533023_300296500041269_179181975486056_733079_1145108881_nWhat is important is the understanding to the evolution, into and with love and peace and you are growing in your insights and your understandings into that process. As you share your struggle, your insight, your passage, many come to understand and to leave behind the old paradigms and the old ways. And that is what your shift, what your Ascension and your evolution into Ascension is all about.

Suzy Maresca: Greetings and blessings to all. Welcome to another Hour with an Angel, with Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love and author of the book The Great Awakening. Joining her this evening is Steve Beckow, founder of the website Golden Age of Gaia dot com and author of Building Nova Earth — Towards a World that Works for Everyone.

I’m Suzanne Maresca sitting in for GD this evening.

I invite you to bring in Archangel Michael’s Blue Flame of Truth and Peace as we welcome him back again. This evening Michael will continue the discussion begun last week by looking at what is true and not true about our thinking on spiritual evolution.

With that I turn things over to you, Steve.

Steve Beckow: Thank you very much, Suzy, and welcome, Archangel Michael.

Archangel Michael: And welcome to you! Yes, I AM Michael, archangel of love, warrior of peace, bringer of news, and I welcome all of you, and particularly I welcome you, dear brother, dear brother Steve, brother of peace and brother of love.

For more important than any understanding, whether it is 3rd or 5th or 12th dimensional understanding of evolution of the soul, of the being, of the spirit, what is important is the understanding to the evolution, into and with love and peace. And you are growing in your insights and your understandings into that process.

So, I welcome you and I welcome all. And I encourage you also to write of this, because as you do, as you share your struggle, your insight, your passage, many come to understand and to leave behind the old paradigms and the old ways. And that, dear hearts, is what your shift, what your Ascension and your evolution into Ascension, is all about.

You are making tremendous progress and it is not about percentages of who is ready or who is not; it is the quiet awakening of the heart and the heart consciousness, and the willingness not only to embrace love, but to be love. And within that comes the anchoring and the embrace of the fullness of peace within each and every heart.

And as that occurs, my job is done. This role of service and this journey of this portion of my existence and continuity is done. For when there is peace on Earth, you are no longer in the 3rd. When there is peace in your heart, you most certainly are not in the 3rd.

But I digress, as you know I have a tendency to do! But it was important to acknowledge this most significant progress, this quantum leap that you are taking, individually and collectively.

So, my friend, where do you wish to begin this night?

SB: Well, I — it’s fascinating, what you just said. I guess the two questions that I have to begin with are, one, we talked about twelve or perhaps thirteen dimensions to the human realm; and my normal thinking is that dimensions go on after that, so who knows? There could be a one hundredth dimension, I have no idea. So, one question is, do the dimensions just keep going on and on and on, until we merge again with God?

And the second question is, you hinted at the end of the last program that our thinking about spiritual evolution was not correct. Our thinking is that we go from kingdom to kingdom, from the mineral kingdom to the plant kingdom to the animal kingdom to the human kingdom to the angelic kingdom. And you suggested that that was not the case. So those are two of the questions I’d like to start out with, Lord.

AAM: I am very happy to have this as the beginning point, because, like you, I had felt and wished to clarify, because our conversation was incomplete, at best.

So, let us begin. First, your question about dimensions…And I am going to preface what I say, because your understanding of dimensional reality is still defined primarily by the 3rd dimension of space, depth, length, width, with the addition of, of course, space and free will.

But you tend to think of dimensional reality as a physical construct. Now, I am not suggesting to you that each of the twelve dimensions that are part of the human reality, the realm of availability to the current human reality, do not have physicality. They do. But having said that, of course, it is experienced differently and, might we say, in a more flexible or broadened perspective.

So, for example, right now you tend to experience light as a spectrum that you are either receiving or feeling upon your skin or observing whether it is night or day — but even in night, of course, there is light, but it is a perceptual experience. You do not experience light as a physical, tangible experience that you can touch, feel, smell, breathe, et cetera.

Now, that is not a problem for our discussion. But I just want you to know that as we are discussing dimensions we are cognizant of your framework, but we also wish you to be cognizant that there are times when the explanations that we share will take some time, even if it is a millisecond or a year, to sink in to your mental body and your understanding.

So, for this discussion I would ask each of you, my sweet family, to open your hearts with my blue flame and simply allow the information to come within thee, to accept it; not to abandon discernment, for that is never our desire, but simply to allow the information to penetrate you so that it may organize itself in a way that makes sense to you.

Now, about the dimensions: As you know, we have said there are twelve dimensions. Think of it as a circle — twelve dimensions available within the current reality of what humans and the human experience can undergo in your journey, and yes, even within one lifetime.

Now, has that been the norm? Absolutely not. But we want to introduce that idea and that concept.

Now, within each dimension, of course, there are twelve planes or what you think of as twelve levels, so that there are steps or gradations within each dimension as well. So, very often you will hear different human beings say — or channels, in particular — say, “I am in the 96th dimension.” This is an incorrect representation. What they are doing is they are experiencing the 96th plane, because that is all that is available to you without leaving your human form.

Now, are there what you think of as dimensions beyond that twelve? Yes, there are. But again, what we conceive of as dimensions takes on a slightly different quality. But if you are to think of dimensional progression back to the light, then you are correct in that assumption. Because you have — think of it this way — you have tended to think — and again, it is part of the definition of how you have understood things in the 3rd so this is not meant in a critical manner at all — but you have left the heart of One and you have traveled, beautiful beings, through many different realities, and for purposes of understanding, down into the 3rd dimension.

Now, we do not mean that this is a lower vibration. Well, it is a lower vibration, because it is limited. But it is not meant to be less-than. It is simply an experience that has very stringent parameters.

Now, think of it this way — and I am going to introduce something that perhaps you have not thought of before. Within the 3rd dimension — well, primarily, it has been a human experience — but within that reality of Gaia, there have been physical beings that have shared that dimensionality with you, such as the trees, the kingdoms, minerals, the water, the air, the earth. So to some extent, not exactly the same, they have been having a 3rd dimensional experience on Earth with you as well.

Now, is it the same as being in human form? Not exactly. But is it similar? It is more similar than most human beings have conceived of. Now, because most of you — and I am in all likelihood speaking to the general populace and not to our beloved listeners — but many people have thought that, for example, the trees or the grass or the oceans do not have the same level of conscious awareness and of the desire to return home to the light that human beings do. And that, in itself, assumes that the rock or the tree does not have a mental or emotional or causal, et cetera, body. But they do. And you have seen this when you have looked at mountains or a tree that you love and you have seen their auric field, their energy grid, their field.

Now, is it the same as what a human being has? No. And in some ways it is what you would deem as less-than and greater-than. Because what happens, for example, with a tree or granite, is that that sense of being connected to the light, to the One, is never broken.

Now, they know they are having an experience and a journey in a form, and that they are bringing forth certain lessons or helping to accomplish certain things on Gaia, but that sense of connection is not severed. The difference, of course, is the element of free will. And so what has happened to the human collective in the 3rd dimension is that that sense of separation became entrenched. That sense of loneliness, of differentiation, and the wonder of uniqueness, became solidified into form.

So that is a primary difference in the level of experience, dimensionally. Now, because of this, as Gaia has ascended and begun her anchoring, her docking, in the 5th dimension, all the creatures, the kingdoms, have had less difficulty in simply going with her, because it is not a matter of choice, it is simply their process of becoming. Whereas with the human beings, it being cognizant and if we can say self-directed soul, that has been a huge issue. The recognition of choice, of the desire and the attendant work to let go of the old and to embrace the new has been more challenging. Now, it has also been amazingly mature.

So, when we speak of spiritual evolution and we speak of how one progresses in form, the human collective in this collective soul decision — yes, that some are not even aware of; and we will talk about that as well — but this collective decision is a huge evolutionary jump, leap, just as you have been making, each of you, because what you have decided is that you are going to live in a different dimension, where the definitions of how you exist have different fundamental requirements or qualities.

As you are embracing the divine qualities, as you are living the divine qualities, that automatically jumps you in your own evolutionary track back to the light.

So, let me get back to where we have begun.

You have had an understanding, and it has been handed down, let us be very clear, this has not simply been made up by sages or gurus. There has been a framework of understanding in the 3rd dimensional reality of how spiritual evolution exists. And that is the framework that you have been operating on and it is your understanding of form — mineral, animal, human, angelic, and so on.

And that has worked in terms of having a clear pathway for you. But now you are leaving that framework, that definition, behind.

So, what we want you to consider… it is not that we are asking you to throw out your framework baby with the bath water, but what we are asking you to consider is that there is latitude and movement between the kingdoms, including the human kingdom, and between dimensions.

So think of it, as we have said before, that as you left the heart of One, as you assumed different forms, there was what you have thought of as step down, step down, step down, step down. And then you have had the reverse. Now you are on your way home, so there is a progression — step up, step up, step up, step up. But what we are suggesting to you is that there is more leapfrogging than you have assumed.

Now, is this clear?

SB: Yes, it is, Lord. Although I must say I am having trouble imagining with a life without free will would look like. But the rest of it is clear.

AAM: Well, when you have assumed a human form and you progress from there, then free will is always an option. But what really happens, dear heart, you see, the free will is the most precious commodity of the 3rd dimension. But you know that the greatest challenge, the greatest gift of being in human form is to reach the place, the state of being, where in fact you align your will with the Will of One. So, although there still is the presence of free will, in fact the alignment makes it very clear that there is really, consistently and always, only one choice — and that is love and light and return to the Source.

So, as you progress through the dimensional realities open to the human species, there is still the gift of free will, but it almost becomes inconsequential. Similarly, in the angelic realm, or the archangelic realm, the seraphim — there is no choice but love! There is no conceivable direction in which to move other than to be connected to the One, because that sense of completion, of wholeness, of bliss, of ecstasy, it does not really leave room for variation.

Now, you know there are mythologies and actualities of how beings have departed from the light and made those choices. So it is an exercise in will, yes. But I would suggest to you that, by and large, as you, what you think of as progress, there really is no choice but love.

Now, when you think of the other kingdoms, it is not that there is a feeling of absence of free will, because there is also…that connection is maintained to Source. So there isn’t that feeling like, “I have to make the right choices in order to get back home.” It is simply a sense of, “I am on purpose, and I am doing this or that, or learning this or that.”

But yes, it is primarily inconceivable to human beings that there would not be free will. And of course that would never be tampered with, because it is part of your divinity. It is part of the gift that you have been given, in coming to the planet.

SB: But it sounds like, Lord, that we — or the 3rd dimension is perhaps the only realm where free will plays a big role. If at higher realms we align with the Divine Will, then this is the primary land in which free will is exercised, it sounds like.

AAM: And one of the biggest pieces… one of the biggest pieces of your Ascension process is in fact that choice to align with Divine Will, with love. Often we have spoken to you — many of us — about making peace with the 3rd. And it has begun on a, hmm, rudimentary basis of truly letting go of the vasanas, of the issues, of the debris, of the tie to the old illusions and that has been very, very important, critical — a starting point.

But as you well know, each of you, as you have progressed, it has not been so much about clearing or letting go of the issues particular to your sacred self, or even the history of your human experience, or even clearing of the human collective issues and vasanas. More and more, that free will has been also making peace with the 3rd dimension and letting go of the old structures, almost the framework, the bones of what you have thought of as the old 3rd.

Free will has always been an element of the 3rd, the 4th, the 5th, the 6th, the 7th dimensions. But it was only in what we refer to as “the old 3rd” that it became almost a baptism of fire, because the letting go of the old 3rd and all the constructs of the old 3rd have been very difficult. We do not in any way wish to underestimate and the power of your determination, which is an aspect and an exercise of your free will, to do this, it has been nothing short of an act of grace.

