Kendall / Miami, Florida August 11-12, 2012
Muskegon, Michigan September 29-30, 2012

Last week we had the first ever Ascension Healing workshop here at my home in Port St. Lucie, Florida. I knew it would be spectacular but we were all blown away by the energy, the joy, the connectedness, and the new levels of awareness that were shared and anchored during this sacred time together.This new modality of healing that is being made available to us during this time of The Great Awakening is phenomenal, and yet exceedingly accessible and joyful. We are being taken to higher levels than ever before with meditation, attunements and frequency downloads.

We have learned and worked with inter-dimensional therapy as a part of Advanced LaHoChi – accessing the higher dimensions and anchoring those sacred qualities within healee. But Ascension Healing transports and anchors you in the 5th through 7th dimension – the place of Christ Consciousness and Love. You stay there, and, that is where the healing takes place. And that is where you reside long after you leave the gathering.

This is how we navigate these dimensional changes in a way that is thoughtful, considerate and kind both to ourselves, our planet and each other. This is the gift from the Council of Love that we have all been waiting for.

The preparation for the course is to read (or begin to read and absorb the energies) of The Great Awakening. The workshop is a compliment to the book, and so much more. It is the application of everything the Council has outlined in the book – applying it to our service as lightholders, wayshowers and healers.

The purpose and content of the Ascension Healing workshop is to walk you through the highlights of the 8-step Ascension process on day, especially focusing on amplified gifts of the 13th Octave, the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the expansion of the Tri-Flame. Then, we will take that higher frequency and vibration, and blend them with new healing initiations, attunements and meditations that will free you from the 3rd dimension on day 2.

You will be working with the entire Council, which is a rare. The Council normally comes in one by one, Ascended Master by Ascended Master, Archangel by Archangel. For them to come in as a unified force field is over the top. The energies are higher than I have ever experienced, which is one of the reasons I have chosen to anchor it in the sacred spaces both in South Florida and Muskegon, Michigan.

The focus of The Great Awakening: Ascension Healing is on you, and Gaia — as well as equipping you with practical tools to help humanity through the Ascension portal. The work is individualized, involving your inner journey. If you are an Ascension gatekeeper this is a must-attend workshop. You will fly; you will never be the same – that is the blessing and gift.

The workshop will be conducted by Linda Dillon, author and world-class channel of The Great Awakening: A Spiritual Primer. The Ascension Healing workshop is anchored upon her 25 years of experience with the higher realms. Registration is limited, so listen to your heart and decide.

The cost of the 2-day workshop including course materials is $333. For more information, contact Linda at or 772-447-7113.

To register, go online to