I have great interest in what is occurring on your planet at this time. And yes, as you well know, I have particular love and fondness for North America, for this is the place of anchoring this freedom and the I Am presence. But it is the anchoring, it is the beginning, not the end…

GD: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel, with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love, and Steve Beckow, editor of the2012scenario. I’m GD. Our guest tonight is St. Germain. So with that, I’ll pass it on to you, Steve.

Steve Beckow: Thank you, Graham. St. Germain, it is said of you that you have courtly grace and a charming manner, speak many languages without an accent, play many musical instruments excellently, could write a poem with your left hand while writing a diplomatic letter with your right, and lived for centuries without aging.

It’s worth a whole show to me to tell you that I don’t know anyone who has quite inspired me so much as you have, and there’s so much I’d like to know about you. But I think our listeners most expect me to keep our discussion to current events such as Nesara and Ascension.

Would you like to make any opening comments before I ask you questions?

St. Germain: Welcome, and welcome everybody. Yes, I am St. Germain, keeper and master of the violet flame. And I thank you for inviting me here this night. Courtly and graceful? You speak kind words, for I’ve had a human experience, and I would like to assure you, and to assure your listeners, that your experience, your human experience of this life, this incarnation that you are having on Earth at this moment, is just as clear and just as full of potential as any of the lives that I have had.

It delights me, and it honors me, that you say that I have inspired you. And I would like to think and believe, and continue to inspire you. I would like to inspire all of you. The purpose of my role in the evolution and the changes upon your planet at this time most certainly has to do with Ascension—yes, first with healing and then Ascension, and with the anchoring of grace and freedom, with the anchoring of equality. And although I have been well known as being very political—very political!—when I speak of equality and freedom, I do not simply speak of politics, or even economics or social structure.

All of these are but prongs of a single socket. All of these are simply parts of the society that you create that is based on the illumination of the human self, the acceptance and the acting of the human self as the God self, the acceptance and living the divinity of who you are.

I have great interest in what is occurring on your planet at this time. And yes, as you well know, I have particular love and fondness for North America, for this is the place of anchoring this freedom and the I Am presence. But it is the anchoring, it is the beginning, not the end, for this ripples out across the oceans and the nations and the entire planet, until everything is aflame with a beautiful violet, with the grace of One, and with the law of One love truly ruling.

But I do not wish to detract or sidetrack you from what you wish to talk about.

SB: Not at all. But since you’ve raised the American experience, perhaps I could ask you a few questions about the early years of the American experience. Were you…did you appear before the signers of the Declaration of Independence as an old professor and cure them of their hesitancy by crying out to them to sign the document?

St.G: “Crying out” is quite the accuracy of what I did and said. Yes, I did appear as a strange old fellow. It was one of the few times I have actually appeared old. And yes, I decreed to them to sign the document that we had worked so hard on, that we had incorporated into the principles of this nation, the belief in equality and the belief in a different way of government, of society and of existence. So yes, that was I.

SB: It’s been pointed out that a lot of the founding fathers were Freemasons, and some people today—and, by the way, that a lot of the symbols were Freemasonry symbols—some people today say that that reveals that even the founding fathers were part of the cabal. Could you talk to us a bit about the founding fathers, who they were, not in name, but in derivation? Were they ascended masters themselves, people like Benjamin Franklin and George Washington?

St.G: Let us say that they were well upon their way, and they were certainly fully within their divinity. And yes, they came very particularly to play this role in the founding of the United States of America. They were not part of what you have tended to think of as the cabal or the dark forces. They were idealists.

We had seen…

SB: And…

St.G: Go ahead.

SB: No, please, St. Germain, you continue. Thank you.

St.G: We had seen the tyranny—of monarchies, of despots, of individuals who felt that they were leaders and rulers. And it is the tyranny of the ego, it is the tyranny and the decline of the human collective, of the human race, into greed and lust. What the founding of this country, the United States, was about was a declaration of freedom, that it would be founded quite literally on liberty, equality and justice.

These are not simply words. This is the bedrock of freedom. To understand, when we talk about equality, equality has gotten lost, and it has gotten lost in the political furor and in the density of bigotry, whether it is racial or economic, or sexual, gender. But equality was meant to reflect the God-presence in each being, and that each being had the right to pursue and to fulfill that destiny, and to do so in ways that were not hindered. And we do not mean that the individual would be unfettered in terms of consideration for society, for is that not part of being a divine being?

