All of you have chosen Ascension. You didn’t just come to Earth and say, “I choose this date and time.” You chose a lifetime, an entire pathway that has led to the opening of your heart and your soul, and the acceptance of love and unity. It is not just about dimensional shift. It is about the unfoldment of the Divine Plan upon the planet of Gaia and the impact it has throughout the multiverse. You are doing your part. Relax, stay calm, and go forward. You are prepared. We have beckoned you. Gabriel has blown her horn. All we ask you, humbly, gently, tenderly, sweetly, please, join us. It is time. Come dance and play with us. Declare your freedom and fly free. We are with you.

GD: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The Great Awakening, and Steve Beckow of the 2012 Scenario. It’s a pleasure to be with you, I’m GD.

This is our last show for this calendar year, folks, and it’s quite exciting in one hand, and we’re entering into the unknown, but we’re wrapping up this show with the wonderful guest that’s been with us right along and who kicked this off just a little bit over a year ago, Archangel Michael.

So, Archangel Michael’s our guest today. Steve, can you believe we’ve exceeded just over a year, the last show of the year?

Steve Beckow: It’s gone by so quickly, Graham. But it’s been so much fun, just so much fun.

GD: Indeed. Well, I’ll hand it over to you.

SB: Thank you. And before I introduce Archangel Michael, a couple of things. First of all, we’re all fluttery and nervous and happy and excited. And so you just have to build that in! [laugh]

And secondly, Linda, before you channel Archangel Michael, would you like to say a word about the webinar that we’ll be doing? Please?

Linda Dillon: Thanks, Steve, yes, I would. But you’re right. I think we’re all feeling fluttery and nervous and excited, and tearful! As I’m sitting here meditating and the — not just Archangel Michael, but Archangel Gabriel, Raphael, Sanat Kumara, the whole Council of Love is here, and it feels huge. It feels phenomenal that we really are entering into not only the unknown, but a real… a new realm, a new realm of existence, a new chapter, a new book.

I am hosting, or the Council of Love I should say is hosting, a webinar on December 22nd at 1 o’clock Eastern, called just that — December 22nd, the Day After and the New Beginning. And I was guided to do this webinar because it is just that, a new beginning.

None of us knows, no matter how much information — and goodness knows Archangel Michael and the Ascended Ones have given us lots of information and lots of insights over the course of the last year — but none of us really knows what lies ahead. And, you know, as I’ve been sitting here, Archangel Michael’s been saying, because it’s a private and a public journey in so many ways, so the 22nd, the webinar is a chance for us to, again, come together as community, as one circle who is going through this process of Ascension — because we do know Ascension is real — but to come together and compare notes, compare experiences, take a deep breath and start building Nova Earth.

So that’s what it’s about. And if you would like to register and participate, it’s going to be for two hours, and you just go to my website, which is

Thanks, Steve.

SB: Okay, Linda, thank you. And I will let you relax and make the transition. We’ll be talking with Archangel Michael today about twenty… about December 21st, but we’ll also ask him at the beginning about Newtown and a few other matters.

Welcome, Archangel Michael.

Archangel Michael: Greetings! Welcome. [laugh] I AM Archangel Michael, warrior of peace, archangel of love, and I welcome you all this day with the fullness of heartfelt greetings, with the fullness of my blue flame of truth, which I ask you, as I have before, during and will later, I ask you to allow this flame of truth to burn brightly within you, within your heart, within your throat, within your third eye and crown.

I come here this day on behalf of many to bring you glad tidings of great joy. Yes, I know, this is usually the purview of Gabriel/Gabrielle, but I have been the one who has been honored to speak to you in this way and through this platform, that my beloved brothers, Steve and Graham and Geoffrey, have offered to me, and offered to you, my beloved friends and family. For it has given us a way in which not only to communicate, but to build the sacred partnership between us. And it has fulfilled that purpose, and it will continue to fulfill that purpose, for the bond between us does not go away simply because you enter a new realm and a new cycle of existence. Quite the contrary; our bond will be closer than ever.

So, dear Steve, during this time of completion and during this time of miraculous new beginnings, where do you wish to begin?

SB: Well, perhaps you could tell me, first of all, Archangel Michael, if an archangel gets giddy.

AAM: Oh, yes. An archangel can get giddy, and tearful and excited in anticipation. Yes, we have emotion, like you. We do not experience it in the same way or the same format, but it would be incorrect to think, or in any way consider, that we do not have emotion or giddiness at times. And yes, we are all quite giddy.

SB: Well, maybe you could tell us a little bit more about the mood in the Council of Love right now, as we approach December 21st.

AAM: The mood of this Council of Love is anticipation, excitement, as you say, giddiness, a little nervousness at what the human beings will or will not do! We are working as we have talked to you diligently about polishing the grids and removing the debris that remains. Think of it in this way, and in some of your sacred art you have seen representations of the seraphim of having more than one face.

So, in one way our being, our face, as you would think of it, is turned to the Mother, to the Divine Mother, in adoration, in praise, and simply holding and being the conduit. For yes, we are conduits as well, allowing the energy of all the various codes, variables, unfoldment of her plan, to fully enter and be anchored, translated, transmuted, through us, through the realms, to each of you, not just to the select few who are lightworkers, light-holders, love-holders, but to each and every being.

Our focus right now is the humans, Gaia; the kingdoms are already attended to. That is in place. Our wings are raised in adoration and in praise and jubilation because it is complete.

With our other face, we are facing you, with somewhat giddiness, some nervousness, some encouragement. You have been running this race, yes, as you know, all year, but really, for your entire lifetime, and for many lifetimes. For most of you who listen this night, you began this race in earnest when you walked and cohabitated the planet with Jeshua, and some of you even longer, before since Atlantis.

So it has been a long journey. And we are like your personal coach, your trainer, standing on the sidelines, encouraging you, lifting you up when you are tired, when you are scared, when you are worried; showing you, literally showing you, holding the hologram for your finish line in front of you, and whispering, shouting, words of love. Because we know, each of you do this process of Ascension in a different way. That is what the channel has meant when she has said that it is private and individual and public. So you do it on an individual soul basis, but you also do this as a collective. We have been very emphatic that everybody, even those who think that they are not part of this, all are welcome, and all are being penetrated.

Now, as you know, the Council of Love is very large, and some of you, many of you, have this very strong tie to me, and certainly to the Mother. But the entire Council and the entire Company of Heaven is at work with you. Not only your personal guides, but the archangels, the ascended masters, the saints, the prophets, the holy ones, your star brothers and sisters are working overtime. What you think of as your family, your ancestors in the other dimensions, are also working with you.

So, during this time, if you feel that you have a heart-soul psychic connection to any of these beings, allow them not only in to your sacred space, which is your field, allow them directly into your heart. Let us give your journey wings. Let us ease this flight to freedom, which so many of you are very nervous about. Some of you are excited and anticipating. What we want you to do is to relax. Be with us because this is the point of conjoining.

So that is what we are up to. Jubilation, adoration, and can we say helping to finalize your details, helping with your preparation — which has been extensive. And I also wish to speak to that, if I might.

SB: Please.

AAM: All of you, all of you, my brothers and sisters, have chosen Ascension. You didn’t just come to Earth and say, “I choose this date and time.” You chose a lifetime, an entire pathway that has led to the opening of your heart and your soul, and the acceptance of love and unity. Each of you has uniquely prepared, some of you obsessively — and we like that, by the way — some of you hit and miss, some of you simply by leading the life you believe you were created for. But in that intrinsic goodness of your heart, you have said “yes” and you have prepared.

So, many of you are in a season where you are celebrating solstice or Hanukkah or Christmas, and you would set the table for great celebration, and you in all likelihood do it ahead of time. And that is what you have done. And then, just before you bring out your feast of whatever description, you recheck your table to make sure there are condiments and plates and forks, or breads, in those civilizations that do not use utensils.

That is where you are right now. You’re checking your table. And it is already set. If there is one thing that I would wish to communicate — and not just through words, because that is secondary — but the thing that I wish to implant within you this day is peace and calm and knowing, trust and faith and truth. That is the feast that we offer you.

It is not just about dimensional shift. It is about the unfoldment of our glorious Mother, of the Divine Plan upon the planet of this magnificent Gaia and the impact it has, which we have not spoken much about, but the impact it has throughout the multiverse. You are doing your part. Relax, stay calm, and go forward. You are prepared.

SB: Thank you, Lord. I am going to be asking you about the who, why, what, where, when, how of Ascension, about December 21st, whatever. But before I do that there is one question that I have to ask you because I know our listeners and readers want me to. And that’s that — I think they would like to know something about the Newtown tragedy. Was it mind control? Was it the cabal trying to take attention away from Ascension? Was it simply a deranged individual?

Why was it permitted to happen, Lord? It shocked a lot of people.

AAM: It was a tragedy in Newtown, and it was a sacrifice of innocents, both children and adults. And yes, there is divine purpose that comes out of this. Was it a planned action on our part? Absolutely not, that is not the way we operate. It was the action, yes, of a very deranged, ill, dis-eased individual. It was not the act of the cabal; they are in far too deep containment to ever affect such a strike.

Let us talk about the meaning and the Mother has talked about this also. It is time for all of humanity, east, west, north, south, to come together as one community. And this atrocity, this killing of children needlessly, brings to the forefront what is taking place on your planet. [clears throat] Excuse me, because it upsets the channel.

The beings of Newtown, Connecticut, and this emotional energy, have acted and do act as a surrogate and a catalyst for the human race to come together and say, “No more. That the slaughter of innocents is not acceptable in any realm.” And what that means, dear ones, it is not acceptable through missile or drone strikes, in neighborhoods, in marketplaces and schools, or anywhere else. It is not acceptable for children to be hit by stray bullets, by gang wars or by drug lords, in any country, in any nation, in any civilization. It is not acceptable for children to die of death, of disease and poverty and hunger, starvation.

So these bright angels, this soul group, has sacrificed and acted as a surrogate. Now, I wish to tell you that all of these angels were well out of their body and already in the arms of the Mother prior to their death. She had already gathered them up.

So it is not just for them that you weep, it is for each other. Because what you are seeing, what you are witnessing, is the pain and suffering that violence does to humanity, to families, to friends, to siblings, to parents, to communities, to neighbors, to nations. And it is all of you saying, “No more!”

SB: Pardon me, if I may intervene. What do you say to people who advocate the right to bear arms in America, but what does one say to organizations that think that they’ll fall under somebody else’s rule if they give up their rifles?

AAM: Let me say this, and I do not simply say it to Americans, I say it to nations that carry weapons to destroy families and friends. I say it to all beings that carry guns or weapons. And I am talking about missiles, or chemical weapons.

When you live in fear, then that is what you create, is fear. When you live in harmony and community and unity, that is what you create. Understand the opening of 11/11 and 12/12 was not simply some esoteric exercise. You have been unified. And as I have asked you, and as most of you are doing, that grid is to grow and inflame and ignite more and more every single hour, every single minute of every day. It was not just an hour-long exercise, or a day-long exercise.

How can you live in unity and love and carry weapons, guns, ready to kill someone you don’t like or you don’t care about? And it is particularly dangerous when you have those weapons available to those who are unbalanced. And we suggest to you that there is no way to safeguard against someone who is in the throes of a psychotic episode. There is no way to prevent them from getting a weapon if in fact they are available. That is a fool’s belief.

So, if you expect harm to come to you, then harm will come to you. It is a time of change, and you cannot build Nova Earth with guns, missiles, and chemical weapons. You cannot do it. It is not possible. Not in any universe, not in any realm.

I had thought, this day, that I would come before you with my flame, blue flame of truth. And I would say to you, “I am laying down my sword and shield,” because that is my desire and creation, and that it would be symbolic for you to understand that these are no longer necessary.

I did not begin today by saying that because I am still using my sword to cut some cords of illusion with some of you, and some of you are feeling exceptionally vulnerable right now. And so I want you to know that I’m also shielding you.

But my sword is also the scepter of truth. It is the staff of wisdom. It is the staff that you can lean upon when you are exhausted. Your guns do not serve that purpose. Lay down your arms. This I ask of you. And more importantly, lay down your fear.

SB: Thank you, Lord. I don’t mean to single out Americans. I’m merely referring to the Constitution and the provision that the right to bear arms shall not be interfered with. But thank you. You anticipated my questions on Newtown, so I’ve had all my questions answered.

If we could now turn to Ascension, I think the first question that everybody has, they would like, if it’s at all possible, to be assured that the mass Ascension that has been talked about is in fact going to happen on December 21st. And they might even want to know if there’s a time on that….

AAM: Now, you know that I have avoided this.

SB: Yes, I do.

AAM: But I will speak to you.

SB: Thank you. [laugh] You know this is on our minds. You know that we’re all…

AAM: I know it is on your mind, that it is a date etched in gold. It is a red-letter day on your calendars.

SB: Yes.

AAM: You know that this is a spiritual awakening, an undertaking, and that it is already underway. You particularly, Steve, know this. For you have experienced the symptoms, the shifts, the inter-dimensional wobble. Many of you have. But I can hear your anxiety and your fear and your desire to pin me down.

Now, have you ever really tried to pin down an archangel?

SB: No! Never! [laughing]

AAM: But I love to tease you. There is an influx of supreme energy that will light and ignite your planet during this period. Now, it began on 12/12 and it is growing. So what you are saying is, “Will we get the full fireworks display on December 21st, 2012?” And I say, yes, there will be fireworks, and they will continue through the rest of the year. This is a building.

Now, for some of you it is immediate because you have done all your work, all your preparations, and you have grounded deep in the heart of One and deep in the heart of Gaia. For others, it will be more like an awakening and thinking, “Oh, my gosh, everything has changed! I’d better start adjusting.” So it will be more of a slower process rather than a snap, which we have referred to many, many times, again, through the end of the year, as you begin the new.

So, are you asking, on this day, are the energies there and sent to Earth for everyone to awaken? And I say, yes. Now, I am telling you, do not focus on time, focus on a day. But for some of you, it will be more slow because of where you are emotionally, spiritually, physically. For some of you it will be rapid.

Many have already ascended, you know. But they come back…

SB: Well, they don’t….

AAM: … they come back to help. They are the way-showers. Your gate-keepers are all in place. So, they have also ascended and come back. Well, they are at the doorway. They are really straddling multidimensional reality.

Now, think of the pillars that were established eons ago. And what you humans tend to think of as the pillars, or 11:11s, where you fly through, where your portal points are, are what you think of as the dots of the colon in between the pillars. So if you must focus on a time, again, go to the 11:11s or the 10:10s, or meditate from 10:10 to 11:11. We bring you back to the one. We bring you back and we bring you forward.

SB: Is this local time, Lord? Or Greenwich Meridian Time?

AAM: Yes. Make it your local time. We do not wish to cause mayhem and panic with people trying to figure out Greenwich Mean Time. Now, because you think that some have said it will take three days, this is part of the, simply the cycle of the global clock. But it is also the cycle of significant change that you are feeling within yourself. It is a time to be quiet. It is not a time to be necessarily out and about. Yes, if you must be, then of course we protect you, we guide you. We are with you, as we have said. Your star brothers and sisters and all of us are on full active duty.

But if you can, remain at home. Remain quiet with your loved ones in your sacred space.

Does that answer your question?

SB: Well, there are many more aspects of it. And I am actually being asked to ask you a couple of questions right now, so perhaps I can do that. If someone has ascended and come back, do they know they’ve ascended? Or does it feel pretty much the same as it did before they ascended? Is it an unconscious exercise at the moment? And the second question, why are some lightworkers not feeling anything has changed since 12/12? Why do they feel that nothing has changed when they’ve been on the path of awareness and have been diligent on the Ascension process?

And then we’ll come back to the day of 21-12. Thank you, Lord.

AAM: Many people who have ascended do not consciously know, but many do. Now, they may not ascribe it to Ascension. They may simply know that they feel, and they may not wish to talk about it, that they are vibrating at a different rate, have a different level of awareness or understanding. The memories of the old 3rd are fading rapidly, and they are clear in their sense of vision and mission. And in fact it is very hard to distract them into doing anything which you would think of as worldly.

So, it is basically a split camp. But when they are unconscious, it is mostly because it is a choice to simply hold the vibration. It is not our choice, it is the individual’s choice to hold the vibration and still move amongst the populace. But it does not matter because they are still doing their work. But they are — if they are honest with themselves, they are still feeling moments of disassociation, of not being sure exactly where they are in time and space, having a difficult time really, if not remembering, then relating to what has occurred in the past. So that is what is going on with them.

For those who feel that they do not sense or are not experiencing anything since the 12/12 opening of the unity portal, I would suggest that you are not building it on a minute-to-minute, hourly basis. What you have done is you have sat in meditation, and then you have said, “Oh, this isn’t working,” and then basically backed up.

And so I would ask you to continue to build, to build, to build. To, first, ignite your grid. Then, connecting and igniting the grid of Gaia. Then, igniting and connecting with the grid of humanity. Then igniting with your star brothers and sisters, and then with us, with One, with All.

And there is a part of you — yes, I will be the blunt archangel — there is a part of you that may well be — not consciously — but fighting it; that you feel that it had need to be a very explosive feeling rather than the creeping of the dawn. And that is why I have been emphasizing that it is very different for each and every single human being upon the planet, the same way it has been different for every dog, every cat, every giraffe, every whale, every tree, every plant, every elemental.

You are unique. So I am asking you to go into — and this is pivotal for the shift that is taking place already — it is important that you go to the place of allowing. Shifting, Ascension, Descension, is not a struggle. And it is not proving anything to yourself. So let it be.

SB: Well, here’s where the [ ? ] meets the road, Lord. Somebody wakes up on the 22nd and they’re still here, and Gaia is still here. What do you say to them? And they believe that they’ve done all their work and they were ready for Ascension. What do you say to them?

AAM: I say go still and allow the adjustment to take place. This is not about going or not going, because you are already most of the way up the spiral. In physical form, of course Gaia will continue on, and so will you. That is what is unique about this process. That is what is delightfully unique about this process. But if you think — and I use the word “think” — that you wake up on the 22nd and that nothing has changed, rather than embracing the old and becoming reactive, because that is immediately reconnecting with the old 3rd, go into your heart and allow the love and the shift to fully present itself. That is all you have to do. Just allow it to present itself. Allow your eyes to go out of focus, your body to relax, and receive.

SB: I’m going to ask you to go back to a comment that you just made, because I know that people get confused by certain comments, and you have said that Gaia will continue. But I don’t know, listening to you, if you mean in third dimensionality or in fifth dimensionality. And if you mean that Gaia will continue in third dimensionality, that sounds strange to me, because I’m under the impression that Gaia will ascend, physically, on the 21st and will not be here afterwards. So, if I’m mistaken, please correct me.

AAM: When you say “here” you mean in the old third dimension?

SB: Yeah. [ ? ] [ ? ]

AAM: She will not be there. She is already just brushing the third reality of physicality, and she does so that you are all getting ready. So, no, we do not mean that Gaia will still be in the old third dimension. Let us be very clear about that.

SB: [ ? ] [ ? ] ….

AAM: She brushes the third so that there is an experience of physicality; she is anchored firmly in the fifth dimension; and she has the capacity also to continue on, and for some of you even go through to the seventh.

SB: Well then, is it correct to think that there will be some people who wake up on the 22nd and are still on Gaia in the third dimension?

AAM: Not what you think of as your old third dimension. If they wake up and they think that they are still on the same old planet, then they have need immediately to attach to the new energy and allow that to flood them. Because all they are doing is carrying a wisp of historic information, and they can let it go.

SB: All right. So just to confirm, because, again, people will want very, very clear statements: On the 22nd, it is not possible to wake up on this planet as it was, say, on the 19th of December. It will be in the fifth. People who have not gone to the fifth will wake up either in the holographic world you talked about…

AAM: Yes.

SB: … or else in another universe, I presume. Maybe you could…

AAM: That is correct.

SB: … help us… It is correct? All right. Okay. Well, that’s very helpful, then. Thank you very much. You realize that any ambiguity, any lack of clarity and people at this time can feel very disturbed. So, thank you for that.

AAM: We understand what people will react to if this is not the fulfillment of what they are anticipating. We understand that probably more completely than you do, dear heart.

SB: I’m … I’m sure you do. Thank you very much.

AAM: And what I wish to say right now, this is also our undertaking with you in sacred partnership. But each of you, individually — and I mean particularly you, dear Steve — are not responsible for the Shift. That is the unfoldment of the plan of the Mother. So you cannot take accountability for this undertaking. Am I clear with you?

SB: Well, thank you. I — I thank you. I do feel… I do feel accountable. I have gotten behind the date of December 21st, and it will be a great [ ? ] …

AAM: Remember what I say to you. Through to the end of the year, keep going.

SB: Through to the end of the year? But what… [ ? ] [ ? ] ….

AAM: If you sit down to dinner and dinner starts as it did, actually, on 12/12 or 11/11, but say you have had your appetizers in another room and you are sitting down to dinner on December 21st, 2012, well, you are going to be at the table through the end of the year. There are many courses, many expansions, many new experiences, many new tastes, many adjustments. Is that clear?

SB: But they will be on the fifth dimension?

AAM: Yes.

SB: Is that correct? All right. Okay.

AAM: That is correct.

SB: It’s clear — it’s clear if they will be on…. Yes. No, I understand what you are saying now. Thank you for correcting me on that. Now, the kingdoms are ready….

AAM: It is not… And I just wish to be clear with everybody.

SB: Yes. Thank you, Lord. The kingdoms are ready. The animal kingdom…. What do you mean by “The kingdoms are ready”?

AAM: Everybody has been positioned — Gaia, the kingdoms, the plants, the animals, the elementals, the rivers, the streams, the mountains. They are all ready.

SB: Ready for [ ? ] ?

AAM: It is just human beings, the human collective that is doing some last minute preparation.

SB: All right. We… I’m not aware, myself, personally, of knowing anybody who has ascended and come back as a gate-keeper. Is there something I should know about the gate-keepers? Like, for instance, are they galactics who walked the Earth and have gone ahead? Or are they….

AAM: Yes. Some of the galactics are gate-keepers. Some of them are angelics who are gate-keepers. Some of them are humans who are gate-keepers. You do not need to know them. They will be there. You may well recognize many of them as you arrive. But no, you do not need to know them. They know them…

SB: Are there… Sorry?

AAM: They know themselves.

SB: Are there…. What explains why I don’t know any of the gate-keepers?

AAM: Because you do not need to.

SB: Right. I understand that. But I would have expected…. I’m not going to name names, but a friend you know, too. We both know this — well, we know all friends, but, but I would have expected him to go and come back as a gate-keeper, we’ll say. But I don’t know anybody that has. Now, is that a coincidence?

AAM: Perhaps you do not know anybody who has consciously disclosed to you that they are a gate-keeper.

SB: Okay. All right. Well, that’s fine. Now, when people claim that something is actually demonstrably happening, they’re aware that something is happening, what should they do at that moment?

AAM: Relax. Lie down, if possible. Stay still. Go into your heart. Open it even wider. Anchor, feel that you are anchored firmly through the bed or the floor into Gaia, and just allow this transition to take place.

SB: All right. Someone — I’ve heard people say, or they seem to have said, that everybody will ascend. And my eyebrows went up at that. I didn’t think everybody would ascend. You are saying everybody is welcome to ascend. How…

AAM: Not everybody has decided.

