Jesus Sananda: I step forward this night to welcome you into the 13th Octave, a sacred prayer and ritual that has been gifted to humanity in preparation for this time of Ascension…that you will anchor completely and wholly in the heart of love, in the power of creation. But this dear one is to unite your being, your essence and your soul within the heart of One so that that conscious awareness, your sense of wholeness is completely aware. And in doing this you also receive all the gifts of the 13th Octave…

GD: Hello and welcome to Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The Great Awakening, I’m GD. Today we will be talking about the 13th Octave. Welcome Linda.

LD: Hi Graham and hi everybody out there, it’s great to be here. Thanks for having me.

GD: It’s great to have you back. Well this is a pretty timely discussion and I know you want to talk about what is the 13th Octave and why is it important to get in today. But first, do you want to do a meditation?

LD: Yeah, let’s set the stage for our time together. So, everybody relax. There’s a lot of talk right now from the Council of Love that this is the time of Transition, of Change, of Shift and a time of reclaiming; so let’s claim this hour together and let’s claim it for you, for each of you. So let’s begin tonight by taking a nice deep breath of the wonderful twilight blue, that hour of day just after the sun sets where it’s not dark yet. There’s this wonderful color in the sky, it’s not the day sky of bright blue or summer blue, it’s that darker blue and let’s throw in a few stars, just the first stars we see, just as their pale light begins to wink at us. And just like we did when we were 5 years old take a moment for yourself and wish on that star. Go in and express what’s in your heart, what you’ve been hoping for and creating and feel your shoulders relax, your chin, your jaw, your neck. And keep breathing the blue and feel it cover you like our Universal Mother Mary’s beautiful velvet cloak and yes, today is the day we are going to do the Initiation into the 13th Octave. So thank yourself for being here and simply be and allow, leave everything behind that you didn’t get done today or this week, or what lies ahead as this long weekend is approaching. Just take that blue and celebrate your freedom, your liberation, your truth and your power and breathe. And we’ll get started.

GD: Wonderful. Thanks Linda. Beautiful meditation, as always. So what can you tell us about the 13th Octave?

LD: I think for all of us, we can get caught up in the day and it’s important to make that gap or that pause so that we just take time for our sacred selves. You know the theme right now is ‘balance’ and with so much going on it’s sometimes hard to remember that balance just includes time for our sacred selves, for meditation or sacred undertakings, like what we are doing together today and just what the Council calls ‘staring at the wall’ time.

GD: Yeah, well you’re reminding me of the importance and prompting me to speak to that a little more and the value, yea taking space, taking time, ritual, meditation, whatever that practice may be to connect to ourselves, our higher self, Source, whatever that may be because that really opens up the window for inspiration, creativity, insight, intuition and so I really appreciate you offering that reminder.

LD: You’re welcome. There’s another reminder I would like to offer. If you’ve been listening and following An Hour With An Angel or just following what’s on the 2012senerio or my site or many other sites, there’s a lot of talk of chaos and upheaval and change in the air. And on our last An Hour With An Angel Archangel Michael was strongly encouraging us to remember to use our sword and shield. And the purpose of this show, of Heavenly Blessings has been and is to be a compliment to the An Hour With An Angel show. Whereas the An Hour With An Angel show often is a download or a sharing of information from the higher realms, this program that Graham and I do with you was to also give you some equipment, some tools, some methods about how to’s. So on our March 9th, of 2012 of course, Archangel Michael came on this show, on Heavenly Blessings and talked to us, gifted us and then spoke to us, and you probably remember this better than I do Graham, but about how to use our sword and shield and how to wield it. So it’s a very timely piece of advice to maybe go back and listen to that broadcast and reinforce your sword and shield so that you feel that you are in that place of protection and of course, as you’re using your sword you’re also doing your service. The sword and shield was one of the first gifts, not the first but one of the first gifts of the 13th Octave. So, perfect segue right?

GD: Perfect, and thanks for offering that reminder and for those of you who may not know, we have several programs within InLight radio and blogtalkradio, An Hour With An Angel the show that Linda is referencing is held every Monday night at 8pm Eastern Standard Time and so we certainly encourage you to check that out and the other shows we have to offer as well.

LD: Yes, there’s some wonderful new shows so, if you haven’t caught all of them boy you’re missing out.

GD: Yeah, and great people, great people for sure.

LD: Wonderful people. You know our community, it’s interesting, our community is growing and it’s growing all over the world and it’s growing in ways that, because of the gifts of our star brothers and sisters or technology, really, what came from our star brothers and sisters, the internet was planted, so it’s helping us all be together in ways that we probably hadn’t even thought of 20 years ago, so here we are.

GD: Yeah, yeah it’s great. So, 13th Octave…

LD: 13th Octave. It’s a funny name isn’t it? And the 13th Octave, I’m going to put it in very simple terms, the 13th Octave is a gift from the heart of One, of Mother/Father/God. And it is the state of bringing you into a complete state of being in Divine Union, of being anchored not just as a ‘feel-good meditation’ but firmly, physically, consciously being anchored in the heart of God and the heart of love. It is the foundation of everything that we do with the Council of Love and it has become the bedrock, the foundation for the Ascension work and the process that the Council of Love has outlined for us, this very simple process for our Ascension.

Now it is highly irregular for me to go on air and to do this Initiation. It is usually done in sacred ceremony as part of at least a two or three day workshop but I was guided, several weeks ago actually, to do this with all of you and what it grew out of was the discussions that we’ve been having of the energies of the Transition. And as you know right now all of us are being bombarded by this love energy from the heart of One and even though we understand that it comes directly from Source, as almost a laser-like beam directly into our hearts. By the time it reaches Earth’s atmosphere or us, we perceive this energy, this wonderful love energy that’s getting us ready for the jump, as waves and Graham and I have talked with all of you about this feeling of being on the crest of the wave where you can see for miles and you’ve got the vision and you’re on top of the world and you can conquer everything and then coming down into the troughs, which is the place of integration so it’s necessary, it’s the place where you’re doing some of the clearing and the letting go. However in my own meditation and my daily chats with the Council of Love, I asked them “How can we soften this? How can we not be on such a high and low and high and low?” because as it’s being sent to us, to Earth, it isn’t being sent as these highs and lows it’s just the way that we in our human selves are integrating it. Well they said very clearly to me “Well go to the 13th Octave and stay there.”

Now years ago when things were chaotic they also suggested we go to the 13th Octave, anchor there and stay there to do healing. So what I did was I went to the 13th Octave and sure enough that has lessened enormously these highs and lows of the Transition energies, of the integration of this new energy. Now I want you to picture this and you’re going to have to go with me because I know sometimes I can be out there, and interrupt me Graham if I’m not clear. Picture it this way as if you‘re sitting at your desk or sitting in your chair listening to this show tonight or maybe you’re lying on your bed and you’ve been in this wave of the highs and lows, the troughs and the trough is killing you, but what if you went directly to the heart of One and positioned yourself there because that’s what you do when you go to the 13th Octave. It isn’t simply a nice esoteric exercise it is anchoring yourself beyond the realm of 12 dimensions, 12 planes of human existence; it’s going Home. The reason why it was such an enormous gift is because previously you had to die to get there. This isn’t about dying. So you go to the heart of One and you are receiving the energy there and you on the bed are receiving the energy, but what it does is it calms and what happens is you start to receive it as the straight laser light of love. And it makes the expansion, the integration and the anchoring of this energy so much smoother and so much quicker, more rapid. Now I didn’t do it or suggest we do this right away because I wanted to play with it and make sure that my guidance that I was getting was working for me. And it is. So with permission of the Council of Love I had also asked that we would go ahead and so it together tonight, for you to make this easy. It’s also, the 13th Octave is also part of your Ascension process. And the way that Yeshua, Jesus Sananda has talked about it in the channelings in my book The Great Awakening is that if you are trying to rise up, climb up to the 5th, the 6th, the 7th dimension, climbing out of the 3rd can be difficult; it’s like climbing out of that trough, you don’t get a good grip on water, you just keep sliding down. But if you go to the 13th Octave you can float, like you know those tiny down feathers that come out of our pillows?, you can just float back down into the 7th, the 6th, the 5th, wherever you want to go, the 9th, the 12th and it just makes it easier. So that’s the starting point and that is why I have been guided to do this with you tonight.

GD: Sounds great.

LD: Well, I want to share with all of you, with the listeners, that sometimes when we do this meditation you will have enormous visions and it feels sacred and other times you’ll just feel ok I’m receiving but I’m not getting much of anything. Just allow the energy to penetrate you and the more you do this meditation and you can go back to the archives and play it every day, the more you do it the deeper it anchors and the bigger you will expand. So before we move directly into the meditation I just had a few words of welcome, they’re all lined up, but it’s really Jesus Sananda that would just like to kick this off. So, what do you think Graham?

GD: Sounds great. What a great guest to have.

LD: Yeah, I guess so, huh…Oh god, yes. Thank you.

J/S: Greetings I AM Jesus Sananda.

GD: Hello, welcome.

J/S: Welcome to you, welcome my beloved brother, my beloved friends. I AM Yeshua, I AM Jesus, I AM Sananda, I am all of the above and like you I am more than my name and I am all of my names. Welcome my beloved brothers and sisters and yes I step forward this night to welcome you into the 13th Octave. This is a sacred prayer and ritual that has been gifted to humanity in preparation for this time of Ascension. No, it is not Ascension because it is intended in Ascension that you will become, yes, the fullness of your trans-dimensional self and you will anchor within the reality of the 5th or the 7th and you will anchor completely and wholly in the heart of love, in the power of creation. But this dear one is to unite your being, your essence and your soul within the heart of One so that that conscious awareness, your sense of wholeness is completely aware. And in this you also receive all the gifts of the 13th Octave and most importantly, the 13 Blessings and Virtues, the Divine qualities upon which Nova Earth, Terra Gaia is built and anchored.

One of the reasons I have asked to speak prior to this Initiation is I wish to share with you, as your friend, as your beloved Yeshua, that I am asking each of you not only to come with us this night but to bring your family, your friends and yes if you have the heart, to those that you consider the most resistant and to continue to do this, for it helps with everybody to go through this Ascension portal. Because once they are reconnected to the love they will wish to ascend, the fear will eliminate; it is that simple. I also wish you to know that tonight your brothers and sisters of UFOG, your star brothers and sisters of the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies join you in this meditation and Initiation. The kingdoms of Earth, the ones that you so often think of as ‘not hearing’, the mountains, the trees, the dogs, the cats, the coyotes, the elephants, all are coming with you tonight; it will be quite a parade. So I welcome you to this and I am with you in this journey of oneness, in this journey of unity, connectedness and balance. So let us begin as I give this back to Linda to guide you. Farewell.

GD: Thank you. Farewell.

LD: Let’s begin with a prayer and feel yourself in your heart, in this wonderful expanded heart that we have been receiving and I would love us to feel that we are connecting, via the airwaves, heart to heart to heart to heart. And I want to say as we go through this, if you have a favorite guide or guardian, a Master that you wish to accompany you, by all means invite them, have them come and take your hand right now as we begin with a prayer.

Heavenly Father, Divine Mother, Council of Love and Council that serves, we come here this night united in heart and purpose seeking guidance through the doorway to your sacred wholeness. We are your children and servants, companions in spirit, co-creators in form. We walk this planet Earth, Terra Gaia, this ancient garden of green. We have heard your call and answer now with our hearts, souls and minds. We come prepared and clear in our intent to join wholly and completely this night with all, with joy with the Divine, with love. We seek our birthright and our inheritance; we seek that which is, all that is, all that ever has been and all that ever will be. We seek those blessings in order to better serve our companions of Earth, to be of service to the One, to show our love for each other and for Gaia. In this we join our hearts and pray. Amen, amen and amen.

Now feel yourself entering into a state of complete and utter calm, releasing the day, the week, the month, the year, the chaos. Begin to feel yourself drifting, drifting on a sea of blue, that beautiful twilight blue we were just working with, the color of the immense ocean of the sky. Blue is the ray of hope, of serenity. It is the ray of the Divine Mother. Feel yourself relaxing and drifting, letting go, preparing yourself for this wondrous, spiritual journey. Feel the blue encompass you and enter right into you until you are simply part of that vast ocean of blue, that energy, and let go and drift.

