consciousness, not that it is in isolation but that it is simply the center of our matrix. So breathe blue and let go, let go of the craziness and the joy and the busyness of the holiday you just finished, let go of the to-do list and just thank yourself for being here, for taking this time for your sacred self. And go deeper.

When we take time for this type of undertaking, to expand our sacred self, to delve more deeply into who we are, we are declaring our worthiness and our belief and our unity with One. We’re claiming our bliss. So let’s take another deep breath of gold, the gold of Sanat Kumara, that brilliant white-pinkish gold, and breathe it in and feel it coming down through your crown into your heart, into your blood stream, livening up every particle of who you are. Take a moment and cross your arms around you and give yourself a hug and declare out loud if you’re in a position to, how much you love you. And as we sink once more in this final discussion, which will continue forever, on universal laws, see yourself, once again, seeing that tiny pinprick of the most brilliant white light in the center of your heart chakra and feel it beckoning to you as if it is something that you have known and you have seen for millions of years.

Feel your wings unfurl and feel yourself flying through that portal, flying through that portal into the totality of your heart, into those inner golden chambers. And as you do, take time, there’s no rush here, to really look at the symbols, at the messages, the pictures, the pictographs, the cuneiforms, everything that you have etched on those golden walls of your heart. Really take the time.

Today we speak of the Universal Law of Constancy and Continuity and these walls of your being give you those clues; the intent of who you are and your soul mission and purpose that has never changed. There are always variations on a theme, life after life, but that core of who you are doesn’t shift. And when you come back and you look or you feel or you are perceiving that information, it gives you that sense of constancy and continuity of who you’ve been, who you are, and who you will be because even as there is a Law of Change, within that constant flow there is the solidity of you.

Now take time to go to your sacred chamber and to either sit on your chair or the cushion on the floor, wherever you position yourself, and go deeper into your heart. Allow the knowing of who you are to well up inside of you, feel it filtering down and through your mental and emotional bodies, through your crown and your third eye. But also feel it welling up from your root chakra as if you are absorbing the information of you through the soles of your feet. Feel it in your tummy and your gut, in your solar plexus. Feel that sense of excitement of knowing and of wonder and bring it into your heart, feel it like a beautiful golden diamond that you will hold there and cherish there.

Universal Mother Mary:

Greetings, I AM Mary, Universal Mother, Mother of Change, Mother of Love, and Mother, sweet angels, of Continuity and Constancy. And, yes, of course, my beloved Raj [Sanat Kumara] joins us, for it would be incomplete for us to have today without his sacred presence, without his kind, beloved insight.

And let me suggest to thee that although you finished this series, my beloved ones, the work with the universal laws has just begun. It is a fundamental shift within the human experience. It is a shift of the higher realms and the higher realm of existence, for each and every one of you. When I have called to each of you and when I have beckoned millions of years ago to Sanat Kumara, I have desired for you to know, to remember, and to implement in grand ways and practical ways, minute ways, the understanding of how universal law works.

I have created and birthed not only each of you, but the Multiverse, the Omniverse, each universe that you have ever had experience of. But what good would that be if you did not understand the fundamental mechanics of how things operate? And so, yes, not only is it knowledge, information, sweet angels of my heart, it is me, your Divine Mother, imparting wisdom, sharing my wisdom with each of you.

So let us speak of this Law of Constancy and Continuity. Not only are we, and you may frame that as the Father and I – the One – not only are we constant and never-changing, we are also ever-changing, expanding, growing, creating. But the fabric, the constructs, the concepts, the divine love, the sacred blessings and virtues, what you think of as divine qualities or values, practices, these do not change.

Are there a million and three interpretations of these laws and values? Yes, because they are unique to you. But let us also suggest to you, just like us, that you are constant while you are also never-changing and ever-changing. That is part of the delight of experience and existence and it is not merely, dear heart, about incarnation and reincarnation. For in each incarnation, in each travel that you have undertaken, there is significant shift in every single breath, every thought, every emotion, every action that you experience and take.

Nothing – let me be clear about this – nothing in the infinite creation of eternity is constant. And everything is constant because everything is created from love. That is the only essence; that is the only substance; that is the only fiber there is. So everything that takes form comes from love, comes from my heart and my essence.

What I say to thee in terms of continuity in that there is always more, more delight, more bliss, greater wisdom, more understanding, more compassion, more love. There have been moments that you and I have shared where you have felt the sweetness and the power of my love which I give to you yet again in this moment. It is the most precious aspect I have to offer you. And as you return it to me and we share this blessed moment, I expand and you expand and there is continuity of growth, infinity of growth.

But I have heard you say, and I have been glad to hear you say, “I have felt the love of the Mother/Father/One. I have been touched and I have been blessed and I can die now, or I can continue on now knowing and having had this experience of union.

My beloved children, my angels and archangels and ascended ones, know that in that union, in that knowing and sharing of love, that there is still an infinite capacity for growth, continuity; there is always more. And this is the law and as human beings, you have come to understand this.

And I give you practical examples: you meet with me, you meet with loved ones, you fall madly, passionately in love, you choose sacred other, and you think “this is it. This is the ultimate.” And it does not matter – it can be with a child, a partner, a job, a mission, an avocation. And then after a while you turn to me and you say “Mother, I am bored. What else is there?” I know you.

And so it is constructed, dear heart, you are of my loins. Do you not think I expected this? You want more. Well, the good news is, dear hearts, there is always more. And that is the basic understanding of continuity, whether you are in or out of form, whether you are on Andromeda, Gaia, or in the Pleiadian sector, there is always more, whether you are an archangel or an ascended master, there is always more.

Now if that is not exciting, you are not breathing! And if you are not breathing, that means that you are on this side with me and then you may trust you are excited.

Dear Heart, where do you wish to begin today?

SM: Oh, I wish to begin by offering you my heart and saying it’s such a delight and wonder to be speaking to you this way again. Okay, so so much has been happening in my internal process that it has been challenging to formulate questions. I am in such a place of free flow and release that the details and the questions haven’t been bubbling up.

I will say, though, that I’ve been wondering lately about life in 5D and higher, all in a category of new beginnings. I have questions about what are now considered the basic human needs of food, clothing, and shelter. May I continue with that?

DM: Yes, you may.

SM: Thank you, Mother. Do we all go through a period of living with replicators for our food and then eventually graduate to being able to take in what sustenance we need from the air and water? I always want water to be a part of my life. Or will some of us be able to skip over that and jump right into living with a mutable light body?

DM: You have asked a wonderful question.

SM: Oh, yea!

DM: Now let us begin, and understanding, we could have several hours of what you think of as time talking about time and timelines. But let us skip that and go to the truth of your question.

SM: Okay.

DM: The plan, your plan, all of you who are listening, and yes, my plan, this plan of Ascension to the higher dimensional realities and, by the way, I consider the 1st through the 12th equal, but we are understanding about where Gaia is located.

SM: Okay.

DM: You have all you need. But let us speak about this obsession, because it is and it is particularly a bit of a lightworker obsession, about leaving the physical form behind. Now, the replicators are toys. They are delightful toys that your star brothers and sisters and some of you already have them, but they are delightful toys your brothers and sisters from the stars will share with you to comfort you, to reassure you that you have what you need.

So one of the purposes of this tool is for you to begin to let go of the false grid and the obsession that you had better work 9 to 5 in order to have a roof over your head and water to drink.

SM: Right.

DM: That has never been the plan, but this will be given to you simply. So some will choose never to use the replicator.

SM: Oh, okay.

DM: And some will be wedded to them as if it is the King Solomon’s mines, the Ark of the Covenant. So there is variation in that, but the tools – and we’ll use the replicator as an example – are for those who are very concerned, weary, about leaving their care and feeding up to chance.

The idea, the plan, and what you already have instilled deep within you, is the capacity to create and to bring forth and use the energy, the codes, the love, to transmute that into substance of whatever it is you need or desire in the moment.

Now, will everybody make that jump at the same time? No, because you have this wonderful thing called personalities. And there are some, even as you shift dimensions, who still have these memories of old grids, of not being taken care of. So the first thing we say is that all are taken care of.

Now, my beloved Gaia. You know that when I have said to thee that there is always change; there is always continuity; there is always constancy, Gaia is one of my first and foremost archangels. I have said this many times: I do not think you all hear me when I say this. And she, in service to One, has taken this form of planet. Her vibration is of such a high frequency and intensity that you collectively, even individually, have only had moments, flashes, of fully connecting with the fullness of her energy, with the totality of her being. But you will!

