…your work, your mission, your purpose is not just to find that place of love and harmony with your family, it is to find it within yourself and to take that out into the world and to share that with people that may begin as strangers but who become your friends, your circle and your soul family…

GD: Hello and welcome to Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The Great Awakening and it’s a pleasure to be with you tonight. I’m GD. Our guest tonight is Jesus Sananda and we invite you to join in on the conversation at 323-784-9697 and once you’re in, all you have to do is press #1 and we’ll do our best to bring you on the show. Good evening Linda, welcome.

Linda Dillon: Hi Graham and hi everybody out there to one of my favorite times of the week and with one of my favorite Masters, yeah, Jesus Sananda or Jeshua and I’ve been sitting here chatting with him and you know in talking with people, well in talking with people always, for the last twenty years, but certainly talking with people recently and I’m sure Graham you’ve been finding this too, is that the issue of families and that resolution and finding that middle path and that balance with family and finding the love that we all yearn for within family, has been a really up-front and center topic of conversation.

So, I wasn’t surprised at all when Jeshua said tonight he was going to suggest that we talk about family, family relationships, why we’ve chosen our family, how to find that place of resolution and love and honoring. So, it should be interesting. And you know we all have such a varied experience with our families. I think I’m really one of the lucky ones, not only my family with my partner but my biological family is absolutely fabulous. My sisters and my brothers are my best friends and my strongest supporters. Both my parents are gone but to give you a feeling for how it was, I used to take vacations, well I still do with my sisters, but it used to be Mummy and the girls, so I had it really lucky and my brother used to say that our family was dysfunctional and I thought “Yeah, we really are” until I got out into the world and I saw what other people were dealing with and I thought “Oh my god, we’re like the Brady bunch”.

GD: Yeah, I have no concept or no ability to relate to dysfunction in family, of course you know I’m kidding (laughter)…because you know a fair amount about my family experiences and it’s all okay, it’s all rich with growth and learning opportunities and when we’re talking about family tonight, we’re talking about, sure, physical family but however you define family. So you may have been adopted, you may think of family in terms of extended family through a partner, we’re all-inclusive here tonight and relationships of all forms, wouldn’t you say?

LD: I’d say relationships of all forms and what I also see us doing more and more is that we’re really connecting and relating to our soul families. And in so many ways, not that it replaces the biological family, however that has looked for you, but we’re finding a different set of roots and perhaps a deeper sense of connection with our soul family and that’s so important as well and with our star family, so yeah, it’s a very broad subject. And for our listeners, any question goes.

GD: Hey Linda, it’s so fun, you get to hang out with Jesus and I’m wondering, do you guys talk about who’s going to win the next baseball game? Or how does that go? (Laughter)

LD: Never…the only thing we talked about in terms of those kinds of issues was ‘who was going to win the election’.

GD: Oh, of course, yeah.

LD: But no. I have this incredible painting of Jesus, of Jeshua, well some people would say 5th dimensional, I say 7th dimensional painting and it shape-shifts, so when you really connect with this painting it becomes very life-like. And if you go into a trance state it actually shape-shifts into many of the Masters. So I have this painting on my wall next to where I do my channeling work, but tonight so that I could really sit with him and just to share with you what kind of a nut-bar I am, is I have him propped up against the wall here so that we’re literally eyeball to eyeball and only a few feet away from each other so that his presence is really filled the room.

GD: And of course I’m joking about what your conversation, how it might unfold, I know he can go there with us and yet I know when you have conversations and the conversation that we’ll have with him tonight certainly more in depth. There are so many beautiful and important things to talk about. So this is most welcome tonight.

LD: Wow, yeah, yeah. But you know for a lot of people baseball is important… (Laughter)

GD: Well, do you want to start off with a meditation?

LD: I think we should start off with a meditation and set the stage for this gathering because it feels like there’s many beings that are joining us tonight. So relax and take a nice deep breath in through your nose, holding it just for a second and out through your mouth letting go of the day, letting go of the week, still feeling yourself in this time of peace and harmony, of gratitude and thanksgiving, of Hanukah and Christmas, of Ascension.

And let’s breathe tonight with the soul ray of Jeshua and that is this wonderful magenta color, that deep, rich blend of blue and red, the color of a deep red grape, of a beautiful dark ruby port, of chrysanthemums, and breathe in that richness and smell that richness; it’s an earthy tone. Bring in the magenta and let it fill your head, your pineal, your pituitary, the crevasses of your brain and let it come down through your neck, through your throat chakra, your chest, your heart, your solar plexus, your sacral, your tummy, your umbilical, your trunk, your legs, right down to your feet.

