We are in the middle of incredible and miraculous change upon the Gaia and within each and every one of us. As we step forward and fully embrace our creator selves, there will be and are times when we could use a little help and support – either with our creation project, or healing of a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual issue. And to this end, the Healing and Creation Team was established.

The Healing & Creation Team grew out of the Saturday Council of Love conference calls, and, have been up and running since 2003. This is a voluntary free service, one of the wonderful ways that we are building our lightholder community. The activities of the Healing& Creation Teams are currently coordinated by Barbara Olsen from Muskegon, Michigan, Emerald City of Heart Healing.

How the Healing & Creation Team’s mission is to assist each of us on our spiritual journey and to help us achieve that which our heart desires. Each of us, our friends, family, community, the planet and increasingly folks who are just hearing about us need help. It can be physical, emotional, or spiritual and can range from needing assistance to get through a dark night of the soul, to a miserable cold, to being able to cope with a difficult family or work situation.

The healing or creation request is defined by the individual – sometimes with help from one of us but most often alone. All that’s required is acknowledging that you need help and are reaching out. Requests are submitted via the Healing Request form on the COL website which, in turn, are forwarded to Barb and assigned to a Team.

The healing or creation request is referred to a group of three people who then work in a triangle – although from time to time if the situation requires it goes to four people and they work in a diamond formation. Usually, a Team (you can see there are no hard and fast rules here) have a similar approach to healing such as Angel Light Healing, 13th Octave LaHoChi, Reiki, violet flame, sound, prayer, etc.

The team works with the person for about a week – sometimes there is communication and feedback between the requester and the team and sometimes not, again depending on personal preference. What we find is that members of a team become really tight with each other, which is a great bonus. Requests can be renewed as often as necessary, or a request can be for a particular length of time.

The results of the teams have been absolutely nothing short of miraculous!

If this mission of healing and creation, of community building and support, calls to you please contact us. There are literally millions of people who need your help, your love. Every kind of healer is welcomed – you do not need to be a practicing healer to be on a team, only willing to give a few hours a week.

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