So yes, dear friends, there is a great deal unfolding, and good news on every horizon. Even if it looks like chaos, there is great movement, so do not be deceived.

GD: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel, with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The Great Awakening, and Geoffrey West of Greenprint for Life. I’m GD.

Our guest today is Archangel Michael. So, with that, I’ll pass it on to you, Geoffrey.

GW: Thank you, Graham. Greetings and blessings to all.

Well, events appear to be gearing up all over the world with news reports coming in several times daily of various things taking place from the banking industry to the political sphere, to the geophysical Earth-change sphere, and to the Disclosure sphere.

So I’m going to… we have a lot of questions lined up — at least that’s the plan for this evening. So I’m going to ask… begin by asking a favor of Archangel Michael, since we have so much, if you might be able to please limit some of your responses so we can address as much for our listeners as possible.

So, thank you, and thank you for joining us this evening, Archangel Michael.

Archangel Michael: Welcome. I am Michael, yes, archangel of peace, warrior of love… and that is all I will say. How is that to begin anew? For I can be in a place of action or in a place of conversation, and I can also be in both.

So yes, dear friends, there is a great deal unfolding, and good news on every horizon. Even if it looks like chaos, there is great movement, so do not be deceived.

Dear Geoffrey, dear InLight Radio team, I wish to congratulate you. I wish to say thank you on behalf of many for announcing Disclosure. For you have taken responsibility, you have claimed your freedom, your autonomy, your authority, and you have committed and declared yourself to the human collective. You are leading the way, and you are showing those in authority that there is nothing to be afraid of.

So, for this, we congratulate you and we thank you. But we will discuss this. Where do you wish to begin tonight?

GW: Well, as always, Michael, you do a wonderful job of anticipating some of the questions that are coming up. This was indeed the way that I had wanted to start the show this evening. So thank you for that wonderful segue.

Perhaps we could begin by exploring if there are any insights from the Council as to how this particular message will impact over all of human consciousness. But even more specifically than this, will it have an impact on global leaders and journalists?

AAM: The answer is yes, and yes. And let us explain. Yes, there is the reality, which you observe in your inter-dimensional self. And I want to start to emphasize that with each one of you, not simply you, dear Geoffrey, but everyone who is listening. But whether you are fully conscious of it or not, you are transitioning into your inter-dimensional selves.

So there is what you are witnessing in your… what you believe to be your third-dimensional reality, which is numbers and people who are watching this video, and the reaction of what you would call mainstream media, because let us assure you that it has been observed many times by what you believe to be mainstream media.

But there is also what is happening on what you would think of as the subtle level, the inter-dimensional level. And it is that ripple effect that we have talked about so often, not only in terms of your individual work, the work of this team of InLight Radio, and of the light-workers, light-holders.

So what you have done, dear heart, you have dropped not a pebble, not a stone, not a rock, but a very big boulder into what is really a very small pond! And when I say that it is a small pond, I mean a small pond of the mainstream media, of the political leaders, of political leaders who are truly leaders, and of the human collective consciousness.

I want you to understand this. There are beings who may never, ever watch this video or the videos that spin out from this project. It does not matter, because what is occurring is in the mix of the human collective consciousness. There has been this massive affirmation of a reality which all of you have held within your hearts and your minds and your experience, your consciousness, and the bringing forward of that reality, the declaration of it in such a succinct, clear, non-invasive way.

For your video has come in peace. And to me that was very important — that it be low key, that it not have any element of fear, that it be infused with love and celebration and joy, and you have made sure of that.

So, that is all being communicated to the subconscious and the unconscious of the collective. So the entrainment is changing. So, understand that piece. But in the physical reality of the leadership, it has been observed, and it is, can we say, being pushed up the chain of command. And in the media circles the same thing is occurring.

Now, you may never — although we doubt this — but you may never hear directly from either those who are in a position of political leadership or of media leadership. But make no mistake, the effect, the announcement has been heard, and it is echoing all over Gaia!
Over a decade ago, I began my strategic peace initiative — and no, I will not go into length on this — but we began in the White House. And you, dear hearts, in this video, in this wonderful video of announcing your galactic family and the presence thereof, have continued in the physical realm, in the collective realm, this peace initiative. The impact is far bigger already than you can imagine.

I offer you our thanks and congratulations, and I offer this also on behalf of your star brothers and sisters. But that is your next question.

GW: Well, I was going to go a little bit more into maybe some of the global leaders that you did touch on back a few moments ago. So, perhaps if you would like to continue on what some of our galactic families have to share about the project, I am very willing to give you the microphone to do so. Please continue.

AAM: Your galactic brothers and sisters — and when I say this I talk about all the variations, all the various forces — have been waiting eagerly for this. You know that their declaration, their promise, their adherence to universal law and their own codes of ethics have absolutely prohibited announcing or coming to Earth in a way that would in any way create disruptive chaos of war or retaliation or fear.

What you have done is you have diffused that energy and that situation. So you cannot separate how the galactics and your family are viewing this situation from how the political realm is also dealing with it.

Now, in some realms — and we refer particularly to the G8 and the G20 — there is a huge sigh of relief. Because what you have done — you think it is in a small way, but it is not! – you have relieved them of that burden of responsibility. So it has contributed to the mass awareness, because particularly leadership in many countries, as you well know, is very reticent, for a variety of reasons, not all of them negative. But they are reticent to be the ones to step forward.

Now, in some regimes — and yes, we use that word very particularly, oppressive regimes — they are reticent to acknowledge or announce the presence of your star brothers and sisters because they want to keep the attention on the conflict on the ground. They want to create… for a variety of reasons, they want to build and create this illusion of separation, of distinctive belief. And there really is only one collective belief.

So when they have to announce or acknowledge that not only is Earth one community but that the galactics come in peace and harmony, and they come in a way to assist, and not only to assist with technology, but with an understanding of how to resolve war, how to integrate peace, then it takes their power away. It simply takes their power. And the attention of what we would refer to as regional conflict, it dissipates it; it dissolves the energy.

Because what happens with the understanding of a galactic community is that it also has the effect of unifying the Earth, the Gaia community. That realization, that all is One, and that — I am sorry, but what we perceive and view as petty differences can no longer be sustained.

So, in some of your arenas, where the political concern was more that the fear of, “We don’t want to be the first,” that has been alleviated. And then in some of the spheres where the, hmm, national or regional agenda is conflict and war, control, persecution, hatred, it is also dissolved or begun to absolve — yes, absolve and resolve — those differences as well. So this is a courageous move.

Now, I know that in your microcosm of your group — of my group! — of InLight Radio, of 2012 Scenario, of the Council of Love, that this was seen as a group effort, as an undertaking — sometimes of frustration, sometimes of laughter, sometimes of joy. But it was seen as a focus to share your heart’s desires around Disclosure, that I have been encouraging you to do. But make no mistake, my friends, your undertaking is far bigger than you have initially thought. So, get ready.

GW: Thank you, Michael. That’s perhaps a bit of a segue into the next series of questions.

It is perhaps worth taking a look at some of the events of the past week or so, certainly in light of September the 11th and this new attempt by the cabal to create an event of global fear, to scare people back into fearful energies. It has been said again that the events of this week were a false flag operation to prevent the announcement of the new financial model, what some call NESARA.

The media appear to be confused, because some are reporting an embassy was attacked; others are reporting a consulate; others still are saying a diplomatic mission in Benghazi. The problem, however, is when I looked at the embassy website for the United States, none of those exist in Benghazi. So the media and the politicians are being caught in what appears to be a blatant lie.

The alleged movie that is being shown is a modified and manipulated video to create a specific outcome. What thoughts can you offer on this false flag, and how will it impact the timing of the new financial system?

AAM: Do not always look to the dark forces or the cabal of what you think of as those in power to be the controlling interests in creating chaos, and yes, further separation or a deepening of separation.

