wowwowwowBasically there are three steps in the process. The first step is thinking…“New You – that’s ringing something deep within me and I know I’m a wayshower, I know that I’m here to help with the repatterning, so I say yes.” Then we start with the anchoring, and that’s the expansion – of understanding who you are, of becoming and exploring and having fun with being inter-dimensional and you start working with Universal Law to create. The third part is after you feel like you’ve been anchoring it, then you start to really bring it in to action, you’re stepping out into the world and you’re really assuming that mission and ready to work with the collective on a really big level.

Stephen Cook: Hello and welcome to this very special Lift Your Spirit program. I’m Stephen Cook and thank you once gain for joining me as we continue our ascension journey together. Just before we get underway, I would like to take a little bit of time out to recognize something very important.

I would like to say a sincere and heart-felt thanks to you, yes you. To all those beautiful souls among you who have either donated to the Hope Chest during the last couple of weeks since Lift Your Spirit last aired, or have personally helped me out with my current pickle by giving directly to the Lift Your Spirit PayPal account listed on the show page.

I can’t express how grateful I am personally for those of you who have agreed to share the energy of abundance on every level. And I’d like to send much love and light to Debbie, to Michael, to Jillena, to Steven, to Terry, to Mary Helen, to Al and Carol. You are special, special souls and you know what you’ve done and you know how much you are appreciated. And also to all of those who also have given to the Hope Chest, as I said this is the way we all participate in the New You or rather the New Us. And that is by looking after each other. So blessings all around and if you give gifts then you know the joy you both experience in giving and have now given to others and that is indeed the gift, which is the gift of humanity.

Now as I said at the beginning when I first started Lift Your Spirit, I think it was in May or June, Lift Your Spirit is all about you. It is you sharing, it is you hearing others share, it is all of us or all of us “you” joining together and learning more and more about how we are each multi-dimensional being whose spirit is literally lifting every day on our individual ascension processes. And as we do so, we are also not only lifting our own spirit but also the collective spirit as we gather and share.

And so tonight, we’re going to continue talking about you, or more specifically the New You, as we did when we started two weeks ago. And two weeks ago we were looking at who is the New You and today we’re going to be discussing what’s involved and what is important in anchoring the New You.

So, please welcome my very special guest and my dear and gorgeous and gifted friend Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love and author of “The Great Awakening.” Linda, welcome back to Lift Your Spirit.

Linda Dillon: Oh, thank you Stephen, and it’s great to be back again. And what a perfect introduction. And yes, I would like to send my heartfelt thanks also to everybody who’s contributed to this show but also to the Hope Chest. It helps a lot of people. And, as you know, we’re all in transition and this is part of the ascension energies, so thank you.

And, I love the part that you said – it’s about the New Us. Perfect!

SC: Well, not only you and I are the New Us, we’re all the New Us.

LD: Yes, we are. And if you’d like, we began a couple of weeks ago talking about who the New You is. When the Council of Love talks about the New You, they literally call us a brand new species. And this is part of the evolution of the human collective and each of us spiritually, physically, emotionally, mentally, into a new realm of being. Not just into the 5th dimension, but to that place of recognizing that we are, as you have said, fully inter-dimensional, multi-dimensional beings. We’re beings who are living from a place of heart consciousness, and recognizing that we really are together and individually in this place of infinite becoming.

When you think about that, it’s phenomenal. We live in this kinetic expanding universe and here we are, part of it.

SC: Linda, just before we get going tonight – we’re talking obviously about anchoring the New You – you’re hosting the upcoming Equinox conference, The New You, which is this year’s annual Council of Love gathering. That’s at the Joshua Tree Retreat Center in Joshua Tree, California, September 20-22. And throughout this year you’ve been working with two groups of people, I suppose you could call them pioneers of the New You. But let’s have a little bit of a look back at what we did discuss last week and we talked about quite a few things, and listeners, that show is online here on InLight Radio; just Google Lift Your Spirit, Who is the New You and you should be able to find that link.

We talked about a lot of stuff, so maybe we can do a quick recap for those who may have just joined the program so that they can go back and listen later.

LD: Sounds like a plan. Let’s talk about who the New You is and what makes us different. What is this shift that the Council of Love is talking about? First up, we need to understand that there is flood of new information that’s coming out under this umbrella that we’re calling the New You. And as I just said, the Council is calling this a whole new species of being. Very often Archangel Michael or the various masters will call us hybrid beings. Well, this is the integrated being that we are becoming. And it’s not just about ascension; it’s also about the New You, are the group of people who are stepping forward to be the repatterners (that’s a tricky word), the repatterners of earth.

So they are people that are not just saying, “Yes, I know something’s going on and yes, I know I’m in my ascension process and I’m working on it,” but it’s also people who are very consciously stepping forward. So it isn’t just about the acknowledgment, which is some of what we talked about last time, about the various elements of who is the New You – which I’ll review in a second, but it’s also about anchoring and then stepping forward as that pathfinder, as that shower of the way.

So what are the repatterners doing? They’re showing the human collective, because we made this – what Steve Beckow would call a spiritually-mature decision – and I’m sure we’ve all had moments when we’ve shaken our heads and said, “What were we thinking?” But we decided to try and go through our ascension as one, as the human collective, so that no one was left behind.

So we have these wayshowers who have come to a place, and are interacting in this fullness of inter-dimensionality, who are very clear about what their mission and purpose is; they know who their guides are, they know what their soul color is, they know who they are. They are working inter-dimensionally.

Sometimes you have had that experience where you see something out of the corner of your eye, or you’re perceiving things completely differently; we’re working with a massively expanded field of consciousness. Not simply what we thought of in the past as our body and then our auric field with all our various bodies – mental, emotional, causal, etc. – but we’re also working outside of our field; outside into the universe understanding what our motivators are, what our core issues are, and clearing – an important aspect –of clearing all the false grids.

Now I’m not just talking about personal issues. When we’re talking about false grids in this regard, we’re talking about that sludge, that heaviness of the old 3rd dimensional reality. So, lack and limitation; we’ve all been there. The most severe being lack of self-worth, lack of self-love. But death, disease, destruction, disappointment, fault, blame, guilt; you name it. Anything that isn’t of love has to be cleared out and it has to be cleared out not only individually, but for the collective.

So the New You is not just working on this clearing, and I can hear all of you saying, “I’ve been clearing forever, when is it going to end.” But now we’re bringing it to a new level and there are many, many layers, as I’m sure all of you who are listening know. It’s like the onion that just keeps going. But we’re clearing it for humanity. And then we can step into creation.

So the purpose of embracing the New You is really to be the repatterner, the wayshower, and then to step into creation. So once you’ve got this foundation and you know who you are, we’ve cleared out the debris as it were, then we step forward into a new inter-dimensional creative reality. It is so exciting.

SC: Absolutely. Now I’ve got a question. Because as you know, I had about two weeks ago the most awful back and right leg pain, where I actually couldn’t walk and I passed out and I hurt myself because I hit the bathroom floor, and I had a fever and all sorts of stuff. So is that one of my own false grids that I’ve actually been clearing?

LD: Thank you for bringing that up. I’m not happy that you had to go through that, but so many of us are experiencing, including yours truly, these physical ailments that are coming to the surface. And they’re either from this life or from past lives, or if you really want to stretch your brain, future lives. Or alternate realities.

Now, if there’s anything inside of you, because don’t forget we decided that we’re going to anchor these new energies – the ascension energies of the 5th plus plus dimensional energies – into our physical bodies. So it’s not as if we’re just assuming a lightbody and flying off somewhere. So, what’s happening is that people are experiencing these physical real challenges and it’s the back, especially low back, down the leg, and it’s because I would bet Stephen that you’ve probably had either back issues in this life or in other times. So it’s coming up so it can be released.

SC: Well, it’s been released forever and ever and I hope it’s not a future life.

LD: But you see, because we’re in this illusion of time and time has different meaning in different dimensions, if you’re releasing from a future life then you won’t encounter it because you’re doing it now. Now that’s the false grid, the D grid, which is death, disease, despair, depression; so that’s what you’re working on. It’s an illusion you know. These bodies, these wonderful physical forms that are giving us so much trouble right now, were really built to last hundreds and hundreds of years if we wanted to. So we’re getting rid of also that illusion that as we age we decline and that death and disease is inevitable.

SC: Before we move on to anchoring the New You I might just bring Jennifer on because Jennifer said she has a comment to make about the balancing of the new and the old energies which I think we may all like to listen to.

Jennifer: Doreen Virtue told me last year that I was an Indigo and so I sort of discovered my mission on a deeper level. I had my awakening around April last year but I didn’t know exactly what that meant. So I was going through all that and I didn’t all this language and I didn’t have your website or any of this awareness until just recently. So I’ve been juggling…. I took five-hour naps last year every day and meanwhile I was in New York City and I had to pay my rent; I had recently broken up with a boyfriend and had moved into a new apartment. It was a lot to balance.

So my Akashic records told me that I am going to be a thought leader. When you wrote the wayshower post, I wish I had read that last year, because I went into such a resistant phase after learning about myself.

SC: I think that might have been Steve Beckow who wrote that post.

Jennifer: Oh, sorry. So it’s the balancing of everything even though I don’t have any physical or emotional ailments at this point; the Akashic records said that I had cleared everything from this lifetime in childhood and I don’t seem to have past life stuff creeping in at least at this point. But for me it’s that real balancing of the mundane – doing my laundry, working with my clients so I can pay my rent, while trying to absorb all this information and also I lived in the fifth last year. I was in the fifth. And I’m different now. And I’m trying to get that back or try to understand what’s possible now I guess because I crashed in December.

SC: I think a lot of us did but we’ve also picked ourselves back up. So Linda is this a common thing you’re hearing as well where people are having this, not struggle, but the challenge of balancing the old and the new?

Jennifer: It’s like I’m not manifesting as false as I thought I would, but I don’t have any false grids. I’m so conscious and my clients are having massive transformations. I’ve only been awake for a year. I had a radical fast shift. But I’m not manifesting as quickly.

LD: So there has to be still, and I say this with the greatest respect because with the fifty plus people that we’ve been really working on this New You information, is that what we have found is that the grids have many, many, many layers. And don’t forget Jennifer you’re not just doing it for yourself, we’re doing it for the collective. So, when we’re not manifesting there’s two things going on: we’re clearing for the collective and we’re working with this false grid of lack and limitation because in our paradigm, and it sounds like what happened was you somehow became a little entangled back into the old 3rd dimension, and in that 3rd third dimension there is the belief system that we can’t just bring things forward as rapidly as we want.

