On the first An Hour With An Angel of 2013, Sanat Kumara, Planetary Logos, discusses 12-21-12, NESARA, and the higher realms’ acknowledgment of our 3D emotions of disillusionment and disappointment in recent events and our questioning of expectations…

An Hour With An Angel Radio Show

Sanat Kumara ~ 12-21-12 — Ascension — Why didn’t it happen? IT DID! But it was subtle!

Greetings. I am Sanat Kumara. And yes, dearly beloved ones, you may call me Raj. You may call me however you choose, and I will answer in the golden radiance of all time, and in this time of new beginnings.

As Keeper of Universal Law, as Guardian and Planetary Logos, as brother and friend and ally, I welcome each and every one of you! And yes, I commend you as well—for your diligence, for your perseverance, for the holding of truth, of hope, of faith, of trust, of generosity, as you go forward as One, for this is one of the most important aspects that has emanated from this experience of what you, dear Steve, are referring to as December 21st, 2012.

The human collective has emerged as a united front, and each of you, of course, is experiencing it in a different way, accepting it in a different way, and understanding it in a different way. But I do not wish to jump ahead. Let us begin.

Steve Beckow: All right, Raj. Thank you. And thank you for introducing yourself. I was going to do that, and remind our listeners that we’re talking to the person and soul, the spirit, who incarnated as Quetzalcoatl, the Ancient of Days, Ahuramazda, and numerous other highly respected figures.

Sanat, I need to make an initial comment, a statement, and I do so on behalf of lightworkers whom I know rely on us to speak for them. And I also do so because on December 7th, 2011, you suggested that you would allow me to address you on behalf of the lightworkers. At the time I think you said, “deliver any complaints.” I don’t like to think of it as a complaint, but I do need to speak for them on the matter of 21/12/12 if you’d allow me.

SK: Of course, I will allow you. I still extend my offer, and in many ways, I act not only on behalf of the Heavenly Host but also on behalf of each of you. So if it is to act to receive complaints, that is all right. Do not hold back.

SB: Okay. Thank you, Raj. That’s very, very helpful. And where I’m going is I want to get 21/12/12 out of the way for all of us, if that’s possible, and then begin the discussion of building Nova Earth. But we do need to look at the former topic first. We lightworkers need you, the Company of Heaven, generally to know and understand that our faith in the Company of Heaven has been really quite stretched by recent events.

We’re shaken by a history of promises and predictions that, from our vantage point, have not materialized, by triple-digit dates that have come and gone without visible impact on us. And now the one magical, world-rousing date that some sources — and I know that Archangel Michael and the Divine Mother have said that it’s a “human date” and a “human agenda” — but I can quote numerous galactic and archangelic sources who have said that there was going to be an event occur on that date (1) that would not disappoint us, but that did disappoint us, actually.

And even as late as December 26th, 2012, Archangel Michael promised something spectacular to revive the faith of lightworkers, and I haven’t seen anything spectacular eventuate. And this has been a story that we’ve seen repeated. We’re feeling that we’ve done our part, but we don’t feel met. We don’t feel that the response we’ve gotten is enough to give us the faith we need to continue in the same manner we did before that date. We need now to see tangible results.

At one point, that was kind of a joke between us and Archangel Michael, that we want something we can sink our teeth into, something we can see, touch, feel in our third-dimensional realm. But now it’s become something that really needs to happen. We definitely need to see something that convinces us that this is not just a fantasy, a fiction.
Some of us, over the course of the year, have put our lives on hold; others have spent all our income and our savings in the service of this scenario. And I’m saying this, Raj, so that the listeners out there can feel that I have represented their case to you.

Some of us risked our lives to confront the cabal over the years, to enumerate their crimes and to name the people that we felt were responsible. We hosted the Neptune expedition. Blossom Goodchild went out on a limb to say that the galactics would show up on October 14th, 2008. We’ve come to the attention of black operatives, and we’ve disclosed the presence of the galactics and again come to the attention of black operatives. So we’ve risked our lives, and yet nothing seems to have panned out. And we’ve also lost a tremendous amount of credibility.

