…this Peace Meditation that I ask you to undertake and to undertake for the next several months is to help calm that fury because it is that fury, that anger, that desire to maintain and to stay in control and conflict; that is the most dangerous element of all…Taken from the COL Saturday call…

Linda Dillon: So let’s begin this morning with a nice, deep breath of plum, that purply violet-blue dark plum color. So often we will avoid the darker shades, we go for the soft blues and pinks, but let’s bring in this plum; in through your nose and as you are exhaling, down into your heart, following your breath, following your consciousness, allowing yourself to anchor in your heart and to expand and simply be here. Now let’s take another breath of deep midnight blue, that dark blue when you look up at the sky you see the Milky Way and if you’re really lucky the Northern Lights, the Aurora Borealis, the stars and the starships. And breathe in that nice dark blue and as you do see Mary’s cloak, which is always covered with stars, and wrap it around you, give yourself that cozy feeling as we sink in and allow ourselves to be held and coddled, to be reassured and loved.

I’d like to begin today by all of us going together hand in hand in hand to the 13th Octave. So put the balls of the tips of your fingers together, forming an arch and let’s click. And with the first click (click) feel yourself meeting with our beloved James the Apostle, Master of the 13th Octave, or whomever you feel comfortable with in taking this journey. (Click.) On the second click you are in your temple, in that sacred space. You have received all the gifts from your Masters, your guides and you are being guided back out and going up the sacred spiral with Archangel Gabriel. Higher. And with the third click we go directly into the heart of One (click). And from this place I would like us all to invite or hold or bring the family, the friends, and the community of Aurora, Colorado, those who have died and those who have been injured and those who have simply witnessed the horror of massacre. And let’s together send them healing and send them love, send them compassion. We know that this is a time in the Ascension process where if there is anything, any dark debris, any speck that has been left unattended that it is going to come up and out. So what I would ask, not only right now but for our Sunday night Peace Meditation, where we gather together etherically, 9:00 p.m. wherever you are, that we send healing to everybody who has that violence, that anger, that hatred, that feeling of being completely out of control, that we send them healing. And it is the healing of the blue of the Mother and of Archangel Michael because blue is the color of calm, it is the color of serenity, the color of peace and most importantly, the color of change. So just pick your country or your continent or the entire planet and send blue; then after a while send bright green, the emerald green, the green of love, the green of Archangel Raphael because that’s what they’re missing. They don’t know, they don’t remember that they are loved and lovable and that they are the essence of love.

Archangel Michael: Greetings, I AM Michael, warrior of peace, Archangel of love. Welcome my beloved ones and know I do not wish any of you or any being upon the planet to engage in physical battle, whether it is war or mugging or aggression or battering or abuse or massacre. That is not what I wage peace for, it never has been and yes, there are many of you who accompany me, particularly in your night work, and you do go to me and with me to the war-torn places and it is Afghanistan and Egypt and Iraq and Africa, but it is also within your country. This Peace Meditation that I ask you to undertake and to undertake for the next several months is to help calm that fury because it is that fury, that anger, that desire to maintain and to stay in control and conflict; that is the most dangerous element of all.

Yes, there are many military forces all over your planet and understand, they are penetrated by many of my Legion of Blue. And by and large, the work that you have done with these forces, yes in the Peace Meditations and in your healing work has penetrated them, has reminded them how deeply they are loved. I want to remind you of several years ago when I had you take all of the troops that were involved in Iraq, at that time, into the home of the 13th Octave, into the light and it changed the tide of war for everyone involved. The thing about the military forces, which I would like to see dismantled and they will be – they will be put to different use, let me put it that way- but they do not react to fury in the same way that individuals do. No, I am not saying they cannot be brutal because they can and they have been and they are in this very moment and of course that has need to be completely destroyed and eliminated. But it is the unguarded individual who is dealing with his fury of what they believe in the false paradigms; they have been treated unjustly, that they are not loved or lovable, that they have no sacred purpose, that they wish for recognition. It is these solitary souls that are struggling who also need your help right now.

So in addition to sending the blue and then the Emerald Flame, I also ask of you on this and many Sunday nights to bring all of these beings, all of these beings that believe they are lost souls, bring them home to the heart of the Mother/Father/One that they may rest there and heal there and gain perspective there; that they may be renewed and remember the truth of who they are. We have said repeatedly, none are excluded or unwelcome from Ascension, but there are so many who are self-excluding. That is a choice and we will not interfere, but there are things that can be done that the choice is made more clearly, and from the place of heart rather than from confusion.

The work on my Peace Initiative, ironically, goes well because the collective, increasingly every day is choosing peace, is choosing to be in the place of love, of asking for help, of requesting through prayer and sometimes simply through screaming, assistance; all are equally heard. You are the way-showers, you are the armada of our beloved St. Germaine, you are the holders of the tri-flame. Reach down and help those, in such desperation, wipe that slate clean. Of course we are doing it with you and also in our own way and there is more energy not only from the Mother/Father/One that is being sent to your planet than ever before; and of course that also stirs things up. Allow it to, but maintain your center, remember who you are and anchor firmly in the heart of One and in the heart of Gaia. This is my request to each and every one of you. Go in peace. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 07-21-12