Now, understand, there has been a diplomatic presence in Benghazi. And this has not been a primary target or a primary presence simply because there have been many, can we say, quiet consulates that have been established throughout the Arab world by the United States of America, positioning themselves in order to work on what they call their war on terrorism. We won’t even begin to address that.

So, there have been attempts to create chaos and furor and dislocation, separation. So that is true.

What is not being addressed is the underlying reasons why these conflicts keep occurring. Now, you, my beloved friend, of all people, know of the anchoring and the need for the anchoring of peace and what it truly means. Yes, peace begins with safety, with security, with the absence of armed conflict, with the absence of what we call war. Because, let us be clear, war can be a small skirmish or a global conflagration. It is only the humans that tend to differentiate. There can be war within a household.

But we digress. This film, that we do not even want to name, but you all know, is an act of terrorism. And it is an act of terrorism that has emanated from the minds and hearts of those who wish to create chaos and separation and further military armed conflict throughout the world — yes, because it distracts from my peace initiative, because it distracts from the human beings coming to understand that you are all brothers and sisters.

So, has it been a firecracker or a bomb thrown into the mix? Yes. But it does not stop there, because there are also factions of separation throughout your world, and particularly — yes, in this situation — the Middle East, or the Greater Middle East, that is creating separation as well.

It comes from feelings, belief systems — yes, but they are deep-seated belief systems in separation in annihilation and control — and feelings of lack, of acknowledgment, not only from above and from each other, but from the global community as well.

There are too many — and we say this whether you are talking about any terrorist cell or group, in any country, because you have seen this repeated throughout human history. And you see it because they are disenfranchised. And that feeling of disconnection, of fanaticism, of retaliation, anger, hatred, it comes from a feeling that they are not loved, that they are not acknowledged, that they are not seen.

Does this create interruption in the unfoldment of the Plan? Yes, it does. Does it create a dissolution of the Plan, what you would think of as terrible delay? No, it does not. Because what is different in what is occurring in these war zones, in these places of conflict, is that people, the human collective, are also becoming more aware. And they are saying, “Wait a minute! This is not acceptable!”

It is not acceptable that a right-wing film that is intended to create disruption and chaos and hatred is permitted to be circulated, or even made. Because that is what you are not looking at.

What… what is going on in these hearts of darkness, that they wish to create such hatred? What is it that is going on in these hearts that wish to simply throw themselves on the funeral pyre?

That is the piece that the humans are beginning to look at, and they are also looking at it not strictly — and I’m not talking about those involved directly in the war zone, because they are irrational; they are not operating from their place of either their logic or their hearts — that those who are the observers, who are the majority, are saying, “Wait a minute! This is not of truth, not on either side.” And there has need to be the creation of the middle way, because this cannot continue.

So it is a massive wake-up call for the collective, who is not on either side of that polarity duality, who are finding themselves in the new middle way.

Does this answer your question?

GW: I think so, Michael, yes. I — just before I move on to NESARA itself, I wanted to give you an opportunity… In my recent two newscasts, I offered apologies to the people of Iran and also to Muslims and those practicing the Islamic faith with regards to all that is happening in the hopes of generating healing. But would you like to offer a quick word, or perhaps a call to those practicing the Islamic faith or to the Muslims worldwide and to the Christians worldwide, just a quick word calling them to action in some way, shape or form?

AAM: Yes, of course I would, and thank you. Because it is a call to action, you are absolutely correct. And it is a call to action of all the women and children and men, the people of Islam, the people of what you think of as Christianity, and the people of Judaism and Buddhism. So I make this plea worldwide, but particularly to those of Islam, and particularly to those who have generated such hate literature.

Go to the place of peace. Islam is a compassionate, deeply committed path of service. And the resort to violence is not the way of the Prophet, and it is not the way of honoring. It is not the way of peace. Yes, you feel insulted and dishonored, but that is not the lineage or the promise or the heritage of your religion or your culture. Has there been too much bloodshed? Yes. Has there been too much misunderstanding? Yes.

