…you ask me “Father, what is the Warehouse of Heaven and why do you bring me here?” I bring you here because it is a creation chamber, actually it is several chambers, but it is a place where you can come and be with me and learn and grow and perfect your ability to create…

GD: Hello and welcome to Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The Great Awakening, I’m GD. Our guest today is the Universal Father, Yahweh. Welcome Linda.

LD: Hi Graham and hi everybody, it’s good to be here. My guess is this is a big show tonight. It’s not very often that Yahweh comes and speaks to us but he’s going to do so tonight and he’s going to take us to the Warehouse of Heaven which is another place that you can think of as a creation chamber.

GD: You were talking earlier, before the show, how this is quite timely as we step into our most multi-dimensional selves, as we create, co-creatively, this Nova Earth and move forward in a new paradigm creating this world for us individually, us collectively and this is a key part of that.

LD: This is a really key part of that and one of the things I realized in doing my meditation and preparing for the show is that when Yahweh takes us to this Warehouse of Heaven, is that we really are, literally, even if you are sitting at home in your easy chair or your favorite spot, is that we are shifting dimensions as we go into this place of creation and co-creation. And of course that’s exactly what, not only the Shift and Ascension is about, but the place where we are creating from. So tonight is bringing a whole, deeper or different level of understanding to this process for me and I hope for each of you.

GD: Sounds great. Would you like to start with a meditation?

LD: I sure would.


LD: OK. Feel yourself beginning to breathe and relax, following your breath inhaling and exhaling, letting go of the day, letting go of the week, letting go of everything that has been done and not been done. Just bring yourself to this current moment, to this gift that you are giving yourself of this time together; in this case not only with the Council of Love but with Yahweh himself. Begin breathing the softest golden light you’ve ever seen, the tinge of gold an hour before dawn, the last peak at a supreme sunset, the color of a pale yellow rose just before it blooms, the hint of promise in a new day.

Breathe that beautiful soft gentle golden ray and drift. Let yourself drift across a sky of blue, the Universal Mother’s blue, the new blue of summer, the soft blue of a summer sky after a rain. Breathe in the freshness and feel the presence of the Mother and Father in the gold and in the blue and as you do also feel the presence of the Mighty Ones, the Archangels Mikhail, Raphael, Uriel, Jophial and of course our beloved Gabriel/Gabrielle. Go deeper and deeper into that sea of blue, let go of everything around you and see that blue rubbed with tinges of magenta, pink, sapphire. Let this be your sea of love, the sea on which you can travel to any reality, any dimension that you choose and promise to yourself that you’ll open your heart even more today, tonight and every day, every night to allow the miracles of creation and co-creation, the miracles of bringing forth what you desire into your life, into physicality regardless of dimension, it can still have form and substance. So relax and simply be. And back to your Graham.

GD: Wonderful, thanks so much Linda.

LD: You’re welcome.

GD: Do you have anything you’d like to say about the Universal Father? I know you’re interested in having him share what he believes listeners should know about him, but anything on a personal level you’d like to share?

LD: Yeah, I think there is because I certainly talk a little bit in The Great Awakening about my relationship with the Universal Father and I wouldn’t be surprised if many of our listeners have had this experience of shying away from the Father energy. And of course that’s further influenced by whatever our relationship was with our physically earthly father during this lifetime. But I think we’ve grown up and particularly Yahweh talks about how he isn’t the thundering, punishing God of old, of the Old Testament, but that he is that very loving, and when I see him and when I feel him it’s more like a grandfather energy to me because I do, I see him as that Michelangelo picture of this being, this man with the white hair and the white beard and this very, very warm presence. But I think a lot of us have grown up, regardless of what tradition we grew up in, in thinking that Yahweh was the name that we don’t speak and this distant figure that we may pray to or ask favors of or blessings of, but that we don’t really interact with a lot. And what I’ve learned over the years, and gratefully so, is that in fact he is this wonderful, kind embodiment of the Universal Father energy.

Now if I can just sidetrack a little bit…We know that if we think in terms of shear energy that the Universal Mother is movement and creation and birth and I think that’s why so many of us have such a strong and intimate relationship with the Mother; whereas the Father is stillness and silence and really that great unknowable. But what Yahweh does in cooperation with the Mother is he gives us a way, in our human existence, to come and know that energy more intimately. Now we’ve talked several times on this show, Heavenly Blessings, and a little bit about it on An Hour With An Angel about the Creation Formula and how that formula is basically prayer plus intent plus stillpoint and action equals creation. But it wasn’t really until today, I’ve always known that we go to stillpoint because that’s the place where the combination of energies actually take fertilization, as it were, and can assume form as we push it out to do so into the universe. But that stillpoint is also where we’re joining with that Divine Masculine energy; it is that ultimate, infinite stillness. It’s huge.

GD: I know, yeah, and it’s nice for me as I’m sitting here listening to you, it’s nice to think of that integral a role he plays in that creation piece and hence the show today, but it’s nice to see that link.

LD: Yeah, yeah it is. So start thinking of Yahweh as the grandfather that you always either had or wanted because the feeling that I get is crawling up to his knee and just being loved and nurtured and cherished.

GD: We can all use a little of that, huh?

LD: Oh yeah! Oh yeah!

GD: Wonderful. I love that. Shall we bring him on?

LD: Yes, I can step aside and allow him, because I’ve asked him to speak to a little bit not just about the gift he’s bringing forward today, but to share a little bit from his perspective of who he is, what he wants to know about him.

GD: Terrific. Thank you.

Yahweh: Greetings, I AM Yahweh.

GD: Welcome.

Yahweh: And welcome to you my friend and all of my friends, my children, my beloved ones. Welcome to this time together, yes with the entire Council of Love, but I also wish to reach out to you as father, as grandfather, as however you choose to know me. The key is, my beloved ones, is that I wish you to know me. Yes, so often you have thought of the Divine Masculine as unknowable, unreachable, unspeakable, but in this way I have formulated that you may come to know me, my qualities, my infinity, my eternity, because I share this with you. Yes, you are born and you are birthed of the Mother, but have no doubt my friends, my children that you carry within you also my Divine spark and that it shines brightly. It is not something that you need ever to seek or to search for and that balance of your feminine and masculine is also the balance of the Mother and I. It is the balance of what you think of as co-creation for it is the conjoining of energies that bring you forward in this task at hand and the task at hand is not only your beautiful Ascension with which I help you, in your time, in your space and in your inter-dimensional reality. It is the fulfillment of what you have asked for; it is the fulfillment of your dream and it is the fulfillment of the dream within the dream, of the plan within the plan. I do not have any desire to absent myself from this time of co-creation. So I wish you to think of me, to consider that I am part of thee, that I always have been and I always will be. I am not a distant deity, I am your Father and in that existence I hold and I give you a Father’s love. I am not simply a God of this universe; I am the one that has chosen to take voice for this undertaking.

So I bring you many blessings and although I take you this night to the Warehouse of Heaven, for it is a term that you have been very familiar with, also understand that I am with you as you travel throughout your days, your nights, as you travel in your journey of wholeness, I am a close as your breath, I am as close as your heart, and I live within you and far beyond you and we are one.

Long ago, in fact repeatedly, I have given you the keys to the Warehouse of Heaven and I have invited you to create and co-create with all of us and to learn these codes and to gather these codes and to perfect this process that is not something distant, it is your birthright and it is imbedded within you inter-dimensionally. And so what I do with you this night is I bring you inter-dimensionally, not only to the 13th Octave where you will anchor in the heart of One, but also to the 8th dimension where we will create and co-create together, for this is my desire for you. Never underestimate the power of desire to bring forth what you wish to experience. Do not underestimate the power of dreaming; I have been speaking about this dreaming business to the channel for weeks now, and now I am pleased to share it with you. My dear hearts, you are not dreaming nearly enough. Your dreams are contained and you are putting parameters and boundaries around them that do not need to exist.

So yes it is a beginning, but understand you are moving and most of you have already moved into a reality that invites massive creation; the rebuilding not only of a planet but everything, everything upon that planet. Yes of course you have the assistance of your star brothers and sisters, the Company of Heaven, the Council of Love, you have the assistance of each of us, but you are part of that formula, you are part of what is being anchored into physicality. The way we have planned this unfoldment is that you are the anchor of physicality. So can we drop pianos, cars, institutions, banks, funding, ships upon Gaia? Yes. Are we going to? No. Oh the technology will be shared with you, the know-how, the understanding will be shared with you, but you my beloved friends, you are learning and remembering how to use the creation codes, how to gather the energy and to bring forth not only what you desire but what is desired for the collective, what is desired for the kingdoms, what is desired by your brothers and sisters, what is desired by Gaia herself. This is an undertaking of joy, it is not tedious, it is exciting, it is magnificent, but do not doubt your role of full partnership and it is to this that I wish to address you. So often when I have given you the keys to the Warehouse of Heaven you have said “Oh, thank you Father” and you have tucked them away. You either tucked the away in your heart or away in a drawer and you have immediately forgotten about them. So now I remind you that these keys have been in your possession for a very long time. But do not worry, the keys are symbolic; there are no locked doors, there is no test or password, there is simply together, connectedness, unity as we go forth on this adventure together.

I have waited for you for a very long time, never inserting myself into your life, your choices, your decisions, yes assisting when you have petitioned or quietly asked. So now I am pleased that you stand here with me to enter into this adventure of creation, this joy of oneness, of interconnection of our hearts, of our essence and our being. Do not think of me as far away and distant, feel my presence in your room for I am standing directly in front of you. Shall we begin?

GD: Yes, please do.

Yahweh: Take my hand and feel the warmth of my golden infinity for I wish to walk with you this night and let us leave these hallways that have become so familiar to you and let me take you and transport you from the heart of One down to the 8th dimension, for I wish you to know this dimensional reality that is available to you as your inter-dimensional, trans-dimensional self and it is the dimension of creation. Now I am not suggesting to you that creation does not take place in all dimensions and realities, it does. But I am taking you to the source in terms of your 12 dimensions of earth where this is most accessible and smooth. And I take you as we begin to walk together down these pathways of gold. Much has been written by the prophets, the sages and by those who have vivid imaginations and those who are seers as well, of the golden pathways of heaven.

So let us walk together as we approach this Warehouse of Heaven. Now you ask me “Father, what is the Warehouse of Heaven and why do you bring me here?” I bring you here because it is a creation chamber, actually it is several chambers, but it is a place where you can come and be with me and learn and grow and perfect your ability to create and you may ask and invite whomever you choose, the Mother, the Archangels, your guides, your friends, there is no limitation ever to whom you may ask to join us. But for today, for this one time together, this starry night, this time of the full moon where you are, let us simply walk alone. And let us walk through these golden doors into the vestibule of this Warehouse of Heaven; it is where everything is stored. The energy is in attunement for what you may wish to create and yes, even to dis-create or let go of. And so we stand here and I wish to introduce you to the four chambers, the four chambers of love that are available to you.

And the first doorway as I bring you, you will note my beloved one that it is etched in the knowing of “Infinite Blessings”. This is the place where you may access what you tend to think of as blessings and virtues, qualities that enhance your spiritual presence both on earth and far beyond. It is the infinite blessing of whether it is joy or grace or purity, this is the chamber where I invite you to enter to do this work.

But let us move on because they’re many choices open to you. Let us look at the second chamber that is termed and etched in gold “Material Reality”. This is where most human beings think of when they are looking for the Warehouse of Heaven. They tend to think of not in terms of blessings or virtues or learning or expansion but of the material reality. And there is nothing wrong with that! You have come to earth to have a physical experience of joy, to be the physical vessel of the infinite plan, the Divine Plan of unfoldment. So of course there is need for material experience and material reality. So this is the place where you may access the creation codes of what you think of, and I emphasize ‘think’, as you think of material wealth and abundance be it money, homes, properties, it matters not. But it also has attached to those things, those material things that you may think that you want or desire or choose to create, it also has attached to it the qualities of fame, responsibility, humility, fairness, justice; I want you to understand that. So if you were asking for infinite abundance and material wealth, of a chain of mansions by the sea then you also have to know that there is responsibility attendant to that; to take care of the land, of the property, your staff, to be fair, to be honest, to be loyal, to act in ways that are honoring and respectful of Gaia, that bring you forward in the truth of who you are. So it is never simply a matter of creating with the codes, the physical or material reality that you are asking for. It is a package deal my daughters and sons, so understand this as we proceed forward.

I show you the third door and this is the door of “Infinite Wisdom”, yes, infinite wisdom. This is the place where you will come long after desire has passed when you have evolved back to a point where you simply wish to be and to give and to share your wisdom with those who seek. This is the place where you will encounter many of your Ascended Masters, your teachers, the sacred ones and it certainly holds the energy of the 11th dimension. It is a sacred place but it is not the final place.

Let me guide you sweet angels; let me guide you to the fourth chamber. And it is the chamber called “Returns”. You did not understand that part of creation is also the ability to return, to clear, to replace, to eliminate, to destroy that which no longer serves you. I invite you to enter into this chamber with me right now. Take my hand, there are things within your life and each of you has been going through many changes and through your life review as you have continued on with the penetration that the Mother and Father, we, are sending you into your heart to expand and to ascend into this reality of Oneness, into what you think of as higher or different dimensions.

There are things that you may wish to relinquish. Look around, look around this chamber where I invite you to come at any point with me or without me for you have infinite access; that is my gift to you. This is where you may return what no longer serves you, what many of you have deemed and I use that word because I never wish you to sit in judgment of your sacred self; understand this. Many have thought of me as a judge; that I somehow sat in judgment of thee. Nothing could be further than (from) the truth. And so come here to let go of what you deem as not serving you and it may be current and it may be ancient, it may be feelings, action, behaviors, relationships. Simply come and lay them on this altar of gold and allow yourself to know that this will be returned back to light and love, it will be transmuted back into the infinite creation codes.

Now my beloved child, now that I have shown you the chambers I invite you to make your choice at where you wish to begin, at how you wish to begin and I ask you not to be shy. Do you wish to enter into the chamber of Infinite Blessings? Or perhaps Infinite Wisdom? Or do you wish to travel with me down the hall to the chamber of Material Reality? I think for most of you this is a perfect place for us to begin. So come with me, walk in the golden silence as we enter this chamber. You will be surprised at what you find, understand it is where you will access the creation codes. Yes, this is not a warehouse filled with things, with material objects. Look with me and see the energy that fills this room, the sparkling energy. This is where you will gather love, where you will gather the energy and transubstantiate it into a form that is pleasing, pleasing to you and it can be anything, this can be food or water to feel the hungry or poor, it can be a home, a place for you to rest, it can be a car. It does not matter. Understand I am your Father, there is no judgment, there is no charge on what your heart desires. I only wish to teach you, to show you, to lead you.

So let us start with something that you desire my beloved one. We start with something that you desire so that you may progress and understand how this energy works, so that as you bring it forth you begin to feel more comfortable with creating and co-creating, not only with us but with your fellow human beings, that which is required to build Nova Reality, Nova Earth, Terra Nova. The starting point for all of this creation is always the same and of course it starts with love and it ends with love, it starts with gratitude and it ends with gratitude, it starts with joy and it ends with joy. And the process of anchoring this, yes the creation formula, the creation codes is the same always, whether you are taking it in or giving it out, it matters not.

So let us begin this night with each of you as I stand in this Warehouse of Heaven and as I stand in your room and as I take your hands and show you. What do you desire my beloved one? Go into your heart and listen to the whispers and if you are not clear use Uriel’s Silver Flame to show you. Take a moment and explore what you have hidden even from yourself. What do you wish to materialize into physical reality? Go deeper and clarify your intent, your prayer, your vision, your dream and speak it to me in your heart. What do you wish to bring forth? You are absolutely free to choose whatever you want from an entire universe, from a space ship to a river stone. The key is to feel, to decide, to know.

Now bring this desire, this creation not only to the stillpoint of your heart, bring it to me my beloved. Your stillpoint is your infinite connection to my stillness, to what you have thought of as unknowable. Come, come with me to the stillness and join with me in the stillness. And now we invite the energy of movement of the Mother and as we do extend your arms and gather these sparkles of light, these nanos of light, these particles of love, gather them. This is your action, this is your movement, this is how you create. And bring the particles that will assemble what you desire. Come with me now, let me hold your arms and show you, feel the energies that you are gathering in your hands and bring these into your heart, into your stillpoint, into the fullness of your being. And do so right now with me. More. Do not limit what you are creating. Feel the energy fill you, yes I am helping you, to teach you but you can do this, you can do this all the time. Allow it to take form, shape, visualization in your heart, in your hands. Let me be clear about this, if you have visualized a car, a house, feel it in your hands, now place it in your heart. Good.

Now come with me carrying this material reality that you have chosen, that you have selected, come with me and we will leave this warehouse together tonight and let us come back into your room where you are with me still. Now take this energy, this object, as if you are dropping it, and drop it from your heart to your solar plexus, to that portal of creation and my will and push it out, breathe it out into your reality, from the 8th, to the 3rd, to the 4th, to the 5th now and let it be. This will come to you, this is what I have taught you, this is what I have given you long ago, you simply forgot. I ask of you, each of you to practice this with me every night, to come to visit the chambers, the four chambers. Do not always go to “Material Reality” but do not avoid it either for it is meaningful and it is important to your journey. Then bring back to where you are what you create with me in the Warehouse of Heaven and allow it to take form. Yes that is your job, just to allow it to happen.

Do you have questions Graham?

GD: Thank you so much for your wisdom and your teaching and your assistance and what I’m hearing from you and what you shared is that we’re not dreaming nearly enough and I hear the invitation to not limit our dreams and when we dream to hold it in love and gratitude and joy. And I think it’s important as we think about creating Nova Earth, it’s important to hold the vision for what that is and continue to be reminded of that, understanding that it is also a co-creative process, it’s not in stone. Could you share with us the dream, could you share with us the vision of this new earth as you can envision it now and see it now as we are going through this co-creation process to get us excited about where we’re headed and get is in that place of love, gratitude and joy with Nova Earth?

Yahweh: Oh, I would be very happy to, for seldom do people ask me of this. It is a planet, my beautiful Gaia, sparkling and radiant with oceans that are so clean and pure where fish is verdant, where dolphins and whales are finally home, where Atlantis reemerges, and the cities of light that dance, so often right now on the waves of the various oceans, come into substantiality, into materiality and these are gathering places. But they are not like your cities and I do not chastise your cities but so many of them are places of pollution and density, of crime and dirt. Those are not the gathering places of Nova Earth. Of course there will be some level of density simply because they are gathering places, but there will be no pollution, there will be no uncleanliness and I do not mean lack of cleanliness, just in the terms of what you think of as pollution or garbage, but I mean emotional cleanliness, integrity, beautiful art but trees and grass and birds and children; for it was intended that the gathering places be places where children can come and learn and play and come to understand their planet and their role in the unfoldment.

Mountain ranges will reemerge as well and rolling hills and plains and savannahs and jungles; the Amazon will be restored, much of what has been destroyed will be restored. There is a sense of ease about living on Nova Earth because you see when you are creating you have eliminated the stress and worry of what has created your illusions of lack. So people are not worried about whether there is food or currency or water or fresh air. The air is a delight and it is fragrant; it is the breath of Gaia. There is clean technology and yes your star brothers and sisters are clearly visible, as are many of the Masters who now choose to return because they thrive in the new reality. No one has desire to return to the old ways, it is not that it is cursed or dismissed, it is simply understood that it was an evolutionary process that never needs to be repeated. And when I say ‘never’ I mean never throughout eternity. Go with my love and go with my blessings.

GD: Thank you so much for visiting with us today and for helping us envision the dream of the new earth as we co-create together. Thank you.

Yahweh: Farewell.

GD: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 07-05-12