Now, the primary gift that Gaia, in her magnificent splendor, has brought forth is Earth, Air, Fire (which is Light), and Water. Why? Well, assuming and still being in, yes, slightly altered, the physical form, would you reject these offerings?

SM: Hmmm.

DM: That simply would make no sense. Now, is the water sweeter? And you have all had that experience of finding a pristine stream or a well where the water has been so pure and sweet that you felt you could not get enough of it, where the light was so crystalline that you could truly see the beauty that lay before you. It is not often witnessed in your cities, but it will be.

Why would you reject the bounty that she offers you, whether it is a fruit or a vegetable or a blade of grass? You see where I am going with this. Gaia, even in her highest dimension, will still offer you her bounty. Now, will you require it for survival, because that is really what you are referring to? The answer is “no”, but will you relish it? Will you enjoy it? Will you take it, a succulent fruit, and taste the juices of Gaia? It would be insanity not to.

SM: Oh, truly so.

DM: And that is the answer.

SM: A fabulous answer. I love it. So will we need to regenerate like we do now by sleeping?

DM: The form of sleep will be very different. And you have noticed that you have even now, as you have been in the Ascension process, that your sleep processes have changed significantly. There are times when you feel, and we will use the words “sleep” and “rest” as interconnected.

But there are times when you feel the need to rest or to sleep deeply. Now that is because of what you are, first of all, the level of energy you are holding in your bodies as they are transforming. Secondly, it is the level of work that you are doing out of body or through bi-location in the fulfillment of your mission and purpose. And then the third thing is simply escape.

SM: Yeah.

DM: Well, let us suggest to you escape and boredom are twins. And that will disappear because that sense of wonder, of awe, of bliss, will be restored. Each of you have had days that are so perfect that you never want them to end. Children still have this gift to truly see and to fight any form of sleep, and then they are called “cranky” because they have discovered the truth of what it is.

So that category of resting because you are fed up or bored will dissipate. Now what will also occur is that the level of what we would call unconscious or subconscious unawareness of where you are and what you are up to will disappear. So that need to put yourself to sleep so that you can go off, for example, and work with Michael, will be gone.

Now the other thing that disappears, dear heart, is you are not going into the war-torn places of grief, of horror, of annihilation, with Michael because peace is restored. So one of the reasons that you sleep is that your conscious mind is placed aside because the horror of what you witness would be too much to carry during your waking hours. So that will disappear, that sense of needing to absent yourself so that you can do the work that you have committed to long ago. So that will be gone as well.

Now, will you take time to lie on the grass, to lie in the hammock, to lie in your bed, to sit and stare at the stars for the sheer joy of it?

SM: Yes.

DM: Of course you will. And that is a form of rest. It is also a form of replenishment. So if you think of it as replenishment time, as part of that continuity so that you go on fully filled, then yes, that will. But the idea that you must sleep, the idea that you must eat three square meals a day or drink a gallon of water, that is shifting already and will continue to do so.

There are things that we have suggested to you such as Archangel Gabrielle’s golden elixir – we are constantly telling many of you to be drinking Gabrielle’s golden elixir. It clarifies you; it brings you joy inside and out; it lubricates your limbs and your joints, restores your organs. But in this new time what you are doing is you literally are capable of seeing, tasting, and enjoying her elixir.

So what you eat and drink, the choices available to you, also shift.

SM: That brings me to an interesting question, because I’ve wondered this. As I’m eating something, if I choose to eat a peanut butter cup, I can just say to this peanut butter cup that it is blessed and purified and becomes holy when it comes into my body. And that whatever I eat will be purified and just completely fine.

DM: That is correct, and you are using the Law of Transmutation and it is instantaneous. Now, do not go overboard, child…

SM: [laughter]

DM: …because what you want to do… you do not want to deny the sensory experience of that peanut butter cup, the sensory explosion of salt and smooth and chocolate and sweet. So enjoy it while you are transmuting what is not beneficial for your body. But we do not wish to strip you – treats are joy.

SM: Wonderful.

DM: And chocolate will take on a whole new meaning!

SM: Yea! At the same time I’m asking these questions, I almost want to laugh because I already know the answers and I’m living it now on what I can only describe as the other side. And I don’t understand it but that feels like truth to me. And it’s why I can be so peaceful with the world seemingly falling apart around me. We’ve already created it and I think I’ve already been to some parties that I want to remember.

DM: That is absolutely correct. And this has been a form of your continuity and your constancy. So what you are doing in many situations – and I say this to many of you – is that you are already, particularly during this time of a shift in transition – you are already bilocated in several realities. No, it does not mean that you have split or fissioned; it simply means that you have put – and that is in accordance with the law – your ability by intention in several places fully at the same time.

And you reason that you still feel the anchoring of yourself in the 3rd is that, even though you do not feel that you are fully participating in the 3rd, what you are doing, sweet angels, is through holding your energy field, through holding the bilocation energy, is you are transmuting to those that are still in process. So you are in the 3rd, you are in the 5th, you are in the 9th, and you are having many parties. So that is already well under way.

SM: Would it be all right for me to ask at what point there won’t be a separation of conscious awareness?

DM: You are almost there. Now one of the things you are looking for, and we believe what your question truly speaks to, is that at what time do we turn the switch?

SM: [laughs]. Okay.

DM: I am not telling you that. but this is what I do tell you, sweet angel. Not all of you are waiting for that switch to be turned. For many of you, the shift has already occurred. And you say “then why don’t I feel it?” But you have just told me that you are feeling it, so your decision as pathfinder, as wayshowers, as portal, as gatekeeper, as pillar, in many ways in accordance with your mission and purpose, the decision to leave what you know as the old 3rd dimension behind is a personal decision.

Now, you have touched upon something very important – critical – that I wish to speak to. Why is it that some of you are already feeling that sense of detachment, of being the observer, of knowing the connection, of feeling the unity, of multiplying and amplifying my gift of clarity, and feel pretty much ready to let go of that cord to the old 3rd so that you are not experiencing the angst, the anger, the fear, the discouragement, the disappointment in ways that you have in the past. That the struggle, yes struggle, because that is a big piece of what the old 3rd that we wish to dismiss was about; it was this belief in struggle, which is contrary to everything I have ever created.

Now why is it that some of you are ready to simply let go of that cord? Because you have decided, in your own journey, that you are ready to, that you can work and be in the fullness of your capacity in the higher realms. Now you may, on occasion, be reaching back. But even as you reach back, what I suggest today is that you will be reaching back into the pure 3rd that I have recently created, not the distorted old 3rd.

SM: Hmmm.

DM: So can there be an experience of physicality … We are not eliminating the 3rd dimension; that would be contrary to my creation. The circle of life that you and Linda have referred to includes the fullness of the clock. We are not taking ‘3’ off the clock. We are cleaning it up.

So can you have an experience of physicality in and out as you choose? Yes. But it is from a different place of existence and knowing. When I created the 3rd in the very beginning, it was a place of play where you could assume being a tree, a butterfly, a mountain range, a goat, and you could do it for five minutes or five years or five millennia – it mattered not.

But you were free to pop in and out. And what happened with the distorted 3rd was you forgot that and everything became a struggle. Well, that is not the creation that I have put in place. So, yes, some of you are already ready to let go of that cord. Some of you are bilocating fully and, might I say, quite lovely, very well, holding the energy for those who are in the process of decision.

And then there are those that are still caught in the quagmire of the 3rd, the old distorted 3rd. But all are being prepared. Some resist. That is the option of free will. But it is really kind of absurd when you think of it, my daughter. This is something that the solidity of the old 3rd has always been a conundrum. Why would anyone choose fear, pain, misery, mayhem? Yes, the addiction is strong but all of it is but an illusion. That is why we are going to speak to you about false grids as well.

SM: Yes.

DM: I am determined that my children, from China to India to Africa, to Haiti, to New York City, to the west coast, that everybody will be fully informed of what a false grid is and be free to exercise the choice to abolish, eliminate, escape from these illusions. Because they are not of love and they are not of my creation. And frankly, child, I am tired of them.

SM: Yes, I can relate to that. You just used the word “illusion” and I’ve been wondering what, if any difference is there between an illusion and a hologram.

DM: In the sense that I am speaking, an illusion – and now I am talking about the human experience – is that an illusion has attachments to the mental, emotional, and causal bodies. So that it is truly experienced and anchored like cement in the emotional/mental realms, some causal (past life), and then it solidifies because of that illusion, because of that belief system, into what you think you see.

That is why we have said you do not even see the clarity and beauty fully of Gaia. You have had momentary visions of the truth and the purity of her existence, but by and large that is an illusion.

A hologram is external to you. So holograms, again in the sense of what we are talking about of laws, it is a construct that is presented to you. It may or may not resonate or what you may think of “match” or “reflect” one of your illusions. There are more and more holograms that are being sent to you collectively and individually as catalysts for change.

SM: Hmmm. Okay, I’m not sure if I really understand that completely, but…

DM: You have thought of holograms as something “less than”, but let us suggest to you, and they have been used in that way and manipulated in that way by distorted 3rd, but, in fact, there are many holograms that are being sent to you both from this side, particularly from your angelic guides and from your star brothers and sisters, that you are seeing pictures or visions that are lifting your energy.

SM: Okay.

DM: And you are saying “OH!! Wow, that is beautiful! That is what I want.”

SM: Yes. Okay. Is it all right if I ask a question about the comet?

DM: Yes, of course. The Blue Star Comet, dear heart.

SM: The Blue Star Comet! I’m so excited about this comet and I’ve been making some brief connections with it in meditation. And yesterday I felt like I merged with the comet and allowed myself to be seeded with the things that are coming off of it, and if that’s myself as a portal, what does this comet mean to humanity? It’s come around around the sun; it’s not been destroyed; it’s on its way back to Earth. Is it going to pass by us again?

DM: Yes, it is. That is the Law of Continuity. So what it brings to you is a shower of new energy, an intergalactic shower of potential. It is a catalyst for greater unity because it is present equally to all upon my beloved Gaia. So, yes, it shows you in a very concrete – might we say pure 3rd dimensional way – that that circle of life, that you can go off, circle the sun and come back full of energy.

SM: Woo-hoo!! Awesome!

DM: And that is what you have done. You have said “I will be part of this energy and I will be part of the blessings for the people of Earth and far beyond.”

SM: Aha, what a joy. I’m so happy. So I have one more question that is sort of related and then sort of not. I’m feeling drawn to explore telepathic communication with animals and that like a segue into a really fine way to prepare for the same with star family. And telepathic communication is going to be what we’re moving toward, if I’m not mistaken. Is there a difference between telepathic communication and channeling?

DM: The only real difference between… well, yes, there are some differences. The channeling in this current form, let us say, is that we inhabit. If it is verbal channeling like what we are doing right now, basically I am permitted – can you imagine her saying “no”?? – I am permitted to inhabit her body and to speak and to use her physicality to communicate.

Telepathic would be that I would speak to her mind and then she would speak the words that I am communicating.. But telepathic communication is so much more efficient. Now you would never think of me, as your Mother, as the efficiency expert, but I am. Can you imagine having this many children throughout the multiverse and not being efficient? It would be chaos!

So, yes, I am very efficient. And telepathy is a form of being able, not only to communicate words or information, but to be able to exchange in a very rapid sense the totality. You see, our purpose has never been to eliminate the mental or the emotional sphere. It is a gift. Does it need to be balanced? Yes. But the emotional content of any message is pivotal, crucial. Now what happens in human communication is that the emotional concept, the spiritual energy, even some of the mental energy is lost.

When you are having telepathic communication, they are embedded fully so that you receive the fullness of the communication. Now you, dear heart – many of you – are in telepathic communication constantly with us – with your guides, with the angelic realms, with the archangels, the masters. The animals – what you think of as domesticated and non-domesticated – have always been telepathic. They have been waiting for you.

SM: Yes!!

DM: So, yes, you are going to find yourself communicating more clearly telepathically with the animals. They are more than ready.

SM: Oh. Well, I’m wondering now. I’m feeling guided to go get training in this way, so it would certainly be helpful, even if I already have the innate skill, to be mentored in that way. I’m just wondering, for humanity, is this going to be the kind of thing that is a spontaneous remembering or do we need to seek out training for it?

DM: No. Some of you will wish to master this and be the masters of this form. But, no, it is more a sense – and you already have a very large quotient of this. When your dog or your cat looks at you and has body language and you say, “Oh, I think you’re hungry. Oh, I think you need a love. Oh, I think you need a walk.” It is communicating telepathically.

