The Northern Lights…if it feels like drama, if it feels like revenge, if it feels lower vibration, then bless it, pray for it, and let it go…the final discernment is your heart. And when you go to your heart and say, “Does this feel like love, or does it feel like it is trying to trap me back in the old third?” trust the answer that arises within you. Trust that the new realm, Nova Earth, cannot and will not be built on violence, on hatred, on revenge…

GD: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel, with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The Great Awakening, and Steve Beckow of the2012scenario. I’m GD. Our guest today is Archangel Michael.
So, with that, I’ll pass it on to you, Steve.

Steve Beckow: Thanks very much, Graham. And Archangel Michael, before we begin, first of all, welcome.

Archangel Michael: Thank you.

SB: And we’ve had our first indications today that the mass arrests have begun. SaLuSa said this morning, “The really exciting times have arrived, as you are getting confirmations of the arrests that have started taking place.” And Blossom Goodchild’s Galactic Federation sources said today, “This is D-Day. This is the time you came here to be part of. This is the moment that you have been longing to happen. This is the reason you came down here. This is the purpose you came to serve. This is what you have been preparing for all along.”

We’re now waiting to hear from you with bated breath, on whatever you can tell us about what is happening and what is to come.

AAM: Greetings, I am Michael, archangel of peace, warrior of love, bringer of truth. And yes, my beloved friends, before we begin this day, let us call upon and ignite that blue flame of truth in everyone who attends or listens to this broadcast this night, within their heart, within their mind, within their third eye, and within their root chakra, for this is a time of anchoring, clearly and fully, upon the planet of Earth as well, and of being present in the fullness of your reality. And yes, it is a time of joy, it is a time of fulfillment, and it is a time when many of the what you think of as predictions or prophecies come to pass.

But let me also say, as your brother, as your friend, as the archangel of peace, you did not come to participate solely in destruction, solely in things like mass arrests — for really what does this mean? What I would suggest to you is that the idea or the term of mass arrests, whether it is with the Intergalactic Council or the Federations, or your star brothers and sisters scattered far and wide, for lightworkers and lightholders, it has a very different meaning.

And that is why I wish to address this usage of language, because, dear hearts, when you speak of mass arrests, you are speaking of violence. You are speaking of retribution, you are speaking of revenge. And that is not who you are, it is not who you have ever been, and it is certainly not why you have come.

So, let us alter this phraseology slightly. And let us also, even before we adjust the phraseology, let us also say that the intergalactics, the Galactic Federation, are not responsible for what you think of as mass arrests, of herding those that you hold responsible for the pain and injury and the duality, polarity, the false paradigms of Earth. Have they held that energy and held it very strongly? Yes. But also know, each one of you has also held those paradigms, perhaps not in this life, but in other times and other places. And of course that is why each of you knows exactly what it entails and what it infers and what it feels like.

But let me be very clear these false paradigms, the grids, the illusion that has penetrated Gaia and the planet for eons came from the human collective, not from simply a select few. And yes, there have been a select few who have played their role in this drama, but also, as I have said before and will continue to say to the end of time, is that each soul, each essence, each being carries the bright essence of love, carries the divine spark of Source, of Mother/Father/One. So they are not to be judged.

So, let us change the language, because language is how you communicate upon your dimension, and let us also say that when you are speaking of mass arrests, of the herding up of the guilty, what you are also referring to is an activity that would be very strictly of the old third dimension. And that is not where any of us within the Council of Love or the Company of Heaven are encouraging you to live.

So, why, why, why do you keep reaching back into that quagmire? This we truly do not understand. Now, your question really is, are those who are the resistant group, who are the hold-outs, who have been responsible for what you think of as holding up many of the institutions that are not of love, not of light, and certainly not for the benefit of the collective, are they being dealt with? And to that, I am ready to say yes.

We have a process that you do not understand, because you tend to think in terms of your reality on Earth, of course. But you can think of it as a process of containment and of restraint so that these beings are restrained and contained, and for all intents and purposes, for your purposes and references, they are taken out of action. Or the actions that they are permitted to participate in are mostly illusion, and they do not affect the collective; in fact, if anything, they simply bounce back at the individual.

Each of you is fully aware of the bubbles and the shields within which you operate. And the purpose of those containers, or those layers of protection, which we have spoken very often of, is that nothing that is less than love is allowed to penetrate. But we have never spoken to you, or we have not spoken in such a public forum, let us put it that way, of putting restraints or containers around those who do not wish to contribute to the growth and the evolution and the shift of Gaia and of the human race.

But if you are looking for storm troopers, dear one, if you are looking for the activation of forces, then you are looking in the wrong place, because what you have need to do and what I am asking you to do is to begin to look with your third and fourth eye, and to begin to witness and to observe how these beings are being restrained and contained. And how their, what you think of as their sphere of influence is simply disappearing. And it is disappearing because the new is emerging. Each of you, each of you are in the process of creating Nova Earth, and in that process, of course, you are creating Nova Being, Nova Community, Nova You. So what I am asking of you, in every sense of the word — and you, dear Steve, have been very good, very clear within your platform that I also claim as my own, of being very clear of saying — do not engage in the drama, that this is the time to be the observer, to watch and to allow the unfoldment to occur.

Where you are right now, my beloved friends, is in the creation of the new. Yes, part of that still entails destruction of the old, the removal of the old, the cutting of the cords with those illusions, which we have been asking, pleading, begging you to do for months now. But your biggest activity is in the creation of the new.

So, this I ask of you. Do not become entrenched in what you think is going to be a third dimensional quasi-military maneuver to go to people’s homes and put people in jail or in contained environments. The containment is on a whole, completely different level. Has the fun begun? Yes. But it began with you. It began with the human collective that has already reached the tipping point. It began with you saying that we demand peace on Earth, that we demand truth, that we demand equality, that we require the ability to go forward.

And you have done so, and you are doing so. And let us suggest you are doing so magnificently. Now, the excitement — yes, on our side as well, and certainly with all your galactic and inter-galactic brothers and sisters — is that as that containment proceeds, and it is well underway, what occurs is the resistance to movement forward — such as disclosure, NESARA, all of these undertakings — dissipates and disappears. It simply — that resistance can’t be felt, either physically or emotionally or within your realm of what you think of as societies.

And what we also say is that that containment is done much more rapidly by this side than any military action or police action that could possibly be conceived of on your side. There is not that much cooperation amongst nations. Because, let us be very clear, much of the attention seems to be focused on the United States of America, but these darkness, these what you think of as agents of control, of manipulation, are all over your globe. You know that.

And so it is far easier for us to address this issue. This is part of what we have spoken of, oh, in the past year, of when you have asked “What is the role of the Company of Heaven in the unfoldment of the Divine Plan?” And I have said to you that there are ways and means, and actions, that will be felt, witnessed, upon the planet that are being taken. And they are numerous, far more numerous than you are even aware of, nor do you need to be. What you need to be aware of is the transition, and how your hearts are shifting and opening, and that you are dreaming and creating in new and positive ways. That is what your job is.

Yes, of course, to speak to this, to speak to what many have waited for in terms of a physical reality, of containment. That is but one piece. The true excitement of what each of you has come to Earth to do is truly to participate in the shift, and to create the new reality.

Part of your question to me has always been, “Well, what is the timeline?” And you know that because of this channel we are reticent to give timelines, but we have never varied from this timeline of the end of the year of 2012. Now, we are fully aware that there are many timelines out there — 2o13, 2015, 2030, 2050. What we are saying to you, it is not that this information is incorrect, it is simply a matter of perception. Because as the shift occurs, as the change becomes solid, as solid as anything is in the fifth, sixth, seventh dimensions, is that you are creating. You do not arrive on the other side of a particular date with everything there intact. What is intact is your expanded self, your true essence, the understanding of our partnership, and the partnership with your brothers and sisters of the stars.

But my beloved ones, that is when the real fun begins. That is when truly what you have thought of in the past, the work begins. But it is not work, because it is co-creation.

So, are there new institutions to be built that reflect love and equality, integrity, and knowing? Yes. But do not forget, you are in the full business of co-creation with us. So this is not arduous, this is not tedious, this is not difficult. It is a blessing, that if you choose to remain upon the planet, you assist in the restoration of what she, in concert with all of you — the kingdom and the humans — choose to bring forward. That is why the cities of light hover. When this began, they were in the very, very distant future, 80,000 years away.

There is much I wish to say on this subject, but I know, dear heart, you wish to stick to current events, and so do I. So let me rest, and you may proceed.

SB: All right. Thank you, Lord. Well, I know that our listeners will want to know, from you, any particulars of what’s happening. Is there anything you can tell us, are there any specific details you can give us about the containment, about the operation that has gotten underway? For instance, when could it have [been] said to have begun? What are the galactics actually doing? Or can any of these details be shared?

AAM: Yes. Some of the details of containment can be shared.

SB: Please.

AAM: And it may feel to some of your listeners as harsh, but it is not. And it is certainly less harsh than having a paramilitary operation arrive at your doorstep. Think, because we have been speaking of each of your fields, yes, even the resistant, as expanding as the love of God, of One, of Mother/Father/Son, has penetrated you. Now, that expansion has been according to your own desire and will and your acceptance of the energy. Some have accepted it and who have expanded as big as all of Vancouver. And some have resisted, even though they are still being penetrated, and their field is no larger than their chair or their office.

Now, think of this, and this is a method of containment that has been shared with very few upon your planet and that we are not suggesting that any of you are to undertake. So, think of it as if we put the person, the individual who is … perhaps had a life of what you would think of as negativity in the drama, and we would put a container. That is why we call it containment. Think of a box, think of a storage box. Think of a box that you see coming off the large ships, containers. Only these are containers of light, these are containers of pure energy, these are containers of love. And the individual — or the group, by the way, because there are several where we have simply put an entire group; it is easier that way, and more rapid, by the way — we are placing these beings in containers of light and love.

Their energies that may be disruptive or based on the old paradigms of hatred or greed, control, cruelty, just plain nastiness, my brother — they’re placed in these containers and that energy has no way, because they are sealed, and they are sealed by the mighty ones — myself, Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Jophiel and Gabriel. They are sealed. And in that sealing, their negative actions, emotions, et cetera, cannot escape.

They remain there, continually and constantly penetrated by love and light. Now, the reason we tell you, ask you, guide you, not to do this — first of all, you are not strong enough, and this is something that is done only in very extreme cases. If you look closely at one of these who are contained, sometimes you will hear screams, cries for mercy, false promises of good behavior, but they remain there until such time as the purification is absolutely complete. And that decision of removal lies in the hands of the Mother and Father.

This is a method of bringing peace that has not been utilized — well, it has been utilized by a few select people, human beings that we have given this to, but it has not been used as a strategy, let us put it that way, since the time of intergalactic wars. Even when we removed what you have thought of as the, hmm, negative forces of the ETs, those who were abductors and slave masters, even when they were removed to a different universe about a decade ago, we did not utilize this method.

So, that is what we are doing. That is the methodology that we want you to understand. Now, your true job — yes! — be the very vigilant observer. That is your job. But at the same time, join with us, because we can multitask, you know. Join with your star brothers and sisters in preparing for this co-creation and the arrival of your star brothers and sisters and new ways of being. Because we are helping to simply contain those who have need to be contained so that things can go forward.
It is an act of love. We only do this because we know these beings and these groups deserve, just like all deserve, to be fully embraced in love. And they have been so reticent to do so. We are not altering their free will. They can act out or not within these containers. But it will not go anywhere.

So, can you look for radical change? This began last week. This began last Monday. When I have said to you that the boulder bounding down the hill was picking up speed, this is part of what I am talking about. And I know that sometimes we speak in metaphors, but we do so so that you will understand. We do not do so to be confusing. So, let us even be more specific.
You may look to those, and what we have begun with is those who are what you would think of as heads of state or military coup leaders on the negative side, because it is not the military themselves. This is a disciplined, in many cases loving group that believes that they are acting in the best interests of the country, the nation, regardless of what the nation is. There is a sense of loyalty. Is it misguided loyalty? In many cases, yes. And that is being adjusted. It is being adjusted by love.

So, you can look to the removal of effective power by many who have been in positions of leadership. And we don’t just mean the heads of state; we also mean those in positions of social leadership, financial leadership, because that is very connected to the equalization of resources. Similarly, those who have positions of power in the military, all militaries, who have been fully aware of your star brothers and sisters but who only wish to engage in warring scenarios — well, that is never going to happen. So they are also on our list of containment.

So, look to the changes that all of a sudden things get terribly quiet. That is your sign. Now, in that quietness, we are also joining with you.

There has been a great deal of chaos upon your planet, upon Gaia, and a great deal of misunderstanding. It matters not. Now, as your beloved friends and channels say, now comes the time you have awaited. Now comes the purpose that you have returned to, and that is not only simply the ride to accompany Gaia through this magnificent shift — which we are in awe of, as well as your star brothers and sisters; we are all in concert with this — but you have also to look beyond. Let me put it this way — and I have been very reticent to say this, because as you know there is no desire on the part of my beingness or all of the Council or all of the Company of Heaven to ever give false hope or mislead — but I tell you, the tide has turned. The worst is over. Yes, you may continue.

SB: Thank you, Lord. And of course, for the benefit of our listeners, I should mention as usual that you have anticipated questions of mine, and answered them already. And I’m always amazed when I see that happening, but perhaps I shouldn’t be.

So, Lord, now, is the mechanism of the container the dominant manner in which the Cabal is being incapacitated? We’ve heard of things like stardust, nanotechnology that will be introduced into their bodies. Are those credible statements about stardust and nanotechnology, or is the container the predominant way you’re immobilizing….

AAM: The container is the predominant…. For those who are … can we say…. Let us think of this in terms of gradation. So, it is not that many are not being sprinkled with what we would call stardust, or Jophi-dust, or Tralana-dust or UFOG-dust, or golden-dust. So yes, you are on a very dusty planet right now! And that is simply to allow these particles of energy to penetrate the being, in addition to the energy that is already being sent from Mother/Father/One, in addition to the energy and the cocooning that is taking place by your star brothers and sisters — do not forget that.

The nanotechnology is not being placed into those who are, hmm, can we say, who have been part of the false grid. The nanotechnology, which is truly a gift from your star brothers and sisters, is being placed primarily — and we have to distinguish in this regard — but it is being placed primarily and voluntarily within those who are getting ready to be the recipients of new technology.

SB: Okay, Lord.

AAM: Such as yourself.

SB: Are you talking to me, Lord? Myself? [laugh]

AAM: Yes, I am.

SB: I’m happy to be the recipient of new technology, and I can’t wait.

Can you please spell out for us Jophi-dust and Tralana-dust, so that we know how to …

AAM: Yes. Jophi-dust is the dust and the essence of Archangel Jophiel, and he gives this gift freely to awaken, enliven, and clear human beings. So it is the Jophi, J O P H I. Tralana is the Healers of Tralana, and they often appear as tiny particles of dust as well. And they have been extremely busy upon your planet. T R A L A N A.

So yes, you are being bombarded by gifts, and by assistance. So, are the containers the only thing that is being done? Absolutely not. It is simply the most radical thing that is being done.

SB: All right, Lord. What can we expect to see now? There will be some people who are in containers, but a lot of them, in the case of a lot of them we won’t know they are. What can we expect to look around….

AAM: Look at them.

SB: Sorry?

AAM: Look at them. Look at them. Choose one that you think, or know — because there is a lot of false thinking, as well — choose an individual whom you know has been part of a negative drama. And with your heart, and yes, your third and fourth eye — which has been activated, do not deny it; and I am not simply speaking to you, Steve, I am speaking to everyone who is listening — go into your heart and look at your favorite evil villain, and observe, from the place of observation. Look at them. Now, do not interfere with the container. Do not even go close. And then, track them. Pay attention to the impact or the actions that that individual is actually able to have, and you will see, it is nil.

SB: All right, Lord. Being contained doesn’t interfere with their ability to eat, or things like that, does it?
AAM: No.

SB: All right. All right…

AAM: It only …

SB: Yeah, please?

