Good Morning Fun Seekers,

Vicki Harding – New Zealand
Carl Rodriques – UK
Elaine Wajcium – I think the US but I could be wrong…

First off let me thank each and every one of you (57 to be exact) who took the time and trouble to write a review of The Great Awakening on Amazon. The reviews blew me away. When I wrote the book – and especially as I finished it, I had the deep sense that my life’s purpose has been fulfilled. Not that I was stopping what I am doing – or had any intention of leaving – but that a big piece of my promise to the Divine Mother has been completed.

Reading your reviews not only warms me right to the core of my being; but in each review I felt the presence of the Source telling me through you yes, the energy is being transmitted – now keep going! So thank you!!!!!

Unfortunately a couple of folks did not submit their e-mails to me so I have no way of sending this personal thank you – but know I mean it from the bottom of my heart.

And now for the important stuff….. drum roll please…. and the winners of the free half-hour reading with the Council of Love are:

Vicki Harding – New Zeland

Carl Rodriques – UK

Elaine Wajcium – I think the US but I could be wrong…

It is great to see folks for all over the world participating and spreading the word! I would ask each of the winners to contact my trusty assistant Patricia to set up a time for our session that is good for both of us. Patricia’s e-mail is Out phone number is 772-446-7113. We can do our session either by phone or skype.

Again thank you – each of you – for participating. We are in this together – and we are going forward together, as one family, united in heart. It was so much fun I have to listen for inspiration for another contest.
Love You, Linda