SB: Okay. But the comment that I think I have heard made, that everybody will ascend, that is not a true comment. Is that correct?

AAM: It is not necessarily so. Now, are we working on everybody coming? Yes. Will everybody come? Not necessarily.

SB: All right. That helps. It’s very comforting to know these matters, Lord. Thank you very much for that. Going to be asking you about the holographic world that people go to as an interim place and the — when the window of opportunity to ascend will close. And other questions. Could you, could you start, please, with describing the holographic world that people will go to who need to spend a little more time working on themselves to ascend, please?

AAM: Well, they do not know it is a holographic world, just the same way…. There are many holographs that are presented already upon your planet that do not appear as if they are simply holographs. They are taken as substantial, or having form. So when one goes to a holographic situation, it will appear as if everything is exactly the same, and that you are continuing to work on whatever your issues or your vasanas are, and getting ready to continue on.

Now, let me say this. Exactly the same way that the door to the 13th Octave was kept open by those who passed through and held the door open, slightly ajar, for those who wished to continue, it is the same for this Ascension process. The door is being kept ajar by those of the collective of humanity — and your star brothers and sisters, actually — who have diligently worked, both consciously and unconsciously, subconsciously, to keep this door open so that as many may ascend into the new realm as possible.

So you are saying, “How long will the door be kept open? How long will people have?” At this point in your time, and in the convergence of the Divine Convergence, the door will be kept open for those who are diligently — and diligently is described and defined by yourselves — who are diligently working on Ascension, the door will be kept open indefinitely.

SB: [ ? ]

AAM: No, not for thousands of years, but for the duration of, shall we say, a lifetime.

SB: Oh! That’s reassuring. So, if somebody doesn’t ascend, but they are working diligently, they have quite a bit of time to ascend, and will [ ? ] holographic world the whole time?

AAM: Yes, because if they went to complete relocation, there would really be no turning back.

SB: Right. Okay. Now, how will a person know there’s still hope? Okay, it’s December 23rd, and they waited through the 22nd, and it’s the 23rd, and they don’t know if they have missed the boat or if they’re on the holographic world. And many of us are not here, we’re not having Hour with an Angel, how will they be able to find out what’s happened for them?

AAM: Go into your heart and simply ask, yes or no. Address the question to me. I will tell you.

SB: Will there be light-workers who will still be in the holographic world? Will they be able to…?

AAM: There will be some lightworkers who will go to the holographic world to act as healers and teachers, to help those who have remained, in their process. So they answer is yes.

SB: So they won’t be without resources?

AAM: No, of course they will not be without resources. If anything, there will be an abundance of resources.

SB: All right. Well, that’s …

AAM: Because the desire is everybody, the sooner the better.

SB: Right. Um…

AAM: Nothing would give us greater joy than to say on December 23rd, “Everybody’s aboard.”

SB: Absolutely. Now, there will be some people who find themselves discouraged because of their vasanas, we’ll say, or in fear about Ascension events. What do you say to them to reassure them, as we approach that important date?

AAM: You are going to think in some ways that I only have one message this day. And, in fact, that is in many ways true. But it is to let go of the fear. And it is not just discouragement that I am talking about; it is also anger. There is this collective feeling, “Oh, we have been duped!” Let it go. The key, the key to the kingdom, the key to love, the key to your heart is to keep coming back to the love.

Anger and fear, discouragement, despair — these are not of love. You say, “Well, that’s all very well and good, Michael, but here I am, stuck.” Then reach out your hand to me. I will put down my sword and reach out for you and lift you up. The Mother will lift you. Gabriel will lift you. No one, no one is alone, and no one is abandoned.

So, what I say, if you are discouraged, if you are nervous, if you feel like you are betwixt and between, continue to reach for me. I have never, and I will never, abandon you. And I can deal with your anger and fear. I have for a long time. So do not let that be a wedge between us.

SB: Okay. Thank you, Lord. We’re a few days away from Ascension, the cabal is in deep containment. I would hope that now that we’re at this place that we can talk about a few things that may have happened or not happened in the last year or two. For instance, can you tell us now why NESARA was not declared this year? Can you tell us a little bit of the background why Disclosure did not occur? And the changes in government. Is it — are you able to kind of give us some of the background on that?

AAM: I can tell you very clearly why, both Disclosure — although there have been various forms of Disclosure, which I have emphasized with you.

SB: Yes?

AAM: So do not say that Disclosure has not taken place. It has just been less dramatic than many have hoped for. But yes, NESARA and shifts in government. The primary reason for the slower rate of change, because that is really what you have been talking about, is to not create fear, chaos and more displacement and mayhem upon your planet.

So we have always been in readiness to do all of the above. But when we look at the arc of reaction, it has always been too great a displacement for too many, to drag the collective down rather than up. So for the lightworkers, it has been a difficult journey, and it has been a journey that has had many disappointments and what you would think of as false starts. But in terms of the entire collective, that is what we have based the readiness quotient on.

SB: And what would you say to a critic who says that SaLuSa said, or somebody else, that the galactics could turn on a dime, that they could compensate for this occurrence, or that, and yet, look at them. They have not been able to bring about what they said they would. What would you say to that critic, Lord?

AAM: I would say the galactics can turn on a dime. You have no idea the magnitude of the capacity of your star brothers and sisters. Just like we can turn on a dime, dear heart. But it would mean interference, would it not? Yes, we could adjust, the galactics could adjust situations, as they plan to, actually. But we have to do it in ways that did not disrupt the unfoldment of this plan. So the critics are vocal, but that is what they are. They are critics. They are doing what they do. We would ask them to set that aside.

SB: Okay. Thank you. What would you say to the critic who said, “Well, you said that you would give the entire world notice of Ascension, that everybody who needed to know would know. Do the poor people of Africa know about Ascension? Or were they — did they have their opportunity to know about Ascension taken from them? What would you say to people who think that the world has not been made sufficiently aware of Ascension?

AAM: I would say that this is incorrect understanding, and that the soul and the being is very aware. And they will be aware. And I would say to a western person who says that a woman sitting on the plains of Africa does not understand about Ascension, I would say open your eyes and look at her soul and see what her dreams and her understanding of Shift is. It is in a completely different context than what you are talking about.

SB: So, so, she knows on either a higher level or a deeper level? Is that what you’re saying?

AAM: Yes, and a deeper embrace of the planet, of Gaia.

SB: Okay. Well, I have asked all my questions, Lord. I’m just… Now, you anticipate my questions. So I’m wondering if there’s anything that you think that people should know that I haven’t covered?

AAM: Yes. It is the denial factor. And denial has been one of the greatest attributes and greatest illusions of the old third dimension. It has had such power as to contain and minimize your intellect, your understanding, your heart, your love, your power and your co-creative juices. You can be in full denial that anything is shifting upon the planet. You can look to the news of the day and say there is nothing new. Or you can look with the eyes and the energy of your heart and stop denying, not us, but your sweet self. You can declare yourself in this moment of deserving everything the Mother has ever planned for you. You can open yourself to receive and not deny yourself your birthright and our love. You do not need to be the cynic, the critic, or the one crying in the wilderness.

We have beckoned you. Gabriel has blown her horn. All we ask — we do not lay this upon you; this is your free choice — but we ask you, humbly, gently, tenderly, sweetly, please, join us. It is time.
SB: Here is my final question, Lord. What do you say to those of us who are excited, giddy, delirious, having [ ? ] [ ? ] dancing around [ ? ] [ ? ], what… what [ ? ] …?

AAM: I say, come on. I say, you are ready. My arms are open. All of our arms are open. Gaia’s arms are open. Come dance and play with us. Declare your freedom and fly free. We are with you. We are not waiting for you, we are with you, right now.

SB: Thank you. Thank you, and thank you….

AAM: Go with my love… forever.

SB: Thank you from everyone.

AAM: God bless you.

SB: Thank you. And the Mother bless you, and we’ll see you in the new year.

AAM: Yes. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 12-17-12