So come with me to the foot of the golden spiral because there I have placed my Emerald octagon, the healing chamber that I have created for you, for each one of you. This is your sacred healing space that I bring to you this day…

GD: Hello and welcome to “Heavenly Blessings” with Linda Dillon and the Council of Love. I’m GD. Our guest tonight is Archangel Raphael. Hi Linda.

LD: Hi there Graham and hi everybody in the radio world.

GD: Would you like to start us off with a meditation?

LD: I would. So I’d like everybody to bring your focus to wherever you are, if you’re in a chair or even in your car, I hope you’re not driving, but feel yourself begin to center and because tonight we are working with Archangel Raphael, the Archangel of Healing, the Archangel whose name means ‘God Heals or God Cures’, I’d like us to take a nice, deep breath of green, of beautiful emerald green, and breathe in deeply through your nose and out through your mouth and just feel all the energy coming into your heart and all the work we do together is from our heart; and the heart chakra is emerald green.

So feel yourself going there as we call upon all the healers, the Ancient Ones, the Archangels, the Angels, the Ascended Masters of healing, St. Germaine and Lao Tzu, El Morya, and Archangel Raphael as they all come to join us now. And feel that gratitude in your heart that you are attended to and that you are worthy of healing, every cell, every fiber of your being and that as you do so, you do so for the collective of humanity and for Gaia, for the planet and far beyond. Allow yourself to just be here, for this hour, for you, and relax. Thank you.

GD: A nice way to start. I mentioned Archangel Raphael, is there anything else you’d like to say about him before he comes on?

LD: Yeah, I thought I’d like to talk a little bit about Archangel Raphael and also about the Archangels. As we were chatting just before the show Graham, you were asking me which Archangels I primarily work with. And as you know I channel for the Council of Love, which is this huge umbrella group, but in terms of the Archangels, I work primarily with five of what I call ‘The Mighty Ones’ well, what they call ‘The Mighty Ones’ as well. And that is Archangel Michael, whom I think you all know, and Archangel Gabriel or Gabrielle that we got to meet and receive some gifts of the heart from last week, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Uriel, and Archangel Jophiel.

Archangel Raphael, I always think of him as the quiet, gently Archangel. You know, they all have their personalities and it’s remarkable and it’s actually kind of fun. But when Archangel Raphael comes, to me anyway, it’s almost like a gentle breeze, or a deep silence, or a very soft, soft whisper and presence. And that’s amazing because he’s very, well he’s an Archangel to start with, but he’s also a very powerful being. He is in charge, his bailiwick as it were, is that he is in charge of healing this universe including Gaia, the planet of Earth and everything upon it, including each of us. So that’s a massive undertaking, and yet as I say when he comes forward, he comes forward very softly, very gently. When I look at him, like all the Archangels, he’s very big but there’s a softness there; he’s very tall, he’s blond, he appears to me blond, wearing a very deep emerald green gown, huge, huge white wings, eyes of sort of a hazely green and soft smile. He’s always smiling, but it isn’t like the gusto smile, or the laughter of Archangel Michael or Archangel Jophiel, it’s just that soft, gentle smile that says ‘don’t worry, I’m going to take care of you’. And that’s how he works, he works in gentle ways, and I think it’s one of the ways that he appears because that’s the way that healing is. Healing doesn’t have to be dramatic or traumatic; it just needs to take place.

And when we talk of healing, we’re talking of healing on every level. You know, we tend to, when we’re talking about healing human beings anyway, we tend to think of our physical bodies. But the Council of Love has told us, or told me and many of my students repeatedly, that about 83% of all ailments that we as human beings experience come from our mental and emotional bodies. Now we have many bodies, many layers, if you think of your auric field how it goes out, but where illness or imbalance or dis-ease emanates from is mostly, primarily from our mental and emotional bodies, about 2% from our causal bodies or what we sometimes think of as our astral bodies or bleed-through from past life.So when we work on healing we tend to also work, and Archangel Raphael will work with you, on taking those imbalances out of those fields so they never have to come into our physical bodies. Because when we feel sick, or when we get really ill, it’s because our mental, emotional, our spiritual higher self is really letting us know that something is very much out of balance, out of whack. And so it comes into our physical body, it’s like the last line of resistance so that we can address it and take care of it. But the key for all of us, and it’s something I think we are all learning together, is to really address it when it’s in our outer bodies, in our mental and emotional. And that’s not a fine line or a cement wall; those two are very permeable back and forth between each other. So it can be a thought system that becomes an emotion, or an emotion that becomes a belief system. So when we’re working with Archangel Raphael it’s important to also understand that he’s working with the totality of our being, and the totality of all the bodies or all the layers of Gaia and other planets as well, because remember that he is also working with this entire universe. So, it’s amazing, sometimes I just feel very humbled that we can ask an Archangel to work with us and heal with us when he has a whole universe to take care of.

GD: Right. And I was just going to say, ‘what an undertaking’ I mean, from my perspective, sitting here in human form that just seems…wow. Well it’s great to have him, shall we bring him on?

LD: Absolutely.

GD: OK. Terrific.

AA Raphael: Greetings, I AM Raphael.

GD: Welcome.

AAR: Welcome to you, welcome to all of you. I AM Archangel of Emerald and I thank the channel for her description, for it is a joy to be thought of as gentle. And it is a gift of gentleness that I wish to give to each of you for it is an area that has been lacking upon your planet for a long time. You have seen a great deal of violence, a great deal of chaos, of war, of mayhem, and yet what your soul yearns for, what your heart yearns for my beloved friends, yes is the peace of Michael and the gentleness of love, the kindness of interaction, and the sweetness of what is available to you on your planet. Many of you do not know me, but I wish to change that. I wish for you to know of my presence in your life and in your universe and in your planet as well. I wish for you to know of my caring for each and every one of you. Often you have heard us say that we are in sacred partnership and this I wish to emphasize to each and every one of you; I am a partner in your healing, I am a partner in your life.

When I speak to you of healing, I speak to you of the healing of your heart, of your mind, of your emotional field, yes, of your life. And how do we do this? We do this by you recognizing and coming to understand your worthiness, your wholeness, how deeply you are loved, not only by me but by Mother-Father-One, by entire legions of angels. None of you, none of you have any idea how profoundly you are loved and when you come to know this, you are instantaneously healed. Yes, it is that simple and it is that complex; for has this not been the dis-ease of your planet of Earth, of the collective? It is that you have forgotten this very straightforward fact, that you are cherished. So it is this that I wish to remedy tonight; it is this that I wish to talk to you about, it is this that I wish to embed within you.

I am of the Emerald Ray and what does this mean in your terms and practical terms? It means that I am of the ray of your heart, I am of the ray of love and love is the fuel, the fiber, the material, the essence of One, and of the entire universe. It has taken millions and millions and millions of forms. But the Emerald Ray is Love. So this is what I have to offer you; it is my essence, it is my gift, and it is my undertaking. I step forward, particularly now at this time, during the time of Ascension of your planet, of this beautiful Gaia, and of each one of you. Because it is necessary that the healing not only take place but be completed in terms for you to fly free, for you to claim your birthright. And it is not just to a specific group that this healing is offered, it is to every being upon the planet. Never do we sit in judgment and we would ask that you don’t either, my beloved ones. So we invite everybody regardless of how you consider yourself, saint, sinner, heretic, martyr, it matters not, because you are loved, because we really know you, we know your core and we know your essence. And it matters whether you do not travel along the Emerald Ray, you are still the essence of love. So you may feel and believe and be of magenta or blue or halion, but these are still manifestations of love. So I claim you as mine because you morphed from the green.

I wish to give you tools, but more than that, within these tools are my essence and understanding. Because if there is one thing that I would wish to give you tonight, it would be my understanding of who you are. You look in the mirror and sometimes you see yourself, but 9 times out of 10 you don’t. So I wish to change that as well. So I invite you my beloved friends to come with me and to feel yourself at the foot of the golden spiral. And let me explain this golden spiral for it is used by all of us, yes it is the gold of Gabriel, but it is also the spiral which we climb from your plane, from what you think of as the 3rd dimension to the heart of One, and it is surrounded completely by the heavenly hosts, by the company of heaven, by the Council of Love, by all the ascended ones. So come with me to the foot of the golden spiral because there I have placed my Emerald octagon, the healing chamber that I have created for you, for each one of you. This is your sacred healing space that I bring to you this day; it is an octagon because 8 is the number of creation, it is the dimension of creation. And I also want you to come to understand, to fully comprehend that there is no difference between healing and creation.

So take a breath of green and travel with me to this beautiful chamber of emerald; it is the richest, deepest emerald you have ever seen. And yes, of course, it has a door and I am here to welcome you within. My beloved friend enter, enter into this chamber with me and see what lies within, for it is not elaborately decorated, you may even find it sparse, but there is a couch, a cot, a comfortable chair and cushions. Choose my beloved one where you wish to sit, where you wish to lie that you may be completely filled, irradiated in the best of ways by the emerald rays that will penetrate from these walls within this chamber into every part of your being. Yes into every cell, into every fiber, into your bones, into your muscles, into your organs, into your mental, emotional, causal, all of your fields. Let us erase, together tonight, permanently, let us erase any imprint that is not of wholeness, that is not of love. You were born in the very beginning, you were born from the heart of One; the purity of love, nothing else. That has never changed. You may have adopted false belief systems, ailments, illnesses, but these are just belief systems; this is just you punishing you and I do not even suggest, I would not suggest that you even know it and you do not need to.

What I offer you now, it requires no knowledge of what ailment, what cause, what root. All it requires is your choice and your decision to allow the healing of love to penetrate you fully and completely. This is my plea and this is my gift. Now as you sit on your velvet cushion I wish to give you a new mirror. It is a hand held mirror and so I wish you to extend your hand to me to indicate to me your willingness to look at things, at life, at your planet, at each other, but primarily your self in a different way. Take it from me, it is a beautiful, beautiful mirror, it is encrusted with emeralds. And on the back of it you will see the symbol of my love; it will be unique for each one of you. Now turn it back over and raise this mirror to your face, to your eyes, and I have adjusted it as we begin, that you will see yourself this day the way that I see and know you, that you will see this mighty being of love that has no flaw, that is completely worthy and completely capable not only of healing but of moving and taking this energy into creation, for this is not just a healing chamber, it is a creation chamber.

Look deeply into this mirror of love and let it remind you of the truth. You are not one who is downtrodden or discouraged; yes of course there have been times my beloved friends when you have been exhausted, tired, and wondered if you were alone. Well I give you this that you may restore yourself and see you are not any of these illusioned conditions, you are bright angel in form. And it matters not whether you are human, hybrid, or star seed, you are an angel; remember from wince you came. I ask you, I request of you that you would keep this mirror with you and keep it handy. Place it upon your alter or within your bathroom, your bedside table, but keep it handy and gaze at the wonder of yourself often and see who you are. Because as you go out as light holder, light worker, light builder, when you move upon your planet with this knowing of your essence of love, of your divine essence of perfection with all maladies healed, you communicate this subtly, physically, actually, mentally, emotionally, you communicate this to everyone you meet, to everyone you pass by; to every house you pass by, to every building you pass by you are saying ‘look and remember you are whole’.

Allow me in this moment my dear hearts to heal any belief or any ailment, any imprint you have; allow me to heal doubt, allow me to heal you of any doubt that you have that this is possible, because it is not just worth, it is ‘well maybe I’m worthy but can it really happen? Is it possible?’ And I suggest and say to you ‘yes it is possible’, but I do not interfere in any way. So I ask for your agreement, your soul permission that we affect this healing of doubt, because this is the cancer of the human race. It is the twin to sorrow; it is the cousin of despair. And how will we do this? I take my Emerald Flame, and it burns brightly, and we infuse the doubt with the Emerald Flame of Love. And I do this within your heart and within your solar plexus and within your mind, your head. And I ask you to take this mighty flame, this Emerald Flame that I also give you this night and to use it to heal doubt in the hearts of humanity, in the hearts of those you love and know, and in the hearts of those you have never met. I am asking for your assistance in this because it is in the healing of humanity that the collective ascends. You cannot ascend if you are in doubt, because in love there is no doubt, there is an embrace of freedom, there is an embrace, a full embrace of who you know you are.

So, these are my gifts that I give to you. I ask you to return to this healing chamber whenever you are tired, whenever you have need of replenishment. You have need to know that the healing chambers aboard the ships of your star brothers and sisters have been modeled on this chamber; it is ancient wisdom and it is used throughout the multiverse. Now you have your own healing chamber, so I ask you to use it. I do not even ask you to use it wisely, I just ask you to use it frequently. It is awaiting you at the foot of the golden spiral. And when you leave the chamber, take with you your new mirror of emerald and take with you, my beloved friends, the Emerald Flame that I put in your heart, that burns brightly, that incinerates doubt and illuminates the truth of who you are.

I do not wish to be a distant Archangel, I wish you to know me as brother and friend. Yes I am the quiet one for when you have traveled the universe with my brother Michael, when you have brought peace out of chaos and mayhem, when you return to the sacredness of your space, I am there waiting for you. But do not think for one moment that I also do not tend to you on the battlefields of life, because I do. So it is not necessary for you to be in serenity and quiet to invoke me, to call me, that is all invoking means, call me; I am a rare thing, a physician on call and I will always be there, it will not be a hit or a miss thing. Whether you have an ache or pain, whether you feel you are losing your mind, or worse, whether you are losing your soul, whether you feel you are in despair, whether you have serious illness within your physical body, all of these I work with you to cure. Note I say ‘with you’ for we are in partnership, we are in union.

I am sure you have questions and I would be delighted to discuss this with you.

GD: Thank you and it is so wonderful to have you with us tonight. I’m thinking about this immense task, from my perspective, about healing the universe and our planet alone has a lot of healing that needs to be done. Do you have legions of angels that you work with?

AAR: Yes, I do. Like there are many who are committed to Michael, there are legions that are committed to healing. And I do not just mean those, many are on earth right now, you know and work as healers of every kind, but particularly the energy healers that have emerged in the last few decades; they are the ancient wise ones, they are many of them angels in form. But yes, I have a legion that works with me throughout the universe.

When the Shift is complete your sky will be emerald for a couple of days at least, and it is in that sky that you will know that the healing of Gaia and of your planet is complete. Oh, we will return it to your beautiful blue, the blue of our sacred Mother, but look for the emerald sky. So yes, we work throughout the universe, we work with your star brothers and sisters, and yes, there is a great deal of healing to be done. But I also share with you tonight that a lot of our focus, a great deal of our focus is upon your planet and your collective at this time.
GD: And how is the progress going with the healing of Gaia?

AAR: Well, Gaia herself is doing magnificently. If any of you ever wish to look at an irrepressible spirit, look to Gaia for she is phenomenal. And even when she has been battered and bruised in the physical reality that you are aware of, she has gone forward. But the healing of Gaia is mostly done, she is well underway. And the healing of humanity is well underway as well. Yes we know there appears to be, and I want to emphasize this word ‘appears’. There appears to be a lot of chaos and yes, still violence and war upon your planet, but there is also a gentler spirit emerging, a wiser spirit, a tone of a sweeter, kinder race of human beings. And one of the ways you are seeing this is in your news, in your events. So when you see some very, what appear to be stark or crass or cruel situations that are reported upon, the collective horror, the collective rejection saying ‘no, that is not of kindness, that is not of love, that is not of wholeness’, the collective reaction against such things is growing enormously. So look not to the event but look to the reaction and to the collective saying ‘no, this is not acceptable on our planet.’

GB: I heard you speak to how healing is a partnership and I’m thinking about our different aspects as humans, our causal bodies, our past lives and the most multifaceted components, if you will, of us and I’d like to hear, if you would share…if I were to commit to being healed and being well, is there anything else that I need to do consciously, unconsciously, to consider all the multiple facets of me that I might not even be aware of, that beyond just saying that my intention is to heal and I’d like to do that in partnership with you?

AAR: Yes there is and I’m glad you bring this up because one of the things that you do, first of all, you have need to understand that you are the core, the host of your aspects and you have spent a fair bit of time, and when I say ‘you’, I do not simply mean you, dear Graham, I mean you, the collective who is listening and who will listen. You have spent a great deal of time calling back your aspects and integrating them just the same way you have spent time in integrating and balancing your various bodies. Are there times when there is imbalance? Yes, but we do not speak of that.

When I have spoken to you and I have said that your healing chamber is also your creation chamber, we move from healing to creation and back to healing; it is a very fluid…think of it as an infinity flow because you cannot simply say to me ‘alright, I am in partnership with you Raphael, take care of me.’ And I would gladly do so, but I am never going to override what you truly want, and on a soul level what you choose to learn or experience. Now part of what you choose when you choose to be healed, is you do not walk out of the healing chamber and then say ‘well now what I will do is disregard my body because I have declared that I wish to heal.’ Your role in partnership is to nourish yourself, and when I say ‘nourish yourself’, of course I am biased, you can never eat enough green because it is the vibration of regeneration, but more importantly, it is the vibration of love. So you have need to eat and to nourish yourself, to drink water that is clear and pure, and preferably programmed, which means that you pray over it and to instill it, perhaps with the Emerald Ray and Flame; although, I know St. Germaine would love to have the violet in there as well and I am amenable to that. But you also nourish yourself emotionally, mentally, spiritually. If you do not walk, if you do not exercise, if you do not take care of your form, but if you do not take time for finding joy, if you do not take time for finding peace and solitude and quiet as well as raucous laughter, joy, connection with Gaia. These are all part, your piece of the partnership.

So yes, it requires action, it requires consistency, it requires that love of your sacred self. And if you truly love yourself, if you can look into that mirror and see and feel the love, then you will not abuse yourself. So when I say ‘we will heal’ or if you declare ‘I will heal’ it is not license, it is freedom to truly attend to your full sacred self.

GD: One of the things I think about, many of us think about when Ascension occurs and I think about the new earth, this new experience or at least this upcoming experience, maybe not new, we’ve experienced it in other lives, in other planets and other realms, but this new experience of having the freedom of having illness and dis-ease, it of course sounds delightful and when you mention freedom and of course inherent in that is just wonderful freedom, there anything you’d like to speak to in terms of what that will look like, just in terms of what we can look for and … ?

AAR: Yes because Nova Earth, you have been very chained to what we call physical earth, 3rd dimensional, lower 3rd dimensional, illusional earth, but Nova Earth, the earth that you ascend to, that you are co-creating with us, is verdant and green. And no there is no illness, there is no dis-ease because it is not part of that reality. How you manage, if that was to even be coming to you as a random speck from outer space into your reality, it would be immediately transmuted into something delightful.

Now that does not mean that there are not differences of opinions, that is part of being human and expansion, if you all experience exactly the same then you have lost the uniqueness and we would never wish to do that. But you will see a return of Gaia to the purity of who she really is, to clean streams and waters and oceans, to hills that are green, not because they have been filled with chemicals to make grass grow, but because that is the natural state of balance; the skies will be pure and again the chemicals that have polluted… you will be given clean technology, now you have made many advances in this but the best is yet to come.

And yes it will be in tandem with your star brothers and sisters because there will be a new political will, if you want to term it that way, because no one will want to sully the planet in exchange for money, in exchange for wealth. People will have what they need, so greed and control are gone because the only reason any being ever wishes to control another is they feel insufficient themselves, they do not feel complete and whole. So they think and feel, emotion feel, that if they exert control over another it will somehow buoy them up. That is absurd. The truth and the strength comes from knowing that you do not need to do any of that; it comes from the joy of simply witnessing another being in their totality, in their divinity.

So you are talking about societies, not just peaceful but peaceful in the true sense of what Michael speaks of, and that is joyful in celebration of likes and diversity. Similarities are not the only thing to be embraced. When fear is gone you are free to truly enjoy what is different from you; to explore it without concern that somehow you will not be able to defend yourself. Defensiveness is gone. This is the world, the planet, and the sparkling jewel, I would say of emerald, that Gaia was intended to be, not what she became, but the restoration and the unfoldment to even higher realms. And of course, you are all going with her, if you choose, and yes that does require the conscious, not just the unconscious, but the conscious decision to go forth. Go with my love.

GD: Thank you Raphael, thank you.

AAR: You are welcome. Farewell.

GD: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon