The Council of Love started talking to me about the New You that brought forth information, for example about repatterning, about who the New You is, and I’d like to talk a little bit about that, what we were doing, and what it entailed. And it was entirely new information; it was information and insights and energies that I had never dealt with before. It was perceptions that I had never had before.

Stephen Cook: Hello and welcome to this very special edition of Lift Your Spirit. I’m Stephen Cook and thank you so much for joining me again as together we continue our ascension journey. Now, as I’ve said from the very beginning when I started Lift Your Spirit back in May – and we did three pretty amazing programs with some wonderful callers from all around the world – this show is all about you.

It’s about you sharing, you hearing others share, and also you learning more and more how to integrate your multi-dimensional self whose spirit is literally lifting every day as you take the paths on your individual ascension process.

Of course tonight, we’re going to be talking all about you. In fact on this special edition of the program which is titled “Lift Your Spirit: Who Is the New You,” we are going to be talking all about the New You.

In talking, reading, listening and learning this year about the new earth, we’ve been learning all about the new paradigm. We’ve been reading and hearing and talking about the new energies. But many of you have asked who or what exactly is the New You.

So my guest on tonight’s program is my wonderful friend, the channeler for the Council of Love, author Linda Dillon. And, I have to say, Linda is probably the world’s best person to be talking about the New You. Now I hear you say “why?” Well, we’re going to be finding out all about that during tonight’s program.

One of the reasons is that Linda is the host of the upcoming Equinox conference, The New You, which is this year’s Council of Love gathering. That’s going to be held at Joshua Tree Retreat Center in the beautiful town of Joshua Tree in California, USA. And that’s on the Equinox weekend, September 20-22.

Linda has been gifted with a whole raft of information that has already seen her lead two special groups, what I would call pioneers, and you’re going to hear from at least one of those pioneers tonight, a lady called Jillena. And in learning and discovering that journey, they are taking on all their multi-dimensionality of their New You. So, as you’re going to find out, we’ve got much to talk about tonight and we’ll be talking all about the New You, and I’d like you to welcome my special expert on the New You. Linda, welcome to Lift Your Spirit.

Linda Dillon: Thank you Stephen, it’s really good to be with you, and with everybody actually out there tonight. I’ve been in hiatus as it were and haven’t been on InLight Radio for a bit, so it’s a double pleasure to have this chance to come tonight as myself, bringing the messages of the Council of Love, but not channeling the Council of Love. And sharing that information that they’ve been bringing forth for the last six or seven months now about the New You. So, thanks for having me.

SC: I suppose we should take a little step back. We should probably explain why you’re able to come on as yourself as opposed to channeling because, one of the things I know about you – and of course I’ve seen you live channel as well – it really, really takes a lot out of you.

LD: You know, I think that most channelers would agree that to do a lot of channeling – and certainly the way that I channel and allow these beings to come in and fully occupy me and speak through me and amplify that energy out to people – it does take a lot of energy for, say an hour show; probably I’m looking at four hours minimum of preparation and recovery. So yes, it does. And it takes a toll on the physical body.

Now, having said that, it’s also the most wonderful thing that you can ever experience and I wouldn’t trade it in for anything. But I’ve had a little bit of surgery done, and so while I’m in recovery and recognizing that I’m human, I am not doing the level of channeling that I normally would do.

SC: Well, hopefully I won’t tire you out too much tonight. But we’re going to go on a bit of a journey with everyone. We’re going to go into the origins, the meaning, the development – in other words the hows, the whats, the whys of the being that is the New You. And along the way we’re also going to be talking about expanded fields of consciousness, false grids, repatterning – which I know you’ve been doing with the pioneers who have been doing the courses – and we’re also going to talk about the creation formulas and the various universal laws. So we’ve got quite a bit to get through tonight.

LD: We do. You know this course that – as you call them the pioneers and they really are pioneers, these 50 incredible brave people who stepped forward and said, “Ok I don’t know exactly what I’m getting into but my soul is telling me I need to do this.” And it’s been a journey now for six and a half months and the growth and the connectedness, the unity, of those groups has been phenomenal. But you’re right, we’re talking about various topics that we – the groups – have been talking about. But I think we’re going to squeeze it all in.

SC: I think we will. I was going to say also that you’re happy to take questions tonight. So, Linda, let’s go back. Let’s start when the Council of Love first came and told you about the New You because it kind of surprised you and it came at a really unusual time.

LD: Yes it did. Now, the Council of Love has been talking about Nova Earth and Nova Beings for decades. So, that piece hasn’t been new to me. But I’ll tell you, after December, that fateful date that we won’t talk about in December, as we were gathering ourselves, then the Council started talking to me about the New You. All I kept hearing was the New You.

Now, that wasn’t Nova Being or Nova Earth or nova anything. It was the New You. And I’m thinking okay this is how you tend to get my attention, but what on earth are you talking about.