Now, why we have brought this up in terms of the differences between, say, the mineral or the elemental or the animal kingdom and the human kingdom is that there has been this predilection of the human race to think of other situations, including dimensional situations, as “less than,” and, of course, they are not. They are simply different. They are different realms of experience and different choices that beings have made in order to accomplish their goals and their undertakings.

And so there are situations where a being, an energy field, a spirit, a soul, has chosen to be, for example, a mountain, because of holding that wisdom, that history, that energy of Gaia, assisting Gaia, of being quite literally an Earth-keeper, an Earth-tender, not having the element of free will, but still being very much in service.

And of course, just like the incarnation into a human form, the strictures, the restrictions and the opportunities are well known and understood, fully discussed, before the being would inhabit such a form, just as it is with you in human form.

Now, many of you will say, “But Michael, if I had truly understood and known the challenges of this reality and this lifetime, I do not think I would have come.” And so, my beloved friends, I remind you that you came in your mastery.

I wish to speak to your hearts. I know, and we know, and the Mother knows, how so many of you have struggled and persevered and practiced valor and fortitude, and that you have continued on in this process of Ascension despite very difficult circumstances and incredible odds. And I know that many of you are feeling that right now.

So I remind you. We are not distant, we are with you. We are with you in totality, in partnership, and yes, sometimes in caretaking and nurturing, because that is our role, not to create unequal partnerships. But there are times in all partnerships when one must be tending to another. So do not think for one moment that we have forgotten you or your needs, the very immediate human needs.

Yes, you are exercising free will, and yes, that is a phenomenal, sacred, divine gift. But never was it intended that you suffer because of free will.

SB: Lord, could I ask you to give us a kind of a picture of what spiritual evolution might look like for an angel, an archangel, and a seraphim? What are the challenges? What do they look forward to? What do they strive for?

AAM: They strive, or they align with, wholeness and with grace. Again, the advantage, if I might call it that, of being an angel or an archangel or a seraphim — of course there are degrees of closeness to the One, as you know —

SB: Yes?

AAM: — we strive to go home. We strive for that reunification just like you do, not in the same way, because our understandings and our abilities and capabilities, our commitments, are different. And while you tend to think of your journey as service, although most of you are conscious of many lifetimes, but you tend to think of your journey of service in terms of a single lifetime — “I will do this, and then I get to leave and reunite.” Our journey of service tends to be more elongated, a longer, longer period of time. And of course our desire to serve — and we do not mean any reference to servitude, because that is not how it feels to us, to use your language — our desire to serve often overrides our desire to even reunite, because to give and to participate in — and this is often what keeps us going; yes, even archangels — to participate in the bliss and the oneness, even for what you would think of as a millisecond, can keep us going for millennia.

When you are an angel — and understand what I say to you — as you have left the heart of One, you have traveled through, think of it, all the angelic kingdoms or spheres. Now, most of you, of course, did not become or stop or remain as a seraphim or an archangel or a dominion. But many of you, most of you, have certainly spent time, if I can put it that way, in the angelic realm.

And then you have, again, in service to the One, gone and assumed human forms, or other forms in other planetary systems, always because of love. This is the primary motivator. It isn’t about punishment. It is about love. It isn’t about doing service as you think of, in terms of military terms. It is about love.

But when you are an angel, you have phenomenal latitude and freedom. And that is why, when last we spoke, we have said to thee that many angels do not yearn to leave that realm. Now, if there is a primary motivator or yearning, it is to simply reunite with the Mother/Father/One.

Now, that is present, but it isn’t a yearning to say, “I am working so I can graduate to be an archangel.” It isn’t… it isn’t like that because there is a sense of fulfillment, of joy, of love, of completeness in being an angel. And the freedom to either be a guardian or part of a legion or part of a host, to be a guardian at large, or to serve a nation — yes, even angels work with nations, particularly the leaders or the populace of a nation — so there is a great deal of freedom there. But their drive, if you were to think of it as spiritual, biological drive, is to go back to the One.

Now, in human terms, there is often a feeling that “I need to graduate.” And so many of you think, “Well, I can’t wait until I am back in my angelic form.” And that is very understandable. But you can also integrate much of your angelic self into your current being, you know. Do not forget that as well.

Now, let me talk about what it means to be an archangel. And there are more of us than you would think, than many of you would think. Now, with the Council of Love, there has been the presentation of the five mighty ones, of which I am humbly a part of. But there are many of us, and there are archangels on Earth who have assumed this form very specifically for this time of transformation.

Is it normal for the archangels to be walking in form on planet, whether it is Earth or anywhere else? The answer is no. It is not what we do. But there are those amongst you — so do not think that you are dreaming or hallucinating, my beloved ones — there are those amongst you who are archangels, and most of you are certainly of the angelic realm. That is where you have come from, not as a step down, but as a sacred service to break the old illusions of Earth, so that the new 3rd reality can emerge.

Will you be living in it? No. But you will be able to experience it — yes, in physical form.

Let me speak singularly for myself as your brother, as a warrior of peace. Why do I always identify myself that way? Because that is my mission and purpose; that is my commitment, my promise to the Mother. Do I yearn for reunification? More than you can know. But what comes first is the fulfillment of my promise. And how that translates is when the Mother turns to me and says, “Michael, will you go?” And sometimes she does not even need, for it is already known, where I have need to go or what I have need to do. And I do it.

I do not do it out of a sense of obligation. I guess you could term it some responsibility. But what I do it for, what you would think of as my driving force, is to please the Mother, to honor the Mother. Because in this honoring, in this service, just like you, I feel her closeness, her breath, her power and might. I feel her smile. In human terms, that is how I would describe it.

So, I know, and all of us who are within the archangel realm, many with very different responsibilities or commitments, that the time will come, and it will not be simply my choice or decision, it will simply come in an infinite, eternal moment, where I will be flying back and reabsorbed, and I will be home.

It is the same for all of us. So what do we strive for? The bliss of serving. What do we yearn for? Reunification.

SB: Can I interrupt you there, Lord? Please?

AAM: Yes.

SB: Now, it’s almost a theorem of spirituality that you go up a ladder, and it’s at the end of the ladder of consciousness that we’re reabsorbed. But you seem to be suggesting that we can be reabsorbed at other rungs of the ladder. And that is hard for me to grasp.

But is that what you’re saying? That we can go back to the One — well, let me put it from my perspective, that I as a human could go back to the One, or that an angel could go back to the One. Is that what you’re saying?

AAM: No. And I have said to you, do not throw out your framework, but give consideration to leapfrogging. There are times — now, you are thinking in linear time as well; and that is all right, that is what you have — but there are times when a being does such extraordinary service that the Mother simply pulls them through at the speed of light through all the realms that they have already traversed through.

Do not forget that when you came, it is a two-way street. You already came through the various realms. Now, did you stop? No. So, when you return — and I am not talking about everybody — there is potential for someone. If you are thinking in terms of a ladder, you can think of them at being, oh, somewhere positioned on the lower third of the ladder and the Mother calls, and they zoom up through all the rungs at the speed of light and love back to the One.

Now, you are thinking in linear time, and we are explaining in eternity. But let us be very clear; even for me, when the Mother calls, you go. So, let us use an example. You have been told — I have shared with you — that there are archangels on Earth, and that they are here in divine service to the Mother. We have suggested to you, we have promised you, that the masters walk the Earth with you again very shortly.

Now, it is not necessary for those of you, for example, who have been archangels to reincarnate again and again as humans because you have assumed that form, or that you have need to go through the entire process of the angelic realm. You will zoom through it. You will what we are calling leapfrog through it back to where you were, back to who you really are.

And if your service, for example, is of such magnitude as an archangel on Earth, then there is a likelihood or a potential that you would be called back to the seraphim. Now, does that make it more clear to thee?

SB: Yes, it does. One question about an archangel incarnating on Earth. Let’s pretend that Archangel Raphael incarnated on Earth. Does that mean that Archangel Raphael ceases to exist on the archangelic realm and enters into a body, or is it an aspect of Archangel Raphael that comes down?

AAM: It is an emanation of Raphael that comes down. And the person, as they grow in consciousness, will become more and more aware of that archangelic presence.

SB: But it wouldn’t be actually…

AAM: So, for example, if there was a being that was an aspect or emanation of Raphael upon the planet, you would see that they would be involved in healing work, either of the planet or of the human collective. And that as they progress in that understanding of their role, it is very, mmm, likely, shall we say, that their role would take on a very large scope.

So what you see with the archangels, generally, is that they tend to move into very pivotal global roles. It is the same with the masters.

SB: I can think of a situation in which the archangelic emanation could be talking to the archangel that he emanated from!

AAM: Yes, you are quite correct.

SB: [laughing] A very interesting situation!

AAM: Can we say, is it not delightful? Is the… we know that you have trouble wrapping your head or your mind around the concept, but is the idea and the potential not delightful? It is for us.

SB: Yes, indeed! Lord, what about the elohim? Where do they fit in with evolution?

AAM: They are amongst the highest of the high, as you well know. And they are positioned … what you do not know, very often, about the elohim is yes, of course they are in service to the Mother, but what they are also doing is helping a great deal with the various transitions not only of the human realm but of many realms into the higher realms, if you wish to think of it that way.

The elohim… well, they are in a favored position that they can pretty much go home any time they choose.

SB: And they can be incarnated, as well?

AAM: Yes, they can.

SB: I know one elohim who is incarnated. And also they can make mistakes, or… So, again, this human body is such a powerful…

AAM: But it is what we will not interfere with. You see… yes. This issue of mistakes, of missteps… But this is also part of free will. That is what will never be tampered with, because it is part of the design of your kingdom, of your species. So, can an archangel or an elohim make a mistake, and experience what it is to be human? Most certainly.

But you know, you tend to think that mistakes are somehow translated into a shortcoming or a fault. Sometimes what you have viewed as mistakes have been the greatest gifts and the greatest catalysts for growth, both individually and for the human collective.

Now, we are not talking about atrocities or actions that are based out of hatred or greed or lust or fear. But what you think of as human mistakes, as missteps, from our perspective are sometimes viewed as massive opportunities and catalysts. So yes, can an archangel make a mistake on Earth? Yes. Have there been times — and I know that all the listeners are shaking their heads, yes — when I have said things, or one of the masters has said things, that have not been one hundred percent accurate, and you say, “Well, that was a mistake,” and you can attribute it to the channel, and sometimes it is.

But there are also times when we say things to you that are based on the plan, that because of the many, many elements and variables of the human interactions and free choice, do not come to pass. Is it a mistake? Yes. Is it a catalyst? Yes.

So, be more gentle when you think of mistakes, dear hearts.

SB: Well, how about this case, Lord? I know incarnated seraphim; I know incarnated elohims. And yet they are in this human body, and it places limitations on them. I so often have such trouble with that, that the human body can be so non-conductive a material that it can hold, say, even a seraphim or an elohim back from remembering.

If I was writing a children’s comic book and I illustrated a seraphim or an elohim being in incarnation, I would paint them as being elegant and graceful and all-knowing and all the rest of it. But this doesn’t necessarily turn out to be the case. They have the same problems remembering that so many other people do. Am I correct in saying that?

AAM: You are correct in saying that until they break through. And when they break through, there is no stopping them.

SB: And they can break through while in the human body?

AAM: That is correct.

SB: Oh, boy. Well, we must continue this discussion. It’s totally fascinating…

AAM: I would be glad to, dear heart. Go with my love.

SB: Thank you, Lord.

AAM: Farewell.

SB: Thank you very much. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon pre-recorded to be presented and posted 07-08-13