You are fully moving into your role as Creator Race and that is why I am asking you to join my beloved and I in the dreaming because frankly my friends, most of you are dreaming too small.

Greetings, I AM Jesus Sananda, I AM Jeshua, welcome my beloved friends, brothers and sisters of my heart and the Magdalena and I join you this day and we join you in love and in wholeness and support and in dreaming. And allow us to take your hand as well, for we too are part of this sacred circle and we always have been. You are in a time of massive, rapid change and that is the best news I can bring to you for it is what we have all awaited and prayed, worked, observed, participated and stood back, for all of these are part of creation. Yes, I know we have spoken in several different ways, but I wish to speak to you and to your hearts intimately. My friends, my family, I wish to speak to you about dreaming. Yes we have had many conversations about creation and co-creation and certainly the co-creation of Nova Earth and yes, Nova Being, Nova Society, Nova Reality is well underway. But I am asking you to take more time to dream, not just to visualize but to allow your heart and mind and your very soul essence to soar and to begin to dream the new reality. You are not arriving in the 6th, the 7th, and some in the 5th reality with it all pre-constructed; this is not a pre-fab situation. Yes there are many elements in place and there are elements that will absolutely be missing as you leave behind the old paradigms of the 3rd dimension and that is good news to all of us and certainly to all of you. But out of the dreaming comes what you are choosing to create and co-create and the unity of your being and the unity of this circle, of what you wish to bring forward in terms of environments and concretely in terms of buildings, situations, institutions, ways of doing things.

My beloved Mary, my Mary, my wife, my Magdalena and I used to spend a great deal of time together dreaming. And yes, each of us was fully aware of the very likely unfoldment of our life and our family’s life together during my incarnation as Jeshua and hers as Mary Magdalena. But that did not stop us from dreaming. The reason I bring this up my dear hearts is that she and I dreamed this time, this time when peace would be restored, where love would reign on earth, where freedom would be the air that all beings breathed, where sweetness would be the way and gentleness would be the watchword of how people would treat each other and how communities would live and thrive. The foundation was laid so long ago, long before my incarnation, even before Atlantis, although that was also a time when we felt that success would be forthcoming.

The Divine Plan of our Mother is not only infinite, it is eternal but this portion of it, this fulfillment of it and yes, this vision of it was something that Mary and I spent all kinds of time thinking and dreaming and talking about, because it made it all worthwhile. I’ve been human as has she, as is she and we know that in human terms that time sometimes stretches and you say “When will this take place? When will we see the tangible shift?” But my beloved friends, you are the tangible shift. Look in the mirror and see how you perceive yourself and your world around you. You are fully moving into your role as Creator Race and that is why I am asking you to join my beloved and I in the dreaming because frankly my friends, most of you are dreaming too small.

Yes I do not in any way wish to minimize your burdens and for some of you it is health challenges, for some of you it is money and finance, yes Caesar’s coinage along with unjust taxation, unjust imprisonment, there are many kinds of imprisonment you know. For some of you it is the loneliness as you yearn for your spiritual family, your unique partner, your star brothers and sisters, I do not minimize that because I know of the heaviness of your heart. But if I could ask you to just set that slightly aside as if you were constructing something out of building blocks or Legos on a dining room table and you took those worries and you put them off in a corner to your right-hand side where we can take care of them and then you left the rest of the table clear for your dreaming and building and in that building and in that construction of the reality that you see and foresee and participate in creating, all of those old issues which are simply telltale signs of the 3rd will be addressed.

So as you are dreaming, dream of community so that you are not simply, etherically holding hands with those you love, but that you are gathered around that dining room table and you are holding hands as you give blessings for the food that you have all co-created and had a great deal of fun doing, that you are sharing laughter and sweetness and that that vision and closeness is repeated all up and down the streets of every community all over your planet. And that there is food on every table and fresh water to drink and if it is a wedding, I will provide the wine.

I am asking you to expand, expand your vision and begin to truly build, because it is all underway, it is not some distant date, you are already shifted. Gaia is firmly entrenched in the 5th, through the 7th. Your feet are upon her, therefore it is only the idea and the belief system of the 3rd dimension, the old 3rd dimension that remains. Think of this, what I share with you, this good news, it is only an idea. And yes the Mighty Ones, the Archangels, Mikhail, Raphael, Uriel, Jophiel and our beloved Gabrielle are very busy cleaning that up. So it is not something you need concern yourself with. You are being freed up and I want you to go for this with the ease and grace and crystal clear clarity that you already have. And if you are not clear, if you are not sure, then come to the 13th Octave and rest there; come to the Warehouse of Heaven and collect the codes and create. We are all willing to help you because we are your family as clearly as you are each others family. We love you and there is nothing we would not do to assist you as you are assisting us, as each of you are fulfilling my Mary and my dream, the Mother’s dream.

Let us go forward together in this creation and co-creation. Let there be no such thing as even a hint of a breeze that says ‘limitation’. Dream your world because it is yours, it is Terra Nova and it is yours and it is mine and then we can return and walk together and this I look forward to. Go with my love and go in peace my sweet family. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon