557455_300832103321042_179181975486056_734506_1747369049_nA beautiful heart and thought-evoking piece by Steve Beckow of the Golden Age of Gaia. My sentiments about how I feel if this information about Ascension and Nova Earth is all illusion are exactly the same – I wouldn’t trade this journey for the world.

I was looking over the site last night, reading some of the material, when I was suddenly struck by a thought that suspended me between laughter and tears.

Supposing there were to be no Ascension (not a possibility in my universe but suppose…). Suppose there was no golden age of Gaia. Suppose Linda Dillon was channeling Howdy Doody (she should get an Oscar and a Nobel Peace Prize for her work if that’s the case). Suppose it was all hooey.

Well, I can’t speak for you, but I can say for myself that, even if this were hooey, I’ve never grown so much in all my life.

I’ve never been seeded with so many great ideas, so much inspiration, so much expansion, so much of everything – views of outer space, hints at new and different civilizations, ideas on how to make the economy, government, and almost anything else work a vast amount better – than I have by this brief excursion into Tomorrowland. Like Scrooge on Christmas Day, I’m not the man I used to be.
I was walking down Hastings Street in Vancouver a few days ago, feeling a little residual hurt after the attack last week, and imagining what I would feel like if all this were proven to be, as my critic said, false.

For a minute I walked a little more hunched over and then I remembered all I had learned, all I had done. How could I ever turn my back on what has transpired so far?

How could I ever forget this wonderful heritage we’ve created of ideas that would make the world work? How could I forget what it feels like to be part of a galactic mission to raise the consciousness of this and other worlds. I said “worlds.” Not neighborhoods, states, countries, or continents, but worlds.
How could I ever forget this experience? How could I ever go back to life the way it was? How could I forget what we’ve achieved?

If I wake up tomorrow and find I was in Fantasyland, rather than Tomorrowland, I’ll want to fall asleep again rather than face the world I wake up into. I’ll become a street musician and sing out what I learned. I’ll become a beggar and raise money by begging just to give it away to other people. I’ll walk around the world carrying a sign saying “This world could be better.”

The only thing worse than not knowing is knowing and being unable to bring into being what one knows exists or can exist. Loving and losing may be better than never having loved at all but it still hurts. And waking up and finding this was all a dream would hurt as well.

But I can’t see how it’s a dream on any level. Yes, it’s taking longer than we thought. Yes, some promises have not borne fruit yet. But we are after all bringing a whole world to another level. Who even thought that was possible a decade ago?

I’m even enjoying the ride, complete with waiting for “soon” to arrive when we’re dealing with people who don’t live in a time-bound setting. I’ve never had my insides so reworked, massaged, and graced as I have in this last year or two. I’ve never laughed as heartily, smiled as broadly, and loved as deeply as I have with you all. I can never forget all this. And I will never forget it.

I frankly don’t care what of this proves beyond our reach in the end. What lies within our reach is so significant, so transformative, that if we make 20 percent of what we’re shooting for, I’ll be delirious with happiness. But I think, I believe, we’ll make 100%. It may just take longer than expected.
Whatever is there to complain about when we’ve glimpsed and discussed a world that works for everyone, broken the shackles of the old paradigm, and joined together to create Utopia, the Garden of Eden, and Heaven on Earth?