The Northern LightsThere is agreement both on our side and with you…it is the acknowledgment of our presence and the acknowledgment of our presence in a peaceful, collegial, helpful way…but also know that once that has taken place, then your entire planet, your entire collective psyche, your understanding of how things work and your position within the universe and within the planet, begins to shift…
GD: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel, with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The Great Awakening, and Steve Beckow of the 2012scenario. I’m GD. Our guest today is Commander Ashtar. So, with that, I’ll pass it on to you, Steve.

Steve Beckow: Thank you very much, Graham. And welcome to our show, Ashtar, as always.

Commander Ashtar: It is all my joy to be here, and to join with you yet again. So yes, and I do prefer — simply call me Ashtar.

SB: Thank you, Ashtar. Before we begin, I’d like to ask you two initial questions. The first is why the galactics chose not to appear during the closing ceremonies of the Olympics, and the second is to tell us anything you can about the alleged 150-mile-wide Andromedan ship that is supposedly visible in the southwestern skies of the Pacific coast of North America and over Australia.

CA: We did not choose to interfere or to make our presence known in any way in a showy kind of fashion during the Olympics. Our presence was noted on several occasions, but it was not to interfere with what is considered to be a global event of great joy in which many take huge delight, and it was not a situation where we felt that our presence would be welcomed. So it really is as simple as that.

SB: All right.

CA: Was it an opportunity where we could let our fullness of our presence be known? Yes. But it would not be viewed as welcoming or unoffensive or neighborly. It would have been considered as interfering in a closing event where a great deal of effort and a number of people have gone to great trials to make it a pretty event. And so that is why we have chosen not to display, or “show up,” as you have called it.

SB: Okay. And the 150-mile-wide Andromedan ship — can you tell us something about that, please?

CA: It is a lovely ship. And yes, it is making its presence known, as are many different ships, actually. So it is visible not only to those in Australia and the Pacific, it is being seen in various places. And there are a number of ships of that size that will be showing up in your night sky so that people are getting used to the idea, more used to the idea…… in a bigger way, shall we say it that way.

SB: Sorry, Ashtar. I’m sure we’ll edit this out of the final show. Could you continue please?

CA: That is all right, if you wish to play music for me as a welcome…I will accept it. It is very beautiful, and it is harmonious to our ears as well. But let us continue. There are a number of very large ships that are making their presence known, part of the various fleets that are being positioned around the Earth, around Gaia, around your globe, so that the presence of objects, shall we say, in the night sky is becoming more apparent. So it is simply part of a very subtle reality that we are introducing into people’s consciousness.

SB: And can you tell us where people might look to see these other ships that will be positioned?

CA: On the east coast, you can look towards the east, northeast sky between twelve and one o’clock, and you will see what appears to be like an egg-shaped ship, white in color — again, another Andromedan vessel. And it is … if you are thinking about looking at the sky as a clock, it would be about ten or eleven o’clock.

SB: All right.

CA: In the midwest, it is directly, what you would think of, overhead. This is a ship of the intergalactic fleet. There are a number of them also appearing. This one tends to have a bluish hue, and the positioning is more early in the evening, so that you cannot mistake it, though, for the evening star or the early stars of evening. But it is directly overhead as if you have to tip your head back. If you were in Kansas or Iowa it would be a matter of looking directly overhead in the early hours of the evening. You do not have to wait towards the midnight sky.

If you are in the southern hemisphere you are already witnessing the Andromedan ships as well. And there is a number of increases simply in the number of ships that are de-cloaked or making themselves available to be spotted by the naked eye, not the size of these massive vessels, but certainly very clearly visible, particularly what you think of as red … rainbow ships — red, green, blue, yellow — as well as the egg shaped. And we emphasize that because it looks tubular, but it is curved on the ends. So it is as if you have an egg on its side, not up and down.

So, we are doing this as part of our mission and purpose, to simply show up more clearly for people to become acclimatized, and to do so in a way that is not fearful, simply to notice what is there and what has never been seen or observed before.

SB: All right. Thank you. We have four and a half months left to go before Ascension. Many people are wondering what can be achieved in so short a period. Can you discuss Disclosure from this vantage point, Ashtar, of having just four more months to go?

CA: Well, Disclosure as you know it and as I have spoken, both through this channel and other channels, has already begun. And what you are seeing in the night sky, and some of you even in the daylight sky, and what you will be seeing in the daylight sky, is becoming more and more undeniable.

There is agreement both on our side and with you, what you think of as your political leaders, that the appearance of the ships and the acknowledgment — which is far more important than the appearance of any ships, by the way — it is the acknowledgment of our presence and the acknowledgment of our presence in a peaceful, collegial, helpful way. That type of acknowledgment only takes a few minutes, you know. And it is being done in a variety of ways.

But also know that once that has taken place, then your entire planet, your entire collective psyche, your understanding of how things work and your position within the universe and within the planet, begins to shift. It does not take months, and it most certainly does not take years.

And we know that we try to not give you any false expectations. But we have full anticipation, let us put it that way, that it will happen, still, within the summer months, within the height of summer.

SB: All right. Before turning to really what is the main topic of the show, I’d like to ask you one more question just to clarify some things. I think people are … some people wonder exactly what coalitions are here — and I expect there are a large number, but perhaps we could restrict ourselves to the major coalitions.

The Galactic Federation is here, the Ashtar Command, the United Forces of the Outer Galaxies. Can you tell us what the relationships are among those? For instance, is the Ashtar Command part of the Galactic Federation of Light?

CA: Yes. It is.

SB: So what distinguishes the Ashtar Command from the GFoL generally?

CA: Well, I would like to say that it is me, but I do not think that that would be acceptable to my colleagues, at all!

SB: Uh-hunh?

CA: I have been called an impetuous young man by some, but in fact that is not my way at all. I am very much the shepherd and the peacekeeper. We are colleagues, we are allies. And what you don’t tend to think of is that we are friends. In many cases there is a lineage and a connection in terms of how we have traveled and emanated throughout the universe.

So it is very cooperative relationships. It is not what some think, that one is doing something and the other is not aware of it. That is simply not the case at all. We are a very cohesive alliance. And within that, of course, there are alliances.

So, the Ashtar Command, as you think of it, is an arm, or a fleet. As you know there are millions of ships — no, not all directly above your planet, but certainly in circulation very close by. And so there is a great deal of logistics that need to be worked on between the intergalactics and the Galactic Federation of Light. And my command is part and parcel of that.
We tend to work as an independent arm because we have our own mission and purpose. And our mission and purpose is very specifically working with Disclosure and working with the arrival of many forces — what we would call forces — upon the planet of Earth, and beginning that process of cohabitation, of collegiality, of exchange, of technological upgrades.
But do not think that we are not all working together. That simply would be a grave misunderstanding.

SB: Okay. Thank you …

CA: And you have pretty much covered it. Those are the umbrella groups, you know. The Intergalactics, the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies, the Galactic Federation of Light, and yes, my command.

SB: Now, is …. some people say that the Galactic Federation and the Galactic Federation of Light are different. Is that the case?

CA: Yes. But it is … it is a distinction that we make, but you don’t need to.

SB: All right. Can you explain that, please? Because this is a quest…

CA: You have a situation on Earth where you would have various arms of your … your exploratory forces. So, for example, you would have Marines that work with the Navy. Well, the Galactic Federation works with the Galactic Federation of Light. So think of it as a … an arm that is working cooperatively but is independent in terms of their organization, their directive, their mission and purpose.

SB: All right. And you mention galactics and intergalactics. Can you explain to us what the difference is between the two, please?

CA: It is very simple. It is just a matter of distance. It is just a matter of how far you’ve come, and what the allegiance and the experience has been. Understand, we have gathered from all over the multiverse, and some of us have arrived independently, long ago. But that does not mean that we were not aware of each other’s desire to come and to be part of this unfoldment of your planet. So it is more a distinction of how far, rather than anything else.

SB: And when you say “how far,” do you mean from Earth?

CA: Yes, that is correct.

SB: All right. Thank you. And ….

CA: And from which dimensions, and from which universes.

SB: Boy, that’s another show, Ashtar, I’m sure. Can you tell us just a little bit about the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies? Because I don’t think anyone apart from people who’ve heard about Grener know about them. Where are they — it says “the outer galaxies.” Outer galaxies in relationship to what? Where are they from, Lord? Or Ashtar?

CA: The outer galaxies are what you think of as the very distant reaches of the universe. So very often what is happening, although there are a great deal of Pleiadian energy on the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies as well, but their recruits and families and their forces have been gathered from many planets and systems that you are not aware of, such as Xeres, or CeeCeeCee, planets that are not really readily known to the people of Earth.

SB: Okay. Thank you. Now, perhaps we can turn to the main topic of the show. Our star brothers and sisters who are here around the Earth come from many dimensions and, as you say, many universes and think in ways that are different to us. It’s important for us to know how you think about situations and problems.

So I wanted today to ask you to comment about a … I wanted to take an issue to illustrate how you think. And the issue I chose was the need for secrecy. There is often said to be a need to not discuss some subjects. I could have chosen another area, but this one seemed to promise to show us how our star brothers and sisters deliberate. May I ask you some questions on the need for secrecy?

CA: Yes, absolutely. I would be very pleased to discuss this, or any other issue that you would wish to bring forward.

SB: Thanks. All right. What matters generally do the galactics feel they need to keep secret, and why? And you’re not allowed to respond that it’s a secret.

CA: Oh, but you cannot restrict what I say or do not say, my dear friend!

SB: That’s true!

CA: However, I will not say… it is a secret. But you know what? There are things that we choose not to discuss. But let us do this in the spirit of cooperation, and the spirit of cooperation that we will still be understanding to your listeners and to your sweet self as well.

First of all, we don’t tend to think of much information as secret. So that is a premise that we want you to keep in the forefront of your head as we discuss this.

There are things that we do not discuss with the humans simply because you might not understand it. Now, I do not say this in any way that is derogatory, but there are simply ways in which we operate, such as technology, that is so far beyond what is currently available to you that you would not understand it.

But now you talk about secrecy, and really what you are saying is, “Why do you keep so much information about where you are, how you are, when you are coming, how you operate, what exactly are you bringing, what exactly are you going to do? Why is this kept so secretive?”

The biggest reason that we have for secrecy, and I think I would speak for all my brothers and sisters of the various forces, the biggest reason is that we do not share information on certain topics simply because we did not wish to create any type of fear. So, we have tread, as you well know, and you would often say we have tread too softly, but we have certainly tread softly for hundreds of years, so that you, as the human race, that have tended to move — not now but in the past — at quite a slow pace, so that you would get used to certain ideas or concepts.

Now, we also have maintained a level of secrecy, and in this case you can even think remaining hidden, because we did not want to invoke, or provoke, any level of violence. That is against not only universal law, but the laws to which we all adhere. And each of us has codes of conduct, of what you would think of as behaviors, of regulations, though they are not as codified as some of what you believe is law.

But we do not wish to provoke a violent response. So we stay secret in many of our undertakings, simply — in the past this is — so that there would not be retaliation. Because that would completely defeat not only our mission and purpose, but it would be hugely detrimental to the planet and to the human advancement.

SB: Right. Go ahead, please.

CA: So what we have kept secret in terms of our plans has also often been that we did not wish to set up false expectations, because [of] the number, the millions and trillions of variables that we are operating with, not only in terms of our own forces and our own fleets, but in terms of human variables — and you change your minds as quickly as your weather patterns.

SB: I’m very aware of that, Lord.

CA: It is like…. Yes. So, we do not often say, “At this time and date…”, although we have said, “Look up to the sky now, at this time, and you will observe.” But that is why we often will maintain what you think of as secrecy. But in terms of our own interaction, and even interactions between the fleets, there is very little that is actually kept private.

SB: All right.

CA: So …

SB: Please, continue.

CA: … what you tend to think of as a secret — and let us make sure that we are talking about the same thing, because this is also one of the areas … I am more used [than] many talking to human beings — when you say you have a secret, it is usually because you do not want to share the information because it would hurt or harm somebody, or that someone has given you a confidence which they have asked for you to keep confidential.