So all of a sudden what you are going to do is to receive “Oh, not only do you want to go for a walk. It is that you really are feeling a little stiff today and you want to stretch your quadrants and you really want to go back to that house that has the interesting smells and yes, you heard that there was a new neighbor several doors down and you wanted to stop and say hello. Oh and, by the way, that lady is not as cranky as you think. And she has been baking bread for the last three hours and the smell is heavenly. Why don’t we go over there?”

SM: [laughter] That’s funny!

DM: So it will all of a sudden start to expand and it will be delightful.

SM: Oh, yes.

DM: Animals say to you all the time “pay attention! Beware! Do not walk this way.” They protect you far more than you are cognizant of. So, yes, they have been patiently, patiently, more patiently even than many of us on this side, dear heart, they have been patiently waiting for you.

SM: Awe. And I’m so grateful for that and for you and for all the help we are getting from our star family and the Company of Heaven. It’s just wonderful and I appreciate it. Is there anything else that you would like to add in closing?

DM: As we close, I wish to say how much you delight me. Yes, as your Mother in the constancy and continuity of our universe, you delight me. But I also wish to step aside and give the final word to my beloved Raj. Farewell, my children, my loves, go in peace.

Raj: Greetings, I am Sanat Kumara. I am your Raj, Planetary Logos. And now you have greater understanding of what I mean by this. Our time together, not only to speak of the law, but to speak to your hearts, to respond to the wishes, the dreams, even the troubles of your heart, has been a gift to me.

My sacred purpose, to attend to Gaia and to all of you as you move through this Ascension portal, as you come to fully remember and claim the glory of who you are. And you do so in simplicity by claiming the law, by aligning with the law and the divine qualities. When you do this, my beloved family, you cannot go wrong.

As we progress together, for I do not leave and say, “My job is done” because it is not. As we progress together, I am with you. Call on me and if you do not remember what law to call on, what guidance that you need, simply ask. It is our honor, our joy, to respond. Always we are with you. Go with my love and go with the knowing of continuity and constancy throughout the multiverse. Farewell.

SM: Thank you, Raj, so much. Farewell, farewell.

Raj: Farewell.

LD: Hi, it’s Linda.

SM: Wow, Linda, you are awesome!

LD: What an honor!

SM: I want to cry. I feel so good. I’m so grateful.

LD: The gifts we’ve been given are so big and I think we’re just starting to glimpse it, what really is possible.

SM: Through love – it’s all about love. I’m so full of love. Love, love, love.

LD: That’s all there is. You know, the very first time the Council came to me and, you know, in my dogmatic self, also being cautious, asking “Who are you and what do you want?” They said, “Our purpose is to instill love into the hearts of all beings throughout the universe.” I’ve never forgotten that.

SM: Oh, my.

LD: And that’s what we’re doing.

SM: And we’re so lucky to be part of it.

LD: Yeah, we are. And that’s the choice, the constancy, that we chose way back when. It really is that circle. It brings us back to “well, what was our intent when we were born?” That Law of Intent. Where did we choose to begin? It’s so neat!

SM: It really is. It really is. And I know that you have every single episode in transcript and audio on your website, so if you just do a search on “Universal Law”, which I know, they’ll all comes up on a nice convenient page.

LD: Yes and, just as I was leaving town, I was chatting with a friend and she said “could you please put up a list?” Now, I know they’re in the book, but that’s different. But she said “could you please put up a list of the Laws?” And so, when I get home, I will be working with Isaac so that on the side bar we’ll have a list of the laws and you can click and go back and remember what it is that…

You know, this is fundamental stuff.

SM: Yes, and it’s such a service you’re doing and it’s all about love and I’m really so appreciating and loving you so much, Linda. It’s wonderful.

LD: Back at you. And back at everybody who listens to us and our team on Inlight Radio.

SM: And our callers.

LD: Yeah, our callers, for sure. Not just those who listen but those who take the deep breath and call in.

SM: Yes, exactly.

LD: Away we go. We love you all.

SM: We’re back next week with a mystery something or other.

LD: No, we’re back next week talking about false grids.

SM: All right. Okay.

LD: Okay, love you. Bye.

SM: Bye.

Channeled by Linda Dillon