And now let’s breathe in some beautiful golden fibers and that’s the energy of the Universal Father, of the Divine Masculine. And let’s bring that in with our breath and open your crown a little wider and let these wonderful fibers of gold come in and intertwine and dance with the magenta and feel that energy of the Divine Masculine nurture you, support you, and love you. Many of us, most of us, feel a very close connection with the Divine Mother, there’s a familiarity; we know that nurturing. But we want to balance that with that love and wisdom of the Father energy, of the masculine energy because when we speak with Jesus Sananda, with Jeshua, however you conceive of this incredible Master, we’re talking about that balance of the male and the female, of the masculine and feminine.

So bring in that magenta into your heart and instead of having an emerald heart tonight, let it turn to this beautiful color of magenta, of that deep blue red and breathe it in. It’s the color of compassion; it’s the color for your third eye. So relax and thank yourself for taking this time for you and for your process and for taking time to address any outstanding issues that you have with family or just to luxuriate in the love that you have with and for your family, seen and unseen, human and otherwise.

Jesus Sananda: Greetings, I AM Jesus Sananda.

GD: Welcome.

JS: And welcome to you beloved brother and welcome to all of you. I welcome all of you that I call my family and you think and you say “Jeshua, how could you have such a large family? And how could you possibly hold such love for so many within your being, within your core, within your heart?”

And I say to you, “I carry the infinite ability of the Creator/Source/One” and so do you my beloved friends. Your ability to love transcends everything, it is the fiber of your being, it is the core of your essence, it is the air that you breathe, it is the light that you see and it is the reason that you are alive. You came in service to the Mother/Father/One, particularly the Mother. And you came during this time of transition and Ascension to complete what we began so long ago and to begin yet anew. For this is not the end, it is the beginning; it is the beginning of what has always been planned. And it is not simply the fulfillment of the Mother’s Plan, it is the fulfillment of your plan.

And so many of you, so many of you have known me in different ways, so many of you have walked with me and let me tell you, the discussions that we had so long ago when I have walked as Jeshua, as we have walked the hills, the streets of Jerusalem, as we have walked along the Sea of Galilee, the discussion hasn’t changed. For even then you would say to me “Yeshi, how could I be born into this family? for they do not understand me, they do not understand my rebelliousness against the traditional ways. They do not understand why I walk with a barefoot prophet. They do not understand what it is that you are trying to accomplish by challenging the rabbis and the Romans.” And then you would say “But what of my wife for she expects me to support her and our children? And I know that I must take care of the family and yet here I am walking with you instead of fishing or doing my trade. I cannot even explain myself, Lord, how do I explain this to my family and to those I love? Yes, we have differences of views but they are of my house, they are of my lineage and I not only love them, I honor and respect them even though I do not agree with them. So how do I proceed?”

And I said to you then and I say to you now “Proceed bravely not ruthlessly, not without consideration and never in judgment. But do what you must because your heart and soul demands it. And if on some days that means baking bricks, then do so. If it means going fishing to feed your family, of course you must do so. But if your soul demands that you walk, to meditate, to pray, to connect, then do so.”

I was fortunate because I knew and understood the family I was being born into, the house that I was being born into and who was claiming me. I was privileged in so many ways. And I was blessed later with a wife and children who also understood me. This did not mean that there were not moments of disagreement, of chaos, of misunderstanding, because there were. In our situation there was always extended family with us, close by, and that is how we lived.

So very often there were varying opinions and there were always opinions about what I was up to. Even my beloved mother who knew my path, my journey, my mission would sometimes hesitate and say “Could you not stay home today? Could you not adhere more clearly to convention, to the law? Could you be less conspicuous?” And she said that to me from the time I was a young boy. And there was sometimes debate and sometimes dissension because they felt I was willful and I was not honoring my mother. But of course I was truly honoring my mother and father and that was beyond debate.

I understand, and this is really what I wanted to speak to you about tonight, I understand the dynamics of family. I understand the joy, the peace, the support and I understand disharmony and conflict and confrontation and having to go on a journey that perhaps is not understood or agreed to. I understand why you have chosen the family that you have incarnated into. Why you are with this configuration, yes, to learn but also to teach. So there is much for us to discuss. Dear heart, where would you like to begin?

GD: Such wisdom and much gratitude to —— for this subject. As you well know I can certainly relate with and I know many others can too and I offer this question for those who are listening and are having some of the same challenges with family who do not embrace their paths and where there is conflict and challenge. And I think it can be difficult sometimes to figure out at what point does it serve all to stay in relationship with family members when there is conflict and struggle and at what point does it make sense to put up healthy boundaries and love them from a distance? Of course, if there are situations of abuse that’s a no-brainer. This opportunity to incarnate with souls to transcend, to grow, to learn, to teach is so important and so rich and there comes a time when it is important to say “I love you but I’m not willing to engage with you.” Can you speak to that please?

JS: Yes. There is a time to stretch your wings and fly and that is particularly true when you have practiced love and acceptance and shared freely with your family who you are and what you are up to. Now I speak to many, many lightworkers and love-holders who are fearful of speaking to their families or exposing themselves to their families about who they are and what they believe because they are so afraid, not just of judgment but of not being love. And that reflects the fact that the belief, not necessarily the reality but the belief is that they are not loved unconditionally and therefore they have not had the experience, the feeling that they are fully loved, that it is conditional upon maintaining some level of persona that may or may not be in keeping with who you really are.

So that is one thing that I encourage lightworkers and light-holders to do is to be honest, not in a confrontational way because that accomplishes nothing but to simply be forthright and honest about who you are, what you believe in, and what you are trying to accomplish with your life. You do not even have to say that I am working for the entire planet and our star brothers and sisters and the Divine Mother, but just for your life. But if you have done that, if you have batted up against that cement wall and feel that you are only becoming battered and bruised then you have to say, yes have to, “I will love you from a distance and I will give you room to grow, to follow your journey and your path of awakening, of enlightenment, of spiritual growth so that you will reach a place, receiving my love and support from a distance, where you can see who I am, where you can begin to engage in love for me as who I am.”

Now there is also a time to leave that nest because there are times when it is so comfortable and comforting, I’m not saying that you cannot return, but your work, your mission, your purpose is not just to find that place of love and harmony with your family, it is to find it within yourself and to take that out into the world and to share that with people that may begin as strangers but who become your friends, your circle and your soul family.

GD: Is it important to seek to reconcile with family members prior to Ascension, prior to the end of the year?

JS: Yes.

GD: What does that look like?

JS: It depends on your circumstances. For some that reconciliation is done completely etherically, in meditation on a soul level. For many, and I am making a plea here, for many of you it entails forgiveness. Surrender, surrender of the idea of what you thought or felt or hoped it might be. It is reaching that place where you can send love regardless of the conditions. For some it is done in person or via electronic media that is so readily available to you these days. It does not need to be involved, in fact, in most situations, if it is in person it is simply saying “I love you” whether you have argued, been estranged, had severe differences of opinion or been on the same track, it is simply saying “I love and honor you and I thank you for what you have given me, for what you have shown me, what you have taught me about myself, how you have contributed to the person and the fulfillment of my journey.”

So for some, for many, it is not possible to do in person but it is always possible to do in meditation and soul conversation when you call the person’s higher self forward and address them in a loving and mutually honoring way.

This is one of the fundamental ways in which you make peace with the 3rd dimension because the family as you have known it, in all it’s permutations in the 3rd, is something that will change rather dramatically as you enter a higher realm of understanding of heart consciousness and of awareness. I am not saying that the family, per se, disappears, it does not. But the awareness and the connections and what you think of as family changes radically. So, is it important work? I would not have called to you to have this discussion tonight if it was not so important.

GD: As you’re sharing, what’s coming up for me is the reflection of how every family member that I’ve had in this incarnation they’ve been such a gift in terms of what they’ve shown me and helped teach me and ways that they’ve helped me grow, so I can look upon those relationships even if from one perspective I can see them as very unhealthy and charged and abusive on some levels, I can step back and say there has been some really great, wonderful learning opportunities and those experiences have really helped serve me in so many ways. And I really liked how you spoke to coming to peace with the 3rd dimension. We’ve heard from the Council of Love how that is needed to go through the Ascension process, to come to peace with the 3rd and relationships and the charge and conflict and the challenges that many have had with relationships across the board, that’s such a big component of the 3rd. So that makes total sense that you’ve said that.

JS: And I include in that, many of you have gone through multiple marriages or relationships of an intimate nature and there has been some incomplete resolution, shall I say, and some blame and fault and guilt. What you have need to reckon and reconcile is that you went through those relationships during this time and space because each of those relationships contributed, not only to you but to them. You were learning something, you were growing and so it is time also to make peace with them, to embrace them, and to thank them and to send them love.

GD: Beautiful. Would you be up for bringing on some callers?

LD: I am welcoming the callers.

GD: Sounds great. Well, Sharon from California, welcome to the show tonight, good evening.

Sharon: Thank you, thank you for taking my call.

GD: Of course, what’s your comment or question tonight?

Sharon: First I would like, if I may, ask for a blessing for myself and my family and then my question is “I’ve always kind of felt disenfranchised from my biological family, in fact I don’t feel real connected with anyone here. I wonder if you could give some insight about soul families and star families, please?”

GD: Great question.

JS: I freely give the blessing to all families this night and always. You are not disenfranchised, dear heart, and even though you feel disconnected, the families of origin and the family that you have assumed along the way have gifted you in ways seen and unseen. For example, they have made you more aware of your soul family, of your desire to be with your true family of origin, your soul family, your soul circle. It has catapulted you and acted as a catalyst for you to seek out who you are, truly, creatively, in harmony with. Similarly it has made you acknowledge and connect with your star brothers and sisters, your star family. Now let me speak to this because it is a question that many of you have on your mind. You think, “Well what do I do, I have my family here on Gaia and then I have my star family and many of you have star spouses, star mates, star children, how does that balance out?”

But you are looking at it and you are feeling it from a very 3rd dimensional perspective. You would never have engaged in a human interaction or the creation of a human family or a human mate if it was not understood and embraced by your star family as well. It is one of those situations where there is enough love for everybody. You tend to think of this in terms of fragmentation, in terms of having to choose either/or and it is not that. There is enough love to go around. Don’t ever think you need to choose either/or.

GD: Thanks for calling Sharon.

Sharon: Thank you.

GD: Could I follow up on that, please? I think what you’ve touched upon is really important. So, I’ve been told that I have a family on Arcturus, for example, and let’s supposed I was in a committed partnership now, which I’m not, and as Ascension continues it reaches a point where there is a higher level of consciousness and families transition and partnerships transition, so, are there different dimensions of myself, concurrent experiences where I would reunite with my Arcturian family, for example, and I would still maintain a relationship with my former 3D wife? Or how does that play out?

JS: Yes, and it’s not just inter-dimensional, I am not just speaking of, which is completely possible and happens all the time, of an alternate or a parallel life. Let me put it in very practical ways: If you were adopted and you never knew your biological family, and this happens all the time in your society and that is why I use it as an example, and many adult, adopted children choose to seek out their biological parents and when they do so there is a relationship that forms. Sometimes it is not all you have hoped for or dreamt of but still there is a relationship; that does not cancel the family that loved and nurtured you and brought you up or the siblings that you have had.

Similarly, if you believed, for example, and this used to happen more often than it does today, but it you traveled far away or were involved in a war and word was transmitted back to your family that you were dead and actually you were simply stranded, isolated on a distant continent, knowing that you may never return to your homeland, your wife may well engage in a new relationship, have more children and have a very loving relationship with that second husband as you may engage in a new relationship.

But then circumstances occur and the ship comes and you return to the homeland. It does not cancel out the love that you have for your second wife or your first. Both are equally loved and cherished, there is nothing to say that both these families cannot unite and form a strong, loving, supportive bond. It is just cultural tradition that has said “Oh you must choose either this family or that family.”

Now I’m not suggesting polygamy, but what I am suggesting it that a different understanding of all the myriad of combinations. Think, when you think of all your incarnations, how many people have you been married to? Some are now your best friends; some are your sisters and brothers. You cannot be so myopic as to think there is only one form and that there can be harmony and love and expansion rather than this very narrow view that a family is simply father, mother, two spouses, three children and it’s all self-contained. That is not family, that is only part of the family. So yes, I am asking you to expand your heart and expand your vision of what is possible particularly as it pertains to your star family.

GD: Could I please play this out just a little bit more? I’m trying to envision what that looks like and I realize that I’m coming at this from a limited perspective and perhaps from a 3D theme. So, when we raise our level of vibration through this Ascension process, our consciousness expands, we reconnect with our star families, and we engage in an experience of unity consciousness and freedom where this sense of marriage and contractual obligations in the 3D realm falls away. If I’m currently in a family on Earth, on Gaia, and I also have a family on another planet, I’m hearing from you that if we think of it in terms of integration and let go of older paradigms, but we’re not thinking of it in terms of polygamy, tell me about intimacy, tell me about those deep love connections and sacred partnerships, what do those look like?

JS: I am not saying that there are not choices because intimacy and sacred union is just that; it is sacred. But let us use your example my friend. Do you not think and certainly feel that your family on Arcturus was fully aware and in agreement that you would undertake this soul mission?

GD: Oh, I’m sure they do, I’m sure they’re aware.

JS: Of course they do and they were in agreement that the undertaking was important enough to let you go. But the love didn’t disappear, the connection didn’t disappear and in true love there is always the hope, the wish, the yearning that that person, whether it is an Arcturian being or Pleiadian, will find another during this journey, this sojourn on Earth, that will love and nurture you and cherish you just as your family does.

And there is an understanding that as this plays out that there may be a point of decision of who you live with and how you engage. But that doesn’t mean, regardless of whether you choose the human mate or the star mate, it doesn’t mean that the love disappears or that the relationship within the family disappears. You have a very good paradigm. Many of you have thought of divorce as tragedy and yet the extended family is what the Mother has created to begin to teach you this; the children have four or six parents and it is a good thing. When it is approached with love and sensitivity and an understanding that the more children are loved and by more people, that the more creative, the freer, the more expansive they are.

GD: Indeed, indeed. Thank you for speaking to that a little bit more. I’d like to bring on Harriet from Florida. Thank you so much for your patience, welcome Harriet, what is your comment or question?

Harriet: Yes, thank you. Well Jeshua just covered a question that I had very extensively, so that’s great. But my other question relates to healing before Ascension. I was just wondering if there is any indication as to when that will take place? Before 21 December if we are going to be, you know, informed?

JS: You are being informed every day, Harriet, and so it is important for you to know that the healing, particularly with the DNA, with the reconfiguration of your form from carbon to crystalline. But might I ask you, might I invite you to use my Magenta Flame in addition to the Violet and the Emerald? You have been stalwart, you have been patient, you have persevered, and I speak to you Harriet but I speak to many of you who are still suffering and in pain. I do not say this simply so that you can carry the pain for many, even though you are, but I say to you “This will be changed, reversed, healed. Allow, surrender, and let me help.”

GD: Thank you Harriet for your call tonight. I did put you on mute just because you had some background noise, but we certainly appreciated your question. Please check me on my thinking here: So we incarnate on Earth, we have soul contracts and we loose our, by choice, we are not in full consciousness or full awareness of our orientation, where we’re from, by choice, and we have these relationships by contract. So one soul agrees to be a parent, another agrees to be a child, another agrees to be a husband, wife, so we have all these relationships and partnerships and these dynamics are fertile for rich growing opportunities. And then we raise our consciousness and then we see “Ah, okay, I know who I am and where I’ve been from, I know where I’m from, I have universal knowledge and consciousness and I see who you are on a soul level and thanks for playing out that role and helping me learn.” And we can see at that point our interconnectedness and how we are at unity consciousness and we can really see the person that abused us or the person that was so difficult, perhaps in a marriage or during a divorce we can come to a place of saying “Ah, we were just playing out a role and now I see you and I can embrace you and I can celebrate you for doing that with me.” And so, we can do that on Earth right now anyway, but it seems to me we can get to a place where we can say “AHA! We’ve been on this stage together” and that feels really nice, to think about when there’s conflict or when there’s charged, think about how the other person has assumed that role by design to help us grow and learn. Can you check me on that?

JS: That is exactly correct and it is as you look at the one, perhaps that you have had the most conflict, abuse, confrontation, disagreement with and you see. Now perhaps it is simply that they have lost their way, but as you see the totality of the circle that you have incarnated with again and again and again, you may see how deeply that they love you and why they incarnated with you.

You do not tend to incarnate with those who are very distant in terms of family. Does it happen? Yes. Is it normal? No. So when you are on our side and you are deciding to go, especially with such an important mission as this lifetime, you have turned to those who are closest to you and said “Alright, now this is what we want to achieve.” And because the bond and the love is so strong you have come together. Now has that gotten waylaid? In many cases, yes. That is the gift and the trauma of free will. But go back to the original agreement and why you came together. It was because you loved each other and trusted each other so deeply.

GD: And you’ve spoken to how families, family units as we know them will go through shifts and change and my take-away is that as our consciousness raises during this Ascension process, we will see the roles that we have chosen, we will decide if we want to let go and of course, hold the love and continue the love, but we have the choice to let go of family units or relationships and may go in different directions but that that’s okay and it’s in the spirit of love and it’s in the spirit of learning and growing and doing this dance together. So is that what you mean as you speak to how family units or families will shift and change? I’m paraphrasing…

JS: Yes that is what I mean. But also at the end when you relinquish your form and you reunite with everybody that you have known, both during this lifetime and every lifetime, you may well shake your head and laugh and say “Oh, that’s what that was about.”

GD: (Laughter) Yeah.

JS: And thank you for doing that, thank you for playing that role whether it is the supporter or the advisory, because it pushed me, it encouraged me to go where I wanted and desired to go.

GD: Thank you so much for visiting with us tonight.

JS: Go with my love and love your family, whoever they are. Go in peace dear ones. Farewell.

GD: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon