We live in an amazing alarming time. What really concerns me is the bitter edge I am witnessing in many lightworkers comments, articles, channelings and reports of these activities. What happened to love, trust, and forgiveness? What is happening to compassion?

We live in this incredible time of massive change the likes of which haven’t ever been experienced on Gaia. We have witnessed and been part of the shift from hunter- gatherer to agrarian to industrial to electronic to information ages. Now we enter the time of the creator race – once again.

The circle is closing, and portals are opening up to each and every one of us in miraculous and sometimes challenging way. Most significantly it is a time of the Ascension of Gaia and our opportunity to ascend with her – what a gift and a miracle. The Council of Love keeps telling us to prepare, which is why they channeled my new book The Great Awakening. The Council is very consistent in guiding us that the ticket or passport to ascension is Love. Making peace with the third dimension, letting go of the false paradigms and grids of Old Earth and holding, being and taking actions (on every level) that are of Love. Pretty simple and straightforward.

I understand that we have a great deal of “stuff” occupying our attention as lightworkers and lightholders right now. Many of us are focused on NESARA, financial challenges, Disclosure or the arrival of our star brothers and sisters, the crumbling of the old Earth systems as the new emerges, and the subsequent shift in people holding power in a variety of ways. I get that and I also understand the necessity of what Archangel Michael terms destruction in order to create the new.

What really concerns me is the bitter edge I am witnessing in many lightworkers comments, articles, channelings and reports of these activities. What alarms me is the tone of vengeance and control I am seeing in some (not all) of these reports. What happened to love, trust, and forgiveness? What is happening to compassion? We can’t celebrate the destruction of someone else’s life, the tearing away of all the illusions they have held no matter how much they asserted control, greed or lust. That tearing away is painful regardless and it will tear apart many families and people’s psyches. Is it necessary – obviously. But is it reason to become vengeful and to celebrate someone’s pain? Never. If we don’t hold the space of Love in our hearts and reactions then we are merely exchanging one master for another – both are tyranny.

There have been moments when I have been reading or listening to conversations about arrests, the destruction of the Illuminati, the dark forces, the cabals, when I have felt myself thrown back to the French revolution, to the Coliseums of Rome, to the lynch mobs of the old American south. It terrifies me and makes me wonder what the heck is going on. Lightworkers / lightholders have progressed past that ages ago. Yes, if there is residual within any of us it needs to come up and out, to be relinquished once and for all. But there is no need to vent or share that energy in a way that gives it any form of legitimacy.

Close to two decades ago the Council told us that it was a time of decision – a time of choice about whether we would go forward or not – referring to this glorious time of Ascension. The choice was and is about Love – to embrace it in ourselves, each other, our star brothers and sisters, the unseen realms, and Gaia. For over 20 years they have guided us and awaited our response – witnessing our back and forthing, our flip-flops, and supporting us every step of the way in gentle, strong and wise, understanding ways. I am not implying that in personal conversations with my “boss” Archangel Gabrielle, that I have not heard stern words but they have always been loving and filled with encouragement and strength to go on. And believe me there have been some really tough times – like we have all had – some obvious and some dark nights of the soul that only my nearest and dearest knew about. But Love prevailed and does prevail each and every day.

When I read of demands made about the need to make a choice of allegiance that doesn’t feel like it comes from Love it alarms me. It alarms me because that is not the way in which the ascended realms, the Company of Heaven, and the Council of Love work. They inform, they guide, they nudge and cajole but they never make us feel threatened or compromised. Because that type of behavior is of the old third dimension – it is of what we are leaving behind – it is not of Love. And this entire journey, this entire Shift is about the shift back to our hearts, and back to the Love.

The fuel of the universe, the essence, the core, the energy from which everything is created is Love. It doesn’t matter if it’s a table, a person, a star fleet or a galaxy – we are all composed of the same stuff. Love, in form, in action. That is what we are remembering and stepping into. We can’t do it in drama; we can’t do it in separating ourselves from those waking up.

Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabrielle, Jesus Sananda, and Sanat Kumara all tell us that all are welcome through this portal of Ascension. All of us are equally worthy. All of us came with the knowing of this miracle – some consciously and some not (yet). But we can’t do it without incredible compassion for ourselves and each other. And we can’t allow ourselves to fall into the old paradigms of blame, guilt, fault or fear. We can’t do it in panic or the need to be right.

That’s why many are going through that portal to the higher dimensions now; to help those who will need that loving hand up. It’s our job and soul commitment – each in our own unique way.

So, what’s Love got to do with it – everything. It’s the key to our going forward. I want to re-introduce Love into the conversation. It’s not about who’s right or wrong, who’s on first or third, it’s about us. It’s about us releasing the collective addiction to drama and going forward together in Love.