So on behalf of all, it is my honor this day to thank you, to give you the gift of grace, to anchor more deeply within you the gift and the knowing of peace, for it is of love, yes, but it is also of creation, for that is what you have been doing.

Greetings. I AM Michael, Archangel of Love, warrior of peace, bringer of hope. Welcome, welcome my dear friends, welcome from the Council of Love, welcome from my heart to yours. It has been a long time since I have spoken of my Strategic Peace Initiative, but it is time that I remind you that this Initiative has not been shelved; quite the contrary, for it increases and goes forward at the speed of light and the speed of love. And yes, it goes forward with the assistance, the protection, the defense systems of your star brothers and sisters and yes you will be seeing them and encountering them more and more frequently.

But that is not the topic I’ve come to address, although I do wish to tell you that we are all pleased with the release of this video because we all do know of your Galactic Family and it is time for all beings on earth to throw off their shackles and to declare their freedom to believe what they choose and know to be true.

Eons ago I was not a warrior of peace, I was an artist and a musician. Yes, I have said this to you before but I want you to think about this and to feel this. And the Truth, my Flame, it was infused in the music and it was infused in the heavenly paintings. star systems. It is not simply the human race that has engaged in the lower vibrations of war, of lack, of disillusionment, of control, but you are most certainly the most recent planet to eliminate these illusions, to let go of the need to have force in any interaction. Why do I bring this up? Because so many of you have worked diligently with me night after night after night all over the planet and yes, sometimes onboard ships, to bring peace to your planet. And your Sunday night peace meditation has accomplished more in anchoring peace than you can ever imagine. Yes, there are some hot spots on your planet right now, but also understand this is the old bubbling to the surface so that it can be cleansed, renewed, destroyed in terms of the old and brought forward into the new.

I bring this up my brothers and sisters, my brothers and sisters that I love because it is time to say “Thank you”. So often you journey and you work, you are committed mind and heart and soul to your mission and purpose and you do not waver and you endure. And you have practiced stamina and fortitude, trust and faith, and you have wondered sometimes where does it end? And even if I must go on, am I on a fool’s mission? And I say “No. No, the work you do with us, with me, is substantial and transformational and it is assisting not only in your Ascension but in the anchoring of the Ascension of Gaia, of all the kingdom’s because she does not want to anchor in the new with disruption and war going on, that is simply not possible or acceptable.

So on behalf of all, it is my honor this day to thank you, to give you the gift of grace, to anchor more deeply within you the gift and the knowing of peace, for it is of love, yes, but it is also of creation for that is what you have been doing. You may be disheartened at some of your own creations not coming to rapid fulfillment but let me tell you dear hearts, this creation is anchored and working. Send love. Send your love bombs to the places of discord. I ask you to do this, to focus, particularly on the Middle East and Africa that this will be calmed and soothed as it would be as if I was playing my harp, because I am.

Join with me as we declare Peace On Earth, as this peace is celebrated far beyond Earth. For it is also in peace that your brothers and sisters of the stars come and they come when there is no offensive or defensive reaction. And you are there, you my lightholders, love holders, you are there. You do not hear “thank you” enough so I bathe you in our gratitude and I bathe you in our love. Go in peace. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon