body-templeDuring the Heavenly Blessing’s Ascension Roundtable discussion on 12-20-12, Jesus Sananda came through to offer his hand, Universal Mother Mary, the Archangel’s, our guides and wayshowers are all there to help us…”This is not about whether Ascension comes to pass or not. It is not about pass or fail, that is the old duality, polarity, and it is gone. So simply step across the portal, take the hand of your wayshower, your beloved ones, and come with me.”

Greetings, I AM Jesus Sananda.

GD: Welcome.

JS: I AM Jeshua, I AM Brother of Magenta, brother of your heart and brother of your soul and I am honored and pleased to share this loving moment with you, to share this loving moment with all of you, as one family with Gaia and within the omniverse. I have asked to step forward tonight to be the first to address you because I wish to speak of love. This is the key and yes we have spoken of it time and time and time again and my message never changes whether I am speaking to the intergalactic fleets, to the angels of heaven, or to your heart during your dark night of the soul. Love, love is the allowance of the grace and the energy of One, the movement of the Mother through you and the stillness of the Father to anchor you. It is the interconnectedness, it is the state of Divine Union and being in that place of home. This energy descends into you and you have been penetrated more than you can ever imagine. During your entire lifetime and certainly in the last couple of years, even if you have had difficult moments that flow of love and of my love for each of you has never ceased.

So what is the element that I wish to speak to you of this night? It is the love of your sacred self, it is the deep acceptance and embrace of your beloved being. Ascension is already underway. You can no more stop it that you can stop the movement of the universe, which is infinite and eternal; you can not, but what you can do is allow the energies to flow within you. And how do you do this? How do you allow the full impact of what is transpiring, not only on your planet but the ripple effects throughout the universe? You do it by cherishing your sacred self, by finally and fully recognizing that you are the essence of One. There has never been a separation, there has never been a lack or a limitation. This is not about you rejoining, this is about you allowing and remembering the truth and the wholeness of who you have always been.

You have come from many planets, many star systems. Some of you are angelic, starseed, a few earth-keepers, but all of you carry the essence of love. What you are breaking away from, what this quantum leap is truly about, it is about breaking away from this “Am I loved? Am I lovable?” to the full acceptance and acknowledgement that you are love and that everything and everybody, the planet, your star brothers and sisters, your guides, the kingdoms, they carry the same essence. You are not leaving anything behind except a drama, a play, a story that was created by humanity in its darkest hours to control and prevent you from remembering. Well that is over now. This journey that we are on began a long time ago. We came very close in Atlantis to succeeding with our Ascension. I came in a human form as Jeshua over 2000 years ago to remind you about love and to replant the seeds. Now it is the time of harvest. But let me be very clear my brothers and sisters, my beautiful family, you are not running away or getting away from anything, you are simply stepping into what is real and what has always been the truth of your being.

Is it entirely different than what you have experienced here to fore on earth, in this lifetime, in this incarnation and in many incarnations? Yes! Because you are allowing the truth of your abilities and our abilities to come to the forefront that we may walk and laugh and play and journey together. That Gaia can claim and restore her true being without the impact of pollution or war, hatred or greed. These are the things you are letting go of and as they are literally streaming from your body, from your field, you will feel lighter and lighter, perhaps a little light-headed, a little bit of displacement. That is alright. Lie down, enjoy it and surrender. Surrender not to us, not to Ascension but to the love of who you are because as you do that finally you are really able to love each other in the fullness without any bigotry, without illusion of what you think someone should be or should not be, that there is not difference. There is diversity, there is uniqueness, but there is no separation. Every point on the grid throughout the universe is connected and it is shining brightly. So know this.

Now during this process which, by the way you are thinking about a moment in time, extend it, extend your vacation, allow the integration to anchor gently and softly within you. Is your world changing? Yes, but it is changing because you are changing and it is a unique, individual experience. Allow the changes to take place, allow the Shift to take place; do not rush it. It does not matter if it takes a moment, a day, several days, it is your time. If any concern, any fear arises, because I see your hearts, and yes there are times where you say, “Well I’m not feeling too much different.” Well that is because you have already allowed love into your being.

Do not question. No, it is not being foolish or foolhardy, it is being open. But if a moment of trepidation occurs, we are on call, we are not only on call, we are standing right next to you in your living rooms and your bedrooms, in your offices. The Universal Mother wraps you in her arms. She has birthed you as she has birthed me. As you go through this rebirthing do you really think that she will not be in full attendance? Of course she will be as are Archangel Michael and Gabrielle, Uriel and Raphael, Jophial, Metatron, Ariel, the list is endless. Sanat Kumara watches this unfoldment and the restoration of Universal Law. There is great celebration throughout the universe. Your brothers and sisters of the stars who have been waiting and waiting and waiting are dancing in the ships. Go outside and see them as they dance across the stars, it is not simply satellites, my friends.

But mostly I come to you this night as a friend and brother who has walked this beautiful planet earth, who has known love and family, trial and tribulation. Many times I was dismissed as crazy because I thought I could transform the world with the simplicity of love. What I began so long ago, you my sweet angels are completing. You are the legions of light, you are the inheritors, you are the meek, you are the ones who are brave, courageous and who have stuck to your guns and they are guns of pink and they shoot flames of love, of gentleness, of kindness, of consideration. This is a new world. I am with you, I walk with you, I stand with you, I watch over you as you lie down and meditate and allow the Shift to take place within you, because that is where it starts.

It is within your heart and being. The Shift to heart consciousness is within and then it explodes. You are being penetrated with light of a magnitude that you have never known or experienced but it is meeting and matching and conjoining in union with the light that lies within you. That is what Ascension and Descension is about. It is what you have offered in service to the Mother, to be the embodiment of her promise, to be able to be in form, how you choose, whether it is the Divine perfection of a body of a 20 year old or an 80 year old. That is your choice, but it will be without pain or suffering or sorrow because the illusion of separation, which is truly the root of sorrow, is gone, it is over.

Do not under any conditions re-embrace the illusions of the 3rd, of the old realm. It has nothing to offer you and it is not where you live. Every day, every night in what you think of as your 24 hour periods, we hear your prayers, your pleas for help, your entreaties, they are all heard, they are all responded and acted upon. It has not always been in the ways that you anticipated or that you thought in your illusional world, with what you wanted. But I tell you and I promise you, your deepest heart desires, your yearning for love, because that is truly the core entreaty of every prayer, is answered. We walk together in this miraculous new way. Finally I return to earth and my beloved ones, I am as excited as you are.

This is not about whether Ascension comes to pass or not. It is not about pass or fail, that is the old duality, polarity, and it is gone. So simply step across the portal, take the hand of your wayshower, your beloved ones, and come with me. We are with you and you are love and you are loved and you are lovable and you are co-creating this with us. We do not do this alone. We are waiting, and it is already done. Go in peace. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon