This is a prime example of what happens when you follow the Creation Formula courtesy of Sanat Kumara: Intent + Stillpoint + Action = Creation… Congratulations and thank you Jennifer for your email to Linda.

No, I am absolutely thrilled for having been chosen to go!!! The last scheduled trip, I wasn’t on the list, and hadn’t sent an email requesting to go! I did however ask Grener myself…and packed as if I were going….LOL!

I work as a Medium, and Channel…so I thought I would go right to the Source (Grener) and ask directly to participate. I thought I’d be one of those “extra” people picked up!!!

I was just shocked last night when I received your email because I didn’t think I had asked you guys, to get onto the list. Just out of curiosity, can you tell me how I was chosen??? I believe that I was personally in communication with the Grener and the planning team, and I think they had something to do with it!!! How cool is that!!!! I laughed last night thinking, well, Grener certainly heard me.

So funny but 3 weeks ago, (I live in the Chicago area) we had 6 craft in our back yard. Both my husband and I had seen them, and the next morning it was on the local news. Also, my son was home from college over Thanksgiving, and he heard and saw a small craft over the house..! He’s a physics major, (scientifically based) so this just blew him away (in a good way)!

I am absolutely excited about this, Patricia! I have remembered past lives since birth, but with that, I have remembered many lives in other parts of the Universe, not just Earth….so this feels normal for me!

Much Love and many Blessings!