2342240-2-angel-heartThese categories that have been defined and brought to the forefront are a way for human beings to relate to the angelic kingdom. We want to give you reference points, but we want to expand the understanding of what those reference points or what those categorizations are. If there is one message that we consistently communicate to all of you, it is to throw away your hierarchical ideas because they do not serve you…

Suzanne Maresca: Greetings and blessings to all. Welcome to another Hour with an Angel, with Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love and author of the book The Great Awakening. Joining her this evening is Steve Beckow, founder of the website Golden Age of Gaia dot com, and author of Building Nova Earth — Towards a World that Works for Everyone.

I’m Suzanne Maresca in for GD this evening.

I invite you to bring in Archangel Michael’s Blue Flame of Truth and peace as we welcome Michael back once again. He will be speaking on the angelic kingdoms.

With that, I turn things over to you, Steve.

Steve Beckow: Thank you, Suzy. And welcome, Archangel Michael.

Archangel Michael: And welcome to all of you, for yes, I AM Michael, archangel of peace, warrior of love, sometimes known as bringer of news. And thank you. Thank you for your invitation to speak on an area that is very near and dear not only to your hearts but to mine. For basically what you are doing is asking me to speak about my family.

But before we begin, let me again reignite this Blue Flame of Truth that lies within each of you, that I have bestowed and ignited again and again and again. And I do so this day for the sheer joy of it, that we may delight in each other’s company, in each other’s presence. And it is the vibrant blue that is known throughout the multiverse that was blessed within me at the very beginning, in the formation of what you think of as kingdoms.

So let this flame of truth — which we could also call the flame of discernment — let it ignite brightly within each of you, my brothers and sisters of love. Many of you — most of you! — have emanated from the angelic realm. It is your heritage, your lineage, what you think of as definition of yourself. So when we have this discussion, I also want you to feel and to use this blue flame to sense within thee, “Where do I fit within this framework, within this lattice of beauty and light?”
Take the time, my friends, to explore within, and understand, the angelic realm is not some distant entity regardless of what area of focus is the primary concern of that being. Each of you carries part of this knowing, this energy within you. So welcome it, discern it, and allow it to be part of you — because it always has been, and it always will be. This is not a situation where the Law of Elimination comes into play. The origin and design of who you are and who you have chosen to become does not shift.

So, where do you wish to begin, my beloved brother?

SB: Well, Lord, many people don’t believe that there is an angelic kingdom. Others take their knowledge from the Bible. And some believe that how you interacted with humanity millennia ago is how you interact with humanity now. So there are preconceptions; there is a lack of conception.

Can you give us an introduction to the angelic realms? For instance, do they exist in a place?

AAM: They exist everywhere. So let us begin, yes. Do you know that if you are simply walking along with even your eyes open, looking out at the world, that you do not tend to see, or even many times feel, your nose, or your cheekbones?

SB: Yes.

AAM: Well, does this mean, then, that unless they are active, whether it is stuffy or hurting or being touched, that it does not exist?

SB: No.

AAM: Well, that is absurd! Of course it does! Your form does not change that dramatically from moment to moment to moment. It changes consistently and constantly, but not in ways that your chin or your nose or your cheekbones disappear.

Now, let us talk about this issue of belief, because it is key to our discussion and to every single discussion we ever have, both in this form and elsewhere.

The purpose of all of our work together — and let me preface what I am saying by saying I am not trying to eliminate faith or hope or belief; but let us proceed from there — the purpose of your Ascension, of your coming into the fullness of your heart consciousness, the purpose of aligning with Universal Law, with Mother/Father/One, is to move you, to awaken you, to shift you, however you conceive of this, from a place of belief to a place of wisdom, of knowing and of simply being, to be in the same assurance that you have when you walk out the door with your eyes wide open, that, although you are not seeing your cheekbones or your nose, that they are there.

So, the entire purpose of what you are all going through — whether you acknowledge it or believe it, doesn’t matter; it is still underway. And you are shifting from a position of, ‘I believe this; I don’t believe that,’ to a simpler place — a simpler place, of simple knowing and being. And that is the beauty. That is the gift of letting go of the old 3rd realm.
Now, for those who do not believe, we will get into this. But let us give you simply an overview or starting point. It is inconceivable that there would not be a kingdom of angelic realm. And are there variations within that realm? Yes, of course there are, the same way there are variations within the human realm.

There are those of you throughout your lifetime, whether it is 20 or 30 or 60 or 70 years, who have always been interested in the cosmos, in the universe, in how things work. That is similar to what people consider the first sphere of the angelic realm. And actually, when I speak of this, I am going to exclude to some extent the seraphim. But we are talking about the cherubim and the thrones; to some degree the dominions.

These categories that have been defined and brought to the forefront, either through oral tradition — biblical or rabbinical tradition, it matters not — are a way for human beings to relate to the angelic kingdom. So we will more or less adhere to this, because we don’t want to give you a whole new way — you have had enough new of late — of defining and looking at things. We want to give you reference points, but we want to expand the understanding of what those reference points or what those categorizations are.

Now, having said that, I also need you to understand — yes, need you — within your heart, your heart consciousness, to understand that this is not what you perceive because of the structure that you have lived in and existed within; this is not a hierarchy. If there is one message that we consistently communicate to all of you, it is to throw away your hierarchical ideas.

Why? Because they do not serve you. And why? Because what happens in this, dear hearts, is so often what you end up doing — including your own self-image — is you tend to think of some as greater or lesser, and you are on the bottom rung. And that simply is not so. So, in terms of thinking about the angelic kingdoms, similar to what we have taught you about consideration of the dimensions, think of it more as a circle with each quadrant having various responsibilities and preferences, but that there are not cement walls between these quadrants. There is a great deal of pass-over and pass-through and exchange. So that is the starting point.

Now, let us speak of what you think of as the three spheres. And let us begin by speaking about the mighty seraphim, who are simply beings of bright, wondrous light, fully aware, fully cognizant. And while all angelic beings face the center, the center of course being the Mother, the Father, the One, but mostly the Mother, the seraphim keep their attention more clearly focused towards the Mother rather than turned out towards the universe, the multiverse, the cosmos, countries, nations, people, beings. In many ways you can think of them as the defenders of the throne. They are magnificent. And there is nothing that they do not see or perceive.

What you think of as their voice is simply music. It is music of the spheres. It is the sound of the universe. It is the beauty of all. The seraphim, even in my reference point, are phenomenal and very, very sacred and holy. It is very rare, might I say exceedingly rare, for a seraphim to leave the throne, not that there are not enough of them to take care, because there are, but there are seraphim that have come to Earth at this time and assumed human form to work with this cause of transformation of Gaia and of the human collective.

And this is done, in my words, not in theirs, it is done as an act of service and might I say sacrifice, because it is such a dramatic adjustment to their field, to their energy, to who they are. Very often those who are seraphim will have little or no memory of having been on Earth or elsewhere in previous lives, or it is quite limited. They always come in phenomenal concentrated purpose on direction and service to the Mother.

Now, you say, “Well, how do I work with the seraphim?” Sing. Now, if you were to look to what you think of as religious texts, you would say pray, but also remember, my friends, that many of the original prayers were sung. And it is songs of praise, of humility, of asking for help. And it tends to be help of a universal nature, the transformative assistance, although we are not suggesting that a seraphim or a group of seraphim will not attend to an individual if they are so moved or directed and guided.

The seraphim that are upon the Earth are those that are… you can think of as communicators, directors; those who are doing large planetary work. They have a difference in the cast of their light, that if you pay attention you can see their fields, for those of you who see auric fields, are quite different and distinct. And of course many of them are pink.

Do you have questions, before I continue, about the seraphim, my friend? Then I will continue. The cherubim.

Now, these beings, and all beings, including human beings, star beings, intergalactic beings, all shine brightly. Let us be very clear about that. The cherubim tend to be almost what you can think of as transmitters of that light of One, which is simply love, to and through the stars, the planetary systems, the Milky Way, into the realm that you are operating in, which of course is this solar system, and upon Gaia.

They are also beings of pure, pure love. That is why they are so often associated, and actually quite romantically associated and drawn — in art, we mean — as being vehicles of romantic love, of assisting with romantic love. But this is… while they can do that, this is not the primary area of concern or service that the cherubim fulfill.

Now, do they bring unconditional love? Yes. But they do so, again, in a very cosmic way. So what they are doing is working with star systems and galaxies and cosmic realities. So they are not particular to the concern, shall we say, of any human being, or star being, or intergalactic being. It is not that the cherubim are working, shall we say, in the Pleiadian sector or Arcturus or Andromeda. They work in a very large way being the transmitters of the light, which is the love, to the larger whole. So you can think of them very much as heavenly transmitters.

And what does this accomplish? Think of it. They bring light to situations, to star systems. They bring love. So, very often we have said to you that the love is being transmitted to you directly from the heart of Mother/Father/One. That transmission vehicle is often… the amplification vehicle is often through the cherubim, because they can modulate it to the planet herself.

Gaia has been a great recipient of this boundless love, this unconditional love, this flow of beingness that has allowed her to be in her Ascension process along with your entire universe and system.

So what we would say to you about the cherubim, they are often misunderstood and underestimated. Now, can they manifest as sweet, tiny beings of light? Of course they can. And can they manifest as huge beings of light, pretty much as bright as the seraphs? Yes, they can.

The only personal interest that they tend to take in terms of Gaia’s, other than her core, is they also watch over and protect many of the sacred places upon your planet. And the reason I bring this up this day is that this is a… yes, I am talking about temples and churches that have remained pure, or clear; but my purpose in discussing this is that this is a time when there are many Cities of Light emerging — from the rocks, from the oceans, from the sky, from the plains. And the cherubim are very influential in their helping with these Cities of Light to anchor and to emerge.

They also tend to act as free agents. So when they are in their service, if they see an area of the omniverse, of the multiverse, that has become dark or sluggish, they will often go, unbidden, undirected, to this place and simply infuse it — now, we are talking galaxies and star systems — infuse it with light. Sometimes this results — yes, your science would have difficulty with this, but nevertheless I will share it — this often results in the birth of new stars. Yes, of course they can adjust their energy, just as Gaia has, just as some of the seraphim have come and taken human form.

There are always exceptions to the rule. But let me suggest to you that there are no cherubim in form, they may flit in and out. They may grace individuals for a period of time, even sometimes a lifetime, but they do not tend to assume what you think of as human form. It is simply not their way.

Do you have questions of me, dear heart?

SB: I’m torn, Lord, because you’ve just talked about the seraphim and the cherubim, and part of me would like to hear you talk about all the orders. And yet I have two questions from listeners. And maybe we can answer those questions first, and then turn back to your discussion.

AAM: Yes.

SB: One is, do… Is it the case in spiritual evolution that humans graduate — let’s put it that way — to the angelic kingdoms? And then the second question is, do the various angelic kingdoms evolve, one into the other?

AAM: The answer is no and no. Now, let us have a lively discussion about this…

SB: Sure…

AAM: … because it will include discussion of all the various realms.

SB: Okay.

AAM: These very questions speak to the heart of the matter of which I was primarily concerned when we began. And that is a definition of the realms as a hierarchy — I will graduate, I will become an angel, and then if I am really good, maybe one day I will become an archangel.

SB: Yes.

AAM: This assumes that one is more than another, rather than simply different, different focus, different form. And this is also the underlying issue with so many human beings. They are not happy being human. They feel less-than rather than understanding their unique magnificence. And let us be very clear about this, because what happens is all of you — and I do not need to talk about all these categorizations, because it tends to separate; but this is what I thought you wanted me to do; but let us get to the heart of the matter — all of you… very few of you did not begin, when you emanated as love or light from the heart of One into that light form — for the greatest percentage of you there would be such a small fraction that it is really not worth speaking of in this discussion — the first form you assumed was angelic.

Now, some of you emerged, can we say, as the first wave. Some of you emerged as seraphim. Some of you emerged as archangels. Some of you emerged as angels. Is there a time when the archangels in fact assume the responsibilities of dominions or thrones, or virtues, particularly? As you know, that is my quality. The answer is yes.

So, do you shift? Yes, you can, and you do, and you will. But let us also say that there is not what you think of as this human yearning, that there are angels out there working hard trying to earn the status of archangel. It is simply not so. And it is not a question — we are so glad you have asked this! — it is not a question of graduating.

Now, let us speak to this. There are many of you who have retained the quality of your angelic self. And you know them. You look around. You even say to them, “You are such an angel!” There is a sweet, kind light about these beings. And they tend to know who they are. And they tend to know that they are an Earth angel for a while in human form, and then they will simply return. And as they shed the human form mantle, they will resume their angelic form and simply continue on.

What you are thinking is that the assumption, or the release, of one form into another is something highly technical and difficult, and it is not. So, again, what is happening is you are being trapped. And we do not say this in a critical way. You are defined by what you have experience and knowledge of. And so that is the reference points that you are using.

SB: Lord, could I interrupt for a sec.?

AAM: Yes.

SB: Lord?

AAM: Of course you can!

SB: The… the… thank you! The reference point, to use your word, comes from highly enlightened beings. So, for instance, Pseudo-Dionysius, who had as much knowledge of angels as any human that I know of, said things like, “Did Jesus, when he spoke after Ascending, did he not speak with the voice and authority of an angel?” And his implication is that Jesus had become an angel.

And Rumi — again, whom we regard as very enlightened — talked about how he progressed from the mineral kingdom to the plant kingdom, to the animal kingdom, to the human, to the… and that he would have one more birth as an angel and then be no more.

So, we’ve kind of been schooled in the theory of spiritual evolution, and to accept that is regarded as an advancement in knowledge, so to speak. So now you’re saying, “Well, no, that isn’t so,” not quite so, anyways. So…
AAM: It is not quite right.

SB: Okay. So, this is….

AAM: And one of the things that you have need to understand is that what you are thinking of as evolution assumes that you are having to earn your way back. So what it does is it puts you in the categorization that some are lesser and some are greater. And this tendency of the human beings — and we are not dismissing your sages at all; but what we are having, dear one, is a 5th dimensional conversation….

SB: Right.

AAM: So, the service, the light, the brilliance, say, that a mineral being brings to the planet, and the service of that energy, can be far greater and far more lustrous than a human being. So it is incorrect to assume, “First I have to do duty as a mineral, and then an animal…” Particularly the animal kingdom is brilliant. And do not forget, in this Ascension process, that all the kingdoms have already reorganized themselves. It is the humans that are the last in line, shall we say.

So it is not a matter of having to do one and then the next. It is not sequential. It is not evolution. Now, has it become, in the old realm, a way of evolution? Yes. Does it still apply? And has it applied throughout the cosmos? No!

When you were angelic, and the planet — well, yes, we will restrict it to Gaia — when this planet assumed form, was created when this energy was brought forth, the purpose of it, the service of it was for each of you to have a place to come within a realm and to have the experience of joy, of love, in physicality, with the experience — because this was the wisdom of the Mother — that you would have the experience of free will and choice — as a gift, not as a punishment as it has often become or been perceived as, a limitation, but as an honoring of your brilliance.

Now, we all know that this went somewhat awry. But the plan had been that you could come and see and have the experience of what it was like to be an ocean or a molecule of water, a dolphin or a whale or a lobster; a piece of kelp; a tree; the Rocky Mountains; the Himalayas; a blade of grass — oh, yes, and by the way, also a human being — not to be trapped or limited in that form for eons, which is what has happened, but to simply know the joy of that physical experience of love.
Now, this classification system that humans have evolved and have been taught, it does not bear up under higher dimensionality or within that greater circle of dimensionality. So what you are thinking of is, “I will eventually evolve back to being an angel or an archangel or a seraphim.”

Is it true? Yes, because you will evolve back. You will grow in the sense of you will grow, you will do your service, you will have the experiences that you have wanted to have; then you will eventually shed your skin and fly free. So in that sense of evolution, yes, it is so.

And while you are on what you think of as this side, this realm, may you decide that you will go back, and you will be onboard ship, or in Arcturus, or the Pleiadian sector, or Sirius, or even return as human beings to see this golden age? The answer is yes. But it is not a matter of what you have thought of as karmic law, that you must return and do your duty.
You, all of you who listen with me this night, we have told you, and we tell you again, you are masters; you are in your mastery. And it is a matter of accepting and living and embracing this. So you are not here to be in boot camp, as it were. You are here to flourish and to bring in all this understanding of who you are.

So, you are in your mastery. You are in your angelic self. You are in your intergalactic self. You are all of these things, and you are man and woman in form. And in that integrated understanding of beingness, you move into creation. You get rid of the feelings and beliefs of elimination, that “I have to eliminate these sins or these conditions before I can advance.” That is simply not the case.

Claim it! Claim your dominion! Claim your throne! Claim your power! But never, never think of yourself as less-than. And let us tell you, the way that Jesus has been described as speaking from his angelic self was a way in which to have human beings understand that there had been a transformation to the light. The human perception of the angelic realm is and has been — and, dare I say, will continue to be — that we are beings of light; that we shine brightly.

And it is true. When you gaze upon me — except when I inhabit even momentarily a human form so that you may have a smile, a glance, a touch from me — but when you gaze at me in my true self, you see a great deal of light. And within that, you see and recognize me, my energy, even what I bring to you as my form, so that you will know that we are united in heart and in communication.

But it is incorrect thinking — and I use the word thinking rather than feeling — to assume that the masters then become angels, because, again, what you are doing, you have just inserted another level in the hierarchy. So a master can become an angel, and then if they are very good, they may become an archangel.

I can tell you, there are legions of angels that work with all of you. And if I was to tap one of them on the shoulder and to say, “Come and join me. The Mother says now you can be an archangel,” well, I can assure you, my friends, most of them would say, “Michael, we honor you, we fly with you, we serve you, but, no thanks. We like our freedom. We enjoy the latitude. We are doing, with the interaction with human beings and other beings throughout the multiverse, what we love. We have no desire to be something else.”

Now, the only parallel that you can think of are the Earth-keepers. There are beings amongst you — more rare than you think — who are tagged, labeled, considered Earth-keepers. These are the beings that have returned, as if it has been a rapidly revolving door, to Gaia again and again and again, because their love of Earth is so strong and true that as soon as they leave their form, they say “Let me go back, for I serve the Mother Earth, I serve Gaia, I serve the animals and the minerals and the birds.” They tend to the planet, to the caves and the water.

So it is with most angels. They would not trade up, as it were. And it is the same with each of the sphere.

SB: [ ? ]

AAM: Yes? I interfered?

SB: Well, no. Of course, I’m interfering. But you realize you’ve just stood my years of research on its head! And I want to say to the listeners that if I can let go of all that research, then certainly we can let go of other ideas.
But let me ask you this — and we’ll have to come back to this question of research, Lord, because I will want to know in the future if it’s still true that we are born of God, but that we return to God once we know ourselves. And if so, if the journey is not to what I earlier conceived of as higher and higher realms, then in a future program perhaps we can discuss the whole subject of spiritual evolution.

But for now what I’d like to ask you, we often say that we ‘get’ enlightened, and we sometimes say that ‘God graces us with enlightenment’. But is it not the case that angels actually mediate enlightenment, in other words, bring enlightenment to us?
AAM: They assist in your enlightenment process, yes. That is one of the gifts to them and to you. Now, let us… I do not wish to leave this question unanswered; and we will have many further discussions.

SB: Okay.

AAM: But you do return to the light. The journey is to become of greater and greater love and light, until you are reunited in the heart of One. But what I am saying is what you are thinking as the evolutionary steps… can you shift your thinking somewhat to evolutionary choices, or change choices?

SB: Okay. And those change choices bring me greater understanding and love? Is that what you’re saying?

AAM: Yes. They do…

SB: So…

AAM: … will…

SB: Okay.

AAM: … and they always have. So, but the angels, particularly what you think of as the second and third spheres, but particularly the archangels, the angels, and the virtues, actually, play a great role in bringing that enlightenment that you asked for, that you seek, that you open your heart to receive, and acknowledge that is already within you. So what we do is in many ways we blow on the flame until it becomes an inferno. And their breath is the breath of wisdom and love and joy and sweetness.

But do not ever make the incorrect thinking, thinking, that you do not have the essential element to bring enlightenment forward, because you do. You always have.

SB: Well…

AAM: But yes, this is one of our greatest joys! It is to beckon to you, to travel with you, to embrace you, to point you in certain directions. Now, let me give you an example quickly, if I may. Many of you — and particularly you, my beloved friend — travel with me and do remarkable service on my behalf. Now, you think of this as service to me. And whether it is the building of the platform or traveling with me to the war-torn areas of Afghanistan or Egypt or Korea, when you go in that service, you are also receiving the energy, the catalyst for greater enlightenment. So think of it as an infinity flow: “I do my service. I receive more enlightenment.”

Now, is it sometimes a switch? Yes. But if I may say, in a general way, it tends to be an awakening, a growing awareness, so that you are home, and that you can be home in form, although once you have reached that place, seldom do you ever wish to assume form again, until you are ready to begin a new cycle of existence.

But that is our joy, not simply to serve the Mother, but to bring and to be the bearers of her gifts, the greatest of which is enlightenment.

SB: Lord, just before we go…. [music up] Whoops! It’ll have to wait ’til next week. Thank you …

AAM: Go with my love…

SB: Thank you. Wonderful discussion.

AAM: … and go in peace.

SB: Thank you.

AAM: Farewell.

SB: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon to be presented on An Hour With An Angel on 07-15-13