And then to add insult to injury so to speak — and that’s probably not a very good phrase to use — but the Company of Heaven turns around after an event that doesn’t eventuate and says, “Well, it’s a human date,” a “human agenda.” They seem to leave the responsibility with us, humans. So we feel kind of diminished after the non-eventuation of an event. So that’s where we’re at. We need the Company of Heaven to step up to the plate and make some of these events that have been talked about materialize if you want us to continue believing in the whole scenario. So could you speak to that for all our listeners, Raj, please?

SK: Where to start? I start with your heart and the bond between your hearts and your minds. And while you say, and feel, obviously… I do not wish to in any way dismiss what you are saying because that is the least of our intentions, ever; we do not wish to diminish you, and we do not wish for your hearts in any way to feel ignored, or your minds to question, “Is this real or fantasy? Am I insane to pursue this? It is out of balance, for I am committing my life to a cause that never seems to come to fruition.”

But what you are really saying is, “You have hurt us. You have hurt us in the lack of fulfillment — of promises, of predictions, of dates, of events, of things that are to transpire.” So let me begin first by saying that this is not our intention, and also by extending our heartfelt apologies to those of you who feel this way.

Your sacrifices, your efforts — of every kind, whether it has been in the quiet and privacy of your home or in a very public venue, like each of you on this platform — are not only known and acknowledged, admired, respected, honored but exceptionally valued. So let us just begin there. And yes, we do understand that there is a role of expectation. And we do not mean this in a negative way, because one of the things it does, and has done, is create action and focused intent, enthusiasm, hope, joy.

But, dear heart, I am in full agreement with you that when things do not take place as projected or as promised — because I am not saying that we have not said that certain things will occur; yes, we have — and so this role of disappointment has been very heavy despair upon many of your hearts.

So from our perspective, even prior to speaking about the new, or the balance, or Universal Law, we reach out to you to conduct healing, so that you may come to know not only our concern but that the nourishment of your being, of your soul, that you know not only in spiritual terms but in concrete terms that you are loved and taken care of.

Yes, we are in a co-creation, and yes, there are many scenarios upon this planet, and yes, there have been some surprises. But before we go further, let the healing begin.

Your plea, your demand, for the Company of Heaven, for all of us who are your unseen partners — although many of you are seeing us quite clearly; but that is another topic — your desire for the tangible results we understand, we receive, we take action on. That’s the only way I can put it. But I also say that the most tangible result right now, which we witness, is the further opening of your being.

You are saying that you are not witnessing any substantial difference, whereas on our side and our perspective, as we are looking at you, you have shifted so significantly as to not be the same individuals, collective, or people. Now, I understand that our perspective cannot get translated into reality. It is just our view of how things are proceeding. But we feel that it is important that you know that our perspective of you is that you have grown and shifted enormously — the entire planet, and many of you more than others, yes.

But you are asking for greater help. And that is really part of what we are discussing here today, is it not? Because it is time when I am truly stepping forward in a larger capacity than simply standing back and working, hmm, behind the scenes. Because part of this sacred union and partnership, this new unity, is truly the creation of the new. And it is done with you, not to you.

But I do not stand here or sit here with you this night and tell you of certain predictions or tangible events that will come to pass. What I am saying to you is that we hear you. Will action and tangible evidence come forth? Yes. But it is more important you know that we are working with you to heal from this disappointment, and from what you feel — well, what some of you feel — is an incompletion or even a failure.

Now, that is a human, and might I say old human belief and feeling. But it does not mean that we deny it. It does not mean that it is not real. It is so real that that is the first thing we need and wish to address with you. And shall we begin to do so?

SB: Before you do, perhaps I can make a few more observations that might impact that healing that we’ll begin. I know lightworkers would want me to say this. There are lightworkers who oriented towards 21/12/12 as the day in which they would find themselves on the 5th dimension in a way that was much more demonstrable than what we encountered.

And they measured out their savings and incomes, they lasted until 21/12/12. And now, on the other side an abyss opens up before them until — well, none of us know how long it will be before NESARA comes in. People are wondering how they’re going to manage. We’re still in an economy that is very depressed, and there are people who knew that after 21/12/12 they would have no money to pay their rents, put food on the table because they’ve been lightworkers and have stood back from the economy to serve the light; stood back from gainful employment, etc. So what can we say to them who are facing such an uncertain future and facing so much stress?

SK: Well, first of all, we say thank you. We express our gratitude for the commitment of your entire being to this unfoldment of the Plan. And yes, there has been a shift, you know. And what we also say, first, is that your needs will be addressed, but secondly, you are co-creating already with us in bringing forth exactly what you need, and you have been even before the 21st of December 2012. Because those who have committed to such an extent have already demonstrated their ability to create and to commit and to go forward. And they do continue to go forward.

So it is not a matter that we are abandoning you. That is not part of the Plan. And you say, “Well, Lord, that is all very well and good. But, Raj, these people have no money to pay their rent.” One of the things that are occurring very rapidly upon your planet, and in concert with us, is that funds are opening up. And part of the unity and community of humankind is also that they are sharing, and they are sharing in ways that they have not shared before.

Are we saying that we are putting the burden of all the support upon the human collective? No. But what we are saying is that you are very actively already in a co-creation with us.

SB: Well, Raj, if I can intervene, what stands in the way of NESARA manifesting now?

SK: Some politics. Now you know that it is really in the hands of the galactics and intergalactics, that that has been the plan, when the political landscape of Earth has been such as to not really want to shift dramatically because of the, hmm… ‘attachment’ that money and security and power have.

And so months ago in your time, perhaps even as much as a half a year ago, the shift in that plan has been that there would be greater assistance, let us put it that way, from the intergalactic powers — not in terms of interfering with the human collective will, which seems to be the front and center issue at the moment.

So it is the energy to shift, and you are already creating that. We are not talking about what you think of as dark forces or cabals or those who have engaged in terrorism, economic and otherwise. We are simply talking about the human collective being ready to embrace a greater form of equality. And that greater form of equality is also based on the opening of the human hearts.

The opening of the human hearts is also the ticket of love that has been referred to for years now to enter into the 5th dimension. And that has been the primary focus right now.

But it is not that everything else has simply been set aside or put to the wayside. No, no, that is not the case. But the primary focus that you, consciously and unconsciously, willingly and unknowingly, express — and I don’t simply mean you that I am speaking to tonight; I mean the larger “you” of the collective — you have asked for the human race to come together as one and shift as one.

So that is where most of the energy and attention, above and below, is being placed. Does that mean that we do not hear your cries in the night? That we do not feel your desperation about not being able to pay your bills? Of course, we do. And do you not think that we do not work through human vessels to also contribute and share? Of course, we do. Do we not inspire and implant ideas on how to bring forth abundance? Of course, we do. And can this be done with us rapidly? Yes. And it is.

Such pleas for help, whether it is a cry in the night, a silent prayer, a meditation, or simply tears rolling down your cheek, these pleas are heard. And yes, they are acted upon. The only thing I would ask of you — and I know we have asked a lot of you; but particularly in this issue regarding not only money but the life force to continue on — do not fall into desperation, into despair. Let us continue to fill you up and support you. Let us help.

So keep turning to us. And I don’t mean just me, I mean Michael, I mean Gabrielle, I mean the Mother, the Father, the One; I mean St. Francis; I mean all of us.

SB: But turn to you for what, Raj? Because we have turned to you. We’ve not only turned to you, but we’ve also accepted what you told us as being true, and worthy of getting behind. And all our turning to you in the past has not resulted in anything.

I give you the example of a team of lightworkers who’ve been working on pre-NESARA now for more than a year and have been told repeatedly, oh, you know, it’s here, it’s coming. And nothing has happened. And those lightworkers are facing financial difficulty. They have no more money to pay their rent. If they can’t pay their rent, they’ll be out in the street. They won’t be able to help the lightwork further.

And so it’s a hard sell to go to them and say, “Keep the faith. Keep turning to the Company of Heaven.” They respond to us, “Well, nothing has happened so far.”

How are we to rally the troops, so to speak, in the face of so many disappointments? And how are we to rally the troops with the same message that we’ve been given up till now when the date of dates, the date on which we were to go up the spiral and find ourselves in a new dimension, disappear from the 3rd dimension because you’re on the 5th, didn’t happen? I mean, we are in difficulty. And the thought of rallying the troops again and building that momentum all over again is very difficult after this latest non-eventuation. So what would be your comment on that, please?

SK: It is not that you have not turned to us individually and collectively. Of course, you have. And might I say that you have also gone forward, not always in the way, yes, that you have anticipated. And yes, there has been human interference and delays — no, not of a negative nature, just the human desire to drag their feet sometimes, particularly in financial arenas such as what you are talking about in the pre-NESARA, and even the NESARA funds.

You say, “How do I rally the troops?” This is a question that Michael and I have discussed for eons. You rally the troops because of the love that people have in their hearts, the desire that they have to go forward and create and build, not to simply turn away. It is the inherent, internal soul-knowing of your own divine mission, and in that connection to the bigger Divine Mission.

So it is not that you need to rally or jolly people along. That is not your role. Your role is what you are doing. It is to be a seeker and a purveyor and a communicator of truth. And this is what you are doing tonight because you are taking the opportunity to simply say to all of us how profoundly disappointing we are.

I have no desire to say to you, “Well, what about this, or that?” in each of your lives because that would be meaningless, and it would be defensive, and there is no room for defensiveness. You are turning to us and saying, “What you have promised has not come through, and what you are giving us is not enough.”

That message is heard and acted upon, in ways that are different for each one of you. Yes, including before and after the healing that needs to take place. What you feel you are doing is working with a fractured relationship, a relationship in which you have been promised that you will ascend.

What you are not feeling and seeing or integrating is how much you have shifted. And I would suggest to each one of you who listen, either tonight or in the future, to look at yourself and simply see how different you feel. You are not the same person you were a year ago, two years ago, five years ago, or last month. And you say, “No, last month I was happier. I had hope. I believed that the world would shift.” And what we are saying to you is that it has shifted.

Has it shifted completely and fully? No. Are you in the middle of it? Yes, it is underway. You say, “Well, how can we know this? How can we trust this?” We understand that many will choose a wait-and-see attitude. And in some ways, this puts actually more onus upon the lightworkers, lightholders, loveholders that continue on because the effort of shifting an entire planet of people is beyond imagination. But that is exactly what you are doing. You are already moving to the creation and the building of Nova Earth.

And that is where the peace, the joy, the abundance, and the new beginnings are. And that is why I have begun this night by saying, “Welcome to the new beginnings.” It has already happened.

SB: Thank you. And it is my intention to turn to that topic, although we may not have time today. We may need to start it next week instead of this week.

SK: Yes, because it is important that we talk about this issue of disappointment, discouragement, and need. Yes, even on this side, we understand what human need is. And injury. And that is far more important than simply rushing ahead and pretending that this didn’t happen or didn’t work.

SB: Thank you. I would like it… to ask you, if you would, to tell all those who channel — Hilarion, Archangel Metatron, Saul — all of them, that they need to zero in on this predicament that we’re in and address the situation and not move on from it and go on to other topics and distract our attention. This does need to be addressed with lightworkers.
For instance — and believe me, I love Saul very much, so I’m not trying to criticize him, and I still read him with great delight —but Saul did say that it would be unmistakable what would happen, and no one would be disappointed. Well, that has not worked out that way, so I’d like Saul, for instance, to address this straight on.

And the others — SaLuSa has addressed it somewhat — but I’d like all the others to address it too. I have two questions now to ask you. And I’ll tell you both of them so that you can measure your time, although I’m sure you already know what I’m about to ask.

So the first question is if nothing spectacular was to occur on 21/12/12, even from our perspective, why did the Company of Heaven not warn us — why did they not warn us that that was the case, instead of allowing so many lightworkers what to expect? Instead, we were told that we would ascend up the spiral and that it would be sudden. But now we find out, no, it’s gradual, and we didn’t ascend up a spiral.

Why weren’t we warned what would happen or not happen on 21/12? That’s my first question. And the second question would be to tell us what stages of Ascension lie ahead, even though we don’t particularly want a date. We’re well cured of dates now. We’ve had our final lesson in letting go of dates. But without going into dates, what stages of Ascension lie ahead? So those are my next two questions of you, Raj.

SK: Let us begin with the first question. In fact, let us go back to your expressed desire that the various trusted and cherished and reliable channels, who are our communicators, in many ways, that they address these outstanding issues. And I can tell you, both from myself and from Michael, and particularly from Archangel Gabrielle: the clarion call has gone out that this needs to be addressed and discussed, not to be put to rest, but so that there is a broader understanding of what has truly transpired.

So that has — that request, as you may think of it, because we do not direct; we may suggest strongly, but we never interfere with free will — but we have asked that this issue be addressed. And of course, that is exactly what you are asking me to do right now. Why did we not warn you? Well, first and foremost, let me also say —and I am not trying to wiggle out of this, dear heart — but we have said that the Ascension is a process. And you have been in this process for some time.

SB: I agree.

SK: But let us address the real issue at hand. Why did we not warn you about being disappointed when December 21st rolled around?

First of all, I preface what I am going to say; and yes, there are some of us that are far more frank and blunt than others, who temper their words. But one of the things that you are going to receive from us through this channel — no, it will not be dates, because she has negotiated a new contract around dates — but what we have negotiated is that we will be more frank and in certain situations from here on in. And it may be, at times, things that you do not wish to hear, but we will share things as we see them and know them to be because you are full partners at this juncture. And we cannot, and never did intend to, treat you as anything less than full partners.

So why did we not warn you that you might be disappointed? Because the energy, the forward thrust of what you were creating together with us, was so strong that we had no desire, particularly in the unfoldment of the Mother’s Plan, to say, “Wait a minute, and stop. Let us take time out and breathe,” because that would have… hmm … you have a saying, “put a wrench in the works.”

Does that mean that we set you up? No. What it means, actually, sweet angels is that there are times when even we are surprised. Yes, I know. Yes, it is so. We know of the grander plan and the unfoldment of that plan on Earth and elsewhere. And let me tell you that the unfoldment and the Ascension of Gaia and everything upon her is a very big piece of the Plan, which is infinite and eternal. So when I say that, within that context, please understand what I am telling you.

At any time, there are many, many scenarios and pathways that can come, both within an individual life, within a group, and within the collective. The main highway, what you would think of as your biggest turnpike or freeway, was the straight-ahead scenario on and around the end of December. That is where you were headed, and that is where we were headed. So let us be clear about that.

But at the same time, there are always exits and choices along the way, exits off your turnpike; various scenic routes that can be taken. Now you, as universal lightworkers, were very committed to the freeway, to the turnpike, and to the very direct route to Ascension. And that is why many of you have already ascended. You say that you don’t feel it or you don’t know. That is a topic for a whole discussion, but I wish to address this issue of 12/21/12.

One of those very indistinct, less traveled exits, the back road, which some channels were very aware of — did they get a lot of press? No. But nevertheless it was discussed — was that the whole of humanity would ascend. Now, you know, or perhaps many of you do not know, that very close to the 21st of December, it looked like about a third of the entire population was ready, that composing mostly the lightworkers, love-holders community. And I do not simply mean those who were aware or consciously involved in Ascension.

In that, there was the plan for the holographic experience to bring people forward while some would simply choose to relocate. And that was the primary plan. What you would think of as the 11th or even the 12th hour, a cry went up to the Mother directly from the collective heart of humanity, which surprised even us, that said,“Let us come together.” The portal of 12/12, the opening of the unity of heart, has been so magnificent that we don’t want to leave anyone behind, even those that do not know, and who have not chosen, a path of light.

You have said — and this is not critical; it is beyond magnificent —you have said, “Let us all come together.” And if it doesn’t mean immediacy, then that is all right, because we all came to do this together. So can we slightly adjust? Frankly, it was debated and considered, because, as I say, it was one of those minor potentialities. The Mother is the Source of infinite wisdom and mercy, compassion, and so she said yes.

So we did not warn you. We did not purposely set you up, because frankly it was not anticipated that the human collective would respond as open and generous and as loving as you have. Even I, as planetary Logos, did not anticipate an application of the universal laws of love so completely or rapidly. So rather than creating — and us creating with you; let us be very clear about that — rather than us creating divisions, it is being done collectively.

Now, I have heard, and I hear, you out there saying, “Oh, great. What are we looking at? Ten years? A hundred years? A thousand years?”

SB: Yes?

SK: And I say, no, you are not. The changes are already underway. But it is important that you understand: that is the reason we did not forewarn you. Was it a potential? Yes. Anticipated? No.

SB: All right. Perhaps I can intervene, Raj, because we’re running a little out of time. That will be a hard sell to lightworkers, that what we expected didn’t eventuate because we all came together and asked that everybody go forward, because we have no experience of that.

I guess that also backs up what I’m saying, that if you could back it up with anything tangible, anything tangible, something that has us be willing to step from this all being a fantasy or a conjuring in our own minds to it being real, that would help us so much in putting and investing what you’re saying.

So I’m going to let go of my request that you talk about the further stages of Ascension. We can return to that in a future program. But I would like you to address, before we go, the situation of the channel, Linda. Linda probably has taken the most opprobrium from disappointed lightworkers of any of us, and scurrilous charges from a long time ago have resurfaced. And she’s been called, you know, many names. And so she’s really had the toughest go of all of us.

And perhaps you could talk to lightworkers about her situation and about her service, and correct some of the impressions that are going around, that she has misled thousands of people, put them in a difficult situation, etc. Can you speak to that, please?

SK: This channel is our servant. Yes, I use that word purposely. She is cherished and she has volunteered. It is the reason that she has come to Earth, to be the voice of the Council of Love, which as you know incorporates all of us.

She has stepped out on a limb many times, and she has never tried to edit what we have spoken through her, even when there have been times when the being, the Linda Dillon piece of her, has cringed and said, “Oh, I don’t think so.” And she has put herself front and center even when she has not wanted to, because there has been this piece of her— like many of you — that has suffered not only in this life but in many lifetimes, that has paid an inordinate price.

And yes, we try and protect her, and we shield her. And we know that this work takes a great toll on her, and that she has paid the price —in terms of a personal or a private life, in terms of friendships, in terms of circles, even in terms of finances.
She has relinquished her life and put herself front and center in service to us. And, like some — like you, dear Steve — what do you receive? Love, understanding, and ridicule. Dismissal, false accusations.

We are aware of what she has paid. And we are aware of her desire at many, many junctures, to withdraw, and to simply return to a more private life. But when we have beckoned to her and said, “No. Remember, that is not why you are here,” she continues on, sometimes depleted, sometimes reinforced. But the criticism is with us, not with her.

SB: All right. Well, thank you, Raj. We’ll pick up next week with further stages of Ascension and building the new Earth. Thank you for coming.

SK: Go with my love, and go in peace.

SB: Thank you, Raj.

SK: Farewell.

SB: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon