“What will it be like to wake up on the morning to a beautiful clean planet and to simply decide in your heart what you wish and desire and choose to do with the day, knowing there are no limitations, no requirements to go and to earn money or to fulfill obligations other than what you want to do. And if you wished to play with your loved one, with your divine partner, then you will do so. If you wish to laugh with the children and splash in the lake, you will do so. And if you wish to erect a tower of peace, you may do so. How will that feel?”

GD: Well hello and welcome to Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The Great Awakening, I’m GD, our guest today is St. Germaine. And we didn’t have our show last week and we certainly apologize to those of you who were looking for the link, we had to cancel at the last minute. If you’d like an update on show activity I’d encourage you to go ahead and sign up to follow on the InLight Radio homepage, just click ‘follow’ and what you will get every week is an update of our shows, all of the InLight shows and you will be made aware if there are any last minute changes like last week.

We’re recording live tonight and it’s great to have you all with us. We are bringing on St. Germaine to talk about his experience moving from the 3rd dimension into the 5th dimension and to share with us what it is like living in the 5th dimension to give us a better idea about where we’re headed and what we might expect. But it’s my pleasure to welcome Linda to the show. Hi Linda.

Linda Dillon: Hi Graham, hi everybody and I want to add my apologies to Graham’s for last week. I just, I was the culprit and I was just getting ready for a very intense workshop on Ascension Healing and I just couldn’t make it, so my apologies; especially because this is one of my favorite things to do in the whole wide world.

GD: It’s great to be back and it’s great to do this with you and it’s great to have all of you with us. Before we bring on St. Germaine, we wanted to talk with our listeners about a new show format we wanted to try out with Heavenly Blessings. We recognize that there’s real value in sharing personal experiences, personal, spiritual insights and discoveries and the gifts and teachings that we’ve been exploring on Heavenly Blessings, on the show, and to that end we wanted to, starting next week, open up the phone lines so that you can join in with us, in conversation, and share your questions and share your insights and we can have more of a dialogue about all of the good stuff that we’ve been talking about on the Heavenly Blessings show, so the time will stay the same and we encourage you to join us and when you call there are instructions for how you can notify us, identify yourselves to be brought into the studio. And we really look forward to this exciting development. Linda, is there anything you’d like to add?

LD: No, I think you’ve pretty well covered it, I am really excited. This is something that Graham and I have sort of tossed around and talked about since he and I first conceived the idea of Heavenly Blessings. And the whole idea behind this show in particular was that it was going to be a complement, yes a stand-alone, but a complement at the same time to An Hour With An Angel which as you know is more of a news format and more of an interview format with Geoffrey West and Steve Beckow of the 2012scenerio where they will interview either Archangel Michael or one of the Ascended Masters. And one of the things that the Council, at that time, was saying to me is that ‘it’s all very well and good that we get the information, which is critical especially at this point in time, but when they say to us, when they, the Council of Love or Archangel Michael or St. Germaine says to us “do clearing”, “do meditation” or “stay in your joy”, that sometimes we need more information, we need more of an instructional guideline as it were and a discussion. And so that’s what we’ve been doing in discussing through the channelings and the giving of the blessings from the Masters and from the Archangels is giving you some hands-on tools. But now Graham and I want to take it a step further. Now, I want to be really clear that we aren’t opening up the psychic hotline. This isn’t about, you know, should I look out for the red sports car on Tuesday night? But really a chance for us to, for all of us as a community because that’s what we are, to get to the sum of the fundamental questions and issues that we’re all facing in terms of this time of massive change, of Transition and of Ascension.

In this workshop called “Ascension Healing” that we did last weekend, which is one of a series that are coming up, give myself a little plug here, but what became clear is that Gaia is mostly anchored in the 5th to the 7th dimension already. So what we’re doing is we’re catching up and as we’re catching up things are coming up as we’re making peace and letting go of that old 3rd dimensional reality. So sometimes if you’re having an issue, if stuff is coming up for you, whether it’s about healing or relationships or family or money, it doesn’t matter what, chances are that it’s coming up for a bunch of us. So by having the lines open and having you be able to call in and discuss it, I think it can really be helpful in building that sense of community for all of us. So that’s the game plan as it were. Did I cover it Graham?

GD: Yeah, well said and we have several shows under the InLightRadio umbrella and they all do such a wonderful job of speaking to the theme of what’s happening with this year, with Ascension, with creation, the co-creative process of bringing in the New Age and I’d like to point out we do have one other talk show, the first talk show for InLightRadio and it’s called Let’s Talk 2012 and Beyond with hosts Dave Schmidt and Sierra Neblina and this is going to be slightly different where they’re talking about the themes of what is being reported out or shared on the 2012scenerio site and current events, all the shows cover similar topics but it’s a different approach, we’ll be on Heavenly Blessings starting next week, really getting into more the spiritual teachings and themes and talking about Ascension and including you in the discussions. So we really look forward to welcoming you starting next week. But today it’s a discussion with St. Germaine. Before we bring him on, Linda would you like to do a meditation?

LD: I would love to and I’ll share with everybody that I’m sitting here in my sacred space looking at a picture of St. Germaine that has been morphing and changing as I’ve been staring at it. So we’ll begin with that, so let’s begin by taking a nice, deep breath of violet, of that wonderful color of St. Germaine, of the blue-purple, of tanzanite, of woodland violets, Siberian iris and just breathe in through your nose and hold it for a second and release it. And as you’re exhaling, feel yourself sinking down into your heart and thank yourself for being here; for taking this time for your sacred self, for taking this time to be with the Ascended Ones, for taking time to receive this love because that’s what it’s about. Everything boils down to love. So put your hands really gently on your heart and take another deep breath of rich, deep purple, that Easter purple, that regal purple and feel your shoulders relax and letting go of the day, letting go of the week, we’re almost at Friday and just let yourself be. And feel your heart opening up to receive the gifts, the wisdom, the understanding and the compassion. Feel yourself moving through a cloud of lavender and lilac into a place of deep acceptance, acceptance of who you are and awe at who you are. So simply allow and begin…

St.Germaine: Greetings, I AM St. Germaine.

GD: Hello and welcome.

St.G: And welcome to you, welcome to each and every one of you and I am pleased to start this new format, to sit here and chat with you as we have so many times, in ancient times, in Atlantis, in Lemuria, in what you think of as Israel and the United States of America, England, Spain. The one thing you should know about me, my beloved friends, my allies, my keepers, my healers is that I love to sit and to talk, to exchange ideas, to explore the edges of what you have thought of as philosophies, belief systems. I have lived upon your planet for a very long time and often as well and I come to you this night, not only as Keeper of the Violet Flame, Keeper of the I AM Presence, I come to you not only as a column of violet but as a friend. There are so many of you who have known me throughout these incarnations and it is to you I have beckoned to step forward as healers and teachers and showers of the way. And I thank you, I thank you my beloved ones for doing so.

Now I address Graham and Linda and I say to you, perhaps you have chosen the wrong Master to speak tonight. Yes, I love to tease, I love to play, and that is also what I like to teach you, to make time for your sacred self, for your undertakings, but also to sit, to laugh, to enjoy this precious life not only that you have chosen but that you have been given, that you have been granted, that you have co-created with us. The reason why I suggest that perhaps you have chosen the wrong Master is as I have said many times “I do not choose to incarnate again”. And perhaps that is a good place for us to start.

I have lived for thousands and thousands of years, various incarnations under various names, and I know my beloved friends how difficult, how challenging and how wondrous, how absolutely sublime being alive in human form can be. It is not always easy, it is not always straightforward and that is particularly true as you rid yourself and break free of the shackles and the illusions, the bars and the prisons of the 3rd dimensional reality within which human beings have lived for so long. And you my beloved ones are doing exactly that and there are times when this can be confusing, when it can be challenging and yes even overwhelming; where you can see the new, you can taste it, you can experience it. You live there part time and then you feel yourself dragged down, like an apple falling from the tree, as if gravity has a pull on you, back into the 3rd and you find yourself confronted not only by the collective and by the illusions and chaos, the addiction to drama that they have embraced but by your own issues, by what you still have need, yes need, to let go of. What is the key? Yes you have been given steps to Ascension and our focus so often now, when we speak to you is not even on the Ascension process, not even on the Shift, but what lies ahead.