But understand, this is not what the majority of the collective of the human race believe or think or wish you to think — that you are not honored or honorable. That is not so. This is not a time of jihad. It is a time of peace, and it is leading with peace in your hearts.

And to the people of the western world, and particularly to the United States of America, I also say to you, look to the factions that would create such hatred, that would create such division, and their reasons for doing so, which are of promotion of hatred and greed and control, and do not allow these factions to determine the direction of your peaceful nation.

You are not pawns. You are bright angels, starseeds, Earth-keepers, wayshowers. Do not allow this action of those who wish to stop the unfoldment of love upon the planet. Do not allow this.

And it is not enough to censor one film. It is important that you look at the energy behind this, yes, but we are not speaking of the censorship of one film. We are talking about the growth in your heart of love that says this is not permissible, this is not reflective of who I am, of the beliefs of my family, my community, my country.

There is room for many beliefs, many paths, but they all lead to Source, and they are all of love. That is what I say, and that is what I ask. That is what the Company of Heaven and this Council of Love beg for.

GW: Thank you, Michael. So, to return perhaps now to the topic of NESARA, are there any obstacles remaining before the new financial system can be fully implemented and announced?

AAM: Now, you are asking me a very tricky question, my friend! Let me say this, and I do not wish to speak in code, because I honor you, and I honor your listeners. Can I say to you that there are a million squared ways in which we are able to do work-arounds? And we have, and we are — not that we will. It is already underway.

So, are there obstacles? Oh, there have been many obstacles. But you know the humans and their free will! We do not interfere, but we certainly are capable of working with it — and, yes, at times intervening, interjecting, the same way your guardian angels pick you up in front of the speeding car.

Well, there has been a speeding car in terms of the unfoldment, yes. So, the plans for pre-NESARA and NESARA are going forward. And what we are enthusiastic about is the number of your Earthlings, your human beings, your angelic selves, that are saying, “Let us proceed.” So there really aren’t any obstacles.

GW: Great.

AAM: Let us put it this way: There are no insurmountable obstacles.

Will there be blips on the screen? Yes. Yes, because the human ego and the collective ego tend to rear their heads. But that is how we want you to look at it, is to see that it is the human attachment to the old, saying to the collective, “But I am afraid, and I want to maintain what I have.” Well, that is unfortunate, because you can’t. It is as simple as that.

So you take them by the hand. You do not rub your fingers and say, “Shame on you!” You take them by the hand and you show them the new. And yes, there will be some who are kicking and screaming, and there will be some… many, many situations right now are in what we have called containment. So you may observe, because you cannot interfere where containment is going on.

But you may certainly send and add your light and love. It is always welcome. And what you do when you send that light and love is that it reassures the individual or the group that is in containment that they are not ostracized, that they will not be disenfranchised or un-included when the containment, or if the containment, is removed.

No obstacles…

GW: [ ? ]

AAM: … dear friend.

GW: Absolutely not. You mentioned a little earlier the pre-NESARA. And I think a number of lightworkers — now, I’m still looking at all the questions I still have to ask here — but do you have any quick words on the state of pre-NESARA funds for the support of lightworkers? And I’m asking the question not with the intention of naming distribution channels, because many may not wish to be named. But is there any update from the Council of Love as far as the pre-NESARA lightworkers support fund?

AAM: Yes, this is — what is your expression [ago?]? So this is a… there are some very interesting… well, as you well know, there has been much intrigue. And yes, we have no intention of naming groups or distribution channels for pre-NESARA funds, the same way we are not discussing the particulars of NESARA. It is enough that we have talked a great deal about Disclosure, is it not? And I am teasing you, of course.

But let me talk about this. One of the primary… rationales, reasons, purposes of pre-NESARA is not simply helping those in dire straits and need. That is certainly part of it. But it is also the beginning of the acknowledgment of the shift, which is well underway, but it is the acknowledgment of the value of lightworkers, of love-holders.

It is the universe — and I do not mean just the human collective; I mean the Company of Heaven, St. Germain’s, Quan Yin’s, Yahweh’s treasure chests being given. It is the acknowledgment of the value and the preciousness of who you are and of your deep, abiding commitment to the light.

And that is important, because that is also part of all of you making peace with the third dimension and allowing it to embrace you in what it was intended to be, which is a joyful physical experience. So it is also leaving behind the old, what we call the old third-dimensional reality and constructing and experiencing what it was meant to be when the Mother has birthed it.

The other — and you can think of this as a technical issue — but one of the purposes of the flow of pre-NESARA funds is to have lightworkers, to have what you think of as vessels or vehicles in place to receive what you think of as gifts, currency, money, whatever you wish, blessings. And you have never thought of that before. But many of you are not even, mmm, organized to participate in what you think of as the third dimension. So this will encourage you to do so.

Because when you do, it is, again, the rock, not the pebble, but the rock into the small pond. You’re saying, “All right. I will participate in this system in a positive way that immediately shifts the entire financial landscape.” So, etherically, spiritually, energetically, physically, pre-NESARA is setting the stage.

GW: Wonderful. Thank you, Michael.

Okay, I’d like to perhaps jump over to a few global events that… other global events that have been taking place. Maybe if we could explore a few of these quickly?

In China recently, the man who is expected to become the next leader of that country was allegedly in hiding. He, Mr. Xi, recently declined to meet with Hillary Clinton, and I suspect there was a reason for this. But is Xi Jinping to be a lightworker leader, or is it, or could it be that he is to be replaced by an incoming lightworker leader?

AAM: It is not completely decided as yet, but it is our plan that Jinping will be able to fully embrace the light and to be the leader that is intended to assist his people and his nation into the new reality of inter-dimensional reality, of cities of light and of unity consciousness.

So, do not think of him so much as in hiding as in retreat and in a process of deep evaluation of his relationships with many nations, and with the progression, not only of China, of the Chinese economy and the, hmm, the suppression, suppression of people. So he is… he is in reconstruction, let us put it that way.

GW: Okay. Great. Thank you.

Today it was announced that Barack Obama had declined to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. Are dark cabal members of the Israeli government in the process of being shut down and segregated? Is this what I could interpret from this… this action?

AAM: What you can interpret this action as — because, again…. First of all, let us back up. You cannot look at certain nations… because you are looking at them as nations, and that is what the leaders, or the listeners, I should say, of this radio show have need to understand. Have there been people with dark controlling intentions involved in leadership? Of course there have been. Has there been control exerted over certain populations? Of course there has been.

But you are also in a period of rebuilding, of re-creating, of bringing forth Nova Earth. And it is important, in doing that, you do not look at a certain nation and say, “They are the aggressor. They are the evil ones. They are the problem,” and then to others and say, “You are the victim.” It cannot be that way in unity consciousness. And if there is a message that I wish to go forth during this night, it is that of forgiveness, of temperance, and of being the observer.

Now, Barack Obama was severely criticized by many factions, [for] his overt commitment to Israel during his acceptance speech. But this is not Barack Obama backing down on his commitment to the Israeli people, to the Palestinians, to the entire Middle East and to the world of Islam. Let us be very clear about this. This is Barack Obama backing up and becoming the observer while things are sorted out, because it is a tinder block waiting to be ignited right now. And so he is backing up and he is saying, “Let us all breathe, let us calm down, let us pay attention to our own houses and let the people, the nations…” — because the leadership is nothing! — “…let the people feel secure.”

So, do not rush into this. Much is being done behind closed doors, and that is to prevent or to curtain incendiary thoughts or actions or emotions.

I have said this to you before, but I say it to you again, not simply because of the preference of the channel. You have need to observe and to trust Barack Obama. He is on your side. So, be the observer and know that he is working with the nations and the people, not simply the leadership.