AAM: … contains them in terms of their ability to do harm. If their actions are of love and light, then they are harmonious with the container. But if they are not, they simply bounce back to the individual.

SB: All right.

AAM: And that is a very, very intense experience to have. It is of such intensity that the individual usually chooses to simply shift.

SB: Okay. Now, you said that one of the visible signs is that things will fall quiet. You’ve told us to look with our third eye, fourth eye and heart. Other people out there will immediately, I think, begin to say, “Well, what else? What else can we see? What else will we notice? Will President Obama speak about this soon?”

AAM: We have said, and we continue to say, that President Obama will speak about the need for peace. And as you know, that not as a primary election announcement, that the quietly, softly, disclosure will come, and then very shortly thereafter you will see the beginning of a shift in what you think of as your financial or your currency systems. And that is already underway. You are seeing the dissolution.

Now, we are not pushing that so rapidly so as to cause people to be in panic; that we do not wish to have people rushing on the banks and feeling that they have no resources. That is not the idea. So it will be orderly, and it will be quiet. And it will be an equalization process the likes of which the Earth has never witnessed.

SB: That’s very good news, Lord. We will want to know who we can rely on for credible information and we have a number of Earth Allies who are offering themselves as spokespeople. Are these Earth Allies, first of all, credible? And second of all, where in the mainstream media, where in other sources, can we go to to find the best information on these events?

AAM: Go first and foremost to your star brothers and sisters, to the Company of Heaven. And I do not say this in any way to discredit or diminish the Earth Allies. It is simply that the perspective and the understanding of perhaps a larger picture is very desirable at this time.

Now, I do not wish to say to eliminate Earth sources — of course not. Because you are human beings and you want to hear, you want to experience what each of you are saying, experiencing, perceiving. And it is in the Earthly realm that you are tracking and sharing the experiences of the change that encourage you to go forward and do your co-creation with us.

But what I would suggest first and foremost is to look — no, not just to this channel, of course not, but — to the many channels that have beautiful, clean track records of speaking for their star brothers and sisters, and for those who are very much in the purity of connection with the Company of Heaven.

So, if it feels like drama, if it feels like revenge, if it feels lower vibration, then bless it, pray for it, and let it go.

Now, having said that — and I say this not only to you, my brother, my brother in arms, my fellow warrior of peace, I say it to each listener — you have our ultimate trust. We are constantly amazed by you. The final discernment is your heart. And when you go to your heart and say, “Does this article feel like love, or does it feel like it is trying to trap me back in the old third?” trust the answer that arises within you. Trust that the new realm, Nova Earth, cannot and will not be built on violence, on hatred, on revenge. It cannot be.

First of all, Gaia will not have it. And let us speak of that, as well. Let us speak of all the fear that is rampant amongst many of you with regard to Gaia and her shift. Now, let us also suggest to you that Gaia and her shift is mostly accomplished. So, you are catching up, and she is embracing you and catching you and lifting you up even as we speak — as are your star brothers and sisters.

Please, look into the night sky and see. And if you are in the isolated places, if you can go to a field, a meadow, the deep woods, a mountain, go, during the day, because they are there and they are waiting to welcome you and show themselves, particularly the Pleiadians.

There is not going to be a pole shift in Gaia. We do not know how many times we have need to say this, but we are pleased to repeat it one more time. There will not be a pole shift of Gaia. Was this the original plan? Yes. Have you, as lightworkers, lightholders and your star brothers and sisters changed this plan? Yes. You are mighty creators. And Gaia came to realize that this did not need to occur in order for her to transcend dimensional reality; that the humans did not need to be shrugged off, but could accompany her in peace and joy and love and be part of the new creation.

Is there some cleansing that is already going on? Yes. Is it part of what you think of as the Cabal? No. Is it a part of some misplaced human efforts? Yes. But you have a series of questions on this, and I jump in front of you, dear Steve. Go ahead.

SB: Well, but I just hope our listeners understand that those are the next questions that I was about to ask you. I think people really need to get that you are answering my questions one by one.

So, you said no pole shift, which I was going to ask you, and that includes no three days of darkness, right? And by the way, I have a …

AAM: That is correct.

SB: … I have a few questions …

AAM: There may be, because the electrical magnetic grid is being readjusted, you may have some short outages. You may have, oh, 24 hours sometimes, without full power. So, of course, it is always prudent and wise to keep some supplies on hand, and water, of course. And that is something that we will wish to address in another situation or another show, because we have a lot to talk about with water.

But no, there will not be three days of darkness.

SB: All right.

AAM: That would not be a good way for us to start out with you, would it?

SB: No. No, it wouldn’t.

The wildfires in Colorado, the storms in the eastern United States — they were natural. Could you tell us, are you saying that the wildfires in Colorado were part of cleansing?

AAM: Part of the cleansing, yes. Now, one of the fires was started by a human being, erroneously …

SB: All right.

AAM: … by accident. And that will come to be discovered. But no, that is simply part of cleansing.

SB: All right.

AAM: The storms that have been raging throughout the southeast — and you aren’t done yet — no, there will not be massive hurricanes, but there will be mighty storms.

There is so much you are releasing, as a collective. And might I say there has been a great deal historically stored in the northeast. I do not say that in criticism, because this is also a place of high creativity, and of density. I do not mean emotional density, spiritual density, I mean population density. So there is a lot being released into the air, and the storms are clearing it.

They are working with the elements, who are also your brothers and sisters, to simply dissipate what is being let go of.

SB: All right, Lord. What about the prediction that there would be significant seismic activity that will cause extensive coastal flooding that will necessitate the galactics coming down and relocating large segments of the population? Is that true? Is it in the cards?

AAM: It has been in the cards at one point, at one juncture. And it is certainly within the potential of what your brothers and sisters of the stars are capable of — let us be very clear about that. And would it not be a wonderful way for them to play hero and helper? But no, that is highly, highly, highly, highly unlikely.

SB: All right, Lord, and …

AAM: Again, because Gaia …. Will there be some flooding? Yes. Will there be flooding of that magnitude? No.

SB: All right, Lord. There was a recent …

AAM: Gaia wishes to protect you.

SB: Thank you. Sorry. I am sorry to rush, but we’re nearing the end of the program and I’m trying to get these in.
There was a recent channeled message that said that negative alien — no, the clones of negative aliens, the archons, were still around the planet. It’s my understanding that all negative aliens and — well, let’s start with negative aliens — have gone from the planet. I don’t know if …

AAM: They were removed quite some time ago.

SB: All right. And what about their clones?

AAM: No, their clones, think of it as a beetle that simply dries up and dies.

SB: All right, and …

AAM: No their clones are not present upon the planet.

SB: Okay, so that…

AAM: And if they were, they would be herded up as a collective and put in a container. But they are not here.

SB: So that particular channeled message was bogus, was it?

AAM: It was old.

SB: No, no, I’m thinking of the …

AAM: You know, this is the thing that some people do not always understand. And we know we are short on time. But sometimes a message comes through, but it, as it is traveling through what you think of as time and space, it is an old message.

SB: All right. I’m trying not to give the name of the channeled message I’m referring to, which appeared just a few …

AAM: No, there is no need. Simply know, no aliens of negativity, no clones of negativity. The brothers and sisters of the stars that are here to help you hold only love, on Earth and off.

SB: All right. So there’s no need for the population of Earth to go up in ships, to go down to the Inner Earth? Is that correct?

AAM: You may go up on the ships. And you may go into Inner Earth. And I am inviting you, as is Gaia, to visit her council fire every night. Is there a need in terms of survival? No.

SB: All right. Okay, Lord, the – a listener from Colorado asked me to ask you to bless the people in Colorado and New Mexico who are suffering.

AAM: I would be glad to do so. And I will add the blessing of our beloved Universal Mother to these beautiful states, this country of our Lady of Guadalupe, and the home of the Emerald Heart, Colorado, where, by the way, many, many of your star brothers and sisters are arriving, and have for 20 years.

We bless you, we shield you, we love you. Farewell.

SB: Thank you, Lord. Thank you very much for that wonderful information. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 07-02-12