I come this night to speak to you about your sacred space, about the beauty and the wholeness and the joy of this physical vessel that you, your guides, the angels, the Archangels, that we have designed and activated for you upon this planet, upon this glorious Gaia, at this time of reawakening, at this time of Ascension.

GD: Hello and good evening, welcome to Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon and the Council of Love and author of The Great Awakening, I’m GD. Well hello everyone, we’re going to continue our discussion with Archangel Raphael on the topic of Healing and Ascension so we’ll be talking tonight specifically about honoring and nurturing our bodies and how to shift from a paradigm of illness and dis-ease to one of joy and freedom of struggle. I’m feeling a lot of joy tonight, it’s a beautiful night on the East Coast and the sun is setting and I’m happy to be with you Linda. Hello.

Linda Dillon: Hi there and hi everybody out there, I’m glad to be here too. And this is a really nice segue; last week we spoke about dis-ease and lack of balance and lack of self-worth and how we are shifting from that and getting rid of the anger and shame, isolation and fear into a place of real wholeness. And of course that wholeness is a key component of our Ascension process and the journey of getting there, of becoming, not just in a healthy body but in your temple, can be challenging. And so what we’re hoping to hear from all of you tonight is ‘what you’re finding is really working’, ‘what some of the challenges you’re facing are’, ‘what some of the issues are’ and that together we can reach a better understanding of how to really be in our bodies because of course this Ascension and this Ascension process is about taking our bodies with us. And that means that our bodies have to be vibrating or at a frequency of joy, of gratitude, of love, that they can come along. So it’s going to be a really interesting show, Graham.

GD: Right and how can we get to that place of feeling joy and gratitude when there are aches and pains and perhaps long standing issues of challenges physically and Ascension symptoms that are popping up? It’s not always easy but it’s doable and so this is one of the things I really appreciate about last weeks show and this week’s show is really talking about that, because who doesn’t experience stuff like that every once in a while? And a lot of us experience it a lot and so folks we encourage you to join in on the conversation tonight. And for those of you who have already called all you have to do is press 1 on your phone at any time and Suzanne will come to you and just ask you where you’re from and we’ll bring you in on the discussion. And if you’d like to join us tonight the number is 323-784-9697 for those of you who might be listening on your computer and feel inspired to join in on the conversation. I would just share with you that we are all in this together and it’s most likely when you are feeling inspired to share a comment there are so many people right there with you that are wondering or thinking the same thing. So, this is about a journey together, an exploration and a sharing together so we look forward to your participation today. And I have to say Linda, I’m feeling kind of giddy tonight…

LD: Well good, good. You know this issue of sharing, well you know and I’m sure some of the listeners know that I have been teaching a series of Ascension Healing workshops and I did the last one just this past weekend in Miami, in Miami, Florida and the next one coming up is the last week in September, I think 29th and 30th, in Muskegon, Michigan, but other than the plug one of the things that’s becoming more and more apparent and we touched on it last week and you’ve just touched on it now so that’s why I’m bringing it up, is that we are in this together. Part of unity consciousness and part of what we were doing in that workshop is really the sharing of our energy field, of good health, of wellness, of vitality, of wholeness with each other. And I think this is something that we really have just begun to scratch the surface of, so if you’re feeling giddy and I’m feeling down, and I’m not but if I was, you could share your up, your euphoria, your bliss with me and immediately it would change my field and my energy. Your field would communicate to my field because we are in that place now of unity consciousness. It’s so cool, it’s just so cool.

GD: Well let’s just play that out a bit for a moment because I think you’re hitting upon something that’s really key here; as we talk about entering into the higher dimensions, into a higher vibrational state, dis-ease, illness, aches, pains, they don’t exist, they go away. And when I’m feeling good, and I’m feeling good right now, I’m feeling good physically and so what you’re sharing makes a lot of sense and here we are helping each other feel good and giving each other perspective and don’t take offense if I just start laughing for whatever reason (laughter) that’s the giddiness I’m feeling tonight and it’s good to feel that and it’s good to feel that in my body right now. So that’s what we’re talking about tonight and join in on the conversation folks. Linda, would you like to kick us off with a meditation? Kicking us off with a meditation probably doesn’t set the stage for a nice meditation…

LD: Oh I think it does, it kicks us into a higher dimension and maybe even an alternate universe.

GD: Well I could try “Would you like to welcome us to the show with a nice meditation?”

LD: I can do that too. And because it does feel so giddy and so joyful, the colors that I had been working with before the show had been a very deep green and St. Germaine’s violet. But now they’re showing me a nice, bright bubble gum, cotton candy pink. So everybody take a nice deep breath and relax. Just let go of the day, the week, the kids, the dog, everything that’s going on in your external life; they’ll be there in a few minutes when you pick up again. But take this time for yourself because you count and you’re important and you’re loved and this is about loving yourself. So relax into your heart and take a nice, deep breath of pink and of course, the Pink Diamond is the ray and the vibration of our wholeness. So breathe in the pink and bring it down through your crown and in through your nose and as you exhale, bring it down into your heart. And feel your shoulders relax, your neck, your occipitals, your TMJ, your forehead, your chest, particularly your chest. One of the things we’re clearing right now is a great deal of collective grief and sorrow and sadness and nothing will eradicate that more rapidly than pink. So feel the pink, the pink of a baby’s blanket, of a setting sun, a pink rose, the pink on a baby’s cheeks, and feel that pink simply penetrate and fill your body, your heart, your solar plexus, your tummy, your root, your legs. Let yourself be in the pink. Now stay in your heart and without any effort I want you to simply scan and look and feel, perceive, your Divine perfection, that imprint of your being that is absolutely perfect in every way including vitality, perfect health, robust, vibrant. Find out where you’ve stored that energy and bring it to the center of your heart and love it and simply let it expand, not only during this hour we have together but over the next few days and weeks. Just agree, say to yourself “I allow” as we begin.

GD: Terrific, thanks Linda. And I just want to put an invitation out to folks listening tonight: I’d be interested in hearing, if you’d be willing to share, what do you do if your physical body isn’t feeling so great and you’re feeling aches and pains? What do you do to put yourself in a place where you’re feeling high vibrational, you’re feeling uplifted, you’re feeling joy to help mitigate those physical symptoms and actually maybe even dissipate them? If you have any strategies or if you have any ways that work for you that you’d like to share, by all means give us a call. And again the number is 323-784-9697 and just press 1 at any time. Shall we bring on Archangel Raphael?

LD: Yes.

Archangel Raphael: Greetings, I AM Raphael.

GD: Hello, welcome back.

AAR: It is my honor, it is my pleasure, it is my joy and yes, I can carry pink as well as emerald green, as well as the Violet Flame of my beloved brother St. Germaine. I come this night to speak to you about your sacred space, about the beauty and the wholeness and the joy of this physical vessel that you, your guides, the angels, the Archangels, that we have designed and activated for you upon this planet, upon this glorious Gaia, at this time of reawakening, at this time of Ascension. When I speak to you about the divine perfection of your being, I am speaking to you about your perception and your acceptance of your body, of your temple, of all of your spheres, of all of your bodies and of your sweet self.

My beloved ones, there is a vast difference, there is a chasm the size of the Grand Canyon between not being in dis-ease or imbalance and being in the sacred temple of your sweet self. And it is that bridge that we wish to create tonight and yes, I do not wish to deny or in any way minimize those of you who have been mighty teachers by the fact that you have suffered and shown through dis-ease, through illness and taught the lessons of compassion, of patience, of perseverance. But that time, my beloved friends, comes to an end and it is time to create and co-create not only with us but with your human community of hybrid as it is and with your sacred self and your family, your beautiful vessel. Many of you for a variety of reasons, none of which matter, have a distant relationship with your physical form. You have separated or isolated or even in some situations divorced yourself from your physical body, paying very close attention to your emotional being, to your mental body and particularly those who listen to your spiritual endeavors and your spiritual self, your spiritual body. But this Ascension that we undertake together in unity, in heart, in love, as one, the miracle, the gift of the Mother is that you are taking your physical form with you.

Now I can hear many of you saying to me “Well it does not matter Raphael if I can just hang on a little longer, as soon as I shift dimensions then my body will be in divine perfection regardless.” And what I say to you my beloved friends, “Yes there is truth in that”, but part of your preparation and each of you has your own path of preparation, but there are some commonalities that apply to all of you, part of your preparation is embracing your body, is loving your body, your entire being and that includes your physical self; this magnificent vessel that you have designed, you have chosen. So often I hear, as healer of the universe “Raphael, why do you not make me taller, thinner, thicker hair, longer eyelashes, prettier smile?” The diversity, not what your societies have conjured up as perfection, for that is an illusion as well, the diversity and the beauty of your being is exactly as you have designed it.

Now, have you hid it? Perhaps you have. Have you distanced yourself from it? Perhaps you have. That matters not. Now is the time, bring it to the forefront, bring it to the forefront with me, with the Divine Mother, with the Magdalena, with Yeshua, with St. Germaine, with all of us and we will help, we will assist, we will demonstrate, we will heal, that you are well underway to embracing that physicality. Because this is part and parcel my beloved friends of making peace with the old 3rd dimension. Your body does not need to exist there any longer; so let us assist in lifting you up through the Ascension portal into the beauty, into the healthy, vibrant self that you truly are. Let us begin.

GD: Wise words. Thank you so much. And what you’re reminding me and what you said a number of times in your opening comments, is how it is important for us to make peace with the 3rd dimension before we can Ascend, in fact we need to do that prior to Ascension. And especially in western culture, you spoke to this as well, there are so many messages coming out on a daily basis, perhaps minute by minute, putting forth this image of how men should look like and how women should look like and young girls and young boys and in lieu of honoring and celebrating who we are right now and the divinity of who we are, what we’ve chosen and created in our physical form and so I really appreciate your encouragement and your invitation to find the peace and I’ll extend that to say find the joy in what you have, what we have in our physical vessels. There’s something we can look to in our physical bodies to say “Geez I really appreciate this.” It could be “I appreciate that I can move my hand to pick up a cup or I appreciate that I can see” and to start there with gratitude and let that build. The other thing I wanted to speak to and you mentioned this last week and I think it’s just really important to extend recognition to those who have assumed a physical form that comes in the way of a dis-ease or a physical disability or illness with the intention to help others in learning compassion. And I want to say to folks if you’ve felt that you’ve not been respected in assuming those roles, if you’ve felt that you’ve not been appreciated and you’ve gotten cold shoulders as opposed to warm hugs, I just want to say it right here and now that we appreciate you, we appreciate you for what you’re doing for humanity.

So I’ll stop rambling and I’d like to bring on Aleya from Oregon, Aleya welcome to the show.

Aleya: Well thank you very much Graham and I love this program, I love Linda and you and how you interact and Archangel Raphael has been a long time favorite, my favorite Archangel. So I’m so happy to be on the program with you too Archangel Raphael. Thank you for your wise words.

AAR: You’re welcome sweet angel and yes we have travelled together for a long time, so how may I help you this night?

Aleya: Well you are already helping me in quite a few ways, last week when you spoke about people taking on the disguise of chronic illness and under those circumstances, because it was a contract, they might not heal. I saw the same thing for myself with regard to money. I have been blessed with a wonderful body that I have treated very well and so now at an older age I am blessed to not have chronic illness or weak knees or whatever. I’m so grateful for the body I have but a couple of weeks ago I got sick and it was not just an ordinary cold, it was something in my chest and it went on and on and you’ve asked how people deal with those things and I’ve always taken the position that there’s the physical side of it and then the metaphysical side of it and I deal with each one in its own way. Right off the bat this was in my high heart, I noticed that it was about unconditional love, opening up self-love, opening up to more of loving myself. So I worked with that for a couple of days and it still hung on. So I looked like how do I even subtly separate myself from others?, let that go and then finally I was just starting to get well and Linda wrote this beautiful article on ‘Control’ and I said “Bingo, that’s what I’ve been processing.” And so during the course of that I just turned..…I do my health supplements and that kind of thing, but mostly I laid back on my bed several times a day and just let my angels and guides and my Pleiadian healing friends do their number on me. I said “Take me to the ship, I don’t care, work on me here, whatever to help me let go, let go of the barriers, let go of any resistance I have to taking in more light, taking in more self-love and then I also noticed I was working for the collective. So I didn’t have to judge myself or why at this late stage of transition am I getting sick? what am I doing wrong? That comes up momentarily and I say “No, no, I agreed to do this for the collective and this is my work now so let it go on.” So I hope that that helps…

GD: Wonderful, absolutely you’re speaking to self-love, you’re speaking to letting things go, clearing control issues, definitely emotional/spiritual components that are tied into physical wellbeing and it sounds like you are really making some great progress.

Aleya: And you know what the really remarkable thing is is that actually after I did that thorough cleansing I got up off the spiritual mat and I have felt stronger than I have in many years. Not just physically stronger, spiritually stronger, spiritually clearer, emotionally stronger, it’s been quite remarkable; I really notice an upliftment after this bout that I had that went on for about a week.

LD: And the thing that you did, Aleya, was so important is that you didn’t fall into judgment. You didn’t go “Oh my god, here I am sick, what have I done wrong? Where did I lose my way? What’s going on? Often when people get sick or whether it’s really a debilitating dis-ease or something that’s temporary, we tend to go into that old paradigm and nothing will drag us faster back into the 3rd than that sensation of blame and fault and it’s self-denigration, it’s not usually denigration of others, it’s that judgment we have of our self. And just being in that place of self-acceptance and ok there’s something going on and sometimes we don’t know what it is, and we don’t need to know, we just need to know we’re clearing something out and there’s been a lot of chest, pleural, lungs, heart issues going on right now and that has to do with the clearing of grief, of sorrow, of sadness and yep, control. So, bravo.

GD: Aleya, thank you so much for your call.

Aleya: Thank you Graham.

LD: Thank you for sharing.

GD: Let us bring on David from Germany. David, welcome to the show.

David: Oh my gosh and thank you, thank you and blessings to you all and blessings to Linda again and the sweet lady that took my call and of course Raphael.

GD: Great to have you. What’s your question or comment tonight?

David: Thank you. So, I’m so excited. The first thing is how I ground in my body is like I do something, some sports activity and I make myself feel cool. Now I know that may sound a little bit silly but if you get yourself to find yourself cool, then you love yourself and you ground in your body and that’s something that I do.

LD: Well I don’t think that’s silly at all. David I think that’s brilliant because all of us, whether we call it cool or what have you, we want to feel cool, we want to feel like we’re in the rhythm of the universe, we’re in the rhythm of our life, we’re in the rhythm of our bodies and it makes us feel connected. I don’t know, when I feel cool, like when I’m really in the zone, I feel like I can do anything, whether it’s run a mile or channel Archangel Raphael or anything, so no I think that’s great advice. Because when you feel cool it’s really because you’re loving yourself.

GD: David, did you have anything going on with you physically that you’d like to talk about?

David: Oh yes, thank you, thank you very much. So when I was 17 that is now about 4 years ago, I was diagnosed with what is called multiple sclerosis and I worked my way through the process and I’m in pretty good shape right now but I have, frequently you know, actually pretty much about when the Lion’s Gate opened I got like double vision, lazy eye something like that. So my dearest Linda and my dear Archangel Raphael is it possible, if it sits with my way to heal that quickly, maybe you can give me like a cool tool which I can use to deal with that?

AAR: Greetings, I AM Raphael and yes we will continue. The issue that you are feeling of double vision dear heart is one that many are experiencing and so we are grateful to you for bringing it up to everyone’s attention. For some the issue is not so much double vision, is also tunnel vision or perceptual difficulties, these are all the same. It is the sensation that you are seeing and perceiving inter-dimensionally, so you are quite literally seeing two different realities at once. It is as if you are seeing what is in front of you, which we would call ‘the new reality’ and then you are seeing the ‘shadow’ or the hologram of what used to be. And what you are doing, and what we are going to be doing with you is to help remove the hologram.

For this we would ask of thee and all of you who are having difficulty with issues of vision to truly use, no not my Emerald Flame but my beloved brother St. Germaine’s Violet Flame. The Violet Flame of transmutation, the Violet Flame of transformation, the Violet Flame of the I AM Presence. This is what you do: the Violet Flame is already instilled in each of your center of the palms of your hands, rub your hands together as if you are activating your chi and while you are at it, know that it is coming out of the fingertips as well. And while we are at it we will also activate part of your brain. Take your hands and place them, for about 10 minutes, over both of your eyes. Place your fingers, your fingertips, into your 3rd and 4th eye; your 4th eye is between your eyebrows, your 3rd eye is between your, in the middle of your forehead. What you are going to do is balance all of your physical vision along with your, what we would call your real vision. Hold that energy and feel the sensation of movement, of heat and of transformation. This is not only an esoteric exercise, it is very much an exercise of “I allow”, “I accept” and “I permit the attunement and adjustment of my vision.” If you do this daily for about 10 minutes this should take care of the problem dear heart.

David: Wonderful, wonderful, thank you.

AAR: You are welcome and go in peace.

David: Thank you and do you have time for another one or should we go on?

GD: Go ahead.

David: So I am creating in some people and especially now my mother who are pretty annoyed that I cannot really function in my life right now. I hope and I kind of feel that I’m doing a good job and I feel actually good although I’m not in my peak body. But why am I manifesting that? Especially my mother is really not so compassionate, at least from my perspective and wants me especially to go like into the sleepness of cortisone that I’d rather do not prefer to take. Am I manifesting that or should I just ignore it and focus on my healing?

AAR: You have touched on two points dear heart. One is your statement “I am not quite in my peak form” but what I would encourage thee to do, what I would ask you to do is to find that peak form because it is within your heart, it is sitting there, it is lingering there, and simply continue to embrace it, embrace it, embrace it, love it, accept it and bring it and anchor it within your sacred self. That is all that is necessary.

The other thing that you are doing and it is important that many understand, is you are being a teacher, you are being a catalyst, and yes it is a time upon the planet when many issues, might I say all issues, all issues that are not of wholeness, that not of love, that are not of completion are coming to the forefront. So whether it is your mother or the neighbor or sometimes even your sweet self, what you are doing is teaching compassion.

She is also a mirror to you, she is angry, she is angry – how dare her son whom she loves and cherishes and wants only the best for, how dare you not be in your divine perfection? She is fearful for you. What will you do if she is not there? She feels helpless because she cannot fix you. No, we all know it is not her job to remedy you or to fix you but you are teaching. And when you stay in the straight and narrow, when you stay in that place of balance, of compassion not only for your beloved self but for her as well, you are changing the planet, you are assisting with the collective Ascension, you are lifting up and destroying and eliminating the old paradigms of lack, of limitation. You are saying “Perhaps I am not in your eyes the perfect balance of body right now, but I embrace it and I know it to be true.”

GD: David, thank you so much for your call. We have a number of callers that are lining up to come on to the studio, so I am going to do my best to bring everyone in. I would invite folks to keep your questions as succinct as you can so we can share the time with everyone else. Sharon of southern California, welcome to the show.

Sharon: Thank you, thank you for taking my call and Namaste. I understand that Archangel Raphael is one of my guides, but my question is “I recently discovered I seem to be carrying a lot of grief and sorrow in my heart and I want to know how to relieve that and is that the contributing factor for me never being able to quite be successful?

GD: Thank you for your question.

LD: And this is Linda, hi Sharon. And as I have said and Raphael has said earlier, the short answer is ‘yes’ because when we are carrying this grief and sorrow it’s like carrying a ton of cement, literally, in our lungs and in our heart. And so it’s not that we “can’t be successful” and whatever that means because it means different things to each one of us. But the key to feeling that joy, because really when we say we want to be successful, it isn’t just about money or prestige or feeling that we are actually doing what we came here to do, it’s also waking up in the morning and feeling that incredible sense of joy, like you are glad to get out of bed. And when you have so much sorrow in your heart, that’s really hard to do day after day after day. And it’s really even harder to get to that place where ‘I am absolutely in peace and serenity and joy in my sacred temple’ because there’s part of us that wants to get out of our body.

Two things, work with your own sacred tri-flame and your tri-flame is the Blue Diamond, the Pink Diamond in the middle, and the Gold Diamond or the gold, the pink and the blue. So make sure that that is burning brightly every single day. And the thing is, when I look at people what I see, and Raphael is nodding his head at me, is that make sure they’re burning evenly. So it’s sometimes like a gas jet, when you turn on the gas, make sure that all of those three flames are burning equally and then what Raphael is asking is that on top of that and what he is showing me, it’s coming from your solar plexus.

