557455_300832103321042_179181975486056_734506_1747369049_nThis highly personal note began as a greeting to my InLight Radio family whom over the year I have come to love and cherish. Like all family, we have differences of views, opinions, dreams, desires, roles and soul contracts. Like you and I, thousands out there whom I have never had the privilege of personally meeting but feel this deep heart-felt connection with. We all serve the Light, we all share the Love, we share the dream of the return and anchoring of Love on Gaia, we all share our commitment and soul desire to serve the Divine Mother.

So as I lay in bed in the wee small hours of this miraculous New Year of 2013 composing this note in my heart to my InLight family, my heart began to swell and I felt that there are so many of you I wanted to wish well on this day of new beginnings, this day when we wipe the slate clean and begin afresh. As I lay cuddled in and the feeling, the Love, kept growing and growing, I realized that this is one of the shifts of 12:12. The unity consciousness of my heart has reached the point where I want to “reach out and touch” each and every one of you, and share with you my heart, my vision, my dreams for the coming year.
I tend to be a very private person – or shall I say I used to be. I take the work, the messages and the mission of the Council of Love very seriously. I feel honored to be their messenger, and hence I try to keep “Linda” out of it; while trying at the same time sharing insights I receive through daily conversations and visions with the COL. Full disclosure is not always a cheery or welcome thing, sometimes it hurts, sometimes it’s scary and uncertain. Sometimes it involves patience and waiting and you know how much we humans love that… But the messages, understandings and downloads are always Love and it always serves the bigger plan. That I do know.

I have been connected for a long time – I know what it is to feel another’s thoughts, emotions, struggles, victories. Part of one-on-one channeling (for me) is that I feel everything the person feels during a session, I feel everything the guides or ascended ones think, communicate and feel. I don’t retain it – because that would be invasion of privacy and way too much to hold – but yes, I feel it. Similarly when I channel for a group or on the radio I feel the energies of the Archangel or Ascended Master or even the Divine Mother – I feel their effort to send out over the airwaves and into the archives the energy that that they are gifting you, the wisdom vision whey are embedding in your soul. That’s one of the aspects that makes this undertaking so kewl, priceless, humbling and precious.

But since 12:12 this unity feeling has expanded beyond belief. Right now I feel like I address the whole world – if only they would hear me – hear the Council – and feel the Love. It’s all right there. I always felt if there was a “big date” associated with Ascension and the Shift it was 12:12 – little did I know. And this energy is growing exponentially every day. It is what has made possible our collective decision to try and bring the whole collective of humanity through the Ascension portal. This connectedness and unity is unprecedented.

Paraphrasing Waka’na’taka (Earth’s representative to the Intergalactic Council) this act of collective human generosity, this collective decision to hold open the Ascension portal so we may all pass through is a huge evidence of our evolution, evidence of our shift to heart consciousness.

Since 12:12 of this year, and maybe even slightly before – and then intensely since 12:21 all I have heard from the Council – first as whispers and now as a constant definitive roar, is “NOW THE WORK BEGINS.” To which I say Alleluia – bring it on! Now is the time of co-creation – the time we have waited for when we return in full awareness to our Creator Race selves, to higher dimensional ability to bring forth, in physical expression, that which we individually and collectively wish to create. Now we build and create Nova Earth, Nova Gaia. We can’t and don’t do this alone – we do it together. We do in in unity, community and love. We do it in kindness, consideration and fierce determination. We do it with focused attention and intention. We do it because we choose to do it – because it’s the best and most joyous thing we can ever do. We do it for the Mother above and below and we do it for each other – for our family of One.

I have heard and felt the hearts of so many of you, particularly since 12:21. I have felt your bliss, dismay, discouragement, hope, fear – we are running the full gambit. Although I’m the girl that keeps saying Ascension is a process I know how many of you were counting on this day. The snap just would have made things so much easier in so many ways – we would have completely been in the 5th dimension rather than straddling dimensions and gathering our human family. It would have been easier but it would not have been as evolved or generous. I for one am proud of us. We would have had that deliciously wicked pleasure of “being right” for once. We could give up this bone crushing exhaustion and fly free. But who says we can’t? Don’t get caught in the illusion that the old 3rd dimension is real because it isn’t, it’s dead and in process of decay and burial.

If you feel you haven’t experienced Ascension or The Shift (and remember each experience is uniquely individual) realize you may be one of those simply observing the fading of the 3rd. Yesterday when I channeled Sanat Kumara for a dear friend he reminded us that we have crossed over the rainbow bridge and that the old 3rd dimension is also like a rainbow and it is fading from what we perceive as reality. It is not like a light switch being turned off – it is fading – so let it. Turn your attention to the creation of Nova Earth – of your role. And if you don’t know what that role is then ask Jesus Sananda who tells us that the theme of 2013 is “unity, change and acceptance.”
So many of you say “show me” – and that a fair question but we also know that Spirit doesn’t always work in ways that we anticipate or expect. It’s always bigger, better, more beautiful. But in the “show me” frame of mind, I nervously and humbly offer the evidence:s me. I believe it is us, but I can only offer me. I have changed. It seems like whatever has been shifting inside of me, my field for the past year plus (I began my conscious Ascension journey on Oct. 28, 2011) has anchored. It continues to grow to shift, to expand. The tears have stopped, the questioning has quieted, and the excitement and readiness to go forward is full throttle.

I am different, I am in a different understanding of this collective journey, of time (I feel outside of time), my heart and my heart consciousness is different – bigger, deeper and yet at the same time not in any way burdened with a sense of “will we make it”. I am evidence of this Shift – and so are you. We are the evidence of the Shift, of the Ascension process – and I can’t wait to get to work creating this new planet together. How? We’ll discover together. Timing? We’ll discover together. We will support and love each other in ways we have not known or been open to before. And that’s the biggest fulfillment of my dream – more than I could ever hope for. So thank you soul family for being part of this amazing journey –

I love you.
Happy New Year,