On our February 4th Saturday Conference Call Mother Mary, AA Michael, and Grener of Ashira of Neptune discuss the “change in plans” of the recent invitation to come aboard the Neptune….
Linda Dillon: So, we’re going to begin, as always, by talking a nice deep breath of blue, and breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth, and as you’re breathing out feel yourself sinking down into your heart, down into that wonderful center of love, and feel the presence of the Universal Mother, of Archangel Michael, but also the presence of hope, because blue is the ray of calm, of serenity and of hope.

Now, I’d like you to feel the tri-flame of your own heart, of that beautiful pink diamond in the center of your own sacred divinity, burning brightly, and then move over to the blue diamond and feel that ignite and join equally with your pink flame. Now move over again to the other side, and feel the golden flame of Yahweh, of the Divine masculine.

And breathe and relax. And allow. Let go of the day, let go of the week, and just allow yourself to be in this sacred space, all of us together. And I want you all to take yourselves to the thirteenth octave, and for those of you who do not know how to do this, I want you to put your fingertips, tip to tip to tip, curved, and with me click your tongue three times as we go into the heart of God, into the heart of One, because this is where we do all our work, from together.

And now I want you to feel yourself as we spread around the world, circling our beloved Gaia. Put out your hands and hold the hand of the person standing next to you. And that person may be in Hawaii or Australia or Hong Kong, or it may be your beloved guide or Archangel Michael. But put out your hand and let us form a united circle of one heart, in connectedness and balance, around this planet.

Mother Mary: Greetings, I am Mary, Universal Mother, mother of love, mother of change, mother of hope. Welcome, my sweet children, my beloved ones. And yes, I have stepped forward to extend this greeting, prior to any conversations with our beloved Grener or Archangel Michael, because I wish you to know not only of my presence, but of my place in your life. As I stand next to you, not only in this but in every undertaking, dear hearts, you have not just been involved in this undertaking for decades, for years, you have given your heart, your mind, and your being for eons.

Never forget that, and never forget that you do not do this alone. Yes, you have come to a greater understanding of your community upon the planet, upon my beloved Gaia, and that is important. And you have stepped forward with joy and laughter, eager to go on a joy ride, but let us also say there has been much clearing going on – of chaos, of turmoil, of many of the old paradigms, of angst, of anger, of anxiety, of fear, of trepidation, of desperation of being left behind.

Dear heart, it is impossible that any one of you could ever be left behind! It is inconceivable than any of you are ever forgotten, overlooked, or abandoned. You are the children and the child of my heart. You have been birthed from my very essence. I have given you the gift of my blue diamond, your pink diamond, to heal and to step forward in the wholeness, the divinity of who you are. Do not underestimate the truth of your own being, your own power, and do not underestimate the power of your collective. Never before have so many stepped forward in a unity of heart, not in many, many, many thousands of years. And for this we thank and bless you.

So turn to me as you let go, as you clear, as you create, as you wish to receive, for there is still much for you to learn and understand. We live, beloved ones, in an infinite universe, and the creation is eternal, never-ending, and that means you are infinite and eternal and never-ending. Do not limit yourselves in any way, shape or form.

Go this day with my love, as I wrap each of you in my cloak of blue. Use it to comfort, to shield, and yes, at times to make yourself invisible. This is my gift to you. I step aside, but not away. Farewell.

Archangel Michael: Greetings, I am Michael, archangel of peace, archangel of love, brother of your hearts and brother of your soul. And I also welcome you this day. And yes, I hear all of you say, “Michael, get on with it! What is the story?” And I tell you, the story is the truth of your heart and the truth of your being.

Yes, there is a slight shift in plan. And I wish to emphasize that, a slight shift. And Grener will address this very clearly, and he will do so and answer questions, as will I. But let us talk also about before you go to the feeling of failure, which is absurd, let us also go to the feeling of success.

Each of you, each of you, my beloved ones, have declared yourself – some with trepidation, some in jubilation, excitement, eagerness, some in frustration and wondering what will happen. It does not matter, for there is a place and a clearing if you experience any of these old paradigms. We do not eliminate you or judge you in any way. Of course not. We are proud of each and everyone of you. So do not feel that this undertaking is at an end. It is not.

But there have also been many situations – let us put it that way – upon your planet. This has been a highly visible – far more visible than even we anticipated – this has been a highly visible undertaking. And yes, the intergalactics and the fleet commanders and their science officers have the ability to cloak each and every one of you. As you know, they have cloaked themselves for thousands of years. But they do not cloak those you leave behind. And they do not deal with some of the chaos fallout upon the planet. Yes, we will get into this. But simply know, from our perspective, this is not a cancellation, this is simply an alteration.

And another thing. We are with you. I step aside for Grener of Ashira of Neptune, our beloved President of Intergalactic Council. And then we will answer questions. But first, we wished for you to hear – in your heart, your mind, and your soul – what we have to communicate today.

Before I step aside. I tell you the most important thing that I ever have to communicate to you. I have given you my essence. I have given you my blue flame of truth. Discern for yourselves, my beloved ones. Let this flame of truth burn brightly in your heart, your third eye, your crown – everywhere. I have given you my sword and shield. They are not decorations on a wall. They are tools to be used every day, and particularly during this of magnificent change. Do not forget, our primary focus is the Ascension, is the Shift into the higher reality. And what you are doing, whether it is going on a joy ride or holding space at home, is about creating this shift amongst the collective. You are the gatekeepers, you are the showers of the way, and you are doing a magnificent job.

I step aside.

Grener: I am Grener of Ashira of Neptune. I am Grener. And I have been your friend and ally for thousands and thousands and thousands of years. And that will never change, for it took us a long time to reach this point. If we are masters of anything, it is not intergalactic travel, it is patience. So that is what we ask of you this day, is to participate with us in a little patience.

Let us speak to your hearts. Each of you – starseed, human, intergalactic transmitters, anchors, beacons, holders of cities of light, earth-keepers, angels – you are all welcome aboard. But this has turned into a little bit of a three-ring circus, which was exactly what we were seeking to avoid. When Steve has asked for a small group to come on board, we have thrown open the doors and our hearts and said, “Bring it on!” because we have waited, and been as eager and excited as you – for a much longer time. And if you think that you have been impatient for Disclosure, dear hearts, so have we! And when I say this I include my brothers and sisters of the Galactic Federation as well. I include all commands.

So. Yes, you have been under close observation by many. No, we are not talking above, for that is not a problem, ever. I am talking below. And there has been a great deal of trepidation and some fear and some mighty interference. Are we able to counteract that? Of course. As you know we have been working overtime to deflect a lot of influence of what you would think of as…military or protective forces.

But this was intended, and is still intended, to be a homecoming, a family reunion. Yes, to show you, to share with you our goods and wares, to share our food, our companionship. For you are sorely missed. Yes, we observe you, we watch you – far more than you know. But we are just as anxious as you to have you come home – not permanently, not ever. For that would in the early days and early stages result in accusations of abduction and wrongdoing, and that would not serve your cause or ours.

What you have already done in declaring yourselves has pushed the energy of Disclosure very far along. So you need to know that a great deal of what you had wished to accomplish is already been done. But that does not negate what we think of as a visit. So this is what we are going to do, and yes, you are free to ask your questions. We are going to take you in small groups. Sometimes it will just be one of you. Other times it will be three or four, depending if you and your best friend have bonded and promised to go together.

But we will take all of you, one by one. And we will not do it while you are sleeping, we will not do it as an astral travel, we will not do it as a non-human experience. And you will still bring your cameras and your running shoes. And you will still have the opportunity – but we are not publicizing this! Because it puts too many at risk, it creates too much chaos, and our one commitment at the Intergalactic Council is to not create chaos and to not create fear. We are sorry. We are more sorry than you can believe, if this is disappointing to you, because it is disappointing to us. But we are not cancelling, we are simply staggering.

Now, I know that there are questions, and I will take this channel and ask her to put it off mute, but I ask you also to respect the silence so that all may hear and share what needs to be heard and shared.

This Council of Love has been our vehicle for communication to and with you, and it is exactly what its name implies. We bring you love. Yes, we bring you many things –technology, healing – and we still invite you to the healing chambers. But do not, do not stray. We are with you.

Yes, you may begin your questions.

[a great deal of chatter]

SB: Linda, it’s Steve. Linda? Can you hear me?

LD: Yes, and I would ask everybody else to be quiet. [chattering continues] Please, be quiet.

SB: Linda, I don’t see how this can work.

LD: I don’t either.

SB: I don’t see how this can work. There are people …

[Ellen can’t hear]][astonishing chatter; who is chattering?]

[mute back on

LD: It would appear that the background chatter that is present in the – when I unmute so that Steve can ask his questions is louder than anything we can deal with. So what I will do is I will have a private channeling with Steve, either later today or tomorrow morning, to answer your questions.

This has been for me, because I have worked with this group for over 20 years. They’re my family. And so just as much as you, I wanted to go home. The promise isn’t broken, it’s just they’re breaking us up. We’re being observed. We don’t want to cause anyone to be put in harm’s way. That is the rule number one of St. Germaine. So we will continue, and then we will share our stories and our pictures and our experiences, and we will post them, and we will go forward. So we will show them on the Council of Love, or Steve, you will show them on yours, or we will both share them.

But this is the beginning, not the end. So this is a time to get go of all those doubt feelings and just go for it. And trust.

I love you all, I honor you all, and I thank you for tuning in. And for everybody else, I’ll see you in a couple. And for some of you, I hope to see you on ship tonight. Bye bye.