407876_245868492150737_179181975486056_604389_2022148223_nSerenia shares with us the measures that our star brothers and sisters are doing to help clean and heal our water, air, soil and ourselves. Then Albert Einstein speaks to his Theory of Relativity and the infinite nature of creation and the universe.

GD: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The Great Awakening, and Geoffrey West of Greenprint for Life. It’s a pleasure to be with you. I’m GD.
Our guests this week are Einstein and Science Officer Serenia. So, with that, I’ll pass it on to you, Geoffrey.

Geoffrey West: Thank you, Graham, and greetings and blessings to each of you this evening. I’m going to invite Linda to come on for a moment as herself to share with you what is a little bit more unique about the program this evening. Welcome, Linda.

Linda Dillon: Hi there, Geoff. And thanks for having me, as Linda, come on.

GW: Yes. Well, it’s a different program, as we’ve discussed off-line, you know, before coming on air, because a little later on we’re going to have a guest, Albert Einstein, and he is a part of the group of energies that you normally would not choose to channel. Would you like to comment a little bit on that?

LD: Tonight’s program is very unusual. You know, certainly the Council of Love and you, my colleagues and friends of InLight Radio and Golden Age of Gaia have pushed me, stretched me in the best of ways, in terms of experimenting and going beyond what my regular parameters have been as comfort level. So, to… even when I began to channel beings like Serenia, who is, you know, a star sister who is a science officer, that was an extension.

And I’ve been talking with Albert Einstein I guess for, oh, I don’t know, at least a decade — ten years or so? I remember conversations very vividly, but not channeled conversations, and not here. So, say about a decade, when he came to me when I started channeling with Sanat Kumara and doing work on the creation codes, the creation formula, and said that he wanted to speak through me and with me about dimensions and dimensional reality. And saying that he had permission to do this, for lack of better terminology, and that he had felt that the work, his soul mission and purpose upon the planet was not complete, and that he had come very much as a bringer of peace and a co-creator of peace and an anchor of peace on the planet, on Gaia, and that his work simply was not done.

And so he gave and shared with all of us a very different interpretation, particularly then, of what science thinks of as dimensions, and introduced thinking of dimensionality as more as qualities of experience rather than, you know, rooms or … his terminology would be cement jails that we are stuck in.

So that conversation with Albert Einstein has sort of ebbed and flowed over the years. But I have to tell you, I am not a science person, not [laugh] at all, and certainly not in this lifetime. My background is totally liberal arts. I avoided the sciences. And where some people find, you know, physics and quantum physics fascinating, it just is not my bailiwick.

So I really do feel that when Albert Einstein is talking to me and through me that, on the one hand I’m talking… speaking a foreign language, and on the other hand…. I asked him… and I think part of his intent, because I’ve asked him “why me?” is that he makes the scientific very understandable in terms of we who are not scientists and we who are living in the, shall we say, the everyday world.

So it’s going to be a very different kind of departure, I think, Geoff, for both of us. What do you think?

GW: I’m inclined to agree because, like you, I’m not very knowledgeable on science. And certainly in terms of 3D we don’t know what we don’t know. So, the question’s going to be what questions can we really ask. So I think it’s going to be very much a flow in terms of what is shared, and we’ll let the questions arise from what is being shared.

But, also what is different about this program is that you normally don’t channel humans who have transitioned from 3D back to spirit. Your connection has been primarily with the celestial and the galactic families. Do you perceive a difference? I mean, obviously you do because you are able to communicate. But is there a way in 3-dimensional words to describe how you perceive the difference between the energy that might be Serenia, for example, and the energy that might be Albert Einstein?

LD: There is a huge vibrational difference. And in my… you know, my personal work, my private, individual channeling practice, I have since the very beginning said, you know, I am not the kind of medium that talks to dead people. You know, if you want to talk to your dead Uncle Harry, then I’m not the person for you. I’m the person that does the angels, the archangels, the Council of Love. And the vibration of those who have left the Earth plane but not of that higher vibration is very, very different. I don’t know how to describe it. It’s heavier, and although you take a bigger leap to chat with an archangel, for me, in some ways it’s even more difficult to connect with a, let’s say, a human energy.

And so for that reason I very rarely channel people who have passed on either recently or a hundred years ago. And I also think — and this is Linda thinking — that when you are particularly newly over on the other side, that you haven’t gained the fullness of that broader insight. That only comes with, I believe, time and distance.

So, while the love is always there, and continues on, such as very often a parent will say, you know, “I didn’t stop being your parent…” or your mom or your dad “simply because I left,” they do continue on. And that’s why it’s important to be in that form of personal connection. But they don’t have the scope that an archangel has. I mean, it’s just… it’s not in the same league.

So, it’s something that I have never really been guided, except by exception, to do. But in this case, when Albert Einstein appeared — and I have to tell you, I think he’s really the only, quote-unquote “human” that I channel — in a big way, in terms of meaning the materials that I write about and that I teach within the Council of Love courses…. There’s no other human entity. Now, our star brothers and sisters of course are higher dimensional beings who do have a broader perspective. But even that vibration is very different than an angelic vibration, and certainly from one of the ascended masters or an archangel. They’re very, very different vibrations.

And, I don’t know, I’d like to… I’d love to have feedback actually from our listeners, how they perceive the difference in vibrations because that would just be interesting information for us to share and to know about.

GW: Absolutely. Well, you have indicated previously that Serenia has been talking to you quite a bit, and you have been having visions of some kind, formulae that have been presented to you. So I’m sure we’ll be getting some clarification on the program as we move forward here.

LD: Absolutely. Serenia and I have basically spent Easter weekend together. It’s been a very full house over here, between Jesus and Mary Magdalene and the Company, and then Serenia sitting out on the… on the chairs outside with me, just talking about how formulas work and how human beings and our free will either enhance or halt or interfere with the anchoring of those formulas, those downloads, I guess, that they’re sending to Earth. So, I’m sure she’ll be able to explain it much more clearly than I can.

GW: Great. Well, we’ll get underway here then. We’ll give you a moment to establish your connection with Serenia, and in the process of waiting for that connection to take place we can all breathe deeply, and we can call in the blue flame energies of peace of Archangel Michael and the healing green flame energies of Archangel Raphael to surround each soul and Gaia as we hold the energies of awakening at this time for the highest good of all involved.

A little over one month ago we welcomed Serenia back to the program. Serenia is a science officer working both in capacities of science and healing. She was recently given the opportunity to have her own ship, a ship that’s called the Seraphim. And she has a team that work with her now to serve in whichever ways are needed in each moment of now. Her team on board the ship is usually around 12 but has been as high as 15 at times.

So, Serenia, wonderful to have you back. Welcome and we look forward to hearing a bit more from you.

Serenia: And welcome to you. Welcome to you, dear Geoffrey. And welcome to each of you. Yes, I am Serenia. It is always important, is it not, that out of courtesy and clarity that we introduce ourselves. As you say, I am science officer, and we do not distinguish as distinctly as you do between science and healing and that is some of what we will talk about this day. And yes, I tell you, I bring you greetings from the entire crew.

We are thrilled with our new ship, the Seraphim, that we simply call the Seraph, and we are extremely busy.

One of the things that we, your brothers and sisters of the stars, hear from you continually is the plea to understand. The plea to understand and to receive the shifts in energy, the increase in frequency, the raising in vibrations is actually stronger than your desire and your plea to see us, which warms our heart. And I tell you why; because it is matching of vibrations. It is the compatibility of our energy fields, and yours, that makes the communion and the building of our unity and our community more possible every day.

And in that building and shifting of vibration and frequency, it will become as natural as daylight, or what you think of as moonlight, to simply be able to see us and to communicate with us and to travel with us.

When last I have spoken to you, I have talked about our mission, our current mission, and there are several of us, of the fleet — and I mean ships when I say “us” — that are working on the downloading of both scientific and healing… ‘formulas’ is our word, and the only word that you would understand, onto the Earth, into the Earth, into the air, into the water, and thereby into each one of you. And part of what we would like to discuss this day is how this download of these formulas work.

Now, you are correct, dear Geoffrey, when you say you do not know what you do not know. It would be like asking a student of languages to understand the most complex physics formula. The term that we would use to describe our formulas in human terms would be organic physics or biological physics, but they include elements of what you think of as your various bodies — so, your emotional, your physical, your mental, your causal, and so on.

Now, we have said and Michael, our beloved brother, has spoken to you, as has Sanat Kumara, about the unified grid. We are all part of one universal grid. There is no separation. The rifts, the tears, the rents in that grid have long since been repaired — yes, by the mighty ones, the archangels, and we in service to the Mother and to you, and to ourselves as well.

So when we speak of the universal grid and how everything, everything travels upon it, you simply think of a giant fishnet, or an internet, upon which all information travels. Our formulas have symbols and inclusions and compounds that you do not have the science understanding as yet to comprehend. But just because you do not know or are not yet fully familiar, because many of you have been seeing these symbols, in the air, in your eyes, on your forehead, just because you do not understand in a mental capacity, or your science does not understand in a fully mental capacity, the meaning of these symbols and formulas does not mean, for purposes of our conversation, that you do not understand them.

Now, think of one formula, let us say for clean water, because this, on our side and on yours, is a universal theme at the moment. It is front and center in terms of our priority lists and yours as well. Say the formula for water that we bring and transmit energetically, electronically, magnetically, onto the planet of Gaia, into the trees, the people, the Earth, the soil, the rocks, and the water, because we do not simply clean water by focusing on water; there is water in everything, as you well know — that formula could be hundreds of miles long.

Now, think of that formula as an accordion. So we squeeze that accordion together and now the formula can be — and we do it both ways, by the way — can be about, oh, a millimeter thick. All the information is still contained within. Now, sometimes in our ships we transmit the formulas, say, across the length of the Pacific Ocean, and we do not shrink it, and it is like a magnificent symphony just floating down into the water, into the waves, into the marine life of all forms, and into the heart of Gaia.

Then there are other moments when we do that shrinkage, and we will simply drop it into an area that has particular need, or into an individual who has particular need. Dehydration… you do not always understand this, but we would suggest that most — and we are talking high, very high percentages here; about 90 percent of humanity, and we mean the collective of hybrids, et cetera — are to some extent dehydrated. So, what we do when we are dropping this formula within you, we are not only cleansing, repairing, increasing the vibration in frequency within your being, we are also increasing, and basically what you would think of as hydrating, you. So the formula has many elements within it.

Now, when we speak of the formulas for water, for example, the waters within you are not simply electromagnetic conductors for physicality and for health and well-being, they are also the conductors of your emotional field, the stimulus for inspiration, ideas, mental processes. This is why you have such an expression of being “in the flow.”

Now, also what we want to share with you, just to give you an overview of these attunements, infusions, gifts that we are bringing forth, if you were to think that somehow the hundred miles of formula somehow got chopped up, separated like the links on a bracelet, it does not matter. Because the way we work — and, dear hearts, the reason I am saying this is to show you and to remind you — is how you work. Each element of the formula contains the entire formula. It is embedded and programmed that way. So there is no possibility of interruption or manipulation… or misapplication.

Why am I so emphatic about this? Because we want you to have the same understanding as brothers and sisters of the stars that each of you are, of your own genetic codes and your own divinity. You are also in every particle of your being, in every subatomic particle of your being, in every droplet and speck of water that is within you. The entire formula of your divinity is contained there within. It is anchored in your heart. The knowing and the experience and the truth and the love is anchored as your go-to place within your heart, within where we would say your heart consciousness rests. And that is exactly where it also rests within us, regardless of whether we are fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth dimensional beings. That similarity is consistent throughout this universe. So often you forget this.

Now, yes, the Council of Love has taught you to anchor, to go, to be, to rest, to operate — as do we — from your heart. But it would be a misunderstanding or an incomplete understanding to not realize that your formula is included in every speck of your being, from the skin on the bottom of your foot, to every hair in your head, to your spine, to your organs, to your blood.

So, then you say to me, “Well, Serenia, if this is so…” — and I assure you, dear hearts, it is — “…then why are you sending and adding these formulas, these upgrades, as it were, to humans and to the planet? Because surely if all the divinity is within every particle of my being, so it is with the mountains, the trees, the oceans, the animals.” And I say, yes, it is.

Why we are doing this is to awaken all of this, to restore, to raise up. It is perfect that we are having this discussion at a point where you are awakening and where in many parts of your world it is spring, a time of rejuvenation — yes, even as what some people think of as resurrection. We do not particularly use this term because we believe you are already, as are we, resurrected. But it is an awakening, it is a gentle shake. So it is the revitalization, organic, powerful. And it is not simply for the human beings, although I have spoken of you, because we love you so much, but it is also for the soil.

So in many ways what we are doing is reinserting and reawakening that memory of perfection. So, for example, for soil that has been mutilated and filled with pesticides or poisons or radiation, the formulas heal it and bring it not only to what it may have been originally, but to an even higher vibration. So soil can be soil, but it can also in many ways fulfill its desire to grow things, because that is part and parcel of what soil does. It laughs and plays when the plant life joins with it, when the devas and the fairies go back to dance upon it because it is clean and pristine. It is what we are primarily doing with your air and with your water.

Do you understand what I am speaking of?

GW: I believe I do, Serenia. I think many listeners will be able to grasp that. I think in terms of the human analogies the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto may be relevant for some people to review at some point, where this Japanese scientist has demonstrated apparently the scientific ability to alter the nature of water merely by placing the energy of words upon a jar of water samples, and certainly to do blessings upon the water from a distance. This would be the analogy, I think, to describe what you’re talking about?

S: This is the perfect analogy. And yes, Emoto — well, let us just say he is a dear friend to us. But what he has shown humanity, as has St. Germain, that if you clear your intent and the prayer, the words contain the love, then the transubstantiation is immediate. Not lengthy, but immediate. And so you may think of it as our formulas containing ribbons and ribbons and ribbons of love.

You see, what people think of on your planet as science is a primitive form of the understanding of the essence of the universe. And when you get to that, the essence of the universe is love. But how does it express? In magnitude of ways, magnitude of formulas, downloads, expressions. But within each expression is the core.

So, if you think of our science in terms of Emoto’s work, you can think of us as sending many, many prayers into your oceans and into your skies, into your air. And when you think of it this way, how could anyone, regardless of belief, be fearful?

GW: Absolutely. Well, we’ve got about 25 minutes left in the program, and we certainly would like to make a little bit of space for our next guest as well. So I imagine we will at some point again have to continue this discussion a little bit further and to elaborate more on the work that you’re doing, especially as the time progress. So perhaps we will end on this point with you for this time, Serenia. So thank you for sharing once again your time with us.

S: You are so welcome. And we are pleased to have the opportunity to share in a small way what it is we are doing to help. May I finish by saying and speaking to your desire for signs? Because the sign that you receive from us and as a result what you love to look at is outcomes of this work that we are undertaking, is the improvement, dramatic improvement, in your hydration, in even your desire to hydrate, in the quality and improvement of your water and your air.

So, look to those who are in your earthly sciences who measure such things. Go to some of the more devastated places and see how the measurements are changing swiftly.

I step aside for our friend as well, Albert Einstein. Farewell, my friends. Look up and see me, more and more visible, particularly in your night sky. I look like a white star just to the right-hand side of Mars. Farewell.

GW: Oh! To the right-hand side of Mars. Well, I certainly look forward to that. Blessings to you, Serenia, and those in your crew.

Okay. Well, we’ll give Linda a moment to allow Serenia’s energies to transition away and give her a chance to connect with Albert Einstein.

Many will know the name Albert Einstein, but some may not fully understand what he is famous for. In some circles there is debate about the true role that Einstein has played involving humanity’s understanding of science. I honestly do not know if he has plans to address any of that at this time. Given the time that we have left, I think he will be wanting to focus and elaborate more on the Theory of Relativity, to which he has been given credit.

It would take too long to fully explain, but it generally falls into two categories: the Special Relativity, and General Relativity. According to Wikipedia, General Relativity generalizes Special Relativity and Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation, providing a unified description of gravity as a geometric property of space and time, or space-time, in particular. The curvature of space-time is directly related to the energy and momentum of whatever matter and radiation are present. And this is perhaps a little bit of what Serenia was talking about with the unified grid a few moments ago.

The relation is specified by Einstein’s field equations, a system of partial differential equations. Now, that’s going to be a mouthful, for many.

The Special Theory of Relativity was an expansion of Galileo Galilei’s Principle Theory of Relativity. Galileo postulated that all uniform motion is relative, and that there is no absolute and well-defined state of rest. Einstein expanded that into his E = MC2 formula, where energy equals mass times the speed of light in a vacuum squared.

So, we welcome Albert Einstein.

Albert Einstein: Welcome to you. So, yes, I follow Serenia, and introduce myself, for I AM Albert Einstein. It is interesting to be in this way and to have this opportunity to speak to you. I do not come simply as a scientist, but also as a human being, as a fellow human being — yes, with much star lineage, for I had traveled the galaxies prior to making my decision to come to Earth, like many of you. And I came in service to the Mother and to the one that you know of as Michael, to be a bringer and an anchor of peace.

Well, hindsight is always 20/20, is it not? And so you cannot really reflect in that way. But definitely my work and my sacred purpose on Earth was cut short. No, I do not mean that my life-span or the time allotted to me was stolen away somehow. But what I mean is I did not apply myself in ways that allowed me to complete the work that I began. So, in many ways I also left incomplete equations.

So, for example, it is MC2 to infinity [∞]. That one little symbol is rather important, is it not? For it speaks to the continuity and the infinite nature of creation and the universe. And here I had tried to squeeze it into a manageable form, when it was never intended to be so small.
So, I come this day in a very public forum to share that, not so much with light-workers, but this is the forum I am given to speak to the scientists, and so I take it and I give this to them.

The understandings between science, physicists… because what is science? It is a body of knowledge, as you think of it, but truly it is driven by a group of individuals that then formulate what they think of as a body of truth. [laugh] Well, let us say it can be a growing body of understanding, but it is certainly not completely reflective of the truth of how things work. Because that was always what I wished to do, was to understand, as human men, how things worked. And I felt — perhaps because of my lineage, perhaps because of my impatience, but I always felt — that I was so restricted by having to land and to live in the 3rd dimension. That did not work for me at all, really. And as you have all decided as well, it does not work for you. And so this is quite pleasing to me, because it is all of you breaking out of jail at the same time!

I did not come simply to congratulate you on your ability to shift dimensions, but to also share with you the understanding that each one of you are completely inter-dimensional, multi-dimensional beings. You always have been. It has only been the constriction of your minds and the collective beliefs that have kept you in prison, just as it kept me in prison and just as it limited me in my thinking, in my postulations, in my grand explanations, which were but child’s play.

I do not say this as an apologist, for I have come to understand my role. But I would ask you, do not base how you go forward on incomplete formulas and incomplete understanding.

Now, what would you have me say, my dear friend, Geoffrey?

GW: Well, I think people… or at least my understanding is that you wanted to talk a little bit more about your Theory of Relativity, which you have touched on; that you would like to add that little sideways letter 8, to infinity. How, exactly, can that make the difference?

Speaking as someone who doesn’t understand much about science, we can talk about energy as being the mass and the speed of light squared, in a vacuum, to infinity. Can you help us understand that a little bit? Is there a way in three dimensional to understand that a little bit better?

AE: Yes, there is a way in three dimensional. But what it does is it breaks you out of the three dimensional, and that is what is the good news of what I bring this day.

The biggest problem — and now I do speak as scientist and as a man — there has always been a brick wall that the physicists, who are very aware of the infinite nature of the universe (more so than most scientists, but perhaps I am biased), but there has always been that brick wall that they come up against because it never has fully explained the next step. It is … it is like a cake recipe, to put it very simply, that if you put these ingredients and this explanation of the continuum of the mass of the light, which is really the love — that is where the infinity comes in — that it will only take you so far. And even in quantum physics, it will only take you so far.

And so there has always been this frustration about how can we break through to the understanding, the explanation, of how the universe truly functions? Because while the Theory of Relativity explains a great deal, it stops short…Sometimes I have trouble with this language.

So, when you add — and the scientists do understand — the infinity, what it takes them from is their understanding of what they have thought of as uni-dimensional universe because even in their explanations of dimensional universe, it has still been uni-dimensional. And so part of my work and what I am doing now is helping you to understand in fact the expanse of the universe as it truly exists.

Now, is it infinite? Yes. But there is still a way to comprehend it. And in the comprehension, in the growth of understanding of how this works what you are able to do is to jump to a level of science that is equal, or at least begins to bring you to an equal playing field with your star brothers and sisters of the alternate dimensions.

So, for example, right now they have used my theory to say, now, there is in the space continuum, the time-space curvature continuum, it is… there are 11 dimensions. But in fact that is incorrect because what they are still doing is looking at the 11 levels and they are still missing the 12th within the 3rd dimension.

So they do not understand as yet that their thinking in the expansion has need to take a different slant and a bigger jump. And this will get them through the what they think of as the wormholes, the white holes, the black holes, to a grander understanding.

Now, this explanation of how the energy works is never to be used in any way that is not of peace. That is why it could not and would not be shared until this time. I understand why Michael limited me at this time; it was painful enough. But as the old belief in war and control goes away, now you have access to the broader understanding.

So what I am saying to you is what you think of as time and space is wrong. Or perhaps I should gentle it and say incomplete.

GW: Absolutely. Now, just before you continue, Albert, normally the program would end in about six minutes’ time. So, a suggestion had been proposed between a few of us to give you permission, if you and the channel so choose, to continue for ten minutes after the scheduled allotment of the program. And we just wanted to check, is this okay with both of you?

AE: It is certainly okay with me, and the channel says that she will [laugh] cooperate with me, because it is a very different vibration for her. And I understand this, and I am grateful to her to allow me this platform.

GW: Okay. Well, we shall try to address the questions as quickly as we can. Now, in terms of what you have shared, Albert, maybe this would be an analogy that might work for some of our listeners. I realize it won’t work for all. But in the most recent Star Trek movie, the movie that describes how the crew of the Starship Enterprise first came together, Ambassador Spock is a Vulcan who goes back into time, back to when he first met James T. Kirk, the captain of the original Enterprise.

Along this journey of uniting the whole crew, Spock meets the chief engineer, Montgomery Scott, who will become the chief engineer. Spock is telling Scotty that it is he who invented the equation for trans-warp teleportation. And Scotty doesn’t believe Spock, arguing that trans-warp teleportation is impossible, until Spock gives him that equation. And in a shocked state, Scotty replies that it never occurred to him to think of space as the thing that was moving.

Is this part of the expansion of our understanding of science and our interaction with life? Am I somewhere on track with what you are talking about?

AE: This is a very good analogy. Space is never still. And that is why, when you are creating the new, and we talk to you — well, the Council talks to you, and so do I — about coming to the still place, the still point, why for so many of you it is so difficult. Because you do not inherently know within your very molecular structure, and the structure of the universe, how to be still in space, because space is in constant movement, infinite movement, infinite expansion. So if you do not take that into your understanding and equations, then you cannot comprehend it.

Now, time, as you know, is a very useful construct. [laugh] It has been used for a long time, has it not? But time is simply what you have put in place. Even though you think time is constantly moving, in fact, time is static. So, you use time as a static starting point, finishing point, in between point, to travel in space. So you can think in some ways of time as your personal spaceship, as your personal travel guide, as your merkaba, as some would say, to help you transit and negotiate and move through the infinity of space.

But these are based — well, they are based on many elements, but they are also based — on some false assumptions that you adopt to position yourselves. But you think of yourself, for example, think of yourself right now where we are speaking, in the time and space continuum. But that is not true! Because we are also speaking throughout the continuum.

So you are many places at once, and can be. Now, you don’t like that. Very often it makes you feel fragmented, as if you do not have a home and you do not have your feet firmly planted on Gaia. But once you begin to think of it, it is quite delightful that you have that infinite capacity to be many places, many dimensions, many realities, but you choose to anchor as your home base in a given, selected point in time.

Now, note that I say “time,” not place or space. So you use the idea and the construct of time to help you anchor into a form, into a soul mission, into a purpose and an experience that your infinite self, in infinite time and space, chooses to have as an expression of the Mother.

GW: Okay. Now, there are a few questions are coming up here. Without spending too much time on the negativity aspect of it, but maybe just to address it fairly quickly, can you elaborate a little bit on the harm that nuclear weapons have on the souls?

AE: They tear them apart. I do not wish to minimize the destructive nature of such terrible weapons. Now, there is the power of destruction, that is rich and beautiful, to destroy evil and darkness, to destroy pollution and misconception. That is why I came, is to fill out the formulas that I had left behind. But what these forms of weapons do is they shred the soul, or, shall we say, they attempt to shred the soul.

I have spoken to you this day, in your time, about still-point. I have never spoken of this before. Because one of my missions now, as a bringer of peace, is to teach creation and to help not only you, my friends, but many throughout the multiverse, how to begin to create. And so I bring you often to the still-point where I use this analogy of implosion-explosion, of creation. But when you have a nuclear weapon, do not forget all the formulas of malcontent and destructive nature of hatred that goes into that. And what it does in that implosion-explosion is that it attempts to fragment the soul. And even to eliminate, while we know that that would not be possible.

But that is the nature of such weapons. And that is why they are so dangerous. They are dangerous physically, yes, but they are so harmful. And because of the unified grid it does not only attempt to fragment the souls of those who are in harm’s way. But those who send such weapons of destruction — that mirror bounces right back at them, and they are fragmented as well.

That is why it has been so long in terms of what you think of as years for people to come back to this understanding and concept of themselves being a unified grid.

GW: Okay…

AE: It was a terrible, terrible mistake.

GW: Yes, indeed. And certainly we can look forward to the fact that these weapons are no longer being allowed to the degree that they are. So thank you for answering that question.
With the time that remains, we want to, of course, go on to the very positive aspects. So, many of your theories have been greatly expanded by quantum theorists. So with the remaining few minutes that we have, can you elaborate a little bit on what new breakthroughs in science are ready to be brought to us, and which scientists maybe we should be paying closer attention to at this particular time?

AE: Many of my students are literally undercover. But there are many breakthroughs in science, and of course I cannot ever — well, nor would I wish to; I think I have claimed quite enough in terms of being infamous, have I not? — but the understanding of how to jump time and move through space, so what you think of as time travel, is imminent. There I go with the time reference! And the ability to move inter-dimensionally you are already learning. But in terms of science being able to quantify and to do this, and therefore to access, as well, much of the elements and qualities that are resting, shall we say, elsewhere, is also very close.

Your idea of space travel has been very primitive. Now, it was a starting point; we know that. But this is getting ready for, also, a major breakthrough. And that will come from what you think of as the private sector.

So I am not going to pinpoint scientists because I want them to be left to do their work. That was always a problem. But understand they are diligent. And when they are listening to me, I am whispering in their ears and sitting there chatting with them. And they are listening, as they are listening to their star brothers and sisters, as they are listening to their hearts.

The alignment, the biggest shift in what you think of as science and quantum physics in particular is the embrace of the unknowable, and the pairing of that with the heart and love, because they have come to realize that these are indivisible.

Thank you for allowing me this time with you tonight. Thank you.
GW: Thank you very much, Albert Einstein. It’s wonderful. So, I guess with that, then we will begin to wrap up this week’s Hour with an Angel. Until…

AE: Farewell.

GW: … the next moment of now, be grounded in love and peace, and blessings to you and all around you. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon