575469_311126035624982_179181975486056_759054_1209372089_nThe greatest individual human tragedy is underestimating yourself. It bars your creativity, it bars how wonderful you think you are, it bars you from exploration. This sense of “I would like to but I don’t think I can” – dear heart, if you have the feeling that you would like to, then you can. It is a new way of thinking, of considering and of being.

Suzanne Maresca: Good morning and welcome to another offering of Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of “The Great Awakening” and myself Suzanne Maresca. Linda has returned at last.

And we have as our welcome guest today the very popular and loving St. Germaine. Our topic is the importance of how we feel about and perceive ourselves and our ability to accept and embrace who we truly are. The energies are here and available to support this expansion. And I think St. Germaine will have some guidance on the process in order to help us be more available to it.

I’m so excited to be welcoming Linda back to the show today with our beloved St. Germaine. Good morning Linda. I’m so happy to here your voice again.

Linda Dillon: Good morning, Suzi. Good morning, everybody, it’s good to be back. Before we go any further I want to make sure we thank those delightful guests who visited with us while I was away and offered such wonderful perspectives and expansion and insights. So, a big hats off to them before we get started.

SM: I appreciate them too.

LD: And you did a fabulous job, my dear.

SM: Oh thank you so much. It was a fabulous opportunity.

LD: I’m glad to say that I’m through the opportunity of having had this major, radical wrist and forearm surgery and that I’m on the mend. As I was saying to Suzi as we were getting ready for this show, it felt to me that having St. Germaine as our special guest was really fitting, especially those of you who have been through huge health challenges or who have chronic health challenges. Nothing challenges or brings out those issues of self-worth more strongly than feeling like “why am I sick?” or “why am I not perfect?” or “why am I not worthy of being healed, why, why, why…?” So, I think we’re in for a really interesting conversation today.

SM: I would say so. And we’ve spoken many times before of the importance of imagination, so I think it would be helpful for those resisting admitting their greatness to do a little sacred play and think of themselves as a character in a book, or maybe even a cartoon, like to create the character to be everything you wish you were, with all the divine qualities and plenty of superhero skills and then if it occurs to you to cover your neighborhood with a peace blanket and you make it so in your imagination who’s to say that it has no effect.

LD: Oh, it has huge effect.

SM: So I think that we can start to assume those things and really look at the imagination. As the Arcturians said, “Imagination is a 5th dimensional thought”. And that we just make it so. So we need to trust a little bit and relax, chill out a little bit. Our intentions to bring peace and healing and love and light coupled with our imagination surely can only help.

LD: St. Germaine started talking to me about this subject, which has really been a big piece – clearing false grids – and a really big piece of the New You webinar work and the upcoming work that we’ll do together in September in Joshua Tree. And what was really interesting to me was that he recently described his own journey of becoming.

We don’t tend to think of the ascending masters – and particularly the ascended masters who have been in human form, that we think of as fellow travelers, more or less – as having gone through a process similar to what we are going through right now. And granted it was a long time ago, but that doesn’t matter.

He talked about that process of surrender and realizing that he really just wanted to be one with the ocean and the sky and the realization that the ocean and the sky didn’t worry about whether they were worthy or loved, they simply were. They simply are. Because it was when he was on the ocean, how that energy of knowingness and surrender just seeped into him.

So, it’s not as if we are talking to beings and he differentiated between the beings who are shall we say “enlightened beings or divine beings” and those who have walked the earth. And it’s really comforting to know that the ascended masters who are our teachers and who are our path showers have really gone through a lot of what we’re experiencing now.

SM: Is it exactly like it? Did they forget? Or did they come in self-realized and be like everyone else who has forgotten?

LD: No. I don’t know if that’s true for everybody but St. Germaine – and maybe I’ll post this on the Council of Love website – no, he did not arrive, and we’re talking a very long time ago, as an enlightened being. He came in like all of us and very rapidly adopted the illusion of being in the 3rd dimension and worked his way back. This is something that we either have never known or haven’t really thought about it, because I’ve really never thought about it. Like where did these ascended masters come from?

SM: And why did they incarnate onto earth. Was it in preparation to have the experience so they could relate to us a bit better? It’s almost exactly what we’re doing right now, but we’re still forgetting.

LD: That’s what he said. If he hadn’t had the experience of being in that place of lack and limitation, if he didn’t know what it is to feel lonely and isolated, then how would he ever be able to teach us how to get out of it.

SM: I think, just like with Jesus showing us the way, the ascended masters are doing the same thing and showing us our own potential that’s already inside of us if we can just uncover it. And I think uncovering it is about clearing all the wounding, the false belief systems and everything, so that we can actually embrace who we are.

LD: Getting rid of the false grids and getting rid of the false grids of lack, limitation, debt, despair, etc. But what’s interesting and the other insight that I’ve had is, often we think of feelings of self-worth as also meaning that nothing will ever go wrong. If we’re worthy, then everything is perfect. It’s utopian. And that’s not so at all. And in fact, sometimes these challenges come up because we are capable of dealing with it. And in dealing with it we are teaching, not only reminding ourselves, but teaching others how to deal with it.

SM: And even though it’s something that’s in our physical reality to be able to deal with, at the same time, like you said, there’s a purpose to it and there’s something for us to learn from it; as we learn our lessons, it ripples out into the collective so that other people can also get the same thing – the 100th monkey idea. So we’re a bunch of monkeys and we’re figuring things out. And as I figure it out, then a million other people will figure it out. And it just spreads out over all of us. However slowly it may seem, but it is happening.

LD: It is happening and it’s actually happening more rapidly than we assume. I think this time too, with the increased energies that I know we’re all feeling, is one of the reasons these challenges are coming up. Everyone feels right now that we’re right at the wire.

These challenges are emerging so that we break through, so that it’s that final letting go of that old 3rd hologram. And it’s to encourage us to draw upon and call upon our other dimensional energies in order to do so. So, if we’re not drawing upon the clarity or the unity of the 5th, or the magic and the alchemy of the 4th, and even the creative chaos of the 6th dimension, if we’re not drawing on that, if we’re only drawing upon what we think was available to us in the 3rd, then we’re going to get stuck. So it’s pushing us to expand and to pull in energies that we haven’t previously been working with to a greater extent. So it’s pushing us to expand.

SM: Yes, and I also think it’s a good time to try to open our perceptions to what’s already happened and then these things can be really subtle and sort of escape our notice that we’ve changed and if we do a little bit of recon, a little tracking, we’ll see that it really is different, that “wow it really is different that I really feel that way and I really like that feeling and I welcome some more. I’m really grateful for this shift that I’ve felt and I would like some more of that to happen, so I’m allowing it.” To intentionally go into that calling back of memories and skills and things that we already know but we’ve just forgotten.

LD: And inviting it in. I know that one of the things that I find, and what I find with people that I talk to is that when we remember “oh, I didn’t used to be able to do that” or “gee, that used to really bother me,” it’s like nothing, no charge. Those are huge, significant changes. Those are more significant changes than the world tilting on its axis.

SM: Which we don’t really have that much awareness of. Things are happening on the planet and unless you’re really tuned into the world channel, not necessarily going to feel the axis changing or anything, but …. Gosh I just lost my thought…

LD: But it is changing and it is shifting. My goodness, here in Florida we have had really violent, amazing thunder and lightning storms, every single day for weeks, for about a month, every day. This morning it was bright and sunny and thank goodness I took Eliza for a walk, because now it’s black and bad storms are coming again. And I live on a lily pad so at what point will this lily pad start sinking under the water? So, that’s a world change.

So, let’s go to a meditation.

So let’s be outrageously purple today. Let’s begin by relaxing and letting go of the day, letting go of the week ahead, of your to-do list and just thank yourself for taking this time for your sweet self, for the power and the light, the gentleness and the grace of who you are. Now take a nice deep breath of violet, of woodland violets, in through your nose, holding it a sec, and on the out-breath sinking down into your heart, deeper and deeper, making sure that you are comfortable, that there are no distractions; your jaw, your neck, your shoulders, your legs are relaxed and at ease.

And take another deep breath of lilac, of that gentle fragrance so rich that it permeates your pores and gives you that sense of rich, new beginnings; and deeper into your heart.

And a third breath of amethyst, that beautiful, brilliant, dark purple. And as you breathe it in, go to the deepest part of your heart; it your heart was a valentine go to the bottom point and feel yourself anchor there. And today and for all time, let’s look at our heart, look at that valentine heart, your etheric heart, the seat of your soul, and look on the outer part. Often we have journeyed within the heart, through the Stillpoint, to see what is written on the walls but today, with St. Germaine as our guide, let’s look on the outside.

So stay anchored in the seat of your heart but with your eyes, with your perception, with your knowing, look at the outside. Are there scars, barnacles, lesions, sores? Or is your heart bright and shiny and perfect? This journey of this human life, even disregarding all your other lives, the journey of this life has been fraught with challenges, heartache, disappointment, frustration, and yes, times when you felt ‘less than’, when you experienced or continue to experience lack of self-worth. So take a minute with me and let’s see the blemishes, the pains, the hurts, the sores that your heart has endured.

Don’t judge it, be proud of it. This is the heart of the warrior; this is the heart of the wounded warrior. But you have endured and you have gone forward with determination and stamina and fortitude. But it’s time, it’s time to heal these wounds, to step into a new reality where everything is simply love.

So, I want you to ask yourself and your heart, “Are you willing to do that? Are you willing to allow yourself to step forward into a new time, into a new reality where you are pure and clear and filled with unlimited potential?” Of course the answer is “yes.” It always has been, you know?

So with the help of St. Germaine, with our beloved Master of the I AM and the Violet Flame, let’s heal our hearts, let’s remove those scars and lesions, let’s burn off those barnacles, that crust that keeps the world and ourselves from seeing the truth and the beauty of who we are. Stay in the seat of your heart.

Now see St. Germaine directly in front of you with those eyes of the beautiful blue, clear and sparkling, and he is carrying his torch of the Violet Flame and he is reaching out and he is taking your hand and he is putting the torch in your hand. But he is wrapping his hand around yours and taking his other hand and arm and placing it around your shoulders and he is offering with and to you to heal this heart, this heart of the wounded warrior. But he will not do so; he would never override your free will. So indicate to him with a yes, with a smile, with a nod, that you are willing to do so.

And let us begin. Let us start at the top of your heart, the top of that magnificent valentine, as if you are power-washing with the Violet Flame, across, behind, and as soon as the Violet Flame, the essence of the I AM, of your I AM and the I AM of Source, as soon as it touches the wounds they are cauterized, they are healed, they disappear. Keep going. Pay particular attention to the center and the center of your heart behind as well, for this is where you have hidden many of your hurts. And feel the sensation, as the wounds are healing, your own sense of grace, of might, of power, of restoration. Bring it down, further.

Now take this torch and you, with St. Germaine, place it at the bottom of your heart, by the seat of your soul, and see how it burns brightly within your heart as well, how it ignites and lights and heals. And breathe. And observe. Look at your bright, shiny heart healed. This is not simply your imagination or visualization; this is a gift directly from the heart of St. Germaine to each of you. This is the heart of the Christ Consciousness. This is the new heart of humanity. So, if you feel, at any point, the slightest blemish, the slightest injury or doubt, go back and with St. Germaine heal it before it festers and simply allow…

St. Germaine: Greetings. I AM St. Germaine, keeper of the Violet Flame, brother of your heart and brother of your soul, brother of your journey. Many times I have said to you, “I will not reincarnate. I will not walk this earth again.” Will I assist you? Will I work with you? Will I guide you? Will I revel in your victories? Yes.

But, dear heart, I have walked the planet many, many, many times for thousands and thousands of years. And as beautiful as Gaia is, which is often why I stayed so long, I do not return. Well, one of the reasons I do not return is there is no need to. And I may assist you and sit and laugh and share with you.

When I returned to Earth previously to collect, to teach my armada of healers, to share the knowledge of healing, it was to assist you to lift up out of the old 3rd, into the cleaner 3rd, the 4th, the 5th, the 6th, the 7th and so on. But my friends, you are already doing this. So you do not need me in form to come and urge you along, to show you the way, for you will see and hear and be with me as clearly in the other dimensions with the illusion of limitation simply gone.

It is a time of creation and co-creation upon the planet. It is a time of bringing your dreams to the fulfillment in your form, in your timeline, in the realities that you are choosing to experience and create. But the precursor to creation is the fullness of knowing of your worth. This is not something, an attribute or a quality that you create, that you seek, that you call forward; it is the latent ember within your heart and that I choose to ignite with your permission this day.

It is part of your composition; self worth, the knowing of your mighty beauty, your power, your truth, your harmony, your peace, each of you carrying delightful aspects. This is as real as your hair, your face, your feet, your imagination, your sense of smell. This is not something to be acquired. This is something simply to say yes to and activate.

Now, yes, there have been times, in my life and yours, when you have said, “If I am so loved by Mother/Father One, then how can this trial and tribulation be real?” Well, dear heart, I suggest to you, now you are mature enough what I say. That you are a participant in the co-creation of dilemma – no I do not mean things like anathema or world war, although there is part of that creation as well – but you will create challenges in order to take the quantum leap that your heart, your soul, your mind, your very being, your body desires to take.

So do not always see a challenge as some shortage of worth. If anything it is quite the contrary; that you and One and All have deemed that you are more than capable to undergo this transition of fire. Yes, to progress yourself but also to assist others.

If I have but one purpose in my sacred stewardship with the Violet Flame, and the I AM Presence, it is to reach all beings, not simply on Earth but everywhere, but first on Earth because you are the first who are going through this process. And it is to ignite and assist you in the anchoring, the acknowledgement, the embrace, of your I AM Presence which is a direct reflection and participant of the I AM.

This is my job. This is my mission. That is why I wish to heal you of all these wounds of war that you may go forward in the brilliance of who you are. The old 3rd does not fade, it is gone. So I invite you, my beloved brothers and sisters, my family, come and join me in the new realm of human existence. And if you feel you do not know the way, take my hand I will show you.

Go in peace.

SM: Welcome St. Germaine and it’s a pleasure to speak to you this way and I thank you for once again joining us on the air.

St.G: It is my pleasure.

SM: I am wondering. Are you and the ascended masters sort of the prototype for our mastery, like the wayshowers for the wayshowers so to speak?

St.G: That’s a very insightful understanding. And the answer is yes, but also understand we have been saying that you have come in your mastery. So what we are doing is really igniting the knowing of this. Is there room for expansion for you and for me? Yes. So, yes, we are the prototypes. I like that term.

SM: Last night I had an experience with my daughter. She came upstairs and she was crying and incredibly happy and she had this wonderful experience of seeing herself as light and her body doesn’t hurt anymore which I am so grateful for. And I’m just wondering if it’s coincidental that she started to say the I AM affirmations that I’ve been saying. In the beginning, she’d say will you help me with that prayer. And I’d say “I am all love.” And then she’d say it. And then “I am all power” etc. And she’s doing that for two weeks and last night she came upstairs just glowing and crying and so incredibly happy that she was in touch with her guides and she sees herself as a goddess? Is that a coincidence?

St.G: No. It is not a coincidence. See, there is power in the declaration and the more that you are saying it, from a heart place, it anchors the truth of who you are. And it allows the sense of energy, of what we would call power, to fill you. And in that power is the ability to see and to be the totality of who you are.

So I do not say that I would in any way take credit. It is not about that. It is about the sweetness of a young girl, or an old man, or a middle-aged woman declaring. That is where the power is. We have given you the words and the energy. But when you choose to use them, all is possible.

SM: I so appreciate that. I can’t tell you what it means to me that my daughter be – well the way she was last night. I just want it to last. I told her it’s the new you. And I told her “well honey, let’s assume that this is the way life is going to be now.”

St.G: She has transcended from the old dimensional reality. And yes, why would she ever wish to return – her or anyone – wish to return? especially to what is simply a shadow form.

SM: Would you speak to the imagination as a 5th dimensional thought form? Like what do we create with our imagination? How real is that?

St.G: It is very real and as Einstein and Sanat Kumara and many others, Archangel Michael, myself, have asked and invited you. Think of imagination as part of the creation process.

Now let me explain. As you know, the creation process, the formula that we have shared with you, is Intent, which is prayer which is imagination which is formulation, plus Stillpoint, plus Action equals your creation, especially if you are living within the Divine Qualities.

We have said to you time and time and time again to let your dreams come forth, to build them, to allow the desires of your beingness, of your heart, of your mind, of your soul, to flow freely. Now, there is a very close association between imagination and inspiration. And they are catalysts to one another.

So, for example, sometimes we are saying please dream what you want and then the inspiration is divinely embedded, yes in that 5th dimensional quality, to give you the inspiration of how to put that into action. Other times you will have the direct inspiration and then you will imagine and dream how to bring it into action.

So, yes, it is part of creation, and it is part of – well, we say the 5th, but in truth it is part of all dimensional reality, but because you are anchored in the 5th at this time, we suggest to you that it is part and parcel of the 5th. Is that clear?

SM: Yes. Thank you very much. So, is it only a matter of perception and belief for us to reclaim our skills or is there another piece missing?

St.G: It is not simply a matter of perception or imagining, although that is a significant portion of it. So, if you were thinking of it in terms of a pie, it would be about a third of the pie. The second third of that pie is the active anchoring into your physical form and then the practice is the third.

So, let us say: you are imagining and I use one of my favorite examples, that you can speak French. And so you are trying and you are imagining and you are visualizing and seeing yourself speaking French. And part of that of course is immersing yourself in the imagination within the French culture.

You see yourself strolling the streets, sitting in the cafes, perhaps even sharing a glass of wine with me. Then, what you do in the physical form is you also begin to immerse yourself in French. If you never pick up a French book, if you never listen to a French piece of music, if you never go to where French is being spoken, if you never open your mouth and say a French word, then the ability is going to remain dormant.

Once you have brought this into your physical body, and started to anchor the codes of this particular talent, then you have need to bring it out into your outer world, which is the actual practice and the speaking of French.

So it is not just imagining it; it is an anchoring of it in the physical reality and then doing something with it. What was the dream? You see, what was the dream of speaking French? Was it just to sit in your bedroom and quietly dream in French? Or was it being able to actually engage with French-speaking people and recalling all of your lives, not the pain and suffering, but the richness of the experiences of those lives, of that culture and what is to come in that nation and culture?

Paris has always been called a City of Light. Is that not an interesting coincidence?

SM: So that would translate into any other thing. For example if I had my, and I have this dream of learning to play piano and it just feel like something natural to me, although I didn’t learn music as a child. We’re told that there are neural pathways that need to be set before a certain age in order for the brain to really take on learning something like music or language. So, now that I’m older, I did actually buy myself a digital piano and I haven’t acted on it.

St.G: Sit down and play. Do not think of it as something that you need to consider or imagine. You have already done the imagining part and you have brought it into physicality. Now sit down and close your eyes and simply allow your fingers to move as they remember. You see you would not have the dream, the desire, if it was not already embedded within thee.

Now there is a side conversation that can also assist that, is if you go to your DNA markers, which is within your central column, and simply turn up the marker, the flag, that has musical ability, reactivate it. But it is already within you. Do not go by the pattern that has been laid down by the old limitation, a paradigm of the 3rd dimension which was saying that you had to have certain training by a certain age, do certain hours of practice, have certain conditions, that is limitation. Let it go. And I expect a full report back for the entire audience on how this is progressing with you.

SM: That’s exciting. That’s so I can start to make music videos and sing and play piano.

St.G: That is it exactly.

SM: That would truly be a joyful experience for me. So, I’ll get right on that. So, I have to admit here that I am kind of out of questions. So should we go to the callers who are waiting or would you like to make any other statements about our allowing who we are?

St.G: I would speak first to the callers but let me say this before we do. The greatest individual human tragedy is underestimating yourself. It bars your creativity, it bars how wonderful you think you are, it bars you from exploration. This sense of “I would like to but I don’t think I can” – dear heart, if you have the feeling that you would like to, then you can. It is a new way of thinking, of considering and of being. But it is not complex. It is actually very simple. Sometimes you say “oh this is too simple Germaine, it can’t be this way.” And I say to you “it is.”

SM: Thank you so much.

St.G: You are very welcome. Let us begin with our callers.

SM: Okay. Area code 248 you are on the air.

Caller 248: Hello St.Germaine. This is Jilena. I appreciate all that you have been sharing. I’m noticing that all that you have given and all the many gifts and tools that have been given to us at this time, I notice the tendency to keep forgetting in the moment, and I’m curious – what is this really about? Is it so that I keep discovering it again? It’s almost moment to moment. When I’m watching my thoughts, I get busy and get distracted with something else. And off I go. So, I’m looking at how to make the most of all that you’re sharing with us and of us knowing who we are and creating a new creation here of Nova Earth.

St.G: There is a delight, is there not, in discovering and discovering and rediscovering yet again? Let me give you an example. And yes, Linda has used the example of the woodland violet, which in most places comes forth in springtime.

Now, if you’ve seen the woodland violet in the quiet corner of the forest or your garden ten years ago, was that enough? Do you not equally delight in seeing it every spring and rediscovering the gift of that violet, that scent, that lushness, that velvet?

So do not worry about the rediscovery. It is part and parcel of the delight of being alive. And one of the reasons that, not only I but so many of us have given you, not simply a suitcase, but a truckload of tools, is so that you have choices. The free will of your existence is honored probably more greatly on this side than on yours.

And so free will implies that you have the ability not only to make choices, but to make the right choices for the right situation at the right time. We have that confidence in you. When I have talked about not underestimating yourself, that is part of the hesitancy that you, and I say this to you dear heart Jilena, but it is in fact many of you, that you experience “am I choosing the right tool, the right method”? You can not go wrong because if the first is insufficient, you will go to the second, third, fourth, fifth; it matters not. The journey is intended to be delightful.

Now having said that, why do you lose track? Well, first of all, my beloved friends, you are shifting inter-dimensionally at a very rapid speed. So there are times when you start something in the 5th, transfer to the 7th, and end up in the renewed 3rd and you simply flip so fast you lose track. Do not worry about it. Chuckle and keep going.

The second element that contributes to this is more critical. You lose track because you are in a self-defeating pattern. And this self-defeating pattern means that you let your mind wander because you do not think that you are worthy of what you are trying to create, what you are bringing forward.

You think that you do not have the power, might, or even the assistance from this side. And that is not so. So, what happens when you do that? This is the important piece of your question. Do you stop and beat yourself up? Do you chastise yourself, criticize yourself? Or do you simply laugh and say “oh, there I go again” and keep going?

Do not ever chastise yourself. And you say, “But St. Germaine there are times when I misstep, when I hurt another’s feelings, either intentionally or unintentionally, consciously or unconsciously, when I have hurt another. And then should I not be sorry for this?”

There is a difference beloved one between being sorry and making resolution which is part, the only the reason to feel sorry, and simply criticizing yourself. There is no gain, no payoff, not for you and not for anyone else in the universe above or below in the criticizing or chastising your sweet self.

When you realize that you have misstepped and perhaps erred and hurt another, then declare it. Declare your love. Resolve it. Do not leave it sitting out there hurting and harming. That requires bravery and courage to confront not only your own missteps but to say to another, “I’m sorry. I love you, I care about you, I did not mean to err.” But do not fall into self-denigration. And keep a sense of humor. You are fairy, bright one; they have a wonderful sense of humor. Let it come forth.

Caller 248: I will discover that as well. Thank you so much.

SM: We are on to area code 970; you’re on the air.

Caller 970: Welcome back Linda. St. Germaine, it’s such a treat and an honor to be in your presence. You spoke about challenges and in this last year I feel like I invented them. And I’ve had a hard time not finding fault with self in areas I could have done differently and especially with this soul contract with my mom. Could you speak to that? I know we’re supposed to grow from them. I’ve fallen into what feels like the dark night of the soul more than once.

St.G: When you are falling into the dark night of the soul, why do you allow that to happen? And you say, “It’s there before I know it.” And what I suggest to you, and not only you, sweet listener, but to all of you, because you have all had the dark nights of the soul, where you feel that you have failed or not performed or completed or done what you knew you could do better.

Even I have had that experience, so I know whereof I speak. Even in the depths of that dark cave or well, why do you not call on me to bring my Violet Flame and to show you the way out?

Now, part of your human dimensional construct has been because you are maintaining the construct of physicality is time. Now you know that time is very malleable. And that what is past is future and is present. But for your existence, what you are doing right now is living in the present because that is where you are. And you are creating in the present and into the future.

When Suzanne has asked, “What about imagination and what about inspiration?” you are talking about projecting your current actions, magic, alchemy, thought, intent, into your future experience. Now, the time is coming very shortly where you will also be learning about affecting the past. But you are not quite there yet. But where you are is you have the ability to glance back and to allow the healing of all those wounds, of all those disappointments, of all those missteps for yourself and for others.

It is not too late, ever, to fulfill your soul contract. And understand, your soul contract goes throughout lifetime after lifetime after lifetime. So, sometimes when one says “Well, I made a mistake and I can’t fix it” what you are really doing, and I say this as one who has been in human form, what you are really saying is “Oh well, I’ll have to let it be”. That is not so. Repair it.

When you go into the dark night of the soul, sometimes you are giving yourself permission for timeout. But sometimes you are giving yourself permission to not address what needs to be addressed. So, get going dear heart. There is much life ahead of you. Create resolution. And keep going.

SM: Area code 828, are you with us?

Caller 828: Yes, hello. Thank you so much for this program. Can I ask a question about the human root races? Where did they come from, when were they designed? What planet were they first put on? Were there civilizations on Mars or that exploded planet? And then were they altered and then brought to the Earth? And where is the new species going, the human species going? And what will it look like?

SG: This is an hour-and-a-half question. But I will give you the benefit of what I choose to share with you. The human race, the humanoid form, is known far and wide and with variations, shall we say, is present on many, on not only many planets, but also throughout many universes and many galaxies, as you think of them.

The vessel of the human as it exists on the planet today is a variation of what has come as a hybrid race because do not forget that there has been intermingling amongst the races for billions of years. So, while you tend to think of this form as unique, it is in fact very hybrid. But it is exceptionally Pleiadian, Sirian and Hussian.

And so that is a part of the genus from where you have come. Now, as you well know, there has been evolution in the human species in terms of abilities, consciousness, awareness, over thousands of years.

Now, might I say to you that this has not always been forward movement because along with some of that what you have thought of as expansion of physicality and intellect has also been the expansion of illusion – control, greed, hatred, prejudice. So you are expanding specifically not so much in the human physical realm right now. The bulk of the attention, shall we say, of where you are advancing is really in the spiritual realm, in the inter-dimensional realm, so that these concepts, or these belief systems are simply no longer present. That is the quantum leap that the human race is taking right now.

So where are you going? You are going full circle in many ways. You are returning to your, not only planetary self, but your intergalactic, universal self. You are returning to what we have called the New You is, in fact, many ways a return to the inter-dimensional self, the ability to create. Because when you have come, initially been created, you came to Earth as the creator race and that is what is being restored.

SM: Thank you. We are going to area code 425.

Caller 425: Good morning. Thank you so much for taking my call today. My question is a little bit related to the last caller in that, it’s a lot to work out our own self-worth on this planet and among our peers here and I’m finding that my new issues are coming up around my self-worth interacting with people like you. And feeling the presence of the masters and the angels and feeling like “Am I worthy to call on you so many times a day, or to call you my healing master, or to call you my friend?”

And sometimes I think that the human race is a little bit nervous about meeting our galactic brothers and sisters because we feel like we’ve been letting down ourselves and as a collective we have made mistakes. So I’m just wondering if you can address that, and how you see us?

St.G: I see you as magnificent. And I thank you, I thank you deeply for this question. Because what this question does is that it truly addresses the question of where you are and where you are going, not your next step, even though it is your next step, but it is also your current step.

For a very long time myself and others have been addressing you as beloved, as friend, as ally. Archangel Michael speaks – incessantly – about partnership. But to many of you in the human form, in this space of transition and Ascension, you have thought and felt that we are simply speaking kindly; that we are being parental and trying to nourish and cherish and coddle you.

Well, in some ways that is true. But in other ways we are simply addressing you the way we see you and it is our belief that if we continue to address you in this way you will begin to understand, become comfortable, and anchor the knowing that this is who you are.

If you do not call on me I am working behind a screen. I am working not in cooperation but behind the scenes, as you would say, trying to manipulate variables and put situations in your pathway that will show you who you are, that will encourage healing and expansion and growth of consciousness and acceptance and creation.

But when you address me as friend, as master, as beloved one, as partner, then what you have done is you have welcomed me into your heart and your home. You welcome me into your sacred space of your entire being. And what you are saying to me is, “Let us work together and I will accept the help, I will accept the tutelage.” Knowing, and this is important, knowing that the final responsibility rests with each of you, the individuals.

I do not take that responsibility from you. I cannot, none of us can, nor would we wish to. Long ago, even before the creator race, we have all been One and known that. And we have had different responsibilities and talents that we have chosen to assume as our unique expression of One. But there was no sense of class distinction. There was no hierarchy; just a beautiful tapestry of oneness. And that is what we want again. That is our desire and our creation. And that is why we ask you – at times we beg you – to call on us.

When you don’t invoke us, or when you put us in a differentiation category, then you are creating separation and that is not the way in which we go forward. It is a symphony and each section of the orchestra has mission and purpose. But we must all come together to create the beauty of sound that is heard throughout the multiverse; and it the song of Love.

So, when you begin to call on us, sometimes you are very polite and even bashful and you are hesitant to ask. But as you come to know us more fully, to laugh, to play, to tease, and yes sometimes to say, “Why didn’t you take care of that?” in this way we learn and we harmonize to create together. So, do not hesitate and do not underestimate what we think of you.

SM: Beautiful. Area code 860 are you with us?

Caller 860: Hi. I’m so excited. I just want to ask this question. I feel the presence of St. Germaine and I can feel the energy of the Violet Flame. And I just want to know is that really not my imagination or the truth?

St.G: It is your imagination ignited with the truth of the Violet Flame, translating into form within your very core. It is truth.

Caller 860: Thank you.

St.G: You are welcome. Do not dismiss your imagination. It is your ally, it is your friend. But no, it is not simply something that you would dismiss. Use it, dear heart.

SM: Area code 559, you are on the air.

Caller 559: Good morning! This is Dotty. St. Germaine, my, my. This is a wonderful treat. My question is in regard to a continuation of my own healing as a result of some surgery many years ago. And is sort of the reworking the action of the right side of my face. And I just am wanting you to comment on how I could encourage my own healing and if I can ask you to help me? Of course I can. But if you might comment on that a little bit.

St.G: Of course you can ask me. And I will be right there. I have been all day. All year. All life. Yes, of course. Now, this is an important question and I tell you this…Now today we have anchored this Violet Flame within your heart and that torch can be picked up and used in a variety of ways as well, as you know; for elimination, for transmutation, for transubstantiation.

But what I wish to tell you is this: on Earth you have these masks and you have a half-mask that is laughter and a half-mask that is sorrow. Take a half-mask but make it bright purple, violet, and make it joyful. And as if it is netted, so there is movement and flexibility within this mesh and put it on the side of your face that you are wishing to reactivate. Put it on every night as you go to sleep and simply allow it to work. Now this is true if you have a hip or a knee or an arm – it is the same thing. Simply formulate the mask or the appendage coverage, again as a mesh of violet. Put it on, got to sleep and let it work. I will help.

Caller 559: Thank you so much. St. Germaine may I ask you, and I don’t really know how to describe this but what you’re fragrance is? I’d love to recognize it. You are with me a lot in my heart.

St.G: Yes I am. So, let me describe. First of all, as you may have noticed, I love the fullness of human experience. So, I am not simply a pastel fragrance. But I also work with the flowers. Take the mustiness of the woodland violet and mix it with the lilac and lavender and then drench it with an ocean breeze. Not a gentle breeze of the summer, but an ocean breeze that has dampness and energy and the sense of the stars. That is my fragrance, with a slight dash of cinnamon.

Caller 559: I will look forward to recognizing that.

SG: It I very distinct. And sometimes people think “what is that dank smell?” and of course I take offense.

SM: So David you’re on the air.

David: Hello ladies, and hello St. Germaine. I actually just have some comments. I feel that when we go into our feelings, when I make clear to myself that everything I want is a feeling of happiness, whatever happens is the feeling, and the feeling is always inside of me, so everything I want is also inside of me, and then I thought that I think feeling something is moving to the reality actually with a part of our consciousness that we want to experience and that we then feel. So if we concentrate on our feelings that everything we want in life is about the feeling we can really get the gist of it, we can understand that it is all inside of us. Because a feeling can never be separate from us. It’s always inside of us. And I think the greatest truth is that everything is inside of us.

I really thank you for all the synchronicities today because I met really great people and I feel that the world is changing. I feel great love around me and great people. And I feel that I am connecting more to my purpose.

As I was explaining what I have researched the last three years to some great people and they were really open to that and I actually talked French with some French people. And I heard you talking about that when I came in. I also met a friend from Morocco and he told me there was a prophet named Davoot and that gave me great confidence and help because he said that he was a king also probably King David, maybe. He had also great power that he used for the good.

I think this was connected to you because today I came in here and I see the topic was self-worth and I want to thank you all for that. I feel the world is really getting on. I feel it and I can experience it now. I would be really glad to receive your comments on this.

St.G: Yes, our world is changing. And it is changing dramatically and rapidly. But it changes because of the change of heart and of knowing.

Feelings are indicators. They are the essence of what you wish to proceed with. But it is important my friend and you have not made the distinction but you have in your mind, to move from the thinking, the feeling, into the anchoring and the living in the knowing.

It is beyond thought. It is beyond simply emotional, mental, physical body. It is the integration of all. And that is who you are. That is the Nova Being of Earth. So, yes, you are on track, and go in peace. Farewell.

SM: Thank you for that. I was wondering if we could perhaps visit in another program what you said about our ability to affect the past. I’ve already started working with that a little bit. When something comes up in my awareness of an event that I recognized in the past from putting false beliefs into my bones, like being in the kitchen with my sister and having her say to me “nobody cares what you have to say” and then I went to visit myself in my lightbody and sent golden light and love to both myself as a child and my sister who was being mean. So, could we do that in another show?

St.G: I would be delighted to.

SM: Wonderful. You said we’re not ready for that, but I feel kind of ready.

St.G: Well, I did not say it was distant future either. Yes, we will return and talk about this matter because it is important to your progression.

SM: Thank you so much for joining us today. Je t’aime.

St.G: Je t‘aime, mes amis. A bientôt.

Channeled by Linda Dillon