But I, as one who has lived as hu-man, understand. It is important to glimpse what lies ahead and the magnificence of the freedom that I have worked for with you for so long and with many of the Ascended Ones, the Enlightened Beings and the Council of Love, your star brothers and sisters. But to ignore what you go through in these troughs, these peaks and these valleys would not be responsible because I have known that struggle. I have spent almost 100 years, 86 to be exact, with my brothers and sisters, the Masters in Tibet and in this we learned a great deal of letting go of illusion and truly embodying the truth of who you are because it is not simply us, it is not simply the Ascended Ones who have these capacities; it is each of you. You were not created or incarnated, but I am speaking of original creation, you were not created without the spark of Divinity and that is all that is required. And that spark of Divinity, that God essence is love. When you are asking me, “St. Germaine, how do I do it? How do I break through?” It is very simple; it is with outrageous perseverance, determination, and the gentlest, most lenient love and acceptance of who you are.

Many of you know me during my lifetime as St. Germaine, as one who traveled Europe and then North America and I have had some outrageous experiences. I have sat with you and I have broken bread and drunk wine and laughed and shouted and cried with each of you. And we have talked and talked and philosophized about how we would break through the illusion of time, of space, how we would shift inter-dimensionally. And you have challenged me to do it, to become and to come to know how to do this. And I come to share this with you; you do it by simply doing it, by going home, yes to the heart of One and filling with so much energy, with so much love that you are a powerhouse that nothing can stop you. And this is readily available to you now as it was not before. And if you do not know how to do this then come and sit with me in my Violet Flame, in my violet bonfire and torch every illusion that you have ever had especially the illusions around who controls your life. And I pose this question to you and I open it for discussion. Graham, do you wish to comment?

GD: I do and I thank you for your wisdom and I thank you for your introductory remarks. Your experience on Earth and your experience going through the Ascension process is why we were feeling that it makes so much sense to have you and I appreciate this opportunity for dialogue. And I appreciate your comment about how important it is to have a glimpse of what lies ahead. So it seems to me that there is so much value in being able to visualize where we’re going or the possibility of where we’re going and recognizing it’s a co-creative process. If I may I posted a promotional post, if you will, on the 2012scenerio site about the 3rd dimension and the qualities of the 3rd dimension and that we wouldn’t be experiencing some qualities of the 3rd dimension in the 5th dimension and higher. And I’m wondering if you could just check me on this…I indicated that as we get into a higher dimensional state the lower dimensional qualities such as greed, lust, revenge, jealousy, frustration, disappointment and selfishness doesn’t exist in the 5th dimension and higher. Do I have that all right?

St.G: Yes you do; lack, limitation, death, disease, destruction, despair, depression, control.

GD: OK and I hear from you that to go through the Ascension process it takes outrageous perseverance, determination and love and I really appreciate your speaking to that because to your point it is challenging or it can be very challenging this journey. At the same time I also hear your invitation to also enjoy it and that we chose this incarnation and there’s the invitation to really experience the joy and the blessing of it all. What’s really intriguing to me is to talk about, if you would, what’s it like to be a 5th dimensional being and higher? And some of the questions that come to mind are just practical thoughts; for example, I understand that in higher dimensions that we, as a theme would be experiencing peace and love but I’m sure or I suspect disagreements still surface. So to engage in this conversation a little bit more, maybe we can go a little bit deeper there. How is conflict, for example, addressed in the higher dimensions? How does that work?