Now feel your being, your body, your soul and your heart begin to fill with green, emerald green. Take a nice deep breath of emerald and bring it into your heart and your being. Green is the ray of love, the ray of your heart, and the ray of the 13th Octave. Feel the gentle sparkles of green enter into you, effervescent, bubbling, helping you expand your being even larger and larger, bigger than you have ever been before, until you are a huge, giant orb, a giant globe of green, floating, drifting, not on Earth but partner to her doing the cosmic waltz across the twilight sky and drifting. Feel the green, the green of spring, the green of Gaia, and the emerald of Archangel Raphael. Now ever so gently begin to introduce tiny flecks, bubbles of gold, shards and fibers of molten gold; the gold of Gabriel. Feel the gold entering and merging with your green expanding you even larger. Keep going. You never knew you could go this far. Drifting, drifting on your wonderful sea of twilight blue.

Feel your heart and your soul open to this experience, this preparation for deep inside you you know, you have always known that this is the time when your beloved brother James, James the Apostle, the brother of Jesus, will come for you and you will go together into the 13th Octave, to the place of wholeness and healing, to the place of receptivity, of divine union. See James arrive, James the Apostle of love with his sparkling black eyes and his dark, dark curly hair and a face that lights up as he sees you. You had almost forgotten, he’s your oldest, dearest friend, brother of your journey, of your soul. Feel him take your hand in gentle embrace and feel the joy in your reunion, the anticipation of what lies ahead. Go with him.

You are walking down a pathway of gold, rich, burnished and beautiful. Directly in front of you there is a bridge and the bridge is made up of rainbows of all colors, all rays, the handrails are filigree silver. You recognize this bridge as your connection to the universe, to the One, and you are happy to be crossing over; you’re skipping, you’re playing and don’t forget, turn around and invite your dog, your cat, your children, your friends, your neighbors to join you on this journey. Wait up for them for a minute, James is patient. Now all of you cross this magnificent bridge together as one. After the bridge the path continues only for a short while; you can see the end and you have reached a set of stairs. Feel you hand still safe and secure, resting in James’s; he is your guide and protector and he has invited you to this celebration of life. You are eager to go forward with him, you are eager to join with All That Is, with the love. You are at the foot of the stairs; they’re luminescent, pearlescent, colors that you have never seen on earth joined with colors you know. They are clearer, crystalline, brilliant and at the top of the stairs is an archway and a door which beckons you Home and the doorway is open and Yeshua and Magdalena, Mary Magdalene are standing there. They have been awaiting your arrival and they are running down to great you and you are running up and you are hugging each other and you are crying and you feel the tears of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene mix with yours and they are tears of joy. You’ve waited so long, feel the love of this reunion that you’ve been waiting for.

As you turn with the Magdalena and Yeshua and James and you go through this door that is filled with the most blinding white light that you have ever encountered, you almost think you have to close your eyes but you don’t because you don’t want to miss a thing. You go through the doorway, through the doorway to your sacred chambers, to your hallow temple, to your sacred space that you created eons ago. Feel the power of the love that surrounds you and fills you, you’re Home and all has been prepared. This is your time to enter into the 13th Octave. You enter into your chamber where a circle has formed and you go with James to the center of your circle for this is the center of your circle, of your 13 Masters, your teachers, your guides, your guardian angels and they are all awaiting you. Feel the joy and feel the reassurance of James. Feel the joy in his heart and in yours. You are being given a gift beyond any measure, a gift from the heart of the Divine, the heart of One, united with your heart.

Take a moment and intuit or feel or look around your circle, your circle of Initiation and see the Masters, the guides, the angels that have come here tonight to assist you. Feel their welcome, their unconditional love and send them your heartfelt thanks. Feel your circle, those that you have invoked throughout all time and space, who you have committed to and who have committed to you for an eternity, begin to raise their hands, arms outstretched, palms facing you and they are softly and gently sending you energy. Feel it. The energy is vibrating with every color, every ray, and inside, just like in the healing chambers on ship, inside the ray, inside the color, inside the frequency is every celestial sound and scent. It is surrounding you, filling you, caressing you, it is emanating from your circle into your heart and into your soul. You are being filled, going higher, broader, bigger than you have ever been until you are no longer simply one being, but one with your circle and one with All. Allow the energy to penetrate you. Allow. Your circle, the Ascended Masters, the Archangels, they do this in love and they do this in service. Now listen, listen with your ears and your heart, listen to what your friends and your circle of 13 have to tell you. Open and allow yourself to receive all the gifts for this is a time of joy and celebration throughout the universe, throughout the multi-verse. It is truly your birthday, so receive.

See Jesus and James come again to the center of the circle and gently take you by the hands because there is further yet to go. You exit your circle in gratitude taking many of the gifts and blessings from your Masters knowing that you will return here time and time again because this is your sacred temple, your sacred space. You leave the sacred chambers walking down the steps with Jesus and James to outside, which while you have been inside a huge golden spiral has formed around your temple. It is a spiral of light surrounded by the entire legions of light, by the angelic hosts, by the Company of Heaven and yes, the Council of Love and at the foot of the spiral stands Archangel Gabriel, our Lily of Love, our Trumpet of Truth. She has come to take you Home this day and you are being passed from the hands, the loving embrace of James and Jesus into the waiting arms of Archangel Gabriel, Gabrielle and she is enfolding you in her wings of gold. You are held and cherished as a small child and you can hear the beat of her heart. You are safe and secure and you are beginning to travel up the center of this wonderful golden spiral of light. You are traveling energized and whole, a pure light being traveling up the spiral higher and higher, higher than you’ve ever gone. Let go, higher, release, let go and come with Gabrielle. Faster, faster and higher, further, keep going, you’re safe, you’re with me. Higher.

You are at the foot of the throne and Gabrielle steps onto the marble and unfurls her mighty wings and holds you out like the precious treasure that you are. She is telling Mother/Father that she has completed her mission and that she has brought you Home to the heart and the family of One. You have been sorely missed from the heart of heaven and yet you know there has never been any separation, that you’ve always been part of One. She is passing you and placing you on the knee of God. You are being lifted and held, coddled and loved, nurtured by the Father and he is holding you and loving you, cherishing you, but he also knows how much the Mother has missed you. Now he is passing you to her. She has waited a long time for your return, waited for this time when again, together you will join with One, with the Divine, with Mother/Father/All, with love. And you are being held by the Mother, held in her heart and she is lifting you now and placing you directly into her heart. Now, feel yourself melting, merging, melt into the Mother’s heart and into the One, joining with All That Is. Allow right now and feel the heart of the Mother and feel the Mother as she looks directly at the Father for they know there can be no separation, there is only unity, there is only love and there is only One.

And as you realize what they’re doing, they are stepping into each other joining again as One, you are a trinity of love, you are pure love, you are pure energy, you are unity, connectedness and balance. You are in and of the heart of God and you will remain here to rest and integrate this miraculous gift, this energy of love. Anchor it deeper and deeper and deeper into your being and when you return to Earth you will anchor this energy within your heart, within your conscious, unconscious, subconscious mind and within every fiber, molecule and cell of your being. And you will anchor it within the heart of Gaia and you will share it with many, this gift of love, of union, to ease your path of Ascension. But for now relax and remain joining with the angelic hosts, singing and praising in joy and love, united in heart.

And when you’re ready, not trying to move but sitting where you are or where you’re lying just gently open your eyes and we’ll continue. Back to you Graham.

GD: Linda, absolutely wonderful, delightful.

LD: It changes everything and even if you don’t know it, consciously right away, that you point to it, everything in your life will change. Things that bothered you will go away. The more you anchor in this place the easier it’s going to be to integrate everything that’s being sent to us.

GD: What a great journey you take us on through this and I can certainly see the value of doing it again and again. What a peaceful, beautiful, joyful place.

LD: It’s God! Yeah, it can’t get much better.

GD: Are there any other words as we wrap up or any other thoughts you’d like to share?

LD: This journey of Ascension we’ve been given all the tools and yes there are many ways and many pathways. It doesn’t need to be filled with struggle or angst or any drama to let go of the old 3rd, you just have to look at it, smile, make peace and wave goodbye. It’s not where we live any more; it’s not where we want to live. So it is really my pleasure to do this with you all tonight. Thank you for allowing me.

GD: Thank you Linda and we’ll do it again next week.

LD: Absolutely.

GD: OK, wonderful. Have a nice night everybody.

LD: Bye.

Channeled by Linda Dillon