Waka’na’taka is Earth’s representative to the Intergalactic Council. Before he assumed this role he was the Keeper of the Keepers of the Council Fire of Gaia. He is an ancient being who carries Earth wisdom and vision. The following is an excerpt from a reading that I am posting because of it’s applicability to all of us. Enjoy.

I am Waka’ na’ taka. And yes, I step forward in reverence to our beloved Michael, but not submission, because we are also in partnership the same way you are. And I come and I beckon to both of you as I have beckoned to you many times before, and as I have sat and visited with you at the council fire of Gaia. As you hold this planet steady. But make no mistake about it, my friends, my beloved friends, my family, that you have ascended with Gaia well into the 5th and through to the 7th. You may feel a little displaced. You may be waiting on the others to catch up. But that does not mean that you haven’t shifted.

Yes, it is a time of some displacement and confusion upon the planet, but it has been a human collective decision as well in terms of the generous offer to keep the doorway open and to hold that flame of Gaia steady so that all may pass through. It is an unprecedented act of generosity on the part of the human race, and it marks a magnitude of significant evolution in the consciousness. And if you are looking for proof of being shifting to higher consciousness, dear one, then that is it! The fact that you have consciously chosen to wait so that others can catch up, that you act as vessels and guidance, as way-showers and pillars.

I know you have had your moments of discouragement, but you have traveled with me far too long to not know that these discouragements are but illusions and simply the clearing if your own debris, and that you are making the pathway clear. It is far too early to quit.

And I speak this bluntly because I can, because I always have. You know seldom do I speak to the populace. I represent them, yes, but what I also do is represent their highest interests, as do you. My beloved family and children, you cannot give up. You have accepted the sacred trust. We cannot unwind, nor do we wish to invoke the power of the law of elimination to simply vanquish everything that has been accomplished. Now, that would truly be sad and cause for despair. I will not have it.

My faith in you, my confidence, my love, has carried us together to this point, and to this point of new beginnings. Do not turn away. Do not turn away from the promise of fulfillment. Do not turn away from who you are. Could you escape and go and play? Yes. And do I encourage you to take time to escape and go and play? Yes. Always. For this journey on Earth was never meant to be simply work, work, work, drudgery. The work is intended to be light-filled.