392532_307297812674471_179181975486056_752921_825335912_nOn our Saturday call we had a lively discussion of Mother Mary’s upgraded gifts to us…the intensification of Clarity and in tandem with that, the gift of Purity. Following that Linda led us in a meditation designed to take us to our choice of dimensions and feel what each dimension offers…

Let’s all go to the 13th Octave together…put your fingertips to fingertips, not flat out but curved, you do the three (3) clicks of the tongue…click,,,click…click…and then we now do a fourth click to make sure we’re anchored into the heart of Gaia so that we’re not floating out in space…click. So you’re anchored already in a higher dimension, in a higher reality and it makes it easier, not easy, but easier to operate from in terms of then reaching in and dealing with ‘the stuff’ that’s still going on in the old.

Close your eyes and relax. I know I’ve done a lot of talking today which is not our regular format, but we had a lot to share, and just feel that sense of peace. Let go of the day, let go of the week, let go of that Christmas to-do list and breathe and feel your shoulders relax and your jaw, the back of your neck, your hips, your knees, just relax and go into your heart and in your heart, in the center of your heart, feel your beautiful tri-flame; the Blue Diamond of the Divine Feminine and the Gold Diamond of the Father, of the Divine Masculine, and in the middle your beautiful Pink Diamond, brilliant and shiny, all of them burning brightly. Let’s turn up that flame a little bit, equal, but turn it up…there we go. Now around your beautiful tri-flame I want you to feel a spiral and a cocoon, not restricting it but enhancing it, of the Mother’s gift of the clear blue clarity, that sky blue topaz, aqua Caribbean blue and the sparkly snow white. And feel it moving, because your flames move, they are active, and feel this spiral moving as well and amplifying and caressing your beautiful tri-flame. And take a nice, deep breath of clear blue.

Now with me, take your hands, your arms and feel yourself extend your arms, not that you are uncomfortable but that your hands are out facing the room that you’re sitting in, so that the palms are out as if you were going to send energy. And feel the chi igniting in your hands and feel yourself firmly anchored, as we just did, in the 13th Octave and firmly anchored with your feet on Gaia, your heart on Gaia.

Now take your hands and reach out and feel the energies, yes you can do this, feel the energies of the 7th dimension, the 7th dimension of Christ Consciousness, the dimension of Love. And chances are you are going to feel a slight coolness, not only on your hands and your fingers, but even on your arms…go with it. Now I want you to hug the 7th dimension as if you are circling your hands, your fingers are joining, and you are bringing that energy into your heart right now. And again, arms out, gather that energy and bring the 7th into you and start to feel the shift; don’t rush it…allow…right into your heart, right into that wonderful spiral, into your tri-flame, into your expanded self. And one more time feel the coolness as if there are waves on energy in the air, the energies of Jesus Sananda, Lord Kuthumi, Lord Maitreya, bring it on in.

Now anchor in your heart and let’s just take a moment for you to feel that energy of the 7th…let it do what it needs to do…and feel that sense of peace. And it is for all the dimensions, it is as simple as that. Now can you leave your body and travel? Yes. But if you’re having difficulty, just reach out and bring it in, it’s all around you; it always has been we just didn’t know it.

So you’re not restricted, you’re not restricted to the 5th or the 6th or the 7th. Go to the 12th, go play in the 9th and make this part of your daily practice.

Question: Linda, do we do this more than once a day?

Linda: No, I’d say do it once a day to start with because when you put yourself into this alternate dimension, when you open your eyes you might even feel a little spacy and so you’re getting used to being in this different space; so think of it as an altered space. So bring yourself there and just play with it, work with it throughout the day. And it’s good and like you can say ‘well you know for the next 3 days or this week I’m doing the 7th’ so then you really get to know it and you get to know what it feels like and what the qualities are that it brings. It’s really fun.

Meditation by Linda Dillon 12-07-13