Now, I had my plans set out for 2013. My plan had been actually to work on a book that was a culmination of all the creation teachings that the Council of Love had brought forward over a number of years. Now, a lot of that information has been built into this work, but it has been expanded so phenomenally as to, well, blow your mind. So, the Council started talking to me about the New You that brought forth information, for example about repatterning, about who the New You is, and I’d like to talk a little bit about that, what we were doing, and what it entailed. And it was entirely new information; it was information and insights and energies that I had never dealt with before. It was perceptions that I had never had before.

Now, I’m a really lucky person because I get to channel pretty much on a daily basis. Every day I have one of those a-ha or big wow moments that they say something and I go “oh my gosh.” But this information, and the level of information that they were bringing forward about the New You – which is by the way you and I, brothers and sisters – was beyond anything they had ever talked to me about before.

I’m really good at taking orders and changing plans and being flexible. So I changed gears and in a very short period of time we put out a call for these hardy souls who are really pathfinders to start exploring the information, what does it mean to be a New You?

SC: Tell me, though, what happened to the old me. What happened to the old you.

LD: Well, the old you actually is the starting point of the New You. And one of the wonderful quotes that Archangel Gabriel uses often in talking about the New You is it’s a person who is in the infinite process of becoming.

So the starting point of becoming the New You is actually anchoring and being fully heart-conscious, not just mental or emotional, but fully heart-conscious of who the old you is. So, in other words, we start at a point where we really review and look at who is that person who’s been existing thus far during this incarnation.

So, what is my soul color; what is the ray that I travel on; what is my mission and my purpose; what is my core idea; who are my guides; what have I really been up to. So it’s not a matter of just discarding the old you; quite the contrary. It’s a matter of knowing that foundation.

SC: It’s not like a snake shedding its skin, is it?

LD: Well, in the final analysis, it is the snake shedding its skin. But in order to do that, you have to know who you are and where you’ve come from and how you got there and what you’re building. So you don’t build this phenomenal sense of expansion on a shaky foundation. It won’t hold.

SC: So if I’m sitting here now and I’m not quite understanding who the old me is or who the new me could be, what process am I going to go through to be able to come to the realization of “this was the old me” or “these are the foundations of the old me” and how am I going to be the new me.

LD: Well, the Council walks us through a process of channeled information and meditations where we get to discover what our soul colors are, what our ray is and what those rays mean; what our mission and purpose is, who our guides are, we meet our guides and start to work with our guides, why are we here, and that’s the starting point.

SC: When you say the starting point, you were sitting there on December 22 last year and you started getting the downloads of information, but you said that prior to that date it wasn’t possible for any of us to actually understand or know that information, so why was that?

LD: Oh now. The information about can we call it the old you was always available to us. And it’s what I believe lightworkers, all of us, have been working on for years. And that the anchoring of that energy and the assimilation and reintegration of higher frequencies has been taking place for a while.

Now, when they started bringing in the information about the New You, it was a whole new paradigm. So now we have this foundation but we’re going to build a whole new system that you’re going to operate within. And that’s going to include being fully inter-dimensional, working with your expanded field of consciousness – not just our field as we’ve come to know it, eliminating all our false grids, vasanas, illusions, paradigms, etc.; understanding from that work what our key motivators are, what makes us tick; and then moving into a place of creation that we’ve never done before.

Working with what we call a creation triangle which is a combination of the creation formula – the divine qualities or the 13 blessings and virtues that we spent so much time chatting about on Heavenly Blessings, as well as universal law. So, working with all of that in ways that we haven’t done before because when the vibration shifted, when Gaia went the end of December into the 5th dimension, what was available to us changed.

So, ideas and concepts and perceptions, abilities that we haven’t had before, started flooding through that portal. So, it just wasn’t available to us. And if there’s any, what people think of as evidence or tangible evidence in terms of has anything changed, this is a huge piece of what has changed. And it’s us. And we’re all feeling it in different ways and in different levels. But when we take this information and start to actively work with it, things start to really move and explode.

SC: ‘About time’, I can hear people say.

LD: I think I can hear that echo all around the world.

SC: Let’s go back to the beginning of the year when the New You information was being downloaded to you. What are the elements of the New You. We’ve talked about multi-dimensionality, we’ve talked about creation formulas. Let’s work through the foundations of the New You and how you can either source or discover or I suppose unearth the New You within yourself right now.

LD: The Universal Mother, the Divine Mother and Archangel Gabriel have this wonderful term that they use consistently when they’re talking about the New You and they refer to us as patternmakers. Patternmakers are beings in charge of re-creating and remembering, bringing forth the original design of the Mother, the warp and weave of that tapestry. So, we all know and we know through the many channelings with Archangel Michael, how we’ve been called wayshowers, showers of the way, gatekeepers, pillars; but let’s just focus on wayshowers.

Now, what does a wayshower really do? Sometimes I think the vision that I’ve had is that we’re standing there at the inter-dimensional portal being either like helping a little old lady across the street or being a traffic cop. And that’s not really what we’re doing at all.

What we’re doing as a wayshower is we’re laying down the new tapestry of what it means to be a 5th dimensional, 6th dimensional, 7th dimensional, multi-dimensional human being. And it is as if you’re a child, or a baby, and no one ever teaches you how to walk, to talk, to do certain things then you don’t have any reference point. So, what we are doing through that group of the New You, the patternmakers, the wayshowers are laying down this pattern for greater humanity so that there’s a very subtle reference point that that grid is there for them to follow, that the map is there.

So that’s the biggest piece in a nutshell of who is the New You. We’re the new and the old patternmakers. We’re reviving the original design of the Mother. But there are elements within that and the most important element is being fully conscious and anchored in your heart so that you’re not trying to not utilize your emotional body, your mental body, but where you’re thinking, acting, behaving, living is in your heart and in the love, because that’s all there is, right?

SC: A lot of people go “oh what do you mean get out of my head and into my heart.” So is this something we can do either physically, mentally, emotionally, to get us into our heart center apart from meditation?

LD: No. And yes. You know, part of this is happening anyway. But how you can get into your heart is to see that pebble dropping, the same way it would drop in a stream or a pond, and just see it coming down through your head, through your throat, into your heart, until all your energy is focused in your heart. And it’s very practical, because the reason you want to be in your heart is that’s where your truth lies.

When you anchor in your heart, when you think, look, see, perceive from your heart, then you’ve got the truth. When you’re honest with yourself, when you’ve let go of some of those ego illusions, your heart will never lead you astray.

So it’s not, ‘listen to the Council of Love or listen to this channel or that channel; it’s listen to your heart, look with your heart, let that be your guide.’ So, it’s step one. But as you do that, we also come into that recognition that we are fully inter-dimensional beings.

Now what do I mean by that? A lot of this new information about the New You means either setting aside or expanding our understanding of the way things work. Now, we all know that there is great excitement about ascending into the 5th dimension. And for the Council of Love, we’ve always talked about really ascending into the 7th dimension, which is the Christ consciousness and the consciousness of love.

But as the Council humorously reminds me of every day, it is that you have to get through the 5th to get to the 7th. But we as a collective, have been stuck thinking – and this is part of the construct of the old 3rd, you know with all those false grids and paradigms – we felt that we were either in the 3rd or in the 4th or in the 5th.

And what we’re learning is that the gift of being in human form and particularly because we’ve chosen collectively to maintain our physical form, is that we can access all of the dimensions, which is twelve. And within each of those 12 dimensions there are 12 levels. That’s a lot of places and experiences and qualities; the emphasis is on qualities and what you learn and experience in those dimensions.

We tend to think of dimensions as time/space realities, depth/width/length, because we’re referring back to the old 3rd. But that’s not really how dimensional reality works. So as you’re becoming and working with the New You energy you start and you’re encouraged to and guided to go through all the dimensions and become absolutely comfortable with doing that. And it’s fun. It’s a lot of fun.

SC: So, I’m going to ask for an example here because I feel like I need one. We’re taking about the inter-dimensional, so what would be a typical New You inter-dimensional experience?

LD: Well, we start, or encourage people to start, for example, with going to the 1st dimension. Now, I bring this up, Stephen, because it’s like light and dark; and dark or black always gets a bad rap. The lower or what we’ve thought about as the lower dimensions have tended to get a bad rap. Nobody wants to be in the 1st or 2nd dimension, do they? What’s going on there?

But why we encourage people to go to the 1st dimension? It’s the coolest place. The 1st dimension is the dimension of ideas. So there’s no form, it’s like being in the void. But why you go there and why you go exploring, and in terms of a physical experience, what happens in the 1st dimension is you feel like you’re entering the darkness, you feel like you’re going into the void; but in there, there’s a lot of like blobby energy, you can see that there are shapes moving but they are not three-dimensional as we know it.

But you go there to see and to discover, particularly pertinent to yourself, what was the original idea of you prior to ever taking a form as you emanated into this human realm of dimensions, one through twelve. What was the idea that you – unique to you – were going to bring forward? That’s phenomenal. And how do we even proceed any further if we don’t know what our idea was?

Now, I’ll go to the other end and when you’re in the 12th dimension, which is the place of joy and grace and love, and it incorporates all twelve dimensions; it’s a fabulous place, you get to sit and be with all beings and it’s like sitting on a rainbow cloud creating and having this bliss and euphoria.

And there’s everything in between; so there are physical attributes too, because we are experiencing it as physical beings; there are physical attributes to the various dimensions, but that’s not the primary reason why we go on this sightseeing tour. We go on an education exchange because we go to see what we are up to in that dimension. So, you wanted a practical example.

The 8th dimension is the dimension of creation. It’s where we learn, as if we’re sculptors, to take subatomic particles – and what are subatomic particles except particles of love – and we mold them into what we want. Now, it can be a cup of coffee or peace on earth. And we go there and we learn in that dimension how we are accomplishing that so then we bring it back into our physical reality so that we can start bringing it into form and being creators and co-creators of Nova Earth.

SC: So that inter-dimensionality; in terms of, say, working with our own expanded field of consciousness, are we doing that within or without or are we doing it both within and without.

LD: You’re doing it within and without. We have tended to think of ourselves primarily as encapsulated within, as you know, a huge expanded field; what many refer to as our auric field, which includes our eight various bodies – our astral body, our emotional body, etc.

