The current, and perhaps most insidious, issue we are working on eliminating is control. For those of you who listen to Heavenly Blessings and Hour with an Angel you will know this is a subject Ascended Master St. Germaine and Archangel Michael have been bringing forth for examination. But truth be told, the whole of the Council of Love is clamoring, as is the Company of Heaven, for this issue to be brought front and center, examined, loved and released once and for all. Once and for all – for all of the human collective and for All.

Control is a two-edged sword. On the one hand, there are we exerting control whether it is over another, and ironically our own sacred selves. On the other hand it is the issue of being controlled; believing ourselves to be controlled; or subtly or consciously choosing to be controlled. Sometimes it is the path of least resistance – and what we believe to be the journey of the peaceful warrior. It is with incredible discernment that we need to look at the situations in our life and decide what the truth of the matter is. And to acknowledge that it changes – that is what makes it so tricky to get a handle on and let go of.
Control is one of the major false grids* of the old third dimension. As a refresher, the false grids are the old paradigms, the outmoded belief systems that are part of the old 3rd dimension and what we individually and collectively are letting go of. It is part of making peace with the third and the situations we are being presented with, as well as creating. And many of those scenarios, those dramas are amazing and very creative. But the bottom line is control’s got to go.

Control is an issue that emanates out of lack of self-worth, lack of self-love. Control only ever results in conflict – it is the desire, conscious or unconscious to have ascendance over another either individually or collectively. The only reason you would desire to do this is because you feel less than about yourself. You do not embrace or recognize the wholeness and divinity within your core self. Inevitably efforts to control result in conflict either subtly or overtly. Harmony, balance and peace cannot co-exist in this environment.

So why insidious? Because the ways in which control manifests can be subtle. All of us have been doing our work – for years. We have been letting go, clearing debris, finding love – and yet there it is, CONTROL. Still, one of the biggest challenges we are being faced with. And what makes it even more difficult is that it raises a core question and challenge to our ego and psyche – if I’m not in control then who is? And to top it off there is no worse feeling that you are not in control but in free-fall – which the world, the universe is happening around you and to you and there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it. Which of course is incorrect – but it’s a feeling, a subtle judgment, many share. This results in elaborate scenarios our mental body and egos will cook up to convince us everything is OK and we really are in control. Wrong.

Let’s talk about responsibility (yup the dreaded r word) and discernment. These 2 elements are key to Ascension and to fully embracing yourself as a Nova Being. Taking responsibility for our thoughts, behaviors, and beliefs. Shifting to the higher dimensions is all about becoming conscious – heart-conscious and making choices, decisions, and co-creations that are heart and Love based. When you are in the place, in that state of being no one can control, manipulate or force you to do or believe anything that is not of wholeness. That is truly being in the state of beingness and freedom. Fully assuming responsibility for your own thoughts and behaviors is liberating. We don’t do things because we “have to” – we do things, we choose our thoughts, because we are free to do so, we choose to do so. We assume responsibility for those things that are directly pertinent to us – and we don’t choose to believe that some unseen force is making us do anything or controlling our choices and destiny. Control is choosing the thought form that an outside force, be it the angelic realm or the dark cabal, is handing over control for our sacred journey and contract over to some unseen amorphous entity. Where’s the freedom and love in that?

I use the example of the angelic realm purposefully – as you all know how deeply I believe in that realm and the Council of Love. But because I choose to believe in them I also believe the messages that we are now in a time of sacred partnership – of co-creation. The higher realms refuse to EVER in control our thoughts, desires or actions. It is not of Love. That is why our free will is never tampered with, never interfered with. That is why it has taken us thousands of years to reach this place of sacred partnership and co-creation. But we are there now and that also means assuming our full responsibility, in every sense of the word. It means we are not limited; we are not in lack, fear, frustration or illusion. It means letting go of the bogeyman in the closet, of letting go of any shadow of belief that we are not strong and powerful enough to create Nova Earth, to bring forward the unfoldment of the Mother’s promise of return to Love.

If there is any issue that invites us to meet and engage our shadow self it is control. It has a habit of sneaking in when we least expect it – that is why this is such a huge collective letting go – a destruction with Archangel Michael’s sword of something that is hindering us individually and collectively. Many (if not most) times right now, control is often coming under the guise of being helpful. We know that one don’t we? One of the reasons, as a channel and woman, that I shy away from predictions is that is a subtle way asserting control over a multiplicity of human choices and decisions. I have certainly learned the hard way that this is not only foolish but a subtle effort to control an outcome. A good, and perhaps painful, example is when we say our star brothers and sisters are going to do x, y and z. It is because we desperately want them to – from the deepest core of our beings we want them to show up, to help, and in some ways to rescue us from this quagmire. But what we are doing is trying very subtly to control their actions, even override their choices, orders, and decisions – to force action. Another example is when we are in relationships where the partner is not on the same page as us in terms of their beliefs – we try to win them over, convince them, and cajole them into buying into our beliefs – and yes, our knowingness. It doesn’t work. And it doesn’t exhibit trust in that person or in their divine path – that they will find their way. There is a huge difference between sharing information, effecting influence and manipulation.

By now you are probably wondering what on Earth got into Linda that she is on such a rant. The answer is that this is moment in which to examine our motivations, behaviors, actions, words and to completely eliminate control, and choose Love. I am not in any way suggesting that there are or have been forces, people, corporations, media and governments (the list is long) that have not tried and succeeded to exert control over us. But enslavement is over. This is the new day – that was of the old. And so in the new way of nova being and Nova Earth, we need to declare our freedom – to let go of the real or imagined shackles. To create and in unity co-create Nova Earth – and to wave goodbye to the old.
If you ask how do I discern whether this is a control issue the answer is simple: does this feel like Love? Does it feel heavy or does it make your heart sing? Does it feel completely honest and of integrity? Is it of wholeness – does it contribute to your well-being and the well-being of the collective? If the answer is no, then toss it – let it go.

Archangel Michael has spoken to us about the new rules of engagement. Ways of being in every kind of relationship that is based on the divine qualities (the 13 Blessings and Virtues), based on the basic Universal Law of Love. That is where we are headed – together with determination and clarity. Together in unity, connectedness and balance. Let today be our day of liberation – let’s go! Big please and tons of gratitude – I have so much faith in us – all of us.

*The major false grids are:
• L – lack, limitation, loss – this includes abandonment, isolation, loneliness and lack of self-worth and self-love, and self-doubt
• D – death, destruction, disease, despair – includes disbelief – the ability to never believe – lack of faith and trust; depression, disgust
• F – fault, blame, anger, fear – self-doubt and denigration can also appear here
• G – greed, lust, control – includes abuse of power, jealousy and mercenary or stingy belief and behaviors belong here
• C – cruelty (think of people who have many lives in war or torture)
• E – ego (as king), excess, exclusion
• F – failure (this can also be related and found in the fear – but here the COL means a belief system that nothing ever works – failure is inevitable
• H – hatred, harm and hubris (inappropriate pride and narcissism belongs here)
Almost anything you can imagine can be a false grid – once you start working with them you will see.

Now about repair – once you have removed the false grid think, feel, sense and listen to what need to be replaced from the 12 dimensions and 12 planes to fill that gap – it becomes natural. I am getting in the last month tons and tons of grace, joy, confidence and forgiveness. But go with what comes and review the 13th blessings and virtues from The Great Awakening, especially Einstein’s explanation of the dimensions and their qualities.