Ignite the Emerald Flame, starting again as if you were turning on the gas only we’re turning it on high, turn on the Emerald Flame and it’s that beautiful deep blue emerald and let it come all the way up and it’s as if it’s coming to your shoulders so that it’s actually reaching into your lungs and your pleural cavity as well as your heart so that it’s encompassing all of that area; so it’s a really big flame. Turn it on in the morning, ask for the removal because this is a huge collective issue, it’s one of THE issues right now and that’s why when we talked about this show last week it was about shame, sorrow, dis-ease and Ascension and so let that just burn it away. Now when you’re doing this and I’m talking to everybody because this is a great question, you may feel at the oddest times throughout the day, you may feel really strong emotion; sadness, sorrow, things that have happened to you when you were 12, coming up and biting you. If you possibly can, go to the bathroom, let the tears come, not that you want to sit in the situation but you want to let it come up and out. So don’t hold on to it, don’t say “Oh my gosh, what is this coming up right now?” Or you can have situations that come up that you’ve never experienced or that you’ve never consciously experienced. There’s a lot of holocaust clearing that’s going on right now and when I say the holocaust, of course I mean the holocaust of World War II, but I also mean holocaust in other universes and other situations where we have suffered and died.

So just let it come up, give it a few minutes, breathe green, that nice deep green and let it go, shed a few tears, don’t sit in it, but let it go.

GD: Sharon, thank you so much for your call. Namaste, take care. Carol of Arizona, welcome to the show.

Carol: Hello and I want to thank you all, Graham, Linda and Raphael for all that you do and I want to tell you that I love you all very, very much. And I have something that I need to ask of Raphael, if that’s ok.

GD: Absolutely, and thanks for calling back. I know you called last week and you weren’t able to get on, so I’m really glad to be able to get you on.

Carol: Yeah, I call every week. I love all your calls, thank you for having them. I’m having some health challenges, I’ve been having for a number of years, and I have several dis-eases. The main thing I’m concerned about is my ability to walk is getting less and less and I’m not able to do very much of it anymore and I’ve been talking to Raphael and some of the other angels, I feel that come close to me and I wonder if there’s something I’m missing or something more that I could do to help this myself? I also, like the lady that spoke just now, I feel some grief once in a while or some sadness in my emotional body. I don’t know if it has…it might have something to do with it. Yeah I think it does but anyway any words of advice you could give me I would just love to hear them.

AAR: Yes and I AM Raphael and we will continue. And of course dear heart you are feeling grief, you are feeling sadness and you are feeling bereft. And there is a part of you that has called out in the night, not only to me but to all of us, to the Company of Heaven, to the Council of Love and you have wondered where we are. Sweet angel of light, angel of blue, we are right there with you and yes we are working on the healing and there are times when we say “Yes, wait for the miracles” and that healing may be instantaneous. In this case it is not the situation, but let me be very clear, your situation is not to simply deteriorate until the point where you are completely immobile. Your spirit is free, your heart is enormous, but dear heart your body, your physical form also has need to be liberated. I am asking you with me to embrace and love your body, love your body so much, so deeply, so profoundly. What you are doing is loving yourself into submission, into surrender and it is the sweetest surrender. I ask of you as I would ask all of you, if there is a particular part of your body that is not in balance or not what you feel functioning correctly, or adequately, or the way you desire, spend time each day dear heart, place your hands upon your legs, place your hands upon your heart and love, love your legs. Love them not just as you wish them to be, not just as you are bringing them back, restoring them and creating them anew, love them exactly as they are. Because that is what they are saying, they are crying for attention, they are crying for assistance. You dear one want to get up and run and there is a part of you that wants to get up and run far, far away. But it is important for you to know that in fact you are absolutely safe and perfect where you are. So love your sweet self and leave the rest to us.

GD: Carol, thank you for your call.

Carol: Oh, thank you so much. You don’t know how much I appreciate that and I just love you all. Thank you, thank you a gazillion times.

AAR: Farewell.

GD: Best wishes. Nathanial of California, welcome to the show.

Nathaniel: Hi, how are you?

GD: Hello, hello, good evening. What’s your question or comment tonight?

Nathaniel: I just wanted to know if my health is, you know, I don’t know if I’m up to par?

LD: Now what does that mean to you Nathaniel, up to par?