So, the founding fathers, we came together—and yes, it is true, many were Freemasons; most of us were Freemasons. Most of us had an ancient history that went far back to the time of the Templars. So, it was also a time where the secret societies had been formed as a protection in order to do the work that was necessary to lay the foundation for what was to come.

These days, in your current event time, there is not a need for secret societies. In fact, quite the contrary, there is a need for light and sunshine and openness, for the breeze to flow freely, so that things are not hidden. So if there was any kind of society today, it would be a freedom society, a forgiveness society, a compassion society.

Do we protect the heritage, the lineage of those that we have committed to forever? Of course we do. It is the only way. But we do not hide in the shadows. And we do not want any of you hiding in the shadows either.

SB: Now, you founded some of these secret societies, did you not? Like the Masons?

St.G: Yes.

SB: Did you… Sorry?

St.G: And a form of the Rosicrucians as well. And we…

SB: So you weren’t Christian…

St.G: We did so to work together, and to also do the sacred undertakings, to learn the lessons that were being shared with us that were not generally shared, can we say, with the public, and that the public, or those in power, could not be privy to because it would be power that would be abused and misused.

SB: You must have been disappointed when the Freemasons above the 33rd degree were taken over by the Illuminati.

St.G: Disappointment is a very human term. And having been human many times, yes, I have been disappointed. But the thing that you will come to know about me, and I think that you already do know about me, dear Steve, is that I am irrepressible.

SB: Yes, indeed.

St.G: So if I get disappointed, it simply puts more wind in my sails.

SB: Uh-hunh?

St.G: So, I do not get discouraged about the Illuminati or anybody else. Yes, it is a step backwards into the dark, and that is why I say do not allow anybody to stand in the shadows, and certainly do not engage in their drama and shenanigans.

But no, they will not rule, and they will not succeed. This is also the advantage of having long sight. Your world is changing, and what has been a very dark period—or can we say a detour?—is coming to an end.

One of the requirements of freedom is to claim it. It is not just served up. And if it sits there, there is always, in the old form of what the humans had declined to, there is the opportunity to abuse it. So, now, the people—and not just the people of North America, but the people everywhere—are claiming their freedom and their rights. So, have I been temporarily discouraged? Yes. Has that given me renewed vigor, and those that I work with? Yes.

SB: So you’re pleased with what’s happening today on the planet, Arab Spring and the Occupy Movement and other examples of people claiming their freedom?

St.G: I am overjoyed. Because it is the experience that you came to have. So yes, although it may look a great deal like high drama, high tension, and yes, chaos, it is part of the unfoldment; it is the people rising up and claiming their rightful place. They’re demanding, not asking, not seeking permission, but claiming what is their God-given right, their birthright.

SB: And this has a lot to do with the rising energies on the planet, I presume. Could you talk to us a bit about where these rising energies are coming from?

St.G: Oh, I would be pleased to talk about this. And the simple answer would be, of course, that they come from the heart of One, of the collective godhead Source Divine. But that would be the very simple answer. But let us also tell you, you are being bombarded! And it is all in alignment with the unfoldment of the Divine Plan, and certainly with the unfoldment of my role within the Divine Plan.

But there is probably not one sector that is not sending, giving, beaming energies to your planet, whether it is from the…when we talk, we would talk in terms of realms. You often think in terms of hierarchies, and this is something that we are trying to flatten somewhat. But you are given the increasing frequencies, of course, initially from your star brothers and sisters, although they have removed their cocoon of protection around Gaia some years ago in order to allow her to begin her Ascension, and because the wobble, shall we say, of the axis had ceased. But they also send love and higher dimensional wisdom, understanding, peace, to the planet in ways that are far beyond.

SB: All right. Thank you. I would like to turn to Ascension and the violet flame a little later in the show, but I know that many of our….

LD: I would interrupt a moment, please.

SB: Please.

LD: I would ask—this is Linda, and St. Germain—I would ask Graham to do a technical check. We’ve had some calls that there’s no sound coming through on Blogtalk. So, Graham, if you could just go ahead and do that, and then Steve and I will continue, and I’ll get out of the way again.

GD: Yeah. Will do. Thank you.

LD: Thank you.

SB: Okay. I presume the show has been taped, so the listeners will still be able to hear it.

So, St. Germain, I’ll be turning to Ascension and the violet flame soon, but I presume that our listeners would very much like to hear from your about Nesara, or at least the abundance program that is best known as Nesara. You are said to have founded the World Trust that is the kernel of Nesara, along with Serapis Bey and Paul the Venetian, many centuries ago. Is that a true statement?

St.G: Yes, it is. I would not step forward, although I have been known in many situations for my rather flamboyant ways. Let me share this with you.

SB: Please.

St.G: We have always known—and when I say “we” I mean all of us that you honor and call the ascended masters—but particularly I have always known about the need for abundance. And as you well know, it was never my forte to live in poverty. I have done so….

SB: No.

St.G: …but no, it is not my preference. And I will tell you why. The purpose of coming into form, yes, of course, is to discover and to live in your divinity and your God-self. But it is also to have this wonderful, joyous, sensual experience of being in physicality—and when I say sensual, I mean the senses—and to experience the bounty, the wonder, of what this magnificent planet has to offer.

And what I observed very early on, whether it was in the time of David or the time of Ur, or France, or Italy, or even the United States, when people do not have financial wherewithal, their energies become redirected to that security and survival mode. And what happens is it takes their mind off of their true purpose.

So, not only are they not enjoying the experience—and I’m not talking absurd wealth, but I am talking complete comfort. And why would you not have that? And there is no room…and let us face it, most people do not live for extended periods of 350 years, or more. They can, but they don’t.

So, what we conceived, what I conceived, very early on, is that there needed to be a sacred trust, what I would call a planetary trust. You know I was a famous alchemist?

SB: Yes, I do.

St.G: Well, it is very simple when you are not in a place of distraction to turn energy, to turn the molecules of love into whatever you want. And that is certainly the transformative power of the violet flame as well. But we speak now of the Trust. This Trust was formed so that the human beings could focus on their true purpose. It was the basis, again, of the fundamental belief in freedom and equality.

Now, as we founded that, the paradigms of greed and control were rampant, well underway—and hatred and bigotry. And so it was controlled, shall we say, from this side. But it was never abandoned, and there have always been numerous, numerous individuals who have accessed and taken advantage of the planetary World Trust.

But that, in and of itself, was the kernel of an idea. And then it has grown. And it has grown in tandem with the growth of greed and control, monopolies, hoarding. None of these situations are natural to the human condition. That is why you have seasons and cycles and harvests and bounty. So the balance, as the evolution of the humans took place, lost the sense of that rhythm.

Now, the Trust has also been used—always—to fund, can we say, projects also of the Great White Brotherhood. And mostly those are not discussed in great length, but you have been aware of them from time to time. But the idea was that there would come a time, and what I suggest to you is that this time of illumination is occurring right now. Yes, you have had many false starts, particularly in this millennia [sic], but it is occurring now. But the claiming of freedom is also the claiming of what is rightfully belonging to the humans—and the hybrids, for that matter. We do not make any distinction.

But it is for people to live in their comfort that the incredible wealth that this planet has, but also that we have stored, in various places, that it can be accessed and shared. First, the first step has always been people acknowledging their own power, acknowledging and living by the rules of love, and in that acknowledging community and the sharing of resources—and resources of every kind.

So this idea, this idea and this physical Trust, and the movement that you have called Nesára, Nésara—my goodness, there has been a great deal of furor about this! It shows the fear that not only those that you think of as Illuminati or cabal, but the general public, it shows the fear they have of claiming their own birthright. So this fear is being worked on—by the Kumaras, by the Brotherhoods, by the Archangels and the Angelic Realm, all of the realms, and yes, especially now, the Seraphim have even taken action.

There is no group that is not sending energy to every human being on this planet to break through. And as they do, as you collectively and individually claim your birthright, you are also claiming your right to wealth, to comfort. It does not reflect the law of any of the Universal laws that some humans live in squalor, that children starve, that individuals and institutions generously loan money and then charge usurious rates.

A loan of money, of diamonds—even my famous opal! I have loaned it. It is a gift. It is a gift that says, if you are in need, here you are. Because I know I can create, and I know there is infinite plenty in the universe. So go ahead, and it is not a loan…. You have this idea about repayments. That is absurd. If you are in need, you receive. When you are in abundance, you share. But the goal, my goal, and the anchoring of the seventh ray, is the abundance for all.

That is why it is called an abundance program. It is not simply about money, it is about that freedom that we have been talking about. So, there have been many in governments, and particularly the government of the United States has played with this idea. It did not start in the 1990s! It started long ago. It started with the founding fathers. And then it very rapidly disintegrated…over ownership of human beings.

This has been corrected. It is being corrected. And it will be no more. Part of the key—and yes, I used the example of the United States, but it is true in Canada, it is true in every country of Europe, it is true in the Sudan. It is claiming. And how you are claiming, because of the way, particularly in the western world, that you have set this up and organized yourselves, is through the vote, and voting not for those who will continue the repression and the limitation.

Why, why would you want a system that says, “Show me how little I can spend on human beings”? It is beyond ridiculous. You vote for people who are of integrity, yes, and brilliance, and who have not only experience, but lineage. And we know that when we speak this way, people say, “But that sounds like monarchies.” That is not what we are talking about. We are talking about electing individuals who are wise enough to guide the collective through the transition and to allow legislation that is reflective of this equality, and who will release, and stand up for what is true and right. And who will not hoard.

It is a myth, and it is a myth that we do not even understand how humans could believe, that there is not enough. And if you doubt this, that there is enough, then know, there is already a sacred Trust. There is enough. There is more than enough.

SB: Now, Nesara, as I understand it, or the Abundance Program, is to start in certain countries and radiate outwards. And it is also, if I am correct, designed to relieve of us our burdens so that we can prepare for Ascension. And, at the same time, light-workers have a special role to play in events after Nesara, if I’m correct.

What…what are you wanting to see happen from light-workers, since most of our listeners are light-workers, once Nesara is introduced?

St.G: I want you to go forward like the dam is bursting. Years ago, I have asked, and I have received, an armada of teachers, of healers, of channelers, of communicators. When the dam breaks—and it will, shortly, but—we urge you to be very cognizant of how you are directing your energies. Then what we want you to do, especially when you are free—because as a group, as a collective, light-workers have not been adequately financially supported for the work they do. Yes, there are pockets here and there. But as a collective, it has not been seen or viewed as a work that is paid for, or that receives compensation.

Now, I want to bring you back to my original Trust. I wanted everybody, but especially my legions, my armada, to be free from this concern of worrying about money, so that you would be free to work on Ascension, that you would be free to guide others through the portals, so that you would be free to speak without fear of reprisal, that you would use the money to get the word out and to eliminate the conflict, the drama, because the purity of the work that you do, there is no room for this conflict and drama. It is not part of the law of love.

So what I would ask each light-worker—and most of you are multi-talented, so do not limit yourself—but begin, as a healer, as a channel, as a teacher, to reach out to those who are disenfranchised. Because when Nesara hits, the disenfranchised, those who have been downtrodden, who have been incarcerated emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually, certainly socially, they will need a hand-up. And it is a hand-up even before they break through. In many cases, their spiritual life is strong, but I want, we want, to see their physical life strong as well, for their life force flame to burn brightly.

So, reach out to those who need it most urgently, and then reach out to those whose mindset needs help in adjusting to a new world, to a place where they do not need to worry, paycheck to paycheck to paycheck, whether they can put their children in school or have food on the table or pay a mortgage at usurious rates. They will need to be freed as well.

But do not think that you do not need to work with the wealthy and the powerful, because there are ego adjustments and healing, massive healing, that will be accomplished on that front as well. What you are doing, my beloved friends—and yes, you are the brave ones who said, “I will go and I will do this”—you are creating a world community. You are replicating what my brothers and I had in Tibet.

It is miraculous. It is exciting. And yes, at times it can be overwhelming and exhausting. And when you feel yourself in that place, then turn to me, turn to your beloved Mother, turn to Michael, Raphael, turn to all of us and let us comfort you, because you can rest. You are safe, you are secure, you are free. So, if you stop to heal and breathe and replenish yourself with food and water and perhaps a glass of wine, then the world will not fall apart, because you are an armada, you are a legion, and you are supporting one another.

The money, the abundance, is just to get people out of that mindset, to free them to be who they really are. So many light-workers are under cover. You are like our secret societies of old, and you are in hiding because you are in fear of reprisals. I do not chastise you, quite the contrary—I have lived just like you. But as this change occurs, as the new dawn is breaking, there is no need for secrecy anymore. Step out into the daylight and declare yourself, and you will be supported in those declarations. And people will shake their heads, say, “Well, I guess you were right. I guess you’re not crazy after all.”

When I have lived, particularly in my last incarnation, there were times when people thought I was crazy, when they thought I was insane, or worse—a wizard or alchemist. There were those who thought I was in league with the devil. But this was ignorance. And when you can shine the light of love on ignorance, it simply dissolves.

So, that is what I would have light-workers do. I would have them begin by sending the violet flame to everyone who is sick or poor, or who feels that they are limited in any way. We cannot do this, this cannot come to pass without each of you. We are depending on you, yes, as you depend on us.

SB: Can I take one example, Lord, just to deepen our understanding here? It’s my assumption that Nesara will start in certain countries, like the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, move outwards. Now, if we took the example of Africa, what would be the role of the light-workers who are already enjoying Nesara in approaching that country? What could they be expected to do to assist Africans to come up to our standards and emerge from illness and various other things? What would that look like?

St.G: It would look like a light brigade. It would look like an armada of healers and teachers. It would look like you are not superimposing values or belief systems, but rather allowing the culture and the beliefs and the light of those people—and it is a very large continent—to emerge. Now, do not forget, as this begins—soon after, anyway—that you will also have enormous help from your star brothers and sisters, and there will be concerted efforts.

So, first and foremost, we are talking food and water, clean water. We are talking—oh, yes, we can do medical supplies, we can do all the traditional things—but, truly, we are talking about igniting the violet flame and allowing it to build and spread like wildfire through a place like Africa. Some will bilocate. Some will travel.

There is a human limitation belief system that such massive problems, such massive devastation, takes years to remedy. It doesn’t. It takes will. It takes massive human grace and will. And when it is approached in a loving, sharing, not hierarchical way, when it is shared in the way of, “If you are in need, here, here, I have this gift for you. And if you do not know what to do with it, let me show you,” when it is done in this way, change can occur very rapidly. Because, do not forget, every being on that continent is also being bombarded by the light and love that is being sent to this planet.

The frequencies are increasing daily. I’m sure you have all noticed it. It is not so much, “Oh, here comes another wave,” it is constant. And it will not let up. So, those in Africa are prepared to receive as well. And can you imagine—because I can—the delight of so many light-workers to be able to do this work, to be supported to do this work?

This is the gift. This is the shift in consciousness. This is the magic and the alchemy. Because, do not forget, as the light-workers go forward, they’re not just bringing the tangibles, they are bringing the light, they are bringing the violet flame. And that is instantaneous, my friend.

SB: Could you talk to us a bit about the violet flame, how it is that it’s transformative, what it is in its essence, please?

St.G: You may think of it…its essence is the energy of the Source of the Godhead. It is very electrical, is a way in which human beings can understand it. You can think of it as miraculous, magical. It is the ability to transmute, transform, transubstantiate whatever—physical, mental, material, spiritual. If there is anything that is not of God-essence that needs or wishes to be, agrees to be transformed, it is done instantaneously.

Many call upon my violet flame, and yet they do not trust and believe that the change, the incredible transformation, can be instant. And constant! That is the other thing, the other quality that people do not acknowledge. It is not just lit and then going out, lit and going out, it is an ever-present energy throughout the Universe. But it is my purpose and mission to have this anchored on Earth. It’s my honor.

SB: What is it about Nesara that you think that we humans either overlook or haven’t even thought about yet? What…is there anything in our attitude towards it or our expectations around it that is missing…?

St.G: Yes.

SB: What is that, St. Germain?

St.G: You need to believe that you’re in charge. There are too many attitudes, as you put it, waiting for the benevolence of those you have chosen to legislate your lives. You need to believe and to know that you are free to access the World Trust. You need to know that abundance is your right. It is not a favor or a gift that is being bestowed upon you. Too many of you think it is beyond your wildest dreams. And so you hold to the dream, but you don’t quite claim it. If you were all to claim it, today, tonight, with me, it would be done.

I am glad you have asked this question. So I would ask you all to join with me in doing this, and in knowing: this is a promise, and this is something that I started—yes, with my beloved brothers—a very long time ago, for now, for this time of unfoldment, to completely eradicate what had grown in darkness, in the dark corners of people’s souls on Earth.

It is trusting that you have the power to make this change, and that it is not something outside of you. It never has been. Yes, I know, most of you do not have the luxury to go and sit in a cave for 85 years. But you don’t have to. I give this to you. My beloved friends, I give this to you. I give you my violet flame again, and again, and again, and I ask you to claim your freedom. It is much more than money, it is your right to breathe.

SB: Well, we’re just a minute away from ending, St. Germain. There are so many questions I haven’t had the opportunity to ask you. Indeed, I’ve tried only to ask you the most important questions. But we hope you will come back again, to discuss many more aspects of what’s coming up—Ascension, and our preparation for it.

St.G: I would like to come back and speak about Ascension. I would like to speak about Nova Earth and Nova Being. I would like to speak to my beloved friends and offer encouragement and to share my sense of wonder.

SB: Thank you…

St.G: Farewell, my friends. Farewell.

“An Hour With An Angel” on blogtalk radio
Channeled by Linda Dillon