GW: Thank you, Michael. [ ? ] …

AAM: The United States has created a very severe slap in the face to Islam. And even though it is not perceived just as one faction, the entire nation is needing to pay attention and to create [the calm?].

GW: Absolutely. Absolutely. Thank you.

There… there have been a few reports of US and Chinese ships off the coast of San Francisco recently. And there are different stories circling this possible event, which at this point in time remains unconfirmed. Are there any thoughts concerning this particular event, or whether there is any truth behind them, or what this… this body of ships could be contributing to or involved in?

AAM: It is about posturing. It is about war games. It is about…. Let us say what it is not about. It is not about any form of October surprise. It is not about an armed conflict. It is not about alien invasion! But there is a great deal of posturing that goes on between the Chinese and the US military, various military forces. And in this situation it is their navies.

So it is some practice. It is some posturing. But it is nothing to be overly concerned about. What is happening is both sides have need to learn to embrace each other as nations, as brothers, as sisters, as family, as friends.

Right now, they seem to be very often in the old male paradigm of competition and ego — the United States, not wishing to lose any ground and fearful of the rising power of China, and China, in its own right, moving forward with what it believes [is] its economic and population mass. But understand, China itself is rethinking that, and China itself is fearful of what you think of as losing ground.

So this is why I say it is a great deal of posturing. But there is also a great deal of light being shone from above upon this interaction. So do not fear.

GW: No, absolutely, no, no reason for fear. I perhaps was more curious of whether or not they were working together as far as the…

AAM: They are working together in terms of their exercises and what I have referred to as war games.

GW: Okay. Thank you.

AAM: Military exercises, but they are conjoined. But each of them is coming with a great deal of ego! But yes, there is cooperation.

GW: Interesting. Okay. Thank you.

So, in light of these little skirmishes that we’re witnessing worldwide, I guess as we approach the end of the year we can expect many of these conflicts in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan to end… in the fairly near future?

AAM: That is correct. Think of it not as a forest fire, but as a campfire that is being doused, campfire being doused, campfire being doused. And with each of these events — because that is what they are; they are human events — what is happening is the collective is becoming more and more and more aware and saying, “I do not choose this. I do not wish this. I do not engage in this. And I will not give this energy.”

GW: Great. Okay. Thank you.

Well, with the time that we have left, we’ve received a few messages from some of our brothers and sisters down under, in the southern hemisphere of Australia and New Zealand, and the like. And they’ve been asking… or they would like to know about events in their countries and the progress of the Ascension effort in that part of the world.

If you would like to dedicate the remaining part of the show to sharing information to our Australian, New Zealand, Tasmanian and other southern hemisphere brothers and sisters, I’m sure they would really love to hear what you have to say to them, Michael.

AAM: And I would be pleased to speak to this quadrant of our beloved Gaia — as you say, Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania and all those who are the nations of this quadrant.

Let me tell you, you are doing magnificently. You think sometimes because of mainstream or what you observe that progress is not as quick or as full as you would desire. And yes, the energy of your nations is very different. And yet you, my beloved friends, more than anywhere, have anchored deep peace. You are creative. You are collaborative. You are not in the quagmire of separation. You are proud of your differences! But you are united in heart.

So the blips on your screen are not as dramatic or as severe. But there are blips. They tend to be more social, cultural, financial, but by and large, my beloved friends, you are really quite even.

Your emotional, mental… collectively, your emotional, mental, physical, spiritual beings are more balanced than most. And you are not afraid. That does not mean that fear does not rear its head individually from time to time, particularly as you go through the shift and the transition, but by and large, collectively, you are very much in balance.

Many of the legions that work with your star brothers and sisters, with Archangel Raphael, with myself and my legion of blue, with Archangel Gabriel, with St. Germain, most of you have enormous night jobs! And you always show up. For this we thank you.

You are going forward, my beloved friends, brothers and sisters. You are going forward not only at the speed of light, but the speed of love.

If there is one issue it is to trust your sacred selves, and then to trust your neighbors and friends and embrace each other in light. Go in peace. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 09-17-12