But there is part of us in accordance with universal law – the Universal Law of As Above So Below, As Within So Without – that has a piece of us that we call the stranger, that is out there waiting to work with us. Not your twin soul, not your twin flame, not your guides; but another piece of who you are. So we’re working not in bringing all that in and we do that with aspects – that’s a whole other conversation we can have – but we work in cooperation with that part of our beingness that is not encapsulated within what we think of now as our current field. And that’s entirely new information.

SC: You mentioned before, the false grids. So, how does that expanded field of consciousness work with the false grid or without the false grid. And what actually is a false grid?

LD: The false grids are all the, and they are numerous, they are all the false ideas – illusions, paradigms, vasanas – that have existed primarily in the old 3rd dimension. And some of those false grids have emanated from this lifetime and some of them have emanated from many lifetimes.

One of the starting points is we get rid of our false grids. And Archangel Michael, in particular, comes and assists us with that exercise. So think of false grids – and they go by letters: think of the L’s – lack, limitation; the D’s – death, disease, destruction, despair, disappointment, depression; control, greed, fault, blame, guilt.

All of these are false grids that we as a human collective over time have put in place and limited ourselves. So one of the first things we do, and it’s not just you go through one car wash and you’re clean, because it’s digging deeper and deeper and deeper. And you get rid of these false grids until it’s simply not there. It’s not part of who you are anymore.

And when you discover and feel that one of these old limiting feelings comes up, then you go back, you do your exercise and you get rid of it. And you let Archangel Michael help you and it disappears. We’re not talking about sending it elsewhere so that somebody else picks it up, it is transmuted back to pure light, back to source and recycled as light and love.

This is a key because this is what’s limiting us in terms of going forward. This is the biggest issue, well the biggest issue that we’ve found in doing the work with the New You, is wrapping our head around the inter-dimensional travel reality. But the second closest is this issue of false grids.

And what we find is – when we really peel that onion, the core issue is always lack of self-worth and self-love. The more you get past that, you’re on your way.

SC: Linda, I’ve got a couple of callers lined up, and I’m actually going to bring Jillena on. Jillena are you there?

Jillena: Yes, I am. Thank you.

SC: Jillena, you’ve been listening to what we’ve been talking about, but you’ve been doing the New You course. Tell us a little bit about the old you and a little bit about the New You.

Jillena: I think the old me was one that was living in a world of a lot of old fears and belief systems and just poking my way through each of the areas that were coming up one at a time. They just sort of reared their heads and I’d be handling them, so I think the old me was just figuring that’s the way I’d sort of have to go along in life; take things as they come.

And I’m looking now at all that Linda has been sharing and it seems with the New You, I’m just thinking of it now as the real me. So it’s almost like it’s the whole being of me, although I’m limited from what’s in my mind and the constructs and belief systems of how to be more acquainted with the whole beinginess of who I am. But there’s an essence, there’s a realness or an energetic sense of an expanded part of the beingness of who I am. It’s not another aspect; it’s just a wholeness, a whole sense of my being and my presence coming into even this time that we’re in now, which is still rather limited. Does that speak to anything?

SC: It does. My question there though is, in terms of your life, how have you seen things actually change or is it just in the way you’re either proactively seeking stuff or reacting to stuff now. Or are you not reacting or proactively seeking stuff; are things just happening?

Jillena: I think it’s both. I think I’m calling forth my whole beingness and actively seeking, there’s a certain excitement and a certain discovery; there’s a new sense of this whole new dimension-ness; and yet it’s sort of an old journey that I’ve been on that’s coming closer to a level of completion.

It’s only a new beginning but there’s sort of, it’s like something old is leaving kind of like a skin and a whole newness that I’m actually feeling and I’m calling it forth. So I’m feeling it but I’m also generating it. So I feel like I’m taking charge of creating more what I want in life. And I’m also seeing more of the false belief systems just dropping away, or at least seeing through them more clearly and realizing that they don’t have the hold on me that they did. Now, it’s also hard to communicate with people if they’re not familiar with the concepts and terms that we’re using.

SC: In terms of your life, though, how has it changed, or how have things manifested for you?

Jillena: Well, I would say up until now I had certain goals and they hadn’t come completely to fruition, and there was sort of a grieving period where I wasn’t sure if they’d happen. But now they’re sort of fading away and they’ll either happen or they won’t, but that’s not so much driving me right now.

My life now is just feeling that I’m being present. I’m being more in the present moment. Technically, how have things changed? Being more present to me has been a big change; rather than living into the future that may or may not happen. I’m a more energy-oriented person so I’m probably looking at things in an abstract energy way. That’s kind of who I am in life.

Some things haven’t really changed too much. I’m looking at the financial situation that’s changing, but I’m also not as worried about it was I was before. That’s allowing me to be a little bit more creative where I was coming from fear before now I’m opening up more to my creativity.

SC: Linda, is Jillena’s experience typical of becoming the New You?

LD: Well, yes and no. And I would say that each of the fifty brave souls has a different experience. I think one of the things that Jillena has talked about is that she is anchored more in the totality of who she’s being rather than living in fear and trepidation. She’s moving to a place of peace and from that place of peace into creation.

What I’ve seen with our groups is that the creations that are coming forward, and the level of happiness – I don’t know what else to call it, joy – of just choosing joy on a daily basis, is remarkable.

So everything from getting new businesses up and running, to taking on new realms of service, or doing a pursuit that you never wanted to do before and allowing it to support you financially, because this isn’t just about working in the ethers; this is the shift; it’s the bringing everything in to this physical conscious reality. So it’s not just working with the unconscious or the subsconscious, it’s the conscious reality and anchoring things into the physical realm because we can’t just create in the ethers.

Nova Earth is going to be anchored in the physical reality. And we’re doing it. So, it’s slightly different; some people have taken on new jobs, or left relationships, have resolved relationships; long-standing partnerships. Partnership is a huge piece of the New You and the sacred unions are shifting rapidly, not only with individual partners but with family, with friends, and out into community and into the world.

So, yes, I think and I know for a fact that Jillena you’re very involved in some of the community activism things, but you look at it from an energetic point of view. So yes, what’s typical is that people are shifting. And they’re realizing their own sense of what they can do and their power and their role as being the patterners for what we’re going to do from here on in.

SC: So Jillena would you agree with Linda’s analysis there?

Jillena: Yes I would. I think maybe the clearest way I can say what is different for me is I have a whole new relationship with myself in a completely new way. Because everything, for me, starts from within and then it will be reflected outward to new opportunities that I create or participate in.

And so I have a new relationship with the new me that I didn’t even know was there before. It’s the part that I didn’t know I didn’t know. And Linda has brought that up front, close, personal and intimate. And if we can hear Linda explain it in different ways, I think perhaps, we would have to know what we don’t know yet. That we need to hold some space for that to come forward; so I’ll keep you posted if any new changes come up.

SC: Jillena, thank you so much.

Jillena: I have a request of Linda, I’d like her to share more of what’s available on her website; because I know Linda has written a book already that covers subjects on the different dimensions. And she has so much material on her Council of Love website; perhaps she might share with listeners all that’s available and also Stephen I appreciate your new show on Sunday but I’m not familiar with them, what you’ve been creating here. So if you could share for all of us also so we can really take advantage of all that you have.

SC: So Linda there you go, we had a plug for both of us.

LD: I think that the most rewarding thing that came out of that conversation is Jillena finding a new relationship with who she is. And that’s the New You. In so many ways, it’s the big you. It’s the totality, the wholeness of who we are.

And because we’ve been restricted in the old 3rd, our ideas of who we are and what was possible also were very restricted. And so many of our reference points have been and even continue to be back into that. So that’s hard for people to adopt a whole new way of thinking.

SC: When you say that, thinking about themselves, so in saying this new relationship with ourselves, is it the fact that in the past we would go “Oh, I can only do this” and we weren’t pushing ourselves beyond our boundaries; or “Oh, I’ve been told that I’m like this, so this must be who I am in terms of my behavior or the way I am or my personality” or someone saying to you “Oh you can’t handle money, or you don’t know how to make friends” all that sort of stuff. So, is it those limiting beliefs in the past that have held us back and that’s what we’re now realizing that we don’t have to be limited by anymore?

LD: That’s exactly right and realizing that there are parts of our being that we have just begun to access. Now we know the amount of energy that’s been sent to the planet in the last couple of years. But this is an amplification of that and you used a term about pushing through.

And so often what we have found, particularly I think it’s true of lightworkers, that we’ve been pushing through situations or belief systems and just keep going, keep going, no matter what. But the sense that I see with the New You is not just that I’m just going to push through it; not that it doesn’t come up because it does, but that there is this new level of excitement, of exuberance, of I’m going to go for this. And I’m not going to go for it just in a way that’s going to make do, that’s just going to help me for the next few months, I’m going to do something that’s an expansion of this idea, that’s going to not only change my life but change the world. It’s huge.

SC: When you say that, though, is it like a motivation, a key motivator, that we should be integrating those motivations into our lives more? What is that process?

LD: The key motivator actually is one of your balancers. And it comes out of getting rid of your false grids, all those limiting ideas that we have had about ourselves, or that society has had, that ‘you can’t do that’, which is ridiculous. Of course we can.

But the key motivator is almost like a variation on the idea of who you are. Now, I know for example one of my key motivators is disillusionment. I know that that’s my red flashing light. So, it’s the point at which your key motivator says, “Don’t go there; you’re entering a danger zone.” And it will motivate you to go and do something creative and positive so that you don’t go into that danger zone or you basically just want to leave.

SC: So how do you get yourself out of that danger zone. How do you stop yourself going into it?

LD: By knowing it.

SC: Just knowing it’s there?

LD: We’ve been given so many tools, and I’m not just talking about the tools of the New You; but when you see that red flashing light and you are cognizant in your heart, cognizant of “if I go there I’m being destructive to myself” then that is a false grid. That is a limiting grid.

So I know my limitation in terms of what will bring me down, so I will avoid that at all costs. What you do is, it can be as simple as getting your shoes off and going and walking on the earth and connecting with Gaia, or putting your feet in a lake or the ocean, or asking your guides to fill you up or for Archangel Michael to swoop down and re-infuse you with his blue flame of truth – there’s all kinds of things we can do.

What happens so often is that when we’re in that downward spiral is that we just think “well there’s nothing I can do” and that’s just not the case because that is disempowering, that’s denying who we are.

SC: Jillena mentioned something just before that’s kind of close to my own heart at the moment and that’s the whole thing of the financial stuff. Now, if I am being in the old me, I would be stressing, I would be getting angry, I would be going into almost apoplexy based on my small amount in the bank right now. But for some reason, I am worried about it to a degree but at the same time I just have this feeling that everything will hopefully be all right. Is that being in the New You?

LD: Yes it is. It’s not being in denial. It’s just putting into perspective and knowing. The other thing that we used to do is that we think that we need all the information; well, we all know we’re never going to have all the information. There is always more to know, to experience, to understand. And so by maintaining your balance, and it’s not just sitting there like Pollyanna, it’s doing the creation; it’s not now I take care of my foundation, now I’m working on clearing my false grids, now I’m going to create; it’s taking care of everything at once. So you’re not NOT creating; look at us – we’re on the radio talking away. And that’s a huge creation in and of itself. You do what you can do and then you realize that you are in partnership with the universe and you very actively start seeking what you’d call the outside sources – not just your guides but your outside part of yourself, the archangels, your star brothers and sisters, to intervene. And, at the same time, there’s also this knowing that there is a bigger plan. Now I know that’s really hard and I’ve been there, when you can’t pay the rent. But yes, there’s always something else afoot, as it were.

And the other thing, because money is a fascinating topic, and it’s a topic that in our groups that we have talked about a lot because when we talk about money, it always comes back to this core issue of self-worth.

Am I loved enough by the divine Mother/Father One, the universe, to be taken care of?Am I deserving? And, when doubt creeps in, then that starts to muddy up the water and it also muddies up the flow. So, money is a really good thing because it’s been such a power tool in the 3rd dimension.

And we know both in the obvious ways and behind the scenes that financial systems – money, currency, abundance in all forms – is one of the primary things that’s changing on Nova Earth. So when we hold and stay the course, it makes a huge difference and is very much the New You.

The other thing is that we are learning how to pull, like the masters that we’ve seen, from the very air and work with the molecules of creation. So we go to different dimensions, we collect those molecules and we bring them back so that we can have what we need.

Basically, that’s what some of the masters who have brought forth food, drink, water, gold, have done. And we keep being told we’re in our mastery; this is part of what we are bringing forth. Are we learning it? Yes. Are we in training? Yes. But the training is really fast. This isn’t about taking twenty years to learn something. This is about learning very quickly and moving forward because it’s not just about learning, it’s about remembering. We already know it. It’s already inside of us.

SC: So it’s a matter of going in and sourcing it out. Now you mentioned about actively and consciously working with creation and creation formulas. What do you mean by that?

LD: There are universal laws which we are all familiar with, and which Sanat Kumara has talked a lot about in various forms, both on Hour With an Angel and on Heavenly Blessings, and in Council of Love courses on creation.

There are blessings and virtues, or divine qualities, and then there is a creation formula that we’ve also talked about. There’s a very simple formula to creation which is: intent + stillpoint + action = creation.

Now, it’s not completely a stand-alone but it simplifies what – when people say I don’t know how to create, I don’t know what to do – when you just bring it to that very basic formula, then you do know what to do. But in conjunction with that, what you are doing – so say you’re formulating your intent – I want to raise $5000 by the end of the month. That’s your intent. It’s very concrete.

Now, there’s also the proviso be careful what you’re asking for as well. But to be very clear what that $5000 or what that “thing” that you’re creating, what does it really represent. So you spend time in formulating your intention and intention is the dreaming, it’s daydreaming, but it’s also being concrete and this is what the Council is teaching us now. It’s bringing things into the concrete reality of our planet.

And the Divine Mother has said at times, even screaming it’s prayer child, so formulating intent is important but people sometimes think that if I intend it, it will be. But no, you’ve only done one piece of it.

So then you have to bring it to the stillpoint of your heart, which is no breath, no movement. We’ve all been in that place. That place of peace where we know like, ahhhh…. and nothing is moving; we just are in the stillpoint. And from that place we push it out, we release it to the universe. And then we take the appropriate action. So we don’t sit in our house and wait for Archangel Gabriel to knock on our door, we take human appropriate action and divine appropriate action, and then that brings about our creation.

Now, coupled with that, you never get to create anything in a permanent way if you aren’t working with the divine qualities. So if you’re in those false grids of despair, of greed, of control, of fear, and the local doubt, then you’re not in love, you’re not in joy; so your vibration isn’t at a level where you can reach out and grab those creation codes and molecules and bring them in. So you have to be working with your divine qualities as well.

And the third element is you have to work with the appropriate universal law that you choose to work with. For example, and we’ve used this one a lot tonight, As Above, So Below, As Within, So Without. Well, we know ‘above and without’ – out there in the world – and I discern between world and planet Gaia, but out there in the world there’s lots of money. So, it’s not that it doesn’t exist, and it doesn’t exist above – there’s huge abundance throughout the universe.

So it isn’t that there’s any lack, so what we’re doing is we’re also at the same time invoking that universal law. So when I’m formulating my intent what I’m doing is part of that intent is I’m saying, “I’m also calling upon Sanat Kumara, Raj, to bring me with the Universal Law of Within and Without to create X.” It’s being conscious about what it is we’re doing and acknowledging, even sometimes with a little nervousness, that we can do it.

SC: Now the other thing you mentioned before was sacred union relationships. So, can you explain a little bit about that in regards to the New You?

LD: Huge part of the New You, because once you get rid of those false grids, once you are in that sense of feeling who you really are, the totality of your being, then what you want, what I’m finding most people want in one form or another, is a divine sacred union.

Now the first and most sacred union is of course with yourself. And if you don’t have that, you can’t really have it with another. You’ve got to love yourself; this is old stuff. You know that. But, it’s bringing in, and it’s part of the creation as well, bringing in the relationship in physical form, in the here and now, with the person that you want.

And so it’s acting in that way of magnets and bringing into your life the kind of loving, honoring, expansive, creative relationships that we all desire. And not everybody wants to be in a partnership. But what I find is actually, most people do. And then it extends once you’ve started working on that, it extends to your family because those are the people who we’ve chosen to travel with throughout time and space which is amazing.

And so in the 5th dimensional relationship, not only are sacred unions important, but our family relationships, the love, the support, the creativity, the laughter, the sweetness, the flexibility, is there. And then it expands out to friends because most of us have incarnated with our soul friends and family and we’re discovering that, we’re sure discovering that in the Golden Age of Gaia, how many times have we done this? And then it’s about community.

SC: I was just going to bring in a caller here, Cherisse. Because in talking about sacred relationships, Cherisse has shared something with me offline a moment ago that I think is rather interesting. (pause while trying to find Cherisse) It appears Cherisse isn’t here. She was just telling me that while her partner passed around ten months ago, she is having a 5th dimensional relationship with her partner.

LD: Yes. And that’s part of the inter-dimensional travel too. Go and find where your partner is hanging out. Your partner may be spending more time in the 6th or the 8th or the 10th, and so go and visit and then meet up, make the arrangements for meeting up here in the 5th, because that’s where you want to have the relationship, is in the physical form in the physical reality.

So, yes, people are having these inter-dimensional relationships, and you know and I’m a fine one to talk – people are also having relationships, very real relationships with their star brothers and sisters, with their mates that have been on board ship that they have been separated or haven’t been aware of for a long time. So that is another piece that’s really changing.

And we’re going to see a lot of new kinds of relationships come forward. But it’s that relationship that’s based on freedom. This is the biggest thing about the New You; it’s the freedom. It’s the freedom to do and to be who you want to be, who you’ve always been, and what you want to do with the rest of your life, not only for yourself but for Gaia, because none of us are here without a huge commitment and a connection to Gaia.

SC: I think I’ve got Cherisse back on the line now, Linda. I might just get her to share her story. Cherisse you sadly lost your partner around ten months ago. Tell me a little about this and how you’re still having a relationship with her in the 5th dimension.

Cherisse: Yes, and not just Dede, but Dede in previous lives. Like I’ve known her in four different previous lives and we’re growing in such a rich togetherness. It’s like I’ve died and gone to heaven and I’m still in the body.

SC: So, tell me about the 5th dimensional relationship that you’re having now. Are you, you must have been sad when she passed, but you’re still able to be in contact.

Cherisse: The night that she died, this insecure cop arrested me and I spent that night in jail for being difficult, and for me it was a testing of my deeper love and I brought light to the darkness. And I thrived. And like the adversities in my life, while Dede was alive in the body and since have become the very keys of my empowerment. And had they not happened, I would not have known the depths the multiverse dimensional depths of such strength and joy and life.

SC: Cherisse, I’m so happy for you.

Cherisse: No one told me about this, I just listened, and it’s so subtle, and it means for me to be able to listen I have to honor and be comfortable with and listen to myself and trust myself. If I didn’t I would double guess and insecure, doubt, fear who knows.

LD: And that wouldn’t do at all.

Cherisse: No. Linda, can you see and hear Dede and Mimi. Mimi was in Egypt. She was a high priestess some six thousand years ago. And I was a child priestess and I saw her like my mommy. And my experience, I felt her love that is Mimi in Egypt, Dede in a previous life, loving me in Egypt, me in a previous life, more vivid than any memory than I’ve had in this body. And what it’s giving me is it shows me my strengths of some of the different lives I’ve lived and bringing them into the now.

LD: And bringing them into the now is the most important piece.

Cherisse: Like that’s who I’m embodying is me being loved almost six thousand years ago, 3753 BC in Egypt as a child priestess in the temple, and letting go of the extreme ultra-strict, very black/white paradigm fundamentalist and born-again Christian Dutch Calvinism, Pentacostal holiness paradigms that are so ultra-strict. I have a master’s in theology from Regent. I have dedicated my whole life to living the holy words and what’s really …..

SC: Cherisse are you in enjoying this experience of the New You?

Cherisse: Oh I love it, I’m having the time of my life. I’m in bliss. In fact, I even wouldn’t recline in my recumbent for a few months because it’s so exhilarating going down the hill on Commercial Drive with my recumbent, that’s where you lay back and sit and just push, like I was in too much bliss and it would take me over the edge. So now, and I did a lot of walking and grounding, it was so important.

SC: Well, Cherisse thank you so much for sharing your story with us today.

Cherisse: I love you. And my inner child is the first one that helped waken me up to the life that’s in me. The book “Coma: A healing journey” by Doctors Joy and Arnold Mendel has become part of my being. And I woke up my inner infant, my inner child, toddler and we’re now all conscious, and we’re rewriting our timelines.

SC: Well, you go off and enjoy the New You. Oh, Linda, she’s such a happy New You soul.

LD: Yes, and you know this is part of it. That level of excitement and joy and just potential and the other thing that I haven’t mentioned as the New You emerges is that we start to see things that we haven’t seen before, like beings and fairies and inter-dimensional beings and trees talking to you and grass singing to you; all of it is part of that inter-dimensional reality. Why wouldn’t you want it?

SC: Oh we do want it. Joshua Tree is coming up September 20-22 at the Joshua Tree Retreat in California. That is the New You Conference. Tell me why you’re going to Joshua Tree? It was quite important that it was located there.

LD: I was certainly guided to have it at Joshua Tree. And Joshua Tree and I go back a long way so I’ll make a long story short. But it was the place of my awakening in many ways.

And I’ve had so many inter-dimensional, star brothers and sisters, experiences in Joshua Tree. I was led there a long time ago; it’s where I held my very first class. And have met with the then-director of the Center; it used to be called the Center for Mental Physics was my father in Atlantis. And we went into this chamber and we traveled back in time.

And then another day we went to meditate and it was just the two of us in this beautiful meditation chamber and as we finished up I asked Neil, so where did that man go who came in to join us. And he looked at me and said, “What man?” So I described him; I didn’t know this man at all. And I said you know the guy with the beard and the white outfit because I was a newbie, and it was Yogananda who had gone there to write part of his Autobiography with a Yogi.

I’ve had experiences when I’ve been Native American; my teacher was Wallace Black Elk and we traveled back about 3,000 years in time to the sacred rites that the Native Americans used to have there.

The last gathering I held in Joshua Tree, the star brothers and sisters came and joined us at the campfire. So, there’s all kinds of reasons to go to this wonderful place. It’s sacred, sacred land. It’s already anchored inter-dimensionally. It’s magical. So, that’s why we’re going back. Normally I’ve held my annual Council of Love gatherings in Sedona but this year they said no, it had to be Joshua Tree and it’s because of that inter-dimensional quality. And it’s a place where the star beings come with great regularity.

SC: So maybe they’ll turn up?

LD: I fully expect them to.

SC: Well, hopefully they do. If you want to know more about the New You, there is the Joshua Tree Conference coming up. The link is on the show page, so if you want to find out further information, click on that link and it will take you to the Joshua website. Linda, we’re nearly out of time but I think we should do another show.

LD: I’d love to do another show and talk more about some of the details of how you go about anchoring the New You and what’s involved in it. And to hear from other people and what they are experiencing with this energy as they begin to access it.

SC: There were actually several other callers, so Suzi will let them know that we’ll be back in a couple of weeks. So, on the next show we’ll talk about Anchoring the New You?

LD: Anchoring the New You. Let’s get into the nitty gritty. We’ve talked about some of the elements, about what’s entailed in the New You; so let’s get down to talking about how do you do it.

SC: Don’t forget Joshua Tree; you can book now. Just briefly I want to do a bit of housekeeping. ((( gap for Blossom’s events ))) We have a wonderful charity called The Hope Chest and it looks after lightworkers in need, and it also looks after us poor suffering volunteers at times. So, if you are in a position of abundance and can help, then please make a contribution to the Hope Chest. You can do that by the Hope Chest website which is

The other thing is I’m having a bit of a financial pickle myself so if you have enjoyed this show today and you feel inclined, I have put my paypal details on this site if you are.

Now apart from that, Linda I’ve had a great time tonight. Thank you so much for sharing those aspects of the New You.

LD: Thank you for having me Stephen. I look forward to the next couple of weeks. I would say, this is part of the creation aspect, so Hope Chest, or the link that you’ve posted for Lift Your Spirit, I would really ask people to give it real consideration because we give and we receive. We give and we receive. That’s the universal law.

C: It is indeed. Linda, thank you so much for joining me tonight. We’ll see you again on August 11, same time back here on Lift Your Spirit. In the meantime this is Stephen Cook and throughout the next two weeks and in fact every week, for that matter, whenever you feel things that are just getting that little bit overwhelming or your having a bit of a yucky 3rd or even an uplifting 5th dimensional experience, take a deep breath, remind yourself that you are well and truly on your ascension journey because you are the New You. And as you do go inside into your own heart and lift your spirit, I will see you August 11.