you are not always going to agree or like what we have to tell you but our purpose is to deliver these messages, this sharing and love and truth and an honoring of your ability to discern, and to bring forth the highest and best part of who you are…
GD: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel, with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The Great Awakening, and Steve Beckow of the 2012scenario. I’m GD.
Our guest today is Archangel Michael. So, with that I’ll pass it on to you, Steve.
Steve Beckow: Welcome, Lord. I’m going to try to reflect back to you the feelings of listeners and readers [to, through?] their email this past week. I think about 60 percent of listeners are very happy that there won’t be mass arrests and the possibility of social unrest that could accompany it, and about 30 percent are frustrated that the mass arrests, which we’ve been discussing since February 2012, have been cancelled. This was seen as the first visible evidence that the 2012 Ascension scenario was real.
Matthew Ward also said in his last message that the Universal High Council decided to delay Disclosure. People have been asking for something visible, something concrete to give to the people around them who think they’ve taken leave of their senses by supporting what is even at the present time something that is really only discussed on paper. So, in my question of you today, I’ll be attempting to bring out any particular details or anything else that can be seen as evidence and action being taken.
So, let me ask you first. You said you would speak to SaLuSa about his discussion of mass arrests. Did you have a talk with him?
Archangel Michael: Let us suggest that SaLuSa has been spoken with, yes, that is correct, and that there is a common understanding on our side. But let us begin somewhere else, as well.
SB: Please, Lord.
AAM: And that is for you to understand — and I do not mean you, Steve, I mean everybody who listens to us this night — that you are not always going to agree or like what we have to tell you. But our purpose is to deliver these messages, and this sharing and love and truth and an honoring of your ability to discern, and to bring forth the highest and best part of who you are.
Now, I do not in any way nay-say those who yearn and who are anxious for evidence. But what I also suggest to you is look around you — and I know I keep saying this every week, every month, but the changes that are assisting the evolution and the jump into Ascension of the human collective are massive. And they are not necessarily based on grand events or dates. What they are based on is the shift in consciousness, the shift in heart.
So, one of the things I would ask of those who are disheartened or discouraged is to look at your hearts and see why, see why this fear, and this uncertainty, still lingers there. And look at your family, your neighbors. You say that they are thinking that you are crazy, that they are looking for tangible results, that they are looking for understanding? But that is what you are offering them. Do not forget, my beloved friends, that the information that is disclosed, the information that is shared not only comes from us or your star brothers and sisters, it comes from your expanded awareness as well.
And yes, we know that very often you feel that you are a voice crying in the wilderness. And we understand that feeling very clearly. But that is also what it is to be amongst the first, to be the way-showers. That is part of what you have volunteered to bring these matters to attention.
There are indications in your media, in your everyday existence, of massive social change, and yes, even social unrest — a financial change, a change in attitudes, and particularly attitudes towards our realm, the realm of the star brothers and sisters, the presence of such beings. So this is shifting.
But I have interrupted you, dear Steve, and I did not mean to do so. I simply wished to remind everybody that part of the shift and part of the Ascension for the human collective is the changes that you are observing each and every day within your sweet selves.
SB: Well, perhaps, Lord, I could offer myself as a kind of a guinea pig here, and maybe we can illustrate what you’re talking about from my own experience. I feel more able to take upsets without going down into despair. I feel more flexible. I can get off things. I think you know that I’m dealing with a number of issues at the moment among lightworkers, but I feel able to say, “Okay,” you know, “I’m off it.”
Is some of this buoyancy and flexibility what you are referring to?
AAM: Yes, it is. Because what you have done and what the lightworkers and lightholders, and those who do not even know that they are lightworkers and lightholders, are doing is as they are rising or shifting into inter-dimensionality, trans-dimensionality, is that they are shedding the old paradigms. So, what would have bothered you enormously before simply becomes an irritant to be observed, to be looked at and let go, or healed if that is the case.
It is the feeling not of separation but of unification, of understanding not only are you directly united in the heart of One, but you are also directly united to each other, that there is no separation. So, if there is an external irritant or issue or something that has need to be addressed, then it is simply something within your sacred self, and that there is no need, and there is certainly never any desire, or requirement, for your to go into despair or drama. In fact, the ability to not do that is the clearest indicator of how you are advancing.
SB: So, that very circumstance is one of the big sources of evidence that we have right at this moment?
AAM: That is true, and that is correct.
SB: Maybe I can just mention for listeners that Jeshua or Jesus through Pamela Kribbe very recently has talked about what you’re talking about right now, how just observing our upsets and letting our awareness heal them and have them dissipate is the way that we’re going to be going from now on in, I would imagine.
Can you speak to that, Lord? About the healing power of awareness?
AAM: The healing power of awareness is the very significant element of the shift, of what you think of as your Ascension. Understand — and yes, this has been in process for a very long time, and the words of Yeshua still hold, to this very day — so, it is to be aware of what irritates you, but also to be able to hold the vibration of awareness of love, that there is nothing really distinct or separate about anybody or anything, and that within that unified field comes the understanding of yourself, and your self within the whole.
When you can be in the place of the observer, you remove all the old false images of the judge, of the provocateur, of the victim, of the martyr. All of these dissipate and simply disappear because it is not the truth of who you are. And in that also comes the fact that you do not truly allow — within that realm, within that dimension, within that reality — anyone else to play those roles either.
We are not saying they may not try as they kick and scream their way through the portal, but you are not attaching to it. You are aware of what is transpiring, but you are not attaching to it. That is why we did not wish for any of you to be involved in this issue of what you have called human collective mass arrests. That is why we have shared — which we rarely do — what we are up to in terms of the transformation, the containment, if you will, of those who are in the processes of change.
So, yes, the greatest evidence — and, might I suggest, the greatest evidence for you to rely on — is yourself and the mirror of those that you hold near and dear to you.
SB: I’m very torn at this moment, Lord, because I do want to discuss the containment with you, what may be happening, et cetera, but if we could just not leave this topic or question of awareness for a moment. It’s becoming my increasing suspicion that the new paradigm is the Divine Qualities. And that God heals. And God is love; love heals. God is awareness; awareness heals.
Can you — can you discuss that with me for a bit, to let me know if that is the right direction, or if that is correct, what my suspicions are?
AAM: It is not a suspicion, my friend, it is a knowing. So, let us get rid of this word as well.
SB: All right.
AAM: Let us get rid of suspicions and come to trust the knowings. Yes. There is only one thing — we do not care whether you call it Source or One or God — but that is Love. And that is what Ascension and the transformation is about. It is the restoration of Love and the plan of Love, the experience, the knowing, the being, and the return of your essence, of all beings’ essence on the planet, to Love.
You have been given the gift, yes, I will say, of divine union, of the ability to connect within the heart of One. You are being given gifts and methodologies and ways — and yes, even though this channel always avoids it, the thirteenth octave is the process of divine union. And part of that union is the re-awakening of what you call the divine qualities, of the blessings and virtues of love. And it is the way in which the realms beyond the old illusion of the third dimension operate.
So, there cannot be behaviors or experiences that you think of as blame or shame or guilt or fault. None of this exists, because as you enter into the place of love, as you unite with All in love, then everything else disappears.
And how you experience even physicality — it shifts. It shifts not only substantially, permanently, but in the material realm as well. To think that you cannot [can?] be in the other realities and dimensions and not have a physical experience is not correct. Your awareness of that experience becomes very different, as you have begun to see and to feel. But that does not eliminate having a physical experience.
But as you are shifting into a different realm of awareness, a different realm of being, then how you are in your essence, in your beingness, how you feel, how you think, how you behave becomes very different. So yes, that is the awareness, not only that you are loved, but that you are the essence of love, that there can be no separation. There is only unity.
SB: So …
AAM: That was always the Plan.
SB: So, what you’re describing —
AAM: That is why we do not expel. That is why we do not limit. That is why we do not say, “Oh, you are the chosen ones, and you are the diminished and excluded.” That is not of love. So, love welcomes.
And as people are loved, as the collective and perhaps those who have lived in what we would call the places of darkness — which is very lonely and isolated — as they feel and as they are penetrated, not only by the love of One, the love from their star brothers and sisters, but the love of human beings, as that is experienced, they change. They shift.
It is the greatest gift. It is beyond measure, and in many ways it is the only gift.
SB: So you’re describing the philosophy behind containment, the mechanics. But you’re also describing in a more general way, it seems to me, a process by which we’re becoming more God-like. And as we become more God-like, there are changes in our environment and surroundings which reflect our movement closer to God. Am I correct in that?
AAM: Yes. You are becoming more clearly the creator race, fulfilling the circle of evolution that has been slated in this unfoldment. So, yes, you are becoming more God-like because you are becoming more connected and aware of that connection to One.
SB: All of these things that you are saying — unity, love, awareness — all of these are features of what we think of as God. I’m just impressed with this blossoming that’s happening.
AAM: You know what? So are we.
SB: [laugh]
AAM: And that needs to be said. And more importantly, I hope it needs to be heard, for the human beings, and particularly what you have referred to as your 30 percent, to understand that they are blossoming as well; for them to have increasingly the experience of the wonder of their own awareness, of their own connection.
Yes, we are fully conscious that there is still a great deal of shifting and a great deal of growth — and yes, even some what we would call clearing and housekeeping — to be done. But how that takes place, how the Plan takes place is, first, the changes within you. It is not imposed. There have been enough impositions from what you think of as your physical reality, from your social structures, from your financial institutions, from the denigration of trust in many of your institutions.
SB: Well, if I may, Lord, return to the doubts expressed by the 30 percent, because I know they would want me to address this with you, to hear your answer, many have heard the galactics say that everything is planned out to the last detail. They have said there will be changes, and we know that, but when the mass arrests were let go of, which the galactics had been speaking of since last February, it doesn’t make it look as if things are planned down to the last detail. It raises in their minds the idea that the galactics and the celestials may not be speaking to each other.
So, can you address that objection from readers and listeners, please?
AAM: Yes. I would be happy to. And you also need to understand that things are planned down to, as you have put it, the very last detail, and they are also planned with a complete adherence and honoring of human free will. And if there is a wild card, if there is a factor that is variable, that is it. And even as recently as a few months ago we looked and observed and wondered whether the collective free will would be strong enough, and move quickly and rapidly and clearly enough, in the direction to make this shift and to make it in a timely manner, in your framework.
So, are things planned down to the last detail? Now, also understand, there is a difference between your star brothers and sisters, the galactics and the inter-galactics, and their role and their reality and what they do and do not do, and what we do and do not do. So, you may think that what the galactics address, if you were to think of it in human terms, is very much organized and planned out — and it is not that we are not talking, because we are — in very detailed ways. But those variables are also given several scenarios.
So, that is one aspect of what you are asking.
SB: All right, Lord …
AAM: But it is not …. Go ahead.
SB: Oh, no, please, please. It’s you they want to hear from, not me.
AAM: It is not set in stone, because we are working with a malleable situation — not Gaia, not the kingdoms, not the elements, but the humans. And one of the greatest parts of this Plan is for the humans to claim their birthright and their freedom and to fully remember who they really are, whether it is starseed or earth-keeper or angel, it matters not, because most of you are all of the above.
Now, let me also say this, that when you are speaking, or listening, as the case may be, to the galactics or inter-galactics or to various beings, they have a way of communicating, and they have a unique perspective that is situated in their awareness of who they are and their role in the unfoldment. A doctor in rural Africa has a very different perspective of medicine and community care than someone working in a clinic in the heart of New York City.
Does it make one right or one inaccurate? No. There are simply differences in what you are looking at and where you are focusing and what you are prepared to do and what you think you are going to do. And might I say that the perspective that the galactics and inter-galactics, and particularly the Unified Forces, have of what you think of as mass arrests is very different than any kind of human understanding.
So, sometimes there is a translation issue.
SB: Could I interrupt you there, Lord? Would you mind? I think that’s an important point to reinforce with readers, if you want to reinforce it, and that’s that when the galactics spoke of mass arrests they were speaking of it as they would carry it out and not as we would carry it out. And that what you were saying about mass arrests earlier was about how we would carry it out. Is that correct? Because I don’t think readers understood that, the first go-round. Is that going …
AAM: That is very correct.
SB: Could you just say a little about that to listeners so they get that distinction firmly in their minds, please?
AAM: [What? Whit?] happens, and it follows on our conversation about awareness and how the awareness of your brothers and sisters of the stars, of the galactics and inter-galactics, are operating from a different frequency, from a different dimensional reality than the human collective is at this point in time. In that awareness there is not room, there is no r0om for violence, for cruelty, for control.
Why do you think they have stood down for so long trying to quell human fears, that they would not come if it would create panic? What could be more loaded with panic than the inter-galactics arriving to arrest masses of people?
SB: [ ? ]
AAM: That would not be of love. And it is not within their realm of possibility.
Now, if it was a human action it would drag so many of you back into the old paradigm of what we call the old third dimension that you have been leaving, abandoning with great delight and glee …. My brother, the human collective does not have a stellar track record in terms of taking gently such an issue as mass arrests. It is tinged with hatred and cruelty, control and violence, and exclusion, and the removal of the very awareness, the divine qualities that we have been speaking of, of love and unity, of prudence and fortitude, compassion and forgiveness.
Compassion and forgiveness in this entire conversation have been dismally absent. And that is sad, because we know that, in fact, the hearts of the humans, of all of you, are enormously compassionate and, in fact, very, very forgiving.
Often you tend to judge yourself harshly, but as we look at you, look how often you forgive a neighbor, a mate, a family member, a friend, and you put it behind you. Look how often you take a situation and say, “Well, it’s okay. It was a mistake. And we’ll do what we can to fix it, to mend it, and we’ll go on together.”
Your compassion for one who is sick or ill or dying, for an animal or a child in distress, for an elderly one who is feeble — that compassion is monumental, and it is known throughout the Universe. So, we would not wish to present you with situations that would tear away at these wonderful qualities that you have.
Contrary to that, both the galactics, the inter-galactics, the archangels and what you refer to as the Company of Heaven, the Council of Love, how we are supporting you and how we are serving the Mother/Father/One is by building on those qualities, by supporting that awareness, that perhaps within your heart there is a different way to proceed and to look at things, to experience your daily life, that does not make you feel hunted and haunted and persecuted, but that acknowledges your innate freedom and your ability to create.
So, the things that we are doing — and yes, sometimes the language is misunderstood — but the actions and the support that we are undertaking are to build on those different qualities of dimensionality so that those false illusions — yes, put in place by the human collective, not by the Divine — simply disintegrate, dust to dust, ashes to ashes, that you may rise again and fly free with us.
Why do you think that these conversations, that this inspiration for this wonderful undertaking that all of you are doing within my radio, why was this inspiration placed within each of you? Because these conversations, the growing of understanding amongst all involved, is important. It is pivotal, it is crucial, because it contributes and it builds on the harmony. It includes you, and it includes us — in your consciousness, in your thoughts, in how you approach things. Similarly, the wonderful channels for the galactics and the inter-galactics — they share that perspective.
But when the conversation takes place amongst all of us, the guiding question is, what is love? What honors what the human collective is building rapidly? This is not simply a Divine Plan that is being set down upon you. It is co-creative. It is a Divine partnership, of which we keep repeating ourselves and saying, you are included within.
So, yes, if the language of different channels or of different, can we say, sectors is questionable or different, then by all means, ask us. We will clarify. That is our role.
SB: Thank you, Lord. Let me say that in the remaining 20 minutes I have three questions, and I’ll mention them here so we are sure to touch on each. One is that — I’ll be saying this in greater detail — but people are worried that the cabal will get away with murder, that they’ll remain in their positions, and they’re frightened by that possibility.
The second is perhaps if you could talk about the more fuller program within which containment sits, because we know that there are removals of the top Illuminati to the inter-galactic courts, we know that there are walk-ins. And if you could talk about the complete program under which the Illuminati are being addressed, that would be helpful.
And the last is a question from a reader who is being taken to the cleaners by JP Morgan, and she wants your advice on the impact of the containment on those who are losing their homes. So, if we could come to that last.
Could we start with people who are thinking that the cabal is about to get away with murder and that the same cabal types are going to be left in charge of their same portfolios, as John Roberts is? They have in their memory Operation Paperclip where the US allowed Nazis to immigrate and enrolled them into the CIA and rocket program. Can you offer any words of assurance to people who fear that they will remain under Illuminati rule?
AAM: Yes. The fear that you are being ruled by those who have power and control over you, by what you call dark forces, dark hats, the cabal, it is a completely understandable fear, but it is also a fear that it is time to let go of.
These beings, as we have said, are part of containment. And that is because they require, let us say, greater assistance than perhaps others do; that they are in that resistant, very resistant, group, but they will not be left to continue to rule, as you put it, or continue to reign in power, because that is simply not part of what is acceptable, what is even possible, in the fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth dimensions. It is — it is not possible.
So, yes, these ones are being penetrated not only by the love from the heart of Mother/Father, but by the containment chambers, as you would call it, the boxes of light that they are being placed within. And yes, there are things — and we will not explain to you the entire plan, because it would boggle your mind, and you would probably not understand it, and it is not our way to disclose everything, at this juncture, anyway — but let us just say that these beings that have been in positions of authority, who do not have the welfare of the collective or the restoration of love in their hearts, are being dealt with.
They are being dealt with by inter-galactics, they are being dealt with by Unified Forces, they are being dealt with by galactics, they are being dealt with by us. But our way of dealing with them is not simply to herd them into a prison, or to place them into places of cruelty where they would be tortured or maimed or hurt because of what the perception is that they have done.
Because, do not forget, this is about the elimination of the old and the drama; it is not about creating further chaos. Yes, you would be shocked to fully comprehend the number of walk-ins upon your planet, and you would be shocked to know the number of star beings upon your planet as well, that have been migrating continually for almost a year now.
So, are there walk-ins that are taking the roles of people who have been in positions of authority? Yes. Because rather than shift, when these souls are confronted with such bright light — there are situations when they simply are so exhausted and so tired and so overwhelmed by what this life has been that they have simply asked to return home, to come home and rest and regenerate, so that they would have the restoration of love, so that they would bask in the glory of One.
And that request is being heard very frequently, and not just by those that you think of as peoples in positions of leadership. But that is what we are addressing right now. But there are masses … and there are masses on this side who have said, “Let me go back and be part of this shift! I had no idea!” So it is like refreshing the troops, as it were.
There is huge, massive advantage to keeping people in their positions of what you think of as authority as they have a change of heart, as they have a change in perspective, because this is going to help them in their decision-making to change. And yes, Jamie Dimon is one of the people that is being contained, by the way.
SB: I don’t know who Jamie Diamond is, Lord. Who is that?
AAM: Your reader will.
SB: My reader will? Really?
AAM: Yes.
SB: So, you’re addressing yourself to one of our readers?
AAM: There are many people in positions of authority — in finance, in government, in military, in social leadership — that are being deeply affected, yes, some that are joining and, mmm, we would not say so much being held accountable in what you think of as courts of law as simply perhaps being rehabilitated. Let us put it that way.
SB: Is it possible to name names, Lord? I think that would be … or could I suggest some people?
AAM: Yes, although we are not keen to name names, because then what happens is it creates an energy around that person that they become defensive and observed, and the work that is taking place becomes more difficult.
SB: All right. Well, maybe we should let that go, then.
I would like to get this question squeezed in before the end of the hour. We can then turn to a discussion of containment, if you would permit me.
A reader has outlined her difficulties with JP Morgan. It sounds like she’s being thoroughly defrauded. They’re changing the amounts of the mortgage freely, they’re changing the conditions of the mortgage freely, and she’s worried that she’ll be losing her house. And she writes, “The containment: How is this to impact the steady increase of people being removed from their homes every day?”
Can you address that question first, Lord, please?
AAM: Yes, because the maintenance of the home, of a sacred space, of a nest, is very important, and we have spoken to this. It is one of the human qualities that we understand very intimately and fully.
What we would suggest, first of all, make sure that you are seeking the brightest, lightest legal help, free legal help. But yes, we are placing containment around that entire situation, so it will be reversed. So the suggestion that we make to you, the guidance that we give to you, is hang on.
SB: Hang on by any means, Lord?
AAM: [ ? ] The tide will turn. And be vigilant, vigilant in what you are documenting, what you are doing, how you are fighting. Use my sword and shield. I will help you. I will help each and every one of you.
SB: All right, Lord. Well, I’m sure that will be reassuring to her.
Do you …. There are readers who have said, okay, so now we aren’t having the mass arrests. So, now, does this mean you’re starting the containment program? If you’re just starting it, when will it show results? When will it be over? When can we be free?
AAM: It is already underway, as you know. And as we have said, this is a procedure or a process that has been rarely used throughout the multiverse. So, you can start to see tangible results.
Start looking to people that you would think of as wearing the wrong color hat doing things that are compassionate and kind, and what you would also think of as out of character. Start paying attention to the actions of those that you have deemed to be ill advised. And this is a very rapid process. Oh, there are some that will resist. But that is not enough to change the tide. It is not enough to change what is already underway.
So, you can see results very quickly, certainly in this month and throughout the summer months, as you think of them, because you are picking up speed. Your job is to be the observer, yes, to take action that is of love, of clarity, of compassion, of healing, but to stay your course of Ascension. Do not get dragged into what we are doing. We are taking care of it.
So, this is partially being the observer, and yes, practicing hope and trust, the Divine Qualities of the Mother. I have great trust in her, and I have great trust in each and every one of you.
SB: Lord, could you give us a more detailed word picture of what containment looks to somebody from the inside? I mean, for instance, just to give you a very crass example, they don’t see a box, do they? What do they see? What do they feel? What do they experience — in more detail than you did last time — when they do something that’s against the principles of the [containment, container?]?
AAM: In fact, some do see the box. Of course, it is just bright white light. It is just love. But those who are aware — and we would suggest that those who have been working on these issues are aware individuals — so some do perceive that they have had some form of containment placed around them.
But what it feels like to them is that they are feeling a great deal more love from the collective. They think that the human race is becoming a nicer place to be, or the Earth is a nicer place to be, and they are beginning to feel more compassionate when they try and act in ways that are not of love or of light or of compassion. It feels as if they have had that energy bounced back at them. So it hurts, not in a physical way, but it is very, very uncomfortable, and the discomfort is so strong that they do not want to have that feeling or that experience or that environment around them. So there is a great deal of disintegration and elimination that is happening as they proceed and shift.
SB: Do they feel they’ve been enlightened?
AAM: Eventually.
SB: [laugh] They don’t mistake it for an accomplishment of their own, do they, that they’ve suddenly realized something?
AAM: No. That is not permitted.
SB: Do you talk to them? Do they …
AAM: Part of the awakening is the understanding that you are connected. So it cannot be that a containment of light would allow for such an ego conclusion.
SB: All right. Do you talk to them? When somebody is in a cocoon of light on the other side, astral planes, after taking their own life or something like that, voices actually speak to them. Whether they can get through to them or not is another matter. Do you speak to the people in containment?
AAM: Yes, we do.
SB: And do they know who’s talking?
AAM: Yes, they do.
SB: Is there anything you can tell us about any of those conversations?
AAM: They are reflective c0nversations, and they are conversations that very often take place with their own guides and guardians where they are reflecting. So in some ways it is like a very much of an intensified life review that many of you, through the process of Ascension, have gone through, but also that you would go through as you die or transition out of form. So it is a reflective process of looking at what you have done or not done, what you have accomplished or not accomplished, what your track record has been.
So, there is inspiration that is placed within them as well — inspiration to do good, to balance those scales of justice, to bring them closer into the adherence with Universal Law. So, yes, there are some who absolutely refuse to listen. There are some who believe they are going insane, and so they are amongst those who then wish to leave, because they believe their mind and their ego are very precious.
That is fine. It is not an issue. But there are some who immediately know that they are being spoken to in ways that they have not experienced previously in their lifetime. And even in that very experience, their shift is taking place.
SB: And there’s a range of people that you’re talking about, right? There are the top Illuminati, but there are also some people who just sold out to the Illuminati because they were under threat or bribed or something like that. Is that correct, that there’s a range of people, some rehabilitatable and some not?
AAM: We do not judge them that way. But yes, there is certainly a wide range of individuals. For someone who has simply lost their way, as you said, who has been bribed or taken a path away from their own highest good, and certainly from the light, they do not usually need containment. What they need is a good dose of love, and that is also being provided.
SB: Thank you very much, Lord, again, for giving us some of the background to these events, and reassurance. Thank you.
AAM: You are welcome. Go in peace. Go in love. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 07-09-12