Do you have a burning question that you have been anxious or excited to pose to the Council? Well, now’s your chance. Beginning this week, the Thursday at 7 p.m. EDT show, Heavenly Blessings, we are opening up the phone lines to have discussion, answer questions and simply chat about what’s going on in your lives – the challenges, the shifts, the miracles – what’s happening. The best way to join in is to go the InLight Radio location on blogtalk and to scroll down to Heavenly Blessings. Also note all the other great shows going on… The link is: call in and participate in the discussion the phone number is 323-784-9697.

When I was strongly guided to undertake the Heavenly Blessings show it was to give folks hands-on tools and ways to deal with the rapid and radical changes occurring within each of us and upon Gaia at this time. The gifts from the Archangels and Ascended Masters have been phenomenal. The meditations and downloads have expanded each of us in ways we don’t even fully understand – yet.

Now GD, HB producer and host, and yours truly, Linda D. are taking it to the next level. And that is to allow the conversation to be opened up, expanded and to create a deeper sense of unity and connection within our lightworker/love-holder community.

This week, Thursday, July 26th Graham and I will continue our conversation with the Ascended Master St. Germaine on the whole area of Ascension; what it feels like as a regular person to be in the middle of that process; what we have to look forward to; how to rid ourselves of debris and emotional blockages. How to fully embrace the new reality of Terra Nova in the 5th through 7th dimensions. And why if we are ascending we don’t feel better, more connected more joy. How do we know – how do we discern the differences from the old paradigms and the new?

Our plan is to keep the “channel” open to answer a whole variety of questions so that whoever is best to address an issue can step forward to do so. But it is also about human conversation, sharing insights, of what works and what’s still a challenge. Not the psychic hotline but heart-centered conversation about broad issues that we are all dealing with – anger, isolation, money, fear, bliss, family, relationships, aches and pains – you name it.

This approach is unique and a little nervous-making but I am up for it if you are. So call in – join in the fun. Laugh with us, perhaps cry with us, and be with us as we all go forward together. See you on Thursday night – we’ll all be waiting!