But even having said that, we have to know, well I know, that’s the only person I can talk to or about, is that we don’t always know the full story. And that’s where the divine qualities, the 13 blessings and virtues that are instilled from the Council of Love, come into play is that we proceed in hope, in faith, in stamina, in fortitude; we keep going.

You say you didn’t have any physical manifestations of pain and I thank god you didn’t, but you had that experience of the five-hour nap, which so many people are experiencing; our bodies have never held this much energy. And that’s just for going through ascension. That’s just for what’s being sent to Earth from Mother/Father/One, from our guides, from the archangels, from the company of heaven, from our star brothers and sisters.

Then, in addition to that, if you decide that you’re stepping forward to be this wayshower, there’s another blast of energy coming at you and it is assisting in the integration, but it’s also very powerful. So there are times when you will feel tired, or spacey, and literally you’re not sure whether you are in New York or New Year’s Eve, I believe is the expression, but that’s because you’re traveling so rapidly between dimensions. So, the guidance for manifestation is to make sure, number one that you’re feet are really firmly constantly always up to the shinbones, that you’re planted in the heart of Gaia. Not just feet on the Earth, not just earthing, but that you are dropping your cord, you’re going down, you’re greeting Gaia, you’re sitting with her by the Council fire, she’s holding your cord, your tri-flame is bright and ignited and then you’re going about your work.

In manifestation the key is working with the creation triangle. And the creation triangle is a combination, and I know I may be speaking Greek to some of you, but this is about new information, so it’s about the creation formula.

It’s about working with the 13 Universal Laws, which is what humanity is working with right now. And it’s about anchoring the 13 blessings and virtues, those divine qualities. We’re all in this period of adjustment and we’re bringing the fact that Gaia has ascended, and now we’re bringing humanity to this new level.

I know it sounds trite, but really part of your mission is to keep going. If you’re clients – and it doesn’t matter if you’re a healer or a teacher or a channeler or working in a hospital or an office, because humanity is our clients – if they are doing well, if you are seeing a shift in them, if they’re looking lighter and brighter, then we’re doing our job.

Jennifer: I’ve been staring at the Star of David all day; it was my favorite thing to draw when I was little, and I’m remembering these things. And so when you said the triangle that reminded me also; so I sort of feel stronger for having not had the manifestations because I’ve had to call on my trust and faith on the higher level.

But then, that human part of me just comes in and judges and says, “Wow, this is really insane.” Of course I’m able to see that. So, I’ve started stepping out and I’ve come out of the spiritual closet because I launched my new website last month and my new program; I’m a happiness coach. And so I am stepping into, I sort of signed on last year at the consciousness level to go all in on this new destiny path I created. So when is all that extra energy coming in, like if I’m going to be one of these main players? Because I’m tired all the time and that’s not very exciting.

SC: Jennifer, welcome to the club. Well, okay, what I’m going to do is move on. Because Linda is going to be talking about anchoring the New You, and I think Jennifer you’ll want to have to sit back and grab a cup of tea and listen to what we’re going to be talking about. Because I think what we’re going to talk about in anchoring is going to help you. Thank you for coming on today.

Linda, it’s really interesting work Jennifer was talking about. Because she’s obviously in a situation where many of us are at times; where we wake up and we wonder are we going forward, are we in the same place, are we going back.

So, we now know about the New You, but in terms of anchoring it, and this is quite complex, we’ve got quite a bit to cover today, but what Jennifer is talking about is what we’re leading into today. Where would you like to start?

LD: I’d like to start where Jennifer was taking us, and I think where all of us have been. So the prelude to the anchoring and the beginning of the anchoring and everything that the anchoring is about is hinged on balance.

Now, we’ve talked a little bit about this on An Hour With an Angel and certainly on Heavenly Blessings, about being in that stillpoint where you’re not in the extreme of one end or the other of a teeter totter or a seesaw. When you are feeling the reticence, when you are feeling the rebellion, when you are at the point where you are screaming at the universe or god or Mother/Father/One and saying, “I am fed up, I’ve had it, I quit, this is stupid, this is hocus pocus, I don’t know what I was thinking of.” That’s great news because what you’re doing is you’re breaking through. And you’re breaking through this illusion of lack of self-worth or self-love. And you’re saying basically “I deserve. I deserve more.” So that’s step one really of beginning to anchor.

But when you begin to anchor, it isn’t just a matter of saying, “Okay, now I’m the New You, I’ve got it, I agree, I’m on my way.” Because sometimes we do that and we’re enthusiastic and we’re more than willing to comply with what we agreed to before we came, after we get through all this clearing, and we don’t support ourselves.

And we don’t allow the universe to support us and our guides to support us, and each other to support us as much as we can. That’s why I was so glad, Stephen, when you said that this is about the New Us. Because the care and feeding of the New You on every level – body, mind emotional, spiritual – is key. And if you aren’t paying attention to all of that, then you’re not really stepping in and anchoring the energy.

So it’s not just a matter of saying “okay” it’s then taking the esoteric spiritual steps but also the physical steps as well. And the payoff – you know I mentioned creation – but one of the biggest pieces also of the New You is really engaging in sacred union and sacred union with yourself, with god, source, however you think of that; with a partner, with your family, with your friends, and with your community.

The one thing I hear consistently is “where is my partner?” Partnership, and I’m not just taking about having a partner; I’m talking about entering into a sacred union, a divine place that is the fulfillment of your heart’s dream. It’s so important to most of us. It’s the exception to the rule. But I hear or I look at someone and I see that they have just decided in this lifetime to travel alone and it’s not that one is good or one is bad. It’s about soul choices. But I think it’s particularly true in terms of right now, when we’re in the unity consciousness; we’re not becoming, we’re already there. And part of that expression of unity consciousness, of living in your heart, is really relating to others on a whole different deeper, bigger, broader, cleaner, clearer, more loving level.

And I think we all notice, you know we began this show tonight by saying thank you, thank you to people – strangers and friends – who have been supporting us. And I don’t mean just financially. I mean emotionally and spiritually; this has been a tough road. I don’t think any of us really knew in human form during this time of transition how big some of the challenges were going to be. And then when we decided to try and go for the whole collective, how much more challenging it was going to be.

SC: And tiring.

LD: And very tiring. But it’s one extreme or the other. You know, Stephen, you’re in Australia and I’m here in Florida, USA. We have talked when I’m up in the wee small hours of the morning because the Council is talking and talking and talking to me, so it seems to be that this sleep thing is feast or famine.

But we’re all crashing and being exhausted at some point. And you just know this is the energy. My body isn’t used to holding this much energy. And what we’re also seeing – and part of the anchoring of this expanded awareness – is that we are seeing into and through people, their hearts, what their minds are saying; telepathic communication is on the upswing, it’s part of the New You.

We’re seeing what’s really going on in situations or environments, and when we’re doing that, the enormity of it can be overwhelming. At the same time when we’re in that place in the middle of balance it doesn’t affect us because we’re not engaged in the drama, we’re just observing. And that’s very important. Just stay in the observer.

SC: But sometimes that’s really difficult. If you are picking up, if you’re reading what’s going on, so how do I say this clearly… for example, a client that I had last year sent me a gift but it was not of the, it wasn’t as big a gift as I got the previous year, and when I got it, I knew that the client as trying to slowly move in another direction. And I was right. And I knew it. But when you read that you’re “oh what have I done, what am I doing?” and you’re reading into something that someone is doing. And sometimes it isn’t about you anyway. But in terms of that telepathic stuff, that can be a bit freaky as well.

LD: Yes it can. And there are times when you feel like a voyeur, but that’s just part of our expansion of communication. We all have been talking for, heaven knows, years about our star brothers and sisters, but the majority of communication between our star brothers and sisters is telepathic. So it’s an advanced form of communication.

And the thing is, when you get one of those, and I don’t know if this is a Canadian expression, a left-handed gift, you would know “okay, what this is doing for me, is this is challenging my issues with self-worth”. So I choose to let go of that and realize this may or may not be about me, but I’m going to take this opportunity to not engage in that drama, to not allow that person to make me feel less than, to make me feel like I’m living small, that I have to go and hide out now because they have found me somehow wanting or they don’t love me, they don’t care about me anymore.

The other thing you can do is you can engage in soul conversation and when you’ve got the telepathic switch turned on, soul conversations become easier and easier and what soul conversation is, is it’s basically going into your heart in a quasi or full meditative state where you call that other person’s higher self forward and you talk to them, heart to heart.

So you always begin these conversations by saying, “I honor you, I love you, I see your divinity”, and then you go further. And you talk about what it is you’re desiring from the relationship. This is part of what we’re talking about when we’re engaging in sacred union. So it can be a customer, it can be your mate, your partner, it can be your brother or your son or your parents. Parents are a big one.

So, what we do is we let go of the drama and we return to the love. And we allow that telepathic communication to assist not to intimidate.

SC: So with regards anchoring the New You, it’s not like we’re in a boat and throw a bit of metal over and hope it reaches the bottom of the ocean. There’s a whole lot of complexity here. Part of it is also the anatomy of the New You itself that we also have to anchor down. So, maybe you could just explain a little more about that. I’m a bit vague on that.

LD: When we talk about the anatomy of the New You, it’s a nice catchy way of talking about “do you know who you are?” And it’s about coming to understand the fullness of who we are.

So it’s knowing that the core issue is knowing what is my mission and purpose. What is my soul purpose? What was the idea of me? life after life after life after life. How do I interact with my guides? Where do I live in my body? And as I said before, the various bodies that we have outside of our body; our physical body is the smallest piece of who we are, not the largest. So you have your astral field, your mental, emotional, causal and so on. If you don’t have that information, it’s the starting point to understanding because you can’t go forward into this expansion until you understand these things.

And this is done through a process of meditation. The Council has given – and I don’t want to sound like I’m plugging my own products – but there are a series of meditations of coming to walk you through that process. Your soul color for example. Or your chakras. And it’s really practical.

People say, “Oh I don’t know what my soul color is” – usually it’s as simple as what’s your favorite color. And then when you think of your chakras, we all tend to live, basically we want to be balanced in all of our chakras; our chakras are energy systems that the Council works with as a system of 13 rather than 7 chakras, because we have a new chakra system as well.

But all of us know, do you live in your stomach?, do you live in your heart?, do you live in your head? And sometimes the way you know that is basically, you live in your head you get headaches or you get ear infections or you have tightness and tension at the base of your neck. Or you live in your stomach which is your sacral – and so you have digestive issues or you have ulcers or you have that kind of a problem.

So, when we just sit with ourselves and examine who we are, and then with that information say, “Okay I’ve been living too much in my stomach or my throat, I’m blue”. And so it makes sense. I live in my throat, my mission and purpose is to be a channel, so it’s all about communication and talking, and especially the energy of the Divine Mother. That’s my purpose.

And so when you just take a few minutes, it doesn’t have to be a mystery – it can be that simple – and similarly, your mission and purpose, what have I been drawn to my entire life? What’s the dream? What is it that if I could make it up, my ideal job, put money aside, put training in – did I go to the university for this? aside – what would you be doing and what are the elements of that? And then go for it.

SC: That can be really confusing because I can be really honest here. There are lots of things that I like doing and lots of things I want to do. But when you talk about mission, I suppose my mission is to make the world a better place overall. So getting to that can involve all those other things.

But that is really the confusing thing. Because some people wake up at four years old and know that their mission is to be the world’s greatest singer; some people know that they’re going to be a teacher; other people know that they’re going to, they’re just going to make money.

But for someone like me, and I say this really honestly, I don’t know whether it’s because I’m complex or maybe I’m really simple, but there are so many things that I want to do and I know that in my life I’ve done lots of different things, but I still feel that I’m not at the place where I’m actually completely in my mission. I think that there’s probably a lot of people listening who are in that same place.

LD: Also understand. and that’s why I use the term mission and purpose, that some missions, it’s like an unfoldment in what we think of as time. So you may have various phases of your mission, so perhaps the fullness of your mission, for example, hasn’t quite been triggered yet.

Like there are lots of people for example, and I know several that are working with our star brothers and sisters, or working with Cities of Light, now they started that work opening portals, activating and anchoring energy because that’s how it works, that’s how you anchor a City of Light – first you open the portal – or you have had feelings of connection to your star brothers and sisters forever and you know that you really have never quite felt that you’re from here, but you’re waiting. You’ve been positioned and you’re waiting.

But in terms of your purpose, like you say, yes we are all here to be love and to make the world a better place. But the purpose of a healer for example, although Saint Germaine would correct me and saying healing/teaching/channeling is all the same, but in a practical sense of where you direct your energy, a healer has a very different role than say someone who is blue and a communicator and whose role is to be on NBC or FOX News bringing news about the new landings or disclosure or new financial systems. Those are very different purposes. And the mission unfolds as you live it. And things are really in flux right now and changing.

So don’t feel like you’re not living your mission as long as you’re in that place of balance and not engaged in the old 3rd. Right now, if we had one mission, collectively, it’s to let the mists of the old 3rd dimension just evaporate and go away.

And one of the ways that we do that is by focusing on raising our own frequencies and each other’s and not becoming enmeshed in those old belief systems…“Oh nothing ever changes”, “You never get a break, it’s just the way it is.” Well, it’s not just the way it is. We’re changing people’s though patterns, we’re changing not only their conscious thought patterns but we’re also speaking to their unconscious and their subconscious and that’s also part of the work of the New You. It’s clearing out all the cobwebs.

SC: In terms of that anchoring thought, when you’re talking about consciousness is it also that the conscious reintegration of all those aspects of ourselves as well?

LD: Yes, it is. And one of the first things we do – so everybody out there get ready – is call back all our aspects. And some of us have dozens and dozens out there, doing things. Now what are aspects? Aspects are not parallel lives, they’re not bi-location or multi-location.

What aspects are is a piece of you that you send out into, maybe the universe, but mostly it’s planetary, and you said “I would really like to be able to help do something but of course I’m also anchored here doing something else and that’s important as well.” So we send a piece of us, I don’t know how else to put it, an aspect of us out to do some work.

Now what happens is that aspect is out there doing that work but if we keep sending out our aspects and sending out our aspects, that’s another reason for exhaustion. The reason for the exhaustion is our good heart. We want to do our work, we want to do as much as we can; but one of the first steps in anchoring the New You is calling home all your aspects.

So how do you do that? You go into meditation, you call in your guides, you take yourself to the 13th Octave and you call them all home. And it’s as simple as that. As if you opened your front door and yelled “yoo-hoo, time to come home” and one proviso that I want you to do if you start this exercise is make sure before they come in that you have them wipe their feet.

Say, for example, you have had an aspect that you have sent to Syria to help out with the mayhem that’s happening right now. And that means that they are probably war torn, exhausted, have suffered, have seen some horrendous things; so you don’t want, as your calling back your aspects, you don’t want that energy coming into you. So you put them through the etheric white-light car wash and then you invite them home. You welcome them home back through the portal of your heart.

So you can feel when you’ve brought in all your aspects, you feel bigger, you feel more whole, you feel more grounded, you feel more stable. So right now, step one is call back everybody.

SC: Linda, even if you call these aspects back, you just mentioned something like in order to call them back put them through that white light of purity, but is that part of looking after ourselves? Caring for ourselves and I suppose to use a more everyday term, feeding ourselves?

LD: Yes, because as I said, if we have sent out so many aspects – we know on any given day we would like to be in Africa feeding the hungry, we’d like to be in the gutters of India, we would like to be in Geneva, we would like to be in the ghettos of Los Angeles or Chicago – there are so many places where we send pieces of ourselves. And if we’re not taking care of ourselves, and I mean in a very basic level, not just on aspects, but what about our bodies? What about our minds? Are we doing things in the care and feeding, the maintenance of ourselves in the New You, because it takes a lot of energy? So are we doing what needs to be done or are we just saying, “Oh I would really like to do that” and then we get sidetracked and we don’t take care of ourselves? And I know whereof I speak.

SC: That goes back to the whole thing of if you don’t love yourself you can’t love someone else, if you don’t look after yourself you can’t look after someone else. What are some of the things that we actually should be doing right now to care, feed, nurture our physical, our mental, our emotional, and of course our spiritual selves?

LD: Some really basic things. Are you paying attention to the foods you eat? The Council of Love looks at food entirely different and they really place a lot of emphasis on color because again the color, the rays, the energy of the food really determines how you’re feeling.

So are you eating enough green? And they always say you can never eat enough green. You can eat green until the cows come home literally. And you will be just fine. But are you programming your water? Are you saying prayers, and I mean just a prayer of 30 seconds, intention over your food, over your water, over your supplements, over any kind of substance or medication that you may have to take?

Are you giving yourself the balance? Are you making sure you have alone time – what I call staring at the wall time? Are you having some social time? Are you cherishing you body? And are you then engaging in relationships – yes we have our mission and purpose – but we also have to watch who we’re interacting with. Are we forming relationships, are we in friendships, are we in partnerships that really enrich our lives?

When we sit down with a friend is it a trusting environment where you can allow your mind or your emotions to soar, to dream, to create together. Do they spark you in terms of your imagination and inspiration? Do you spark them? And are you listening? Are you listening to your guides, are you listening to the company of heaven, the archangels, are you listening to yourself?

So many times during the day or during the week do you take time and we’re talking one minute, to say what do I want, what do I need, what do I wish to do in this moment? Do you have a spiritual routine? Are you meditating, do you have some sacred rituals? Are you doing what your heart desires? Are you creating a spiritual environment in your sacred home, your little nest? We all need a nest and it doesn’t need to be luxurious, but we need our sacred space.

And listen to guidance. So it’s not just the body, it’s not just the mind, it’s everything. So that’s how the balance is formed. And that’s how you can begin to be in any kind of sacred union relationship. Because if you’re not doing these things, then you can’t meet and share who you really are and receive who the other person really is.

SC: You mentioned before about making sure you give protection to your water or your food. What would be a good example of that? You said to say a little prayer. What would someone say to just to make sure they’ve programmed their water?

LD: You can be really elaborate about it, but you can also, I think many people who are listening are very familiar with Dr. Emoto’s work on the language of water. But let me tell you, that if you just hold your glass of water or your bottle of water and you say thank you or grace or perfect health and a please, then that’s where you’ve just done your work. Saint Germaine has asked us for years to write in the water. So take your finger – I always use my index finger – and I write in the water “love”.

SC: I do that when I take my bath.

LD: And do it in the air as well. When we write love in the air and then we breathe it in, it’s just filling us. So in bright purply-violet, just write love or healing or grace – or fortitude if you’re going through a hard time. Patience. Stamina. And just bring it in.

Many people feel really guilty, fault, blame, there’s another false grid about having to take medications. But if you hold the medication – either the bottle or the pill – in your hand and you do that, “Let everything that’s in this pill be eliminated if it’s not for my highest good, and then fortify what is going to really help me mentally emotionally, physically,” then take the pill. And stop worrying about it. Because as you do that you will get stronger and you won’t need the pill.

SC: I like that idea. You just mentioned something and I think this is quite true for a lot of people and I know it goes back to anchoring the New You. But in terms of relationships, like I know that for some people their situations with their children are coming to a head; for some of us it’s our parents, or it’s a brother or a family member or someone we’ve known for years is having something that hasn’t been resolved is coming up. How do we best deal with that? We can say we stay in the balance, but is it also a matter of stating our case such as “I won’t tolerate (it’s not the right word), I don’t wish to have that sort of behavior in my life” – how do we deal with that?

LD: I think there’s two pieces to that, Stephen And I think that if we look at it in terms of resolution, because – again we’re trying to make peace, is how Archangel Michael says it – we’re really reaching a place of resolution. Now especially partnerships or families right now are huge issues; question marks for many people because the energy is shifted.

And resolution, sometimes it does mean stating your case and walking away. But before you ever do that, I strongly urge you to try the soul conversations, to call that parent or that sibling in and say, “Look, I know I chose to travel with you because we’ve both had things to learn, to teach and to support one another.”

We chose our family. And we didn’t just choose them because we thought they’d be the greatest challenge. We chose them because we thought we could get support and give support. So you have this soul conversation with them; then you give them – and you’re going to be the judge of this – whether it’s days or weeks or several soul conversations, and what happens with that is that it filters down like snow flurries into the conscious mind.

And so when you feel that that has happened, then you say – for example to your brother – “you know, I have something I really want to talk to you about.” Now very often what will happen is the person you’re having the conversation with on the soul level will bring it up. So the whole key is resolution. And hopefully that resolution is one of love where you say, “Yep, we haven’t been doing too well at this relationship, so what are we going to do to resolve it, to expand it, or even to put it to rest?” Because if you can’t be in that place where you can have that heart to heart, that inspiration, that safety, then that’s not a real relationship. That’s not a sacred relationship. It’s phony.

SC: What happens if you have to do that with a child or a parent?

LD: That’s obviously much harder with a child. Because it’s not like you’re going to give your children away. But you know what, I’m not seeing that as much with people’s children, because the kids that are coming in are pretty phenomenal. They’re awake, they’re aware; they’ve got the program down. Most of them, there are always exceptions, but most of the children right now are way ahead of us. Now the parents are another story.

And I have to say I’m one of the lucky ones. I had wonderful parents. My mother was like my best friend. But there are so many situations where you’re on a different page. Sometimes it’s a matter of misunderstanding, or sometimes it’s just a matter of “I know I came to give you love or to give you the opportunity to learn love but if you don’t want to know that, I’m not saying we can never talk again, but right now I need to remove myself because it’s not genuine. It’s not authentic.”

SC: On that whole anchoring thing, the other thing that I know you told me personally is that part of that is also creation and making sure that you are a conscious creator and that you’re also helping to teach that to others. So I kind of feel that ties into what you’re talking about now. Even if it’s someone in your family, or it’s a neighbor or a friend, it sounds like a bit of a judgment that you’re teaching it to others, but sometimes what you’re saying actually does need to occur in order to create further creation, I suppose.

LD: Oh, absolutely. And I guess I’m prejudiced because I say, “What’s wrong with being a teacher?” and we teach in all kinds of ways. But our role modeling, when we sit down and say to somebody, “We really need to have a heart to heart,” how can we create and co-create a meaningful, loving relationship with a sibling or a parent? What you’re really saying to them is “I think you have what it takes; I want to be in relationship with you; I’m willing to make the effort, and I have trust and faith in you that you have what it takes to do this as well.”

So, that in and of itself starts the creation process. We tend to think of creation in terms of manifestation, of the physical; and we’re creating constantly. The human race doesn’t give ourselves enough credit in terms of what powerful creators we are But when we bring our consciousness every moment every day, what we’re doing to that process it is phenomenal. And the formula, as we’ve talked about before, is really simple.

It’s intent + going to the stillpoint + taking appropriate action = creation.

And that’s not just about money or a new car or a new house, although those are all good things; it’s also about relationships, and healthy communities and society and clean earth. So it’s all of those things.

SC: So, summarizing what we’ve been talking about today, we’re talking about anchoring the New You, we’ve talked about how to do that, which is basically to give yourself – well maybe you can do this better than me.

LD: Okay, there are three steps in the process basically. There’s that first step where we go “New You – that’s ringing something deep within me and I know I’m a wayshower, I know that I’m here to help with the repatterning, so I say yes.” So that’s step one. Right?

Then we start with the anchoring, and that’s the expansion – of understanding who you are, of becoming and exploring and having fun with being inter-dimensional. Knowing what your issues are, clearing the false grids for yourself and for the collective, getting in touch with what we call your key motivator, with your stranger which is the energy of you that’s floating out there in the universe; embodying all the divine qualities, which is absolutely necessary because that’s how you live in the 5th and higher.

And then you start working with Universal Law to create.

That’s just the anchoring. So there’s a lot of work in the anchoring. It’s not just “yes I’ll do it and I’ll wait for the downloads” because we’re doing it in physical conscious reality. I was talking with a New You person the other day and she was talking about bringing causal reality into the physical reality of the human collective. And that’s what this I about. We’re anchoring it.

So it’s out there but we’re bringing it into our everyday life. So even when you’re shopping, for example, or bringing out the trash, you’re doing the New You.

And then the third part is after you feel like you’ve been anchoring it, and that’s something that’s going to go on for the rest of our lives, then you start to really bring it in to action. Then you’re stepping out into the world and you’re really assuming that mission. You’re bringing it into action because you’re saying I’m ready and I’m ready to work with the collective on a really big level.

SC: A lot of work.

LD: Yeah, but it’s what we signed up for. And you know what? I’ve got to tell you, it is tremendous work. You’re absolutely right, and when I began channeling the information for the New You and the Council guided me to do the webinar series and they said “this is not for the faint of heart; this is for the courageous New You warrior”, I thought, “Well that’s really nice wording isn’t it?”

We had no idea. This has been big big work. But I don’t think there’s anybody in that group that wouldn’t say that it has been so worth it. The sense of expansion, of understanding of just being more who you are, who you really are has been phenomenal. So is it work? Yep. It’s not just saying “bring it on;” it’s actually bringing it in and doing it. But it’s so worth it. And how else are we going to create heaven on earth if we don’t bring it into our bodies, into our societies, into our families.

SC: Now, Linda, it’s only six weeks until anybody who’s listening now can come and actually take part in the New You Conference, which is this year’s annual Council of Love gathering. That’s at Joshua Tree Retreat Center in the beautiful town of Joshua Tree in California and it’s September 20-22. I just want to bring Jillena on, because she’s been doing the course this year. And she just had a message below about thinking of going to Joshua Tree. She had a comment about what many of us can do before we get to Joshua Tree.

Jillena: My comment was more a request of Linda to help us apply all that she is sharing tonight, each of the steps, and the focuses. My request and focus is first of all for all those listening to help us apply each and every jewel and nugget that you have toward this goal, coming up in six weeks for those who would like to attend. Am I being clear here? And also my request is for the whole staff, whether it’s ten or twenty thousand dollars per person to come from across the seas, it would just be like a family gathering, regardless of the details, but the family can all come together in Joshua Tree as well, because everyone has a beautiful part to play and also to share with the rest of the planet. So, I’d like to apply what you’re saying, Linda, in that context if that’s possible.

LD: Oh, there’s nothing I would like more and it is a family. This is the sense that we all have – it’s not just a circle, it’s a family. And we’re all shapes, colors, sizes, and personalities, but we’re one family. And for us to be able to come together in this way is a gift. And for those who have already registered for the gathering, we’ve already started the prep work. So the meditations and the preparation has already gone underway.

Now having said that, I also want to tell you that Archangel Gabriel guarantees, which is very rare because she doesn’t give guarantees, is that if you decide at the very last second you want to come, you will be ready. So she will take care of that. But it’s a chance for us to come together, to anchor this energy and we do it not only for each other and with each other, and with the Council, but on the land, Gaia and our star brothers and sisters. So it’s coming from two directions; we’re going to help grid that energy right down to our bones.

SC: Jillena how do you feel about that?

Jillena: I’m being there, and I’m seeing it, and I think that what was missing for me, only at the moment, is something that, well, Linda when you were speaking about the second step of anchoring the New You, when you added the word embodying the qualities, I thought that’s like a missing key. Because I look at the creation codes, we can do that because it’s like a formula and then you add the 13 Universal Laws and the blessings and virtues and then it’s like “how do I just even in my language connect all of this?” When you said “embody the qualities,” I see part of this is what we’re doing, part of this is who we’re being, and so I thought maybe you could maybe give us a little sample exercise so we can bring this even closer into integrating in our newness.

LD: Think about it this way. If you put yourself inside what we call a creation triangle and in that triangle there are three points; and the formula – which we have talked about – is at the top. And at the bottom – the foundation of that triangle – are the divine qualities and Universal Law. And you’re in the middle of that triangle.

So when you’re beginning to create, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re creating that one minute prayer to clarify your water or to bring about world peace, what you can do is you say, “Okay, I’m reaching above and I’m working with the formula, but at the same time I am also bringing into my body – so its like spread out your arms and grab and gather from the divine qualities and from the Universal Law – and bring it into your heart as if you’re gathering a bouquet of flowers, into your heart what you need for that creation.

And time and space doesn’t allow for us to talk about the Universal Laws, but Suzi Maresca and I are going to be talking about them on Heavenly Blessings in the coming weeks, but we have talked about the 13 blessings and virtues. And then you reach up, extend both your arms up and bring that formula down into you so that again it’s part of your operating system. So that it’s not an either/or, it’s not invoking, simply invoking Universal Law, it’s the bringing it into you so that you’re in alignment with that I AM, because that’s really – if you wanted to pare down what Universal Law is- it’s being in alignment with divine mind, heart and will. It’s how things work throughout the universe.

So it is that balance, it’s within and without, it’s above and below, it’s all of these things, give and receive, attach and detach, attraction and repulsion. So you bring that in and then you bring in your divine qualities that complement that and then you work your formula and intent isn’t the totality of creation just like the Law of Attraction isn’t the totality of Universal Law.

So you hold that intention but you bring it to that quiet place of stillpoint, and then you take the action – you know I use the example so often if you’re hoping for your divine partner to show up, and you pray and you hold the intent and you bring it to stillpoint and you invoke the Universal Law and your being, living in your divine qualities, but you never engage with another human being, if you’re a recluse and I make a joke about it, but unless it’s the UPS guy, or woman, you’re never going to meet your person. You’ve gotta take the action.

SC: Jillena, you’ve got an exercise to do this week, haven’t you.

Jillena: Oh yes, and even before you ask, Stephen, I’ll give you a quick update that since the last time we talked, things are really moving in a very positive direction. I’ve put more attention on the positive and I have gotten to know more of my neighbors; I’ve been creating some community and of course this is a neighborhood I’d really like to be leaving, but I’m embracing it in the now. And I’ve discovered people in my local network that are actually growing organic food that I had no idea of, and they have access to the whole metropolitan network of people doing the same, so that is very cool. And they’re younger people and they are just really open to all of this information and some other things. So, things are opening up in other ways; the prosperity is coming in through the back door, but nonetheless it’s all happening.

SC: So you’re enjoying the New You, Jillena?

Jillena: Yes I am. Thank you for having me today.

SC: Linda, as Jillena just pointed out, Joshua Tree is six weeks away. So if anyone is listening now and hasn’t booked, there is a link on the show page that you can attach yourself to and go find out all the information. Linda, I think we’ve still got more to do, so I’m wondering if you might like to come back in another two weeks and do another show.

LD: I’d be thrilled to come back and talk about this. Archangel Gabriel, who is my go-to archangel, hasn’t stopped talking about this for months. So I have tons of information. I’d love to share.

SC: So next time how about talking about Becoming the New You.

LD: I think embodying is the right word.

SC: Let’s do that. I think that sounds a bit better. So that means I will see you back here, same day, same time, Sunday August 25. In the meantime, if any of you feel like you would like to do so, please do feel free to give to the Hope Chest, and also there is a Lift Your Spirit PayPal link on this page. I’ve had a great time tonight, and I hope you have as well. Between now and two weeks when Linda will be back, whenever you feel things getting that little bit overwhelming or you’re not quite sure what to do, take a deep breath, remind yourself you are well and truly on your ascension journey, you are the New You, anchor your new self, anchor the New You, and as you do go inside into your heart and that will lift your spirit.

Linda, thank you so much for joining us all again tonight and we will see you on August 25 for Lift Your Spirit – Embodying the New You.

LD: Thank you so much for having me, Stephen, it’s been a pleasure.

SC: It’s been a delight as always and I love you lots.

LD: I love you too.