This is third in a series of interviews with Stephen Cook on The New You titled Embodying the New You. First we learned who is the New You? Then we anchored the New You into our physical body. Today we are taking the energies of the New You and working with them as we go about our daily lives, how we conceive and perceive ourselves in such a different way…more inter-dimensionally.

Stephen Cook: I have had the worst morning internet-wise. I’ve been online all morning trying to get the internet; does that mean I’ve been speaking for five minutes and no one has heard anything I’ve said? So, I guess I’m going to start from the beginning. Well, there you go. The wonders and the joys of live radio. First of all, welcome back to Lift Your Spirit. I’m Stephen Cook, and as usual thank you much for joining me again as we continue our ascension journeys together.

Tonight, as you are expecting, we are going to be talking about the New You. And Linda Dillon is back again and we’ll be continuing our very popular and informative series on The New You. Tonight is Lift Your Spirit – Embodying the New You.

But before we get started I want to make a little acknowledgement about today. Today is Sunday, August 25, and it is a very important portal day. If you’ve been to Golden Age of Gaia you’ll see that we’ve run a couple of posts about the Star of David, the Merkaba and the special energy today. And I just wanted to draw your attention to a message that Archangel Michael had sent today through Ron Head. If you want to go listen or read it, you can go to Ron Head’s site which is

But I just wanted to read the very beginning of Ron’s message and share it with you so you can realize what an important day we’re into. So, here is Archangel Michael through Ron Head: “And now it is upon you, my friends. This day, this 25th of August of the year 2013 as you compute time, has arrived almost unheralded in contrast to the great fanfare preceding the momentous dates at the ending of your last year, your 2012. The cosmic alignments have been noted by quite a few, but not much other attention has been paid to this time. And that is well. It is good. Perhaps you will not have set yourselves up for such great disappointment as you did before.
“Let us therefore, at this time, offer you an opportunity to participate in, and enhance, a most glorious occurrence. At 11:11 PM Cairo time this evening, an extremely rare alignment will happen in your heavens. A portal, as you term it will be opened, activated. Energies will once again be enhanced. We are asking our channel to place some times for his location at the bottom of this message. If you live in other locations around the earth, please convert these times to your own if you wish to participate.”

Now those details are on Ron’s blog. I’ll just finish with what Michael has to say. “We suggest that you may wish to actively take part in a global meditation for peace at this time. This, you see, is as great a marker in your ascension journey as your December 12th was. It has been suggested that you send love and light to several situations around your globe in order to bring peace to them. This is a wonderful idea.
“Let us remind you however that the divine intention to spread peace and light will see that the peace and light, which contain divine intelligence of its own, will find the appropriate places on its own. So let us offer you a meditation which will bring those energies into your hearts, allow you to spread them, and lift you up, as well.”

So if you want to continue with that meditation or find out more after the show, please head to Ron Head’s site and all the details for that very special meditation for today are there.

So, now I’d like to bring Linda on. Linda, welcome back to Lift Your Spirit.

Linda Dillon: Well thank you and thank you for having me yet again.

SC: I think the divine energies of this special portal must have been playing havoc with my internet today. So, I apologize for our earlier problems. But I think we’re now ready to roll.

Linda, you are the channel for the Council of Love and author of “The Great Awakening.” And tonight we’ll be talking about Embodying the New You. But just before we do that I was just wondering if it’s possible, Linda, as you know and as all of the InLight Team know, we have someone who is very dear to us who is undergoing a fairly difficult time in their life. I don’t want to say what it is specifically for this person’s privacy, but I was just wondering if we could just ask the listeners and everyone at InLight and the Golden Age of Gaia to participate in a special meditation for this person.

LD: I think that’s a wonderful idea. And you know the Council of Love, and as part of the New You series that we’ve done, has a meditation that we call “the wounded warrior.” And I think even though right now we’re going to ask everybody to send the energy to, as you say, our really sweet friend, it’s important for us to also realize that so many light workers feel – and are – the wounded warrior; that we’ve been out there battling and doing our work and hanging on and practicing fortitude and diligence for a long time. Thousands of years in many cases. And so as we do this, relax and allow yourself to also receive the energy that we’re sending tonight.

Now last week, I taught a healing class, 13th Octave La Ho Chi, and Saint Germaine came in with phenomenal new information, but one of the interesting things that I’d like to share as we get started is that what he was saying is, for bacteria we use the silver light and for viruses we use the violet flame and the brilliant white light; and for something, um say cancer, we use the violet flame and the very soft, what he calls “snow light” – so we all have that vision of, when it’s been a cloudy day and there’s snow on the ground, and it’s white but it’s that soft white; the point being that when we use the strong white light, sometimes it’s too strong for someone who’s actually been depleted by a disease.

So let’s begin by taking a nice deep breath of pink, that gentle, soft pink. Pink is the ray of the defenders of the throne of god, the most beautiful, the angels of grace, so breathe in that sweetheart rose pink. The color of a baby’s cheeks or a gentle sunset and breathe it in and relax and bring it into your heart. And with me, anchor it firmly in your heart. Let us send the energy of the pink mixed with that gentle soft snow light, that white light, to our beloved friend and to all the wounded warriors. So see it coming out of your heart and instead of a laser beam, see it as a wavy light going from your heart into theirs and send.

And know that the power of healing is instantaneous. Healing occurs at the speed of love; and the speed of love is the speed of light squared.

Now receive that back to you as if it is an infinity and it’s coming back into your heart and expanding you and healing you and filling you because that’s the balance of give and receive as well. And then send it back out. And as you do, know that our friend, our colleague, part of our family, is healed as are all the wounded warriors. Thank you.

SC: Thank you, Linda, that was amazing. I have to say as soon as I closed my eyes my third eye literally filled with that pink instantly. And I’m hoping that the people at home got the same impression. I know we don’t want to say who we were sending our love and light to, but I could feel everybody participating in that at a really, really high soul sense. So, thank you, Linda.

LD: You’re welcome. Thank you for allowing me to.

SC: Well I think we should ramp it up a bit now and get into talking about the New You. As may of you know, Linda is hosting the upcoming Equinox Conference, The New You – it is this year’s annual Council of Love gathering and it’s being held at the Joshua Tree Retreat Center in Joshua Tree, California, from September 20-22 – which, Linda, is just four weeks away!

LD: I know. The count down is on. And the planning has moved from progressive to frenetic. Everything is well underway.

SC: And as we’ve been saying over the last few weeks, you’ve been gifted with a whole raft of information and it’s seen you lead two groups of what are called New You Pioneers or New You’be’s or New Us’s. And they’ve been taking on the multidimensionality of their own New You’s.

We’ve covered an enormous amount over the last four weeks on two different shows. First of all, who is the New You, and second, Anchoring the New You. And one of the things you were talking about last week was a sacred unions and how important that was in anchoring our New You. So do you just feel like doing a bit of a recap of what we touched on over the past two shows?

LD: Sure. I’d love to. There are several elements to the New You that are new and extremely exciting and different and brand new information. And it allows us to start to conceive and perceive of ourselves in very different ways.

And as you’ve mentioned, Stephen, one of those is the sense of being inter-dimensional. Now very often when we have thought of being inter-dimensional we have thought of shifting dimension, of going to different dimensions, but what we have learned in the New You – and this will be an integral part of the conference – is that the dimensions are all around us. So it’s a matter of allowing yourself to just gently step into different dimensions or allowing those dimensions to just simply come and embrace you.

The point being, we are not stuck in one dimension – not the 3rd, not the 5th, not the 7th – but as the new species of humanity, of the repatterners and what it means to be human – we have full access to the qualities, to the elements of all the dimensions.

The other thing we’re doing is working those aspects, with what we think of within ourselves, our physical body and our auric field; but we’re also working way out there with parts of our being, our consciousness, our hearts, our souls that are out in the universe – that’s the second piece.

The third piece, which we’ve covered briefly, is the elimination, the complete elimination of what we think of false grids. And false grids, as I’ve mentioned before, are much more than just personal issues or vasanas. False grids are the collective belief systems of the old 3rd dimension. The really heavy, grungy stuff – lack, limitation, greed, control, death, destruction, disease – that whole listing of things that has held us in the illusion of the old 3rd dimension. So once we’ve done that, what happens is we begin to integrate this new knowing about our wholeness, the fullness of who we are.

One of the things, the next step as it were, is sacred union. And sacred union occurs first and foremost with yourself. So often when we’re talking, having coffee and chatting, we talk about sacred union, we’re thinking in terms of partnership. But in this sense, when we’re talking about sacred union, we’re talking about it with ourselves; yes, with a partner if that’s what we choose, but primarily with the divine, with our family, with our friends, with our soul family and with our community, on and on until it’s our entire planet.

It brings a new sense; it’s the anchoring into practical reality, the sense of unity consciousness. And we’re going to need that as we move forward, not only in building Nova Earth, but as we come together with our star brothers and sisters, as it becomes part of the new normal to be able to see, perceive, walk with the masters and the archangels, our guides. So sacred union is a piece of that.

SC: Linda, I’m just going to bring on Jay, because well, we’re talking about false grids and lack, and Jay says she’s having a bit of trouble in trying to manifest the new energies. So just before we get underway with Embodying the New You, I was wondering if we could bring in Jay.

Jay: Hello.

SC: Welcome to Lift Your Spirit, Jay. I wonder if you’d talk about the problem you’re having at the moment.

Jay: I went through my awakening and I released all of my core fears and was flying really high and now I’m coming up against a serious lack of financial support and I’m facing an eviction. And I have five days to manifest $11,000. And so I’m trying to assimilate those energies and be this light and it’s really intense; 3-dimensional and 5th -dimensional realities clashing.

LD: And what are you doing in terms of your creation work to bring this forward?

Jay: I’m working with anchoring the light, and I’m refusing to believe in any fear that comes in. I’m working on clear intension, and meditating. I have a friend supporting me, that I’m sharing with.

LD: Good. Okay, part of what we do as the New You is we work with the creation triangle. And I think I touched on this a little bit when we talked on our show a couple of weeks ago.

Basically if you think of the creation triangle as you in the middle of the triangle; and at the bottom of the triangle at both ends of the line, as it were, are the blessings and virtues or the divine qualities, and at the other end are the Universal Laws. And then on the apex above your head, is the creation formula.

So what I want you to do is to feel, and it sounds like you are, but invoking Universal Law when we are creating, is very powerful. And the master of course of Universal Law is Sanat Kumara. So on earth at this time we are working basically with 13 Universal Laws. But what I would like you to is to work with some laws that you’re probably familiar with, which is Above and Below – because we know Above inside this terrible situation that you’re finding yourself in, and I know because I’ve been there, and it’s tough. It’s really tough. So, invoke the Universal Law of Above and Below and invoke the Law of Attraction and Repulsion. Now, that’s the balance – you’re attracting financial wherewithal into your reality, and you’re repulsing things that you don’t want to experience such as eviction.

And what I’m also hearing is to invoke the Law of Change because we live in a universe that is constantly changing. And this is true for all of us, we can all benefit, everybody who’s listening to this. Then think, or feel with your heart with me about what divine qualities, which of the blessings and virtues are going to help you, not only get through this, but create and resolve this.

The first thing you do is bring in Universal Law and the blessings and virtues because this goes into your intent basket. And what I feel is that for this kind of situation, finance, which so many of us are facing right now, call on joy which is already inside of you; call on fortitude which is that strength of purpose, and call on awe.

And awe is the innocence and wonder, it’s the ability to let miracles happen. And while we’re at it, why don’t we visit some of the dimensions and also call on magic of the 4th dimension and the mastery of the 11th dimension. You reach down and you’re picking all this up and you’re bringing it in through the portal of your heart and you’re putting in your intention for this situation to be happily, joyfully, gracefully resolved immediately.

Then what you do, when you’ve really got, and I know we won’t do it in two minutes on the radio, but you can do it tonight, is bring that intention to stillpoint – stillpoint is the place in the center towards the bottom of your heart – no breath, no movement, nothing. It’s stillpoint. You hold it there for a minimum of 17 seconds.

Just slow your breathing down, allow yourself to go to that place of almost no breath; don’t worry, your body knows when it needs to start breathing. And then push it down into your solar plexus and spiral it out to the universe. Don’t hold onto it.

The thing is, especially when we’re in this tight corner, is that we have a tendency to clench our jaws, our back, our hands, our teeth, we hold on. As much as you can, let it go and let that intention and that creation spiral out to the universe so it can gather the energy and bring it back to you in tangible form of what you need and want right now.

And that’s part of your intention. Build in the time factor. So it’s not “please bring me some money;” it’s “bring me some money by Tuesday. “

SC: I was just going to ask, does that help you Jay?

Jay: Yes. It’s helping me really focus. I’ve been doing half of it, because I’ve been learning from you but I’m still picking up the teachings so I’ve been missing pieces. So that filled in a lot for me.

SC: And I think the really important thing there is that Linda is saying apart from going to that stillpoint, and we talked about this two weeks ago, so if you haven’t seen the transcript it’s on Golden Age of Gaia, but in terms of the fear, it’s really important that you stay out of that.

Because once you go into that – and it’s that old false grid that Linda has been talking about with regards to the New You. And I can actually speak personally because I have been where you are, and it has occurred several times this year, but I’ve stayed out of fear. And I have to be honest, that helps me so much. And for some reason, whatever it is, each time that has happened, by staying out of fear, I just go “I will be looked after, the universe will provide,” and strangely enough it has. And that’s been a really key point for me this year, Jay.

Jay: Thank you.

SC: So, all right, hopeful you can go away and practice what Linda has just preached and hopefully we’ll see some nice results for you. Don’t forget, anybody currently in a situation, there is always the Hope Chest which you can write to, and now is a good time to say thank you to all of those people who have contributed to the Hope Chest over the past two weeks.

So, Jay, maybe you can write and to the Hope Chest at the Golden Age of Gaia website and at least let them know that you need a little bit of help, although I doubt very much that they’ll be able to help you with all that amount at this point in time. But certainly there may be….

Jay: I can’t imagine accepting it.

LD: Oh that’s part of the balance. You touched on a key point Jay. That’s the balance. Give and receive. And most of us as lightworkers are really good at giving, but we’re really not good at receiving.

SC: So, Jay, you need to go look at how you accept and receive. And then maybe the universe will provide. Because as Linda just said, you touched on a really key point there. You just said, “I don’t think I could receive” – you are blocking the energy of reception there. And I know that’s hard to hear, but it’s true.

Jay: I’ve been getting so much judgment for choosing my expensive apartment, so I’m sort of feeling guilty.

LD: But you know what, judgment is never of love. Never. There’s no judgment in the 5th dimension. And who’s to say where we do or where we don’t choose to have our sacred space. And guilt, shame, blame, fault, that’s another one of those groupings of a false grid. So, let it go, girl.

Jay: Thank you.

SC: Thanks, Jay. And much love and I want you to go away now and tell yourself you deserve all those beautiful things because that’s really important too. You deserve it.

LD: Its true.

SC: All right, Linda. Well, that certainly is a key point for many people. It is also part of embodying the New You. We must learn to be able to give and receive.

LD: You know, this is a very big key issue that I think that Jay’s experiences have really touched on, and there’s a theme here tonight; we’re talking about the wounded warrior, we’re talking about people who for one reason or another are in difficult situations, or dire straits.

But when we are in that place, and I don’t like to think in terms of lessons, but if we’re going to glean something out of the hard things that we’re going through, part of that lesson is learning how to receive. And I know, you and I both have had to learn that lesson. So, it’s not thinking from a place where we’ve never experienced something like that. We have.

SC: Just before we move on, I just want to acknowledge Jay because I think it’s really brave to come on the air and talk about that. She’s raised an issue that I’m sure is a huge issue to many listening now are actually really glad she did, because they may be a little shy or not quite comfortable to come on and share their personal experiences, so I just want to thank Jay for coming forward.

LD: It’s very important. So yes. And part of the New You is leaving this stuff behind and really stepping into our creator self space and returning and expanding on being the creator race. All this work we do is sort of starting with our foundation and understanding of who we are – what our soul color is, what our sacred mission and purpose is, all of that is a precursor, it’s a foundation for us to then go forward and say, “Okay with all this energy, plus the expanded information we’ve now integrated into ourselves, how do I embody the New You?”

Well how we embody the New You is by stepping into creation. And that’s not just the creation formula, it’s that triangle or the creation diamond, which includes the twelve dimensions, and staying there and working within that. And knowing that that diamond is fortified by the archangels. So it’s a bit more protection as well.

SC: Let’s talk a bit more about that creation triangle. I think some people are just drawing on a page and saying “I look at it and it’s kind of going to happen for me.” Can you explain a bit more details about what the creation triangle actually is? How can we embody into what we’re doing and then embody it in the New You?

LD: It’s so much more. You can doodle the little, even as we’re talking tonight, you can doodle a little triangle on your paper and let it remind you of the creation triangle. It’s huge. Think about it. Anchoring one corner of that triangle is Universal Law. I mean that’s the explanation of how the universe works. And that’s the list of how things operate not just on earth, but throughout this universe. It’s the truth of God. So, that’s one corner.

And that includes, and I’ll do a little plug here for a series that Suzi Maresca and I are doing on Heavenly Blessings on the Universal Law. But it includes thirteen key laws.

And then on the other side of that triangle are all the 13 blessings and virtues. And that is the divine qualities. And that is when we went to the 13th Octave, which is that place of divine union which is the place where the New You, we do all our work from, those are our anchors, our starting point.

So everything we do may or may not be in adherence to what we think of as human law, because human laws, a lot of it, lost its way along the way. So we’re anchoring it in the truths of how the universe works. And the divine qualities of things such as prudence and hope, compassion and truth, wisdom and grace, humility.

And then with our feet, if you’re thinking of yourself standing with legs akimbo with one foot on one side and one foot on the other, then you’re reaching up to the universe, heart still in the middle of the triangle and you’re working with the creation formula, which only works when you’re in that environment of love, of joy, and of gratitude. Otherwise, it doesn’t work – what we create isn’t sustainable, or it doesn’t come in the way that would be for our highest good.

So, we formulate our intent, then we bring it to the stillpoint, and then even though stillpoint seems to be the place where most people have the most difficulty is because we live in such a society that never stops, people have difficulty getting to stillpoint; once you’ve got it, you’ve got it. But the third element of that creation formula is action.

And what I witness in my day-to-day practice, and just meeting people, is that so often people don’t take the appropriate or reflective or concordant action to what they want to bring forward. To what their heart’s deepest desire is to experience.

When you’re working with this creation formula, when you’re getting started, you don’t put up a laundry list and raise it up the pole. You work with one thing at a time until you get really good at it. Because it’s a different way of creating; it’s a different way than what we have been working – and I use the word “working” – with on earth in the old 3rd dimension.

You know, we all believed that if you just keep working, put your nose to the grindstone, you’ll get what you want or what you need. But we all know that that hasn’t really been the case. But taking action is a critical piece of bringing back to you, in physical form, I’m not just talking spiritual mental emotional blessings, I’m talking physical reality as well; bringing back to you what you need also depends on taking action.

So, I know one of the examples that I often use is that if you are praying – which is intent for a sacred partner – not for someone just to fill space, but someone who really sees who you are and loves who you are and wants to spend time with you and just wants to have those long conversations and just knows that you are each other’s divine complement, but if you want that and you never go into social situations where you can meet like-hearted and like-minded people, if you never tell anybody that you’re really eager and open to a sacred relationship, I don’t care if you call it that, but that’s really what you’re looking for, if you never make eye contact with people in the grocery store or the bookstore or if you never talk to people in a casual manner, or if you always say, “Well, I’m not going to meet somebody because they’re not going to understand me because you know I have all these weird beliefs,” then you’re not taking the appropriate action.

So that’s an important piece of this as well. Does that make sense to you, Stephen?

SC: Yes. Absolutely. And I’m thinking of Jay – hopefully she’s still listening, and a lot of that has great input for everybody in terms of knowing not just about financial stuff, it doesn’t matter where we’re going, Linda.

LD: That’s exactly right. Because what we’re doing, particularly we who are the light workers community and the New You’s who, the Divine Mother says, “You are the repatterners of the planet. You are mending the warp and weave of the tapestry of the planet.” That’s huge.

And so it doesn’t matter exactly whether it’s money, or partnership, or cooking supper. You bring in that energy into everything you’re doing. And you’re embodying it, you’re literally anchored in you down to the toes. So often people will say, “Well how, in the very practical way, how am I going to do this?” And one of the things that the Council of Love has taught me and I’m practicing is taking that pause before we do anything.

So that we take that breath, so that we proceed in ways that are really in alignment not only with who we are, but with the wholeness of who we are, of what we really want in our experience. Now I’m not suggesting that we don’t have moments of trepidation, I won’t call it fear, but trepidation or frustration or if somebody sparks your temper, but fact that you take the pause and don’t go there, so you take that breath and you let it go and then you bring yourself right back, consciously back, to center and you proceed from there.

Stephen, you said you’ve been in some tight situations this year. And you’ve chosen to not go into the fear. But that entails you keep coming back to that center and saying, “Well this is the choice.”

SC: It’s interesting, because in the past, and I’m sure people listening now can relate to this, I would be terrified, I would be saying, “Oh my god where is this going to come from, how am I going to do this?” And yet, I don’t know what did it, I know I did it, but in terms of how that, it’s not a transmutation, it’s more of an integration I suppose, how that change of attitude integrated itself within, it seems almost the same, like “where am I in two weeks time?” but I try not to project my energies to that point of, I suppose, being destitute or being evicted which has arisen, but in my head I go “no, that’s not going to happen, this will get itself through” and that’s how I’ve done all this.

Is that all part of embodying the New You? It might not be necessarily integrating the new energies, but is that also part of my soul agreement or my soul contract?

LD: All of the above, probably. Now, we all know that with Gaia shifting to the 5th, the energies available to us also shift. And, the energies that Archangel Michael, the Divine Mother, the masters spoke to us of all last year, and for years, about how that increase of energy that’s being sent to us from the divine, from the Company of Heaven, from the Council of Love, from our guides, from our star brothers and sisters, it has been increasing and increasing. So that is shifting us.

And then, with the declaration of our soul to say, “No, I’m accepting the added energies of embodying the New You, I’m going to be one of the pathfinders, the way showers, of this new way of being human.” That gives you even more energies. So now you say, “Linda, I’m lying on the bed and I can’t get up,” and some days that’s true.

Because what it also does is it brings it at you; everything that you’ve decided to clear, not only for yourself but for the collective, so no wonder these issues are all on the table. They do come up. But they’re coming up in ways where our conscious, subconscious, unconscious, spiritual selves are in such a different place that we now deal with them differently.

And it’s not a thought process, other than that breath and pause I spoke of, saying, “Well I’d better learn how to deal with this differently”. It’s just that we have shifted enough, we’re far enough along in our ascension process, that we are dealing with things differently. Our perspective has changed.

SC: Linda, I’ve got Susan on the line, and she brings up an issue that’s close to many of us. You have your beautiful dog, Eliza, we have Crumpet, and Susan, would you like to ask a question?

Susan: Yes, I would. Linda, this is Sue from Estes Park.

LD: Hi, Sue.

Susan: I think you already know this, but I wanted to ask if the animal kingdom is experiencing the same rise in energy levels as we move from one dimension to the other and might that have anything to do with my issue with the bears coming into my house.

LD: And do you want to take a second, Sue, and tell people what happened with the bears?

Susan: Well, I live in Estes Park and I have a beautiful home, in the wilds of Colorado.

SC: I have no idea of Estes Park is, so please tell me.

Susan: Estes Park is in Colorado and it’s a beautiful area, 8,500 feet, and close to the forest in all directions. And I have lived here fourteen years and never had barely, no pun intended, any experience with bears at all.

And all of a sudden not only myself but many of my neighbors have not just had bears around, but actively trying to claw their way into the house. One lady had a door ripped off. Another had screens shredded. I had one come into my house, even though the door was shut, it was not deadbolted. But the bear got into the house and attacked my dog; she’s getting better, but this is aggressive behavior.

Normally they are not that way at all; they don’t like to be around humans. And so I’m experiencing them coming back and living concerned, if not fearful, for my home, myself, my animals, my grandchildren. My grandchildren were here at the time. So, I’m wondering….

SC: Linda, I hear that word fearful.

LD: I hear the word fearful, but I also hear the word, feel the word “caution” and it is, first of all I’ll say this is peculiar. So we’re not going to go into a scenario where we’re going to say “well the animals are starting to act out and basically get even with us.” Because I know that you live in a very pristine area, so it’s not that it’s been polluted and desecrated.

But one of the things that the animal kingdom is feeling and I’ve seen it even with the domestic animals is they are feeling the release of the old energy; that chaos, that fear, that greed, the control, all of those icky, lower-vibrational energies that are being released; the animals are helping us transmute – the entire animal kingdom. And bears are, as we all know, and I love bears; they are incredibly powerful beings and they’re very big transmuters. And usually that’s what they’re doing, not only are they hibernating and building babies when they’re hibernating, they’re actually major transmuters for Gaia in the etheric kingdoms and in the physical kingdoms.

So they are feeling this release of energy and I think what we’re seeing is they’re reacting in ways that are out of their normal patterning in this situation. And something is awry and what I’m feeling, Sue, is that something is awry like underneath even the surface of the earth, that there’s such an energy shift in Gaia that we as human beings may not be feeling, but that the bears in your area are definitely feeling. Even as we’re talking the sense that I am feeling is that, I remember when I lived in California, I went through a few earthquakes and that sense of the ground shifting is to me the very definition of chaos. And I think that’s what they’re feeling. Are you on a fault?

Susan: Uh, you know because the Rocky Mountains rise here, or have in the past, that there’s an ancient fault.

LD: I think that’s part of it. So it’s the human release of all the old 3rd dimensional reality and then there’s something going on in your area underneath the planet. The other thing is – you know as we enter into Nova Earth – is that, and we’re not saying that we’re going to invite wild bears to come and live in our households or that we’re going to live in their caves, but the relationship between the animal kingdom, even what we think of as the wild animal kingdom, and humans is going to shift because those lines of telepathic communication are being opened.

SC: So, Sue, does that help you?

LD: Well the last thing I’d say is you need to, have you posted the archangels around your house?

Susan: No, I have not.

LD: Okay. So, here’s the quickie instruction for everybody. When you have a very real situation like Susan, or an emotional issue or you just feel a little creeped out, you put Archangel Michael at the door. He takes the front of the house and you go clockwise; Mikhail, Raphael with the green emerald, Uriel with his silver ray, Jophiel with his amethyst garnet and you take the four corners of the house and you post the archangels there. You invoke them three times like this and then in the middle of your house, or at the foot of your bed, you put Archangel Gabrielle; so you’re bringing the divine feminine energy into the center of the house to fill up the sacred space. So Mikhail, Raphael, Uriel, Jophiel and Susanna Gabrielle.

Now here’s a plug. On my website, there’s a wonderful CD by Jessica Noe called “Calling All Angels” and it has this chant of the archangels. And it’s beautiful. What it is, is the sound signatures of the archangels and when you post the archangels, nothing gets by them. Nothing.

SC: My other suggestion… Lock your door.

Susan: Trust me, I am now locking it.

LD: We’ll talk to you soon.

SC: Now the intention in talking about the animal kingdom, obviously they’re the New Animal-You. But in terms of Nova Earth and that we’re not going to invite all the animal kingdom to come in and live with us, but in terms of embodying the New You, it is about the creation of Nova Earth itself.

LD: Yes, it is. It’s about bringing back that pristine beauty or allowing Gaia to regenerate because she, as we know, is far more powerful than any one of us. But it’s doing it in cooperation.

You see, the animal kingdom, the devas, the fairies, the trees, the rocks, and that’s probably what Sue is also feeling and what I’m sensing, in the Rocky Mountains. They’ve all shifted into a new dimensional reality and so the bears are going to feel that, the deer, the elk, the mosquitoes are going to feel it. And what we’re doing is, we’re creating and co-creating Gaia and assisting her to come back to this wonderful beautiful planet that she was created as before we polluted and built cities that don’t make sense.

So, part of that creating Nova Earth is honoring the wild places and the sacred places. But it’s also building Cities of Light and whenever I think of Cities of Light, and they’re different depending on where you live, but Cities of Light are these wonderful crystalline cities where there’s business and there’s commerce and there’s healing and education; there are children and dogs an cats and goats and park space and green space and birds and flowers.

These were cities that were in the distant future when we started working with them; now they’re being anchored in the here and now as part of our Nova Earth. And how that works is first you open a portal, a portal is opened and grounded. And sometimes that takes five minutes and sometimes that takes a couple of years. But once the portal is open, then the City of Light begins to anchor.

And I think one of the examples that so many of our listeners are familiar with is the New Jerusalem, which is basically that corridor from Phoenix, Arizona, to Sedona, or just north of Sedona. There are other Cities of Light emerging across the United States. We heard recently, I don’t remember in what channeling because I don’t tend to have that kind of recall, but Cities of Light in Shanghai in China and, well where you are, Stephen, Sydney is slated to be a City of Light. So they’re coming up.

And sometimes they’re emerging literally, out of the mountains. I live in a City of Light, Port St Lucie, Florida, and the city of light, well we can see it right off the coast in the Atlantic Ocean. Some of them are coming up out of the ground, some of them are star portals for our star brothers and sisters to be coming through; so this is all part of creating Nova Earth.

And that’s why I was making/placing such an emphasis on us assuming our roles as the creator race. We start with ourselves, we start with what we need. Because if we haven’t taken care of ourselves, if we haven’t formed that sacred union and love bond with ourselves, then we can’t be off creating Nova Earth.

So it starts with us, it starts with our individual creation, and then it mushrooms out into bigger and bigger and more wondrous creations. And then of course, when we’re doing those creations, we’re working as a community. And eventually, as an intergalactic community.

SC: Yay!

LD: It’s time.

SC: Now, I’ve got Judy on the line, and Judy has a question in relationship to embodying the New You and the new energies. Judy, welcome.

Judy: A couple of things. One is I’m seeing sometimes that I think I’m going along a little bit in the New You space and then something will come along that I thought I had been dealing with for a long time, because I’ve kind of learned that if something comes up that scares the dickens out of me, I just stop, once I start breathing again, and I just have a comeuppance with myself.

And I say, “Who in there is afraid and what is it you’re afraid of and what are you going to do about it?” And by the time I run around all these little parts of self to see if there’s a dragon inside that will get me, I realize that everything is fixable and doable and I start to breathe.

I don’t know what part of this you call the New You, Linda. You could probably state it better than I but I lean towards hope and I think of the times I’ve been a warrior and the grace that has been awarded and all the wonderful things we’ve been learning from you about the New You. And so that’s kind of a rattling on.

But two days ago I had an event where, I get up every morning and right away, I don’t even realize that my ego and my brain and my voice is already running. And all of a sudden, and it wasn’t the watcher in me; I’m not sure who it was, all of a sudden there was this space and it was like standing on the edge of a cliff, and it wasn’t scary or anything, and I had the insight to say, “Every day you start like this; you never allow the god within you to come forward.” It was a very big step for me to not go right to that place of ego and what I called the 3rd dimension. I don’t know if it was a false grid dropping away.

LD: Bravo.

SC: Judy that’s wonderful advice for all of us. So, Linda, is Judy doing the right thing in bringing it, in embodying her New You?

LD: Yes, she is. And I should tell you that Judy has been part of the New You group. So she’s been working on this for five months now. So, I think that this breakthrough, it’s that pause again that we were talking about of taking that moment instead of jumping frenetically, as Judy has said, into the ego and the busyness of the day and just let that godself, I love that, come forward and be the determining factor of how you’re going to go about your day is exactly what the New You is about.

Because that’s the wholeness, that’s the piece of you that’s in alignment. And that’s the piece of you that really knows what to do, how to proceed, how to create, how to let go of the old stuff that haunts us in the middle of the night.

Now the other piece of tha,t if I can use you Judy as an example, is that you’ve been really working at this. And so it didn’t just happen by snapping your fingers. You’ve been diligent. And that sometimes, there are things that come to us in that momentary flash. But then there are also the diligence, that’s the fortitude, that’s the hope, that we keep at it; that we’re really consistent. Because so often as human beings in this very fast-paced world we go “oh that didn’t work. I’m fed up. That didn’t work, on to the next thing, on to the next thing.” We’re such consumers of what I call the flavor of the month, that we don’t stop long enough to do our work.

Judy: Thank you so much, I appreciate that. I think about two things. One is choice because years ago I studied the Course in Miracles, and I realized I have a choice. And the other thing is, and maybe you could speak to this, is intention. I don’t know that I, I didn’t get up and say “okay ego you stop, intention where are you.” So what about intention?

LD: Because intention is something that we formulate when we’re creating something specific. But your intention, and the intention, I believe everybody who is working and does their prayer and meditation every day, our intention is to create the fullness and to anchor the fullness of who we are. It’s to anchor the mission and purpose of our life. And to have that life that’s in accordance and helps with the unfoldment of the Divine Mother’s plan. So there’s the specific intention, but then there’s the subtle intention that you practice in who you are every day; the intention of your life, and that’s the really big piece of the New You.

Judy: Then why else would we come here. Thank you so much. I love and appreciate you both.

SC: Thank you so much, Judy. Now Linda I should point out that we’ve talked a bit about that stillpoint formula with you. And let me just read it here: it’s intent plus stillpoint plus action equals creation.

And I should say for anyone now, we’ve had a gorgeous lady called Janie who has spent the last week typing her fingers to the bone and reutilizing her typing and transcribing tools from thirty years ago, and the last few days and yesterday I actually put the transcripts of the last two shows up, so if you want to listen to them again and read the transcript to reinforce it you can do so, so I just wanted to say a big thank you to Janie.

But that formula is actually in the transcripts for the last show which was Anchoring the New You – which is up on Golden Age of Gaia as of yesterday (Saturday). So if you haven’t written that down, it’s intention plus stillpoint plus action equals creation…. And it’s on the website.

So Linda I think we’ve run out of time today and well, because people have got some really wonderful questions and there were a couple of people tonight we didn’t quite get to. But as we decided just before we got going tonight and we certainly didn’t realize we had so much more to talk about, we are going to come back with Linda in another two weeks.

LD: Sounds like a good plan to me.

SC: So we’ll be doing another special Lift Your Spirit, which will be Experiencing the New You. And two the things I definitely want Linda to come on and talk about the importance of embodying and anchoring us in the physical, especially with all the new sacred energies that are around. But also that this is a key part of the New You conference in Joshua Tree, and that is sacred sound and breathwork. So Linda are you happy to come back and talk about that in two weeks?

LD: I’d be thrilled to come back and talk about it.

SC: That’ll be on September 8; let’s try to get Taka Chi to talk about his work with sacred sound.

LD: I’d love that. Taka Chi is a beloved friend who the Council of Love literally led me to eighteen years ago. And he is an incredible shaman, dreamweaver, musician, sacred sound healer, channel, so yes. It would be a delight to have Taka Chi come on and talk with us.

SC: So that’s your mission for the next two weeks.

LD: I’ve got my assignment.

SC: He’s usually quite shy and as you know, he did join us at the 2012 Conference in Sedona last year, but he’s an integral part of the Joshua Tree conference. He’s a very quiet and laid back fellow; I would love that. I’m sure it would be wonderful for everyone to listen to.

Now as I just said, Linda’s conference is only four weeks away and if you’re wanting more information about that, head to

Now also as you heard here tonight, Jay was on, and she’s not alone in needing help, so don’t forget if you feel like sharing, consider giving to the Hope Chest or even to Lift Your Spirit paypal, which is on the site here. Now, as I said, Linda and I have had so much fun in these three episodes. We will be back on September 8 with Lift Your Spirit Experiencing the New You. Linda, I’m so pleased you can find the time to do that; I look forward to it.

LD: I look forward to it too, Stephen. And before we finish up, what do you have to tell us about how Blossom’s event went in Sydney?

SC: The Blossom Goodchild event. It was called “A Soul Inspiring Sunday Afternoon with White Cloud and The Federation of Light” and it was a fantastic afternoon. And we decided at the very last minute to take a little bit of risk with some of our budget and we put that towards having someone come along and professionally film it.

Now, we were hoping to have that up by today; we’ve just got to sort out how we’re going to put it up online and where. Now it will be available; the video is the full two-and-a-half hours of the whole afternoon and it does include the latest message from White Cloud and also the latest message from the Federation of Light.

And what was important about that day, Blossom is the direct voice channel for White Cloud. White Cloud has been talking through her for fourteen years, and of course if you’ve not seen White Cloud, he doesn’t do automatic writing through Blossom, he actually does direct channeling and his messages are always live.

But the very first time Blossom ever brought the Federation of Light through – because they normally come through as a automatic writing – the first time live was in Sedona and that was a phenomenal experience. And I can tell you that this, what’s on the video, is equally as phenomenal. And the message was equally important for the current time.

So if you’ve got a spare $20, oh that’s Australian, so for you in the US and Canada it’ll be a little bit cheaper, but hopefully in the next couple of days we will have it up and I will be letting people know by the blog and also Blossom will be mailing out to her database.

So as you and I both know, Blossom in a phenomenal channeler and what’s great about her, Linda, is just like you, she is a commanding presence of her own in reality as well as her channel.

LD: Yes, she is. And she’s a phenomenal channel.

SC: As you are. And of course you’ll be back with Archangel Gabrielle tomorrow on An Hour with an Angel.

LD: She has things she wants to say.

SC: She’s been banging at the door, then?

LD: She has been.

SC: So we’ll hear Linda tomorrow on An Hour With an Angel and she’ll be back with me on Lift Your Spirit on September 8. Linda, thank you so much for joining us again and sharing Embodying the New You.

LD: Thank you, Stephen, it really was a pleasure. As always thanks.

SC: Thanks to everyone who called in today. Until two weeks from now, this is Stephen Cook and as I always say whenever you feel things getting just a bit overwhelming or you’re having a yucky 3rd – or even an uplifting 5th -dimensional experience, take a deep breath, remind yourself that you are well and truly on your ascension journey.

You are the New You, anchor your new self, anchor the New You, and after today you can embody your new self and embody your New You, and as you do go inside, go into your heart, lift your spirit and also lift the spirit of all those around you. I’ll see you with Linda Dillon again on September 8. Thank you so much for joining us.

And to lift up that little bit closer to a new reality, here is the very talented LA-based musician Marco Missinato who was actually a guest on the Light Agenda last year in the first week of November so if you want to know more about Marco go and have a quick look at that show. So here is Marco with this beautiful piece of music, and with Kristin Hoffmann singing, and it is “Come With Me to a New Reality.”