St.G: And that is why I have posed the question “Who controls you? Who controls your life, your environment, your actions, your desires?” And part of the biggest element of the Shift, because you still have many of these illusions, is coming to the conclusion that no one, no one controls you. When you have that, and I’m not just speaking skin deep, when you have that knowing, not the belief system but the knowing anchored in your bones and every fiber and corridor of your being then you also realize that conflict is an illusion as well. The reason why you have conflict that escalates in the 3rd dimensional reality that you are in, which by the way is slightly different that the 3rd dimensional reality I occupied during my last life, it is already shifted significantly. But the reason conflict escalates where you are is because someone actually believes or feels or is throwing a mental or emotional tantrum that they need to be right, that they need to be in charge or in control. And so if they are right then they are in control and that is one of the biggest differences as you leave the 3rd to the 5th, 6th and onward, that simply disappears. Of course, from time to time there are differences of opinions and that is recognized as what they are; they are thought patterns or emotional patterns or beliefs that perhaps one path is preferential to another. What has been realized in the higher dimensions, what is a quality that is realized is not only compassion but a deeper insight into another being. Yes your third and fourth eye are activated, not only your compassion but your understanding of someone else’s point of view and the understanding, the wisdom quality, the divine quality that you don’t have to agree. And that to not agree does not mean subservience and does not mean that you need to fall into alignment. Now sometimes and particularly in matters of a group, you do fall into alignment because you realize ‘we’ll give it a try’. But there is a deeper level of understanding. Right now where you are and I do not say this, my friends, in any way that is derogatory but too often you only look to the surface of an issue or an argument and particularly a conflict. Because when there is conflict, and it does not matter whether it is between two individuals or a nation, what happens is your ire and your defense mechanism, your fear, your memory, your race memory and your individual memory is that ‘I may be destroyed, I may be killed, I may be maimed, I may be hurt if I am having a different belief or idea than others or the mainstream.’ That simply is not present. So what happens in the 5th dimension is that a diversity of ideas, what you may call conflict, is actually celebrated.

As I have told you, I love to talk, I love to break through ideas, emotions, and yes I do use the torch of my Violet Flame and often I will bring it into these discussions because it is also the Flame of Truth. Yes, Michael does not have entire purview on this, although he will often rush to the scene as well. But what happens if there is severe conflict, we always, always go the route of mediation so that whether it is through two individuals or nations or groups or galaxies, through a mediator there is a middle ground that is sought. And let me tell you, perhaps to the ‘you’ this sounds boring and wishy-washy, because I know the excitement of a good discussion and even a good fight; it is not wishy-washy, it is exhilarating, it is exciting. Because what emerges is a third position, a new position, new understandings, and that is growth for everyone involved. Even when it is just two individuals and mediation is required, because we never allow things to escalate to the point of conflict. So if there is mediation new understanding is reached and that is shared instantaneously, telepathically, energetically with everybody. So the broad base of knowledge, of wisdom, of participation in the wisdom of One is continual. It is phenomenally exciting, that is one of the reasons why I will never incarnate again into the 3rd and of course with you ascending it will not be necessary will it?

GD: Well it’s interesting, I think about a paradigm where there is abundance, there is full freedom, perfect health and that’s just a start, and this is available to everyone. And that in and of itself takes away or adds so much, right, and so there’s this environment of separateness really starts to dissipate quickly because individuals aren’t trying to protect and trying to hoard and trying to go after the illusion of a limited pie. So that in and of itself is hugely significant and then having a greater understanding of others and compassion just takes it to another level, so I can see where disagreements and conflict really dissipate quickly.

I’m really interested and I’m just mindful of time, this discussion is so rich and I thank you. As we think about being in a state of unity consciousness where everyone is aware of everyone’s thoughts and feelings, how does that impact how we relate to one another and how we associate with each other?
St.G: It brings a richness of velvet, a richness that you have never seen or consistently experienced upon your planet, you are beginning to glimpse it and that is why I spoke to the issue of control. Now when you are in a place where you are realizing, not just thinking but fully anchored in the realization that you are a souviern co-creator with all, with your brothers and sisters of Earth, with us, with One, with your star brothers and sisters. The sense of peace, of being complete and not threatened, opens up the door to truly wanting more connection because you no longer have the need to keep up these false barriers that each of you have erected understandably, but they are no longer necessary. And this is the biggest piece of letting go of the 3rd is taking down those barriers, of separation, of isolation, of feeling, because it is an emotional situation of feeling that you are alone. Now, yes we are in unity consciousness. We do not in any way invade private space, sacred space so it is not that I am thinking all of your thoughts, having all of your feelings but when that connection is made and the door is open, it is fully open. And I can tell just by being with you just as you can tell just by being with me what my desires, what my role, what my agenda for creation is. So it eliminates so much of the need for explanation. Do you understand how much time right now each of you contributes or puts towards explaining who you are? And it is your greatest desire to be understood and to be loved ad cherished for that being that you are. So can you imagine my friend that every person you meet and those you never meet have that understanding so that that allows you, rather than explaining, justifying to just go forward with support of the multitude, to actually be in body. That is the miraculous shift in this Ascension, in body you will be the fullness of who you are and bring forth creations. So for some of you it will be art, for some of you it will be music, for some it will be incredible gardens, restoration of water, of working with Gaia and the trees, the elementals. For others it will be tending and building the Cities of Light. But the energy will go, not only to creation because that sounds like a full time job to me, and as you know if there is one thing I am famous for it is also play. It frees you up to laugh, to be in that unity consciousness, to know love, yes intimately with sacred partnership, with family, with soul family, but to bathe in it, that is one of the biggest reasons your star brothers and sisters have traveled so far and been so patient. It is not the rebirth of love; it is to participate in this unity consciousness. We are all waiting on you and I am sorry I interrupted you.

GD: Well I think I interrupted you. I thank you again for everything that you are sharing. You mentioned our star brothers and sisters and perhaps I can use them as an example: so let’s take a star brother who is residing in the 5th dimension who has greatly wanted to, among many, many, many others, other star brothers and sisters, wanted to engage fully, presently, consciously, physically with humans on Earth and it’s taken a long, long, long, long time and there have been delays and I’m thinking that this star brother, even in the 5th dimension of peace and love with abundant patience, there’s still got to be some impatience or feelings of impatience and disappointments and perhaps some frustration. Am I right or no?

St.G: You are absolutely right. Now, it is not that they do not, and others in the 5th do not experience emotions, even we experience, even your guides, even the Archangels at times experience emotion. It is simply not emotion as you define it. So are they frustrated, are they impatient? Yes, more than you can imagine because their capacity for holding energy and therefore holding frustration is much bigger than yours.

GD: So how does a 5th dimensional being experiencing frustration, what does that look like in comparison to a 3rd dimensional being? And is there ever anger in the 5th dimension?

St.G: Not as you consider it. So when there is frustration sometime there is an element of sorrow or sadness that things have not moved more rapidly. But what they do is heal, what they do is they receive the compassion and the healing from the collective so that it seeps out of them the way you would squeeze a sponge so that they do not hold on to it. That it is replaced with a greater wisdom and an understanding that although their anxiousness to be with you is overridden by a broader understanding of the Divine plan and of the bigger plan. And that so often is what you are frustrated by is because you have limited vision and understanding of the bigger plan. Now in that frustration I tell you there are hundreds of thousands of your star brothers and sisters on Earth and let me tell you they are holding the 5th dimensional energies. So when you encounter one and many of you have, many of you have, you just don’t realize it perhaps fully, but let me give you a clue: it is that individual that you talk to that always says to you “Well have you thought of it this way? Can you let go? Can you go into your heart and find the love? Can you simply find a little more patience? Can you understand that perhaps you are waiting for the collective?” There are many acclimatized, not only to Earth and yes as the grounding crew and the dissipaters of fear and control but they are holding that 5th dimensional energy, as are many of you. You have ascended and you do not even realize it. It’s kind of ironic…

GD: Are you speaking to me personally?

St.G: I am speaking to you personally and I am speaking to many of you very personally.

GD: What you’re saying I think is highly significant and so important and that is that there are beings, be them human or our star brothers and sisters who are embodying now 5th dimensional attributes and qualities. And I think that is so important as we live now that which we wish to co-create. So I really appreciate you speaking to that.

St.G: It is already underway and they are holding the 5th dimensional, what you have been calling ‘the blessings and virtues’ or the Divine qualities. They are already holding these energies. Now does that mean that you will never have moments where you feel as if the jaws of the shark are snapping at you, trying to bring you back into the 3rd dimension of old earth? There will be but that is where your stamina, your prudence, your wisdom come forward, that is why I say to you “You are a sovereign” and you are holding, my beloved ones, you are holding the energies. All that is remaining is tearing down the illusion of old earth and it is a human illusion and you are seeing it daily, particularly with the penetration from Mother and Father and certainly with containment. It is falling away; allow your hearts to sing because as you do your energy and your ability to hold these 5th dimensional energies are growing.

GD: And will get easier.

St.G: It will get easier. The old and I am talking about government, I am talking about financial institutions, I am talking about old ways of doing business, who pays the bills? who do they get paid to? who is in control? who has power to jail you or to free you? These are falling away but part of your job and part of mine and that is why I am so glad you have asked me this, is holding those Divine qualities and not engaging in that old game because it doesn’t exist, it is a shadow dancing on the wall, it is not real. The more you dismiss it the less substance it has.

GD: This for me is a call to be 5th dimensional now, this is a great opportunity and a great reminder and invitation, I’m not even thinking of the right word, yeah it’s a call to be that where we wish to be now and I so appreciate what you are saying. We have just a little bit of time left and there’s something that you spoke to earlier in the show that I just wanted to revisit and that is, and I have a sense of what the answer is, but if you could speak to it I think it would be helpful. Why is it that the 3rd dimension that you experienced while you were on Earth, why is that different than the 3rd dimension we are experiencing now? Is the simple answer that it is falling away now and it’s an increased vibrational experience compared to what you had experienced?

St.G: It is better and it is worse, to use your language. When I roamed the earth there was a great deal of freedom not just because of my wealth but because adventure, discovery, whether it was to sit with Voltaire and speak of the meaning of the universe or discover North America. Adventure was valued. That value, that innate right has been lost by and large. Now at the same time I lived in a very despotic, what I viewed as despotic, monarchy ridden society and it was my dream to create democracies where people lived in freedom; and that is what the 5th dimension is. It is to live in freedom and unity and co-creation. So with the work that I and my brothers and my sisters have done since that incarnation the energy has grown, there has been much healing. I have passed the torch on and my Temple of the Violet Flame is stronger than ever. So that is better and lighter and easier for you to access. But this sense of willingness to go out on a limb has been beaten out of you and that is sad. And so that is why this is my clarion call, this is my request to you to step forward. Years ago I called for an armada of healers, now I call for an armada of adventurers to remember you came here for the greatest adventure ever known, not only on earth but far beyond. You chose to come and be the light bearers, not light holders, but to be the light bearers, the love holders and the showers of the way for this Shift, for this magnificent opening. So you are not having in the 3rd dimension the density and the struggle that I experienced. So it is not as difficult or as arduous because what you are doing is simply saying ‘no’ and it is that very strength of ‘no to the old and yes to the new’ because the energies are already there waiting for you. You are not trying to break free, you are already free. So it is simply the acknowledgement and the anchoring of these wondrous energies. So it is different.

GD: Wonderfully said. We have just a couple of minutes left. What can you share with us that can get us more excited beyond what you’ve already shared which I find wonderfully exciting? What else can you share with us that can give us hope and excitement, put us in a state of joy as we think about the new paradigm that we’re coming into?

St.G: I have been human and so I would sleep, not long but I would sleep. And so I say to you “What will it be like to wake up on the morning to a beautiful clean planet and to simply decide in your heart what you wish and desire and choose to do with the day, knowing there are no limitations, no requirements to go and to earn money or to fulfill obligations other than what you want to do. And if you wished to play with your loved one, with your divine partner, then you will do so. If you wish to laugh with the children and splash in the lake, you will do so. And if you wish to erect a tower of peace, you may do so. How will that feel?”

GD: That will be delightful and what a wondrous world it will be. I can’t thank you enough for your time today and your wisdom and your inspiration and your guidance. I couldn’t think of a better guest today so thank you so very much.

St.G: Thank you for having me. I will be part of the conversations. Farewell my 5th dimensional brothers and sisters, farewell.

GD: Farewell. Thank you.

Channeled by Linda Dillon