Well, there are situations that we talk to certain beings upon your planet and we say, “Here is some information, but can you keep it close to your vest, because we are not quite prepared for the masses to know…” because we do not wish to create either disharmony or fear, or to tip our hand in some situations. Because even at this time there are those upon your planet who would really like to retaliate.

Now, is that going to be permitted? No. Because most of that has already been taken care of. So, it is a … it would be a futile effort, but even in the futile effort, if certain governments or forces wished to retaliate, and then found that their capacity to retaliate was meaningless, it would be cause for mayhem and fear and upset. So that is why sometimes we simply do not talk about these things, because we don’t want to create human anxiety.

What is happening with your collective — and I must commend you, all of you, not only you who are listening to this program, but all of you upon the planet who have been processing your anxiety at a very rapid rate, and letting go of fear and embracing courage and trust and fate — what you, dear Steve, have called the Divine Qualities, but what we consider as simply the experience of existence.

SB: Perhaps I could intervene at this point, Ashtar, and just go back to something you said earlier. I know that you have divine authority to intervene in a false flag operation, but sometimes when … it seems that when a false flag operation is intervened in, or some other circumstances arise, that the cabal moves to a Manchurian candidate assassination, for instance, as in Denver and as with the father of the either producer or director of Steven Greer’s upcoming movie.
Is it the case that the galactic forces don’t have the divine authority to intervene in a Manchurian candidate assassination?

CA: We do have the authority, as you put it, to intervene. But simply having the authority to do interventions does not mean always that we would do so. The consequences of such intervention…. And do not look to blame everything on the cabal. There are also simply a great deal of human chaotic behavior still upon your planet that is not controlled by what you think of as cabal or unseen forces. They are simply human beings gone awry. But let us put that aside for the moment.

Simply because we have permission does not always mean that we exercise that authority. The fallout, which again, you do not understand the number of variables. And I do not say that in a dismissive way; it is simply that you do not have the technology or the where-with-all as yet to deal with the number of variables of what that intervention might result in.
And the other thing that we should discuss while we are talking about secrecy is that you do not know — and these are secret operations to a great extent — you do not know the level to which we intervene, very often. Because we do not want that intervention to be either viewed or seen as coming from outside the human realm.

Sometimes that intervention is being acted out and responsibility taken by some of our troops, our forces that are already on the ground, and sometimes it is taken as intervention directly from one of the fleets. But regardless, there is a lot more intervention that takes place than you are aware of. And that is a good thing. Because the interventions work, and the situations do not escalate or the events do not take place when those interventions are successful.

SB: I wonder if you can appreciate that we hear that you will not allow, say, a false flag operation to occur, but then we see a really monstrous mass shooting in Denver and people ask themselves, “Well, wait a minute. I thought the galactics would see that this kind of thing didn’t happen.” And they also say, “Well, I though the dark ones were being contained,” and “I thought they were being arrested,” and we’re confused.

We don’t know what this mass shooting in Denver signifies, whether the galactics are able to intervene or not, whether they are protecting us or not. Can you comment on that, please?

CA: Yes, we can intervene. Not everybody is a candidate for containment, and that is certainly under the auspices of Archangel Michael, our Lord, and his legions, of which I include myself as well. But what you are also seeing, out of — and yes, we can talk about Denver — the atrocity is also the awakening of millions of people.

SB: Yes. It’s a very painful way for people …

CA: Yes, it is …

SB: … to awaken.

CA: And it has been a human decision that has activated that situation — human decisions, not our decisions, and certainly not divine decisions.

SB: Was it not …

CA: Is it a situation where we could have intervened? Yes, but there are also shootings every day on your streets, and slaughter on your streets, where we can intervene.

SB: You mean, you’re authorized to intervene?

CA: Yes. We are authorized, and often we will. But sometimes the situation and the outcome, and the level of awareness, and the sacrifice…. Do not forget the sacrifice. And we know this is probably something that many of your listeners do not want to hear. But the sacrifice of those beings that have lost their lives, and the families that have sacrificed, there has also been a level of soul agreement. So it is not wasted sacrifice. It is nowhere near as wasted as some of your more warring efforts.

In the same way that when you have a … what you think of as a tragedy, where a number of people die together, or they leave the planet together, there is a soul agreement for that to happen to raise the awareness, to build compassion, to