Nathaniel: Well I didn’t know exactly what to ask. But…

LD: That’s ok. I think this is a great question because so often we say that to each other “You know, I’m ok but I don’t really feel up to par today.” Or “I haven’t been feeling up to par.” And that was my question to you is because I think that expression “up to par” really reflects that we know at some level that we could be feeling better. We may not be able to put our finger on exactly what system or what we need to do, but we know that there’s something. So this is a perfect segue to part of the show we’ve been talking about is “What does it mean when we really love ourselves?” So I’m going to ask you “Are you eating green?” This is something the Council constantly talks about. They don’t talk about people going on diets and when they started talking about this years ago I thought “eating green, I’m going to turn into a lettuce leaf” and I still feel that. But when we eat green we are eating the vibration of love because that’s the green. And then “is there balance in your life?” “Are you getting enough play?” “Are you getting movement?” And you know movement can be walking the dog, or working out at the gym, or dancing, it doesn’t matter. But one of the things we know in terms of being in our bodies, because I could spend the whole day meditating, and in the old days I could spend the whole day working; well even now I can spend all day working, but we need time for relaxation, for just staring, what Archangel Michael calls staring at the walls, time for our family, we need time for our friends and we need time for our self. And I get, Nathaniel, you’re not giving yourself enough time for you. You’re really good, and this is a common thing, we’re really good at giving to other people, because that’s the nature of who we are, that’s the nature of love, but part of the love is loving ourselves enough that we make sure that we give all of those aspects of our being some room, some breathing room.

GD: Nathaniel, thank you very much for your call. I want to move on to Mariam of Florida who will be our last caller tonight; we’re running short on time. Miriam welcome.

Mariam: Thank you so much. I have a question for Raphael or possibly others regarding a healing situation for Mother Earth or Gaia. I am very familiar with the area in the Montana/Wyoming area of the United States called Yellowstone National Park and underneath the surface is a bubbling cauldron of a potential volcano or eruption and it has recently been placed in a red zone of a potential super-nova and I know that the angels and the galactics have said they are subduing and healing Mother Earth and I just wanted to ask specifically about this area if there’s any information on it?

GD: Excellent question Mariam.

LD: I’d be happy to answer, it’s like the home of my heart, that and Sedona. Let me get out of the way.

AAR: I AM Raphael and yes we will continue. Do not worry about Gaia who now also steps forward with me, this brilliant being of blue and green. This area will not be destroyed for it is a sacred place, not only for the humans but for the kingdoms as well. And it is a place of love, where it flourishes, where the grass already sings and the birds declare their freedom. So yes, of course, always, every day acknowledge and love Terra Gaia for that is the basis for Nova Earth. But do not worry sweet one, not only is Gaia protected, she is protecting you. Yellowstone is safe.

GD: Thank you Archangel Raphael, we have… and Miriam, thank you for your call. We have just a few minutes left, Archangel Raphael do you have any outgoing comments that you’d like to extend to us that haven’t already been addressed either tonight or last week?

AAR: Yes I do. And it begins with no judgment but an abundance of forgiveness, of compassion for your sweet self, patience for your sweet self. So often in establishing, maintaining and cherishing your sacred temple you go back into blame or fault or guilt “Oh I shouldn’t have done this”, “I could have done that better”, “I wish I would have”. Do not look back for that is futile and the lessons that you have learned and the lessons that you have shared are beautiful, meaningful and important, not only to your sacred self but to each other. Make the daily commitment, in fact make it morning, noon, and night that you will love yourself. And I don’t just mean permission or permissiveness; I mean a deep embrace of all of you, of every speck, every molecule, every fiber, every hair, all of you. And when you embrace yourself in this way you not only accept that you are already at a higher frequency, you are already vibrating in the 5th, you allow your body to attune, to adjust and to go forward with you in joy, in abundance, in laughter, in play. And if you are in doubt, if you have a moment where you need help, turn to me, call upon my Emerald Flame and I will gladly ignite it with you. And do not forget your sacred tri-flame, it is your passport, it is the core of who you are and it is exceptional. Go with my love, go with my blessing, and go in vibrant health, abundance and new beginnings.

GD: Wonderful. Thank you so much Archangel Raphael and thank you everyone for joining us tonight. We’ll see you again next week.

LD: Thank you everybody. It is my joy to be here with you. Till next week.

Channeled by Linda Dillon