As you are creating, as you are in intent, as you are in stillpoint, as you are in action, as you are love and joy, gratitude, infuse your essence into the creation, infuse your heart, your laughter, your smiles, your joy, your gratitude, your desire, into the creation. This is what makes it unique, and this is what makes it tangible, what makes it uniquely yours…

Linda: When we talk about Jesus – and I’m talking about not only the Ascended, Enlightened Master, but the person who incarnated and walked the Earth – when we are describing him, when we are talking about him – and you know most of us on this call today, in one way or another, have a myriad of connections to Jesus, to Mary, to Mary Magdalene, the Apostles – we were all part of that time and that movement so long ago.

But when we talk about Jesus, what hit me, and what Gabrielle and the Apostle James were telling me, is you never really think about Jesus, you never hear anyone saying about Jesus, “Well, you know, he was a little overweight” or “he was so thin, he looked anorexic” or “his skin was like leather because he spent so much time outside and working in the sun” and “his hands were really rough because he was working as a carpenter” or “he had bad teeth or bad breath or foul stomach” or “his hair was like straw because he spent so much time outside”…

And by the time the list was finished, I was in bed all by myself… well, Eliza was with me – and I’m with James and Gabrielle and we are just laughing our hearts out because – and I know this is true for all of us – we never think of Jesus, of Yeshua, of Yeshi that way. None of us do! Because when we think of that Being, what we see and what we feel, even when we knew him up close and personal, was his Divine Perfection. What we saw was that spark of Love, of Light, that lit the room, the entire area, the entire mountainside, the seaside, whenever he walked in.

And that’s the being, even now, that we yearn to be with, to hang out with, to walk with. And that’s true of all the Ascended Masters. You know, if I was to say the same thing – and he’s sitting here laughing with me; the room’s getting very full, guys! – about St. Germaine… you know St. Germaine lived a very physical life, but we don’t really think about that. The same with Lao Tzu, who you know walked around the Chinese countryside healing not only the Emperor but the peasants. His feet must have been like leather and his skin very worn by the elements. But we never think of our Masters or Angels as appearing less than perfect!

Now, what was the point of all that, of that chat? It was Gabrielle and James showing me and teaching me, and therefore teaching all of us, reminding… they’re changing my words as I speak… reminding all of us that it’s the same for us – that we are perfect, that we are absolutely perfect, and that in so many ways, there are many elements that go into the making of the New You. But that’s not the purpose of this phone call.

But one of the big elements of anchoring the New You is embracing yourself and everybody else, and seeing them in that spark of divine perfection so that we shift from that place that we, in our human third-dimensional, old third-dimensional selves, fall into. Somebody walks into a room and you think “well, she could lose a few pounds”– and now I’m speaking about myself! – or “gee, she could get a haircut” or “you know, he could do this or that”. Instead, we start to see each other and embrace each other as who we really are, and who we really are is this incredible, phenomenal spark of being, of light, of love that is so much bigger than just our physical forms. Our physical form is just a tiny piece of who we really are.

And so it’s important that we really began to shift first our perception of ourselves, and when we look in the mirror and we look down and tie our shoes, that we just see that we are these miraculous beings, that we are that Spark of God, and that we’re in form to be an expression of that Mother/Father Love and really nothing else. All the other dressing doesn’t count; I mean it counts in-so-far as we choose to look a certain way, we choose to pursue different careers or services that are in keeping with the talents that we chose to be the reflection of that love. But really, all that counts is that we are the Love, and that’s it.

It makes it so simple, and then when we’re in that place of just knowing in our hearts that all we are is just a bunch of molecules, atoms, and subatomic matter put together that’s both visible in the physical reality and thus far invisible – although we’re seeing each other’s auras and expanded fields. So I would be very surprised if that’s not what Jesus wants to talk to us about this morning. So let’s begin with a meditation.


So everybody let’s let go of the week. So make yourself comfy, take a sip of water if you need to to just quench your thirst and when you’re sipping the water feel like you’re sipping an elixir of light. Get comfortable in your chair or on your bed, on your sofa, wherever you are and today we’re going to invoking and call and work with the magenta flame. And the magenta flame is the flame and the color and the ray of Jesus Sananda, of the Buddha energy, Lord Maitreya, oh and St. Germaine wants in, so we’re going to bring in a tinge of amethyst.

So, take a nice deep breath, open your crowns with me. In fact, let’s just go down the ladder and open all of your chakras, crown, third eye, fourth eye, throat, low throat, yes, that’s the lurion, the siroun of high heart and thymus, of heart…feel it expand…down into the halion and the gold, the umbilical, your sacral tummy and your root and from your root and from your heart feel the connection to Gaia, anchor deep within her heart, let her hold your cords. Now together put your fingers together and let’s go as one circle to the 13th Octave…click, click, click…now go down into your heart and feel that magenta/amethyst pouring in, down through your crown, through your pituitary and pineal, filling your skull, your occipitals, down through your throat, down into your heart and I wanted you to breathe and taste that magenta.

When I was meditating before we got on the call Yeshua was reminding me that magenta is the taste of the wine of his first creation. He didn’t call it a miracle he called it a creation of the wine at the wedding at Cana. And it’s a sweet, full taste, not cheap sweet wine but full. Let it fill your mouth, ask him to give you a sip, now go in and feel that magenta flame within your heart and feel it open to a tri-flame, yes, dancing and being in synchronicity with your own tri-flame. And breathe magenta, deeper.

Now feel as if you are putting that beautiful tri-flame of magenta into a bucket and you’re dropping the bucket down the well. Bring it down to the bottom of your heart, to the seat of your soul very gently. There you go. Deeper. And feel that sense of passion and compassion that is not only divine but fully human as well. And let yourself go, let yourself be the magenta for today.

Jesus Sananda

Greetings, I AM Yeshua, I AM Jesus Sananda, I AM Yeshua, and I AM Yeshi, and I come to you this day as brother and friend, as ally, as teacher, as brethren. And yes, I share this wine with you and it is the living wine and it is the wine of transmutation and transformation; it is the elixir of love and it is my essence.

It is funny that the channel has brought up one of our first meetings at the wedding of Cana, and while everyone who was present at this feast was surprised that I was able to produce more wine, they were too busy really having a good time to ask what ingredients I put into this barrel to make it so delightfully rich and tasty, so full-bodied, and even though many imbibed the wine, there was no drunkenness, simply a lightness of spirit. It was exactly as a wedding ceremony and celebration should be.

Now I did not want to be drawn out and have everyone praise me for saving the day; that was never my intention. But we have never really had this full discussion, and so I wish to share it with you because I am asking you to do the same thing. What did I put into that wine on those days? I infused the wine, the water, with my love and with my essence. I gave of my heart, of my love, and I put it into the wine that everybody who would partake – and there was no one who didn’t – that everyone would taste love. There was no need for them to know it came from me; that is not the purpose of creation, for my joy came from their joy.

But as they sipped this wine, there was a realization of heart that they were loved and that they were love, and that was the gift, that was the miracle. But what has so often been called miracles are merely creations, creations that are unusual and that the general populace is not aware of their capacity to create.

But my beloved friends your capacity to create is infinite and you know this because you have already begun and you have begun years and years and years ago and you are consciously creating your life now. Yes, there are many creations that are done at the unconscious and subconscious levels, but what you are doing is bringing forth your embrace, your understanding and your direction of your creations and we are excited, this entire Council is excited, but we are also in assistance to thee.

As you are creating, as you are in intent, as you are in stillpoint, as you are in action, as you are love and joy, gratitude, infuse your essence into the creation, infuse your heart, your laughter, your smiles, your joy, your gratitude, your desire, into the creation. This is what makes it unique and this is what makes it tangible, this is what makes it uniquely yours. Otherwise you simply have a hologram creation because it does not have the solidity of your being, it does not have the essence of matter.

It is a time of creation, of bringing forth what you desire for your sweet and sacred selves and what you desire for the planet. You have evolved my brother, my sister, my friends, you have evolved and you are already in a new chapter of existence, a new realm, a new level, a new dimension.

Yes, you have taken time to acclimatize to the new reality, but now I bid you, I beckon to you, begin to create and to create with your heart, your love, your imagination; you are ready and so are we. Go in peace and go with my love. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon